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husband at Rochelle, Va., he having died Ma}' 18, 1885.
The}' had issue as follows: —

i. Lieut. John F. Henkle, b. Oct. 7, 1839, ^^ New Market,
Va. He was killed, May 9, 1864, while leading a











The Szt'ope Family. 223

charge against the Federal forces at Spottsylvania, Va.
He is buried at New Market, Va.
ii. IvKWis D. Henki^e, b. June 14, 1842; d. April 11, 1845, at

New Market,
iii. Rebecca C. Henkt^e, b. March 8, 1S3S, at New Market,
Va. ; m., April 9, 1S56, Dr. George A. Sommers, b. Jan.
23, 1832; d. Oct. 26, 1890, at Rochelle, Va., where the
widow resides. They had issue —

i. Edg.\r F. Sommers, b. Jan. 19, 1S59; m., Sept.
23, 1880, Mary V. Henshaw. They had ten
children, all born in Orange county, Va. —
Lewis J., b. July 21, 1881; T. Anderson, b
Aug. 30, 1882; V. Frost, b. Nov. 16, 1883;
Martha A, b. March 24, 1885; Mary R., b.
April 17, 1886; Edwin H., b. Aug. 5, 1887;
Peter, b. Nov. 27, 1889. Frederic, b. March
29, 1S91; James h., b. Feb. 12, 1893. Good-
loe, b. Nov., 1895.

ii. Mary C. Sommers, b. June 16, 1861; m. at
Washington, D. C , J. W. Douglas. They
have two children— Ruth S., b., Sept. 2,
1892; Reba L,., b. Nov., 1895.
iii. John F. H. Sommers, b. March 24, 1S66; ni.,
Feb. 13, 1896, Emma Wilkins, at Washington,
D. C.
iv. Annie W. Sommers, b. Oct. 2S, 1871; m., Nov.
22, 1895, J. W. Estes, at Rochelle, Va.

V. Maggie W. Sommers, b. Jan. 30. 1876; m.,
June 17, 1895, at Washington, D. C.

XLVII. ErminaHoke'' (Andrew Hoke^ Frederick Hoke*,
Sabina (Svvope) Hokc\ John Svvope'"', Yost SwopeM was born
July 13, 1825. She married, Nov., 1842, John Fry, who
was born 18 19. She resides at Polycarp, N. C, surrounded
by a large family. They had issue —

74. i. Wieeiam W. Fry, b. March 13, 1S45; m. Mary E. Null.

75. ii. Chandice M. Fry, b. Dec. 2, 1846; m. Richard R.


76. iii. Frederick L. Fry, b. Feb. 18, 1S48; m. Alice V. Fry.

iv. Mary E. Fry (twin), b. July 22, 1851; d. Sept. 18, 1S60.

77. V. Daniee H. Fry (twin), b. July 22, 1851; m. Mary J, Ma-


78. vi. Aeice C. Fry, b. Aug. i, 1853; m. Daniel Eisenhower.

79. vii. Rhoda M. Fry, b. June 30, 1857; 01. William Hefner.
viii. Emma Fry, b. Nov. 5, 1859; d. Jan. 13, 1S60.

2 24 The Sic ope Family.

XLVIII. Frederick M. Hoke'' (Andrew Hoke\ Fred-
erick Hoke\ Sabina (Swope) Hoke\ John Swope", Yost
Swope' ) was born, in Catawba count}-, N. C, Jul}- ii, 1S33,
and died at his home in Magnolia, Miss., Nov. 19, 1884. In
the early fifties he moved to Magnolia, and married there,
1856, Elvira Quillen, who was born March 12, 1841. He
was an architect and builder of the first-class, and during the
war was engaged on government work by the Confederacy.
He was a member of the Methodist Church. They had
children as follows: —

i. Elizabeth Jane Hoke, was born Feb. 25, 1857. She
married, Feb. 15, 1883, Rice. They had issue: —

i. Louisa E., b. Dec. i, 18S4.
ii. Marion O., b. Oct. 16, 1885.
iii. Archie M., b. Aug. 7, 1S87.
iv. LiLLiE B., b. April 8, 1889.
V. RoBEBT, b. March 16, 1890.
vi. Reuben E., b. May 21, 1892
vii. March B., b. Oct. 18, 1893.
viii. Nettie a., b. Feb. 18, 1896.

ii. Joseph Andrew Hoke, was born Aug, 10, 1858. He

married July 5, 1884, and died Nov. 2, 1885.
iii. Adelaide I. Hoke, was born Nov. i, i860. She married,
Dec. ]8, 1877, J. M. Cook. They had issue —

i. Bessie E.. b. Oct. 3, 1S78.
ii. John R., b. March 8, 1881.
iii. Clarence, b. Jan. 29, 1884.
iv. Homer M., b. Aug. 17, 1889.

