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to this fund of information until he was admitted to be the best
informed man on the Swope family history in the country.
He married Elizabeth A. Gunckle, of Cumberland county.
Pa. He and his wife reside in Lancaster, the infirmities of
old age resting heavily upon him. They had one son: —

156 The Sivope Family.

i. William Gunckle Swope, b. Oct. 8, 1S57; d. March 28,

XI. IvYDiA SwoPE' ( Jacob\ John Jacob'', John^ Yost')
was born April 2, 1822. She married, Aug. 5, 1855, Jacob
O. Steinheiser, born October 20, 18 17. She resided in Lan-
caster, Pa. They had issue as follows: —

i. Freemont D. Steinheiser, b July 11, 1856; m., Dec.

23, 1879, Miss Snyder,
ii. Ada Steinheiser, b July 16, 1S60; m. John Butz.

XII. Sophia SwoPE' (George Michael*, John Jacob'', John^
YostM was born, Sept. 6, 1809, in Lancaster county. Pa.
On Dec. 4, 1S28, she was united in marriage to Jacob R.
Levan, of Kutztown, Pa. For a time after their marriage
they resided in Lancaster. Subsequently Mr. Levan engaged
in merchandising in Milton, Pa., where he remained several
years. Sophia Swope Levan was a lady of prepossessing ap-
pearance, refined, intelligent and possessed of a true Christian
character. She died of consumption, April 13, 1857, and her
remains were deposited in the Lutheran graveyard at Lewis-
burg, Pa., but were afterwards removed to the new' cemetery
at that place. They had issue as follows: —

29. i. Alfred Graeff Levan; nu Mary J. Cook,

ii. Francis Levan; died at the age of 16 years.

XIII. Eliza Swope'" (Mathias*, John Jacob', John', Yost')
was born Juh' 13, 1S18; died Jinie 28, 1887. She married
Cyrus Gebhart, b. Jan. 27, 1822; d. Jan. 28, 1882. They
had children as follows and 28 grandchildren, names un-
known: —

i. S.\rah Gebhart.

ii. Hattie Gebhart.
iii. Hiram Gebhart.
iv. Annie Gebhart.

V. Jennie Gebhart.
vi. Henry Gebhart.
vii. Ell.a Gebh.\rt.
viii. Ida Gebhart.

XIV. Frederick SwoPE^ (Mathias*, John Jacob^ John",
Yost\) was born, Sept. 11, 182 1, in Lancaster county. Pa.;



The S^vopc Family. 159

d. April 9, 1895; m.,July 28, 1859, Mary L. Stoner, b.
June II, 1843. They had issue as follows: — ■

i. Sarah Swopk, b. Nov. 13, 1S60; tn. Christian Wise,
ii. Susanna Swope, b. Jan. 11, 1865; d. Aug. 2, 1871.
iii. Andrew Swope, b. May 14, 1867; d. Sept. 20, 1867.
iv. Mary Swopk, b. Jan. i, 1869; d. Aug. 17, 1S69.

V. Emma Swope, b. Sept. 30, 1870; d. Sept. 12, 1873.
vi. Eliza Swope, b. May 17, 1S73.
vii. William Swope, b. Oct. 30, 1882.

XV. Samuel Swope' (Mathias', John Jacob\ John', Yost^)

was born, May 10, 1S25, in Lanca.ster county, Pa. He

married, Dec, 1859, Anna Weidich, and had Lssue as

follows: —

i. Albert vSwope, b. Nov. 4, 1S61; d. Sept. i, 1880.

ii. Henry Swope, b. Jan. 28, 1S64; m., Feb. 28, 1S83, A. E.

Gana. They have three children — .\ngus A., b.

Dec. 10, 1887; vStella M., b. Feb. 5, 1890; Ethel R., b.

March 13, 1882.

XVI. Adam Swope'' ( Mathias\ John Jacob', John', Yost')
was born, July 24, 1831, in Iyanca.ster county. Pa. He married,
Oct, 15, 1861, Catharine Stoner. They had issue as
follows: —

i. Charles Swope, b. July 24, 1862; married and has two

ii. Anna Swopk, b. May 19, 1864; m. Nehf and had four

iii. Ellp;n Swope, b. June 11, 1868; m. Eshbach and had

three children,
iv. Alfred Swope, b. Sept. 14, 1870; m. and has one child.
V. Ida Swope, b. July 28, 1872; d. May 5, 1875.
v. Dora Swope, b. Jan. 13, 1875.

