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Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 online

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2. Herbert Willard Jones, b. July 7, 1882.

3. Pearl Nida Jones, b. July 20, 1887.

III. Sarah Adaline Burt, b. Aug. 30, 1852 ; m. Peter H.

Nichols. Child :
I. Roy Leon Nichols, b. in East Saginaw, Mich., March 21, 1887.

IV. Marcus Luther Burt, b. July 6, 1854 ' "^- lo'^^ Becker

of Bridgeport, Mich. They have six children. They
are farmers at Bridgeport. They were all b. in Bridge-
port :

1. Evaline Ellen Burt, b. Dec. 20, 1876.

2. Marcus Luthur Burt, b. Sept. 22, 1878.

3. Alice Mabel Burt, b. Feb. 28, 1881.

4. Chelcius Otis Burt, b. March 12, 1883.

5. Glynn Malcom Burt, b. Nov. 23, 1885.

6. Ward B. Burt, b. Jan. 15, 1888.

V. Charles Henry Burt, b. July 6, 1856; m. Lizzie
Hacket. He d. in Jackson, Mich., March 6, 1883.
Child :
I. Clarence Burt, b. Jan., 1883 ; d. May 10, 1883, aged 4 months.
VI. Anna Rebecca Burt ; m. Frank E. Richards, con-
ductor on the Michigan Central R. R. They reside in
Grainling, Mich. Children :

1. Edwin Frank Burt, b. in Detroit, Mich., Dec. 13, 1876.

2. Charles Henry Burt, b. in Detroit, Aug. 8, 1879.

3. Harrie Madison Burt, b. in West Bay City, Mich., Sept. 7,

VII. WiLLARD Elmer Burt, b. Sept. i, 1864.
East Saginaw, Mich.



VIII. Mary Ellen Burt ; d. April 9, 1871.

6. Justin Burt, b. May 7, 1816; m. in Goshen, Vt., Feb. 6,

184s, Ntincy White, dau. of Jesse and Nancy White. He d.
May 14, 1891, aged 75. He was a farmer. He lived upon
the old Burt homestead in Peru. All the children were b. in
Andover, Vt. :

I. Luther J. Burt, b. Aug. 18, 1847; ^- "^ Andover,

Vt., Sept. 12, 1854.
II. DoRiNDA V. Burt, b. Oct. 30, 1849. Resides in Peru,

III. Elwin Burt, b. May 17, 1851 ; d. in Andover, Vt.,

June 8, 1852.

IV. Susie E. Burt, b. Feb. 2, 1857 5 m. Newton Lakin.

Resides in Peru, Vt.
V. Elwin L. Burt, b. June 8, 1864 ; m. Nellie Wyman.

7. Sarah Burt, b. March 20, 181 8.

8. Mary Ann Burt, b. Sept. 18, 1819; d. March 23, 1827.

9. Ezra B. Burt, b. Dec. 22, 1821 ; m. Feb. 6, 1855, Clarissa,

b. in Salisbury, Vt., Oct. 27, 1827, dau. of Henry and
Abigail Alexander. He is a farmer of Salisbury, Vt. He
is also Overseer of the Poor. Children :

I. Augustus E. Burt, b. Sept. 26, 1854.

II. Ellen A. Burt, b. Dec. 2, 1856.

III. Hatty Burt, b. Aug. 6, 1865.

IV. Goshen M. Burt.

10. Jonathan Burt, b. Nov. 22, 1823 ; d. Sept. 13, 1826.

68. Nancy Parker (Philemon,^ Jonas, ^Andrew,'' John,^
Hanamah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Philemon and Susan (Stone?)
Parker, b. Sept. 28, 1786; m. Timothy Wyman.

