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he was granted by the governor and council 200 acres on the west side of Chin-
garoras creek. In 1704, he was elected a member of the house of represent-
atives of New Jersey. His children were: Femmetje. bap. Aug. 8, 1680;
Teunis, bap. July 16, 1682; Sarah, bap. Feb. i, 1685, all on Long Island;
and Abraham, bap. Sept. 19, 1699, in New Jersey.

Cornells Teunisen settled on the Raritan about the same period as his brother
Jan, and his name appears among the members of the Raritan Dutch Reformed
church in 17 10 and 1723. In 1703, he was elected from the eastern dis-
trict, a member of the hoiye of representatives of New Jersey. His children
were: Teunis, who m. Adriaantje; Abraham, bap. March 8, 1699, and d.
young; Jan, bap. April 20, 1704; Sara, bap. April 3, 1706; and Denyse,
bap. April 20, 1708, all bap. in said Raritan church. "Michiel Hanssen
(Bergen), and Femmichein his wife,** were witnesses or sponsors at the baptism
of Abraham.

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JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 527

634. Zacheus Bergen, b. Sept. ist, 1829 ; m. Oct.
23^1 1856, Sophia C. Thompson. Is a merchant in New
York, and resides in Brooklyn.

Issue : —

952. !• George ClifFord, b. Aug. 8, 1859.

953. n. Frederick T., b. Feb. 16, 1862.

635. Elizabeth Bergen, b. Oct. 12th, 1831. Re-
sides at Somerville ; single.

636. Evert Bergen, b. June 24th; 1834; m. Mary
Elizabeth Husted, Is a cooper and resides in Brooklyn.

Issue : —

954. I. Edward, b. Nov. 6, 1862.

6j7. Cornelius Bergen, b. Jan. 31st, 1838 ; d. Dec.
6th, 1870 ; m. Sept. 26th, i860, Sarah Jane^ dau. of Wil-
liam Ballardy' of Brooklyn. Resides in Brooklyn, and late
in flour and feed business. Held the commission of lieute-
nant in the Union army, engaged in suppressing the rebel-
lion of 1 86 1, and wounded in one of the engagements.

Issue : —

955. L Mary, b. June i, 1861.

638. William Bergen, b. Aug. loth, 1840; single.
Engaged on rail road at Somerville.

639. Ann Bergen, b. Aug. 6th, 1846. Single and re-
sides at Somerville.

' In 1635, a fFm, Ballard, aged 32 yean, Elizabeth his wife, aged 26 yean,
with their children, Hester, aged 2 yean, and Joseph, aged i year, emigrated
in the ship James, from England to New England. (Hotten*s Lists of Emi-
grants, p. 107.) June 12, 1720, a David Ballard and Ann Bras, of New York,
had a dau. Elizabeth bap.

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528 Seventh Generation. Descendants of

Descendants of GEORGE BERGEN (488), of the city
of New York :

640. John Bergen, b. about 1797; d. about 1832;
single, and resided in the city of New York. By the New-
York directory of 1826, there was a John Bergen, shoe-
maker, who resided in Lombardy street, who may have
been this John,

641. Frances Bergen, b. about 1800; d. about 1849 »
m. George Thompson^ and no issue.

642. Abraham Bergen, b. about 1802 > single, and is
a farmer near Binghamton, N. Y.

643. Jane Bergen, b. about 1804; m. John Maynard^
and is now a widow residing in the city of New York.

Issue : —

L William Maynard. •

11. James Maynard.

644. George Bergen, b. June 20th, 1806 ; m. Jane
, who d. Sept. 20th, 1 86 1, aged 50 years. Is a shoe-
maker in the city of New York. His name appears in the
New York city directory, from 1843 ^° ^856, as residing
in Orchard, Norfolk, Delancy, and other streets.

Issue : —

956. I. George, b. , 1832, d. Jan. 30, 1862. His name

appears in the New York city directory as a shoemaker, residing in
Delancy and other streets, from 1851 to 1856.

957. II. Mary, b. , 1843, d. Jan. 17, 1862.

645. Catharine Bergen ; m. i////, and is now a

widow, residing in the city of New York.

Issue : —
L William Hill.
II. Clara Hill.

