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Blake, Dorothy Hoogland, Ethel
McEvoy, Sondra Ousley. Sheila
Belle, Betty Porter, Miriam
Thompson, Doris Person. S'ot
in Picture: Miss Hawke, adviser.


The purpose of the language ckibs on campus
is to stimulate an appreciation of the cultures of
foreign countries through discussions, parties
and other projects. El Club Pan Americano is
the club for Spanish students; Der Deutsche
Verein fosters an interest in German; and the
Junior Alliance Francaise is the French club.

THE SPANISH CLUB: First Row: Erotida Ponce, President; Jane Fulier,
Secretary-Treasurer; Carol Cooper, Rita Metaxatos, Vice President: Nancy
Ryan, Jeanne Shuster, Pat Blake. Second Rou': Barbara Radcliff, Betty
Elliott, Sheila Belle, Pat Fox, Miss Olds, .\dvi.ser. Third Row: Tom Meyers,
Irving Glassmyer, Rufus Fink.

THE FRENCH CLl'H: Ruth Brow. Jill Jamison, Vice President;
Marcia Eddy, President; Midge Eisenlohr. Mary Ann Leber, Mrs.
Wyatt, adviser; Don Newton, Secretary-Treasurer; George Skimi,
Bill Deloriiie, Doiotliy Hoogland.

THE GERMAN CLUB: First Row: Betsy Boos, Audrey Ricketts,
Rita Metaxatos, Treasurer; Loretta Kriegsman. Second Row: Jeanne
Zitmore, Ellen Coblentz, Barbara Kuntz, Pat Fox, Janice Mullin,
Charles O'Connor. Thiirl Row: .Samuel Polen, R. N. Mehta, Joe
Waters, Alexander Hamilton, Dr. Frank, adviser; Stinchfield, Le
Fevre, Carl Hevener. Not in picutre: Allan Marsh, President;
Sam Albert, .^Vllan Rappoport.


First Row: Pinky Gilbert, Carol Donsavage, Bettie Roland, Jan Hall, Marcia F.ddv. Sherry
Schoenfelder, Louise Ralph, Josephine \'erniillion, Joan Albery. Second Row. Diane Blanken.
Pat Van der Hyden, Charlotte Levy, Edith Filion, Barbara Van Dusen, Joanne Hyer, Lee Levy,
Ellen Bailey, Donna Erdahl, Betty McWilliams, Maryse Delevaux, Helen Fogel, Sandi Shobe,
Ada McLean. Third Roxv. Pete Swindler, Frank Martin, Eddie, Billy Compton, Bob Frailey.
coach; Joe Gray, Marshall Algor, Al Shute. Not in Picture: Gloria Frailey, Pat Nicklaw, Don
Grey, Jean Correy, Lois Allan, Alyce Mullen.

Scene from the Spring Water show. Fiesta <le la Aqua.

CHEMISTRY CLUB: First Row: Robert McMurdock, Ada McLain, Doug Weiford, Kenny
Kadala, Mr. Schubert, .Adviser. Second Row: Chuck O'Connor, Mary .Ann Dvorak, Flo King,
Charles Ferriter. Third Row: Art Levy, Sue Tucker, Irma Kranzler. Fourth Row: Ralph
Pode, Hiawatha Jones, Liz Chin, Virginia Ally.

NEWMAN CLUB: First Row: Loretta Kreigsnian, Secretary; Aiistl I. "1)07. \'icc Presi-
dent; Joan Boglia, President; Sharon Shoenfelder. Second Koif. Muriel Mosby, Ada
McLean, Jay Guy, Carol Holden, Fred Roff, Irene Kjersgaard, Al Gredone, Louise
Ralph, Joe Cannon.

