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Ohio. She married, March 13, [866, Thomas B. Feekner.
A brother says: " Naturally she was the most vivacious and
jolly member of the family, and always managed to get a
little fun out of the most serious situation. She has had
sore trials and afflictions in the helpless condition of her hus-
band, who has been a paralytic for twelve years. Yet she is
ever cheerful and shirks no duty imposed upon her." They
reside at Albion, Ind., and had i.ssue as follows: —

i. William Felkner, b. June 9, 1867; m. Oct. 4, 1888,
Amelia Scarlett. They have one child— :\Iarjorie, b.
Feb. 28, 1S90.

'.'r-^Siii^ii.. :-■' ■"•'A»;-yfg'-/rf':.'. a^iag^»'


The S^vope Familv. 305

ii. Harry Woods Felkner, b. May 9, 1871; d. Sept. 13,

iii. Anna C. Fei^kner, b. Feb. 11, 1S76.

XXXVII. James Foster Woods' (Adam Swope Woods',
Catharine (Swope) Woods*, Adam Swope', John vSwope^
Yost Swope') was born, Nov. 6, 1851, at North Lewisburg,
Ohio. He moved with his parents to Warsaw, Ind., where
he grew to manhood. After completing- his education in the
high school of Warsaw he entered the office of his brother
Thomas, intending to fit himself for the duties of that office.
The confinement and monotony of the position did not suit
his ta.ste, so he abandoned it to follow the bent of his early
inclination, mechanical pursuits. Being particularly adapted
to his business he has become one of the most skillful in his
avocation in his part of the State. He is a man of extensive
acquaintance and is regarded as an honorable, upright and con-
scientious citizen. He married, Nov. 3, 1S74, Jemima Hall.
They had issue: —

i. Charges C. Woods, b. Sept. i, 1S75.
ii. NoR-\ Woods, b. Nov. 4, 1877.
iii. Catharine Woods, b. Aug. 31, 1882.

XXXVIII. Amos McSherry" (Sarah (Long) McSherry',
Catharine (Swope) Long\ Adam Swope"', John Swope", Yost
Swope') was born, Nov. 5, 1830, near New Berlin, Adams
county, Pa. On the removal of his family to Ohio, in 1833,
he accompanied them and has lived there since that time. In
early manhood he taught school for a number of years, then
' ' pioneered it ' ' for eight years. He subsequently engaged
in merchandising. He is now successfully engaged in the
jewelry business, in partnership with his son, in Rockford,
Ohio He married. Sept. 9, 1862, Mary Bahill, who was
born, July 23, 1837, near Dayton, Ohio. They had issue as
follows: —

i. Grant McSherry, b. , May 27, 1S63, in Montgomery
county, Ohio; m. Altha Taylor. He lives in Van Wert,
Ohio, where he is engaged in the grocery business.
They have one son — Ralph, b. 1894.
ii. Auce McSherrv, b. Sept. 12, 1865, in Montgomery
county, Ohio.

3o6 The Szropr Family

iii. Arthir McSherrv, b. Aug. 13, 1S67; d. Jan. 6, 1869.
iv. B. E. McSherrv, b. June 19, 1S69, in Montgomery
county, Ohio. He married and engaged in the jewelry
business, with his father, in Rockford.
V. Sarah McSherrv, b. March 13, 1S72.
vi. George McSherrv, b. Aug. 21, 1875.
vii. Marv McSherrv, b. Sept. 15, 1877.

XXXIX. Louisa McSherrv*' (Sarah fLong) McSherry',
Catharine (Swope) Long'. Adam S^vope^ John Swope', Yost
vSwope') wa.s born, Xov. 2, i<S32, in Adams connty, Pa. vShe
married Daniel Milukix, a farmer, near Brookville, Ohio,
where she now resides. They had issue: —

i. Samuel Mielikix, b. July 14. 1S56. After passing
through the common schools of his district he attended
Normal School and prepared himself for teaching. He
taught in the public schools for seven years and then en-
gaged in farming, near Brookville, Ohio, in which he still
continues. He married, June r, 1880, Laura S. Mills, of
Castine, Dark county, Ohio. They had issue: —
i Clifton R. . b. March 16, i8Sr.
ii. Noble H., b. March 13, 1890.