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JoRES (George) Hansen Bergen. 529

646. William Bergen, d. young.

647. James Bergen, b. Jan. 20th, 1814; m. 1842,
Mary Laffaty, Resides in the eastern district (Williams-
burg) of the city of Brooklyn, and is a boot and shoe

Issue : —

958. I. Henry, b. Sept. 13, 1847.

959. IL Jane, b. Nov. 19, 1849, d. Feb., i860.

960. m. Sarah Frances, b. June 20, 1852, d. Feb. 7, 1855.

961. IV. Cornelia, b. July 15, 1854.

962. V. Anne Margaret, b. Jan. 25, 1855.

648. Elizabeth Bergen, died when about 18 years of
of age.

649. Mary Louisa Bergen, b. Dec. i8th, 1819; m.
fVilliam Crosley, and resides in the city of New York.

Issue : —

I. Sarah Crosley, b. 1844.

n. Charles Crosley, b. 1846.
in. Frances Crosley.
IV. Thomas Crosley.

y. Benjamin Crosley.
VI. Adele Crosley.

Descendants of ABRAHAM BERGEN (489), of Bloom-
field, N. J. :

650. Sarah Bergen, m. James Smithy of Bloomfield,
and is now a widow, residing in Newark.

Issue : —

I. Garvine Smith.

II. Jannctte Smith.
III. Louis Smith.

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530 Seventh Generation. Descendants of

651. Hetty Bergen, m. (ist), Galispie; m. (2d),

Bartlett^ by whom one child. Reside^ in Bloomfield

and Boston, at which latter place she d.

Issue by ist husband : —

I. Margaret Galispie, now deeeased.

652. Margaret Bergen, m. Kidney^ and is dead.

Resided in Bloomfield.

Issue: —

I. Abraham Kidney.
iL Sarah Kidney.

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Jacop Hansen Bergen. 531


Descendants in the line of JACOB HANSEN BER-
GEN (8), and Elsjie Fredericks Lubbertse Vander Kreest^
of Brooklyn, N. Y., the fourth son of Hans Hansen
Bergen^ the first settler :


30. Hans Jacobse Bergen, bap. May 12th, 1678 ; d.
prior to March, 1749; m. Dec. 14th, 1707, Sarah, dau. of
Jeronimous Rapalie and Annate Denyse, and granddau. of
Joris Janse Rapalie, b. Nov. 4th, 1687.

Owned and resided on a portion of his grandfather Lub-
bertse's patent in South Brooklyn, his land extending to the
head of Freeke's mill pond, and amounting to about 200

His wife Sarah is supposed to have inherited and owned
about 150 acres of the farm at the Wallabout of her grand-
father, Joris Janse Rapalie.

July 17, 1702, "Hans Bergen and Catharine Bergen'*
were witnesses at baptism of Maria, dau. of Cornelis Se-
bring and Aeltje Fredericks, in the Reformed Dutch Church
of New York.

On the census ©f Brooklyn, in 1738, his family is entered
as consisting of two white males above 10, two white males
under 10, and three white females above 10 years of age.
In 1730, he was one of the commissioners of common lands
of Brooklyn, his associates being Hans Machielse Bergen
and John Rapalje.

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632 Third Generation. Descendants of

In the October court of sessions in 1733, a suit of Hans
Bergen (supposed to be this Hans\ for trespass, was pend-
ing, against Thys Van Dyck, claiming .£19 damages.
Thys or Mathys Van Dyck, at this period resided on Red
Hook, Brooklyn, which he bought May 23, 17 12, of the
Van Cortlands.

Among the subscribers for the purchase of a parsonage
in Flatbush for the united Reformed Dutch churches of the
county, Dec. 6, 1 742, appear the names of Hans Bergen
loj., Jacob Bergen loj., Jores Bergen ioj., Michael Ber-
gen 51;, Rachel Bergen 51., Simon de Hart ioj., and Simon
de Hart Junr. 51. (See lib. 5, p. 1 19 of con.. Kings county
register's office.)

His will is dated Sept. nth, 1743, and proved March
1 2th, 1749,* in which he devises to his eldest son Jacob
£25 ; to his wife Sarah the use of his personal and real es-
tate during life ; after the decease of his wife, one-fifth of
his estate to his son Jacob, one-fifth to his dau. Antie, wife
of Garret Cowenhoven, one-fifth to his dau. Elsje, wife of
Rem Remsen, one-fifth to his dau. Catelynte, wife of Mi-
chael Bergen, and one-fifth to his dau. Sarah Bergen.

