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ii. Blanche M. Buller, b. Oct. 20, 1874.
iii. Edward Bard BulleR, b. Nov. 26, 1877.

lyS The Sicopc Family.

XXXVIII. Mary E. Jacobs'"' (Susanna TSwope) Jacobs^
Frederick Swope\ John Jacob Swope'\ John Swope", Yost
Swope') was born Jan. iS, 1S56. She married, Nov., 1876,
Henry M. Kennedy, and resides at the Gap, Lancaster
county, Pa. They had issue: —

i. William J. Kennedy, b. Nov., 1S77.

ii. Mary Ida Kennedy; died in early childhood.

iii. Edward Kennedy.

iv. Susan F Kennedy.

V. Henry Kennedy-.

vi. James Kennedy. ) ^ ■

■' } Twins,

vii. Mary Kennedy. >

XXXIX. Frederick Swope® (Henry", Frederick*, John
Jacob'\ John'-', Yost^) was born Dec. 8, 1S51. He married,
Feb. 13, 1872, Ellen L. Brown, who was born, Jan. i,
185 1. They reside at Xew Holland, Lancaster county, Pa.
They had issue: —

i. Walter S. Swope, b. Nov. 17, 1872

ii. Charles INI. Swope, b. Jan. 17, 1S74; d. April 19, 1874.
iii. WiLLi.^M Swope, b. Jan. 28, 1S75; d. Dec. 27, 1878.
iv. Ann E. Swope, b. Oct. 27, 1876; d. Feb. 2, 1880.

V. Edward Swope, b. Jan. 23, 1879; d. Feb. 6, 18S0.
vi. David Swope, b. Feb. 26, 1880.
vii. Harry C Swope, b. March 12, 1882
viii. Clarence B. Swope, b. April 9, 1884.
ix. Ellie M. Swope, b. May 11, 1886.

X. Gertie Swope, b. Aug 9, 18S8.
xi. Frederick H. Swope, b. June 2, 1890.

XL. Annie Elizabeth Swope" ( Henry \ Frederick*, John
Jacob'\ John-, Yost') was born, June 10, 1856. She married,
July 25, 1878, Hiram D. Bucks, born March 4, 1S56. They
reside at Glenola, Lanca.ster county. Pa., and have children
as follows: —

i. Harvey A. Bucks, b. Jan. 8, 1879.

ii. Id.\ M. Bucks, b. Sept. 17, 1880.

iii. Franklin S. Bucks, b. Feb. 28, 1883.

iv. Clarence S. Bucks, b. April 3, 1886.

V. D.wii) H. Bucks, b. Jan. 6, 1889.

vi. Howard S Bucks, b. Jan. 3, 1895.





1. John Hknry Swope'^ (John", Yost') was born at the
homestead in Upper Eeacock township, March lo, 1747. He
was a farmer by occupation, having inherited from his father
a fine farm, part of the original Swope estate, in Upper Eea-
cock township. He married Barb.vra Weilder, who was
born April 27, 1756, and died Jan. 13, 1826. He died Sept.
II, 1808, and is buried at Salem Church, surrounded by his
kindred of many generations. They had issue as follows: —

2. i. George Swope, b. June 7, 1787; m. Mary Kellenberger.

3. ii. EiJZABETH Swope; m. George Bard.

4. ill. Mary Swope, m. Jacob Eby.

TI. George Swope* ( John Henry'', John\ Yost' ) was
born, June 7, 1787, in Lancaster county. He married Mary
Keelenberger, who was born May 24, 1806, and died June
6, 1881. He owned and lived upon a fine farm of 165 acres
in Uppsr Leacock township, Lancaster county. Pa. Before
the days of railroads he drove his six-horse team and Cones-
toga wagon, hauling freight between Philadelphia, Lancaster
and Pittsburg. It was his boast — and that of his cousin,
Emanuel Swope — that they had the finest teams of horses that
traveled the road between those two cities. He was a man
who appreciated the advantages of an education, and gave
his sons greater advantages in that respect than were enjoyed
by other young men of their neighborhood. He and his wife
were consistent members of the Lutheran Church. He died
Dec. 29, 1842. The\ had children as follows: — -

5. i. Louisa Swope, b. Dec. 22, 1826; m. Abraham Groff.

ii. Mary Swope, b. March 23, 1828; d. Jan. 8, 1872; m.
Isaac E. Zentmever.

i8o The Su'ope Family.