AMERICA: First Row: John
Doggett, Barbara Shytle, Midge
Eisenlohr, Secretary; Jean Sher-
wooil, \'ice President; Bill Fea-
gans. Second Roiu: Lee Levy,
Rufus Fink, Commander AlShu-
hail, P'linor Houck, Sue Olson,
Audrey Ricketts. Third Row:
Pat Blake, Walt Eckbreth, Irv-
ing Glassmeyer, Dr. Bmr, .Ad-
viser; Herbert Hicks. Not in
Picture: .Mian Marsh. Presi-
dent; Frank Wright. Treasurer.

POLITICAL CLUB: First Row: Larry McCoy, Vice President: Jim Klynn, President; John
Apostolakos, Ed Carloiigh, Mr. Pilcher, Adviser. Second Roic: Frada, Dottie Hoogland,
Betty Porter, Charlie Peters, Harl La Place, Lew Griffith, Joe .Shaheen, VVim de Looper.
Third Row: Ellen Coblentz, Jeanne Shnster, Steve Feder, .\\ Stallone, Coral Holden, Coinmander
AlSuhlai, Virginia Cooper, Martha Prince, Ina Silverman, Ronnie Weber. Fourth Row:
Ernie Poore, A. J. HoUey, Joe Grey, Mr. Grillo, John Grench, Ben Gotten, Jane Fuller, Carlton
Rogers, Tom Meyers, Carl Hevener.


What better place is there to learn about gov-
ernment than in Washington, D.C.? The politi-
cal club is composed of students interested in

politicians and bureaucrats, and sponsors speak-
ers from all branches of government. The or-
iginator and adviser of the club is Professor

HILLEL: Prof. Levin, adviser; Toni Neurinberg, Secretary; Jeanne Shuster, President; Evie
Parent, Vice President. Second Row: Judy Gros, Ted Meyerson, Etanny Greenfield, Hal Shupack,
Peggy Coones, Al Rappoport. Third Row. Myron Sholnick, Norman Betler, Marvin Schned,
Al Itzkoff, Bernie Jaffe, Sam Albert.

Pete Popham, Adviser; Peggy Bole,
Secretary-Treasurer; Bob Lewis,
President, Carol Cooper, Henry
Robinson. Second Row: Dick Park-
er, Bob Horan, Edith Fillion, Ben
Cotten, Sue Robinson.


METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT: Rufiis Fink, President; Erotida Ponce, Vice
President; Virginia Cooper. Secretary-Treasurer; Midge Eisenlohr, Marcia Eddy, Betty
Porter, Jean Sherwood, Bob Barnes. Walt Eckbreth, Irving Glassmyer. Not in Picutre:
Phyllis Marsh, Donna Bmgess, Mariancll Fink,


Religious clubs are playing a more important
part than ever in the student life on American
University's campus. All faiths work and play
together here, but they meet individually once
a week to discuss and learn about their own be-

liefs. The four active organizations are the
Methodist Student Movement; Hillel, for Jewish
students; The Canterbury Club, for Episcopal
students; and the Newman Club for Catholic

dent; Marvin Blaylock, Treasurer; Carol Clark. Secretary; Shirley Geoffroy, Vice President; Tom
Barlow, Executive Vice President; Prof. Fields. Second Row: Commander AlSuhail, Joe Gray.
Ed Thomson, Mr. Miller, Dick Dyson.

.wn. Dean Shaw, adviser; Irene Kjersgaard, Pat Harville,
Treasurer; Sue Olson, Vice President; Doris Person,

ROPER HOUSE COUNCIL: Delight Ullmaik, Joy Roll,
Bernadine Spisak, Treasurer; Sally A. Ferry, Vice Presi-
dent; Nancy Snow. President; Carol Marks, Secretary; Anne
Rider, Director. Not in Picture: Roalie Rizzo


Students relaxing at the Roper House Hallowe-
'en Party.


The American University Chorus, under the direction of Dr. James McLain, at the annual
Christmas Concert.


