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.solemn a.ssembly for that purpose met and appointed, did
openly declare that he took the said Catharine Elizabeth
Greve to be his wedded wife, promising to be unto her a lov-


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The S'lCopc Fa)]}ilx. 41

ing and faithful husband, until death should separate them.
And she, the said Catharine Elizabeth Greve, did in like
manner declare that she took the said John Swope to be her
wedded husband, promising to be unto him a loving, faithful
and obedient wife until death should separate them. In tes-
timony thereof both the parties hereunto have set their hands.
She, after the custom of man3% assuming the surname of her
husband. We whose names are hereunto .subscribed being
witnes,ses present at the .solemnization, the day and year above

John Schwab,

Catharine Euzabeth Schwab.
Emanuel Carpenter,

Justice of the Peace."

This contract was .signed by nineteen witnesses, many of
them the ancestors of old Lancaster county families. The
.second wife of John Swope died Aug. 14, 1776. He survived
her until Dec. 18, 1780, when he died. He was buried in
the graveyard of the Old Hellers (Salem) Church, about a
mile from his home, where repose five generations of the

From the provisions of his will he must have accumulated
a considerable estate for those earl}^ days. The home planta-
tion he bequeathed to his .son, John Daniel, and it is still
owned by his descendants. To his sons Jacob, Adam and
Henry he gave each a farm. To his other children and grand-
children he left various sums ranging from fifty to one hundred
and twenty-five pounds each. By his second marriage he had
issue as follows:

xi. Maria Jui^iana Swope, b. March 17, 1743.
xii. John Jacob Swope, b. June 9, 1744; m. Sabina Smyser.
xiii. Christian A Swope, b Nov. 10, 1745.
xiv. John Henry Swope, b. Mar. 10, 1747; m. Barbara

XV. Maria Sabina Swope, b. Dec. 26, 1748; m. John Hoke,
xvi. Susan.\ Swope, b. May 22, 1750. She died unmarried
Aug. 13, 1776, and is buried in the graveyard of Salem
Church, in the same grave with her mother. The grave
is marked by a stone on which is cut two female figures.

42 The Sci'ope Faiiiilv.

xvii. John Daniki. Swopk, b. Nov. 4, 1751; m. Elizabeth Gra-
xviii. Anna Elizabeth vSwoi-h, b. Nov. 12, 1753; died Feb. 12,
1773. She was probably a favorite daughter, as her
grave in Salem churchyard is marked by an elaborately
cut toni))stone.

xix. John Adam Swoph, b. May 2, 1756; m. Sarah Grabill.




I. Anna Barbara Swope' (John'-', Yost'), the fourth
child of John and Anna Dorothea ( Line) Swope, was born in
the homestead in Upper Leacock township, Lancaster county,
Pa., March 12, 1731. Her father had emploj^ed on the farm
a young man named -'^ PhiHp Gloninger, who won the
affections of the daughter, Anna Barbara. He being an in-
dustrious and capable man, met with favor in the eyes of the
father and married the daughter. Philip Gloninger was born
in the Palatinate, Germany, and was one of the sufferers from
the desolation of that fair country. He came to America
at about 28 years of age. After the marriage of Philip
Gloninger and Anna Barbara Swope, they moved to
Lebanon township (now Lebanon county) where they lived
until death. The old Gloninger home is still standing on the
the south bank oj Quitapahilla creek. In early days it was
known as the Gloninger " Fort." During the Indian wars it
was used as a place of refuge by the inhabitants of the sur-
rounding country from the Indians, f" It is a good speci-
men of the solid architecture of the early days, with its piked
roof and original port holes for windows, and serves as an in-
teresting landmark because here the first Gloninger lived,
from whom has descended locally quite an illustrious family.
George, son of Philip and Anna Barbara Gloninger, seems to
have been the oldest, and remained on the old homestead as
farmer. Phihp died December 11, 1796, and Anna Barbara,
September 23, 18 10 They are both buried in the graveyard
of the Reformed church at Lebanon, Pa. They had several

*Philip Gloninger sometimes appears as Peter, but the most au-
thentic records give his name as Philip.

fAncient and Historic lyandmarks in the Lebanon Valley.

