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trated in colour and line by Hugh Thomson.

Hodder and Stoughton: London, 1913.

Folio, full parchment, gilt top, uncut, ribbon ties.

Only one thousand copies printed and signed by the Artist.

TOLSTOI (LYOF N.). The Novels and Other
Works of Lyof N. Tolstoi.

[New York] : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1899.

8vo, twenty-two volumes, half blue morocco, gilt
top, uncut.

TOUSS AINT( FRANZ ). Le Jardin des Caresses.
Traduit de PArabe. Illustrations de Leon Carre.
L 'Edition d'Art.

[Paris] : H. Piazza, 1914.

8vo, stitched, with wrappers.

Only one hundred copies printed on imperial Japan paper, con-
taining an extra set of plates in black and white.

Trials for Murder, Robbery, Rapes, Sodomy, Coin-
ing, Forgery, Pyracy, and other Offenses and
Misdemeanours at the Session-House in the Old-
Bailey, to which are added Genuine Accounts of
the Lives, Exploits, Behaviours, Confessions, and
Dying-Speeches of the Convicts from 1741-1764.

London, 1764.

12mo, four volumes, contemporary calf (re-

A scarce collection, containing information regarding famous
trials, with the evidence for and against.



TROLLOPE (ANTHONY). Autograph Letter
Signed. To Charles Dickens. Eoma, 29 March,
1881. Regarding his sending some work for

12mo, three pages.

TURGENIEFF ( IVAN). The Novels and
Stories of Ivan Turgenieff. Translated from
the Russian by Isabel F. Hapgood. With Intro-
duction by Henry James.

London, 1905.

8vo, sixteen volumes, three-quarters blue mo-
rocco, gilt top, uncut.



Leo. S. Olschi, Florence, 1912.
Portfolio, loose sheets.

Only 300 copies printed.

La Premiere Serie de quatre portefeuilles contenant une cent
planches comprend des dessins des maitres suivants: Pontormo,
Tiziano, Tintoretto, Paolo Uccelo, Antonio et Pietro Pollaiuolo,
Andrea del Verrocchio, Sandro Botticelli, M. Brill, A. Eisheimer,
P. Brill, C. Lorrain, H. Swanevelt, N. Berchem, G. Susterman, J.
Callot, C. Poelemburg, G. Both, G. Vanvitelli.

La Seconde Serie de quatre portefeuilles contenant une cent
planches avec des dessins de: Cigoli, Furini, Empoli, Allori, Fra
Bartolomeo, de Correggio, Parmigianino, et d'autres maitres de
1'Emilie et de Jacques Callot.

La Troisieme Serie.

lection of the Best Literature, Ancient, Medieval
and Modern, with Biographical and Explanatory



Notes, Edited by Richard Garnett, Leon Vallee,
Alois Brandl.

London, New York, Paris and Berlin, 1899.

8vo, thirty-three volumes, three-quarters mo-
rocco, gilt top, uncut.

Garnett Memorial Edition.

Paris, 1870.
8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut.

Paris, 1719.

8vo, full red morocco, with arms of de Cau-
martin in gold on front and back covers.

The First Edition.

VORS (F.). Bibelots and Curios. A Manual
for the Collector, with a Glossary of Technical
Terms, (Pottery, Porcelain, Enamels, Metal Work,
Arms, Clocks, Watches, Fans, etc.).

New York, 1879.

16mo, cloth.

WASHINGTON (GEORGE). Autograph Letter
Signed, to Mrs. Ralph Izard. Mount Vernon, 20th
July, 1798.

4to, four pages.

A most interesting and long letter in which Washington touches
on the need of Congress establishing a Military Academy.



"Madam, By the last Post I had the honor to receive your
favour of the 25th ult. from Charleston, and pray you to bo per-
suaded that no one could hear of the improving state of Mr. Izard 'a
health, and prospect of his recovery, with more pleasure because
few, if any of his acquaintances, regretted the loss of the first
more than I did. On the prospect of the latter I sincerely con-
gratulate you, as I do on the safe return of your son; who, if
circumstances had permitted, I should have seen with pleasure at
this place, on his way to Carolina.

"If I rightly understand the grd. of Mr. Izard's complaint, I
persuade myself that both you and he, upon a reconsideration of the
case, and the consequences of a contrary principle in the decisions
of the Executive thereon, will readily perceive that no injustice
has been done him.

* t Usage, and the Policy of States in the establishment of new
Corps, are independent of & unconnected with the old. Officers
and privates come in together; the former as a means to obtain
the latter, and rarely is otherwise; except to reward meritorious
officers, distinguished for signal services, who cannot be advanced
in their own corps out of the usual ro(u)tine of promotion; but
this, when done, is considered as a favour, not claimed as a right;
and sometimes proves the reverse, by throwing them out of Ser-
vice altogether, New corps being the first for disbandment.

"But there is another, and more interesting point, in which to
view this subject; and proves beyond contradiction, the impos-
sibility of Mr. Izards claim.

