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had children, as follows: —
i. R.\ymoxd; died,
ii. Florence L.
iii. Earl H.; died,
viii. Adam P. Swope is unmarried and resides in Lebanon.

XII. Elizabeth Swope'', (Mary (Gloninger) Swope",
George Gloninger*, Anna B. (Swope) Gloninger^ John
Swope% Yost Swope') was born Feb. 20, 1822. When she
was but five years of age her mother died, and she was taken
by her great uncle, Hon. John Gloninger, and adopted and
rai.sed in his family. When she was about 18 years of age,

TJic S'a'opc Family. 59

in 1839, she married Michael vSherk, who was accidentally
killed in 1867. They had issue as follows: —

i. Dr. JohN Hknry SHfc;RK was born Feb. 24, 1S41, in
E. Hanover township, Lebanon, Pa. At the age of
twelve years he was sent to the Academy in Lebanon.
At fourteen he was sent to school at Lititz. While
there he was attacked with typhoid fever, which so im-
paired his health that he was compelled to abandon
his intention of attendinj^ college. He subsequently
read medicine and was graduated from the Universitj-
of Pennsylvania, March, 1S60 The following month
he opened an office in Annville, Pa., but only remained
there until the following October, when he moved to
Philadelphia and opened an oiSce on Sixteenth street.
He was prescribing physician at the Catharine Street
House of Industry in 1S63 and 1864. He gained an
honorarium from the Philadelphia Dispensarj- in 1865,
and again in 1868. He examined students on Obstet-
rics and Di.seases of Women and Children, during the
winter term of ]S66and 1867, in connection with Drs.
Vanderslice and Collins of the LTniversity. During the
winter of 1866 and 1867 he had charge of the clinic for
Diseases of Women and Children in the Obstetrical De-
partment of the Philadelphia Dispensary. He died of
phthisis pulmonalis May 24, 1870. He was skillful,
faithful and laborious as a practitioner. His affable
manners, his warm sympathy for the suffering and the
poor attached him in a remarkable manner to all his
patients. His success might be considered above the
average. He was twice married; first to Emma D.
Humphries Dec. 20, 1859; she died Mar. 14, 1866. On
Feb. 19, 1868, he married the sister of his former wife,
Maggie R. Humphries. The issue of his first marriage
were two children, as follows: —

i. Bkssih H. Shkrk, residing in Philadelphia,
ii. Dr. Henry H. Sherk, who married and has
children. He is practising his profession in
Passadena, Cal.

ii. Katharine Gloninger Sherk was born Feb. 22, 1843.
She married, April 20, 1875, Henry C. Orth, belonging
to the old and prominent family of that name in Leb-
anon Co , Pa. He has been for many years extensively
engaged in the sale of musical merchandise in Harris-
burg, Pa., where they reside. One daughter, Florence,
was the issue of this union.

6o TIic S'iCopc Family.

iii. Jacob S. vShkrk, b. June 30, 1844, m. 1867, Emma Early.

The}- had three children— Xed. Robert and Emma,
iv. Emma Matilda vShkrk, b. Jan. S, 1S47, d. Dec, 1847.
V. Mary E. Sherk, b. July. 1849, m. 1895, H. Uhler.
vi. Galkx :M. Shp:rk, b. Jan. 25, 1856, d. Oct., 1861.

XIII. Charles J. Helfenstein'' (Mary (Gloninger)
Helfenstein\ John Gloninger\ Barbara (Swope) Gloniiiger\
John vSwope-', Yost Swope',) was born in Frederick, Md.,
1829. He married Helen Tayee, of St. lyOiiis, Mo., b. 1834,
d. 1869. They have issue as follows: —

i. Mary H. Helfenstein, b. 1857, in St Louis, d. in in-
ii. Laura T. HelfensTEine, d. at the age of 3 years,
iii. Annie G. Helfenstein, b. Oct. 30, 1862, in St. Louis.
iv. Elizabeth Helfensteine, b. Sept. 5, 1864, in St. Louis.
V. Charles R. Helfensteine, b. in St Louis, Mo., Dec.
14, 1866.

