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By J. J. Thomas.

Port-of -Spain : The Chronicle Publishing Office,

8vo, cloth.

Hearn 's own copy, with his stamp in three places, and annota-
tions on six pages, made by him. Hearn used practically all the
proverbs (pp. 120-127) in "Ghombo Zhebes." The "Creole
Bibliography" credits that work as an original source.

covery of a Vast Country in America Extending
Four Thousand Miles, between New France and
New Mexico, with a Description of the Great
Lakes, Cataracts, Eivers, Plants and Animals.
Also, the Manners, Customs, and Languages of
the Several Native Indians and the Advantage of
Commerce with those Different Nations. With a



Continuation, giving an Account of the Attempts
of the Sieur de la Salle upon the Mines of St.
Barbe. The Taking of Quebec by the English, etc.

London, 1699.

8vo, full crimson morocco, gilt.

The First Edition. Two folding maps and seven plates. A fine
copy of this celebrated and very rare book. The frontispiece has
been neatly inlaid, maps and several of the folding plates mounted.
The plates include a fine impression of the famous view of
Niagara, described by Father Hennepin as being six hundred feet

HERRICK (ROBERT). Hesperides: / Or, The
Works / Both / Humane & Divine / of Robert
Herrick Esq. / Ovid. / Effugient avidos Carolina
noftra Rogos. / London / Printed for John
Williams and Francis Eglesfield, / and are to
be fold by Tho. Hunt, Bookf eller in Exon. / 1648.
His / Noble Numbers : / Or, / His Pious Pieces, /
Wherein (amongft other things) / He Sings the
Birth of his Christ : / and Sighes for his Saviours
Suffe- / ing on the CroiTe. / Hesiod. / [Quotation
in Greek.]

London. / Printed for John Williams, and
Francis Eglesfield. / 1647.

8vo, full orange morocco, gilt back and sides,
broad dentelle inside borders, leather joints, by
Roger Payne.

Collation: Four leaves without signatures; B-Z and Aa-Cc, in
eights; Aa-Ee, in eights.

The rare First Edition and probably the rarest state of the
title-page. Most of the copies sold recently, the Robert Hoe,
Thomas J. McKee, and possibly others, were of the variety
"Printed for John Williams, and Francis Eglesfield, and are
to be sold at the Crown and Marygold on Saint Pauls Church-
yard. ' ' It contains the preliminary blank leaf and the ' ' Errata. ' '


This copy has high association interest, having been in several
noted collections, as follows:

1. Thomas Warton, eminent historian of English poetry, and
poet-laureate. There is a lengthy transcript from Edward Phil-
lips ' ' * Theatrum Poetarum, ' ' 1675, regarding the work, written
entirely in Warton 's autograph, on margin of signature K2. (Re-
bound after his ownership, as he died in 1790).

2. Rev. Thomas Corser, author of ' ' Collectanea Anglo-Poetica, ' '
where in Part VII of that monumental work (p. 200) he gives a
very extended description of the work, stating that it was bound
by Roger Payne.

3. The Earl of Crawford. Number 1033 in the catalogue of
that famous collection dispersed in London in 1887, describes the
book as "mor. tooled, leather joints, gt. edges, by C. Lewis, in
imitation of Roger Payne." The binding is not signed, and
there seems to be no evidence to prove the conclusion of the state-
ment made in the Crawford catalogue that it is "in imitation of
Roger Payne."

The volume has a genuine Roger Payne binding; a view in
accord with that of two of the most eminent collectors and author-
ities in this country. In addition it has the interest of being
the identical copy mentioned in Dibdin's "Library Companion,"
1825, Vol. II, page 711, as follows: "Mr. William Combes of
Henley, a gentleman who collects with no inconsiderable ardour,
is the fortunate owner of Joseph Warton 's own copy of Herrick's
Hesperides and he carries this book in his right hand coat pocket,
and the first edition of Walton's Complete Angler in his left,
when, with tapering rod and trembling float, he enjoys his
favorite diversion of angling on the banks of the Thames."

