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Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 online

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1. Amanda Wright.

185. Euridicy E. Parker (Joseph,'' Amos,^ Amos,^
Andrew,^ John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Joseph and
Relief (Earle) Parker, was b. in Bakersfield, Vt., April 25,
1811 ; m. July 4, 1845, Micha French, b. in Barre, Vt., Jan.

2, 1803. They lived in Barre, Vt., where she d. April 27,
1865, and he d. May 9, 1888.

Their children were :
[. CoLMAN Sumner French, b. Nov. 27, 1847; m. in Chicago,
111., March 12, 1872, Abbie L. Southgate, dau. of Richard
and Martha (Alden) Southgate. He is station agent at
Hampton, la. Their son was :
\. Fred Porter French, b. July 27, 1877.

2. Alfred B. French, b. April 29, and d. Aug., 1830.

3. Fred O. French, b. Oct. 10, 1855 ; m. at Clinton, Mo., May

16, 1887, Bertha Custer, b. in London, O., Dec. 25, i860,
dau. of Berthier J. and Nellie (Tyler) Custer. He is book-
keeper for the Iowa Central Railroad Co. at Marshalltown, la.

186. Frederick Appleton Parker (Joseph,' Amos,^
Amos,5 Andrew,^ John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas'), son of Joseph
and Relief (Earle) Parker, was b. in Bakersfield, June 14,
1813; removed to New York city; m. Caroline Maxson of
Squankum, N. J. He was a hackman in New York. He is
deceased. She resides at Lakewood, N. J.

Their children were :

351. Joseph Albert Parker, b. Aug. i, 1842; m. Samantha
Wing Price.

352. Christianna Parker, b. Jan. 17, 1844; m. Emil Neesen

of Brooklyn, N. Y.


353. Sarah Parker ; m. Henry Calenberg of Brooklyn, N. Y.

354. George Parker; m. Louisa Ross.

187. Betsey Lorinda Parker ( Joseph, ^ Amos, ^ Amos, ^
Andrew,^ yohii,^ Uananiah,^ Thomas^ ), dau. of Joseph and
Relief (Earle) Parker, was b. in Bakersfield, Vt., Dec. lo,
i8i8 ; m. July 7, 1845, Oliver F. Stebbins, son of Jotham
Stebbins of Bakersfield. They lived first in Worcester, Mass.,
where their three children were born, and second in Athol.
He is deceased. She resides in W. Medford with her son.

Their children were :

1. Adelbert O. Stebbins, b. May 3, 1846; d. April 29, 1861.

2. Merrit E. Stebbins, b. Feb. 22, 1848 ; d. July 30, 1850.

3. Herbert Warner Stebbins, b. March 15, 1857. -^^ ^^^

graduated from Dartmouth College in the class of '78 ; then
entered the Theological Seminary at Andover, from which he
was graduated in 1882. He is a Congregational minister.
He m. Sept. 23, 1S86, Anna L. Spear.

188. Amos Y*2iV\i^X ( Sylvester ,^ Amos ,^ Amos ,'^ And^-ew ,''
John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Sylvester and Alice
(Davis) Parker, was b. in Westminster, Vt., Dec. 29, 1800;
m. at Newark, Vt., June 8, 1825, Lorinda Fairbanks, b.
April 17, 1802. They lived in Lyndonville, Vt. She d.
Aug. 26, 1859. He d. Dec. 8, 1873.

Their children were :
Sarah Ann Parker, b. Aug. 22, 1826; d. Aug. 16, 1846.

355. Horace F. Parker, b. in Kirby, Vt., Oct. 6, 1829; m.
Mary Mianda Cole of Charleston, Vt.

Harriet W. Parker, b. Feb. 9, 1833 ; d. Sept. 18, 1835.

Abner R. Parker, b. May 7, 1835. Enlisted Nov. 19, 1863, in
Co. B, nth Reg., Vt. Vol. Heavy Artillery, was wounded in the
battle at Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864. He returned to the
hospital at Brattleboro, Vt., but getting worse was sent home the
5th of May, and d. July 31, 1865, aged 30 years.