V. BuFORD C, b. May 17, 1893.

iv. Marv G. Hoke, was born Feb. 19, 1863, and died May

15, 1864.
v. Ella May Hoke, was born July 26, 1865. She married

Huff, July 25, 1893. They have one child — Glad^-s,

b. Aug. 12, 1894.
vi. Otis A. Hoke, was born Sept. 3, 1868.
vii. Gettie E. Hoke, was born Aug. 30, 1870.
viii. Nettie O. Hoke, was born Sept. 22, 1875.
ix. Howard O. Hoke, was born Dec. 5, 1877.
X. Walter S. Hoke, was born April 12, 1880.
xi. Frederick M. Hoke, was born May 18, 1883.

XLIX. John C. Hoke" (Andrew Hoke\ Frederick

The Szoopv Family. 225

Hoke*, Sabina (Svvope) Hoke', John Swope', YostSwope')
was born, Jan. 26, 1836, in Alexander and reared in Catawba
county, S. C. In 1862 he enUsted in the Confederate army
as a private. He was wounded at Chickamauga, and cap-
tured at Nashville, Dec. 16, 1864, and taken to Camp Doug-
las prison, Chicago, 111., where he remained until June, 1865.
After his return from the war he resumed farming, and is
one of the most successful farmers in York county, S. C. He
is an active member of the M. E. Church. He married, Dec.
31, 1856, Elizabeth, daughter of William R. Robertson, of
Chester county, N. C. The parents of the young lady ob-
jected to the marriage, so the young people eluded the vigi-
lant parental eye and eloped. They reside at Rock Hill, S.
C. They had issue —

80. i. William B. Hokh, b. Nov. 3, 1857; m. Mary A. Spratt.

81. ii. James A. Hokk, b. Jan. 6, i860; in. Harriet E. White,
iii. vSarah E. Hokk, b. March 24, 1862; d. Nov. 3, 1873.

82. iv. Mary M. Hokk, b. Jan. 4, 1865; m. William B. Knight.

83. V. Nancy J. Hokk, b. Jan. 20, 1867; ni. Paul M. Berry.

vi. Fannie C. Hokk, b. Feb. 8, 1869. She spent X^so years
at Due West Female College, South Carolina, and com-
pleted her education at Kee-Mar College, Hagerstown,
Md., making a specialty of vocal and instrumental

vii. Laura L. Hokk, b. Dec. 25, 1870; d. Nov. 15, 1871, at

Rock Hill, vS. C.
viii. John J. Hokk, b. Aug. 18, 1872. He is a student at
WoflFord College.

ix. Barbara Hokk, b. April i, 1874. She was educated at
Due West Female College, South Carolina.

X. Munnerlyn Hokk, b. Jan. 9, 1876. He is a student at
Wofford College.

xi. Hampton Hokk, b. July 5, 1878. He is a student at

Wofford College,
xii. Maggie F. Hoke, b. March 23, 1881.
xiii. David R. Hoke, b. Sept. 29, 1883.

E. Rhoda E. Hoke' (Andrew Hoke\ Frederick Hoke*,
Sabina (Swope ) Hoke^ John Svvope', Yost Swope') was born,
May 13, 1839. She married, Dec. 24, 1865, William H.
BoLCH. She is a faithful member of the Lutheran Church at
Conover, N. C. near her home. They had issue —

226 The S'ccope Family.

i. Cora Lee BoLCH, b. Sept. ii, 1S72. She married, Dec.
28, 1890, Robert Herman. They had issue —

i. Edith B., b. Jan. 20, 1892.
ii. Verxa Hoke, b. July 12, 1894.

