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Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 online

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being a hatter worked at his trade. He afterwards went into trade.

"In time of the last war [of 1S12] he was made a Lieut, and after
peace was proclaimed he was promoted to the rank of Major, by
which title everybody knew him. He was selectman one year and
town clerk four years, and occupied other town offices.

"Affected with a disease of the heart it is supposed it induced the
quietude of manner he evinced during the last score years of his life.
However, he was, during all this time, in a store as proprietor, man-
ager or clerk. He died in Belfast at the house of L. R. Palmer,
Esq., his son-in-law. May 3, 1851, aged 76 years."

Her children were :

I. Edwin Beaman, b. in Princeton, Aug. 27, 1801 ; m. Sept. 28,
1829, Sarah, dau. of Moses Patten of Bangor, Me. He early
entered into business and connected himself with the towns of
Freedom, Camden, Bucksport and Brooks, where in 1829 he
removed his store to the Head of the Tide. Removing to Bel-
fast he, in company with Daniel Merrill, occupied the present
store of A. D. Chase. In 1842 he removed to the present
store of Augustus Perry, the two forming the firm of Beaman
& Perry, which existed for 12 years. From that time Mr,
Beaman was in business alone to the day of his death, which
occurred March 30, 1880, a period of 54 years, making him
the oldest trader in Belfast. He was an original incorporator
of the Belfast Bank. He was a consistent and worthy mem-
ber of the Congregational Church of Belfast since 1835, and
for a large portion of the time held the office of deacon. Mr.


Beaman was held in high respect by his fellow-citizens and
died greatly lamented by a large circle of friends acquired dur-
ing his long and busy life. He left no children save an
adopted daughter. His widow survives him.

2. Jonas Beaman, Jr., b. May 17, 1805; m. (i) Dec. 31, 1833,

Martha M. Cook ; she d. Jan. 3, 1859, and he m. (2) Sept.
7, 1859, Mary Weld of Sturbridge, whose home was very near
the Brimfield line, and was a member of the Church at Brim-
field. He settled in Hadley where he owned and worked a
small farm ; at about 1S65 he moved to Princeton, taking a
farm and there he died. Children :
I. Lucy Beaman, now the wife of a physician in Black

Rock, N. Y., if living.
II. Edwin (.?) Beaman.

III. DwiGHT Beaman.

IV. Jonas Beaman, Jr.

3. Mary P. D. Hanford, b. in Camden, Me., April 3, 1810; m.

Dec. 25, 1849, Lemuel R. Palmer as his second wife, he
having previously m. her sister Susannah. Their son was :
I. Joseph H. Palmer, b. Nov. 22, 1850.

4. Susannah R. Hanford, b. June 17, 1812; m. Dec. 17, 1832,

Lemuel R. Palmer. He was a ship carpenter, learning his

trade in Camden. She d. Aug. 14, 1849, ^'^^ ^^ ^" May 3,

1879. Children:

I. Rev. Edwin Beaman Palmer, b. Sept. 25, 1833 ; m.
Thurza M. Field, native of Brunswick, Me. He is con-
nected with the Congregationalist House in Boston.
II. Susan Maria Palmer, b. Sept. 7, 1835 ; m. James M,
Craig, native of Windsor, N. S. They reside in Belfast.

III, Mary Eliza Palmer, b. Sept. 11, 1837; m. George F.

Smith, native of Searsport, Me.

IV. DwiGHT Parker Palmer, b. Sept. 13, 1839; ^' Sept. 2,

V. DwiGHT Parker Palmer, b. March 31, 1843 ; m. Mary

E. Patterson of Belfast, Me.
VI. Lucy A. E. Palmer, b. May 19, 1845.

5. Lucy A. Hanford, b. May 19, 1814 ; m. Dec. 7, 1835, Nathan-

iel T. Eaton, sea-captain. He followed the sea until the last
few years of his life, when he became a farmer in Camden.
She d. Dec. 24, 1852, and he m. (2) Miss Nancy Heal, dau.
of Peter and Eunice Heal of Camden. He d. May 25, 1870.
His widow resides in Camden. Children :









1. Adella Frances Eaton, b. Oct. 31, 1836; d. May 17,

II. Edward Hanford Eaton, b. May 27, 1840; m. 18S6,

Susan Sparling of Boston. They reside in Worcester.