XVn. John Hofferd' (EHzabeth (Swope) Hofferd',
John Jacob Swope^ John Swope^ Swope') was born in
Lancaster county. Pa., Feb. 10, 1815; d. Aug., 1841; m.,Oct.
25, 1835, Susan Noon, b. Jan. 6, 1815. They had issue as
follows: —

30. i. Catharine Hofferd, b. April 20, 1837; m. Benjamin F.

ii. Mary Hofferd, b. March 8, 1840.

XVIII. Isaac Swope' (Emanuel*, John Jacob', John',

i6o The Sicopc Family.

Yost^) was born, Dec. 22, 18 12, near Mechanicsburg, I^an-
caster county, Pa. He received from his father a fine farm,
fully stocked and equipped in every respect. On this he lived
until 1S57, when he moved to Canada to take possession of a
farm inherited from his maternal grandfather. Xot liking
Canada he returned to his native State the following year.
He subsequently engaged in merchandising in Lancaster city,
in which he continued until his death. He was a man of a
quiet and retiring disposition, taking little interest in affairs
outside his own circle of acquaintances, and rarely went awa}'
from home unless called away b}' business. With his friends,
however, he was always companionable and genial. He died
18S7 and is buried at Zion's Church, Mechanicsburg. He was
twice married — first, Oct., 1842, to Amelia Carothers, who
died Jan., 1844. They had one child, which died in infancy.
He married, secondly, Sept. i, 1846, Rachel Ludwig, b.
March 21, 1824. vShe survives him, residing in Lancaster, Pa.
They had children as follows: —

Amelia Swope, b. Dec. 2S, 1S47; m. J. Jefferies Ryan.

Rachel Swope, b. June 5, 1849; ni. Peter Schgier.

Isaac Swope, b. March 7, 1S51, on his father's farm, in
Upper Leacock townihip, Lancaster county, Pa. He
gives a very amusing account of his early experience in
the " district school," his dislike for going to school,
and the necessity of bribing him \vith pennies, candy,
etc. ; these means, however, seem to have become burden-
some, when the traditional "rod" was brought into
play with telling effect. His antipathy for school was
soon overcome and we next find him anxious to go,
diligent in his studies, and standing at the head of his
class, .\fter leaving school he determined that a trade
was to his taste and apprenticed himself to the carriage
painting business. He served an apprenticeship of
four 3-ears and then worked at the business for a time.
In the meanwhile he was seized with a desire to see
more of the world than was presented to his vision in
the circumscribed limits of Lancaster citj-; so, on March
3, 1S73, he and a friend started West. He had varied
experiences in the different western cities. In St. Louis
he was persuaded to go to sea " before the mast,"' but
at the last moment was dissuaded by one who had been
there. He subsequently went to Chicago, where he en-