LI. Julius B. Hoke*' ( Andrew Hoke^, Frederick Hoke*,
Sabina ( Swope) Hoke', John Swope", Yost Swope' ) was born,
June 6, 1844, in Catawba county, X. C. He enlisted in the
Confederate army and was with Lee four years, taking part
in some of the most .severe engagements of the war. He was
twice wounded near the close of the war. He was with Lee
when he surrendered at Appomattox. He now resides in
Lincoln county, X. C, where he is engaged in milling on
Anderson's Creek, in connection with other business enter-
prises. In youth he was confirmed a member of the Luth-
eran Church, but of late \'ears he has lived too far distant
from the church of his choice, and has united with the M. E.
Church. He married, Dec. 11, 1S66, Jane C. Punch, who
was born July 3, 1847. They had children as follows: —

i. Lee Hoke, b. March 25, 1868; d. Dec. 28, 1893. He mar-
ried, Oct. 20, 1889, Elizabeth Abernathy. They had

i. Pearl, b. Sept. 6, 1890; d. March 2, 1891.
ii. John, b. Dec. 12, 1891.

ii. Clauding T. Hoke, b. March 25, 1875, in Catawba
county, N. C. He married, Sept. 8, 1S95, Ollie Wilker-
iii. AxxiE E. Hoke, b. March 22, 1878, in Catawba county,
X. C.

LII. Rebecca E. Rowe' (Elizabeth (Hoke) Rowe', Fred-
erick Hoke*, Sabina (Swope) Hoke^ John Swope\ Yost
Swope' J was born March 28, 1844. She married, Jan. 30,
1868, J. P. Cllne. They reside at Conover, X. C. She is
a member of the Reformed Church, and an active .spirit in the
erection of the new church of that denomination in Conover.
They had issue as follows: —

i. Bettie V. Cline, b. Nov. 6, 1869; m. Sept. 25, 1890, J.
W. Rackette. They have two children, INIillie and

The ScL'ope Family. 227

ii. Annik B. Cunp;, b. July 15, 1S71; m. Dec. 8, 1886, J. L.

Eisenhower. They have one child, Orin, b. Oct. i,

iii. JUI.IUS F. Cline, b. April 15, 1873; d. July 25, 1874.
iv. Carrie C. Cijne, b. April 19, 1875; ni. April 25, 1893,

Dr. F. L. Herman. They have two children, Jennie G.

and ^Marion C.
V. Mary E. Clinic, b. Dec. 24, 1876.
vi. Daniel P. Cune, b. July 6, 1879.
vii. Pattie p. Cline, b. May 31, 1882.

lylll. Sarah A. J. Roseman** (Annie (Hoke) Roseman'',
Frederick Hoke*, Sabina (Swope) Hoke^ John Swope'', Yost
Swope'j was born July 11, 1834, in Catawba county, N. C.
She married, Feb. 6, i<S55, the Rev. Simeon Scherkr, a
clergyman of the Lutheran Church. He was born, Oct. 29,
18 19, in Guilford county, N. C. He was educated at Roanoke
College, Virginia, and the Theological Seminary at Gettys-
burg, Pa. He served various parishes in Virginia and North
Carolina, and for twenty years was prominent in the ministry
of the North Carolina Synod. His wife preceded him to the
eternal world eleven years, dying Feb. 15, 1865. She is
interred in the graveyard of Union Lutheran church in Rowan
county, N. C. He subsequently married and had a son. Rev.
James A. B. , who is a missionary of the Lutheran Church in
Japan. He married Bessie Beaver, a missionary of the
Presbyterian Church in Japan. Rev. S. and Sarah Scherer
had issue as follows: —

i. Rev. Luther P. vScherer, b. Jan. 13, 1856. He pre-
pared himself for the ministry, of the Lutheran Church
at Pennsylvania College and the Theological Seminary
at Gettysburg, Pa. He was ordained and entered the
active work of the ministry in 1S85. He served the
parish of Harper's Ferry, Va., for several years, and
then entered Kee- Mar College, Hagerstown, Md., as a
teacher, where he remained a year. He is now pastor
of the church at Radford, Va.

84. ii. Rev. Wilberkorce J. D. ScHERER, b. Sept. 16, 1S5S; m.

Mary A. Bingham.

85. iii. Rev. Melancthon G. G. Scherer, b. March 16, 1861;

m. Alice M. C. Ehrman.
iv. Simeon M. D. Scherer, b. Nov. 24, 1863; d. 1881.