46 The S'n'opc FaDiily.

daughters, of whom we have no record. Their sons were as
follows: —

2. i. George Gloninger, m. Mary Funk.

3. ii. Hex. JoHX Gi.oxTNCF.K, b. Sept. 19, 1750; m. Catharine


4. iii. Peter Gi^oxixckr, b. Sept. 14, 1763; m. first wife un-

known; m., secondly, Eliza Keller,
iv. V.\.i.EXTiNE Gloxix'GER, b. June 11, 1776; d. March 24,
1S44. He was unmarried. He lived and died at
Lebanon, Pa., and is buried in the Reformed _<rrave-
yard at that place,

II. George Glonixger*, (Anna B. (Swope) Gloninger'',
John Swope", Swope'), w^as born in Lebanon township,
Lebanon county, Pa. He there grew to manhood and became
a farmer, occupying the old home.stead. He was not a man
who was ambitious for public office, but was highl}' esteemed
and an important man in the community. He was posses.sed
of considerable means, as is shown l)y his will. He married
Mary, daughter of Martin Funk, of the same township. They
had three children, as follows: —

i. Dr. George Gi.oxixger, who died in Philadelphia, Pa. ,

about 1850, unmarried,
ii. Elizabeth Gi.oxixgek, b. 1792; d. 1S6S. She married
Jacob Sheaffer and had three children — Henr}-, Philip
and Kate, all of whom married.

5. iii. M.\RV Gloxixgkr, b 1798; d. 1827 (?); m. 1814 Chris-

tian Swope.

III. Hox. John Gloxixger\ (Anna B. (vSwope) Glon-
inger', John Swope", Yost Swope') was born in Lebanon
township, Lebanon county, Pa.. Sept. 19, 1750. He received
most of his education from the pastor of the Reformed church,
as it was quite a common thing in those early daj's for the
pastor to receive into his study the brighter youths of his
church for instruction, or to teach a parochial school. On
the breaking out of the Revolutionary war he enlisted, and
towards the close was in command of a battalion of militia.
The Supreme Executive Council appointed him count}'
lieutenant on the organization of Dauphin county, May 6,
1785. In 1790 he was elected a representative to the General
Assembly. This office he shortly after re.signed, and was












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..•^ ->

The S'icopc FiDiii/v. 51

then elected to the State Senate. This office he held for two
years and then resigned. He was a warm friend of Governor
Mifflin, who appointed him one of the associate judges of the
county of Dauphin. On the erection of the county of
lyebanon, in 1S13, he was commis.sioned one of the associate
judges, which office he filled until iiS2r. Judge Gloninger
was a man very highly respected and beloved. He married
Catharine, daughter of Adam and Catharine ( Kucher ) Orth.
She was born Oct. 31, 1767, and died June 17, 1848 John
Gloninger died Jan. 22. 1836, and is buried in the Reformed
graveyard at Lebanon. They had issue as follows: —

i. Rev. Philip Gloninger, b. Feb. 17, 1785, in Lebanon.
In the schools of his native town he prepared himself
for entrance into Dickinson College, where he com-
pleted his literary course. He then went to Baltimore,
where he studied theology, and was subsequently or-
dained to the ministry of the Reformed Church. In
1808 he accepted a call to the Reformed Church at Har-
risburg. Here he labored very successfully for several
years. He was gifted with fine pulpit abilities, and
soon rose to a prominent position in his church. His
health failed in 1814, and he resigned his charge and
returned to Lebanon, where he died on Sept. 10, 1816.
The Rev. Gloninger married, in 1810, Eliza Clark, who
survived him.

6 ii. Mary Gloninger,' b. May 9, 17S8; m. Rev. Jonathan


7. iii. Dr. John W. Gloninger, b. Sept. 23, 1798; m. Mary A.