356. Sophia W. Parker, b. Nov. 5, 1837 ' "^' Joseph H. Smith.

357. Ann Elizabeth Parker, b. Nov. i, 1840; m. Josiah D.

189. Joel D, Parker (Sylvester,^ Amos,^ Amos,^
Andrew,'^ 'John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Sylvester and
Alice (Davis) Parker, was b. in Westminster, Vt., Oct. 9,



Amos Parker.


1802; m. Dec. 13, 1827, Lucy Wyman of Barnstead, P. Q^
The}'^ settled in Hatley, Can. He d. in Hatley, Nov. 29,
1881, aged 79, and his widow, Lucy Wyman Parker, survives
him at Hatley, and enjoys vigorous health at the advanced
age of 87.

Their children were :

358. Adaline L. Parker, b. March i, 1829; m. Asahel P. Parker.

359. Levi E. Parker, b. Aug. 5, 1830; m. Maria Howe.

360. Amanda M. Parker, b. June 23, 1836 ; m. Alfred Ives.

361. EdwinjW. Parker, b. March 13, 1842 ; m. Adella Gordon.

362. Alba W. Parker, b. June 18, 1S45 ; m. Ethel Emery.

363. Orville H. Parker, b. June i, 1848; m. Betsey Bowen.

Alice F. Parker, b. May 29, 1854; m. Sept. 3, 1880, H. F. Bar-
low of Lennoxville, P. Q., b. Nov. 14, 1849, ^°" °^ Horace (who
d. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1883) and Rachel (Glidden) (of Water-
ville, P. Q:) Barlow. He is a general store-keeper in Magog,
P. Q_., where they reside.

190. Alice Parker ( Sylvester ^'1 Amos ^^ Amos y> Andrew,'^
yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Sylvester and Alice
(Davis) Parker, was b. in Westminster, Vt., June 22, 1808 ;
m. April 27, 1828, Henry Coburn, b. Aug. 3, 1799; d. Feb.
18, 1870. She d. Sept. 6, 1887.

Their children were :

1. HoLLis P. Coburn, b. Nov. 24, 1828 ; m. March 25, i860, Flora

A. Stiles, dau. of Wm. R. Stiles of Albany, Vt. They have :

I. Clarence E. Coburn, b. Sept. 22, i86i ; m. Lucy E.

Gallup. They reside in N. Troy, Vt., and have a son :
I. Harry A. Coburn.
II. Sidney R. Coburn, b. Oct. 13, 1869; m. July 25, 1888,
Jennie Smith. They reside in Barton, Vt.

III. Avis F. Coburn, b. Oct. 23, 1872 ; d. Feb. 25, 1879.

IV. Roy W. H. Coburn, b. Jan. 20, 1881.

2. Alice P. Coburn, b. March 25, 1S33 ; d. Feb. 27, 1835.

3. Lucy Rosaline Coburx, b. in Lyndon, Vt., Dec. 6, 1835 ; m.

Dec. 22, 1863, in Albany, Vt., Hiram M. Hunter, b. Aug.

II, 1838, son of Ira and Nancy Hunter of Albany, Vt. He is
a farmer in East Albany, near Irasburgh, Vt. Their dau. :

I. Alice L. Hunter, b. in Albany, Vt., April 4, 1867 ; m.
Sept. 12, 1889, George A. Sawyer.


191. Amory 'Pa.vliLeT ( Sylvesier,^ Amos ,^ Amos ,s Andrew ,'^
'John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas"^), son of Sylvester and Alice
(Davis) Parker, was b. in Westminster, Vt., April 15, 1811 ;
m. Nov. 10, 1841, Susan Oilman of Lyndon, Vt. They settled
at Island Pond, Vt., where they still reside.

They have two children :
Albert Parker, b. 1843 ; unm. Resides at Island Pond, Vt.,

where he is in the employ of the Grand Trunk R. R.
Nellie Parker ; m. George W. Warner, and resides at Washburn,

Byfield Co., Wis.

192. Lucy 'POiXV.^V ( Sylvester ^T Amos ,^ Amos ^'i Andrew ^'^
yohn,^ Hananiah,'^ Thomas^), dau. of Sylvester aud Alice
(Davis) Parker, was b. in Westminster, Vt., May 24, 1813 ;
m. Nov. I, 1836, John Alexander, b. Aug. 14, 1812, d. Aug.
10, 1881, son of Abram Alexander, who was a private in the
war of 1776, and who d. May 23, 1851, aged 92, and whose
wife lived to the age of 86. She d. June 20, 1865, and he m.
(2) Feb. 8, 1866, Mrs. Laura Dalgson.