First Row: Ainslie
Bricker, Sylvan Du-
bow. Vice President;
Raymond Roche, Act-
ing President; Bunny
Leonard. Second Row:
Lucile Miller. Joan
Pope, Elizabeth Klul-
^ ler, Georgia Bennett,
Secretary - Treasurer;
Bob Parks. Third
Rnw: Sam Scott, Joe
Clifford, Alexander
Hamilton, John
Hitchcock, Fred


MUSIC CLUB: First Row. Jill
Jamison, Treasurer; Mary Betcheler,
Vice President: Audrey Ricketts,
President; Mrs. Hayes. .Advisor;
Jeanne Zitmore, Secretary: Sue Rob-
inson. Second Row. Barbara Rad-
cliff. Sue Mae Kinzey. Barbara
Kuntz, Marlene Williams. Doris
Person, Betty Hanes. Third Row.
Rosalyn Bradford, Betsy Boos. Judy
Boswell, Janice Mullin, Ellen Co-
blentz, Mary French. Fourth Row.
foe Waters. Bill Feagans, Carlton
Rogers, Emil Kolly. Frank Sink.

FRESHMAN HANDBOOK: Gene Spurlock, Photographer; Pat Harville, Phyllis Holm,
Harl La Place, Editor; Jean Sherwood.

670 ON YOUR DIAL . . .


"This is George Geesey bringing you the latest news

WAMU STAFF: First Roio: Nancy Chick, Toiii Neuiemberg. Ellen Riley, Had La Place.
Second Row: Stu Kiasner, Program director; Ed Walker, Station Manager, Roger Gordon, Pro-
gram director. Third Row: Mary Ann Leber, Elizabeth Miiller, Georgia Bennett, Carleton
Rogers, Marcia Lowe, Ronnie Weber, Chief Announcer; Harry Nyquist, Allan Rappoport, Busi-
ness Manager. Fourth Row: Bob Parks, Alexander Hamilton, Rudy Garcia, Sam Albert, Publi-
city director; Sonny Bell, Wm de Looper, Bob Rickman.

John Galloway, Music director, prepares to run a tape of
his show.

Ernie Poore. Editor-in-Chief, Fall Semester

Walt Diegel, Business Manager, Fall Semester

FALL SEMESTER STAFF: Bob Petree, Feature Writer; Lee Levy, Feature Writer; Nancy Ryan, Feature Writer; Harl La-
Place, Associate Editor; Jill Jamison, Typist; Audrey Ricketts, Typist; Mary Ann Dvorak, Copy Writer; Ed Andrus, Photo-
grapher; Gene Spurlock, Photographer.



With deadlines, leads, by-lines, and edi-
torials flying, the Eagle finds its way to
dorms, sorority rooms and fraternity houses
each week.

Ernie "Somehow you just don't look
right to me" Poore headed the staff for
the first semester with the assistance of
business manager Walt Diegel.

Second semester Joy "Whowhatwhere-
whenwhichwhyandhow" Jepson took over
the reins of editor with Al Stallone as busi-
ness manager.

The Mary Graydon Hall office became
the headquarters of the staff during the
second semester. It's greatest advantage
(besides being convenient) is its nearness
to the coffee shop for the traditionally
starving journalists!

^1^^ — - msav.

Business Manager Stallone and Editor Jepson discuss the amount
of space left for copy after the advertising has been placed.

SPRING SEMESTER ST.\FF: Donna Erdahl, Copy Writer; Myron Scholnick, Feature Editor; Lee Levy, Feature Writer; Janet
Bowie, Exchange; Ellen Riley. Exhange; Gene Spurlock, Head Goof Photographer; Carol Holden, Copy Writer; Jill Jamison,
Typist; Mary .\nn Dvorak. Copy Writer; Joyce Watts, Copy Writer; Ed Andrus. Photographer; Betty Porter, Assistant Business
Manager; Carolyn Siple, Copy Writer; Jeanne Schuster, Copy Writer; Audrey Ricketts, Typist; Doris Lee Sampson, News Editor;
Barbara Balas, Copy Writer.