XL. Edward T. Swope** ( Jacob", Jonathan', Adanv', John',
YostM was born at Spring Forge, York county. Pa., Dec. 25,
1835. After reaching his majority, in 1856, he moved to
FuUon county, 111., and engaged in farming. He remained
there until 1S70, when he moved to Nemeha county, Nebraska.
He still resides (1896) on the farm on which he moved
twenty-five years ago. He married, at Astoria, 111 , Aug. 16,
1857, Frances E. Brown, who was born at Lodi, Seneca
county, X. Y., Dec. 3, 1837, and died, Dec. 13, iSgr, near
Stella, Xebraska. They had issue: —

i. Clinton Swope, b. Feb. 18, 1859, at Canton, 111.; m.

April 7, 1S91, Nora Van Vleet, of Lodi, N. Y. They are

now living in Buffalo, N. Y.
ii. Annie L. Swope, b., :May i, 1861, at Canton, 111.; m.,

Dec. 27, 1882, George Kittle. They live near Nemeha

City, Neb.
iii. Charles M. Swope, b., Aug. 16, 1S63, near Astoria, 111.;

m., .\pril 15, 1S86, Martha Smitli. Tliey live in Nemeha

county, Neb.
iv. William C. Swope, b., .\ug 15, i,S65, at .\storia, 111. He



The Sivopc Family. 311

married, July 4, 1892, Celia Burke, and is living near
Edmond, Oklahoma Ter.
V. Ina F. vSvvope, b., May 29, 1871, near Aspinwall, Neb.
She married, Jan. 26, 1888, Walker Mason, and is living
near Stella, Neb.
vi. Edgar Li^ovd Swope, b. Feb. 28, 1875.
vii. Frank L. Swope, b. Oct. 15, 1877.
viii. Wai.ter H. vSwope, b. Oct. 29, 1880.

Xlyl. Catharine A. Swope" Qacob', Jonathan', Adam'',
John\ Yost') was born in York coimty. Pa., Nov. 16, 1S38.

She married. Jan. 31, 1858, Blocker, who was born

April 16, 1837. They reside in Astoria, 111., and had issue
as follows: —

i. Eelen J. Beocher, b. Dec. 12, 1858; d. Dec. 26, 1894;
m., Aug. 4. 1881, W. H. Koont. They had issue: —
i. Winnie, b. May 12, 1882.
ii. Lizzie C, b. Feb. 4, 1S84.
iii. Cleveland E., b. March 30, 1885.
iv. Jesse B , b. July i, 18S8.
v. Mary N. (twin), b. April 18, 1890; died same

vi. Robert F. (twin), b. April 18, 1890; d. April
22, 1890.

ii. Albert C. Beocher, b. May 23, i860; m., April 2, 1885,
Eliza Walker. They have one son, Clyde, b. June 10

iii. Lizzie M. Blocher, b. Sept. iS, 1866; ni., Sept. 18, 1887,
F. G. Carter. They have had two children; Jes.sie G.,
b. June 7, 1892, and Bertha E., b. Jan. 5, 1895; d. Jan.
17, 1895.

iv. Jacob S. Blocker, b. March 23, 1870.

XLII. Elizabeth B. Swope'' (Jacob', Jonathan\ Adam'',
Johir, Yost') was born in York county, Pa., July i, 1842.
She married at A.storia, 111., July 16, 1861, Levi Fulk, who
was born in North Carolina, Jan. 11. 1822. In 1852 he
moved to Schuyler county. 111., where he resided until the
war, when he enlisted and served one year. He afterwards
returned to his farm and followed his chosen avocation until
1892, when he moved to Beardstown, 111., where he died.
May 10, 1895. They had issue: —

i. Robert F. Fulk, b. Dec. 27, 1863; m., June 14, 1891,
Belle Billingsly. They had issue: —

312 The Swope Family.

i Ray, b. Aug. 14, 1S92.
ii. Roy, b. Dec. 23, 1S94.
ii. Daniel E. Fi'LK, b. May 7, 1S65.

