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absurd one possible. It is a foolish imagination to suppose
that Agnosticism can ever become the religion of youth. Per-
sonally I am of the opinion that those who are thoroughly im-
bued with the spirit of Christianity possess a goodness of feel-
ing and instinct, and a purity of morality, and a degree of cour-
age and consolation in darker hours, as well as a joy in life and
a fearlessness in death, that cannot be found elsewhere."

At the same time, Prof. Jeager declaimed against Church
dogmas, particularly against the orthodox doctrine of Hell (ut
sine fine crucientur. Augustana XVII) and the doctrines of
the absolute divinity of Christ, and the Trinity. He tried to
preserve something more than mere manhood for Christ, as
over against the rationalists. Christ to him is the ideal and
therefore the divine Man. In his address Prof. Jeager showed
strong traces of the influence of the Swedish thinker Victor

His address had no sooner been made public than it was
violently attacked, particularly his attitude toward the Luth-
eran Confession. The conflict has been made more intense
by the issue of two writings on Old Testament criticism, the
one by Faerden, on the Old Testament in the light of more re-


cent investigation, and the other by Prof. Michelet, on Old
Sanctuaries in a New Light. Both works are popular presen-
tations of Wellhausen. Faerden writes with thrilling convic-
tion and in a glittering style. Faerden is one of the most
highly respected clergy of Norway, and Michelet, who seeks
to bring out the devotional power inherent in the new views,
is the only Old Testament professor in the University. Bishop
Heuch, whom we have already noticed at length in an article
of this Review as the head of the Conservative tendency, died
on the 3d of February in this last year.

IT was our intention to indicate the development of theo-
logical literature, in its characteristic publications, during
the year, but its discussion will have to be postponed, for
the present at least, from lack of space.

AS we take a parting glance, perhaps for the last time, at
the events, issues, struggles, Providences, calamities,
tendencies, developments and advances, and warnings
of the year 1904, realizing that great men have fallen all along
the line, and that our day and generation has already made a
perceptible inroad on the reserves of opportunity accorded to
the Twentieth Century, it behooves us to stand in our faith,
earnest in spirit, lifting up the hands which hang down, and
the feeble knees, and to run with patience the race that is set
before us, looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our
faith, that the name of our Lord may be glorified in us, and
we in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord
Jesus Christ.



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Online LibraryTheodore E[manuel] SchmaukThe year of our Lord, 1904; a survey of the world → online text (page 11 of 11)