Sports Editor Dixie does some research.

Cover Artist Nancy.

Dr. Clark — he advised us. and Lari"y go over the books.

Copy Staff: Sue, Joyce, Frada, Barbara, Bonnie, Doro-
thv, Pat.

Kllen liandled the seniors.




Member :

Associated Collegiate Press

Eugene Spurlock Editor-in-Chief

Liicile Biiice Layout Editor

Ellen Coblentz Senior Editor

Edward Andriis,

Eugene Spurlock Photography Editors

Dave Walker Sports Eidtor

Frada Strauss Copy Editor

Barbara Balas, Susan Robinson,

Bonnie Aikman, Pat Fox, Joyce Watts,

Dorothy Hoogland Copy Staff

Nancy Chick Cover Artist

Jill Jamison Typist

Larry Bet/ler, Lee Levy,

Brock Morris Business Managers

Dr. Clark Faculty Adviser

Lucile works with rule and pencil.

Editor Gene biisv cropping pictures.

And what a year for the yearbook! The Aucola
Skit Night was one of the big events of the year

— here's to more in the future. Those mysteri-
ous jokes in the darkroom . . . come on Ed and
Gene, you can tell us. (All we heard was
Gene's subtle reply: "We discuss the latest world
events and women!") Our two offices: One at
Leonard Student Center and the other in the
blue Oldsmobile (unofficial but convenient!)
Don't forget the precedent-setting telegram from
the publisher. What's your title, Lucile? Oh
Yes - ah, assistant to the editor! Gee whiz kids

— write something! Can't pass up Lee and Larry

— they managed the business. Nor Ed's flash-
ing camera. And where would we have been
but for Joy's witty and wise advice?

Gene and Ed — what developed?

Two seniors leaving the Chapel.










■ 1










^H a0|^|Kn|


^^F ^b i*wi^Mi ^^^^^^1


^^^Kl ^

g' ■■^*


V 1





DELTA PHI Al.I'HA: Kllen Coblentz, Treasurer: Dr.
Frank. Adviser; Sam Albert. Vice President: Allan Marsh,
President: Rita Metaxatos. Secretary.

Delta Phi Alpha is the honorary German lit-
erary fraternity. Members are advanced students
of German.

CAP AND GOWN: Doris Person, Secretary; Sondra
Ousley, Vice President; Frances Arrand. Historian:
Neil Poorman. Treasurer. Not in Picture: Ethel Mc-
Evov, President.

Cap and Gown is the women's honorary or-
ganization for scholarship and leadership. Mem-
bers must have a B average and be active in
campus organizations.


OMICRON DELIA KAl'l'A: Fiisl Row: Dean Bentley,
Pete Popham. President; Dr. Clark. .Secretary-Treasurer.
Second Row: Dick Witter, Dr. Hatchett. Charlie Davis.
Charlie Baer. Allan Marsh, Ed Walker, Sam Albert, Carl
Hevener. Danny C.reenfield. Xot in picture: Bob Horan,
Tom Barlow.

Leadership, scholastic achievement and serv-
ice to school and community are the require-
ments for members of this honorary fraternity.
New members are chosen by a two-thirds vote
of the chapter. They hold monthly meetings;
their main objective is encouraging scholastic
achievement on campus.



Alpha Psi Omega is the honorary group for
actors, actresses, and those who work backstage
in the dramatic presentations of the university.
The picture on the right is a scene from the
skit given by the group at their annual re-
ception for new students.

ALPHA PSI OMEGA: Georgia Bennett, Secretary-Treas-
urer; Bob O'Connor, Vice President; Fran Arrand, Presi-
dent; Ellie Houck, Bob Parks.

PI DELTA EPSILON: Fint Row: Pete Popham, Gene
Spurlock, Vice President; Roger Gordon, President, Ron-
nie Weber, Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Clark. Historian. Sec-
ond Row. Sam .Albert, George Geesey, Ed Walker, Harl
La Place, Ed .\ndrus, Allan Rappoport. Not in picture:
Ellen Coblentz, Sue Robinson.