iii Maria M. Fclk, b vSept. 6, 1867; in , March, 18S6, Jon-
athan Roudabush. They had issue as follows: —
i. Ethel, b. Aug. 15, 18S7; d. July ii, 1888.
ii. May, b. March 11, 1888; d. May 12, 1893.
iii. J. Edward, b. June 11, 1890.
iv. Minnie A., b. June 11, 1S93.
iv. Charles M. Fulk, b. Dec. 23, 1869; m., March 10, 1891,
Maria Lauler. They have one son, Clarence, b. Nov.
30, 1893.
V. Annie L. Fulk, b. Sept. i, 1871; ni., Dec. 25, 1894, John

vi. John G. Fulk. b. May 23, 1873.
vii. Minnie F. Fulk, b June 15, 1877.
viii. RoLLA L. Fulk, b. July 24, 18S0.
ix. Nellie A. Fulk, b. Feb. 12, 1883

XIvIII. Maria Swope^ ( Jacob\ Jonathan*, Adam', John',
Yost') was born in York comity, Pa., May 17, 1845. She
married first, May 4, 1866, at Astoria, III, George Brixton,
who was born Sept. 4, 1834; died Oct. 16, 1884. Eight
children were the result of this union, as follows: —

i. James Brinton, b. Oct. i, 1S66; in., Sept. 3, 1S89, Maggie

Robinson. They have two children,
ii. Mary Brinton, 1) Dec. 26, 1868; m., vSept. 24, 18S8;

Martin Horner. They have four children,
iii. George Brinton, b. Feb. 8, 187 1.
iv. William Brinton, b. Feb. 6, 1877.
V. LouELLA Brinton, b. Sept. 30, 1879.
vi. Franklin Brinton, b. Jan. 5, 1S83.
vii. Lizzie Brinton, b. Feb. 27, 1885; d. Aug. 4, 1889.

Maria Swope married secondly, May 4, 1887, George Pop-
penhager. They have one son: —

i. Carl Poppenhagp:r, b. Oct. 31, 1888.

XLH'. Jane Foley Swope'' (Edward', Jonathan*, Adam',
John", Yost') was born March 26, 1839. She was given the
best educational advantages, and was graduated from the
Springfield, O., Female Seminary, and finished with a special
course in music and the languages. She married, Dec. 9,

The Swope Faynily. 313

1857, IvEANDER D. Patton, of vSpriiigfielcl. O., who died
Sept. 26, 1865. Two children were the issue of this union: —

i. Edward Patton.
ii. Patton.

Jane Foley Swope married secondly, March 28, rSyi,
Washington Ward, who died April 5, 1891. She resides
in widowhood in vSpringfield, O. One daughter was the
result of this union: —

i. Bertha Ward. A student at Wittenburg College, Spring-
field, O.

XLV. Elvira F. Swope' (Col. Rufus C.\ Col. Ephraim*,
Adam^ John''', Yost') was born in Adams county, Pa., Dec.
14, 1847. She married, June 20, 1867, Dr. J. A. Krumrine,
who was born July 28, 1842 They now reside in New York
City. Six children were the result of this union:—

i. Grace E. Krumrine, b. Aug. 10, 1S6S.

ii. Nellie E. Krumrine, b. Jan. 12, 1871.
iii. Guy Swope Krumrine, b. Nov. 22, 1874.
iv. Earl G. Krumrine, b. June 19, 1878.

V. Hazel J. Krumrine, b. July 31, 18S1.
vi. Ina R. Krumrine, b. Oct. 21, 1884.

XLVI. Granville H. Swope" (Col. Rufus C.\ Col.
Ephraim*, Adam', John", Yost' ) was born in Adams county.
Pa., July 21, 1849. He was engaged in business in Gettys-
burg, Pa., for a few years after which he went to Baltimore,
Md., and engaged in the wholesale cigar business. The firm
being Buckingham, Swope & Co. He subsequently retired
from the firm and is now engaged in the manufacture of
cigars in Baltimore. He married, 1873, Emma J. Bucking-
ham, of Gettysburg. They had issue as follows: —

i. Annie Ray Swope, b. Sept., 1873.
ii. Harry Forest Swope, b. June, 1875.
iii. John L. Swope, b. Feb., 1877.
iv. Granville C. Swope, b. March, 1S80.
V. Emma B. Swope, b. April, 1885.