Their children were :

1. Emory Thomas Wyman, b. July 28, 1803 ; m. Martha Davis.

2. Emeline Wyman, b. Sept. 30, 1807 ; m. Heman Wright.

3. Jonas Wyman, b. Aug. 6, 181 2 ; d. in infancy.

4. SuzAN Ann Wyman, b. Nov. 4, 1814; m. Ebenezer Cary of


5. Carlton Wyman, b. March 29, 1S17.

6. Joseph Parker Wyman, b. in Swanzey, N. H., Aug. 4, 1818 ;

m. Eunice L. Keith, b. Oct. 8, 1817, dau. of Samuel of
Springfield, Vt. She d. in Springfield, Vt., May 27, 1885,


aged d*] years. He resides in North Springfield, Vt,, is a
carpenter and farmer. Children :
I. Frederick A. Wyman, b. July 22, 1847 ; d. May 29,

II. Charles E. Wyman, b. Sept. 9, 1848. Resides in
Cavendish, Vt. He is section master on C. V. R. R.
He m. Margaret Morgan and has one son.

III. Royal E. Wyman, b. June 19, 1851. Resides in Per-

kinsville, Vt. He m. Annie Pike of Weathersfield,
Vt., and has two sons and three daughters.

IV. George K. Wyman, b. March 22, 1856; m. Eliza J.

Rumrill of Springfield, Vt. He is a farmer and has*

one dau.
V. Lizzie C. Wyman, b. Aug. 22, 1857; d. Sept. 12, 1863.
VI. James L. Wyman, b. Oct. 22, 1859; "^- Lottie I.

Morgan of Springfield, Vt., and has one dau.

7. Calvin Wyman, b. Oct. 22, 1820; m. Millie Reed 1

of Chester, Vt. i t, .

8. Luther Wyman, b. Oct. 22, 1820; m. Elizabeth

Grant of Hardwick, Mass. J

9. John Densmore Wyman, b. Aug. 20, 1822 ; m. Susan Foster

of Rutland, Vt.

69. Luther Parker (Philemon,^ Jonas, ^ Andrew,'^
yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Philemon and Susan
(Stone) Parker, was b. (twin with Calvin), April 7, 1796;*
m. Jan. i, 1822, Dolly Byam of Templeton, b. July 6, 1804,
d. March 26, 1870. They settled in Chester, Vt., where he
was a farmer. He d. in Chester, Oct. 3, 1840, aged 44 years.

All the children were b. in Chester :

George F. Parker, b. Dec. 31, 1822 ; d. Sept. 2, 1823.

Martha A. Parker, b. Dec. 10, 1S24; m. May 28, 1845, Oscar

W. Spalding, b. in Cavendish, Vt., Nov. 7, 1822. She d. March

18, 1880, leaving no issue.

175. Susan M. Parker, b. March 10, 1826 ; m. Horace Thomp-
son in Chester.

176. LucixDA A. Parker, b. June 3, 1827 ; m. Josiah Ayers of
Windham, Vt.

*The records of Princeton show the births of Luther and Calvin. How-
ever, family tradition say that they were b. in Billerica, Mass. It may be
that the Princeton record was only a transfer.


Luther Parker, b. March i, 1829; d. June 30, 1833.

George Parker, b. Nov. 7, 1830; m. Oct. 19, 1854, Augusta A.

Morrison, b. in Chester, Vt., March 11, 1835. He is a farmer

and resides in Chester. No issue.

177. Sarah S. Parker, b. June 21, 1840; m. Alvin VV. Davis.

70. Calvin Parker (Philemon,^ Jonas,^ Andrew,^
yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Philemon and Susan
(Stone) Parker (twin to Luther;, was b. April 7, 1796.
When ten years of age he went to live with his father's
cousin, Dea. Ebenezer Parker of Princeton, where he re-
mained as one of the family for many years. Then he
removed to Chester, Vt., where his brothers had already
settled. He was known for his honest, upright integrity and
frugality, and his keenness of perception. He and Luther
looked so near alike that many could not tell them apart.
They were very good looking men. In Chester the brothers
lived within two miles of each other, all being good livers, but
not wealthy. They were all industrious farmers, but none
of them professed Christianity. He m. at age of 31, May 8,
1827, Seba, dau. of Silas and Olive (Holbrook) Cutler, b.
June 19, 1806, d. July 12, 1879. ^^ ^- Sept. 4, 1881, aged

Their children were :

178. Marv Ann Parker, b. July 21, 1828 ; m. Silas F. Baldwin.

179. Olive A. Parker, b. Nov. 5, 1829; m. Silas J. Smith.
William A. Parker, b. June 16, 1832 ; d. Aug. 9, 1833.

180. Fannie E. Parker, b. April 18, 1835 ; m. Calvin W. Bates.

71. John Parker ( Philcnwn,'^' yonas^^ Andrew.,^ yo/iJi,i
//auania/i,^ T/wmas'J, son of Philemon and Susan (Stone)
Parker, was b. in Princeton, June 11, 1798: m. Ellen John-
son, b. Feb. 14, 1802, d. Feb. 17, 1865, dau. of Asa and
Ellen Hall Johnson. The \' settled in Chester, Vt. He was
a farmer. He d. in Chester, Feb. 6, 1874.