III. Lucy Hanford Eaton, b. Dec. 27, 1844; d. Aug. 27,


IV. Frank Chaplin Eaton, who resides in Worcester.

107. Ebenezer Parker, Jr. (Ebenezer,^ Thomas,^
Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Hananiak,^ Thomas^), son of Dea. Ebenezer
and Dorcas (Monroe) Parker, was b. in Princeton, June 4,
1784 ; intention of marriage entered for publication on Jan. 4,
1806: m. at age of 22, Feb. 27, 1806, Hannah B., b. in Con-
cord, Mass., March 11, 1785, dau. of Capt. Amos and Deborah
(Brooks) Merriam of Concord, who were m. in Lincoln, it
being Deborah's native town, on Christmas Day, 1783. Han-
nah Brooks Merriam was thus first in a family of ten children.
The father, Capt. Amos Merriam, d. Sept. 16, 1804, aged 44,
and his widow m. (2) Stephen Mirick, who d. May 20, 1827.
Deborah (Merriam) Mirick, d. Nov. 10, 1844. Ebenezer
Parker remained upon the homestead until 1818, when he
took up the place now known as the Princeton Poor Farm.
This was a part of the original estate and but a short distance
northeasterly from his old home. He was both a farmer and
clothier. In his shop, at the outlet of the pond, he did a good
business in coloring and smoothing. His customers were
numerous and many came long distances with a year's supply
of home-spun cloth at one time. After the destruction of the
old homestead brick house by fire during the winter of 1835
he assumed charge of his father's estate. He then spent a
few years in Ware; returning, he in company with his son,
Frederick Parker, built upon the homestead site, the house
now standing, it being the third built upon the site since 1777.
What remained of the old farm after Deacon Parker's grants
to his children and the many sales, was again improved with
fresh vigor.

Ebenezer Parker was a man of sound intellect and of a
strong, unimpeachable character. He was a very firm minded
man and a conscientious citizen. He was chosen selectman
in 1829. His district for the years of 1741, '42 and '43 elected


him representative to the State Legislature. In personal ap-
pearance he was taller than his father, but inherited a strong
and vigorous constitution. At the age of 75 his tall and manly
figure stood firm and erect. He lived to the age of 85 years
and 4 months, dying Oct. 25, 1869. He was an active mem-
ber of the Church in Princeton.

The wife Hannah will be long remembered by the family.
She was a loving mother, a perfect housekeeper and was
blessed with a very attractive disposition. Her temperament
was very calm, she was less nervous than Mr. Parker, and
looked upon the difficulties of life in a more philosophical way.
She lived happily and long, dying Aug. 31, 1876, at the age
of 91 years, 5 months and 20 days.

Their children were :

265. Louisa Parker, b. Dec. 13, 1806 ; m. Eli Walker of Holden.

266. Charles Augustus Parker, b. Aug. 18, 1808 ; m. Sylvia
A. Moore.

267. Frederick Parker, b. June 19, 1810; m. Eunice C. Howe
of Princeton.

268. Ebenezer Warren Parker, b. Oct. 28, 1813 ; m. Chloe
A. Parmenter of Oakham.

269. Adaline Parker, b. Oct. 24, 1815 ; m. Stephen ^
H. Smith of West Boylston. 1

270. Amos Parker, b. Oct. 24, 1815 ; m. Sarah Mer- f Twins,
rill of Beverly. J

271. George Parker, b. Feb. i, 1818 ; m. Emily R. •^

Coller of Northfield. [ Twins.

Child, unnamed, b. and d. Feb. i, 1818. J

272. Deborah Meriam Parker, b. Sept. 9, 1819; m. Israel
Howe of Princeton.

273. William Wheeler Parker, b. March 2, 1824; m. Emily
Walker of Holden.

274. Edward Hanford Parker, b. Dec. 28, 1825 ; m. Mary C.
Brown of Boylston.

Lucy Maria Parker, b. Sept. 10, 1828 ; d. March 7, 1829.