6. iii. Catharine Swope, b. Dec. 9, 1S29; ni. Henry Bushong.

7. iv. Eliza Swope, b. May 23, 1832: ni., first, Benjamin Landis.

She married, secondly, Abraham Buck waiter, and
thirdly, John A. SoUenberger.
V. Henry K. Swope, b. Oct 31, 1S34; d. Oct. 24, iSjS. His
education was received at the Annville Academy, Leba-
non county, the Whitehill Academy, Cumberland county
and the Millersville State Normal School After complet-
ing his education he taught school for a short time. In
1856 he was seized with the " gold fever" and went to
California, prospecting at Chico and at Oroville, but
being unsuccessful, he left and went to Virginia City,
Nevada, where he spent some years digging for silver.
Not making a fortune, however, he returned to his old
home in Lancaster county, in 1867. He subsequently
moved to Paola, Kansas, where he engaged in business.
He died leaving one son, George, now living in Kansas
City, Mo. His wife preceded him to eternity a few

8. vi. George K. Swope, b. Feb. 2, 1S37; m. Lizzie Swope.

III. Elizabeth Swope' (John Henry', John-', Yost') was
born Feb. 10, 1784; died Xov. 5, 1S50. She married George
Bard, of Lancaster cotmty, Pa., born Oct. 11, 1773; died
May 27, 1856. They had children as follows: —

i. Margaret Bard, b. April 3, 1802; d. Sept. 15. 1883
She married David Kurtz, and had the following children:
Henry, Franklin, David, Susanna, Elizabeth and Fanny,
ii. Jacob Bard, b. Dec. 14, 1803; d. Aug. 25, 1880. He

married and had two daughters— Anna and Emma,
iii. Henry Bard, b. Dec. 9, 1805; d June 2, 1S83. He

married and had one son — George L.
iv. Mary Bard, b. Nov. 27, 1807; d. Feb. 11, 1873. She
married Henry Shreiner. b. April 6, 1804; d. Feb. 4,
1S89. They had children— Adam, Henry, Israel and
Elizabeth, who married A. \V. Shober, and had two
children, who died in infancy.
V. George Bard, b. Oct. 28, 1809; d. Nov. 13, 1873. He
married and had the following children— Ruben, Gra-
bill, Mary and Susan.
vi. Adam Bard, b. Jan. 21, i8t2. He married and had eight
children— William, George, Evans, Amanda, Alice, Lida,
Anna, Emma,
vii. Levi Bard, b. April 19, 1S14. He married and had
children— Jacob, Frank, Lincoln and Carrie.

llie S2vopc Family. i8i

viii. Samuei, Bard, b. Oct. 15, 1816; m. Leah Stuck, b. Dec.
31, 1S25. Residence, Leacock, Lancaster count)^ Pa.
They had ten children, three dying in infancy. The
following reached maturity: —

i. Harry S., b. Sept. 3, 1846; m. Amelia Yost

Nov. 8, 1877. They had children— Jennie M.,

b. Jan. 23, 1878; Gussie A, b. Jnne i,

1881; Walter, b. Nov. 12, 1885; Delia, b. July

13, 1888; Elva, b. March lo, 1890.

ii. James M., b. June 10, 1850. He is unmarried.

iii. Laura F., b. Dec. 17, 1854; m., A. B. Bausman,

Nov. 16, 1878 They had two children —

Minnie, b. Dec. i, 1880; A. Bard, b. Nov. 23,

1882; d. Dec. 25; 1894.

iv. Justus F., b. July 15, 1856; m. L. Alice Miller,

b. June 18, 1862. They had— Charles M., b.

Aug. II, 1884, and Mary H., b. May 22, 1890.