Their children were :

181. James Parker, b. in Chester, Dec. 14, 1825 ; m. Sophia

Susan Parker, b. in Chester, June 14, 1831 ; d. March 14, 1872.


72. Lucinda Parker (Amos,^ Amos,^ Andrew,^ 'John^^
Hanatiiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Amos and Lucy (Robinson)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston ; m. July 23, 1793, Nathaniel
Bangs of Barre. He was a neighbor of Artemas Parker of
that town. They continued to live upon their farm in Barre
until 1795, when they sold out to Amos Parker and removed
to Putney, Vt. She d. Feb. 2, 1803, leaving these children:

1. Amos Parker Bangs, b. Dec. 25, 1794; m. and removed to

Cambridge, Vt. He had two children, who are now Mrs.
Elvira Gilmore of Hyde Park, Vt., and Nathaniel Bangs of
Hardwick, Vt.

2. Azariah Bangs, b. Dec. 7, 1797 ; m. and settled in Bakersfield,

Vt., and has five -children living:

Mrs. Louisa Gaugd, of East Evans, N. Y.

Mrs. Marietta Cableigh, of East Evans, N. Y.

Mrs. Adaline Holbrook, of Elmore, Vt.

Wm. Henry H. Bangs, of Elmore, Vt., who has three

Mrs. Orilla M. Graves, of Springfield, Mass.

3. Lysander Bangs, b. Jan. 15, and d. Jan. 22, 1S03.

73. Joseph Parker (Amos,^ Amos,^ Andrew,'^ yokn,i
Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Amos and Lucy (Robinson)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston (1772?) ; m. Feb. 21, 1791,
Relief Earle of Paxton, b. Sept. 12, 1778, dau. of Lt. Oliver
and Mary (Earle) Earle of Paxton. This Oliver Earle's line
was William, 5 William, + Ralph ,3 William, ^ Ralph,' the emi-
grant ancestor. He was the common ancestor of a very large
number of descendants of this illustrious name. He was a
Rhode Island settler; an intelligent and prominent man.
Oliver Earle lived in Paxton in the house still standing just
north of the old William Earle or Joseph Penniman place.
Oliver was a private in the company of minute men, who
under the command of Capt. Phineas Moore " marched on the
alarm, the 19th of April, 1775, from Paxton to Cambridge."
He was afterwards lieutenant.

Joseph and Relief Parker removed about 1804 to Bakers-
field, Vt. He accompanied his brother Amory and family, to
whence their uncle Joseph Baker, Esq., awaited them. It is
related on page 102 how Esquire Baker founded the town of


Bakersfield, and how his settlement there was quickly fol-
lowed by his son-in-law Elisha Parker and Elisha's brothers
Joseph and Amory.

The wife. Relief (Earle) Parker, d. in Bakersfield, June 2,
1854. He was a farmer. He was a resident of Bakersfield
until his death, which occurred Jan. i, 1861.

Their children were :

182. Amos Earle Parker, b. Feb. 26, 1802 ; m. Matilda Con-
verse of Bakersfield.

183. Mary Robinson Parker, b. Jan. 5, 1S04; ^^- Matthew
Gray of Bakersfield.

184. Joseph Sumner Parker, b. Oct. 27. 1S06 : m. Hall.

Sophia Bigelow Parker, b. April 11. 1808; m. Dorastus Wright.

They left no issue.