108. Bitha Parker ( Ebenezer ^^ Thomas ^^ Andrew ^'^
yohn,^ Hananiah,'^ Thomas^), dau. of Dea. Ebenezer and
Dorcas (Monroe) Parker, was b. in Princeton, July 26, 1786;
m. Oct. 26, 1809, Capt. Charles Folger of Camden, Me., b.
in Waldoborough, Me., Jan., 1780. They lived at Camden



Ebenezer Parker, Jr.

Mrs. Hannah B. (Merriam) Parker.


for several years, Capt. Folger pursuing his marine vocation.
Coming to Princeton they settled first upon the homestead
place, then upon the farm shortly before occupied by Benjamin
and Betsey (Parker) Gould. This is now the Brennan place.
They resided there until his death, which occurred in Oct.,
1857. She removed to Marlborough, and d. Nov., 187 1.

Their children were :

1. Charles Augustus Folger, b. in Camden, Me., Jan. 16,

181 1 ; m. in Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 16, i860, Louisa, b. in

London, England, Nov. 13, 1839, dau. of James and

(Potter) Baker of England. He was a merchant in Lockport,
N. Y. He d. Nov. 28, 1873. Their children were b. in
Lockport, N. Y. :

I. Charles Edward Folger, b. Dec. iS, i860.

II. Emma Louise Folger, b. Feb. 33, 1S63.

III. Hattie Elizabeth Folger, b. Sept. 6, 1866.

2. John Walter Folger, b. in Camden, Feb. 8, 1813.

3. George Francis Folger, b. in Camden, July 15, 1815 ; m.

Jan. 28, 1850, Eliza A., b. Sept. 14, 1825, dau. of Isaac and
Susan (Davis) Hartwell of Princeton. They resided in
Princeton, where he was a farmer. He d. March 14, 1881,
and his widow survives. She resides in Worcester.

4. Henry Edward Folger, b. in Princeton, May 23, 1820; m.

(i) Louisa, dau. of Stillman and Susan (Beaman) Everett of

5. Lucy Jane Folger, b. in Princeton, Aug. 23, 1825 ; m. May

II, 1843, Phineas Ross, b. in Sterling, Sept. 20, 18 17, son
of Amos and Hepsibeth (Bennett) Ross. He d. in Princeton.
Oct. 18, 1867. She resides in Worcester. Children:

I. Ellen Jane Ross, b. April 20, 1844; m. March 12,
1868, Staysia, b. Aug. 25, 1843, son of Charles and
Mary J. (Seaver) Harrington. They reside upon the
old Jonas Smith place in Princeton.
II. Theodore Austin Ross, b. Feb. 28, 1S49; d. Aug. 5,

III. Charles Thurston Ross, b. May 12, 1854. Resides in

Worcester ; organ maker.

6. Catharine Long Folger, b. in Princeton, Oct. 10, 1828 ; m.

Jan. 29, 185 1, Erastus, son of James and Ruthalia (Carter)
Dart of Moncton, Vt. They resided many years in Marlbor-



ough. Their dau., Alice Josephine Dart, d. at the age of six
years. Mr. Dart d. in Marlborough, Oct. 28, 1872. She now
resides with her sister in Worcester.

109. Josiah Parker, Jr. (Josiak,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^
yohn,^ Hananiah^^ Thomas^), son of Josiah, Jr., and Hannah
(Gardner) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Nov. 6, 1774; m.
Sept. 6, 1807, Abigail Carter, b. in Woburn, Sept. 15, 1781,
dau. of Simon and Susanna Carter of Woburn, and by whom
nine of his children were born. Removed to Wilton, N. H.,
where she d. Sept. 8, 1836, and he m. (2) in Woburn, Feb.
15, 1883, Mrs. Betsey S. (Eames) Converse of Woburn, by
whom his last two children were born. He d. in Wilton, N.
H., Nov. 29, 1852. She d. in Woburn, Dec. 3, 1881, aged
81 years, 3 months.

