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Norwegian Order of the North Star, 1873.


Oxford Hon. D.C.L. 1885.
Cambridge Hon. LL.D. 1879.

Rede Lecturer, 1883.
London First M.B. and Gold Medal, 1845.

Examiner in Physiology and Comparative Anatomy,

Member of Senate, 1883.

Edinburgh Hon. LL.D. 1866.
Aberdeen Lord Rector, 1872.
Dublin Hon. LL.D. 1878.
Breslau Hon. Ph.D. and M.A. 1861.
Wiirzburg Hon. M.D. 1882.
Bologna Hon. M.D. 1888.
Erlangen Hon. M.D. 1893.


Royal, 1851; Sec. 1872-81; Pres. 1883-85; Royal Society's
Medal, 1852; Copley Medal, 1888; Darwin Medal, 1894.

Linnean, 1858; Linnean Medal, 1890.

Geological, 1856; Sec. 1859-62; Pres. 1869-70; Wollaston Medal,

Zoological, 1856.

Odontological, 1863.

Ethnological, 1863; Pres. 1868-70.

Anthropological Institute, 1870.

Medico-Chirurgical, Hon. Memb. 1868.

Medical, Hon. Memb. 1873.

Literary, 1883.

* This list has been compiled from such diplomas and letters as I
found in my father's possession.



Pharmaceutical, Silver Medal for Botany, 1842.

Royal College of Surgeons, Member, 1862; Fellow, 1883; Hun-

terian Professor, 1863-69.

St. Thomas's Hospital, Lecturer in Comparative Anatomy, 1854.
British Association for the Advancement of Science, Pres. 1870;

Pres. of Section D, 1866.

Royal Institution, Fullerian Lecturer, 1863-67.
British Museum, Trustee, 1888.


Dublin University Zoological and Botanical Association; Corr.

Member, 1859.

Liverpool Literary and Philosophic Society, Hon. Memb. 1870.
Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, Hon. Memb.


Odontological Society of Great Britain, 1862.
Royal Irish Academy, Hon. Memb. 1874.
Historical Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Hon. Memb.

Royal Society -of Edinburgh, British Hon. Fellow, 1876.

Glasgow Philosophical Society, Hon. Memb. 1876.
Literary and Antiquarian Society of Perth, Hon. Memb. 1876.
Cambridge Philosophical Society, Hon. Memb. 1871.
Hertfordshire Natural History Society, Hon. Memb. 1883.
Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, Hon. Memb. 1886.
New Zealand Institute, Hon. Memb. 1872.

Royal Society of New South Wales, Hon. Memb. 1879, Clarke
Medal, 1880.


International Congress of Anthropology and Prehistoric Archae-
ology, Corr. Memb. 1867.
International Geological Congress (Pres.) 1888.


Academy of the Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Corr. Memb.


Odontographic Society of Pennsylvania, Hon. Memb. 1865.
American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia, 1869.
Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, Hon. Memb. 1873.
New York Academy of Sciences, Hon. Memb. 1876.



Boston Society of Natural History, Hon. Memb. 1877.
National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A., Foreign Associate,

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Foreign Hon. Memb.


A ustria-Hungary

Konigliche Kaiserliche Geologische Reichsanstalt (Vienna),

Corr. Memb. 1860.
K. K. Zoologische-botanische Gesellschaft in Wien, 1865.


Academic Royale de Medecine de Belgique, 1874.
Societe Geologique de Belgique, Hon. Memb. 1877.
Societe d'Anthropologie de Bruxelles, Hon. Memb. 1884.


Gabineta Portuguez de Leitura em Pernambuco, Corr. Memb.

Royal Society of Copenhagen, Fellow, 1876.

Institut Egyptien (Alexandria), Hon. Memb. 1861.


Societe Imperiale des Sciences Naturelles de Cherbourg, Corr.
Memb. 1867.

Institut de France ; " Correspondant ' : in the section of Physi-
ology (succeeding von Baer), 1879.


Microscopical Society of Giessen, Hon. Memb. 1857.

Imperialis Academia Caesariana Naturae Curiosorum (Dres-
den), 1857.

Imperial Literary and Scientific Academy of Germany, 1858.

Royal Society of Sciences in Gottingen, Corr. Memb. 1862.

Royal Bavarian Academy of Literature and Science (Munich),
For. Memb. 1863.



Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences (Berlin), 1865.
Medicinisch-naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft zu Jena, For.

Hon. Memb. 1868.