There is also a note in this copy, by Mr. Combes, respecting
some errors in the pagination.

This copy was in the Earl of Crawford's library in London.
Collated August 14th, 1887, and perfect.


See Kelmscott Press.

Hogarth Illustrated. By John Ireland.
London, 1897-98.
8vo, three volumes, full morocco, gilt.

Fine impressions of the plates. This copy has the two sup-
pressed plates especially engraved for this edition. There is also
inserted a long autograph letter signed by John Ireland, relating
to the work, and two prospectuses of it. The ' ' Before and After ' '
plates are in proof state.



HOLBEIN (HANS). The Dance of Death.
Painted by Holbein and Engraved by W. Hollar.
N. p., n. d.
18mo, full crushed levant morocco, by Bedford,

Frontispiece and numerous engravings on copper. Besides
portraits of Holbein and Hollar, there is a complete series of the
famous copperplate engravings to illustrate this well-known


See "Reynard the Fox."

HOLT (ROSA BELLE). Rugs: Oriental and Oc-
cidental. Antique and Modern. A Handbook for
Ready Reference. With thirty-three full-page
illustrations, twelve in full colour, and other draw-
ings in the text, and a map of the Orient. New
and enlarged edition, entirely reset.

Chicago: A. C. McClurg & Co., 1908.

12mo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut.

HORN BOOK. An ABC Book, or the Alpha-
bet printed on a thin piece of oak covered with
leather and shaped with a handle. The letters
being protected from damage by a transparent
sheet of horn, which is secured to the board by
tacks driven round the edge of the horn. Made
about 1700-1715.

Size, three inches broctid by five inches high.

A most interesting specimen of the general mode of teaching
very young children in the village schools two centuries ago.



The Works of Henrik Ibsen.
Translated and Edited by William Archer.
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1911.

8vo, sixteen volumes, vellum boards, gilt top,

The Viking Edition, limited to two hundred and fifty-six copies
printed on Kuisdael handmade paper.


Miniatures very finely painted in gold and colours,
representing a Bishop at the Altar saying Mass
during the moments of the Canon and the Com-
munion. Cut from an illuminated French Book
of Prayers for the Mass, of the beginning of the
XVth Century.

Mounted on heavy cardboard.

Undoubtedly the work of one of the best French illuminators
of the period.

Life of a Portuguese, In Which the Artifices and
Intrigues of Romish Priests are Humorously Dis-
played. The Whole Interpersed with several
Curious and Entertaining Anecdotes, relating to
some of the Principal Personages of the Kingdom
of Portugal. In Two Volumes.

London: Printed for W. Bristow, in St. Paul's
Church-yard; and C. Etherington, at York.

8vo, two volumes, full mottled calf, with yellow

The First Edition.



INGLIS (H. D.). Rambles in the Footsteps
of Don Quixote.

See Cruikshank Illustrations.


See Hogarth Illustrations.

JEFFERSON (JOSEPH). Autograph Letter
Signed. Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts. Mch.
23rd '95. To Mrs. Rich, declining an invitation.
Signed "J. Jefferson."

12mo, four pages.

TANY (LEWIS). The Bargain Book.
New York : Frederick Warne & Co., 1912.

With nine plates and nine tabular charts.

JOHNSON (SAMUEL). A / Dictionary / of the
/ English Language : / in Which / The Words are
Deduced from their Originals, / and / Illustrated
in their Different Significations / by Examples
from the beft Writers. / To Which are Prefixed, /
A History of the Language, / and / An English
Grammar. / By Samuel Johnson, A. M. / In Two
Volumes. / Vol. I. / [Quotation from Horace.] /

London, / Printed by W. Strahan, / For J. and
P. Knapton / MDCCLV.

Folio, two volumes, old calf, sprinkled edges.