1. Rachel Ludwig, wife of Isaac Swope 3- Amelia (Swope) Ryan and family.

2. Isaac Swope. 4- Sophia (Swope) Levan.

5. George K, Swope.


The S'a'opc Family. 165

gaged with the large firm of Studebaker Bro. He, being
a first-class workman, was placed at the head of one of
the shops, where he remained for some time Again his
old desire to see more of the world came upon him and
he determined to go to Australia. On April 14, 1877, he
sailed from New York for Sidney, New South Wales.
After a three months' voyage, rendered very uncom-
fortable and disagreeable by the rough emigrants on
board, he arrived at Sidney. There, on landing, the
party passed under a British man-of-war, when one of
the roughs made an insulting remark about the British
flag; it was heard and was the means of bringing the
whole party into the hands of the law; they were, how-
ever, extricated from the dilemma without much
trouble. New South Wales w^s a disappointment; work
was not plenty and the natives were jealous of Ameri-
cans because of their superior work. Mr. Swope, owing
to the privations of his long voyage, lack of proper
food and water, and the disappointments experienced
after his arrival in Sidney, took sick and did not recover
for several months. During a part of this time he was in
an unconscious condition in a hospital, where he received
bad treatment. Shortly after his return to conscious-
ness he was discovered by a young English lady, whom
he had known at his boarding house, Emily,
daughter of Mr. Thomas Maton, editor of the Isle of
Wight Chronicle, now Mrs. James M. Hall. Through
the kindly offices of this excellent lady better quarters
were given him and he received more humane treat-
ment. He remembers with much gratitude her kind-
ness. After his recovery his one desire was to return
home. He secured work at his trade and earned not
only enough to take him home, but to enable him to
see more of the Colonies. After visiting the Inter-
national Exhibition, at Melbourne, iSSr, he sailed for
San Francisco on the "City of New York." In San
Francisco he again engaged with the Studebaker Bro.,
taking charge of their shops at that place, where he re-
mained until 1887, when he was called home on the
death of his father. He took charge of his father's
store in Lancaster, improving it until he has the most
prosperous grocery store in the city. Our thanks are
due Mr. Swope for his untiring efforts in assisting in
searching out records, etc., in Lancaster county. No
one has rendered us more valuable assistance.

iv. Emanuei, Swope, b. Aug. 11, 1853; d. June 18, 1883.

v. Barbara Ann Swope, b. Nov. 10, 1855; d. Jan. i, 1890.

1 66 TIic Sicopc Family.

XIX. Fanny Swope" rEmanuel\ John Jacob^ John^
Yost^) was born in Lancaster county, Pa., Oct. 25, 1S17.
She married, Feb. 2, 1S40, John P. Stauffkr, born Oct. 17,
18 1 7. Her father presented her with a fine farm in I^an-
caster county, thoroughly equipped in every department.
The family left Lancaster county and moved to Cumberland
county Pa., in 1S50, and bought a farm near Carlisle.
There Mrs. Stauffer died, March 14, 1879. They had issue
as follows: —

i. Emanuel Stauffer, b. 1S43; died,
ii. Mary Stauffer, b. 1847. Resides in Carlisle, Pa.
iii. John Stauffer, b, 1850; m. Kate Emmerson. Had
issue : —

i. Fanny.
ii. John,
iii. Daniel.
iv. Charles.
V. David.
iv. Groff Stauffer; died July 5, 1S79.
V. Slater Stauffer, b. 1855; m. Jaue Phillips. Had
issue: —

i. Parker.
ii. Samuel.
vi. Alice Stauffer, b. 1S59; died.

XX. David SwoPE^ TFrederick', John Jacob", John',
Yost'j was born, ]vlay 3, 1813, in Lancaster county, Pa. In
early manhood he went to Philadelphia and entered the
wholesale grocery business, from which he retired in 1863.
He married, June 30, 1835, Rebecca Knox Corfield, a
daughter of Edward Dixon Corfield, a prominent lawyer and
at one time Mayor of Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.
David Swope was an active member of the Old Union M.
E. church in Philadelphia. He was a trustee and class
leader for over twenty- five years. In 1878 he left the M, E.
Church and connected himself with St. Paul's Reformed
Episcopal Church, where he remained luitil his death, Dec.
27, 1 88 7. They had issue: —

33. i. Frederick Emanuel Swope, b. March 24, 1S36; m.,

first, Josephine Simpson; ni., secondly, Catharine G.
ii. Sarah D. Swope, b. Sept. 16, 1837, d. Feb. 9, 1S38.



IPNPI '-'■ ' inn

* ■ I -)\


The Sicope Faiuily. 169

iii. Mary Elizabeth Swope, b. Dec. 21, 1838; d. July 12,

iv. Ellen Swope, b. Nov. 20, 1840; d. June 12, 1842.
V. Anna C. Swope, b. Oct. 2, 1S42; d. March 3, 1848.
vi. Ellen Swope. Resides in Philadelphia, Pa.
vii Annie Corfield Swope, b. June 2, 185 1; d. Sept. 19,

viii. Edward Swope, b. May 24, 1854; d. Jan. 23, 1865.