The children of Lucy Parker were :

1. William W. Alexander, b. May 21, 1839 ; d. March 29, 1S42.

2. Abram Alexander, b. April 30, 1841 ; m. July 20, 1874,

Sarah M. Scranton. They reside in Cambridgeport, and have

I. Lucy Alexander, b. Feb. 2, 1877 ; d. aged five weeks.
II. Georgia Alexander, b. April 15, 1879.

3. Betsey A. Alexander, b. May 9, 1843 ' "^- F^b. 11, 1864, J.

H. M. Cochran. He d. Aug., 1885, without issue. She re-
sides in Santa Ana, Cal.

4. Lucy Jane Alexander, b. Sept. 14, 1845 ; d. April 29, 1865.

5. Charles Henry Alexander, b. Feb. 3, 1853 ; d. May 12, 1874.

193. Rhoena Parker ( Sylvester,"^ Amos,^ Amos,^
Andrew,'^ 'John,^ Hananiah^^ Thomas^), dau. of Sylvester and
Alice (Davis) Parker, was b. in Westminster, Vt., July 24,
1815 ; m. Jan. i, 1840, Silas N. Howe, then of Westfield, Vt.,
b. in Ludlow, Vt., Oct. 23, 181 1, son of Silas and Phebe
(Newell) Howe, native of Holden, Mass. He was the fifth in
a family of eleven children (b. between 1802 and 1822), some
of whom removed to the State of Vermont. He was a farmer.


They lived in Troy, Vt., from whence they removed to Iras-
burg, Vt., March 8, 1854, where she d. July 6, 1881, and he
d. Oct. 30, 1887.

Their children were :

1. Edward Sylvester Howe, b. in Troy, Vt., March 7, 1846;

m. Sept. 17, 1868, Lavina Hammond of Coventry, Vt., b.
in Coventry, Sept. 17, 1849. They reside at Barton Landing,

2. George Newell Howe, b. in Irasburg, Vt., Sept. 10, 1871.

194. Samuel ^.'PSiV^^V (Sylvester, t Amos, ^ A?nos,^
Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Hananiah,'^ Thomas^), son of Sylvester and
Alice (Davis) Parker, was b. in Westminster, Vt., Dec. 27,
1820. He with his brother Amory are the only surviving
members of the family of nine children of Sylvester and Alice
(Davis) Parker. He was the youngest, and although in his
infancy seemed the most delicate of all, yet since has developed
a very strong and rugged physique. He was six months old
when his parents removed to Lyndon, Vt., where he lived 14
years. His early education was the plain, scanty instruction
which the place and the limited means of the family afforded.
He was, to quote his own words, " a better trout catcher than
scholar." From early childhood he showed, as was necessary
for one in his circumstances, an energetic and worthy applica-
tion for work and industry. Removing from Lyndon to
Derby, Vt., he worked on his father's farm living with and
supporting his parents in their old age, also working at car-
pentering summers and chopping cord wood winters at 25
cents a cord, finally leaving for pastures new he took passage
at Burlington for Whitehall, N. Y., on the first steamboat he
ever saw ; thence proceeded to Albany and from there by
canal packet to Buffalo, a distance of 300 miles in seven days ;
thence by steamboats through lakes Erie, St. Clair, Huron
and Michigan to Southport, which is now Kenuska, Wis.
There he was first a carpenter, and later a maker of pipe
organs. Being ingenious with tools and having a fine ear
for music he continued in the latter business until 1847, when
he returned to Bakersfield, Vt. He then, in 1848, m. Harriet
Field, dau. of Ebenezer W. and Adah (Davis) Field of



Samuel W. Parker.


Bakersfield and settled in Coventry, Vt. He was a success-
ful mechanic, made pianos, wagons and sleighs, also made and
repaired furniture. He made four trips annually through the
settled portions of the State in tuning pianos and organs.