The First Edition. This edition is not only remarkable as the
first appearance of this monumental work, the first comprehensive
English dictionary, but also for containing many curious and
caustic definitions in the author's characteristic style, which in



many instances were suppressed in later editions. For his defini-
tion of ' ' excise, ' ' the author was twice arrested and barely escaped
a Crown prosecution. See also "pension," "oats," and "pun."

JOHNSON (SAMUEL). The / Life / of / Sam-
uel Johnson, LL.D. / Comprehending / An Ac-
count of his Studies / and Numerous Works. / in
Chronological Order / etc., etc. In Two Volumes.
/ By James Boswell, Esq. / [Quotation from
Horace.] / Volume the First. /

London: / Printed by Henry Baldwin, / For
Charles Dilly, in the Poultry. / M DCC XCI.

4t o, two volumes, full sprinkled calf, uncut.

The First Edition, with portrait by J. Heath after Sir Joshua
Reynolds, to whom the work is dedicated.

JOHNSON (SAMUEL). The Life of Samuel
Johnson, with a Journal of His Tour to the
Hebrides. Portrait and Illustrations.

London: John Murray, 1848. [Imprimatur,

12mo, ten volumes, full green morocco, gilt top,
uncut, by Birds all.

Extra-illustrated by the insertion of three hundred plates.

JOHNSON (SAMUEL). The Works of Samuel

Pafraets Press, Troy, New York, 1903.

8vo, sixteen volumes, full red morocco, gilt top,

The Literary Club Edition, printed from type.

JONSON (BEN). I. The / Workes / of / Ben-
iamin Jonson. / - neque, me ut miretur turba, /
laboro : / Contentus paucis lectoribus. / Imprinted



at / London by / Will Stansby / Ano D. 1616. II.
The / Workes / of Benjamin Jonson. / The f econd
Volume. / Containing / These Plays, / Viz. / 1
Bartholomew Fayre. / 2 The Staple of Newes. /
3 The Divell is an AlTe. /

London : / Printed for Richard Meighen, / 1640.

Folio, two volumes, full blue morocco, gilt.

The engraved title-page of an architectural design is the work
of William Hole. There is the general title and separate titles
for each of the plays.

The First Collected Edition of Jonson 'a works, edited by the
author himself, and very carefully printed. A particularly inter-
esting feature of this edition is, that it contains the names of
the actors who took part in some of the plays, including Shake-
speare, Burba ge, Heming, Condel, and others. This is one of the
great books of the Elizabethan Age.

The first volume contains Every Man in his Humour; Every
Man out of his Humour; Cynthia's Revels; Poetaster; Seianus,
his Fall; Volpone, or The Foxe; Epicoene; The Alchemist;
Catiline, His Conspiracy; The Epigrammes; Part of the King's
Entertainment in Passing to his Coronation; A Panegyre, on
the Happie Entrance of James our Soveraigne; A Particular
Entertainment of the Queen and Prince; and Masques at Court.
The second volume contains, besides the plays mentioned on the
title-page, The Magnetick Lady; A Tale of a Tub; The Sad
Shepherd; Masques; Under- Woods ; Mortimer, his Fall; Horace,
His Art or Poetrie; The English Grammar and Timber.

KEATS (JOHN). Poems, / By / John Keats.
/ "What more felicity can fall to creature, /
"Than to enjoy delight with liberty." / Fate
of the Butterfly. Spenser. [Vignette head of

London: / Printed for / C. & J. Oilier, 3, Wei-
beck Street, / Cavendish Square. / 1817. /

12mo, original boards, uncut, with paper 'label.

The First Edition and a perfect copy.



KEATS (JOHN). Endymion: / A Poetic Ro-
mance. / By John Keats. / "The stretched metre
of an antique song." /

London: / Printed for Taylor and Hessey, /
93. Fleet Street, / 1818.

8vo, original boards with paper label, entirely

Genuine First Issue of the First Edition, with the one line
erratum. The five-line errata has been bound in.

