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Sylvester, Professor, i. 15:.

Tait, Professor, reconciliation with
Tyndall, i. 313; makes Huxley
play golf, 390.

Taylor, Miss H., criticism of " Ad-
ministrative Nihilism," i. 396.

Taylor, Canon Isaac, language and
race, ii. 287.

Taylor, Robert, Christianity compared

to Babism, ii. 242.
Letter to success of Christianity
and the story of Christ, ii. 243.

Teachers, lectures to, i. 406 sq., 510.

Technical Education, address on, i.
507; continuation of his work on
the School Board, ib. ; Report to
the Guilds, 508; engineers the
City and Guilds Institute, ib. ;
supply of teachers, 509; speech at
the Society of Arts, ib. ; build-

ings, ib. ; letter on his aims, 510;
relation of industry to science, ii.
160; Imperial Institute, ib. sq.;
letters to Times, 162 sqq. ; cam-
paign interrupted by pleurisy,
165; at Manchester in the au-
tumn, 190-93.

Technical education in agriculture, ii.

Teeth, writes on, i. 151.

Tegumentary organs, article on, i. 151.

Teleology, i. 489 sq. ; see also s.v. De-
' Tenax propositi," i. 81, 142.

Tenby, survey work at, i. 122; fossil
forest at, 140.

Tennessee, on the geology of, i. 499.

Tennyson, " Ode on Wellington," i.
ii ; in Metaphysical Society, 337,
338: death of, ii. 358; visits to,
ib. ; scientific insight of, 358, 359;
his talk, 359; insensibility to mu-
sic, ib. ; on Browning's music, ib. ;
funeral, ib. ; poem on, 360, 361.
Letter to thanks for " Demeter " :
envies his vigour, ii. 257.

Tenterden, Lady, at Lynton, ii. 45.

Tethea, on the anatomy of, i. 81.

Theism, philosophical difficulties of,

ii. 153-

Theological doctrines, truth under-
lying, ii. 321, 322.

Theology, sentimental, ii. 322.

Thompson, Archbishop, on modern
thought and positivism, i. 321;
and Metaphysical Society, 338.

Thompson, Sir Henry, on Clifford's
illness, i. 537.

Thomson, John, surgeon on the Rat-
tlesnake, i. 32, 34.

Thomson, Joseph, description of Hux-
ley's lectures at Edinburgh, i.


Thomson, Sir W. (Lord Kelvin),
reconciliation with Tyndall, i. 313.

Thomson, Sir Wyville, and Bathyb-
ius, i. 318; his course at Edin-
burgh taken by Huxley, 475, 480;
criticism of Darwin, ii. 15.

Thorpe, Professor, and new Univer-
sity scheme, ii. 331.

Thought, as a " function " of the
brain, ii. 299.



Times, review of the Origin in, i. 189.
Title, rumoured acceptance of, ii. 74.
Titles, for men of science, i. 386 (cp.

ii. 175)-

Todd, Dr. R. B., gives up professor-
ship at King's College, i. 116.

Todd's Cyclopedia, writes for, i. 151.

Tollemache, A., at x Club, i. 279.

Tomes, Sir John, ii. 149.

Toronto, stands for professorship at,
i. 83, 85, 86, 87, 108, 116.

Training colleges, sectarian, ii. 166.

Trevelyan, Sir C., Under-Secretary
Treasury, i. 79.

Treviranus, not studied by Huxley
before 1859, i. 180.

Trigonia, on the animal of, i. 81.

Truth, transatlantic discovery of, ii.
47; Huxley a fanatic for, 49 (cp.
298), 427.

Tug, story of, "ii. 433.

Tulloch, Principal, i. 400.

Turner, W., an appointment to Cal-
cutta Museum, i. 325.