The following copy of an original paper,* in the archives
of the New York Historical Society, presented by Peter A.
Jay, gives some curious information in relation to the local-
ities occupied by Jacob Hanse and Jores Hanse (two sons
of Hans Hansen Bergen), and by their descendants. The
paper is endorsed :

" Israel Horsfield, ^ n ^ r l * ^

, I ^/ly of what witnesses

On D. of Hans Bergen. ] ^''^ '^^•"

* Recorded in lib. 17, p. 70, office surrogate, New York.

'A copy of this paper is published in Valentine's Manual of the city of New
York, ef 1849, in which, on a careful comparison with the original, a few errors
were found.

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Jacob Hansen Bergen. 533

A .

is iU' •

twu [

of I •»».. * •. .

of th< \ J. ■ ;.i

gin Is 1. •' • v»
of hi> v^iUtiVi .

The triul app<Mi?» r<» h. r . .
records have i^ccji ^c- .1 :» :

*^Gerrit Doirlai'.*: s,uh*'
" at the ferry, and ii\ etJ a* » • .;• ;
" Lubbcrt's land ^.m- j >.•.,.* . k

*' Frederick LubUert>c ' *,..«•.
" bring's mill,-' and it w » i nii;. : . • •
" erick Lubbertsc*^ line was near t :. n ♦
*' Joost Franccy * in pos>tssion of lar.J :: .
*' and Israel (Horsficld) now have ; fen. t > w
^^ about sixty years since he knew thrm , ^ > .

'Judge Chambers d. April 12, 1764, in the v.:* .t N- •

"There was a Gerrit Gerritse DorUndty -jt" B. ■ ..
(ist^i, May 5, 1681, Cornelia De fie voi«e, and m > : . , t .. •
Nuyse, who had a son, Garret.

3 This is evidently an error, I M^' ' •
bring*s mill, and north -^ur')***' <' •■ 1
the head of a small creek, and at ^
ren streets.

*yoost Francey or Frmnsen {or ]
France, emigrated in 1654, took *t.p .
Brooklyn in 1675 for '19 morgcn> nf
£79, total £117; in 1683, t'.u .<
£67, total £95 lOf. He ro. ' t .

and m. (2d), Jan. 30, 1691. A' ^

of Marten &eyersen« Lettcn * . . . , .^^^mcu loi,

June 6, 1695, by Reyne Arianse and Jan Aucke.


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Jacob Hansen Bbrgen. 533

Also endorsed in hand writing of Gov. John Jay, " sec
Remson's Evid. respecting Nutten's Island." Underneath
is the following endorsement by Peter A, Jay : ** The first
two pages of these notes are, I believe, in the hand writing
of John Chambers,' an eminent counsel, afterwards judge
of the supreme court of the colony — the note on the mar-
gin is in the writing of John Jay, his nephew and executor
of his widow.

P. A. JA.Y."

The trial appears to have taken place in 1741, but no
records have been seen throwing light upon its results.

^^ Gerrit Dortlandt' says he is 86 years of age. Was born
" at the ferry, and lived after at Brookland ; knew Frederick
^' Lubbert's land since a boy, says that he knew where
** Frederick Lubbertse lived, which is S. Westward of Se-
^^ bring's mill,^ and it was commonly esteemed that Fred-
^^ erick Lubbertse's line was near to his house. Remember
^^ Joost Francey ^ in possession of land that George Bergen
^^ and Israel (Horsfield) now have ; fences went to the creek,
^^ about sixty years since he knew them ; has now seen the

'Judge Chamber! d. April 12^ 1764, in the city of New York.

"There was a Gerrit Gtrritse Dorlandt^ of Brooklyn, b. in 1 655, who m.
(ist), May 5, 16S1, Cornelia De Bevoise, and m. (2d), Oertruyd Auckei Van
Nuyie, who had a ton. Garret.

3 This is evidently an error, Lubbertse*s house being south-eastward from Se-
bring*s mill, and north-northwest of Freecke*s mill pond, fiirmerly Brower*s at
the head of a small creek, and near the junction of the present Hoyt and War-
ren streets.