"In Military, more so perhaps than in other matters, Princi-
ples must be established & adhered to, or discontents wd. be end-
less, and disorder great. What is right in one case must be right
in every case, similarly circumstanced. Upon the principle then
that Mr. Izard complains viz that it was injurious to make
Captains of those who had never served, in the new Corps, while
there were officers of inferior grades in the old, let me ask what
would be the operation of it in the Army about to be raised ; for it
applys as forceably to the Infantry, as to the Artillery!

' ' At present, we have four Regiments of Infantry in existence,
twelve are voted to be immediately raised, and if circumstances
should require the Provisional Army, nearly double that number
will be wanted in addition. Would it not be a matter of surprise
then, and absolutely defeat the measures of Government, if no
new Officers were to be appointed in this Army until those of the
four Regiments were first provided for? Certain I am, Madam,
that your good sense would be the first to cry yes. The case of
Mr. Izard is exactly similar, although the evil would not be in

' ' My wishes that Congress would establish a Military Academy,
and Corps of Engineers have often been communicated to that
Body, and it is to be regretted that the want of many useful
Institutions are not seen until they are felt.



"Mrs. Washington & Miss Custis are thankful for your kind
remembrance of them and unite with me in every good wish for
Mr. Izard, yourself and family and with the highest regard I

have the honor to be Madam Your Most Obedt

G. Washington/'
"Mrs. Izard."

WASHINGTON (GEOBGE). Autograph Letter
Signed, to Tobias Lear. Mount Vernon, June
29th, 1788.

Folio, one page.

A most interesting letter from Washington to his private secre-
tary, Tobias Lear. The letter refers to the ratification of the
Constitution by the Virginia Legislature in 1788. The Conven-
tion met on June 2d, 1788, and the Constitution was finally ratified
on June 25th. This delay made Virginia the tenth of the ' ' ten
affirmatives" as New Hampshire had already ratified on June
21st, by a vote of 57 to 46. In the second paragraph, "Col.
Henley, express from New York on his way to Bichmond," un-
doubtedly refers to the special express arranged by Hamilton and
Madison between Concord and Bichmond, via Poughkeepsie, so
that whichever state decided first the news might be used to in-
fluence the other.

In paragraph three, ' ' some recommendatory or declatory rights,
etc." These were, as a matter of fact, offered the next day by
Henry and others. The letter follows:

"Dear Sir; Your letter of the 2d instant came duly to hand,
and obliged me by its communications.

"On Friday last, (by the Stage), advice of the decision of the
long and warmly (with temper) contested question -in the Conven-
tion of this State, was received 89 ayes 79 noes, without pre-
vious amendments; and in the course of that night, Col. Henley,
express from New York on his way to Kichmond, arrived in Alex-
andria with the news of the ratification by the State of New
Hampshire This flood of good news almost at the same moment,
gave abundant cause for rejoicing in a place, the Inhabitants of
which are all federal. The Cannon roared, and the Town was
illuminated. Yesterday, as magnificent a dinner as Mr. Wise could
provide (to which this family were invited and went), was dis-
played before the principal male Inhabitants of the Town; whose
Ears were saluted at every quaff with the Melody of federal Guns.
And on Monday, the business it seems is to recommense and finish,
with fiddling & dancing, for the amusement & benefit of the Ladies.

"The final question was taken on the 25th.; and some Becom-
mendatory, or declatory rights, it was supposed (by my corre-



spondents in Richmond), would follow the Ratification of the
Constitution the next, or following day. As these two adoptions
make ten affirmatives without a negative, and little or no ques-
tion is made of North Carolina's treading in the steps of Virginia,
it is hardly to be conceived that New York will reject it. liliodc
Island hitherto, has so far baffled all calculation, that he must be
a hardy man, indeed, who will undertake to declare what will be
the choice of the majority of that State, lest he should be suspected
of having participated of their phrensy.

"The Accys. from Richmond are, that the Minority will
acquiesce with good grace Mr. Henry it seems having declared
that, though he cannot be reconciled to the Government in its
present form, and will give it every constitutional opposition in his
power; yet, that he will submit to it peaceably; as every good
citizen he thinks ought; and by precept and example will en-
deavor, within the sphere of his action, to inculcate the like prin-
ciples in to others.

"You have the best wishes of every one in this family but of
none in a higher degree than those of, Your affect, friend and
Obedient Servt. . . . G. Washington.
"Pray offer my Compliments,
to Mr. Langdon.
"Mr. Tobias Lear."

WEBSTER (WENTWORTH). Basque Legends:
Collected, Chiefly in the Labourd, by the Rev.
Wentworth Webster. With an Essay on the
Basque Language, by Julien Vinson.

London, 1877.

8vo, original cloth, gilt.


Gentle Art of Making Enemies.
London, 1890.
8vo, original boards, uncut.

Large Paper Edition, of which only two hundred and fifty
copies were printed. Signed with the Butterfly.


See Hawaiian Islands.


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