He removed with his family to Newport, Vt., in 1869,
where he opened the music store which is still conducted by
his successors. Ever an enterprising and public-spirited citi-
zen, he has taken a personal part in the development of the
West and South. He is thus very widely known and is as
highly esteemed by all. In temperament his genial nature,
hospitality and good will are ever bubbling to the surface.
He has by his great industry and good judgment accumulated
a very goodly estate from the smallest of beginnings. Owing
to his interest and pains is partly due the fulness of the records
of his own and allied families in this genealogy.

Their children were :
George O. Parker, b. Nov. 6, 1848 ; was drowned in Dec, 1859.
Homer E. Parker, b. May 4, 1858 ; d. June 15, 1862.
364. Eliza E. Parker, b. Aug. 5, 1853; m. Nov. 6, 1874,

Edward H. Boden.
Florence E. Parker, b. Dec. 29, i860; m. May 11, 1882, George

H. Newland. They have no issue.

195. Lucinda Bangs Parker (Bana,^ Amos,^ Amos,^
Andrezv,^ yo/i)i,^ Hanamah,^ T/winas^), dau. of Dana R. and
Sarah Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston,
March 9, 1807 ; m. in Hubbardston, Aug. 28, 1832, Eli Gray,
son of Simeon and Sarah (Treadwell) Gray of Templeton.
They lived in Templeton, where she d. Dec. 30, 1856. He m.
(2) Mrs. Maria E. Hutchinson, who survives. He d. at the
age of 83 years, Jan. 17, 1889.

Their children were :

1. Infant dau., b. and d. June 8, 1833.

2. Marshall E. Gray, b. Aug. 27, and d. Oct. 11, 1S34.

3. Lucinda Sophia Gray, b. Sept. 21, 1835; m. May 12, 1855,

Leonard Hunting, b. in Hubbardston, March 19, 1826, son of
Lemuel and Polly (Baker) Hunting of Hubbardston. They
reside in Worcester. Their children were :
I. Lewis Pratt Hunting, b. in Templeton, Aug. 13, 1S56 ;
m. Nov. 13, 1878, Josephine Williams of Templeton,


dau. of James Williams. He resides near Baldwinsville.
Their children were :
I. James Hunting. 2. George Hunting. 3. Herbert Hunting.
II. LuciNDA Maria Hunting, b. in Phillipston, July 1 , 1857 5
d. Jan. 30, 1858.

III. Ada Louisa Hunting, b. in Templeton, April 5, i860;

d. Nov. 13, r86i.

IV. Frederick M. Hunting, b. in Templeton, Aug. 13,

1863 ; resides in Worcester.
V. Eli Adelbert Hunting, b. in Templeton, Oct. 25, 1864 ;
m. Minnie Merritt of Templeton, dau. of John Merritt.
They reside in E. Templeton. No surviving issue.
VI. Leonard Leslie Hunting, b. in Templeton, Jan. 5,

1867 ; resides in Worcester.
VII. Charles Everard Hunting, b. in Templeton, Aug. 12,

VIII. Alice Effie Hunting, b. in Templeton, June 18, 1875 ;
d. Aug. 16, 1876.

Eli Elbia Gray, b. Sept. 17, 1836; m. (i) in Fitzwilliam,
May 29, 1862, Rebecca Elizabeth Newton, b. March 5, 1845,
d. May 10, 1873, dau. of Asa and Rebecca Prescott (Dolbear)
Newton. They had three children. He m. (2) Emma Briggs,
b. May 20, 1844, dau. of Franklin and Lydia (Johnson)
Briggs. He was a teamster in Templeton. Children :
I. Hattie Lucinda Gray, b. in Templeton, June 20, 1863 ;
m. in Baldwinsville, March 2, 1881, Fredric S. Coy, b.
in East Cambridge, July 10, 1858, son of Horace S. and
Lucy E. (Babb) Coy. He is a hotel-keeper.
II. William Newton Gray, b. in Templeton, May 13, 1S66 ;
m- Houghton of Athol. They reside in Baldwins-
ville and have a son and dau.
III. Mabel Evelina Gray, b. in Templeton, July 19, 1868;
m. Frank Smith of Templeton.