Tyndall, Mrs., letters to duties of a
married daughter, ii. 8; forgetful-
ness, 37; an invitation to lunch,

Tyndall, John, rejected, like Huxley,
at Toronto, i. 85; Physics for
Saturday Review, 151; joint paper
on Glacier Ice, 155; joins School
of Mines, 168; on Committee of
the Reader, 227; in Wales with, 233,
242; takes Waverley Place house,
242; favourite problem in molecu-
lar physics, 249; and x Club, 278,
281, ii. 128; receives Edinburgh
LL.D. with Huxley, i. 296; joins
in drawing up scheme of science
teaching in schools, 331, 332; in
Metaphysical Society, 338; pres-
entation to, at Liverpool, 360; dis-
cussion with B. Sanderson, 516; a
constant New Year's guest, 518;
action of Association of Liberal
Thinkers, i. 3; vigour of, 174;
visit to, 305; death of, 390, 391.
Letters from unable to join in trip
to the Eifel, i. 353; on clerical
attacks, 361; on proposed visit to
India, 381 .; on opposition to
his Presidency of the British As-

sociation, 432; wasted sympathy,

Letters to Toronto, i. 85; elected
F.R.S., ib. ; on a London career,
123; science reviews in Westmin-
ster, 130, 131; letter from col-
leagues in England, 137; at his
marriage, 140; the Brenon: end
of Swiss trip, 158; on joining
School of Mines, 168; friendship,
ib.; a "madcap" Alpinist, 172;
on Jamaica affair, 304; on work-
ing-men's lecture at British Asso-
ciation: reconciliation with Thom-
son and Tait, 313, 314; resignation
of Fullerian lectureship, 314; re-
signing lectureship at School of
Mines, 327; Liverpool British As-
sociation, 336; an electrical dis-
turbance, 354; his lecture at Liver-
pool meeting of British Associa-
tion, 360; a letter to Nature: his
breakdown, 393; trip to Egypt:
ascent of Vesuvius, 398; the new
teaching of biology: Hooker's
affair, 408; ill-health, and the fine
air of St. John's Wood: Tyndall's
visit to America, 411; a loan, 415;
possibility of marriage, ib. ; the
New Year in the new house, 418;
Tyndall's " English accent " :
character of Hirst, 419; Lord
Rector of Aberdeen, ib. ; tour in
Auvergne, 420; controversy about
Forbes: walks with his young
son, 426; receives Order of the
Pole Star, 427; opposition to his
Presidency of the British Asso-
ciation: a letter at high tempera-
ture, 432; Blauvelt's " Modern
Skepticism," 433; the Forbes con-
troversy, 440; British Associa-
tion at Belfast, 441; excuses for
undertaking unnecessary work,
ib. ; subject of Belfast address,
442; Spinoza memorial: pay at
Edinburgh, 480; possible sons-in-
law, 481 ; examines micro-organ-
isms, 482; offers to lecture for:
" bottled life," 519; on his daugh-
ter's recovery, 529; to take Boyle
in English Men of Science
Series, 537; own capacity as an



editor: Clifford's illness, ib.; begs
him to avoid " avalanches of
work," 538.

Friendship and criticism, apro-
pos of science review in Nine-
teenth Century, ii. 18; a confes-
sion, 66; dinner in honour of,
177, 178; Lord Granville's sar-
castic sweetness, 178; confused
with him in the popular mind,
274; Tennyson's funeral, 359, 360;
effect of influenza, 377; addresses
at Oxford: dying by inches, 378.

" Universities, Actual and Ideal," i.
436 sq.

University, Johns Hopkins, address at:
"Trustees have sometimes made a
palace and called it a university,"
i. 499; ideal of, ii. 327-30; govern-
ment by professors only, 331 n.

Use-inheritance, disbelief in, ii. 285;
in plants, ib.

Variation, the key to the Darwinian
theory, i. 245.

Varigny, H. de, letters to his essays
translated into French: love of
his native tongue, ii. 308; later
volume not interesting to French
public: experimental proof of
specific infertility, 309.

Vermes, a zoological lumber-room, i.
63, 142.

Vestiges of Creation, i. 179, 180.

Vesuvius, ascent of, i. 400.

Virchow, Professor (in Huxley lec-
ture), influence of the Rattlesnake
voyage, i. 60; on Huxley's ethno-
logical work, 213; at Medical
Congress, ii. 35.