V. Agnks M , b. Sept. 23, 1858.

1 vi. Samuel, b. June 7, 1S63; m., Dec. 23, 1888,

Lettie Rohrer, b. March 17, 1868. They had

children — Florence J., b. Jan 8, 1889; Leah

E.,b. June 17, 1890; George P., b. Nov. 24,

vii. Ida A., b. Jan. 22, 1866.
ix. Elizabeth Bard, b Nov. 13, 1818: m. Henry Forney.
Residence, Binkleys Bridge, Lancaster county, Pa.
They have one daughter — Elizabeth
X. Peter Bard, b. May, 6, 1821. He married and had the
following children — Wesley, Wayne, Pierce, Wilson,
Adam, Lizzie and Emma,
xi Abraham Bard, 1). Aug. 6, 1823; d. July 17, 1873. He
married and had two children, who died in infancy.

IV. Mary Swope' (John Henry', John', Yost') was born
in Lancaster county, Pa. She married Jacob Eby and had
the following children: —

i. Mary Eby; ni. Benjamin Sheaffer.
ii. Elizabeth Eby; m. Samuel Hershey; both are dead,
iii. Susanna Eby; m. Solomon Groff. They have four

children — two sons and two daughters
iv. Harriet Eby; m. Adam Rudy; both are dead. Had

children — Eby and Ida.
V. Daniel S. Eby, m. Susanna Groff; both are dead.
vi. Abraham Eby, ni. Emma Ruth.
vii. Jacob Eby, m. Catharine Good; both are dead. They

had a large family.

1 82 Tlic Sic ope Family.

V. Louisa Swopf/ CGeorge\ John Henry^ John", Yost^)
was born, Dec. 22, 1826, in Lancaster county, Pa. She mar-
ried, March 2, 1848, Abraham Groff, now dead. They
had issue: —

i. Albert S. Groff, b. Feb. 2, 1849.

ii. Franklin S. Groff, b. Dec. 2, 1850; d. April 24, 1858.
iii. Clayton S. Groff, b. Dec. iS, 1S51; d. Feb. 26, 1888.
He married a Miss Packer and had one son — Lloyd
iv. Clara S Groff, b. March 25, 1854; d. July 10, 1854.
V. Abraham S. Groff, b. May 30, 1S56; d. Oct. 18, 1856.
vi. Emma Louisa Groff, b. Oct. 30, 1857; d. June 16, 1894.
vii. Wesley S Groff, b. Sept. 15, i860.
viii. Mary M. Groff, b. Oct. i, 1863; d. July 12, 1864.
ix. Lilly Grace Groff, b. Aug. 13, 1S70.

VI. Catharine Swope" (George\ John Henry\ John^
Yost') was born, Dec. 9, 1829, in Lancaster county. She
married, Dec. 14, 1848, Henry Bushong. He having ex-
tensive interests in Virginia at the breaking out of the war,
enhsted in the Confederate service and joined Rosser's
cavalry. He left the South early in 1864 ^^^^ went to
Bermuda, where he remained until the war was over. They
had children as follows: —

i. Daniel S. Bushong, b. Aug. 3r, 1849; m. Clara A.

ii. Mary Anna Bushong, b. Oct. 30, 1851; died young.
iii. Ju.STus S. Bushong, b June 14, 1S54; m. Carrie Rush.
They had issue: —
i. Hudson
ii. Landsford.
iv. JOHH C. Bushong, b. Oct. 12, 1856; ni. Morilla Dealin.
They had issued: —

i Jamf;s, b. June 7, 1S80
ii. John P., b. Dec. 10, 1887.
iii. Reuben, b. Nov. 4, 1889
iv. A son, June 11, 1895.
V. Cora L. Bushong, b. Dec. 10, 1858.

vi. Henry L. Bushong, b. Dec. 4, 1861; m., Dec. 22, 1885,
Sallie B. Payne.