Pi Delta Epsilon is the honorary journalism
fraternity. Members are elected from all phases
of University publications, including the Eagle,
the Aucola, and the radio station WAMU. To
be eligible for initiation, a candidate must have
served in a major position on one of these staffs
for at least one year.

The picture at left shows officers of Pi Delt
congratulating new members upon their initia-




BETA BETA BETA: First Row: Phillip Miller, Char-
lotte Parker, President; Dr. Hatchett. Treasurer. Second
Rdic: Mr. McCausland. Yvonne Coker, Sondra Ousley,
Charlie Davis. A'o( in Picture: Irma Kranzler, Vice



The photograph above was made by a
student from a microscopic slide.


mmm^m"^^' '•r*^-


WHO'S WHO: First Roxf. Ellie Houck, Dick Witter,
Fran Arrand, Harl T.a Place, Sam Albert, Jackie Hoffecker.
Second Row: Carl Hevener, Ellen Coblentz, Audrey Rick-
etts, Betty Elliott. Charlie Davis. Ed Walker. Pat Miles.
Not in picture: Doris Person, Ethel McEvoy. Bob Horan,
Walt Diegel, Ben Cotten, Alice Kilejian, Allan Marsh.

These are juniors and seniors who have been
selected to be included in the 1954 edition of
Who's Whc in American Universities and Col-
leges. Their names are selected on the basis of
character, scholarship, leadership, and activity in
student affairs.


One of (he favorite forms of recreation — watching the fights on television.








Social Chairman; Bob Horan, President; Gene Spurlock,
Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row. Ernie Dibble, Dutch
Schulze, Adviser; Dick Parker. Mr. McCausland, Mr. Frail-
ey, Dr. Hatchett.

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Pat Miles, Frada Strauss,
Harl La Place, Sue Olson, Jean Sherwood, Pat Harville.

The Inteifraternity Council is the organiza-
tion set up to stimulate harmony among the
men's fraternities. Panhellenic Council makes
policy to guide the women's fraternities on cam-
pus. Together the Councils sponsor the annual
Interfraternity Prom, Songfest, and award tro-
phies to the outstanding fraternity, as well as
independent, man and woman of the year.



Presiderit Frada Strauss

Vice President Ellen Coblentz

Secretary Bonnie Aikman

Treasurer Pat Cole

Phi Mil was founded March 4, 1853 at Wes-
leyan College, Macon, Georgia; Gamma Delta
Chapter was founded in 1933.

Victors in hockey over conglomerates . . . Did
he mention my name? . . . Little sleep, much fun
at Xmas slumber party . . . First annual Valen-
tine Dance (formal!) . . . virtuosos Mary and
Ellen paid to stop playing violins . . . Carol
and Betty's culture hour . . . winners of Aucola
Skit Night competition — what's good enough
for the men was best for us . . . Are we losing?
Put in Citronella Ogden . . . G'bye Sondra,
Jackie, Doris, Ethel.

Mary French, Martia lowe, Betty Hanes, and Betty Porter
combine talents to sing for Phi Mu Rush party.

"Santa" Levy "distrihntcs " presents during the Christmas

Bonnie Aiknian

Barbara Balas

C.corgia Bennett l-''^" Coblentz

Patricia Cole

Donna Erdahl

Mary French

Betty Hanes

Frada Strauss

Marlcne Williams

Maicia Eddy

Winifred Garcia

Patiitia Harville

Kylene Hutchinson

Irene Kjersgaard

Patricia Miles

Virginia Miller

Neil Poorman

Patricia \an der Hyden


President Neil Poorman

J'ice President Patricia Miles

Secretary Kylene Hutchinson

Treasurer Virginia Miller

Delta Gamma was founded January 2, 1873
at Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi. Beta Ep-
silon chapter was founded in 1936.