Simeon Dennison Parker Gray, b. Dec. 6, 1S41 ; m. (i)
March 27, 1864, Almanza S. Clayton, and had:
I. Alice Clayton Gray, b. Feb. 15, 1869.
II. Herbert Gray, b. Jan. 29, and d. July 28, 1871.
m. (2) Feb. 20, 1873, Susan E. Knowlton, and had:

III. Edith Goddard Gray, b. Jan. 9, 1874.

IV. Anna Louisa Gray, b. July 14, and d. Aug. 23, 1876.

V. Eva Maria Gray, b. Jan. 16, 1880.


6. Amos Wilberforce Gray, b. April 6, 1843. He enlisted as a

recruit in Co. C, 27th Reg., Mass. Vols., in March, 1862. In
April he joined his regiment near Newberne, N. C. Through
the summer they were kept in that vicinity on guard duty. He
was eight months in the service when he was taken sick and
d. in the hospital at Washington, N. C, Dec. 5, 1862, at the
age of 19 years.

7. Infant son, b. and d. March 15, 1846.

8. John Marshall Gray, b. April 6, 1847 5 ^- Joanna Wood.

He d. Sept. 24, 1880, and left no issue.

196. Sarah Davis Parker (Dana;> Amos,^ Amos,^
Andrew,^ yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Dana R. and
Sarah Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, June
7, 1808 ; m. March 18, 1830, Oliver Hale of Hubbardston, son
of Luther Hale, who came from Leominster to Hubbardston
about 1788, m. three times and had a family of 15 children,
Oliver being the ninth, b. Sept. 28, 1804. In the midst of
life, while en route for San Francisco, he w^as drowned off the
southern coast of California by wreck and burning of steamer
Independence in 1853, and was buried on Magdelena Island
with 240 others who perished out of 800 passengers. He d.
Feb. 16, 1853. His brother-in-law, Amory Parker, who now
lives in Hubbardston, was on the same ship. She still resides
in Hubbardston with her children.

The three brothers, John Williams, Jonas and Dennison Robinson Parker,
sons of Dana R. Parker, removed to New York city early in life. The issue
of John W. as far as is known appears above. Jonas Parker m. Susan Ann
Decker, and Dennison R. Parker m. Mary A. Vroome, both of Staten Island,
N. Y. Thev each left families in or near New York city, but whose present
whereabouts I am unable to state. Jonas Parker went to S. Carolina about
1874; he was in Aiken, S. C, in 1SS6, and his dau. m. there. He is probably
deceased. He had a son whose name was probably Amos Parker, who is sup-
posed to be living in the vicinity of New York city.

Dennison Robinson Parker is deceased. He had two daughters, who are
supposed to be married, and it is supposed that one lives in the vicinity of

"Of Dana R. Parker's descendants," writes one of them, " I can only say
that they are in about as widely scattered pursuits at present as any I ever
knew : bankers, railway managers, civil engineers, doctors, lawyers, steam-
boat men and manufacturers. Had I the time I could write quite a history of
their pursuits. I should say, however, that I never knew a politician among
them. They are travelled, having been from Maine to California, where some
are now. Some are silver mining in Mexico."


Their children were :

1. John Otis Hale, b. April 2, 1831 ; m. Nov. 7, i860, Lucy

Browning of Hubbardston. He d. Dec. 8, 1873, and she d.
Jan. 28, 1878. They left five children :
I. Abby Calista Hale, b. July 21, 1862.
II. Oliver Hale, b. Dec. 12, 1863.

III. Joshua Browning Hale, b. June 14, 1864.

IV. John Otis Hale, b. Dec. i, 1866.

V. Lucy Dorrit Hale, b. Aug. 18, 1868.

2. Sarah Maria Hale, b. Aug. 3, 1833 ; m. Aug. 31, 1S62, Luke

Davis of Boston. He d. Aug. 29, 1883, leaving no issue.
She resides in Newton.

3. Minerva F. Hale, b. June 27, 1837 ; resides in Hubbardston.

4. Catherine Swan Hale, b. June 8, 1841 ; unm. | ™ .

5. Clara Swan Hale, b. June 8, 184 1 ; unm. I

6. Seth p. Hale, b. Feb. 12, 1846; m. Dec. 2, 1867, Abby

Bennett of Hubbardston. She d. March 8, 1888. Child:
I. William Bennett Hale, b. May 14, 1871.