\"II. Eliza Swope' (George*, John Henry'', John", Yost')
was born, May 23, 1832, in Lancaster county. Pa. She
married, first, Benjamin Landis, and had issue: —

The Sziwpc Familv. 183

i. Theodore B. Landis, married and had children:—
i. Daisy.
ii. Dora
iii. Bertha.
iv. Guv.
ii. Elmira Ann Landis; m. George Weitzell.

Eliza Swope married, secondly, Abraham Buckwalter.
They had issue: —

i. Byron Buckwalter.
ii. Mauy L. Buckwai^TER; m., 1894, Rufus Bushong.

Eliza Swope married, thirdly, John A. Soli.Knberger, a
farmer in Lancaster county. They are members of the Re-
formed Church. They had issue: —

i. Kate E. Souenberger; m. Clayton Weiker. They
had issue:—
i. Louis.
ii. Claude A.
iii. Pearl.
ii. J. Swope SollEnberger; m. M. Letitia Martin. They
had issue: —

i. Edna G.
ii. Helen M.

VIII. George K. Swope^' (George', John Henry', John',
Yost' J was born, Feb. 2, 1837, in Upper lycacock township,
Lancaster county, Pa. He was educated at the Annville, Pa.,
Academy, the Whitehall, Pa., Academy, and Millersville
Normal School. He received a teacher's professional certifi-
cate and began teaching in 1854. His career as a teacher
was interrupted by the breaking out of the w^ar. He volun-
teered as a member of the ' ' Union Guards ' ' of Lancaster
county. His company was " Co. B, First Regiment, Infantry,
Pennsylvania Reserves." He was in all the battles in which
his brigade was engaged, viz. : Drainsville, Mechanicsville,
Gaines Mill, New Market Cross-Roads, Malvern Hill, Second
Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettys-
burg, Bristoe Station, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania
Court House, North Anna, and Bethesda Church. In all of
these engagements he won for himself an enviable name for
daring and bravery. He, being the best shot in his regiment,
was frequently called upon to do sharpshooting service.
Many interesting and thrilling incidents are related regarding

184 The Sicopc Family.

his service. We will give one, as related by Prof. J. P. Wick-
sham before the Teachers' Institute of Lancaster county. The
incident occurred, June 30, 1862, at the battle of New Market
Cross- Roads. We quote the Professor as follows: "A rebel bat-
ter}' was being handled in a masterly manner; a general rode
up to a captain of a Lancaster county company and said: 'Cap-
tain, have you a good shot in your company who is willing to go
out between these two armies to pick off yonder officer ?" 'Why,
general, it will be certain death to venture out there.' ' I know
it, ' was the answer, ' but you see how that fire is decimating our
ranks; is no one willing to sacrifice himself?' The captain
turns to his company, with the remark: 'I'll see.' A young
man rises in the ranks and volunteers, ' I'll go.' He creeps
forward, takes deliberate aim and fires, but misses his mark;
again, steady aim; the officer is seen to throw up his arms;
he falls into the arms of his gunners The young man re-
turns to his company unharmed; and, said the professor, in a
burst of enthusiasm: ' I would .search the ami}' through, but
I would take that young man by the hand and say, it was
well done; that man was George K. Swope.' " At the battle
of Bethesda Church he received a gunshot wound in the left
lung, which necessitated his return home. The w^ound was a
long time in healing and he yet carries the bullet in his body.
After his return from the war he engaged in teaching for
some years. He subsequently moved to Philadelphia, where
he engaged in the commission business, continuing in the
same for several years. In 1889 he was appointed Inspector
of Customs in the district of Philadelphia and located at
Marcus Hook; this position he held until 1893. He and his
family are devoted members of the Methodist Church, he
taking a prominent part in all the operations of his church.
He married, Oct. 6, 1866, his cousin Lizzie, daughter of Dan-
iel Swope. His portrait appears on page 161. They had
children as follows: —

i. Ella Nora Swopk, b. July 12, 1867.

ii. George Daniel Swope, b. Sept 2, 1868. He married,
June 22, 1893, Mary T. Richardson. They have one
child, Nora, b. Aug., 1894.
iii. Katie; Louetta Swope, b June 3, 1874; d. June 27, 1S7S.
iv. M.\RY P.\UL Swope, b. March 21, 1876.