IV. Capt. Pkter Gloninger* (Anna B. (Swope) Glon-
inger', John Swope", Yost Swope') was born in Lebanon
township, Lancaster (now Lebanon) Co., Pa., Sept. 14,
1763. He resided in Lebanon. He was captain in the Fourth
Battalion, commanded by Lieut. -Col. Baltzer Orth, in 1789
and 1790. He was elected a County Commissioner in 18 15.
In his domestic relations he was ever the fond father and
affectionate husband. Sedate in manner, and of a quiet,
thoughtful turn of mind. He was twice married. The name
of his first wife is unknown; she died early in life, leaving
one son, who was reared by her relatives in Baltimore, Md.
After a residence of many years in Lebanon he moved to

52 The Sic ope Familv.

Baltimore, where he remained until i>S32, when he removed
to Canal Dover, Ohio, where he bought large tracts of land,
a part of which is yet owned and occupied by his descendants.
The issue of his first marriage was —

i. William Gloninger, b. Sept. 7, 1800; died.

8. ii. John Gloninger, b. May 26, 1803; in. Mary J. Ringgold.

Capt. Gloninger m., secondly, Maria Eliza Keller, who was
born Aug. 29, 1792 and died July 21, 1859. She was buried
in the cemetery at Canal Dover, at the side of her husband,
who died Dec. 2, 1835- They had the following children: —

9. i. Maria Elizabeth Gloninger, b. Aug. 2, 181 2; m.

John Hildt.
ii. Philip Gloninger, b. Jan. 27, 1816; d. Feb. 15, 181S.

10. iii. C.vrHARiNE Gloninger, b. June 14, 1819; m Samuel

iv. Daniel KELLER GloningER, b. July 11, 1821; d. Aug.
19, 1848; unmarried.

V. Mary Gloninger' (George Gloninger*, Anna B.
(Swope) Gloninger^ John Swope^ Yost Swope^) was born
1798 and died about 1827. She married Christian Swope, of
lycbanon Co., Pa., b. 1791, d. 1877, and is buried at Millers-
burg, Berks Co., Pa. (See Chap. XIV.) They had the fol-
lowing children : —

i. Lucy Swope, died in infancy, 1816.

ii. Philip Swope, b. Apr. 26, 1S18; d. Apr., 1889; m. Rose
Alleman. They had issue —
i. Amelia, d. unmarried,
ii. Henry, residence. Union Deposit, Pa.

iii. John, m. Becker.

iv. Rose, m. Hetrick.

V. M.\RY.

vi. Clara, m. Wilhehn.

11. iii. Henry Swope, b. Mar. 9, 1820; m Louisa Eckert.

12. iv. Elizabeth Swope, b. Feb. 20, 1822; m. Michael Sherk,

V. Daniel Swope, m. Catharine PeifFer. They had issue —
i. Johnath.\n, m. Rebecca Baney. They had

two children — Mary and Augustus,
ii. Devila, m. Strack. They had four chil-
dren — Hattie, Henry, Rufus, Fannie,
iii. Amanda, m. Henry Bensing. One child — Galen,
iv. Elmira, m. John France. They had five chil-


















The Sivope Family. 53

V. Daniel, m. Mary Boniberger. They had four

children — Guy, Anna, Lee, Marjt. "O^KMlt^
vi Katk.

vii. Jacob, ni. Maria Wilhelm.
vii. Mary Swopk, m. Henry B. Sherk. Their children were
as follows: —

i. Emma, m. Noah Walmer. They had three chil-
dren — Judith, Mary, Howard,
ii. Annie, ni. Dr. Theodore Biever, Harrisburg, Pa.

They had one son — Theodore,
iii. Harry, ni. Alice Hemperly. They had three

children — Lucy, Rose, and Harry.
iv. Wiijjam; died.
V. Mary, m. Cyrus vStoner. They had five children

— Mame, Anna, Edna, John, Herman,
vi. Lucy, m. Charles Wert.

VI. Mary Gloxinger' (John Gloninger,* Anna (Svvope)
Gloninger,'' John Swope,' Yost Svvope,') was born May 9,
1788; d. April 14, 1855. vShe married the Rev. Jonathan
Helfen.steine, born Jan. 19, 1784; d. Sept. 23, 1829. Rev.
J. Helfen.steine was a clergyman prominent in the Reformed
church, and resided at Lancaster, Pa. They had issue as
follows: —

i. Catharine Helfensteine m. Abram Campbell, Fred-
erick, Md
ii. Louisa Helfensteine d. at the aged of 7S years; m.
Z. S. vSiinons, Frederick, Md.
iii. Ann Charlotte m. Rev. Daniel Feite and d. at the age

of 45
iv. Albert G. Helfensteine d. at the age of 50 years.