The imprint on verso of half-title reads " Printed by T. Miller,
Noble Street, Cheapside," while in the copies with the five-line
errata, the imprint is "T. Miller, Printer, Noble Street, Cheap-
side. ' ' Contains also the four pages of advertisements, half-title
and dedication leaf.

KEATS (JOHN). Lamia, / Isabella, / The Eve
of St. Agnes, / and / Other Poems. / By John
Keats, / Author of Endymion. /

London: / Printed for Taylor and Hessey, /
Fleet-Street. / 1820.

12mo, original boards, entirely uncut.

The First Edition.


MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Story of the Glit-
tering Plain, which has been also called the Land
of Living men, or the Acre of the undying, Writ-
ten by William Morris.

[Colophon] : Here endeth the Glittering Plain,
printed by William Morris at the Kelmscott
Press, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, in the County
of Middlesex: and finished on the 4th day of



April of the year 1891. Sold by Reeves & Turner,
196 Strand, London.
Small 4to, original vellum, uncut, with ties.

Only two hundred copies were printed, the first at the Press.

This famous Press is now discontinued. The whole of the wood-
blocks were sent to the British Museum, on condition that they
were not to be used for the space of one hundred years. This
proviso, and the fact that the master mind, and also one of the
able illustrators (the late Sir Edward Burne- Jones) have both
passed away, make the volumes issued by William Morris extremely
valuable. These publications are among the most magnificent
specimens of typographic art that have ever been produced, and
stand for all that is luxurious, artistic and beautiful.

MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Story of the Glitter-
ing Plain.

Another copy, with label and signature of T. J. Cobden-San-

MORRIS (WILLIAM). Poems by the Way.
Written by William Morris.

[Colophon] : Here endeth Poems by the Way,
written by William Morris, and printed by him at
the Kelmsoott Press, 1891.

Small 4to, vellum.

Only three hundred copies printed. This is the first book
printed at the Press in two colours, and the first in which the
smaller printer's mark appears. The poems were written be-
tween the years 1870 and 1891. This copy contains the book-label
and the signature of T. J. Cobden-Sanderson.

CAXTON (WILLIAM). The Golden Legend of
Master William Caxton Done Anew. [Colophon]
Here ends this new edition of William Caxton 's
Golden Legend, in which there is no change from
the original, except for correction of errors of
the press, & some few other amendments thought



necessary for the understanding of the text. It
is edited by Frederick S. Ellis, & printed by me

William Morris at the Kelmscott Press

4to, three volumes, boards.

Only five hundred copies printed, with two woodcuts designed
by Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

MORRIS (WILLIAM). News from Nowhere:
or, An Epoch of Rest, being some Chapters from
a Utopian Romance, by William Morris.

[Colophonl : This book, News from Nowhere
or an Epoch of Rest, was written by William
Morris, and printed by him at the Kelmscott
Press, 1892.

Small 4to, vellum, with ties.

Three hundred copies printed in black and red in the Golden
type, with borders and a woodcut engraved by W. H. Hooper from
a design by C. M. Gerer. The frontispiece is a picture of the old
manor-house in the village of Kelmscott, from which the Press
took its name. The text of this volume was printed before that
of Shakespeare *s Poems and Sonnets, but was held back awaiting
the frontispiece.

MORRIS (WILLIAM). A Dream of John Ball
and a King's Lesson. By William Morris.

[Colophon] : This book .... was written by
William Morris and printed by him at the Kelm-
scott Press, 1892.

Small 4to, vellum, with ties.

Only three hundred copies printed. The frontispiece was
specially redrawn for this edition, and engraved by Mr. Hooper,
who engraved nearly all Sir E. Burne-Jones' illustrations for the
Kelmscott Press works. The inscriptions below the figures, and
the narrow border, were designed by Morris himself.



MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Defence of Guene-
vere, and other Poems.