XIV. Dr. Cyrus Dorsey Gloninger, b. in Lebanon,
Pa., March 13, 1824, d. Aug. 23, 1872. After preparing
himself for college at the Lebanon Academy, he entered
Marshall College, where he was graduated in 1S43. He
studied medicine with his father and attended lectures in the
University of Pennsylvania, from which he was graduated in
1846. The two following years he spent in medical universi-
ties and hospitals of Europe. He returned home and com-
menced the practice of medicine. The benefit he derived
from his course in the universities of Europe was soon shown
in his skill in the treatment of diseases of the eye, his
specialty. In 1866 and 1870 he was nominated by the
Democratic party for Congress, but was defeated. He was
one of the founders of the Lebanon Manufacttiring Co. He
was president of the Lebanon National Bank, and an active
and zealous member of St. John's Reformed church. He
died lamented by a large circle of friends and beneficiaries of
his kindness.

He married Julia Beaumont, who sur\ives him, residing in
Lebanon, Pa. They had issue: —

i. Dr. Andrew Gloninger, practicing medicine at Leb-
anon, Pa.
ii. DoRSEV Gloninger, merchandising at Lebanon, Pa.

The Szc'opc FiiDiily. 6i

XV. Alice E. Gloninger", (JohnGloniuger', Peter Glon-
inger*, Annr B. (Swope) Gloninger\ John Swope^ Yost
Swope\) was born in Baltimore, Md., Aug. 9, 185 1. vSlie
was educated in the Convent of the Visitation, Baltimore,
and lived in that city until her marriage to Redmond J.
Grace, which occurred Feb. 7, i860. After their marriage
they moved to Pittsburg, Pa., where all their married life
was spent. Capt. Grace was of English and Irish extraction,
his family records running back to the English nobility. In
early manhood when the river trade was at its zenith, he was
part owner and commander of several splendid boats, The
Brilliant, The Wisconsin and The Philadelphia. During the
Mexican war he carried the troops to New Orleans and made
the quickest trips on record. During the Buchanan adminis-
tration he was inspector of hulls. He subsequently became
identified with several business interests in Pittsburg, was an
official of the City Insurance Company and of several banks.
His unquestioned honor and integrity won for him hosts of
friends and many positions of trust. He died July 22, 1885,
in his 70th year. Mrs. Grace, since the death of her husband
has resided in Chicago, 111., surrounded by her children. She
and her famil}- are devoted members of the Roman Catholic
church. The issue of this union were eight children. The
daughters were educated at the Convent of the French Ursa-
lines, Pittsburg, where they took the gold cross of honor.
They are highl}- accomplished ladies. The sons were edu-
cated at the Western Universit}- of Pittsburg, and at the
College of the Fathers of the Holy Ghost. —

i. Edward, m. Anna, daughter of Alexander McCall, a

prominent business man of Chicago.
ii. Wilfred is a journalist,
iii. Alice.

iv. Eugene is in the manufacturing business.
V. Sidney, m. Wells B. Lord. They reside in Chicago,
vi. Augusta.
vii. Clifton.
viii. Imogen.

XVI. John Ringgold Gloninger'' (John Gloninger\
Peter Gloninger\ Anna B. (Swope) Gloninger^ John Swope^



62 The Szvope Family.

Yost Swope',) was born in Baltimore, Md., Oct. i6, 1831.
He married, June 21, 1859, Mary Sedlie, of Pittsburg, Pa.
He was killed on the Pennsylvania R. R., Nov. i, 1887, and
is buried in St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Pittsburg.
At the time of his death and for many years prior he was
vice-president of the City Insurance Co. of Pittsburg. They
had children as follows: —

i. John Hexrv Gloxingkr, b. May 8, i860, in Baltimore,

ii James Ledije Glonixger, b. April 30, 1862, in Balti-
more. He is a member of the firm of Black & Glon-
inger, Insurance and Real Estate agents, Pittsburg, Pa.
Much of the phenomenal success of the firm is due to
the energy, perseverance and unsurpassed executive
ability of Mr. Gloninger. He is thoroughly master of
the business in all its bearings, even to the smallest
detail. His popularit)- is not confined excusively to
business circles, as he is an esteemed member of society
and an active member of several of Pittsburg's leading
organizations. He was married Jan. 12, 18S8, by the
Rt. Rev. Father Kennoy, to ]Mary Josephine Walsh, at
St. Phillip's Roman Catholic church, Crafton, Alleghen}-
Co., Pa. They have issue as follows: —
i. Maria, b. Feb. 11, 1889.
ii. John Ringgold, b. Nov. 26, 1890.
iii. James Ledlie. b. March 21, 1894.
iv. DoROTHV, b. June 19, 1S96.