4 yo9it Framcey or Frmtstn (or Jooet the Frenchman), probably a native of
France, emigrated in 1654, took the oath of allegiance in 16S7, was assessed in
Brooklyn in 1675 for 19 morgens of land and valley £38 { for personal property
£79, total £117$ in 1683, for 18 morgens £32 loi., for personal property
£67, toul £95 lOf. He m. (ist), Geertruy, dau. of Auke Janse Van Nuyse^
and m. (2d), Jan. 30, 1692, Annetie, dau. of Joris Jansen Rapalie and widow
of Marten Reyersen. Letters of administration on his estate were petitioned for,
June 6, 1695, by Reyne Ariansc and Jan Aucke.


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534 Third Generation. Descendants of

^^ fences and think they stand as then. Remembers Jan
^^ Evertse Bout in possession of Bevois land, was a man of
^^ 75, and married a girl of i6. Says he help't him to make
" his fences ; work't there two years and fences stood as
**• now, was then about 23 years old ; never then heard that
^^ Frederick Lubbertse made any pretension to these lands
" nor any for his right till now."

^^ Maritie Bevois ' says is aged 84 years, near 85, was born
"in New York ; it's last May 63 years since she came to
^^ live at Brookland ; knew Federick Lubbertse lived where
^^ fizns Bergen now lives. Remembers was going to the
** place where Brewer's mill • is now from Brookland by the
^^ house of Lubbertse and saw many little hills in the way
^^ from the house to the mill along the neck and enquired
^^ what the hills were, and was answered by them with her
^^ that it was the Indian corn land ; knows where Mauchon-
"ell3 lived a little below Tommeties; knew the land of
^* George Bergen to have belonged to Maritie Gerritse, or
^^ Ex. She let it to Israel Francey (Maratie Ex.) lived at
** New York. She remembers Francey on it about sixty

' Maritie Bevois^ or De Bevoise^ was probably a dau. of Joiis Remaeny and
m. July 19, 1707, Jooet De Bevoiie, of the Wallabout.

BBrouwer*8 mill.

3 The author of Riker*i Newtown tuggeitB that << Mauchonell ** it intended
for (Mike) Mauc Honell, or AScbael HeinelU, an error in consequence of timi*
larity of sound and shortening of names, easily made by the attorney or clerk in
vrriting out the testimony. Hainelle bought, April 3, 1664, of Claes Jansen
Van Naerden, his patent of Sept. 30, 1 645, located on the East river, between
Frederick Lubbertsen*s and Jan Mange's patents, containing over ai morgeni.
In 1667 he wu clerk of Brooklyn, and in 1 671, the officers of Brooklyn, of
whom at the time he was probably one, petitioned the governor that a certain
vacant swamp, adjoining said town, may be granted to some of the inhabitants
or fenced in, inasmuch as several horses and cows have been smothered and lott
in it. These prembes, formerly belonging to Charles Gabrie it appears, were
confiscated, and the town officers, Jan. 22, 1672, gave bonds for the payment
of the land. Feb. 22, 1675, Derick Jansen Woertman, Ralph Warner, Jero-
nimus Rapalie, and Michel Hainelle petitioned for a patent for these lands.

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Jacob Hansen Bergen. 635

** years ago, that Francey lived on it till Maratie sold it to
" George Hanse, father of George Bergen. Remembers
^^ it to be always in fence, and that the fences stood as they
^^ now stand and the same of the other lotts ; has lived at
^^ Brookland ever since she removed from York as before.

^^ Heard Jeromus Remsen's mother say, that there was
^^ only a small creek between Nutton Island and the shoar,
^^ and that a squah carried her sister over it in a tub ; that
^^ that sister was the first born in this country.'

^^ Says that George Bergen's half-sister * lived at Bevois
^^ place on rent, and had a mind to buy Maratie's Ex. place
^* but was disappointed, and complaining of it with tears
*^ said it was her brother Jacob Hanse Bergen and brother
^^ Michael that were the cause of Jorey's buying it and dis-
^^ appointing her.

^^ Joost Van Bnint,^ aged 77 years and upwards, born and
^^ lived at New Utrecht, says when he was about nine years
^^ old, when the Dutch came to take New York, he came
*^ with his father, mother and brothers in a wagon down the

which they represented to have parchaied of Governor Lovelace. (See vol.
xziUy p. 121, vol. xxxvy pp. 34, 145 tnd 146, English Manuscript, office
secretary of state, Albany.) This swamp was probably the one on the late Van
Nostrand farm at the Wallabout, and HainelU may have obtained land in that
locality on the above application, for his name and that of Hendrike Strokelt
appear on Dominie Van Zauren*8 lists of communicants of the Brooklyn Re-
formed Dutch Church of 1677, as residing at the Wallabout.