V. Jonathan Helfensteine.

vi. Elizabeth helfensteine, d. unmarried in Lancaster,

Pa., aged 54.
vii. Rose Helfensteine d. in infancy.

viii. Caroline Helfensteine d. unmarried in Lancaster,
Pa , aged 87.
ix. Jonathan S. Helfen.steine, d. at the age of 53 years;

m. Eliza Meyer.
X. John P. Helfensteine, d. at the age of 75 years.
xi. Cyrus C. Helfensteine, m. Anna Trail, Frederick, Md.
xii. Anna M. Helfen.steine, m. and d at the age of 71
13. xiii. Charles J. Helfen.steine, b. 1829; m. Helen Tayee.

VII. Dr. John W. Gloningkr' (John Gloninger*, Anna

54 ^Z''' Su'op(- FaDtily.

(Swope) Glouiuger,"' John Swops," Yost SwopeV) was born in
Lebanon, Pa., Sept. 23, 1798: d. March 10, 1.874. He was
married Dec. 25, 1820, to ]\Iar\' Ann Hassinger, of Philadel-
phia, Pa., who d. Feb , 1846. His early educational train-
ing was received in the schools of his native town, after which
he was sent to Harrisburg and Baltimore to complete his
academic education. Hein, 1815, returned to Lebanon and
commenced the study of medicine. Li 18 16 he went to Phila-
delphia and entered the medical department of the University'
of Penns3-lvania. The following year he went to New York
and attended lectures at the College of Physicians and Sur-
geons, where he graduated April i, 1819. In 1820 he re-
turned to his native place and commenced the practice of his
profession. In a short time he was the leading physician of
the town. He was a careful and conscientious general practi-
tioner. His specialty was diseases of the eN'e. During the
early years of his practice he was a frequent contributor to
the medical periodicals of the day. He was president of the
Lebanon bank for twenty-six years, and a trustee of Marshall
College for a number of years. He was deeply interested and
took an active part in the work of the Reformed church, to
which he contributed liberally of his means.
They had the following children:

i. Eliz.a. Glonixger, m. Dr. David B. Marshall, of Leba-
non, her cousin, a Gloninger descendant through his
grandmother ^Marshall, who was a Gloninger. The
issue of this union was one son, Robert, now living in
ii Matilda Glonixcer, m John Wetherill, of Philadel-
phia, where she resides.
14. iii. Dr. Cyrus D. Gloxinger, b. March 13, 1824, m. Julia

iv. Dr. David Staxi.ev Glonixger, m., and has a famih-

living in Philadelphia, Pa.
V. Catharixe Alice Gloninger, m. May 14, 1868, Dr. A.
H. Light, of Lebanon They had six children — ^John, b.
July 2, 1S69. d. May 16, 1S70. Ralph H , b. Aug. 10,
1871. Matilda G., b. May 30, 1873, d. April 9, 1888.
Warren G., b. June 14, 1S75. Eugene H., b. May 14,
1S77, d. Dec. ir, 1S79 Helen I'., b. Nov. 15, 1880.

VTII. John Gloxixger' (Peter Gloninger,* Anna B.

The S'ccopc Family. 55

(Svvope) Gloninger," John vSwope," Yost Swope',) was born
in Lebanon Co., Pa., May 26, 1S03. His mother died when
he was a small boy, and he was taken and reared by her
relatives in Baltimore, Md. They being Catholics, he was
brought up in the faith of that church; his descendants also
are members of the Catholic church. He married June 8,
1828, Mary J. Ringgold, b. Nov. 4, 1804, d. 1863, ^'^^ Pitts-
burg, Pa. She was a daughter of John Ringgold, of Balti-
more, of the family of the fighting Maj. Ringgold, famous in
in the Mexican war, and a first cousin of Archbishop Eccle-
ston, fifth Archbishop of Baltimore. Mrs. Gloninger pos-
sessed a mind of rare vigor, which had received most careful
culture. Her memory was strong and retentive, and remained
unimpaired until the end of her life. She distinctly remem-
bered the stirring scenes of the war of 1 8 1 2 as occurred in the
vicinity of Baltimore. Her mind had a .strong poetical bent,
and next to her church the poets gave her the greatest enjoy-
ment. Four children were the issue of this union: —

i. Henry Gi^oningkr, d. in Baltimore in childhood.