1. Sabina Swope'* (John^ Yost^) was born in the old
homestead, in Upper Eeacock township, Lancaster county,
Pa., Dec. 26, 1748. She married John Hoke, of York
count}', Pa., and lived there until after his death, when .she,
together with her children, moved to Eincoln county, N.
C, about 1797 or 1798; there her children established them-
selves and became prominent members of the community.
Sabina ( Swope; Hoke was a very superior woman, having great
strength of character, energy and perseverance. She, being
left a widow, felt a great responsibility in rearing her chil-
dren and was extremely particular in her care for them. It
is said that " when any of her boys were out late at night she
would take a servant, go out and not return until she had
found the missing one, whom she would bring home with
her. On one occasion she found one of her .sons at a card
table with a crowd of jolly boys. She walked up to the table,
pulled the cards off into her lap, led her son home and thus
broke up the game."

On the death of her father, in 1780, .she received from his
estate, by will, one hundred and twenty-five pounds. She
died Aug. 9, 1826, and is buried in the Lutheran graveyard,
in Lincolnton, N. C, she being a member of that church.
They had issue as follows: —

2. i. Sarah Hoke, b. 1772; m. Conrad Michal.

3. ii. Daniel Hoke, b. Nov. 10, 1773; m. Barbara Ranisaur.

4. iii. Frederick Hoke, m , first, a Miss Hafer; m., secondly,

a Miss Lorance; m., thirdly, a Miss Stirewalt; m.,
fourthly, a Miss Wilson.

5. iv. Henry Hoke, m. a Miss Ramsaur.

6. V. Coi,. John Hoke, b. May 26, 177S; m. Barbara Quickie.

1 86 The S'tcopc FaDiily.

II. Sarah Hoke' (Sabina (Swope) Hoke', John Swope',
Yost Swope' ) was born, 1772, in York county, Pa. She died
1850. She accompanied the famil_v when the}' moved to
lyincohi county, N. C, and died there. vShe married Coxrad
MiCHAL, in York county, Pa., and had issue as follows: —

i. John IMichal, married and had issue as foUows: —
i. Sarah; m. a Lollar.

ii. Annie, b. Oct. 31, 1S21; m. George Summe}'.
iii Eliza.

7. ii. Jacob Michal, b. July 23, 1792; in. Catharine Ramsaur.

8. iii. Sarah Michal; m. Col. John Zimmerman.
iv. Joseph Michal.

V. Daniel Michal; died unmarried,
vi. Elizabeth Michal; m. a Thompson.
vii. Mary Michal; married.

III. Daniel Hoke' (Sabina ( Swope) Hoke', John Swope",
Yost Swope\) was born, Nov. 10, 1773, in York county, Pa.
He married Barbara Ramsaur, at Lincolnton, X. C. She
was born Feb. 5, 1780. In 1835 he and his famih' moved to
Jacksonville, Ala. At this time the Indians were yet there.
He died [856 and is buried at Jacksonville. They had issue
as follows: —

Sabin.a. Swope Hoke, b. 1800; m. Jacob Forney.

Col. John D. Hoke, b Sept. iS, 1803; m. Maria Whitaker.

Dr. George Hoke, b. Nov. 4, 1805; m. Martha M.
iv. Daniel Hoke, b. 1808; died 1876, unmarried. When a
child, by careless exposure on the part of a nurse, he
lost the use of one of his legs, leaving him a cripple for
life. Gen. J. H. Forney says of him, that "he was a
fine, jovial character; we have many funny stories on
Uncle Daniel. He was a big ' See-sesh ' and a remark-
ably polite and entertaining man, in consequence a
favorite beau of the ladies."

12. V. Alfred Hoke, b. July 4, 1810; m. Susan .\bernathy.

13. vi. Ann.\ Hoke, b. Nov. 6, 1812; m. Miles Abernathy.
vii. William Hoke, b. 1815; d. 1836, soon after the arrival

of the family at Jacksonville.