' Jeromus Remson*s mother was Jannetie, dau. of Joris Jansen Rapalie \ her
sister Sarah, who married successively, Hans Hansen Bergen and Tunis Gysbertse
Bogaert, was the eldest child of Joris Jansen Rapalie, and reputed to be the first
female bom of Europeans in the country, in which respect the testimony of the
witness agrees with what is generally admitted. According to this vritness, Sarah
was the one carried over in a tub.

"This half sister was one of Sarah Rapalie*8 children, by Bogaert, her second

3 Jooti Van Brunt was one of the sons of Rutgert Joesten Van Brunt, b.
about 1664, d. about 1746, m. April 16, 1687, Aeltie, dau. of Coert Stevense
Van Voorhies, and was a farmer. He held the office of supervisor of New
Utrecht for many years, and that of colonel of the militia.

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536 Third Generation. Descendants of

^^ earn hollow Tommeties, and they said that the other side
*^ of the hollow was Fred. Lubbertse's land. Says that a
^^ great deal of the land is wash't away against Nutten Isl-
*^ and, and it went farther out than now, but can't say how
*^ mutch. Remeoiber to have seen meadow before Sebring's
^^ house, but how far out he knows not ; has seen the fences
^^ at Bergen's and does not remember to have seen them
^^ otherwise than as now. That he was an arbitrator about
^^ dividing the land between Sebring and Bergen about 14
^^ or 15 years ago, and that there was no pretence that lands
^^ in question were part or that they claimed any right there.
"Jeromus Remsen,' aged 77 years, was born about
^^ Brookland, and lived all his days there. Knew Frederick
^^ Lubbertse lived where Hans Bergen now — but had little
^^acquaintance with him — remembers about 55 years ago,
^^ that Jacob Hans Bergen, fether of Lessor, lived at Lub-
^^ bertse's place, that he came to this depon't to get a pr. of
^^ shoes made, that then he told the depon't he had been at
^ York with Maratie Gerretse to ask if she would sell her
^^ place, and that she had said she would, and said that he
(^ was going to his brother George Hansen, at Flatbush, to
^^ get him to buy it ; that George Hansen bought it soon
^^ after and lived there ; that he was there a long time be-
^^ fore the date of the deed ; that deed was only given at
^^ last paym't ; ^ that the year depon't was married, which
^^ was 1688, the said Joris Hanse, being a carpenter, agreed
" to do a job of work for depon't, if depon't would plow for
^^ him, and that depon't did plow for him the very land now
^^ in question, close up to the meadows, that it was then in
" fence and fences stand now in the very place they were
** then. Never heard of any pretence, and says that if he

> Jeromut Remsen wu one of the toni of Rem Jante Vanderbeeck, of the
Wallabout, b. 1664, d. 1750, m. 1688, Catharina, dau. of Coraelia Janie Ber-
tiaiiy and left no male isiue.

'The deed it dated Sept. 13, 1698.

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Jacob Hansen Bergsn. 537

*^ had any he would not have gone to advise his brother ;
" says that he turned his plow ag't the fence of the land of
^^ Bevois, and that fences stood then as now so far as he
^^ thinks. Says that he has heard his mother say she was
*^ carried off Nutten Island by a Squah, and that it was all
^^ sedge and meadow, only a creek between Nutten Island
^^ and Long Island ; his mother's sister was first born in this
^^ country ; its now 1 16 or 117 years since she was bom ;'
^^ his mother was four years younger ; he heard often from
*^ other people that there was but a small creek between
^^ Nutten and Long Island.'

^^ Abraham Lott,3 aged 57, remembers between 30 and
*^ 40 years that fences stand at George Bergen's as now;
^^ says was an arbitrator ; was shown then the will of Fred.
^* Lubbertse, who devised to his own two daughters each
^^ one plantation as then in fence, and to his wife's two sons^
^^ other lotts ; seems pretty sure the words were as then in
^* fence ; heard no discourse of any claim of neighbour's
** knd out of fence.

' From this testimony it appean that Jannetie, dau. of Joris Jansen Rapalie,
who m. Rem Jaiise Vanderbeck, the common ancestor of the Remsens and the
mother of Jeromosy was also carried fi-om Nutten (now Governor*8) Island to
Long Island, by a squaw; that her sister (Sarah) was born about 1625, which
agrees with the recorded date of her birth. Square : from the witness's refer-
ence to his mother's sister Sarah, might it not be inferred that he intended to
be understood that Sarah, and not his mother Jannetie, was the one carried over,
as previously testified to by Maratie Bevoise, and that the tradition referred to
the same person.