Vivisection, i. 459 sqq. ; Lord Shaftes-
bury's charges, 460 sq. ; W. E.
Forster and South Kensington
lectures, 462 sq.; personal feelings
on, 466, 472, 473; Bills, 469 sq.,
473; fox-hunting legislators, 470;
experiment and original research,
471; Commission on, 472; Harvey
article, 518, 523.

Vogt, Karl, i. 176.

Von Willemoes Suhm and Ceylon
Museum, i. 404.

Wace, Dr., attacks agnosticism, ii.
235 sq.

Wales, H.R.H. Prince of, admitted to
Royal Society, ii. 42; unveils Dar-
win statue, 121.

Walker, Alfred, letter to local mu-
seums, i. 147.

Walking, his holiday recreation, i. 155,
241, 242.

Wallace, A. R., starts Darwin, i. 171,
178, 182; Civil List pension, ii. 15.
Letter from friendship with Hux-
ley, ii. 432.

Waller, Mrs. F. W., letters to num-
bers at Edinburgh lectures: sug-
gests a new friend, i. 478; Afghan
War of 1878: Indian Empire a
curse, 524; avoidance of con-
gresses, 530; acceptance of P.R.S.,
ii. 58; portrait at the Royal
Academy: family news, 68; loss
of her child, 136; a Christmas
function, 457.

Walpole, Sir Spencer, ii. 23 sq., 31;
on Huxley as Fishery Inspector,
23-29; kindness from, in Italy,
1 06, 1 08.

Walpole, Sir Spencer H., Vivisection
Bill, i. 469.

Ward, Dr., his former examiner,
passed over in favour of Huxley
for Royal Society, i. 104.

Ward, T. H., visit to, ii. 256.

Ward, Mrs. T. H., letter to thanks
for Robert Elsmere, ii. 206.

Ward, W., table-talk of Huxley, espe-
cially on the Foundations of Be-
lief, ii. 418; other reminiscences
of his talk, 453, 455.

Ward, W. G., in Metaphysical So-
ciety, i. 338, 340; saying about
Mill's opinions, 347.

Warwick, lectures at, i. 165.

Water Babies, The, i. 206; letter to
his grandson about, ii. 461.

Waugh, Rev. Benjamin, impression of
Huxley on the School Board, i.
377 sq.

Welby, Lady, letters to life com-
pared to a whirlpool : human
tendency to make idols, ii. 72;
" devil's advocate " to H. Spen-
cer, 73; speculation and fact, 173;



truthfulness in science and re-
ligion, 226.

Welcker, Dr. H., on his ethnological
work, i. 294.

Weldon, Professor, letters to ideal of
a modern university, ii. 327; or-
ganisation of new university, 334.

Wellington, Duke of, funeral, i. in;
on speaking, 319.

Westlake, John, Q.C., a working-
men's meeting, ii. 434.

Westminster Review, writes for, i. 92,
129, 231.

Whales, i. 298.

Whewell, History of Scientific Ideas, i.

Wilberforce, Bishop, on Darwinism,
i- 193-95, 197, 199, 200, 203, 211,
217, 238.

Winmarleigh, Lord, on Vivisection
Commission, i. 472.

Withers, Rachel, mother of T. H.
Huxley, i. i. (Sec Huxley.)

Witness, the, on the Ape question, i.
208 sq. , 212.

Wollaston, T. V., and species, i. 182.

Women, medical education of, i. 416,
448; in public life, ii. 411.

Women's education, i. 228, 283, 448,


Woodward, S. P., and geological
amateur, i. 296.

Working-Men's College, i. 149 (Lec-
tures. See Lectures) ; ii. i ; ad-
dress at, on " Method of Zadig,"

Working-Men's Institute, i. 507.

Wright, Dr., editor of Natural History
Review, i. 225, 272.

x Club, founded, i. 277; history, 280-
82; compared to The Club, 280;
jealousy of, ii. 120; gaps in, 128.

Yale, fossils in museum, i. 494 sq., 501-


Youmans, Dr., at x Club, i. 279; meet-
ing with, 305.

Young, Lord, dines with, ii. 31.

Yule, Commander, succeeds Owen
Stanley, i. 61.

" Zadig, Method of," ii. 14.
Zoological Gardens, i. 507.
Zoological Society, i. 106.


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