John Williams Parker (see page i*] ()), (D ana, ^ Amos, ^
Amosy> Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Dana
R. and Sarah Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbard-
ston, March 5, 1810; removed to New York city or vicinity;
m. Jan. i, 1837, Nancy F. Barr of New York city, b. in New
York city, 1817. She d. July 30, 1847. He d. about 1874.

Their children were :

George W. L. Parker, b. Jan. 20, 1840; was twice m. ; was a
steamboat man and lived in East New York, L. I.

Mary L. Parker, b. Dec. 26, 1S41 ; m. William A. Heywood (see
page 322).

197. Priscilla Elvira Parker ( Dana,'} Amos, ^ Amos, ^
Andrew,^ 'John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Dana R. and
Sarah Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, Nov.
28, 1811 ; m. Aug. 31, 1835, Seth P. Heywood of Barre, son
of the Heywood family of Shrewsbury and connected with the
Worcester, Gardner and Fitchburg families of this name.
His mother, Alice (Pratt) Heywood, was also a native of
Shrewsbury. Seth P. Heywood and wife settled in Barre
and had two sons. She d. Dec, 1876, aged 65 years, and he


m. her sister, Martha Maria Parker (see No. 201), and resides
in Barre Plains.

Their children were :

1. William Austin Heyw^ood, b. Jan. 13, 1841 ; m. Mary L.

Parker, b. Dec. 26, 1841, dau. of John Wilh'ams and Nancy F.
(Barr) Parker (see page 321). She d. April 20, 1862, and he
m. (2) Amanda Sanderson of Barre. They reside in Spring-
field and have one son :
I. Frank A. Heywood, in the employ of the B. & A. R. R.

2. Phineas Heywood, b. July 9, 1845 ; m. Nov. 8, 1864, Hattie

Louisa King, dau. of Charles and Harriet D. King, both of
Rutland. He is station agent at Barre Plains. Children :

I. Hattie Elvira Heywood, b. Oct. 11, 1868; d. March

17, 1889.
II. Ernest Pratt Heywood, b. Jan. 24, 1876.

198. SophroniaPsLvliier ( Da na,T Amos, ^ Amos, 5 Andrew,^
yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Dana R. and Sarah
Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, Nov. 26,
1815 ; m. June 21, 1836, Henry Humphrey of Athol Centre,
b. Nov. 7, 1795, d. Jan. 9, 1882. He was son of Dr. Royal
and Eusebia Humphrey. He was the second physician of
Athol. Dr. Royal Humphrey was son of Rev. James Hum-
phrey, who was the first minister of Athol, where he was
settled in 1750. She resides in Athol Centre.

Their children were :

1. Henry M. Humphrey, b. March 21, 1837 ' ^' ^" infancy.

2. Henry M. Humphrey, b. Aug. 10, 1840; m. Oct. 18, 1866,

Abbie F. Holton. He represented his district in the Legisla-
ture of 1882, and was chairman of Athol's School Committee
for four years. Their children were :

I. John H. Humphrey, b. Aug. 6, 1867 ; m. Nov. 12, 1890,
Clara H. Ward of S. Carolina.

II. Helen M. Humphrey, b. Sept. 7, 1870.

3. Helen A. Humphrey, b. Jan. 3, 1844; d. in infancy.

199. Mary Parker (Dana,^ Ajuos,^ Amos, ^ Andrew,^
John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Dana R. and Sarah
Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, Jul}^ 11,


1821 ; m. May 5, 1842, George Raymond of Westminster.
They are both deceased.

Their son was :

I. Joseph L. Raymond, b. June 14, 1857; ^- Nov. 19, 1878,
Clara L. Miller, b. Jan. 26, 1861, dau. of George W. and
Susan P. (Brooks) Miller. They reside in Westminster.
Their children were :

I. Louis Raymond, b. May 11, and d. June i, 1880.
II. Arthur N. Raymond, b. Feb. 10, 1887.
III. Alice F. Raymond, b. Dec. 17, 1888.

200. Amos Parker (Dana,^ Amos,^ Amos,^ Andrew,^
yohn,^ Hanamah,^ Thomas^), son of Dana R. and Sarah
Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston, Feb. 12,
1823 ; m. April 2, 1844, Lucy M. Shepard of Oakham, b.
April 29, 1825 or 6, dau. of Samuel Shepard. Amos Parker
d. in Worcester, Mass., Oct. 29, 1849.