iii. CAROLINE Grace Gloninger, b. July 15, 1864, in New
Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa. She married, Oct. 6, 1887,
Alfred D. V. Watterson, who was born in Blairsville,
Pa., Oct. 4, 1855. He was graduated from Mt. St.
Mary's College, Emmittsburg, Md., in 1875. He sub-
sequently read law and located in Pittsburg, Pa., and
has now acquired one of the largest and best civil law
practices in western Pennsylvania. He has traveled
extensively in order to compare the legal usuages and
practices of foreign countries with our own, and has
been a keen observer of men, manners and things. His
Alma Mater conferred on him the degree of L.L. D. in
1895. He is a brother of the Rt. Rev. John A. Watter-
son, Roman Catholic Bishop, Columbus, O. Mr. and
Mrs. Watterson had children as follows: —

i. Alfred, b. Feb. 4, 18S9, d. July 13, 1889.
ii. F'lorence, b. Aug. 10, 1890.



Tlic Su'ope Fauiily. 67

iii. Herbert vS., b. March 31, 1S93.
iv. Hilary, D. , b. July 23, 1894.
V. Raymond Syi^vester, b. Jan. 15, 1896.

XVII. Mary Augusta Gi.oninger'\ (John Gloninger%
Peter Gloninger\ Anna B. ( vSwope) Gloninger', John Swope",
Yost Swope') was born in Baltimore and married, June 8,
1868, Gilbert de Lafayette de Belan Fetterman, born May,
1824. When the Marquis de Lafayette was visiting in this
country in 1S24, he stood as sponsor at the baptismal font for
Mr. Fetterman, then an infant, and gave him his name. The
ceremony took place in the Cathedral at Pittsburg with much
pomp, the Rev. Father McGinn, officiating. Gen. de Lafayette
was driven there in a carriage drawn by four white horses,
and the way from the carriage to the child was strewn with
flowers. Mr. Fetterman was of an old and distinguished
family, he was a son of Wilfried Washington and Constantina
de Belan Fetterman. His mother was a granddaughter of
Baron de Belan, who until the death of Joseph the Second of
Germany, was the ambassador of that court to our govern-
ment. Mr Fetterman died May, 1883, after having enjoyed
a large and lucrative practice at the Bar at Pittsburg. Mrs.
Fetterman resides there in widowhood. They had issue: —

i Gilbert dk Lafayette Fetterman, b. Oct. 20, 1870;
d. March 22, 1886.
ii. Francis de Fetterman, b. Sept. i. 1872; d.

Aug , 1873.
iii. Ernest Anthony Fetterman, b. June 19, 1877; d. Aug.

3. 1877-
iv. Mary Alice Grace Fetterman, b. June 8, 1S74; ni.

Nov. 6, 1895, John Leo Walsh.





I. Conrad Swope'"' (John", Yost\), the third son of John
Swope, was born in the old homestead in Upper Leacock
township, Lancaster county. Pa., on Ma}^ 31, 1736. Being
one of the older children of his father's large family, he
early left the paternal roof and "went west." Although
the journey consumed several daj-s at that time of slow
methods of travel, he did not go farther than the adjoining
county of York and settled at Hanover. There he married
about 1760 or [762, Clara Shrivkr, as tradition says; we
have, however, no records to show her family name. He
was a man of kindly disposition and warm affections, finding
his chief enjoj'ment in home and the family circle. He was
a confirmed member of the old Conewago (St. Matthew's)
Lutheran Church, Hanover, and was an elder in the same for
many 3-ears. He took great pleasure and was faithful in the
discharge of all his church duties. He reared his children in
his faith and most of his descendants have been identified
with the Lutheran Church. He died Aug. 3, 1799, sincerely
regretted, not only by his famih , but by the communit}' at
large. Four hundred and fifty persons are descended from
him, but only seven living males bear the Swope name. His
will shows him to have been in comfortable circumstances.
He left his wife well provided for and bequests to each of his
children. His wife, Clara Shriver, was born July 8, 1737;
died April 18, 1812. They had issue as follows: —

2. i. John Swopk, b. Oct. 10, 1763; m. Catharine Karl.