XXI. Mary vSwope^ (Fredenck\ John Jacob\ John'\
Yost') was born in Lancaster county. Pa., Aug. 15, 1814;
died Jan. 6, 1875. She married, Oct. 18, 1838, EuAS Bare,
born Aug. 7, 18 15; died Oct. 23, 1877. They had issue as
follows: —

34. i. Adam S. Bare, b. Nov. 4, 1839; ni. Eliza F. West,

ii. Sarah Ann Bare, b. Nov. 4, 1839.
iii. Mary Bare, b. July 25, 1841; ni., Sept. 19, 1867, Reuben

B. Thomas,
iv. Anna E. Bare, b. June 29, 1844; m., Aug. 12, 1871, W.
Lewis Clark, who was drowned in the Johnstown flood,
V. Juliana Bare, b. July 25, 1846; ni., Oct. 29. 1891, B.
Hunter McClees.
vi. Henry Bare, b. April 29, 1849; ni., Oct. 21, 1873, Clara

L. Walmer. They reside in New York city.
vii. Elias Bare, b. July 18, 1851; m., Oct. 20, 1879, Emily M.
Brodie. They reside in Philadelphia and had two
children: — -

i. Edward B., b. Feb. 6, 1881; d. Nov. 8, 1890.
ii. Harry B.,b. Dec. 27, 1S83; d. Nov. 6, 1S90.
viii. Lydia Emma Bare, b. April 14, 1853; ni. William L.
Lippincott. They reside in Philadelphia, Pa.

XXII. Emanuel Swope^ (Frederick\ John Jacob^ John^
Yost') was born near Mechanicsburg, Lancaster county. Pa.,
Oct. 10, 1815. He married, March 18, 1845, Catharine
Bare, who was born Sept. 13, 1834. The most of his active
life was spent in merchandising, first for five years in Phila-
delphia, then in New Holland and Mechanicsburg, and the
last nineteen years of his life in Lancaster city. He was an
active and faithful member of the Lutheran Church, always
interested in the Sunday School work, and at one time was
superintendent of the Sunday School of Zion's church of

lyo The Sicopc Faiiiily.

Mechaiiicsburg. In the graveyard of that church his remains
rest, he having died April, 1895. They had issue as follows: —

i. Grabill B. Swoi'K, b. May 2, 1S47, at Baresville, Lan-
caster Co. When old enough he entered his father's
store at IMechanicsburg, and remained there some time.
On the breaking out of the Rebellion he enlisted and
entered Capt. P. L. Sprecher's Company. After return-
ing from the war he attended the Millersville Normal
School. In 1S79 he moved to Lancaster, where he
occupied a position as salesman until his death. He
was prominently connected with several secret organi-
zations, a member of a Lancaster G. A. R. Post, a
consistent member of Trinity Lutheran church, Lan-
caster. He is buried at Mechanicsburg, Pa., having
died, Jan-. 27, 1S94. He married, Nov. i, 1866, Emma
Bentz, who was born Nov. 5, 1S46. They had one
daughter, Amelia Catharine, b. Aug. 2, 1867; d. July 5,
1 888.

XXIII. Le.\h Swope' (Frederick', John Jacob', John',
Yost') was born in Lancaster county, Pa., Oct. 4, 1S17; died
July 2, 18S4. She married, Jan. 6, 1842. Michael Bender,
born x\pril 26, 1S14; died March 17, 1888. They had the
following children: —

35. i. Elizabeth Bender, b. Jan. i, 1843; m. Edwin 'SI. Leb-

ii. :NL\rv Ann Bender, b. .^ug. 6, 1844; d. Jan. 27, 1854.
iii. Anna L. Bender, b. June 20, 1846; d. Jan. 29, 1S86.
iv. C.A.THARINE Bender, b. .\ug. 9, 1S48; m., May 5, 1894,

Harry Brown,
v. Albert Swope Bender, b. April 8, 1850; d. Nov. 11,

vi. Leah F. Bender, b. .Vug. 21, 1852.

36. vii. Lydl\ E. Bender, b. Nov. 14, 1855; m. Richard C.


XXI\'. LvDiA Swope'' (Frederick', John Jacob', John',
Yost') was born in Lancaster county. Pa., Dec. 10, 1819;
died March 23, 1870. She married, Jan. 18, 1844, Andrew
Bard, born Jan. 2, 1819; died Oct. 12, 1865. The follow-
ing children were born to them: —

37. i. Annie E. Bard, b. Jan. 7, 1S45; m. John A. Buller.

ii. Benjamin F. Bard, b. Feb. 8, 1847; m., first, INIary A.