Their only son was :

Amos E. Parker, b. in Barre Plains, Nov. i, 1S48 ; m. Oct. 15,
1874, Ruth Eleanore Dorsey, b. in Roxbury Mills, Howard Co.,
Md., dau. of John Alrastus Dorsey, Esq., Judge of Orphan's
Court, Howard Co., Md. He is a physician. They reside in
Philadelphia, Pa.

201. Martha Maria Parker ( Dana, t Amos, ^ A7nos,^
Andrew,^ 'John,T> Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Dana R.
and Sarah Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston,
July 9, 1825 ; m. July 2, 1844, Lysander Batchelder of Athol.
He d. March 20, 1872, aged 49 years, 7 months, 14 days.
She m. (2) Aug , 1877, Seth P. Heywood, widower of her
sister Priscilla Elvira Parker (No. 197). They reside in

The children of Lysander and Martha Maria (Parker)
Batchelder were :

1. HuLDAH M. Batchelder, b. Feb. 12, 1846; m. George W.

Richey. She is deceased.

2. Angela Batchelder, b. May 6, 1852 ; m. John C. Dalton, Jr.

They reside in Salem. No issue.



202. Susan Elizabeth Parker (Dana,^ Amos,^Amos,5
Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Dana R.
and Sarah Davis (Williams) Parker, was b. in Hubbardston,
April 9, 1823 ; m. Oct. 6, 1848, Henry Burr Howells of New
York city, native of Hartford, Ct., son of William A. and
Alice M. Howells. He d. May 12, 1889. She is a noted
songstress ; resides in San Francisco.

Their children were :

1. Charlotte Elizabeth Howells, b. April 17, 1852; m.

Henry Kunz of San Francisco. Their son :
I. Charles H. B. Kunz.

2. Vera Amoretta Howells, b. Nov. 7, 1854; ""•• Robert E.

Astell, a resident of Canada. They have a dau :
I. Lottie E. Astell, b. Feb. 27, 1877.

3. Theodore H. Northrup Howells, b. Feb, 7, 1865 ; m.

Beppie B. Lee of Weaverville, Cal.

4. Edward E. Northrup Howells, b. May 30, 1866.

5. Grace Aguilla Howells, b. May 30, 1871.

6. Ralph Burr Howells, b. May 22, 1873.

203. Amos Andrew Parker (Amory,^ Amos,^ Amos,^
Andrew,^ John,^ Hananiah,^ Thotnas^ ), son of Amory and
Lydia (Parker) Parker, was b. in Bakersfield, Vt., Oct. 28,
1814. He removed from the northern part of the State to
Cavendish in April, 1835. He m. in Cavendish, May 4, 1837,
Cynthia Pratt, b. in Reading, Vt., April 28, 181 1, dau. and
sixth child in the family of nine children, of Luther and
Susanna (Childs) Pratt. Luther Pratt was a native of Fitch-
burg and his wife was the third dau. of David and Lydia
(Stearns) Childs, who both settled in Westminster about 1775.
Luther Pratt was brother to Levi Pratt and son of David Pratt,
both of Fitchburg. Her sister, Nancy (Childs) Ward, the
youngest of this family of nine children, was b. July 20, 1790,
and is still living. She is a very remarkable lady and retains
her memory well. She resides in Amsden, Vt., with her
grandson Charles Ward.

Cynthia Parker d. Nov. 14, 1857. Mr. Parker afterwards
m. in Reading, Vt., Feb. 24, 1859, Almira Foster, b. in
Reading, July 11, 1813, dau. of George Foster, a native of


Dudley, Mass. Traditions in her family show that seven
brothers of the name of Foster came from England at an early
day and that her family were among the descendants of one of
them. Her mother, Willaba (Chamberlain) Foster, was dau.
of Abiel Chamberlain, was b. in Woodstock, Ct., Aug. 29,
1772, and a descendant also of the Peak and Ainsworth fami-
lies. The children of Mr. Parker were all b. before the de-
cease of his first wife, Cynthia. He has great-grandchildren.
Mr. and Mrs. Parker settled in Cavendish where they re-

Online LibraryTheodore ParkerGenealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 → online text (page 28 of 47)