185. Euridicia E. Parker, b. April 25, 181 1; m. Michael
French of Barre, Vt.

186. Frederick Appleton Parker, b. June 14, iSr3; m.
Caroline Maxson of Squankum. N. J.

187. Betsey Lorinda Parker, b. Dec. 10, 1S18; m. Oliver F.
Stebbins of Bakersfield, Vt.

74. Sylvester Parker (Amos,^ Amos,^ Andrew,* yo/in,^
Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Amos and Lucy (Robinson)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, May 31, 1774; removed to
Vermont, and m. Feb. 6, 1800, Alice Davis, b. in Athens, Vt.,
June 7, 1778. They soon settled in Westminster, Vt., where
they passed 20 years and where their children were born.
Removing from Westminster the family settled in Lyndon,
Vt., then in Derby, Vt., and finally in Westfield, Vt. She d.
in Westfield, Aug. 28, 1838, aged 60 years, 2 months and 21
days. He d. at Troy, Vt., Dec. 8, 1843, at the age of 69
years, 6 months and 8 days.

Their children were :

188. Amos Parker, b. Dec. 29, 1800; m. Lorinda Fairbanks.

189. Joel D. Parker, b. Oct. 9, 1802 ; m. Lucy Wyman of
Barnstead, P. Q.

HoLLis Parker, b. March 9, 1806; d. Dec. 10, 1827.

190. Alice Parker, b. June 22, 1808; m. Henry Coburn.

191. Amory Parker, b. April 15, iSii ; ni. Susan Gilman of
Lyndon, Vt.



192. Lucy Parker, b. May 24, 1813 ; m. John Alexander.

193. Rhoena Parker, b. July 24, 1815 ; m. Silas Howe.
Rhuhamah Parker, b. July 5, 1817 ; m. Alexander Coburn. They

are both deceased and left no issue.

194. Samuel W. Parker, b. Dec. 27, 1820; m. Harriett Field
of Bakersfield, Vt.

75. Patty Parker (Amos,^ Amos,^ Andreiu,^ yohn,^
Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Amos and Lucy (Robinson)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston ; m. Felton and re-
moved to Vermont.

They had one son :

I. Horatio Felton.

76. Dana Robinson Parker (Amos,^ Amos,^ Andrew,'^
John^^ Hananiah^^ Thomas^), son of Amos and Lucy (Rob
inson) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, Nov. 4, 1781 : m.
Nov. 19, 1806, Sarah, dau. of John and Sarah Davis Williams
of Hubbardston. He succeeded to the homestead, where, in
the west part of the town, he lived nearly the whole of his life.
He was well educated, thoughtful and religiously inclined ; a
diligent student of the Bible, often indulging in theological
discussions with zest ; a loyal citizen and a democrat, though
not a politician. He held no important public office, but was
called upon to settle minor difficulties, and his opinion was
highly regarded by all. He was a good singer and extremely
fond of sacred music. His occupation was that of a farmer
and he paid considerable attention to the propagation of fruit.
The well known " Nonesuch" apple originated upon his farm.
An apple tree was discovered by him — wild — in a swamp
down in Newton. People liked the flavor. He secured grafts
and started them on a tree in Conest's Valley, Hubbardston,
and from this tree was the beginning of the cultivated apple.
He thus introduced the popular "Hubbardston Nonesuch."
This original tree looked well for over 50 years. He lived
until nearly 82 years of age, a useful and respected citizen.

Their children were :

195. Lucinda B. Parker, b. March 9, 1807 ; m. Eli Grey.

196. Sarah Davis Parker, b. June 7. 1808; m. Oliver Hale.


John Williams Parker, b. March 5, 1810; m. Nancy F. Barr.

197. Elvira Parker, b. Nov. 28, iSii ; m. Setli P. Heywood.
Jonas Parker, b. Oct. 30, 1813 ; m. Susan Ann Decker of Staten

Island, N. Y.

198. Sophronia Parker, b. Nov. 25, 1S15 ; m. Henry Humphrey.
Lucy Robinson Parker, b. Nov. 13, 1817; m. Asa S. Hodge of

Athol. They settled in Hubbardston, where she has since deceased.
He survives her.
Dennison Robinson Parker, b. Aug. 15, 1819; m. Mary A.
Vroome of Staten Island. N. Y.