77/ c S'a 'Ope Fa mil v. iji

Darrow, who died Aug., i.S.Si. He married, secondly,

Lizzie Boyd.
iii. Ei.AM Bard, b. Oct. S, 1849; d. Jan. 2, 1850.
iv. Albert Bard, b. March 28, 1851; d. June 7, 1851.
V. Frederick Bard, b. Aug. 16, 1853; d. vSept. i, 1853.
vi. Emanuel Bard, b. Aug. 15, 1854; d. Sept. 8, 1854.
vii David Bard, b. Aug. 15, 1854; d. Aug. 15, 1854.

XXV. Susanna vSwope" ( Frederick', John Jacob'', Johir,
Yost^J was born June 4, 1824; died, May 28, 1887; married,
Dec. 4, 1845, Edward Jacobs, born May 2, 1828. Their
residence was Philadelphia, Pa. They had issue as follows: —

i. Elizabeth A. Jacobs, b. (Jet. 3, 1846; m., Nov. 25, 1868,
J. Eby Esbenshade They had two daughters — Lillian
M., b. Sept. 23, 1869; Mary E , b. Jan. 19, 1877.

ii. Sarah A. Jacobs, b. Sept. 26, 1848; d. Feb. 19, 1865.

iii. Saxford Swobe Jacobs, b. Oct. 5. 1850; m , Nov. 19.
1884, Anna L. Brooks; d. ]\Lirch, 1887 He married,
secondly, Jan. 9, 1.890, Ada B Hershey.

iv. George E.Jacobs, b Oct. 14, 1853; d. Aug. 31, :855.

38. V. MaryE. Jacobs, b. Jan. 18, 1856; m. Henry M. Kennedy,
vi. Susan L J.acobs, b. June 27, 1858; d. Nov. 11, 1877.

vii. DoR.A E. J.\cobs, b. Feb 'o, i860; d. Feb. 20, 1895. She
married, Oct , 1889, George R. Goodman. They had
two children as follows: —

i. Edward, b. May 15, 1891.
ii. Marjorie, b. March 2, 1893.
viii. Edward E. Jacoils, b. Oct. 27, 1862; nu, April 11, 1888,
Catharine Davidson. They have one child — Helen, b.
July 22, 1892.

XXVI. Henry Swope^ (Frederick\ John Jacob^ John",
Yost^) was born, Aug. 25, 1825; died, Dec. 15, 1890; mar-
ried. May, 1849, Anna E. Minich, born Nov. 5, 1826.
Their children were as follows: —

i. Jacob Minich Swope, b. June 15, 1850; d. Feb. 24, 1871.

39. ii. Frederick Swope, b. Dec. 8, 1851; m. Ellen L. Brown,
iii. Henry Swope, b. Nov. 4, 1853.

40. iv. Annie E. Swope, b. June 10, 1856; m. Hiram D. Bucks.

v. Milton Swope, b. Dec. 17, 185S; m. , March 5, 1884, Ruth
A. Renner, b. June 10, 1856. They reside in Gait, Iowa,
and have two children —

i. Clarence G., b. June 2, 1886.
ii. Ray B., b. Nov. 25, 1893.
vi. Albert Swope, b. April 22, 1S61; resides at Glenola, Pa.

172 77^1? Swope Family.

vii. George Swope, b. Dec. 11, 1864; d. May 6, 1869.
viii. Ida Swope, b. Aug. 5, 1856; d. Jan. 4, 1868.
ix. David Swope, b. March 26, 1869; m., April 30, 1892,
Laura I. Deissinger, b. April 22, 1870. They reside at
Glenola, Pa. They had issue: —

i. Martin Luther, b. Nov. 13, 1892.
ii. Anna M., b. Aug. 10, 1894.