15. ii. Alice E. Gloninger, m. Redmond J. Grace.

16. iii. John Ringgold Gloninger, m. Mary Ledlie.

17. iv. Mary Augu.sta Gloninger, m. Gilbert de Lafayette de

Balan Fetterman.

IX. Maria Elizabeth Gloninger' (Peter Gloninger\
Anna B. ( Swope ) Gloninger', John Swope'"', Yost Swope') was
born in Lebanon, Pa., Aug. 2, 1812. She married, Oct. 18,
1 831, John Hildt, of Lebanon, Pa. They at once went west
and settled at Canal Dover, Ohio. In her church relations
she was a zealous Methodist, but charitable to those outside
of that fold. She possessed a kindly spirit of humor, and
marked generosity pervaded her life, which endeared her to
all with whom she came in contact. She died April 24, 1892,
and rests in the Fourth St. Cemetery at Canal Dover, O.
They had four children, as follows: —

i. Mary C. HildT, b. Oct. 13. 1S32, d. June 6, 1895. She
passed the greatest part of her girlhood in Canal Dover,
but sometime previous to her marriage moved with her
parents to New Philadelphia, O., where she was united
in marriage to Upton Deardorf, Dec. 8, 1852. The

56 The Suvpc Family.

newly wedded couple set up their household gods on a
fine farm on the outskirts of Canal Dover, and there
resided for many years, afterwards locating perma-
nently in Canal Dover. This union was blessed with
nine children, fave of whom are living. Mrs. Deardorf
was a kind, beuevolent friend to all in distress. In
church relations she and her husband were earnest
workers in the M. E. church. She was laid to rest in
the cemetery at Canal Dover. ]\Iourned she must be,
but the memory of her beautiful spirit and life is fresh
in the hearts of all who knew her.

ii. Cot. George Hexrv Hildt was born Oct. 11, 1835. He
is a veteran of the late war, having enlisted in 1S61, in
Co. F, Sixteenth Ohio Infantry. At the battle of Vicks-
burg he was wounded, and resigned and returned home.
Since the war he has been engaged as pension claim
agent At onetime he held the position of clerk in the
office of Secretary of State of Ohio. He is a member of
the Loyal Legion of the U. S. , and vice-president of
the Army of the Tennessee. In religion he is a Meth-
odist. Col. Hildt married Nov. 25, 1875, Mrs. Angie
Switzer. Two sons were born of this union.

iii. Capt. Daniei. Glonixger Hildt, was b. Dec. 13, 1841.
At the earl}- age of 19 } ears he enlisted in the late war,
and for his valor and bravery was promoted to the
captaincy of Co. E, Eightieth Ohio Infantry Vol. When
the war was virtually over he resigned and returned to
the peaceful pursuits of life, engaging in the manu-
facture of salt and bromine. Capt. Hildt was a gener-
ous, large hearted man, possessed of a strong will power
and determination; no obstacle was sufficiently great to
prevent him from reaching his object. He died Ma}'
21, 1887. Cut down just at the zenith of his career, his
death left a sadness and vacancy in the hearts of a host
of friends.

iv. Charlk.s F. Hii.dt, b. Oct. 23, 1844: d. Jan. 9, 1S46.