His children were :

275. Abigail Manning Parker, b. in Woburn, Jan. 6, 1808 ; m.
James Burton.

276. Susan Richardson Parker, b. in Woburn, May 26, 1809 ;
m. Lyman Stone.

277. Hannah Gardner Parker, b. in Woburn, Feb. 23, 181 1 ;
m. Jonathan Snow, after the decease of her sister Lydia.

278. Lydia Ann Parker, b. in Woburn, Aug. 5, 1813 ; m.
Jonathan Snow.

279. John Flagg Parker, b. in Woburn, Dec. 27, 1815 ; m.
Martha J. Jones.

280. Josiah Parker, b. in Wilton, N. H., April 10, 1S19 ; m.
Nancy M. Wyman.

281. Andrew Jackson Parker, b. in Wilton, N. H., May 26,
1821 ; m. Abbie A. Tapley.

Maria Louisa Parker, b. in Wilton, N. H., Oct. 24, 1823; m.

Samuel R. Dolliver, who was b. in Marblehead. They reside in

San Francisco, Cal. No issue.
Abram Parker, b. in Wilton, N. H,, June 21, 1S26; d. Aug. 8,


282. Albert Parker, b. in Wilton, N. H., April 12, 1839; '""•
Eliza H. Sawyer.

George Parker, b. March 2, d. March 24, 1841.

110. Henry Parker (Josiah,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^ John,^
Hananiah,^ Thomas'), son of Josiah, Jr., and Hannah (Gard-
ner) Parker, was b. in Woburn, July 2, 1777 ; m. by the


Rev. Mr. Fiske of W. Cambridge, May 28, 1807, Abigail
Hutchinson, b. Sept. 10, 1782, dau. of John Hutchinson of
Charlestown. She was the sixth in generation in descent
from George Hutchinson, Esq., who was an inhabitant of
Charlestown in 1630, the line being thus: Abigail,^ Johns
(whose second wife was Mary Fox), Thomas* of Cambridge
(whose wife was Mary Ireland, dau. of Abraham Ireland
and wife Abigail Greenland, both of Charlestown), Samuel 3
(whose wife was Sarah Fascitt), Nathaniel^ (who m. Sarah
Baker), and George," the emigrant ancestor. She d. Aug. 17,
1876, aged 94 years and 9 months. He was a highly esteemed
citizen, representing the town in the Legislature in the year
1839. He resided on the "West Side." He d. in Woburn,
Feb. 7, 1862, aged 84 years, 7 months.

Their children were :

283. Oliver Hutchinson Parker, b. June 20, 1808 ; m. Patty
Parker of Woburn (his cousin).

284. Martha Parker, b. Aug. 17, iSii ; m. Charles Choate of

285. Abigail Parker, b. March 26, 1814; m. William Winn of

286. Louisa Parker, b. Dec. 14, 1816; m. John Weston of

287. Maria Parker, b. July 5, 1819; m. George Winn of Bur-

111. Hannah Parker (Josiah,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^
John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas'), son of Josiah, Jr., and Hannah
(Gardner) Parker, was b. in Woburn, March 19, 1779; m.
April 28, 1808, Abel Richardson, b. Aug. i, 1777. His
father, Abel Richardson, was a tanner and shoemaker in
Winchester, and his mother was Ann Tufts. He was known
as Abel the fourth. He passed his life in Woburn, where he
d. Jan. 5, 1854, in his 74th year. She d. in Woburn, Dec.
22, 1855, aged 76 years, 9 months. They had no children.

112. Polly ^2ir\i&V (Jos/ah,^ Josiah, ^ Josiah,^ John,^
Hananiah,^ Thomas'), son of Josiah. Jr., and Hannah (Gard-
ner) Parker, was b. in Woburn; m. in Woburn, June 11,
1807, Caleb Richardson.


Their children were ;

1. Joshua Richardson, b. Feb. 25, 1808; unm.

2. Mary Parker Richardson, b. May 20, 181 1 ; d. unm.

3. Caleb Richardson, Jr., b. July 27, 1814 ; m. Jan., 1S45, Amy

Patience Taylor. She d. April, 1847. Child :
I. Granville Eustace Richardson, b. Nov. 21, 1845 ; m.
Dec. 27, 1881, Susan M. Dean. Their son was:
I. Frederick Wade Richardson, b. Nov. 27, 1882.