XXVII. Salome Swope'' (Levi', Jacob\ John Jacob^
John", YostM wa.s born in Lancaster county, Pa. She married,
June 12, 1870, Charles H. Kelley, at Lancaster. They
are now residents of Alleghen}^ Pa. Mr. Kelley is a com-
mercial traveler, and is secretary of the Commercial Travelers'
Protective A.ssociation, of Pittsburg. He is also one of the
board of managers of the Commercial Travelers' Home at
Binghampton, N. Y. They have children as follows: —

i. Edwin Keelev, b. Jan. 8, 1872.
ii. John L. Keelev, b. Sept 12, 1873.

XXVIII. John Calvin Swope'' (DanieP, Jacob*, John
Jacob^ John'", Yost^ ) was born July 7, 1849. He married
Lavina a. Jp;fferies, b. March i, 1857. He resides in
Lancaster, Pa. They had issue: —

i. Edwin H. Swope, b. Jan. 28, 1876.
ii. WaeTER F. Swope, b. Nov. 16, 1S79.
iii. James A. Swope, b. Aug. 4, 18S6.

XXIX. Alfred Graeff Levan" (Sophia (Swope)
Levan\ George Michael Swope*, John Jacob Swope^ John
Swope", Yost Swope') was born 1830. He entered Lewis-
burg College ( now Bucknell University) expecting to take
a collegiate course, but failing health caused him to abandon
his studies during the Sophomore year. Prof. S. W. Taylor,
under date of Aug. 30, 1848, says of him, " Mr. Levaii has
highly respectable talents, is dilligent in his studies, gentle-
manly in manners, and str ctly correct in his general deport-
ment." After leaving college he clerked for his uncle, G.
K. Swope, in Miuicy, Pa., and in tlie early fifties he pur-
chased the .stock and became proprietor of the establishment.
On Nov. 3, 1853, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary
J. Cooke, daughter of Jacob Cooke, a prominent merchant
of that place and a descendant of three Revolutionary patriots.

The Su'ope Family. 173

He was permitted to enjoy his happy home but for a short
time, as lung trouble developed and he sought relief at
Clifton Springs, N. Y. He died, April 13, 1857, on his way
home from that place, and his remains were deposited in the
cemetery at Lewisburg, Pa. He was a gentlemen of good
moral principles, excellent business qualifications, loved and
respected by all who knew him. He is survived by his wife
and son. —

i. Horace C. Levan, b. Feb. 3, 1856, at Muncy, Pa. He
is the only living descendant of this branch of the
Swope family. Having lost his father at an early age,
he was carefully and tenderly reared by his grand-
father Cooke. In 1877 he entered the law office of C.
A. Bowers, Esq., as a student, but abandoned law to
become proprietor of the Muncy Mills, of which he is
at present the owner. Ijiipaired health caused him to
abandon active employment, and he retired from the
milling business. He has held several offices of trust
within a few years, and during the administration of
President Harrison held a government office. He is a
gentleman very much respected by a large circle of
friends. He resides with his mother in their comfort-
able mansion in Muncy, Pa.

XXX. Catharine Hofferd'^ (John Hofferd'', Elizabeth
(Swope) Hofferd', John Jacob Swope'*, John Swope', Yost
Swope') was born April 20, 1837; m., October 10, 1858,
Benjamin F. Cunningham, b. Aug. 25, 1839; d. June 25,
1876. They had issue as follows: —

i. George Cunningh.\m, b. April 9, i860,
ii. SamueIv Cunningham, b. April 3, 1862.
iii. John Cunningham, b. July 28, 1863.
iv. Susan Cunningham, b. May 14, 1868; m.,July 29, 1889,
Emanuel Wrinkle, b. Dec. 24, 1862. They have one
child — Veral E., b. April 17, 1S91.
V. Mary E. Cunningham, b. April 23, 1S67; m., March 6,
1S92, William vSchlagel; b. Oct. 13, 1865.

XXXI. Amelia Swope" (Isaac^ Emanuel', John Jacob'\
John'', Yost') was born Dec. 28, 1847. She married, May 18,
1876, J. Jefferies Ryan, born May, 1846. They have
children as follows: —


174 ^^''^' Sic'Ope Family.

i. Isaac Swope Ryan, b. May 23, 1879; d. Jul_v 14, 1879.
ii. J. C1.IFT0N Ryan, b. July 5, 1880.
iii. Earl Victor Ryan, b. Oct. 2, 18S6.