XEVII. AuGUSTu.s L. Sw^ope' (Col. Rufus C.^ Col. Eph-
raim*, Adam^ John'-', Yost') was born in Fairfield, Adams

314 The S'u'opc Fa III I h.

county. Pa., Aug. 26, 1850. He married Martha A. Tay-
lor, Sept. 26, 1S77. She was boni in Clearfield, Pa., Aug.
4, 1858, where they were married. They had children as
follows: —

i. Cai.vix W. Swoph, b. July 4, 1S7S, in Edensburg, Pa.
ii. Ida B. Swope, b. Aug. 2, 1S80, in Greenland, Col.
iii. Anna E. Swope, b. Pel) 14, 1882, in Colorado Springs,
iv. RuFUS C. Swope, b. Aug. 24, 18S5, in Colorado Springs.

XLVIII. EPHRAni B. SwoPii'' (Col. Rufus C.\ Col. Eph-
raim*, Adam', John', Yost' ) was born in Fairfield, Pa., March
24. 1854. He married, Dec. 9, 1875, Laura C. Gklbaugh.
They reside at Fairfield, Pa. They had issue as follows: —

i. Ella M. Swope, b. Dec 8, 1S76.
ii. Lottie G. Swope, b. Dec. 4, 1878; d., Nov. 3, 1891, of

iii. Walter R. Swope. b. Oct. 10, 1880.
iv. Fannie L. Swope, b. July 10, 1882; d. Oct. 12, 1882.
V. George E. Swope, b. Aug. 17, 1883; d. Oct. 7, 1891, of

vi. Grace E. Swope, b. Feb. 2, 1885; d., Nov. 22, 1891, of

vii. Annabel Swope, b. June 24, 1886; d., Jan. 23, 1892, of

viii. Joseph G. Swope, b. Feb. 7, 1888.
ix. Clayton S. Swope, b. May 5, 1890.
X. Alice \V. Swope, b. Oct. 11, 1S92.
xi. Charles E. Swope, b. Jan. 9, 1895.

XEIX. Edward McPherson Swope' (Col. Rufus', Col.
Ephraim', Adam', John'"', Yost') was born, Oct. 18, 1858, in
Fairfield, Pa. He married, Feb. 23, 1886, Cora B. Stryker.
They reside at Petersburg, Pa. They had children as fol-
lows: —

i. Edna H. Swope, b. Feb 4, 1887; died in childhood,

ii. RuFEsS. Swope, b. April 23, 1888.

iii. Myrtle V. Swope, b. Aug., 1891.

iv. William Stryker Swope, b. Nov. 26, 1894.

L. Mary Lucixda Stoneseifer'' ( Eucinda (Swope)
Stoneseifer', Col. Ephraim Swope*, Adam Swope', John
Swope-, Yost Swope' ) was born, April 23, 1856, in Littles-

The Stvopc Family. 315

town, Pa. She married, Feb. 22, 1874, William P. Stover,
b. May 23, 185 1. They reside at Littlestown , Pa. They
had children as follows: —

i. Laura B. Stover, b. July 7, 1875.
ii. Georges. Stover, b. Feb. 17, 1878.
iii. Elenora Stove;r, b. Feb. 21, 1880.
iv. Vioi,ET May Stover, b. March 14, 1883.

V. WiivLiAM R. Stover, b. Nov. 20, 1884.
vi. Mary C. Stover, b. March 6, 1887.
vii. Emma E. Stover, b. April 6, 18S9; d July 21, 1889.
viii. Hei^En L. Stover, b. March 29, 189:.
ix. Naomi G. Stover, b. Aug. 19, 1894.