LIV. Eugenia D. Roseman" (Annie (Hoke) Roseman^

228 The Swopc Fa mi/ v.

Frederick Hoke*, Sabina ( Svvope ) Hoke', John S\vope^ Yost
Swope^) was born July 7, 1S47. She married, Sept. 14, 1865,
Dr. D. McD. Yount. The doctor has been a successful
practitioner of medicine at Conover, N. C, for many years,
where he also has a drug store. He has been honored with a
seat in the Legislature of North Carolina for two terms — in
1876 and 1877, and again in 1880 and 1881. They had issue
as follows: —

i. Robert YouxT, b. Sept. 12, 1S66; d. April 2, 1881.
ii. Anna E. Yount, b. Oct. 19, 186S; 111., July 27, 18S7, Dr.
Marion Moser. They had issue —

i. Robert H., b. Sept. 28, 1889.
ii. Marion E., b. Sept. 15, 1892.
iii. Mary E., b. March 2, 1895.

iii. Minnie E. Yount, b. Feb. 3, 1871; d. Oct. 23, 1874.

iv. AuCE C. Yount, b. May 17, 1S73. She was graduated
from Concordia College. She married, Dec. 27, 1891,
the Rev. G. Edward Long, a Lutheran minister. They
had issue —

i. GerhardT, b. March 10, 1893.
ii. STEI-EA L , b. Jan. 26, 1895.

V. Eugene McD. Yount, b. Nov. 25, 1875. He was grad-
uated from Newberry College, S. C, and is now study-
ing medicine.

vi. John D. L. Yount, b. May 20, 1S78. He is a student at
Concordia, College.

vii. Cora D. Yount, b. Aug. 20, 1S80. She is a student at

Concordia College,
viii. EuEA V. Yount, b. Nov. i, 18S2.

ix. Herbert M. Yount, b. vSept. 7, 1884.

X. Miriam E. Yount, b. March 14, 1889.

LV. Cephas Quickle" (Elizabeth (Hoke) Quickie', Henry
Hoke*, Sabina (Swope) Hoke^ John Swope', Yost Swope')
was born in Lincoln county, N. C, Feb. 14, 18 19. He was
baptized by the Rev. Daniel Moser, March 29, 1819, and con-
firmed a member of the Lutheran Church by the Rev. Adam
Miller, Sept. 8, 1838. He married. May, 1840, Sarah
KiLLiAN. He is a farmer near Lincolnton, N. C. They
had i.ssue as follows: —

The Swope Family. 229

i. Jacob Quicklk, was killed in the late war.

ii. TiTus QuiCKLK, died quite young.

iii. Levi Quicklk, married Alice Robinson. (See LVII.)

iv. John Quicklk, married Josephine Crouse. They have a
family of interesting children. They live in Lincoln-
ton, N. C.
V. Catharine Quicklk, married George Causler. They
have two sons and one daughter.

vi. Caroline Quicklk, married Samuel Bergen. They have
children, and live in Lincolnton, N. C.

LVI. Catharine M. Quickle'' (Elizabeth (Hoke)
Quickie', Henry Hoke^ Sabina (Swope) Hoke'', John Svvope^
Yost vSwope' ) was born in Lincoln county, N. C, Nov. 4,
1827, and was baptized Feb. i, 1828, by the Rev. David
Henkle. She was confirmed a member of the Lutheran
Church, Nov. 18, 1843, by the Rev. Adam Miller. She
married, March 18, 1846, Ambrose Costner, who is pro-
prietor of the Pioneer Roller Mills at Lincolnton, where they
reside. They had issue as follows: —

i. Mary A. Costner, b. July 2, 1S47; d. Nov. 9, 1862.

86. ii. William A. CosTnkr, b. June i, 1849; m Sarah E.

iii. Dr. Henry A. Costner, b. Oct. 2, 185 1; m., July 3, 1888,
Lizzie Kirk. He is a practicing dentist in Chicago, 111.

87. iv. Martha G. Costner, b. Nov. 11, 1854; m. Abel P.

V. Dr. Thomas F. Co.stner, b. Nov. 27, 1858; m., June 3,

1884, Dora Gatewood. He is practicing his profession

at Lincolnton, N. C.
vi. Robert E. Costner, b. Oct. 22, 1864. He is an attorney-

at-law in Lincolnton.
vii. James A. Costner, b. Aug. 30, 1867; m., May 3, 1893,

Gertie Dewstoe. He is in the cotton manufacturing

business at Mt. Holly, N. C.
ix. Ada L. Costner, b. Sept. 3, 1876; m., Oct. 22, 1890, R.

C. Belk, a farmer near Mt. Holly, N. C. They have a

son and daughter.