Geographical Society of Berlin, For. Memb. 1869.
Detitscher Fischerei-Verein, Corr. Memb. 1870.
Berliner Gesellschaft fur Anthropologie, Ethnologic, und Urge-

schichte, Corr. Memb. 1871.
Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Halle, 1879.
Senkenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft (Frankfurt

am M.) Corr. Memb. 1892.


Dutch Society of Sciences (Haarlem), For. Memb. 1877.
Koninklyke Natuurkundige Vereenigung in Nederlandisch-Indie

(Batavia), Corr. Memb. 1880.
Royal Academy of Sciences (Amsterdam), For. Memb. 1892.


Societa Italiana di Anthropologia e di Etnologia, Hon. Memb.

Academia de' Lincei di Roma, For. Memb. (supplementary),

1878, ordinary, 1883.
Reale Academia Valdarnense del Poggio (Florence), Corr.

Memb. 1883.

Societa dei Naturalisti in Modena, Hon. Memb. 1886.
Societa Italiana delle Scienze (Naples), For. Memb. 1892.
Academia Scientiarum Instituti Bononiensis (Bologna), Corr.

Memb. 1893.


Academia Real das Sciencias de Lisboa, For. Corr. Memb. 1874.


Imperial Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg), Corr. Memb.

Societas Caesarea Naturae Curiosorum (Moscow), ordinary

member, 1870, Hon. Memb. 1887.

Societas Medicorum Svecana, Ordinary Memb. 1866.




T. H. Huxley served on the following Royal or other
Commissions :

1. Royal Commission on the Operation of Acts relating to

Trawling for Herrings on the Coast of Scotland,

2. Royal Commission to inquire into the Sea Fisheries of

the United Kingdom, 1864-65.

3. Commission on the Royal College of Science for Ireland,


4. Commission on Science and Art Instruction in Ireland,


5. Royal Commission upon the Administration and Opera-

tion of the Contagious Diseases Acts, 1870-71.

6. Royal Commission on Scientific Instruction and the Ad-

vancement of Science, 1870-75.

7. Royal Commission on the Practice of subjecting Live

Animals to Experiments for Scientific Purposes, 1876.

8. Royal Commission to inquire into the Universities of

Scotland, 1876-78.

9. Royal Commission on the Medical Acts, 1881-82.

10. Royal Commission on Trawl, Net, and Beam Trawl
Fishing, 1884.


A priori reasoning, ii. 223, 296, 406,

Abbott, Dr. E. A., on "Illusions";
correspondence in Times, ii. 280

Aberdeen University, Huxley re-
jected for chair at, i. 86, 116;
Lord Rector of, i. 417.
Rectorial Address at, i. 436 sq.; trans-
lated into German, 438; perils of
writing, 484.

Aberdour, i. 166.

Adamson, Professor, i. 536 sq.

Addresses delivered under difficulties,
i. 444, SOD.

" Administrative Nihilism," i. 384,

Admiralty, parsimony of, in 1846, i.
31 ; their dealings with Huxley,
58, 61, 62, 65 sq., 77-8i, 109, 127.

Advice to would-be writer on scien-
tific subjects, ii. 417.

Agassiz, Alexander, at x Club, i. 279;
visit to, 497.

Agassiz, Louis, and creation, i. 181 ;
on glaciers, i. 440.

Agnosticism, formulated in 1860, i.
233 sq. ; controversy on, ii. 235-
45; restated, 296 sq.

Airy, Sir G. B., P.R.S., ii. 54.

Albert, Prince, at British Association,
i. 166.

Alcohol, use of, ii. 247.

Alford, Dean, and Metaphysical So-
ciety, i. 338.

Allman, Dr. George J., on Huxley's
leading discovery, i. 43, 142;
President British Association,
1879, ii. 6.

America, visit to, i. 493-502; sight of
New York, 494; at Yale, ib.;
friends, 494-98; at Niagara, 498;

visits his sister, 498; at Balti-
more, ib. ; lectures at New York,
501 sq.

American Civil War, i. 271; suggests
article " Emancipation, Black
and White," 283.

Amroth, i. 140.

Anglesey, Marquis of, at Wellington's
funeral, i. in.

Angus, Dr., on School Board, i. 367.

Animal motion, lecture on, i. 165.

Animals and plants, i. 248.

" Animals as Automata," i. 440, 442
sq. ; delivered without notes, 444.

Anthropological Institute founded, i.

Anthropological Society amalgamated
with Ethnological, i. 284; 295.

Anthropologie, Societe d', of Paris, i.
294, 295.