LI. Thomas Winder' (Ann (Woods) Winder", Adam
Swope Woods', Catharine (Swope ) Woods\ Adam Swope\
John Swope^ Yost Swope') was born Feb. 26, 1862; married,
June 30, 1884, Margaret Walsh. In 1895, he made a
circuit of the United States, near the borders, on a bicycle,
riding or walking the whole distance — estimated at 20,000
miles — and contributing articles weekly to the Buffalo, N. Y. ,
Illustrated Express, descriptive of his trip. His tour and
articles excited so much interest that he was solicited to make
a .similar tour of England in the interest of the same paper,
which he declined to do. He is now general advertising
agent for the Eclipse Bicycle Co. at Elmira, N. Y. They
had issue as follows: —

i. Dora A. Winder, b. June 15, 1885.
ii. Paul Winder, b. Aug. 26, 1886.
iii. Caleb B. Winder, b. April 26, 1891.
iv. Donald Winder, b. Oct. 22, 1894.


First generation Yost Swope,





















I. Rev. Benedict Swope was a clergyman of the Re-
formed Church. Family traditions say that he was born near
York, Pa. Public records, however, speak of him as " from
Germany," so his place of birth is uncertain. There are
some things which point to his being of the same family as
Benjamin Swope, elsewhere mentioned, who lived near York
in 1759 (Pa. Archives). One is that Benjamin was a member
of the Reformed Church, as was R'^v. Benedict, while all the
other Swopes of that section were Lutherans, according to the
Church records. Rev. B. Swope entered the ministry of the
Reformed Church in 1771. Harbaugh, in " The Fathers of
the Reformed Church," says, " Rev. Benedict Swope is first
mentioned in the Cotal minutes of 1770 as preaching in the
neighborhood of Baltimore, as not being a member of Cotus,
and as having been charged with creating strife in the con-
gregations of Mr. Faber, who also was not a member of
Cotus. These two men applied to Cotus to have their differ-
ences adjudicated, and in the hope of doing some good, Cotus
appointed Revs. Gross and Gobrecht to visit that region and
if possible restore order. Mr. Swope was at that time an ap-
plicant before Cotus for examination and ordination, which

3i8 The Sic ope Family.

was promised him in case the committee appointed to examine
into the affairs of that charge should report favorably. The
committee made a favorable report, dated Dec. 7, 1770, and
he was directed to be ordained. Revs. Henop and Hendel
were appointed to ordain him." After his ordination he be-
came pastor of the Second Reformed Church in Baltimore, he
being the choice of the evangelical party of the church.
About 1774 he moved to Kentucky and settled at Logan's
Station, Lincoln county, where he bought a tract of land.
On the breaking out of the Revolutionary War he returned
to Baltimore, where he remained until, then returned
to Kentucky. He was a life-long friend of Bishop Asbury,
and assisted Dr. Coke at the ordination of the Bishop in Balti-
more, in 17S4. The Bishop refers to him in his joiu'nal as
" a very pious, talented and zealous German minister, in full
sympathy with the several movements in the Church."
A great-grandson of Rev. B. Swope, Bishop John C.
Keener, gives this account of the close of his life: "He
preached in the German and English languages, and two
years before his death he ceased his ministerial work. His
death occurred at the home of his son Jacob, and was caused
by something like gout. In the early part of the night on
which he died he was very cheerful, talking to an old neigh-
bor, and about break of day, March 30, 181 r, he died. He
was con.scious and perfectly calm, death having no terrors
for him." His age was 79 years and 6 months. He married
Susanna Welker, who died March, 1795. They had children
as follows: —

i. John Swope, who had entered land near Shelbyville,
Ky., in 1776, was killed by the Indians in 17S2, on Long
run, Jefferson county, Ky.

2. ii. Benedict Swope; m Margaret Keener.

iii. PoujE SwoPE; m. Col. William Brent, an Englishman.
He was a lawyer by profession, and served in the Revo-
lutionary War with distinction. They had children as
follows — ^John, Benjamin, Theresa and Matilda.

3. iv. Jacob Swope; m. Margaret Pope.

4. V. George Swope, b. Jan. 9, 1758; m., March 10, 1777,

Margaret Huifhein.

(From an oil portrait.)

TH .