4. Abigail Richardson, b. May 28, 1817 ; m. July 8, 1847, Josiah

Stratton of Woburn, son of Josiah and Sarah Stratton, b. in
Woburn. She was b., named and lived nearly all her life in
the same house, which fronts the main street between Woburn
and Winchester at a very enviable location. It was the old
Caleb Richardson homestead. She lived in the old house 70
years, her entire life, with the exception of one year at the
time of her marriage. She d. July 16, 18S8, aged 71 years.
At the opening of the War of the Rebellion Josiah Stratton
enlisted from Woburn in Co. F of Hon. Henry Wilson's 22nd
Mass. Reg. He was of a military spirit, had always belonged
to the military companies of the town and proved himself to
be a brave and true soldier. He was 44 years of age at his
enlistment, which was much higher than the average, but he
was a steady soldier upon the march and walked with a firm
and manly carriage. He soon became Sergeant of the Co.
The historian of the 22nd Reg., John L. Parker of Lynn,
announces that he saw " Si Stratton, as he was familiarly
called, June 22, 1862, upon the battle field of Gaines' Mills,
Va., bravely fighting." This was the second of the famous
Seven Days' Battles, and in this engagement, the Sergeant,
who occupied a conspicuous and dangerous place, was the first
to give the alarm to his Reg. that the "Rebs" were flanking
them. His timely warning saved great loss to his company
and perhaps his regiment. _ After this battle nothing more was
ever heard of him. The State Records read : ^'-Josiah Strat-
ton^ s seriHce terminated y?cne 22^ 1862; caused by death
while in Battle at Gaines" Mills" Children :
I. George Gardner Stratton, b. Jan. 16, 1849; '^- Dec.

20, 1876, Florence Leila Carter of Winchester, who d.

upon the birth of their son, Oct. 2, 1877. He resides

in Winchester, where he maintains his mother's old

Richardson homestead. Child :
I. Roscoe Carter Stratton, b. Oct. 2, 1877; d. July 12, 1878.
II. Josiah Francis Stratton, b. Dec. 16, 1851 ; unm.


113. Electa Parker (Josiak,^ Josiak,^ Josiah,^ John,^
Hananiah^^ Thomas^), dau. of Josiah, Jr., and Hannah (Gard-
ner) Parker, was b. in Woburn, May 4, 1794 ; m. Feb. 16,
1813, Samuel Carter Buckman, the son of Samuel and Sarah
(Cutter) Buckman of Woburn, and b. in Woburn, Nov. 10,
1789. He was a farmer and they lived in that part of Woburn
which is now Winchester.

Their children were :

1. Samuel Carter Buckman, Jr., b. July 29, 1813. He is a

wheelwright in Arlington, where he resides unm.

2. Electa Parker Buckman, b. May 16, i8[5; m. Nathaniel

Hill of Arlington. They had one child who d. young. She
d. May 4, 1852.

3. James S. Buckman, b. Jan. 27, and d. April 11, 1819.

4. Lydia Ann Buckman, b. June 4, 1828 ; d. Aug. 28, 1877, unm.

1 14. Betsey 'PSiV\iG.V ( yosiah,^ 'Josiahy> Josiah,'^ "John^i
Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Josiah, Jr., and Hannah (Gard-
ner) Parker, was b. in Woburn, March i, 1796; m. in
Woburn, Dec. 29, 1825, Jonathan Baldwin, b. April 7, 1798,
son of Reuben and Sarah Baldwin. He was a shoemaker and
d. Jan. II, 1881.

Their children were :

1. James Baldwin, b. Aug. 23, 1827; d. about Nov. i, 1851, at

Havana, Cuba, on his passage to California to try his fortune
in the mines.