3. ii. Hknrv Swoi'K, b. Sept. 26, 1767; m. Elizabeth Herr.




Tlic Szc'ope Family. 71

iii. George Swope, b. Oct. 15, 1774; d. in middle life un-
4. iv. Adam Swope, b. Auoj. 15, 177S; m. Lydia Spangler.

II. John Swope\ (Conrad', John', Yost' ) was born Oct.
10, 1763, in Hanover, Pa. Died July 10, 1844. He married
Catharine Karl, daughter of G. A. Karl. She was born
Feb., 1770; died Dec. 8, i860. In early life he was engaged
in the pottery business; this he relinquished and engaged in
farming. He was a man highly esteemed and respected in
the community. A member of St. Matthew's L,utheran Church
and one of her most liberal supporters. He is buried in the
cemeter}- at Hanover. They had i.ssue as follows: —

5. i. Rebecca Swope, b. Feb. 17, 1794; m. Charles Barnitz.

6. ii. Catharine Swope, b. May 16, 1796; m. Henry Wirt.

7. iii. Lydia vSwope, b. May 30, 179S; m. Henr}' Shriver.

8. iv. George Swope, b. Jan. 17, 1801; m. Margaret Smyser.

III. Henry S\voPE^ (Conrad^ Johir, Yost') was born in
Hanover, Pa., Sept. 26, 1767. At the age of 25 he married
Elizabeth Herr,* of York county, and located at Taney-
town, Carroll county, Md., in 1793. There he engaged for
many years in merchandising, keeping a general store such as
was usually kept in country towns many years ago. A sur-
viving son says of him that "he was a kind, indulgent and
affectionate father." In the community he was highly
esteemed. He died Feb. 13, 1842, a member of the IvUtheran
Church and is buried, together with several of his children
and his wife, in the graveyard adjoining that church in
Taneytown. His wife, Elizabeth Herr, was born Sept. 26,
1774; died June 13, 1843. They had issue as follows: —

i. Jacob Swope, b. Aug. 14, 1793; d. Sept. 7, 1794.
9, ii. EiJZA Swope, b. May 13, 1795; m. Samuel S. Forney.

10. iii. Dr. John Swope, b. Aug. 16, 1797; m. Mary Josephine

iv. Jesse Swope, b. Aug. 31, 1800; d. Sept. 21, 1805.
V. Mary vSwope, b. May 10, 1803; d April 17, 1840; m.
William Crapster and lived in Taneytown, Md., where
her husbBnd was engaged in merchandising. They
had two children, Mary and Milton. Mary married
and hved in Illinois, and at her death left two children.

*See note I.

72 The Swopc Family.

Capt. Milton Crapster has been in the Government
service for many years as inspector of the Mississippi
river and is located at St. Louis, Mo. He has been
twice married and has two children by his first mar-
vi. Caroline Swope, b. Oct. ir, 1804; d. 1805.
vii Dr. Samuel Swope was born in Taneytown, Md., Nov.
21, 1806. He stiidied medicine with his brother John,
and after graduating from the Mar^-land University
School of Medicine, 1830, he located in his native
town, where he practiced medicine for about fifty years
and accumulated quite a large fortune. His house at
the edge of Taneytown, known as "Locust Grove," is
a fine old mansion, where hospitality was dispensed in
true Maryland style. It was the resort for four genera-
tions of the family, who always found there a warm
welcome. Many are the childish recollections of visits
to Locust Grove and romps with the slaves, who were
afterwards liberated, but remained devoted to the
family. Dr. Swope was an active member of the
Lutheran Church, not only at home, but in his Synod.
Although he had no children, he and his estimable
wife raised several nieces. He married, 1S47 Henrietta
Boyle, a sister of the wife of his brother, Dr John. She
was born 1807 and died 1884, a devoted member of the
Roman Catholic Church. He survives at the advanced
age of 89 years, well preserved in bod}- and mind,
viii. Daniel Herr Swope was born in Tane3'town, Nov. 16,
1808. In early manhood he was engaged in merchandis-
ing in Taneytown, later in Gettysburg, Pa., and after-
wards in Baltimore. After retiring from business in
Baltimore he returned to his native place, where he
lived in retirement until his death. He was the Re-
publican candidate for a seat in the Senate of Mary-
land, but being of the minority party was defeated. He
married Margaret Bruce Scott, of an influential Carroll
county, Md., family, descended from the distinguished
Bruce family of Scotland. He was a member of the
Lutheran Church. He had one child, Elizabeth, who
died in early childhood. He died April 9, 1873, and is
buried in the Lutheran graveyard at Taneytown, Md.
II. IX. Clara A. Swope, b. Feb. 17, 1812; m. Henry Wantz.