XXXII. Rachel Swope" (Isaac^ Emanuel*, JohnJacob^
John", Yost^) was born June 5, 1S49. She married, Oct. 30,
1873, Peter Schgier, and resides in Philadelphia, Pa.
They had is.sue —

i. Emma Schgier, b. Aug. 2, 1S74; d. March 10, 1875.
ii. Amelia Schgier, b. Sept. 26, 1S75.
iii. Annie Schgier, b, June 19, 1877; d. Aug. 28, 1877.
iv. Harry Schgier, b. Aug. 27, 1S78.
V. Minnie Schgier, b. May 28, 1880.
vi. Kate Schgier, b. Oct. 5, 1883.
vii. Mary Schgier, b. June 17, 1SS5.
viii. LiLLiE Schgier, b. Sept. i, 1888; d. Jan i, 1S90.

XXXIII. Frederick Emanuel Swope*^ ( David", Fred-
erick*, John Jacob^ John', Yost^) was born, March 24, 1836,
in Philadelphia, Pa. He was educated in the high school;
after graduating he entered the wholesale dry goods business,
in which he remained until 1861. He then married Josephine
Simpson, daughter of James Simpson, a retired Quaker mer-
chant, who had formerly been in the South American trade.
The same year he entered the general commission business,
remaining in this until 1869, when he moved to Delta, York
Co., Pa., where he engaged in quarrying slate. In 1874 he
went into the real estate business, in which he is now engaged.
His wife having died, he married, secondly, Jan. 29, 1896,
Katharine Good, daughter of James Poynsett Merkins, of
Philadelphia. Frederick Emanuel Swope and his wife, Jose-
phine, had children as follows: —

i. Sallie H. Swope; died,
ii. Rebecca C. Swope; died.

iii. Daniel vSwope, b. April 25, 1865; m., Nov., 188S, Ger-
trude C. Walmsbey. They had issue —

i. Helen; died,
ii. Ethel.
iii. Christi.\n.
iv. Horace.

iv. Josephine Swope; died.



•,; LEX''

■■i:n '^

\ ^._

The Swopc Family. 177

V. Frederick Emanuei- Swope, b. Feb. 9, 1875. He is
connected with the German-American Title and Trust
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

XXXIV. Adam S. Bake'' (Mary (Swope) Bare\ Fred-
erick Swope\ John Jacob Swope'', John Swope^ Yost') was
born Nov. 4, 1839; m., March 17, 1862, Eliza F. West.
They had children as follows: —

i Martha West Bare.
ii. Harry Bare.
iii. Charles Bare.
iv. Mary Bare.

V. AivFRED C. Bare.
vi. Horace Cleveland Bare.
vii. Florence W. Bare.

XXXV. Elizabeth Bender* (Leah (Swope) Bender^
Frederick Swope*. John Jacob Swope^ John Swope^ Yost
SwopeM was born Jan. i, 1843; married, vSept. 29, 1869,
Edwin M. Lebkeicher. They re.side in Philadelphia, Pa.
They had children as follows: —

i. Edwin B. Lebkeicher, b. May 15, 1874.
ii. Albert E. Lebkeicher, b. May 8, 1876; died in infancy,
iii. Walter Lebkeicher, b. March 31, 1882; died in infancy,
iv. Edith Lebkeicher, b. Sept. 25, 1S83.

XXXVI. Lydia E. Bender" (Leah (Swope) Bender%
Frederick Swope\ John Jacob Swope^ John Swope'\ Yost
Swope') was born Nov. 14, 1855; married, April 8, 1886,
Richard C. Stofer. They re.side in Norwich, N. Y., and
have children as follows: —

i. Michael W. Stoker, b. May 25, 1887.
ii. Harold J. Stoker; died in infancy.
iii. Helen Stoker, b. Jan. 7, 1S91.

XXXVII. Annie E. Bard" (Eydia (Swope) Bard', Fred-
erick Swope*, John Jacob Swope', John Swope', Yost Swope')
was born Jan. 7, 1845. She married, Feb. 4, 1872, John A.
BuLLER. They reside in Maytown, Lancaster county, Pa.,
and have the following children: —

i Benjamin F. Buller, b. Dec. 2, 1872.

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