LVn. Catharine E. Hoke" (Henry Hoke", Henry
Hoke,* Sabina (Swope) Hoke^ John Swope", Yost Swope^)
was born May 12, 1831, in Lincoln county, N. C. She mar-
ried, Aug. 3, 1855, Levi Robinson, who was born March 14,

230 The Sicope Family.

1830, and died June 23, 1880. She survives, residino: at
Reepsville, N. C. They had issue as follows: —

i. Daniei* Rorinson, b. Dec i, 1S56; d., i88r, in Texas,
ii. Barbara Robinso.v, b. Aug. 17, 1858; m., Dec. 21, 1856,

John Causler. The}^ have eight children,
iii. David Robinson, b. May 26, r86o; m. , Dec. 9, 1891,

Anna E. Heavner.
iv. AijcE Robinson, b. May 25, 1862; in., Jan. 12, 1881,

Levi Quickie. They have seven children. (SeeLV. )
V. John Robinson, b. Sept 11, 1866.
vi. William Robix.son, b. Oct. 10, 1868.
vii. PiNKNEV R0BIN.SON, b. Jan. 8, 1871; ni., Feb. 20, 1895,

Laura Srance.

LVIir. M.VRY A. Hoke" ( Henry Hoke', Henry Hoke\
Sabina (Swope) Hoke'\ John Swope", Yost Swope^) was born
in Lincoln county, N. C, Feb. 28, 1833. She accompanied
her father's family when they moved to Missouri, and there
married, in 1S59, Robert Reid, who died, Jan. 28, 1877.
She survives, residing in Cooper county. Mo., with her child-
ren. They had issue: —

i. SrsAN A. Reid, b. Oct. 7, i860; d., 1887; m., Sept. 18,

1879, H. C. Nolan. They had one daughter,
ii. Mary E. Reid, b. Nov 23, 1862; m., Jan. 15, 1885, A. A.

iii. William H. Reid, b. June 24, 1865.
iv. D.wiD H. Reid, b. Jan. 24, 1869.
V. Robert Lee Reid, b. Sept. 8, 1872.
, vi. Jessie Reid, b. June 28, 1876.

LIX. Jacob Hoke" (Henry Hoke', Henry Hoke*, Sabina
(Swope ) Hoke^ John Swope", Yost Swope' ) was born in
Lincoln county, N. C, June 12, 1835; died, Feb. 19, 1876.
He moved to Cooper county, Mo., in 1855, and married there,
Oct. 17, 1858, Virginia C. Brownlee. They had the fol-
lowing children: —

i. Mary E. Hoke, b. Dec. 26, 1859; m , :\Iay 8, 1S84, John

C. Case,
ii. J.\MES Hoke, b. .\pril 18, 1863; m., May 19, 1884, Ruth
Pettitt. They had issue as follows: —

i. Francis.
ii. Ida Bell.
iii. Rose A.

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The Szi'Opc Family. 233

iv. Jesse.

iii. Si'SAN J. Hoke, b. Dec. 20, 1864; m., Oct. 10, 1880,

WiLijAM J. Freeman.
iv. Nellie A. Hoke, b. April 7, 186S; d. Oct. 13, 1893.

LX. Dr. Augustus De Witt Hoke" ( David Hoke', Col.
John Hoke\ Sabina (Svvope) Hoke^ John Swope", Yost
Swope' ) was born Nov. 27, r832. He was graduated from
the South Carolina Military Academy in 1852, and from
Jeffenson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., six years later.
He entered into partnership with his uncle, Dr. A. B. Crook,
at Greenville, S C, where he was building up a very success-
ful practice, which was interrupted by the breaking out of the
war. He went to the front with the Butler Guards, of Green-
ville, as their first captain, taking part in the first battle of
Manassas, and being incapacitated for further service by a
wound received in that battle, he returned to the practice of
his profession at Greenville. There he continued to reside
until his death, Aug. 22, 1876, enjoying the confidence of the
community not only for his professional ability but for his
high moral worth. He married, Nov. 21, 1866, Edith
Mills, who resides in widowhood with her daughter at
Greenville, S. C. They had issue: —

i. David Mills Hoke, b. Nov. 27, 1867; in. March 6,
1888, at Savannah, Ga., Grayson Martin, of that city.

ii. Frances Catharine Hoke, b. April 14, 1S69. Resides
with her mother in Greenville.

iii. Augustus D. Hoke, b. Aug. 24, 1870 He reside.s in
Greenville, and is engaged in the insurance business.