Anthropomorphism, i. 258.

Ape question, at Oxford, i. 192-204;
papers and lectures on, 205 sq.;
Punch squib, 206, 215; at Edin-
burgh, 207 sq. ; leads to ethnologi-
cal work, 212 sq. ; conclusion of,

" Apologetic Irenicon," ii. 318 sq.

Appletons and copyright, i. 305; visit
to, 494.

Arbitration Alliance, letter to, on the
reduction of armaments and the
real causes of war, ii. 396.

Archetype reviewed by H. Spencer, i.

Argyll, Duke of, in Metaphysical So-
ciety, i. 338; on " Law," ii. 168;
reply to, 168; on coral reef theo-
ries, 168-70; further controversy
with, 288.

Aristotle compared with Darwin, i.
515; certain errors attributed to,




ii. i sq. ; estimate of the MSS.
of, ib.

Armstrong, Sir Alexander, at Haslar,
i. 26.

Armstrong, Lord, visits to, i. 325, 494,
513; and a Newcastle society,
ii. 66.

Arnold, M., letters to a lost um-
brella, i. 334; St. Paul and Protes-
tantism, 353; on death of his son,

Arolla, first visit to, ii. 146 sq.', second
visit to, 180 sq.

Aryans, origin of, ii. 286.

Ascidians, new species of, i. 62; Doli-
olum and Appendicularia, 82; on
the structure of, 82; catalogue of,


Ashby, Mr., on sanitary work, ii. 73.
Ashley, Hon. E., Vivisection Bill, i.


Atavism, defence of the word, i. 220.
Athanasian Creed, anecdote, i. 505.
Atheism logically untenable, i. 260,

4435 "' 172.

Athenaeum Club, elected to, i. 161.
Augustan epoch to be beaten by an

English epoch, i. 171.
Automatism, Darwin suggests he

should review himself on, ii. 41.
Auvergne, trip in, i. 420 sqq. ; glacia-

tion in, 422; prehistoric skeleton

at Le Puy, 423.

Babbage, calculating machine, and
the theory of induction, ii. 278 sq.

Bacon, influence of, i. 320; character,
ii. 15.

" Baconian Induction," criticism of,
i. 520 sq. ; Spedding on, 521-23.

Baer, von, influence of, i. 112, 175;
his Copley Medal, 325; his work,
ii. 42.

Bailey, F., at Lynton, ii. 45.

Baillon, led to make fresh observa-
tions through Huxley's gentian
paper, ii. 214.

Bain, Professor A., i. 279, 438.

Balaam-Centaur, i. 486.

Balfour, Right Hon. A., critique on
his Foundations of Belief, ii. 418-

Balfour, Francis, death of, ii. 40;

obituary, 64; likeness to Huxley,
40; looked to as his successor,
41 ; opinion of, 420.

Ball, John, with Huxley at Belfast, i.
445 sq.

Ball, W. Platt, letter to criticises his
Use and Disuse: advice as to
future work, ii. 283.

Baptism, i. 240.

" Barriers, The Three," i. 211.

Barry, Bishop, on Huxley's work on
the School Board, i. 365, 376.

Bastian, Dr. H. Charlton, on spon-
taneous generation, i. 355, 357.

Bateson, Mr., letter to his book On
Variation returns from speculation
to fact: natura facit saltum, ii. 394.

Bathybius, i. 317 sq., ii. 5 sq., 170 sq. ;
not accepted in connection with
Darwin's speculations, 5 n. ; " eat-
ing the leek " about, 5 sq.

Baynes, Thomas Spencer, letters to
Aberdeen Address, i. 438; par-
sons at Edinburgh lectures, 477;
regime for health, 479; arrange-
ments for the Encyclopedia, 483;
articles for Encyclopedia, 483-88;
work on Dick Swiveller's prin-
ciple, 484; handwriting, 484; puts
aside a subject when done with,
485, 487; a Balaam-Centaur, 486;
Dean Stanley's handwriting, 486;
articles between H and L, 488;
sons-in-law, 488; Biology con-
trasted with Criticism, etc., 486;
reports of his American trip,
502; Harvey article, 520.

Beale, Professor, i. 195, 196.

Beaufort, Sir F. (Hydrographer), as-
sistance from, i. 61, 64, 78, 79.

Beaumont, Elie de, contradicted by
nature, i. 401.

Belemnites, on, i. 507, 517.