199. Mary Parker, b. July 11, 1821 ; m. George Raymond.

200. Amos Parker, b. Feb. 12, 1823 ; m. Lucy Shepherd.

201. Martha Maria Parker, b. July 9, 182^; m. Lysander

Amory Parker, b. Aug. 2, 1828. Went to California in 1852 by
way of Cape Horn, was on the ill-fated steamer Independence^ of
whose 800 passengers 240 lost their lives. He staid several years
but drifted home again. He lives at Hubbardston, unm.

George Leroy Parker, b. June 12, 1830; d. Aug. i, 1831.

202. Susan Elizabeth Parker, b. April 9, 1833 5 '^i- (0 David
Heywood, (2) Lysander Batchelder.

77. Amory Parker (Amos,^ A^nos,^ Andrew,^ John,^
Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Amos and Lucy (Robinson)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, Dec. 8, 1783; m. Lydia
Parker, his cousin, who was b. March 8, 1784, dau. of Major
Elisha Parker. They removed to Bakersfield, Vt., where
some of his brothers, sisters and nephews were already settled.
He d. April 5, 1823, at the age of 40. He was well esteemed,
and his early death, coming in the midst of strength and use-
fulness, was deeply lamented. She d. May 15, 1858, aged 74.

Their children were :

Lucy Robinson Parker, b. Oct. iS, 180S ; unm. Removed with
her sisters to Lowell.

203. Amos Andrew Parker, b. Oct. 28, 1814; m. (i) Cynthia
Pratt of Reading, Vt.

Lydia Maria Parker, b. Dec. 14, 1S17; removed to Lowell and
d. Nov. 16, 1864, unm.

204. Elisha Sylvester Parker, b. Nov. 11, 1819; m. (i)

Sally A. Parker, b. June 19, 1823 ; removed to Lowell ; d. Sept.
17, 1841, unm.


78. Lucy Parker (Amos,^ Amos,^ Andrew,'< John,^
Hanaiiiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Amos and Lucy (Robinson)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston ; she m. Jan. 12, 1812, Silas
Richardson, and lived in Sterling. She d. July 4, 1828, aged
40. He d. Jan. 24, 1833, aged 51.

Their children were :

1. Silas Richardson, who m.

2. Joshua Richardson, who m., removed to N. Y. and had chil-


3. Reuben Richardson, who m.

4. Mary Richardson, who was unm.

5. Nahum Richardson, who lives single.

6. Amaranca Richardson, who m.

79. Joel Parker ( Isaac, ^ Amos,^ A?idrew,'^ yohn,^
Hananiah,^ T/wmas^ ), son of Isaac and Margery (Maynard)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, Sept. 16, 1770; m. (i)
Hannah Bond of Westborough, one of eleven children, b. May
3, 1776 ; d. Aug. 10, 1816. He m. (2) Feb. 6, 1817, Susannah
Fay, b. June 14, 1779; d. July 24, 1858. They lived in
Westborough. He was a very worthy and widely respected
citizen. He was a miller, a deacon of the Church, and a
moderator of the town meetings. He d. in Westborough,
Nov. 6, 1853, aged 83.

Their children were :
Anna Osborne Parker, b. Jan. i, 1797; d. Jan. 29, 1828.

205. Betsey Curwen Parker, b. Jan. 20, 1799; m. Elmer

206. Hannah Sophia Parker, b. April 5, 1801 ; m. Orestes

207. AcHSAH Forbes Parker, b. Sept. 2, 1803 ; m. Solomon T.

208. Elmina Augusta Parker, b. Nov. 16, 1806; m. Thomas
H. Fayerweather.

Joel Lloyd Parker, b. March 21, 1809; d. Nov. 26, 1S26.

209. Harriet Newell Parker, b. Aug, 16, 1815 ; m. Mendal
G. Fosgate.

80. Gardiner Parker (Isaac,^ Amos,'= AndrezaJ John^^
Hananiah,- Thomas^), son of Isaac and Margery (Maynard)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, March 14, 1772 ; m. Asenath


Sherman. He lived at different times in Westborough, Grafton
and Northborough. He earned a local reputation as an in-
ventor and manufacturer of clocks. For Westborough and
Shrewsbury he made the town clocks which are still in use.
He ended his life Feb. i6, 1816. His widow Asenath sur-
vived him.