X. Henry Swope was l)orn in Taneytown March 4, 181 7.
He married, May 20, 1847, Matilda Jones, daughter of
Abraham Jones, a prominent resident of Libertytown,
Md. She was born Dec. 30, 1834; d. June 13, 1893. In


i.k;n-.>X and

The Sic ope Fauiily. y^

early life Henry Swope was actively engaged in farming,
which, after some years, he relinquished and lived in re-
tirement on his fine place, near Liberty, known as
" Cedar Lawn," from the noble cedars and evergreens
on the premises. Here he and his most excellent wife
dispensed a generous hospitality until her death. Their
friends were always welcome and the poor were never
" turned empty away "

IV. Adam Swopf/ (Conrad^ Johir, Yost') was born in
Hanover, Pa., Aug. 15, 1778; d. Aug. 22, 1855. He moved
to Gettysburg and in 1806 was proprietor of a tannery there;
this business he carried on a few years and then relinqtiished
it and engaged in other business. About middle Hfe his
health failed and he retired from active pursuits. He was a
modest, unassuming man and universally respected. He was
a consistent member of St. James' Lutheran Church. He
married L,ydia Spangler, of York county. Pa., who was
born Aug. 15, 1785; d, Dec. 20, 1841. She was a woman
loved for her many virtues; she was gentle and amiable almost
to a fault. Her marriage to Adam Swope Was the second time
the Spangler and Swope families had intermarried. Her
great aunt, a daughter of Casper Spangler, one of the pioneers
of York county, married Col. Michael Swope, of York, of
Revolutionary fame. They had issue as follows: —

i. Clarissa Swope, b. May 29, 1804, at Gettysburg, Pa.
and died there unmarried, March 28, 1865.

ii. Conrad vSpangi.ek Swope, b. March 31, 1807, at Gettys-
burg, and died there unmarried, Jan. 17, 1859.

iii. George H. Swope, was b. in Gettysburg, March 4, 1813,
and died there July 28, 1S89. He was an upright, re-
spected citizen. His fellow citizens showed their con-
fidence in him by electing him to several municipal
offices in that historic town, which he filled with honor
and faithfulness. He was an active member of St.
James' Lutheran church the greater part of his life.
He died unmarried.

12. iv. John A. vSwope, b. Oct. 2, 1815, m. Nancy McCurdy.

v. Samuel Swope, b. May 26, 1818, at Gettysburg, and died
there immarried, March 22, 1848.

13. vi. JuijA Ann Swope, b. Nov. 4, 1820; m. Rev. Emanuel


14. vii. Rev. David Swope, b. Dec. 25, 1824; m. Clara J. Gilbert.

76 The Swope Fa mi/ v.

V. Rebecca Swope' (John', Conrad'', John", Yost'), was
born in Hanover, Pa., February 17, 1794. She married
Charles Barnitz, and Hved in Hanover until her death,
which occurred May 22, 1867. They had issue as follows: —

15. i. Eliza Susanna Barniiz, b. Aug. 18, 1809; m. Dr. Gus-

tavus W. Wampler.

16. ii. George Carl B.\rnitz, b. June 13, 1812; m. first, Bar-

bara Alumina; m. secondly, Elizabeth Bittinger.
iii. D.\xiEL SwoPE B.\RNiTz, b. March 13, 1815. He resides

in Hanover,
iv. John Swope Barnitz, b. March 13, 1817: d. March 6,

1861, in Hanover; tinmarried.

17. V. Rebecca Barnitz, b. Nov. 13, 1819; m. William Oglesby.
vi. Edwin Barnitz, b June 19, 1822; d. Nov. 15, 1823, twin.

18. vii. Anna C.\Th.\rine Barnitz, b. June 19, 1822; m. James

Naille; twin.