14. viii. Eliza B. Hoke, b July 25, 1818; m. Moses Deane.

15. ix. Catharine Hoke, b June 30, 1821; m. Hon. J. C. Clark.
X. Joseph L.\ Fayette Hoke, b. 1824; d. , 18S8, and is buried

at Jacksonville, Ala. He was by occupation a farmer.







The Swope Family. 1S7

IV. Frederick Hoke* (Sabina (Swope) Hoke'', John
Swope', Yost Swope' ) was born in York county, Pa. Al)Out
the year 1798, he, together with his family, moved from York
to lyincohi county, N. C. He .settled on Liles Creek in the
upper part of Lincoln county, and there reared a large family.
As his sons grew to manhood and married he gave to each
one a plantation. He was a man much loved and respected
in the surrounding country, and noted for his kindness and
generosity to the poor. The section of country in which he
lived was thickly peopled, and as there were few physicians
there, and he had .some knowledge of medicine, he often ren-
dered medical assistance to those around him, even at times
bleeding them and extracting teeth. He raised large crops
of grain on his plantation, and it is a remarkable fact that he
fixed the price of corn at fifty cents per bushel, and no matter
what the market value of corn was, he refu.sed to receive
more or per bushel for his. Sometimes when there was
a failure of crops in other .sections, a number of wagons would
come for corn offering him one dollar per bushel, which he
would refuse to accept. Enquiring of them how many they
had in the family and how much stock they fed, he would
then say: "Well, you maj- have so many bushels at fifty
cents, and you can't have any more." Frederick Hoke was
considerably interested in politics. There being an election
precinct on his place, runners would often come up in behalf
of one or the other of the candidates. On one occasion one
of these men asked an illiterate man how he was going to
vote. He said, "I don't know; I always vote like Hoke's
boys " And the vote was always nearly unanimous for
" Hoke's boys." Frederick Hoke was inclined to be musi-
cal. He brought with him from Pennsylvania a pipe-organ.
His fondness and talent for music have been inherited by
many of his descendants. He married four times. His
wife was a Miss Hafer, his second a Miss IvORANce, his
third a Miss Stirewalt, his fourth a Miss Wilson. No
children are recorded of his third and fourth wives. There
are records of one daughter by his second wife. Her name
was Rhoda; she married an Allen, but nothing more is known
of her. By his first wife he had issue as follows: —

1 88 The S'a'opc Family.

i6. i. Petp;r Hoke, b. Dec. 7, 1791; m. Sarah Lorance.

17. ii. Catharine Hoke, b. Aug. 28, 1795; m. Rev. Ambrose

iii. Frederick Hoke; m. Miss Smith.
iv. John Hoke; m. Miss Killian.
V. Noah Hoke; died young,
vi. Daniee Hoke.

18. vii. Andrew Hoke, b. Aug. 3, iSoi; m. Elizabeth Coulter,
viii Susan Hoke; m. Robert Lorance.

19. ' ix. Elizabeth Hoke, b Sept. 26, 1S07; m. Daniel Rowe.

20. X. Annie Hoke, b. March 25, iSio; m. Daniel Roseman.

V. Hon. Henry Hoke* (Sabina (Swope) Hoke^ John
Swope-, Yost Swope') was born in York county, Pa. He
moved with the family to North Carohna, and began farming
in Lincoln county. He was an active politician, and elected
to represent Lincoln county in the State Senate for two terms,
1803 and 1804, by the Democratic party. He was a con-
firmed member of the Lutheran Church and faithful in his
duties to the same. His remains repose in the family bur3Mng
ground on the homestead surrounded by many of his descend-
ants. He married a Ramsaur. They had issue: —

21. i. Elizabeth Hoke, b. April 10, 1792; m. Michael Quickie.

22. ii. Henry Hoke, b. Oct. 10, 1796; m. Susan Ramsaur.

23. iii. Daniel Hoke, b. April 10, iSoo; m. Susan Rudasill.

iv. Jacob Hoke; m. a Miss Sherman, and had nine children.
V. Sarah Hoke; m. Jacob Lantz, and had a la-ge family.