-J 1. 4 c'liXtiv 1


The Sivopc Family. 321

5. vi. Susanna Swope, b. Nov. 16, 1761; m., April 20, 1780,

Christian Keener.

6. vii. David SwoPK; m.,Jan. 28, 1792, Polly Montgomery,
viii. Sally Swope; m. Greenbury Majors. They had one son

and three daughters.

II. Benedict Swope'* (Rev. Benedict') married, in Balti-
more, Md., Margaret, daughter of Melchoir Keener. For
a time he was merchandising, probably in Baltimore. About
1779 — according to records, tradition gives an earlier date —
he moved to Lincoln county, Ky., where he bought eighteen
hundred acres of land. The greater part of it was unim-
proved Government land but that portion on which he lived
had been improved previous to his purchase. A warrant for
one thousand acres of the land is still in existence, bearing
date Oct. 15, 1779. The price paid was four hundred pounds.
He sold the greater portion of the land to individuals in small
tracts, one of which was to Greenbury Majors, his brother-
in-law. He died in Uncoln county, and is buried in a grave-
yard on his farm, still occupied by his descendants. Benedict
Swope and his wife Margaret had children as follows: —

i. Jesse vSwope; m. Polly Hetrick. They settled in Pettis

county, Mo., and reared a family,
ii. Charles Swope; m. Polly Wilds. Residence, Howard
county, Mo.

7. iii. Benedict Swope; m. Dorcus Swope.

8. iv. John Swope; m. Fannie Roerty.

9. V. Samuel Swope ; m. Kemper.

vi. Margaret Swope; m. Inglehart Yeizer, and lived in

Lexington, Ky.
vii. Elizabeth Swope; m. William Step. Children— Gold-
son, Thomas, Elizabeth.
10. viii. Sarah Swope; m. Joshua Dunn.

ix. Nancy Swope; m. Elijah Whitten. They settled in
Missouri and reared a family.

III. Jacob Swope' (Rev. Benedict') was one of the early
pioneers of Kentucky, and probably settled there at about the
same time his brothers did. He became a large land holder
in what is now Lincoln county. Many of his descendants
still reside there and are influential and respected citizens.
He married Margaret Pope, in Lexington county, Ky.

322 The Swope Family.

He was born 1767, and died Oct. 30, 1847. They had issue
as follows: —

11. i. John Brevett Swope, b. June 15, 1789; m. Frances A.

ii. Susan Swope; m. Samuel Oglesby.
iii. Polly Swope; ni. William Craig,
iv. Greenbury Swope; m. George, of Woodford county,

V. David Swope.
vi. George Swope.

12. vii. Jacob Swope, b. Jan. i, i<So2; ni. Harriet F. Waggoner,
viii. Benjamin Swope.

ix. Samuel Swope.

IV. George Swope''' (Rev. Benedict') was born Jan. 9,
1758, and died in Spencer count3^ Ky. He married, March
10, 1777, Margaret Huffhfin. His marriage in all prob-
ability took place in Baltimore, Md., or that vicinity, as he
lived there after his marriage, and his children were born
there. The date of his removal to Kentucky is not known.
They had issue as follows: —

13. i. William Swope, b. Feb. 19, 1779; m. Ruth Holtschaw.

14. ii. Joseph Swope, b Feb. 6, 17S2; m. Sally Rednion.
iii. George Swope, b. June, 1785; died in infancy.

15. iv. Henry Swope, b. April 17, 1787; m. Sally Young.

16. V. George Swope, b. March 14, 1788; m. first, Annie Davis;

ni., secondly, Matilda Maddux.

17. vi. LvDiA Swope, b. Feb. i, 1792; ni. Macom McCullum.

18. vii. Michael Swope, b. May 8, 1794; m. Jane Rings

V. Susanna Swoph" (Rev. Benedict') was born Nov. 16,
1 76 1, and died Sept. 17, 1829. She married, April 20, 1780,
Christian Keener, born Aug. 12, 1752; died Nov. 21,
18 1 7. They lived and died in Baltimore, Md. Mr. Keener
amassed quite a large fortune, and at his death left his child-
ren well provided for. The issue of this union was as fol-
lows: —

i. Lydia Keener, b. Feb. 10, 1781; d. Aug. 6, 1781.

ii. Anna Maria Keener, b June 4, 1782; d. 1878. She
was twice married, first to Christian Reigert. They
had four sons. Married, secondly, Rev. James Stevens.
They traveled through Pennsylvania in their own car-


( From a Water Color.)