Bell, Thomas, ready to help, i. 65, 68,
87; as man of science, 102; writes
official statement on the award of
Royal Society Medal to Huxley,
in, 251.

Bence Jones, Dr., kindness of, i. 242;
would make the Fullerian Pro-
fessorship permanent, 314; friend-
ly conspiracy, 400 sq.

Bennett, Risdon, and F.R.S., ii. 119.



Bentham, G., at x Club, i. 279.

Benvenuto Cellini, ii. 92.

Berkeley, i. 262; proposed book on,
ii. 86.

Berkeley, Rev. W. F., mycological
work, i. 356 sq.

Besant, Mrs., exclusion from Univer-
sity College, ii. 61.

Besant, Sir W., Huxley's face, ii.
460 n.

Bible-reading in elementary schools, i.
363, 367-72, ii. 9, 3i8.

Biological teaching, revolutionised, i.
405 sqq. ; Darwin on, 410.

Biology, on the study of, i. 503.

Birds, distention of air-cells in flight,
i. 230 sq. ; investigations into the
structure of, 244; classification of,
306, 307; toothed, proposed lec-
ture on, i. 503; geological his-
tory of, 507.

Birds and reptiles, relations of, i. 316,
323, 362.

Birmingham, address on Priestley, i.
408, 410; opens Mason College,
ii. 14.

Blackie, Professor, goes with, to
Skelton's, i. 512.

Blaythwayt, R., " The Uses of Senti-
ment," ii. 434.

Body, " a machine of the nature of
an army," ii. 35.

Bollaert, i. 217.

Book, a good, and fools, i. 323.

Booth, General, " Darkest England "
scheme, ii. 288; compared to
Law's Mississippi scheme, 288.

Bowman, Sir William, retiring from
King's College, i. 116; death of,

ii- 353-

Bradlaugh, Charles, view of, ii. 61
(cp. i. 347).

Bradlaugh, Miss, exclusion from Uni-
versity College, ii. 61.

Bramwell, Sir F., on technical educa-
tion, i. 509.

Brewster, Sir David, criticism of Dar-
win, i. 209.

Bright, John, speeches, i. 512.

Bristol Channel, report on the recent
changes of level in, i. 154.

British Association, at Southampton:
Huxley's first paper, i. 30.

British Association, at Ipswich, i. 78,

95 sq.

at Belfast, 1852, i. 86.
at Liverpool, 1853, i. 123.
at Aberdeen, i. 166.
at Oxford, 1860, i. 192 sqq.
at Nottingham, i. 298; science in pub-
lic schools ; President Section D, ib.
at Dundee: working men's lecture

delivered by Tyndall, i. 313.
at Norwich: Bathybius, i. 317 sq. ;
"A Piece of Chalk," 319; Dar-
winism, ib.
at Exeter, i. 336.
at Liverpool: Huxley President, i.

356 sq.

at Edinburgh, i. 384.
at Belfast, i. 444 sqq.; address on
Animal Automatism, ib. 445;
paper on Cohimella auris, 446.
committee on vivisection, i. 469.
at Dublin, i. 530; address on An-
thropology, ib.

at Sheffield: Huxley "eats the
leek " about Bathybius, ii. 5 sq.
at York: address on "Rise and
Progress of Paleontology," ii. 36.
at Plymouth, invitation for, ii. 213.
at Oxford, 1894: speech on growing
acceptance of evolution, 51.397-402.
British Museum, Natural History
Collections, i. 172; ex-officio Trus-
tee, ii. 71.

Broca, P., advice as to anthropologi-
cal scheme, i. 295; language and
race, ii. 287.

Brodie, Sir Benjamin, i. 197, 202.
Brodie, Professor (afterwards the sec-
ond Sir B.), i. 195.

Brodie, Rev. P., letter to local mu-
seums, i. 147.

Brodrick, Hon. G., letter to, on

Linacre chair, ii. 32; visit to, 402;

letter to reason for accepting

P.R.S., 56.

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs., meeting with,

i. 498.

Brown, Alfred, South African geolo-
gist, i. 296.

Brown Sequard at Oxford, i. 211.
Browning, his music, ii. 359.
Bruce, John, visit to, i. 476; in Edin-
burgh, 512.



Bruny Island, i. 54.

Bryson, Dr., i. 104.

Buchner, L., i. 217.

Buckland, Frank, succeeds as Fishery
Inspector, ii. 21.

Buckland, Mrs., discovers an Echino-
derm, i. 136.

Buffon, on style, i. 319; appreciation
of, ii. 42, 431.