One son, John, was a minister in the Reformed Church.

His daughter became the wife of the Rev. John Foil,
vi. Barbara Hoke; m. a Hoyle, and had two children,
vii. Anna Hoke; m. a Dietz; moved to Indiana and reared a


YI. Col. John Hoke* (Sabina (Swope) Hoke'\ John
Swope", Yost SwopeM was born, May 26, 1778, in York
county. Pa. He died, June 3, 1845, at Lincolnton, N. C.
In 1797 or 1798, he together with his mother's famih- moved
from York county, Pa., to Lincoln county, X. C, the father
having died at York prior to their leaving. Col. Hoke was a
successful merchant in Lincolnton, and proprietor of the Lin-
colnton factory. He was a colonel of the militia. He was a
member of the German Reformed Church. He married.

The Sivope Family. 189

January 10, 1808, Barbara Quickle. They had issue as
follows: —

24. i David Hoke, b. Jan. 3, 1809; m. Nancy Bivings.

25. ii. Michael Hoke, b. May 2, 1810; ni. Frances Burton.

iii. Marcus La Fayette Hoke, b. June 2, 1813. He mar-
ried Harriet Smith, and had one daughter, who died in
infancy. He was killed in a political difficulty, Aug. 19,

26. iv. Sarah Elizabeth Hoke, b. Dec. 19, 1816; m. Dr. Andrew

Barry Crook.

27. V. Col. John F. Hoke, b. May 30, 1820; m. Catharine


28. vi. Nancy Harriet Hoke, b. Sept. 5, 1823; m. L. D. Childs.

29. vii. CapT. William J. Hoke, b. Oct. 5, 1825; m. Georgiana


30. viii. Francis Edward Hoke, b. Oct. 5, 1832; m. Catharine


VII. Jacob Michal' (Sarah (Hoke) Michal', Sabina
(Swope) Hoke'', John Swope", Yost Swope') was born in York
county, Pa., July 23, 1792. When quite a small child he
accompanied the family to North Carolina. On attaining
his majority he settled in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
He was there engaged in merchandising and accumulated
quite a large fortune. He is said to have been ' ' a man of
great intelligence, culture and force of character." He
married. May 11, 1815, Catharine E. Ramsaur, "an ex-
ceedingly gentle and lovable woman." She was born Sept.
5, 1796. They had issue: —

31. i. Col. William H. Michal, b. Sept. 17, 1820; m. I abel


32. ii. Dr. George W. Michal, b. Oct. 19, 1825; m., first, Mary

Carson; m., secondly, Martha McDowell.

33. iii. Sarah E. Michal, b. Aug. 21, 1828; m. Orvis Bartlett.

VIII. Sarah Michal' (Sarah (Hoke) Michal', Sabina
(Swope) Hoke^ John Swope", Yost SwopeM married Col.
John Zimmerman. They had issue as follows: —

34. i. Mary A. Zimmerman, b. Sept. 11, 1817; m. Col.

Franklin A. Hoke, her cousin. (.See XLV. )

35. ii. Annie E. Zimmerman, b. July 15, 1815; m. Willis Peck,
iii. Elizabeth Zimmerman; died iSSo.

iv. Daniel M. Zimmerman, b. Sept. 18, 1823. After the


I go The Sicopc Faviily.

death of his parents his guardian placed him in a Phila-
delphia dry goods house, and he afterwards became a
member of the firm He was also engaged in railroad
enterprises. After his retirement from business he and
his wife traveled in Europe for a couple of years, and
while there he died, Aug. lo, 1S92, and was buried in
Switzerland. He married Elizabeth Hart. They had
one son, Walter, who is in the real estate business in
Camden, X. J.
V. William Zimmerman; died in childhood.

IX. Sabina Swope Hoke' (Daniel Hoke\ Sabina ( Swope )
Hoke^ John Swope", Yost Swope^) was born in Lincoln
county, N. C, 1800. She accompanied the family when
they moved to Jacksonville, Ala. and died there, 1S82. She

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