LXI. Susan B. Hoke" (David Hoke', Col. John Hoke',
Sabina (Swope) Hoke'\ John Swope^ Yost Swope\) was born,
April II, 1836, in Greenville, S. C, and still resides there.
She married, Nov. 15, 1859, Hon. Thomas Q. Donaldson,
a lawyer, of Greenville, S. C. He was elected to the State
Senate of South Carolina in 1872. At the end of his four
years' service in the Senate he returned to the practice of his
profession. He was also a member of the Tax Commission
appointed by the Governor under the act of the Legislature
for the improvement of the tax laws of the State. They had
children as follows: —

' Ih.


234 The Sivope Family.

i. Augustus Hoke Donaldson, b. Aug. 10, i860. He read
law and was admitted to the Bar, ;May 29, 1883. Since
that time he has b^en engaged with his father in the
practice of his profession.

ii. Lieut. Thomas Q. Donaldson, was born in Greenville,
June 26, 1854. He was graduated from the U. S. Mili-
tary Academy at West Point, June 13, 1887, and was
assigned to the Seventh Cavalry, then stationed at Fort
Riley, Kansas. He took part with his command in the
battle of Wounded Knee, in the Indian campaign of
1890, a .=light flesh wound from a spent ball fired by a
treacherous Indian being the only casualty suffered b}-
him. He has been detailed since that time as military
instructor in two academies in South Carolina — the
Patrick Military Institute from June 13, 189 1, to July
6, 1893, and from that date to June 13, 1895, at the
Clemson College. He is now first lieutenant of the
Eighth Cavalr\-, stationed at Fort Yates, North Da-
kota. He married, 1892, Bessie, daughter of the Rev.
John O. Willson, at Anderson, S. C.

iii. Sarah Elizabeth Donaldson, b. July 31, 1869.

iv. Nannie Hoke Donaldson, b. Jan. i, 1873.

LXII. Mary Brent Hoke" ( Michael Hoke\ Col. John
Hoke', Sabina (Swope) Hoke'', John Svvope', Yost Swope' )
was born in Lincoln county, N. C. She married Dr. Hil-
DRETH H. Smith. For many 3'ears they lived in Lincolnton,
N. C, but now reside in Atlanta, Ga. They had issue as
follows : —

88. i. Frances Smith, b. April 8, 1S54; m. J. R. Whitesides.

89. ii. Hon. Hoke Smith, b. S^pt. 2, 1S55; m. Birdie Cobb.

90. iii. Elizabeth Smith, b. Oct. 11, 1859; m. I{verett


91. iv. Burton .Smith; m. Fanny Gordon.

V. John Smith; was accidentally killed at the age of 13

LXIII. Gen. Robert F. Hoke" (Michael Hoke\ Col.
John Hoke', Sabina (Swope) Hoke', John Swope", Yost
37 Swope') was born in Lincolnton, N. C.V He received his
education in his native town. On tlie breaking out of the
war he entered the Confederate army and soon became a dis-
tinguished officer, rising to the rank of major-general. It
has been said of him that " he was a natural-born soldier and

The Swope Family. 235

commander. ' ' It was he who caused President L,incohi to
remark: ' ' General Butler has been badly whipped by Ho-ke. ' '
He is at present the ranking officer of the Confederate
army. He is a member of the Episcopal Church. He mar-
ried IvYDiA Van Wyck. They had issue as follows: —

i. Van Wyck Hoke.

ii. Dr. Michael Hoke, residing at Lincohiton, N. C.
iii. Lydia M. Hoke.
vi. Frances B. Hoke; residing in Lincohiton.