"You're thinking" — a characteristic saying
around here, but we do more than that . . .
winning Homecoming float . . . Dig those crazy
paintings . . . Two hannahs hook their man . . .
Four new pledges enliven the roster . . . DO
sponsored pledge dance for all greeks . . . Hay-
seed king (?) ... The sisters who are sweet and
demure, but oh you kid! . . .

Cinny savs "Just what I always wanted?"
The DCs boil Loyola in oil.



President Alice Kilejian

Vice President Jean Sherwood

Secretary Margaret Eisenlohr

Treasurer Frances Arrand

Alpha Chi Omega was founded October 15,
1885 at De Paw University, Greencastle, Indiana.
Beta Rho Chapter was founded in 1937.

Harps and hearts of gold . . . All Greek open
house . . . gambling in the Casino Lyre . . . an-
nual Christmas party . . . Merry-go-round Home-
coming float . . . endless buffet suppers for those
new pledges . . . red and pink for Songfest? . . .
cleaning the grotto for campus day . . . freezing
Sjaring ]3icnic . . . "Hiya, Be-be!" . . . musical
talent galore . . . "Not another one knitting
argyles!" . . .

Ellie shows her C:hiistmas bonnet to Cathy I'robey.
Three little girls and their carousel.

Diane Keese Alice Kilejian

\nita Korkolis Harl La Place

Carol \Vilsoii

Carol Cooper

Betty Elliott

Jane Fuller

Jeanne Gcdney

Shirley Geoffroy

Betty Guy

Audrey Ricketls

m n nm

Nancy Ryan

Judy Seidler

Barbara Shylle Carolyn Siple

Norma Smal


Miriam Thompson Sara \'an Dyke


President Susan Olson

I'ire President Betty Elliott

Secretary Miriam Thompson

Treasurer Audrey Ricketts

Kappa Delta was founded on October 23, 1897
at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia; Beta
Iota Chapter was founded in 1943.

The long line of KD queens . . . "Chick" was
Aucola Queen . . . Miriam made a radiant Home-
coming Queen . . . Don't forget our "Sweetheart
of ATO" and Susie as Alpha Sig Dreamgirl and
Best Loved Girl . . . Betty and Audrey in Who's
Who . . . White Rose Formal . . . our fall hayride
and spring picnic . . . Apple Blossom Princess
... a year to remember as friendships deepen . . .

Carolvn Siple accompanies at the Christmas party.
C;ulil coins from the KD float.


Preside)! t Howard Parker

Vice President Eugene Spurlock

Stfcretary Wilhelm DeLooper

Treasurer William Silvey

Phi Sigma Kappa was founded March 15, 1873
at Massachussetts State College, Amherst, Mass-

Epsilon Triton chapter was founded in 1936.

This was the best of all years . . . Moonlight
Girl Dance, Carnation Ball, two New Year's
Eves . . . floors tiled, walls painted . . . Adam
still pining for Bobbie Nesbitt . . . Cuppy
reading the Tamaqua Evening Courier . . .
Silvey reading the Hobo News . . . Johnson
playing ])iano . . . Hopper just playing . . .
Wickey and his shadow . . . the brothers who
play sports . . . the brothers who are students
. . . the brothers (all of them) who are truly
— brothers . . .

Larry and Bart dig hedges during a midnight requisition.
Louise Ralph "sails" on the Phi Sig float.

Bart Jepson Lucien Johnson

Larry McCoy Ronald McPherson

Albert Stallone

David Walker

Edward Wickev

Octave Stevenson Dcane Winant William Woodward





: I

President Robert Horan

Vice President Charles Feder

Secretaries Richard Dyson,

Reid Elder
Treasurer Peter Pine

Alpha Tail Omega was founded October 16,
1865 at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington,
Virginia. Epsilon Iota chapter was founded
January 28, 1943.

