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leave with the consent of the teacher. Loud and boisterous playing will
not be allowed.

6. Pupils who shall injure or deface school property must pay in full
for all damages. Failing to do so within two weeks, such pupils shall be
subject to suspension, and shall only be admitted through the action of the

7. Pupils who shall purposely absent themselves from any school ex-
amination or public exeicise of the school, may be suspended, and shall not
be allowed to return except at the option of the Board.

8. Whenever the example of any pupil shall become injurious to the
school, through indolence, neglect of rules, or any other cause, and refor-
mation shall appear hopeless, the parents or guardian of such pupil shall
be requested to withdraw such pupil from school. Should the parent or
guardian fail to comply with this request, the pupil may be suspended.

9. Pupils shall go directly to and from school, refraining from playing,
quarreling, fighting or loitering by the way, being subject to the regular
rules while en route.

54 Organization and Government.

io. Each pupil shall be responsible for the cleanliness and order of his
seat and books, and for the floor in his immediate vicinity.

11. Regular and punctual attendance is enjoined upon all. Any pupil
who is absent from school two successive days, or three in one week, or six
days in one month, unless leave of absence has been previously obtained, or
a satisfactory excuse given by the parent or guardian (or who is frequently
tardy), shall be reported through the Superintendent to the Board for sus-
pension. An excuse for tardiness from the parents will secure the seat to
the child, but unless for sickness or other satisfactory reasons the tardy will
stand against the pupil, and three tardies in the session will suspend him:
Provided, that not more than three excused tardies shall be allowed to a
single pupil; and further provided, that where a pupil is suspended twice, he
shall be reinstated at the option of the Board.

12. When a pupil has been in "disgrace" two times, a demerit notice
will be sent to parents by the teacher. A third disgrace will suspend him
for not less than ten nor more than fifteen school days. A pupil is in dis-
grace when reported to the Superintendent for failure in deportment or
study. Excuses for absence, or requests for dismissal before the close of
the school, must be made in writing or in person by the parent or guardian,
but teachers hope parents will not send those requests except under the
most exacting circumstances.

13. All suspensions of pupils shall be reported by the Superintendent
to the Board of Education at the next regular meeting after such suspen-
sion, with all attendant circumstances, expulsion being discretionary with
the Board.

14. Pupils or parents having cause for complaint will seek redress, first
before the Principal of the building, and if not satisfied, will lay the case
before the Superintendent, or finally, before the Board.

15. Pupils will not be. permitted to bring to school any papers, periodi-
cals, novels, or any books other than they study. The teacher is enjoined
to take all such papers and books from pupils.

16. The books used and the studies pursued shall be such as the Board
of Education may prescribe.

17. Pupils must be provided with all necessary books, slates, pencils,
etc., required in the respective grades. Failing to provide themselves with
such articles after two weeks' notification, will subject them to suspension.

18. In case of the temporary withdrawal of a pupil, he or she, on return-
ing, shall be examined by the Superintendent, and if found deficient, shall
be reduced in grade.

19. Pupils who leave school before the close of the session will not be
promoted except after satisfactory examination by the Superintendent.

20. Pupils who fail for two consecutive quarters to earn a scholarship
average of 50 per cent, will be reduced in grade.

21. All pupils obtaining an average scholarship of not less that 65 will
be promoted; provided they do not fall below 50 in Mathematics. And
further provided, that Third and Sixth Grade scholars shall obtain 70 on
scholarship and 50 on Arithmetic, and Seventh and Eighth Grades shall
obtain 75 per cent, on scholarship and 60 on Mathematics.

22. Testimonials of Scholarship will be given those who complete the
full course of Scholarship, and whose conduct has been creditable during
their connection with the schools, provided they obtain 80 per cent, on
scholarship and 60 onMathematics.

23. Pupils who fail to pass grade on two studies may be re-examined
at the discretion of Superintendent, but the Superintendent is positively
forbidden to examine any pupil who fails on more than two studies.

Organization and Government. 55

24. Children dismissed by request, must remain after school twenty
minutes, unless they present notice of sickness, or a statement that they
are diseased. These must be detained if they abuse their privilege.



i. At a time of each year to be specified by the Board, there will be an
examination of applicants for positions in City Schools. The examination
will be in writing, and will be conducted by the Superintendent in connec-
tion with the Committee on Instruction.