The S^copc Family. 325

riage to his different appointments in the scattered
settlements, sometimes meeting Indians by the way.
She had a number of children, all of whom she survived.
At her death she was a great, great, great, grandmother.

19. iii. Susanna Keener, b. Oct. 2, 1784; m. Edward Orrick.
iv. Sarah Keener, b. Nov. 17, 1788; d Dec 23, 17S8.

V. MargareTTa Keener, b. Dec. 18, 1789; d. Oct. 18, 1791.
vi. Christian M. Keener, b. June 14, 1791; d. Oct. 6, 1791.
vii. Benedict Swope Keener, b. Jan 15,1793; d. June 20,

viii. John J. Keenp:r, b. Feb. 8, 1794; d. Oct. 24, 1796.

20. ix. Christian Keener, b. June 22, 1795; m. Mary C. Brice.

X. Dr. David Keener, b. Aug. 25, 1796; d. July, i86r. He
graduated in medicine but never practiced his profes-
sion. He was the first chemist of Baltimore in his day,
and for many years he was interested in the copper
works of that city. He married Mary Zollickoffer, of
Maryland. They had three children — Caroline, who
married Dr. Dulin, and is still living in her seventy-
ninth year. Maria L. and William Henry.

xi. Maria Catharine Keener, b. Oct. 5, 1797; d. Feb. 6,

1 84 1. vShe married Luther J. Cox, and had seventeen

children, four of whom are now living — ^Jennings S.,

Samuel K , Luther J., and Mrs. Lottie Boardly.

xii. William Swope Keener, b. Feb. 28, 1800; d. Nov. 22,

1 801.
xiii. Samuel Keener, b. Feb. 5, 1801; d. Feb. 3, 1854. He

married Malvina McClellan. He moved to Ohio and

became a farmer.
xix. Charles Swope Keener, b. Aug. 26, 1802; d. Jan. 30,


VI. David Swope'-' (Rev. Benedict') settled in what is now
Lincoln county, Ky., and lived there for many years. He
was an artist, and painted the picture of his sister Su.sanna,
shown elsewhere. He died in Henderson, Ky., 1845. He
married, Jan. 28, 1.792, Polly Montgomery, who died Nov.
20, 18 1 3. They had issue as follows: —

i. Martin Swope, b. March 8, 1 794. He was married twice,

but we have no further knowledge of him.
ii. DoRCAS SwoPE, b. April 2, 1796; d. July 30, 1871. She
married her cousin, Benedict Swope. (See VII.)

21. iii. Morgan Swope, b. Aug. 3, 1798; m. first, Mary Robin-

son; m. secondly, Martha A. Ruby.

326 The Sivope Family.

iv. Montgomery Swope, b. Aug. 16, 1801; d. Sept. 20, 1826,

in Henderson, Ky. ; unmarried.
V. Polly Swope, b. Nov. 19, 1S04; died young.

22. vi David Swope, b. Jan. 31, 1807; m. Lvicinda Miller.

vii. Eliza Swope; m. John Speidell. He was a merchant in
Louisville for a number of years; subsequently the
family moved to Nashville, Tenn. They had children
— ^John, Keener, Thomas. Richard, Benjamin, Jacob,
Mary, Eliza, Johannah.

VII. Benedict Swope' (Benedict", Rev. Benedict') was
brought by his parents to Kentucky, when it was a wilder-
ness filled with wild animals and Indians. After attaining
manhood he married his cousin Dorcas, daughter of David
Swope. They had issue as follows: —

23. i. Mary Swope; m. Logan Dawson.

ii. Margaret Swope, b. Aug. 20, 1820; d. Aug. 8, 1893;

24. iii. Hardin Swope, b. March 31, 1816; d , 1859; m. Eliza J.


25. iv. Dorcas Swope; m. Austin Frazier.

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