2. Marah Louise Baldwin, b. May 6, 1830; m. in Burlington,

John Winn, b. July 3, 1828, son of Abel and Lydia Stearns
(Lovering) Winn. He represented his town for one year in
the State Legislature. She d. Oct. 11, 1852. He is a farmer in
Burlington. Child :

I. Marah Winn, b. June 13, 1852 ; m. in Woburn, Oct. 4,
1886, Frank Murray Pushee, b. in Lyme, N. H., March
12, 1844, ^'^'^ of Sylvester and vSarah (Emerton) Pushee.
He is a farmer. They reside in Woburn. Child :
I. Harold Baldwin Pushee, b. Jan. i6, 1890.

115. Frederick Parker (Josiah,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,'^'
yohn,i Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Josiah, Jr., and Hannah
(Gardner) Parker, was b. in Woburn, July 20, 1798; m.


April 13, 1826, Nabby Thompson, sister of Gen. Thompson
of Woburn. She was b. Jan. 20, 1803, the dau. of Major
Abijah and Lydia Thompson. Frederick Parker succeeded
to his father's homestead in the west part of the town, where
he lived until shortly before his death. He was a farmer, a
hard working man ; was very orderly, he had a place for
everything and everything must be in its place. He was
once drawn juror and held at various times such town offices
as school committee and street surveyor. He d. in Woburn,
June 24, 1853, aged 54 years, 10 months. She d. March 31,
1879, ^ged 76 years.
Their children were :

Lydia Thompson Parker, b. June 11, 1827; d. Dec. 14, 1847.

288. Frederick Chandler Parker, b. Jan. 16, 1829; m. M.
Affie Hanson.

JosiAH Parker, b. Aug. 18, 1S30; d. Feb. 25, 1832.

289. JosiAH Parker, b. Oct. 25, 1832; m. Sarah B. ^

Hanson. —, .

V L wins.

290. Hannah Maria Parker, b. Oct. 25, 1832 ; m. [

Walter Wellington. J

291. Betsey Fidelia Parker, b. June 7, 1836; m. George
Russell of Somerville.

292. Martha Ann Parker, b. May 24, 1841 ; m. Joseph B.

116. Benjamin Parker, Jr. (Benjamin,^ Jostah,^
yostak,^ yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Benjamin and
Mehetable (Tidd) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Aug. 26, 1780.
He m. 1801, Sally Allen, b. in Lincoln, Feb., 1780, the dau.
of Phineas and Sally (Danforth) Allen. He removed after
marriage to Fitchburg, where two of his children were born
and removed afterwards to Harvard. Benjamin Parker was
of medium height, had black hair and blue eyes and was
called very handsome. But his life was short, as he died sud-
denly of bilious fever in the summer of 1806. He was a tan-
ner and currier. She d. in Harvard, April 26, 1866, aged 86

Their children were :
Sally Parker, b. Oct. 20, iSoi ; m. Sylvanus Jorden of Roxbury.

He was a shoe manufacturer. She d. March, 183 1, aged 29 years.

He m. again.


293. Dorothy Flagg Parker, b. Jan. 2, 1804; m. Ephraim
Barnard of Harvard.

294. Mehetable Parker, b. March 17, 1806; m. Jan. 19, 1830,
Thomas Cummings of HoUis, N. H.

117. Dea. Joseph 'P9lV]^&v( Benjamin,^ Josiah,^ Josiah^'^
John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Benjamin and Mehetable
(Tidd) Parker, was b. in Woburn, June 8, 1782 ; m. Dec.
30, 1805, Betsey Richardson, b. Sept., 1788, the dau. of
Josiah and Relief Richardson. For some time before his
marriage he was connected with Tewksbury and was a resi-
dent of that town in 1805. He lived upon the West Side, was
a shoemaker, a business in which many of his Woburn rela-
tives became associated. He was blessed with a strong phy-
sique and was a highly respected citizen. He was very
attentive to his family and a consistent christian. He was
connected with the Church in Woburn, being a Universalist
deacon. In the second burial-ground is his grave and grave-
stone epitaph which reads :

"In Memory of Dea. Joseph Parker, ,

who died Jan. 10, 1833, J£,\. 51.

" Blest is the man whose tender care
Relieves the poor in their distress,
Whose pity wipes the widow's tear.
Whose hand supports the fatherless.
We hear thy groans with deep surprise
And view thy wounds with weeping eyes.
Each bleeding wound, each dying groan
With anguish filled with pains unknown."