" On the margin against this paragraph, is the following in the hand writing
of John Jay : ** his mother carr*dt from Natten to Long Island by a squaw.
Sworn 1 741, at ye Tryal."

3 Abraham Lott was b. Sept. 7, 1684, d. July 29, 1754, m. Nov. 15, 1709,
Catharina, dau. of Elbert Hegeman, and at this period was a farmer residing in
Flatbush, and in 1743, was a representative from the county in the legislature.

* These were Cornelius Consen and Peter Corssen, children of Tryntje Hen-
dricks, the wife of Frederick Lubbertse, by Cornelius Petenon Vroom, her first

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638 Third Generation. Descendants of

^^ Peter Stryker,' aged 44, says that being on a jury of
^^ view about 6 or 7 years ago, Jacob Hanse, father of Hanse
^^ Bergen, said at his house on talking of Worpus, there's
** Worpus,' pointing with his finger thro' his window to the
^^ head of the creek by his garden ; remembers about 30
^^ years the land in fence as now and no claim till within
" this year or two,

" Peter Winans,^ aged 79, born at Bedford, and about 8
^^ or ten years old when he came to live at Brookland ;
^^ knows the land in dispute upwards of sixty years ago, and
^^ believes the fences stand now much as they did then ;
^^ ab't 40 or 45 years ago be went to live at Staten Island ;
*' he remembers Nicholas Baker,* who was husband of Ma-
" ritie Gerretsen, first lived upon the land of George Ber-
^^ gen, and the witness's father and Joost France hired it of
^^ Maritie Gerretsen, or her husband, and his father left it
** to Joost France. He remembers Jan Evertse Bout, who
^^ lived upon the land sold by Carel De Bevoise to Israel,
^^ above 60 years agoe ; he knew Fred. Lubbertse, and never
^^ heard he made any pretense on any of their lotts. Knew
*^ old George Hanse Bergen, father of the present George,

^ Peter Sirycker^ (m written by himself), was b. Feb. 12, 1697, d. Dec. 24,
1776, m. (8up.) May 18, 1720, Jannetie Martens, dau. of Martin Adrianse,
was sherifF of the county in 1736, resided in Flatbush, and was a farmer.

> ** Warpoes ** or Werpoes was a term bestowed on an eminence in the vici-
nity of the present Chatham square, situated near the small lake or pond called
the Kolck, in the city of New York, and was probably the site of an Indiaa
▼illage. This term b stated by Schoolcraft to be apparently a derivation from
Wawbose, a hare. The *< Worpus " pointed out by Jacob Hanse, may alto
have been the site of an Indian village, a large Indian burying ground being
located in the vicinity, where remains were exhumed a few years ago in leveling
the ground for city purposes ; and besides Indian maise lands are referred to in
that region in the early patents.

3 Peter H^inani^ b. in 1662, in Brooklyn, m. Anna Maria , was probably

a son of Winant Pieterse, who obtained, Sept. 30, 1678, from the governor, a
patent for about 24 morgens of upland on Red Hook. Pettr resided in Bedford.

4 Maritie*s husband was Nicholas Janse, baker.

Digitized by


Jacob Hansen Bergen. 639

*^ in possession of the premises above 40 or 45 years agoe,
^^ when France's time was out, and he was often in the
*' house.

^^ Benjamin Van Dewater,' aged 71 years, said he knew
^^ Jan Evertse Bout the son of the patentee ; that he had
*^ heard and understood that the father was owner of both
^^ the place of Bergen * and Debevois, that he made a will
^^ and died before his son was born ; that 63 years ago he
*^ remembers Annetje Pieterson, widow of Jan Evertse Bout
^^ the elder,3 in possession of the land of Carel Debevoise ;
^* they lived on it about 12 years and then let it out.''

* Benjamin Vandevfoter^ bap. Feb. 17, 1669, m. Engeltie Harmamei waa one
of the soni of Jacobua Vandewater and in 1700 sheriflTof KLings county.

*Tbe deed from Maritje Genretse (dated Sept. 13, 1698), to Jores Bergen, in
addition to the plantation patented by Kieft to Gerret Wolphertie Coawenhoveny

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