He left one son :
210. Perley Parker ; m. Betsey Mellen of Westborough.

81. Dea, Otis Parker (Isaac,^ Amos,^ Andrew,'^ 'John^^
Hananiah,^ Thomas'^), son of Isaac and Margery (Maynard)
Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, April i, 1774; m. about
1795, Polly Ann, b. Dec. 27, 1771, dau. of Daniel and Sarah
Nourse of Westborough. They removed in 1804 to Hub-
bardston, where cousins were then living, and settled. She
d. April 30, 1850, aged 78. He was a farmer; d. Feb. 27,
1855, thus living to the ripe old age of 82. He lived long
and well to enjoy the harvest of the good seed which he had
sown. Piety and public spirit were his guides.

Early in life Mr. Parker connected himself with the Church.
In this he took an active interest, and was soon made deacon,
by which title of respect he was ever afterward known. He
was strong in his denunciation of intemperance. It was for
such spirit of brotherly love which always flowed sponta-
neously from him that his associates learned to love him.
His loving disposition and public spirit were a great blessing
to the community, for by them he produced peace and good
will with all. He was eminently a peacemaker ; healed
wounds between minister and parish, which not only testifies
to his gift of ready speech, but his sound sense and judgment.
His devout religious views were placed upon a sensible founda-
tion. In the history of his town a description of much length
is given of the influence which he held in the town on relig-
ious matters.

The following testimonial appeared at the time of his decease
in a local paper of the town :

"All of us have known Dea. Otis Parker and can think of him
only with respect and aHection.

'Great not like Caesar stained with blood,
But only great in doing good.'


"The friends of the temperance cause feel that they have lost a
consistent advocate. For many years his whole influence has been
on the side of temperance, and notwithstanding he had passed the
prime of life and retired in a measure from its active duties, his pen
has helped to fill our paper and his name has been given to aid and
encourage the Ladies' Temperance Circle. Let us therefore cherish
his memory and strive to imitate his example. May the mantle of
his piety rest upon us, and may we like him endeavor to secure that
' Pearl of great price,' possessing which we shall be enabled to cast
a good influence on others, and be prepared for a better world when
time with us shall be no more."

Their children were :

Isaac Parker, b. in Westborough, Sept. 3, 1797; d. in Hubbards-
ton. May 8, 1829, unm.

211. Daniel Parker, b. in Westborough, March 23, 1799; m.
Polly White of Phillipston.

Lucy Parker, b. in Westborough, July 15, 1801 ; d. in Hubbards-
ton, Nov. 19, 1822, unm.

212. Mary Nourse Parker, b. in Westborough, Aug. 11, 1803 ;
m. Alvin Waite of Hubbardston.

213. Otis Parker, b. in Hubbardston, Aug. 16, 1806 ; m. Eunice

Samuel Austin Parker, b. in Hubbardston, Oct. 20, 1810; m.

Nov. 8, 1832, Ruth Aim Williams of Hubbardston. He d. in

Hartford, Conn., Aug. 5, 1852, leaving no issue. She afterward
m. Willard Cook of Chicago, 111., and there d.

82. Capt. Jabez M. Parker ( Isaac, ^ Amos, ^ Andrew,^
John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas'), son of Isaac and Margery
(Maynard) Parker, was b. in Princeton, Aug. 9, 1776; m.
in Framingham, April 15, 1798, Nancy Patterson, b. in
Framingham, Feb. 18, 1771, dau. of David and Beulah
(Clark) Patterson of that town. She was seventh in a family
of fifteen children. The father, David, was a leading man in
Framingham during the Revolutionary war. The family in
1783 removed to Boylston, but returned in 1799. The Patter-
son family of 15 made the good record of 14 who lived to be
married, while the one died when an infant. David Patterson
was great-grandson of the first of the Hne in America, James
Patterson, who was one of the adherents of Charles II. James
was in the Scotdsh army which was defeated in the battle of


Worcester by Cromwell, and he was transported to New
England to be disposed by a sale for a term of years to defray
expenses; arrived in Boston, May, 1652. In 1658 he settled
in Billerica, where he died 1701.