His widow Betsey d. in Woburn "of cholera,"* Sept. 21,
1855, aged 68 years and 10 months, thus she was b. in Sept.,

Their children were :

Eliza Richardson Parker, b. Aug. 27, 1808; m. Warren Fox of

Nathan Parker, b. Oct. 7, 1809; resides in Woburn, unm.
Mary Leathe Parker, b. March 10, 181 1 ; m, in Woburn, May

39, 1828, Samuel Butters of Woburn. They had a dau. Mary

♦Town records.


Isabell Butters, who d. of consumption, Dec. 20, i860, aged 22
years, 7 months. The mother, Mary L. (Parker) Butters, d. Sept.
I, 1867, aged 56 years, 5 months.
Patty Parker, b. Oct. 12, 1812 ; m. March 4, 1834, Oliver H.
Parker of Woburn. (See No. 283, page 224.)

295. Joseph Addison Parker, b. July 7, 1815 ; m. (i) Rebecca
J. Cutler of Woburn, (2) Emily Huse of Woburn.

296. Ann Parker, b. Oct. 23, 1816 ; m. Elijah Marion of Burling-

297. Benjamin Parker, b. Jan. 25, 1820; m. Mary Waite of

Ruth Parker; d. 1874, unm.

118. Samuel Parker (Benjamin,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^
John,i Hananiah,^ Thomas'), son of Benjamin and Mehetable
(Tidd) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Dec. 23, 1784 : m. in
Fitchburg, 1804, Lydia Thurston Allen, b. in Fitchburg,
Aug. 28, 1785, dau. of Phineas and Dorothy (Wooley) Allen
of Lincoln. She was the oldest child of a third wife, and
upon her birth was given to her aunt, Mrs. Thurston of Fitch-
burg, in whose house she was born. She always lived with
her aunt's people, who had no children of their own. When
married to Samuel Parker the ceremony was conducted in the
same room in which she was born. Here they lived for 16
years and here in the same noted room were the seven chil-
dren born. Finally removing (May 3, 1820) to Chenango
Co., N. Y. They settled in the town of Otselic, where five
more children were born to them. Samuel Parker was a joiner.
In Fitchburg he was constable and collector. He belonged to
the Fitchburg military company during the time of the War of
181 2, but this company was not called out. He d. in Belvi-
dere, Boone Co., 111., Aug. 29, 1846. She d. Aug. 26, 1865.
Their children were :

298. Samuel Thurston Parker, b. in Fitchburg, June 11, 1805 ;
m. Mary Bates.

Benjamin Allen Parker, b. in Fitchburg, Dec. 31, 1806. He
removed west. He m. and had children : Thomas A. Parker,
Hosea Parker, and others.

299. LvDiA LucRETiA Parker, b. in Fitchburg, Oct. 4, 1808;
m. William R. Orvis.


John Thomas Parker, b. in Fitchburg, Oct. 27, 1810; removed
with family to Otselic, N. Y. ; m. Eunice Lindsay, b. in Milford,
N. Y., Sept. 3, 1813, dau. of David and Jemime (Crane) Lind-
say. He resides in Belvidere, Boon Co., III.

Martha Ann Parker, b. in Fitchburg, Dec. 33, 1812; d. Dec.
25, 1812.

300. Charlotte Elmira Parker, b. in Fitchburg, June 8, 1814 ;
m. William Wilbur.

Harriet Emeline Parker, b. in Fitchburg, June 18, 1816; m.

Miles. Children : Francis E. Miles, George B. Miles, and

perhaps others.

301. Francis Edwin Parker, b. in Fitchburg, May 3, 1819; m.
Amanda M. Lindsay.

Joseph Henry Parker, b. in Otselic, N. V., July 19, 1821 ; d.
July 3, 1825.

302. Abigail Elizabeth Parker, b. in Otselic, June 11, 1823;
m. Dr. G. E. Lawrence.

303. Ann Maria Parker, b. in Otselic, Feb. 25, 1825; m.

Online LibraryTheodore ParkerGenealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 → online text (page 20 of 47)