IvXIV. Sarah H. Crook'' (Sarah (Hoke) Crook', Col.
John Hoke*, Sabina (vSwope) Hoke^ John Swope^ Yost
Swope') was born in Greenville, S. C, 1836. While she
was yet an infant her mother died, and she was taken to the
home of her grandfather. Col. Hoke, in Lincolnton, N. C;
there she lived until the death of her grandparents. At the
age of sixteen she was sent to the Limestone Springs Female
High vSchool, from which she was graduated, Dec. 20, 1853,
with first honor. She afterwards took a special course in
music and painting at Charleston, S. C. She married, Dec.
31, 1866, William Francis Lester, who was born, Feb. 14,
1823, and died, Oct. 31, 1885. He was graduated with honor
from the South Carolina College at Columbia, at the age of
nineteen years. He studied law with Gov. Perry at Green-
ville, and was admitted to the bar in Columbia, S. C. His
health failing, he then gave his attention to manufacturing
pursuits. Mrs. Le->ter resides in Greenville, S. C, with her
daug:hter. Thev had issue :^


i. Nannie H. Hoke Lester, b, March 7, 1868. She was
educated at the Episcopal High School at Columbia,
S. C, from which she was graduated June 15, 1SS7.
She married, Nov. 15, 1892, Dr. William Clifton Black,
an eminent physician of Greenville, S. C. They have
two children —

i. Hoke Barrymore, b. Jan. 25, 1894.
ii. Hugh Ceifton, b. Nov. 23, 1895.

LXV. William G. Childs" (Nancy (Hoke) Childs', Col.
John Hoke*, Sabina (Swope) Hoke', John Swope", Yost
Swope') was born Oct. 2, 1850. He married, Sept. 2, 1872,
Alice Gibbs, who was born June 11, 1853. He resides at

236 The Sii'Ope Family.

Columbia, S. C, and is President of the Columbia, Newberry
and Laurens R. R. They had issue as follows: —

i. Ebhx Allstox Childs, b. June 9, 1873; ^- ^^^c. iS, 1875.

ii. Edith Childs, b. March 21, 1875
iii. Naxcy Childs, b. April 3, 1S77.
iv. William G. Childs, b. March 9, 1S79: d, Feb. 24, 1882.

V. Alice Childs, b. ]May 14, 1S81.
vi. Elizabeth Childs, b July 15, 1SS3.
vii. Eugenia Talley Childs, b. March 4, 1886.
viii. Hoke Childs, b. Sept. 6, 18SS; d. Jan. 3, 1892.
ix. Mary T. Childs, b. May 7, 1891.

X. Ellen Hoke Childs, b. April 18, 1S94.

LXVI. Hon. Lvsaxder D. Childs'* (Nancy (Hoke)
Childs', Col. John Hoke\ Sabina (Swope) Hoke^ John
Swope'", Yost Swope') was born Aug. 12, 1S55. He married,
July 13, 1S81, Mary Elizabeth Springs, who was born,
May 20, 1864. He was a member of the Legislature of
South Carolina for two terms of two years each. They had
issue as follows: —

i. Lysander D Childs, b. Sept. 7, 1882.
ii. Jaxie Bo Bo Childs, b. March 21, 1884.
iii. Margaret M. Childs, b. Feb. 21. 1888.
iv. Richard Austin Childs, b. Aug. 29, 1891.

LX\'II. David Augustus Childs* (Nancy (Hoke)
Childs', Col. John Hoke^ Sabina (Swope) Hoke\ John
Swope", Yost SwopeM was born Aug. 12, i860. He married
Mary E. Gibbs, who was born Dec. 8, 1858. They had
issue: —

i. Mary Gibbs Childs, b. April 23, 1886.
ii. David Augustus Childs, b. June 30, 1887.

LXVin. Charles F. Hoke' (Col. Franklin A, Hoke*,
Peter Hoke", Frederick Hoke*, Sabina (Swope) Hoke'', John
Swope', Yost Swope') was born Jan. 4, 1839; married, Dec.
30, i860, Louisa Austin. They had issue as follows: —

i. Fannie C. Hoke, b. June 8, 1864.

ii. William IMichal Hoke, b. Aug. 6, 1866; m., IMarch 26,
1894, Louisa INIardin. They have one child —

i. Michal, b. April i, 1895.

I. Dr. Andrew Barry Crook. 2. Sarah Crook, wife of W. F. Lester. 3. Nannie H. Hoke
Lester, wife of Dr. W. Clifton Black. 4. Hoke Barrymore Black. 5. Dr. W. Cliftou

Black. 6. Hugh Clifton Black.


The Swope Family. 239

iii. Hattie H. Hoke, b. Aug. 29, 1868; d. Nov. 25, 1891; m.,
Dec. 23, 1890, Augustus M. Hoke. (See XXV.) They
had one daughter, Hattie, who resides with her father
at Atlanta, Ga.

iv. Carrie Hoke, b. Nov. 29, 1872.

V. Chari^es F. Hoke, b. Feb. 13, 1874.

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