X. Catharine Gloningkr^ (Peter Gloninger*, Anna B.
(Swope) Gloninger^ John Swope", Yost Swope',) was b.
June 14, 1819, in Lebanon, Pa. At an early age she removed,
with her pannits, to Baltimore and from thence to Canal
Dover, O. At the age of 16 years she united with the M. E.
church of that place, and for half a century was a devoted
member. To her belongs the credit of having organized the
first Sunday-school at that place. She was foremost in all

The Sccope Fa mi/ v. 57

christian and benevolent work in the church and neighbor-
hood. She died Sept. 3, 1889, and peacefully sleeps by the
side of loved ones gone before, but her works do follow her.
She was joined in marriage to vSamuel Kuhn, Aug. 18, 1842,
and to them were born the following children: —

i. Francis Kuhn, b. March 30, 1844. He grew to man-
hood on his father's farm near Canal Dover, and in
Feb., 1S71, was united in marriage to Lillie Hildt.
After his marriage he engaged in the grain business, in
which lie continued until 1S91, when he moved to
Cleveland; since living there he has been connected
with the Cleveland Baking Co. He is identified with
the M E. church They have one son, William D.

ii. Henry J. Kuhn, b. July 9, 1845. He was reared under
the paternal roof, and with his brother attended the
public schools. Afterwards for a period he attended
Oberlin College. After leaving college, he located in
Akron, O., where he remained a few years; subse-
quently he went to New Philadelphia, O., where he
embarked in the planing-mill business. He is a
member of the Lutheran church. He married, in
March, 1879, Clara Raiff, and to them have been born
two daughters.

iii. Charlks Saum Kx;hn, was born April 4, 1855, on his
father's farm, where he continued to live until he
reached his majority. He then left the home roof and
went fourth to battle with the world, but the struggle
was a brief one. Health failing, he returned home and
for two years manfully fought the fell destroyer, disease.
Just in the prime of life he was cut down. May 12, 1885.
In temperament he was peculiarly Ijright and sunshiny,
seeing naught but the bright side of life. In early
manhood he became a member of the M. E. church.

iv. Emma Maria Kuhn, was born Dec. 3, 1863, in the old
homestead located on a part of the old Gloninger tract
of land. As she expresses it, her "occupation is acting
in the capacity of a girl bachelor and farmeress. In this
line her time is fully occupied. ' ' She still resides in the
old home, and cherishes the fond memories and asso-
ciations which cling to it of those of her forefathers and
loved ones gone before.

XI. Henry Swope" (Mary (Gloninger) Swope', George
Gloninger\ Anna B. (Swope) Gloninger', John Swope', Yost
Swope') was born Mar. 9, 1820; d. July 31, 1880. He mar-

58 riii' S^i'Opc /uiDii/y.

ried Louisa Eckert. He \vas a contractor, and resided at
Lebanon, Pa. They had children as follows: —

i John H. Swope, b. Sept. 14, 1S44, a cigar manufacturer
in Chicago. He ni. Haiiah M. Voder, b Feb. 15, 1848;
d. Jul}- 7, 1S86 He married, secondly Ellen, Nicholds.
He had one son, Oscar, by his first wife, and two chil-
dren by his second wife— Darrell \V., b. ^Nlar. 17, 1S91,
and Louisa, b. Oct. 12, 1895.
ii. Emma C. Swope.

iii. Uriah P. Swope, b Sept. 11, 1848; d. Oct. 25, 1S74: m.
Caroline Becker. They had one daughter, Emma, who
married Howard Hoffman, of Lebanon, Pa.
iv. Charles D. Swope, b. Apl. 6, 1851; d. Dec. i, 1891. He
was a contractor in Lebanon, Pa. He married Clara
Eberhard. They had issTie —

i. Kate, m. George H. Lengle.
ii. .\xxA.
iii. IVIii.Tox.
iv. Harvev.
V. HeeEX; died.
vi. Lucy.
vii. Mabel.
V. Abra:si B. Swopp:, b. July 4, 1855; died Jan. 13, 1896. He
married Kate A. Mover. They had one son, Walter
'SI. He was a manufacturer of cigars in Lebanon, Pa.
vi. William J. Swope, married Kate Gebhart. They reside
in Lebanon, Pa., where he is engaged in the manufac-
ture of cigars. They had issue —
i. Harry; died,
ii. Sadie.
iii. Berth.\.
vii. Edward F. Swope, m. Mary Habecker. They reside in
Lebanon, Pa., where he is engaged in tailoring. They

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