[Colophon] : Here ends the Defence of Guene-
vere, and other Poems, written by William Morris,
and printed by him at the Kelmscott Press, ....

Small 4to, vellum.

Only ten copies printed in black and red on vellum.

BIBLIA INNOCENTIUM: Being the Story of
God's Chosen People before the Coming of our
Lord Jesus Christ Upon Earth, Written Anew for
Children by J. W. Mackail, Sometime Fellow of
Balliol College, Oxford.

[Colophon] : Here ends this book called Biblia
Innocentium, written by J. W. Mackail, and
printed by William Morris at the Kelmscott
Press, 1892.

8vo, vellum.

Only two hundred copies were printed.

& Songs of Proteus by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt with
the Love Sonnets of Proteus by the same Author
now reprinted in their full text with many sonnets
omitted from the earlier editions.

London, MDCCCXCII. [Colophon] Here ends
the Love-Lyrics and Songs of Proteus, written by
Wilfred Scawen Blunt: with the Love-Sonnets of



Proteus by the same authors. Printed by William
Morris at the Kelmscott Press, . . . 1892.
8vo, vellum, with ties.

This is the only book in which the initials are printed in red.
This was done by the author's wish. Only three hundred copies


[Colophon] : Here ends this new edition of Wil-
liam Caxton's Eecuyell of the Historyes of Troy,
done after the first Edition: corrected for the
press by H. Halliday Sparling, and printed by me
William Morris at the Kelmscott Press, ....

Large 4to, two volumes, vellum.

Only three hundred copies printed on paper. A reprint of the
first book printed in English.

EEYNAED THE FOXE. The History of Eey-
nard the Foxe. [Colophon] Here ends the His-
tory of Eeynard the Foxe, done into English out
of Dutch by William Morris, at the Kelmscott
Press, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, in the County
of Middlesex. This book was corrected for the
press by Henry Halliday Sparling, . . . 1892.

Folio, full vellum, with ties.

Only three hundred copies printed.

EUSKIN (JOHN). The Nature of Gothic, a
Chapter of the Stones of Venice. With a Preface
by William Morris.

[Colophon] : Here ends the Nature of Gothic



by John Ruskin, printed by William Morris at
the Kelmscott Press, .... 1892.
Small 4to, vellum.

Only five hundred copies printed on paper. This chapter of
the "Stones of Venice" Kuskin always regarded as the most
important in his book. Mr. Morris paid due tribute to it in his
"Hopes and Fears for Art."

CAVENDISH (GEORGE). The Life of Thomas
Wolsey, Cardinal Archbishop of York, Written
by George Cavendish. [Colophon] Transcribed
after the Autograph Manuscript of the Author,
now in the British Museum, by F. S. Ellis, and
finished the 25th day of December, in the year
1892, in the Parish of Cockington in the County
of Devon, and printed by me William Morris, at
the Kelmscott Press 1893.

Small 4to, full vellum, with ties.

Only two hundred and fifty copies printed.


[Colophon] : This new edition of William Cax-
ton's Godeffroy of Boloyne, done after the first
edition, was corrected for the press by H. Halli-
day Sparling, and printed by me William Morris,
at the Kelmscott Press, 1893.

Folio, vellum.

Only three hundred printed on paper, and the first book pub-
lished and sold at the Kelmscott Press, the others having been
merely printed there.

Contains the book label of T. J. Cobden-Sanderson.



MEINHOLD (WILLIAM). Sidonia the Sor-
ceress, by William Meinhold, translated by Fran-
cesca Speranza, Lady Wilde.

[Colophon] : Here ends the Story of Sidonia
the Sorceress translated from the German of Wil-
liam Meinhold, by Francesca Speranza, Lady
Wilde, and now reprinted by me, William Morris,
.... 1893.

Folio, vellum.

Only three hundred copies of this favourite book of Morris*
were printed.