2. The election of teachers shall take place as soon after their examina-
tion as possible.

3. Teachers must be at their school rooms at least thirty minutes before
the time of opening, else they will be marked tardy, and so reported to the

4. Teachers must endeavor to acquaint themselves with the cause of
disaffection on the part of parents, and, as far as possible, remove the cause

5. Teachers must visit the parents of their respective pupils at least
once during each session.

6. Teachers will be held responsible for school property intrusted to
their charge, and for the cleanliness and neatness of their respective rooms,
furniture and pupils.

7. No teacher will be permitted to introduce into schools any sectarian
views as regards religion, or any partisan or sectional views as regards

S. Teachers must promptly and cheerfully attend all appointments
made by the Superintendent, and carry out his instructions fully.

9. In case of absence from sickness, or other cause, they shall send
timely written notice thereof to the Principal, and he, in conjunction with
the Superintendent, shall provide a substitute to fill the place from the list
furnished by the Board of Education.

10. Teachers must keep their registers neatly and correctly, and must
make out their reports on Friday of each week.

11. Teachers shall hold their places during the pleasure of^ the Board,
and shall not be at liberty to resign without giving one month's notice of
such intention.

12. They shall take immediate steps to ascertain the cause of all

13. They shall enjoin upon pupils, by precept as well as by example,
the necessity for cleanliness of person and dress, and the abstinence from
the use of tobacco upon the premises.

14. Teachers have jurisdiction over pupils other than their own when
the immediate teacher or teachers of such pupils are not present.

15. Teachers shall be responsible for the "discipline of government" of
their rooms. They shall use kind and persuasive measures with their
pupils, and should these fail, may resort to the rod, if the Principal
approves. A record of all such punishments must be kept, showing date,
cause, and extent of punishment.

16. No teacher will be permitted to advertise in school any public
meeting or entertainment, or any outside enterprise whatever.

56 Organization and Government. .

17. The teachers in charge of a study hall must read in the hearing of
their pupils, the first Monday in each month, the rules for pupils.



1. It is the duty of the Superintendent to devote himself to the study of
the school system of the city, and to keep himself acquainted with the pro-
gress of instruction and discipline in other places, that he may suggest
appropriate means for the advancement of the Public Schools.

2. He must attend the meetings of the Board.

3. He shall have the general supervision of all the Public Schools in
the city, and be specially charged with the duty'of explaining the system
of education, and the rules and regulations presented by the Board.

4. He shall, as often as practicable, visit each school and suggest the
best modes of instruction and discipline, and observe the success of the
same. He shall make suggestions in relation thereto to the Board of Edu-
cation, and report specially to it when, in his opinion, it may be advisable
to do so.

5. He shall keep a register containing an accurate abstract of the
statistical reports from the various schools, and at the close of each school
year shall present the same, with the report of his own labors, and such
suggestions and other information as he may deem worthy of notice.

6. He shall give to the members of the Board such information and aid
as shall be in his power in the selection and employment of teachers.

7. He shall receive such compensation as may from time to time be
allowed by the Board of Education.

8. A report, which shall contain an enumeration of the scholastic popu-
lation of the city, and such other information as maj be wanted, shall be
submitted annually to the Board on or before October 1st.

9. He shall hold normal meetings semi-monthly for the benefit of the
corps of teachers.


By State Board of Health Concerning Health Regulations for
Schools, Public and Private.

1. No pupil should be allowed to attend school who has not been suc-
cessfully vaccinated, or in whom non-susceptibility has not been demon-

2. School premises, rooms, halls, passages, grounds and out-buildings
should be kept scrupulously clean and in good order.

3. Recitation and study rooms should be kept well ventilated, and a
uniform temperature as near 65 degrees Fahrenheit as possible should be

4. Cleanliness of person and clothing of pupil should be exacted. The
dress can be clean, no matter how cheap or worn.

5. Neither pupils or teachers should be allowed to enter a school build-
ing while small-pox, measles, scarlet fever or diphtheria exists in the house
or place of residence of such pupils or teachers.

6. When small-pox, scarlet fever, measles or diphtheria has existed in
the family of a pupil, such pupil should not be allowed to resume attend-
ance until the attending physician furnishes a written statement that it is
safe and prudent to allow such attendance.


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