Pledges, pledges everywhere, but not a one to
work . . . champs of Province XIX basketball;
intramural football and basketball . . . Ping-
pong and Pinochle, two "P's" in the scholar-
ship ointment . . . Dig dose cr-a-a-zy parties we
been havin! . . . our own Puerto Rican terror-
ist, disguised, of course, as an Angel . . . this
place needs a good five-cent phone call . . . the
brothers who are sports . . .

ATO's guillotine rolls a — head in the float competition.

Ye . . s? John Selby, Ben Gotten, and Brock Monis enter-
tain at a rush party.


President Alan Shute

Vice President Ernest Dibble

Secretary-Treasurer Richard Witter

Alpha Sigma Phi was founded December 6,
1845, at Yale University, New Haven, Connecti-
cut; Beta Chi chapter was founded in 1940.

"Mufti" the second wins again! . . . pledges
kidnapping the membership . . . Don't step
on the black squares . . . new furniture a la
George Washington ... we go wild for spaghetti
. . . Massey finishes the "serving counter" . . .
Dig the new painted house . . . Mr. Popham
turns tutor in the main room . . . How many
of the actives are "tieing the knot?"

The "girls" rliorus line cavorts for Skit Night.

Mike Wogan lets his hair down during the pledge
party at Aldo's.

Otto Tocchio

Edward Walker Richard Witter






Cheering section at a basketball game.




Although finishing the season with a 12-11
record, the Eagles managed to floor one of the
best ball clubs since the Mason-Dixon Con-
ference champions of 1950-51.

This record does not indicate the calibre of
the team, since they played one of the most
rugged schedules attempted by any A. II. team.
The Eagles played such formidable foes as Man-
hattan, N.Y.U., Navy, Penn State, Georgetown
and Fairleigh-Dickenson.

The hoopers were paced most of the season
by Mr. Outside, Captain Ray Daly. Mr. Inside
of the quartette was jumping John Selby, select-
ed all-Conference for the past two seasons. Al-
though hampered by injuries, Charlie Baer was
one of the team's mainstays. Slow-footed but
fancy-shooting Dan Greenfield was the outside
man on this fast shooting five. The other man
on the starting five was Carl Hevener, a home
town boy from Coolidge High, and an all-High
selection in 1950-51.

First Row: Ronnie McPherson, John Baird, Jim Wil-
liams, Bud Daly, Dan Greenfield, Wally Ryland, Charlie
Baer. Second Roii<: Coach Dutch Schulze, Larry McCoy,

Carl Hevener, John Selbv, Dick Parker, Manager Don



A look into the future; Coach Schulze and Captain Dalv.

A typical pose anc] a familiar sight.

Cheerleaders attempt to get
some response.


A.U. Opp.

Manhattan 52 75

Scran ton 74 69

N.Y.U 69 83

Catholic University 75 52

Navy 53 63

Loyola 74 68

Dickinson 56 50

Penn State 53 65

Hofstra 74 73

Wagner 66 77

Mount St. Mary's 77 70

Randolph - Macon 56 42

Davis 8: Elkins 81 66

Georgetown 46 59

Catholic University 97 71

Baltimore 69 80

Mount St. Mary's 74 82

Hampden - Sydney 60 68

Roanoke 62 61

Western Maryland 70 64

Georgetown 49 56

Loyola 59 66

Open your eyes boys, it's there.

The Penn State boys take A.V.

This is basketball?

r ^

THE ATO CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL TEAM. Line: Bill Faux, Charlie Fedei, Tom Wells, Lew Griffith. Backfield: Art
Morales, Bill Palmer, Bill Blackburn.


Dick Bartlett tries to shake loose from Lew Griffith during the Phi SigATO game.

Thus far, the intramurals have been dom-
inated by ATO. Led by graduate student Bill
Palmer, they easily took the football cup.

Basketball shaped up to be interesting this
year with the addition of the Washington
Semesters. They compiled the most points,

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