19. viii. Ch.\rles Swope Barnitz, b. INIarch 23, 1830; m. Anna

L. Brashear.

\l. C.VTHARixE SwoPE^ Qohn\ Conrad', John", Yost^),
Avas born in Hanover, May 16, 1796. She is described by
her granddaughter, Mrs. Blanche Smeltzer, as follows:
" Catharine Swope was married to Hexry Wirt, March 9,
18 15. She was gowned in white satin, low neck, short
sleeves, with long, white gloves. All her married life was
spent in Hanover, where for fifty years she lived in ease and
comfort. Early in life she and her housekeeper spun upon a
.spinning wheel the thread for their garments and yarn for
their stockings, as well as flax for household linen, man}- a
piece of which is treasured in her family, spun before the
fireplace whilst the burning logs crackled and roared during
the winter evenings.

Her children were all given the best education the times
afforded, and all were taught mu.sic upon a square mahoganj'
piano, a rare instrument in those days. After the death of
her husband she and her granddaughter, Blanche, lived
together when death called her home, April 19, 1876. She
w'as beloved b}- all who knew her, charitable and liberal, a
lovely face, fair and gentle." Her husband, Henry Wirt,
was born Oct. 19, 1789; d. April 14, 1S59. He was a .son of
Christian Wirt of Hanover, Pa. He succeeded his father in

The Sii'opc Family. 77

the latter' s mercantile business, and after retiring from active
pursuits took great interest in all the movements which were
made for the good of the town of Hanover. He was first
lieutenant of the company commanded by Capt. Metzger,
which marched to the defense of Baltimore in 18 14. He
helped to organize the first Sunday-school in the town, and
also to introduce the common-school system there. He was
also interested in the building of the Hanover Branch R. R.
They had issue as follows : —

20. i. L,ouiSA Ann Wirt, b. Feb. 14, 1816; m. Dr. William


21. ii. Catharine Wirt, b. Nov. 11, 1S17; m. Andrew Shriver.
iii. WiiviviAM Edwin Wirt, b. Dec. 14, 1819; d. Nov. 9,

1841; unmarried.

22. iv. Rebecca Wirt, b. Oct. 9, 1822; m. Joseph E. Cremer.

23. V. Anna Maria Wirt, b. Aug. 23, 1823; m. George W.


24. vi. EiXEN Wirt, b. March 20, 1825; ra. Dr. J. W. C. O'Neal,
vii. Henry Wirt was born in Hanover, Feb. 23, 1827. His

education was begun in the schools of his native town,
but the rudimentary course which they afforded could
not satisfy his keen and aspiring mind. By judicious
and careful reading he acquired more than ordinary
mental discipline and culture. At the age of twenty he
took charge of his father's store in his own name, and
continued in business uutil 1850. He was married,
October 26, 1854, to Louisa, daughter of Mathias N.
and Amanda (Na-je) Forney. Although no childien
were born to them, their home, by its quiet, social
cheer and christian refinement, was the centre of a
large circle of relatives and friends. Mr. Wirt was
actively identified with the public interests of Hanover,
and served in various capacities and positions of trust.
Shortly before his death he showed his devotion to his
native town by donating to it an entire square as a
common playground. " Henry Wirt Park" very fit-
tingly perpetuates his name. From early manhood he
was an active member of Emanuel's Reformed Church,
representing his Classis and Synod in many important
positions. He was prominently identified with the edu-
cational and benevolent operations of his denomination,
and contrilnited liberally to their support. He gave
$5,000 toward the endowment of a Professor.ship in the
Theological Seminary at Lancaster. By bequest he

7 8 The S'u'ope Family.

also contributed several thousand dollars to various
benevolent purposes. But while Henry Wirt exerted
wide influence through his public and official relations,
and his generous benefactions, his name is best known
and will long be cherished, because of what he was in
his personal character. No sketch, however fully ex-
tended, can exhibit the value of his sterling manlv
qualities, or measure the influence of his faithful
christian life. He died Dec. 9, 1890.

25. viii. Sarah Wirt, b. Jan. 8, 1829; m. Dr. L. E. Eichleberger.

ix. Emawxe Margueretta Wirt, b. vSept. 5, 1833; d. Oct.
25, 1S34.

A'll. Lydia Swope' (John', Conrad', John', Yost^) was
born May 30, 1798, at Hanover, Pa. In July, 1819, .she
married Hexry Shriver.* He was engaged during the
greater part of his hfe in mercantile business in I^ittlestown,

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