Bunbury, Sir C., i. 182.

Bunsen, i. 112.

Burnett, Sir William, Director-Gen-
eral Navy Medical Service, inter-
views with, i. 25, 27, 64; letter
to, 79.

Burns, John, and poem on Tennyson,
ii. 360.

Burton, Edward, letter to advice
against building disregarded, i.
412, 414.

Busk, G., stays with, i. 122, 135; on
Snowden with, 155; joint trans-
lation of Kolliker, 171 ; also i.
240, 241, 243, 276, 277; x Club,
ii. 128.

Butler's Analogy, i. 259, ii. 16.

Cabanis, i. 262.

Cairns, Professor, i. 227.

Calcutta, museum appointment, i. 325.

Calvinism in science, i. 352.

Campbell, Professor Lewis, letters to
value of Mariner's testimony
about the Tongans, ii. 132; Ox-
ford British Association, 1894,
stronghold of the priesthood in
opposing scientific method, 402.

Campbell, Mrs. L., letter to hybrid
gentian on a nameless island in
Sils Lake, ii. 402.

Canaries, trip to, ii. 266-73.

Cardwell, Lord, vivisection question,
i 470-72.

Carlyle, influence of, i. 9, 14, 16, 296,
297, ii. 36, 285; Edinburgh LL.D.
with Huxley, i. 296; hatred of
Darwinism, 297; death of, ii. 36.

Carlyle, Mrs., saying about Owen, ii.

Carnarvon, Lord, Vivisection Bill, i.


Carpenter, Rev. Estlin, letter to ac-
knowledges his book, The First

Three Gospels: historical basis of
Christianity; comparison of Naz-
arenism with Quakerism, ii. 282.
Carpenter, W. B., approves of his
views, i. 100 ; support for F.R.S.,
104; dealings with, about the
Registrarship of London Univer-
sity, 121 ; at his marriage, 140;
Examiner at London University,
159; at Lamlash Bay, 166; and
Bathybius, 318.

Carus, Victor, corresponds with, i.
162; also 174, 217; takes Wyville
Thomson's lectures in 1874, 475.

Casino, Prince of, at British Asso-
ciation, Ipswich, i. 97, 98.

Cassowary, rhyme, ii. 356.

Cats, love for, i. 57.

Cavendish, Lord F., assassination of,
ii. 48.

Cell theory, review of, i. 152.

Celt question, i. 349 sq.

Challenger expedition, and Bathybius,
i. 318; some results of, 475.

Chamberlain, Right Hon. Joseph,
asked to Royal Society dinner,
ii. 65, 66.

Chambers, Robert, at Oxford, 1860, i.
193, 202.

Chamisso, quoted, i. 51.

Chandler, Dr., apprenticed to, i. 16,

Chapman, the publisher, i. 131.

Cherubim, and terrestrial creation, i.
336 .

Chess player, nature compared to a
hidden, i. 320.

Chichester, Bishop of, on Huxley's
search after the Ur-gentian, ii.

Christian dogmas, i. 260.

Christianity, " development " of, ii.
2 39 SQ-j 243 sq.; demonology of,
239; historical basis of, 277; com-
parison with Quakerism, 283.

Chrystal, Professor, to help in Men
of Science Series, i. 535.

Church Army, answer to appeal for
subscription to, ii. 416.

Church, Established, and our simian
origin, ii. 406.

Churchill, the publisher, i. 92.

City and Guilds Institute, i. 508 sq.



City Companies and education, i. 509
sq., ii. 54.

Clark, Sir Andrew, M.D., at Haslar
i. 26; successful treatment by,
402, 477, ii. 442; meets on return
from Italy, ii. in; advises re-
tirement, 112; on Clifford's ill-
ness, i. 537; election as F.R.S.,
ii. 118, 119.

Clark, Sir J., help from, i. 86.

Clark, J. W., Master of the Salters'
Company, letter from education,
ii. 54.

Clarke, Hyde, letters to Ashantee
War and ethnology: Huxley no
longer attending to anthropolo-
gy, i. 434; aim of Genesis con-
troversy, ii. 126.

Clarke, Legros, evolution and the
Church, ii. 60 n.

Clayton, W. P., letter to moral duty
and the moral sense: influence
of Franklin and Fox compared,

ii. 325-

Clergy and physical science, i. 330.

Clericalism, ii. 249, 401.

Clerk Maxwell, to help in Men of
Science Series, i. 535 sq.

Clifford, W. K., i. 279, 338, ii. 3; his

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