Special copy, having a label pasted inside the front cover,
' ' Given by Mrs. William Morris in Memory of her Husband,
1897," and a sheet of Kelmscott Press note paper, inscribed,
' ' With Mrs. Morris ' Compliments. ' ' William Morris ' autograph
on part of a cheque is also inserted.

MORE (SiR THOMAS). Utopia. Written by
Sir Thomas More.

[Colophon] : Now revised by F. S. Ellis and
printed again by William Morris at the Kelmscott
Press, .... 1893.

8vo, full crimson crushed levant morocco, with
sides covered with a leaf and tulip design, tooled
in gold, with title in center, edges gilt, by Cobden-
Sanderson, of the Doves Bindery.

One of three hundred copies printed on handmade paper, and
containing the bookplate of M. C. D. Borden.

MORRIS (WILLIAM). Gothic Architecture. A
lecture for the Arts and Crafts Exhibition So-

[Colophon] : This paper, first spoken as a lec-



ture at the New Gallery, for the Arts and Crafts
Exhibition Society, in the year 1889, was printed
by the Kelmscott Press during the Arts and
Crafts Exhibition at the New Gallery, Regent
Street, London, 1893.
16mo, half Holland.

Only five hundred copies were printed on paper. The first
Kelmscott Press book printed in 16mo. The type was set up at
Hammersmith and printed at the New Gallery. The four-line
initials used appear for the first time.

MOERIS (WILLIAM), Of King Florus and the
Fair Jehane. [Colophon] Printed by William
Morris at the Kelmscott Press .... 1893.

16mo, boards.

Only three hundred and fifty copies printed.

Ordination of Knighthood. [Colophon] The
Order of Chivalry, translated from the French
by William Caxton, edited by F. S. Ellis, & printed
by me William Morris at the Kelmscott Press

1892. [Colophon] This Ordination of

Knighthood was printed by William Morris at
the Kelmscott Press .... 1893.

8vo, full vellum, with ties.

Only two hundred and twenty-five copies printed.

William Shakespeare, Printed after the original
copies of Venus and Adonis, 1593. The Rape of



Lucrece, 1594. Sonnets, 1609. The Lovers Com-

[Colophon] : Here ends the edition of Shake-
speare's Poems, edited by Frederick S. Ellis and
printed by me William Morris at the Kelmscott
Press, .... 1893.

8vo, vellum, with ties.

Only five hundred paper copies printed; although the number
was large, this has become one of the rarest books from the


[Colophon] : Printed by William Morris at the
Kelmscott Press, .... 1893.

8vo, vellum, with ties.

Only five hundred copies printed.

The borders were specially designed for this book and were
used again in the Keats, and one of them in "The Sundering
Flood." It is the first of the octavo books with a woodcut title.

With signature of T. J. Cobden-Sanderson on flie-leaf.



[Colophon] : Here endeth the Book of Wisdom
and Lies, a Georgian storybook of the eighteenth
century, by Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani: translated,
with notes, by Oliver Wardrop. Printed by Wil-
liam Morris at the Kelmscott Press, .... 1894.

8vo, vellum, with ties.

Only two hundred and fifty copies printed.
The arms of Georgia, consisting of the Holy Coat, appear in the
woodcut title.



dine de frati predicatori la quale manda ad Elena
Buonaccorsi sua madre, per consolaria della
morte del fratello, suo Zia.

[Colophon] : Impresse in Londra per Gug-
lielmo Morris alia Stamperia Kelmscott, Adi
ultimo di Novembre MDCOCLXXXXIV. Edited
by Charles Fairfax Murray from the original
autograph letter.

8vo, half holland.

This book was printed for Mr. C. Fairfax Murray, the owner
of the manuscript, and was not for sale in the ordinary way.
The printer's "mark" is printed in red, with the colophon in
Italian. A presentation copy to Gleeson White from Mr. Murray.

MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Friendship of Amis
and Amile. Done out of the ancient French by
William Morris.

[Colophon] : Here ends the story of Amis &
Amile, done out of the ancient French into Eng-

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