Jabez Parker and wife removed to Phillipston, then called
"Gerry," and where some of his posterity still reside. His
location in Phillipston was probably caused by the fact that his
uncle. Major Elisha Parker, was then residing there, in that
part now known as "Golden Village." Jabez Parker bought
land three miles distant in the north part of the town, on the
ridge of land running west from Church Hill. It was a large
farm, containing all kinds of land. The elevation commanded
a view north and south. He was a member of the Church of
Phillipston. In the military company he soon rose to rank.
He was appointed Ensign in 181 1 by Hon. Elbridge Gerry,
Governor of Mass. In 1813 followed his promotion to Lieu-
tenant, and in 1816 to the Captaincy of a company of infantry,
given by his Excellency Caleb Strong.

Their children were :

214. Nancy Patterson Parker, b. May 2, 1799; m. James
Wakefield of Marlborough, N. H.

215. Jabez M. Parker, b. Nov. 12, 1800; m. Azubah P. Powers
of Phillipston.

216. Enoch Adams Parker, b. Jan. 14, 1802 ; m. Rebecca Gibbs.

217. Joel Dodge Parker, b. Aug. 17, 1S04; m. Hannah Wood,
native of Warwick.

218. Emily S. Parker, b. April 13, 1806; m. Isaiah White.

219. Beulah H. C. Parker, b. April 16, 1808 ; m. Walter Clapp.

220. TuLLEY Tollotson Parker, b. March 28, 1810 ; m. Arathusa

221. James Maynard L. Parker, b. Sept. 3, 1812; m. Polly
♦ Kidder.

84. David Parker ( Isaac, '^ Amos,^ Andrciv,^ Johii,^
Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Isaac and Margery (Maynard)
Parker, was b. in Westborough, May i, 1785; m. Jan. 29,
1808, Betsey Eager of Northborough, b. June 21, 1789, d. in
Barre, Feb. 22, 1869. They removed about 1810 to J3arre,
where he d. Aug. 10, 1832, aged 54 years.


Their children were :
Martha Elizabeth Parker, b. in Northborough, Feb. 28, 1S09;

d. in Bane, Oct. 15, 1841.
A son, unnamed, b. and d. Dec. 14, 1810.
Francis Eager Parker, b. in Barre, June 1 1, and d. Oct. 8, 181 2,

in Westborough.
Andrew Parker, b. Sept. 21, 1813 ; d. April 4, 1881, in Cleve-
land, O., unm.
Mary Louisa Parker, b. in Northborough, Sept. 29, 1815 ; m.

Dec. 29, 1846, John H. Knight of Worcester. Their cliildren d.

young. She d. in Worcester, Jan. 15, 1853, ^"*^ '^^ ^^- March

12, 1854.
David Parker, Jr., b. in Barre, June 24, 1817; m. in Fitchburg,

July 22, 1848, Martha A. Deputron. He d. Oct. 19, 1855 ! ^'^^ <^'

March 15, 1855. Their only child was Edgar D. Parker, who d.

Dec. 20, 1852, aged 14 months.

222. Harriet Ann Parker, b. May 29, 1819 ; m. Nov. 16, 1841,
John Walker of Holden.

223. Persis Eager Parker, b. May 8, 1821 ; m. June 13, 1843,
Samuel N. Howe of Holden.

224. Lucy Parker, b. Sept. 2, 1823 ; m. April 3, 1849, Lysander
Crawford of Oakham.

Isaac Davis Parker, b. May 20, 1825 ; d. in Barre, April 27, 1841.
Sarah Fairbanks Parker, b. July 31, 1827, in Barre; d. Jan. 6,

1891, aged 63.
Cecilia Augusta Parker, b. June 10, 1830; d. in Barre, Jan. 9,


85. Major Lewis Parker (Isaac,^ Amos,^ Andrczv,"^

John^i HcDianiah,'^ Thomas^), the last child and son of Isaac
and Margery (Maynard) Parker, was b. in Westborough,
March i, 1787. His father d. when he was five, and his
mother when nine. He first lived with his brother Gardiner
Parker. After passing his boyhood upon his father's farm,
he, still a youth, bound himself to learn the carpenter's trade.
This was in Lancaster, and after serving his time he married
at the age of 19. On the Sterling records we find: "Mr.

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