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Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 online

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Mrs. Mary C. (Browjm) Parker.


Jan. 12, 1851, Mary Calista Brown, b. in Boylston, March
13, 1832, dau. of Joel and Lucy (Whitney) Brown of Boylston.
She resides in Worcester. Joel Brown was a native of Con-
cord, and Lucy Whitney a native of Bolton.* Mr. Parker
made Worcester his residence save for two years passed in
Urbana, 111. His death, hastened by accident, occurred Feb.
26, 1874, aged 47. He was a man of much judgment and
intellect, firmness of integrity and purpose, and of true gener-
osity and good will. He was a very efficient and active work-

Their children, all b. in Worcester, were :

410. Arthur Augustus Parker, b. April 5. 1S55 ; m. Lida E.
Denton of Jersey City, N. J.

411. Clarence Edward Parker, b. April 4, i860; m. Jennie
See of Hastlngs-on-Hudson, N. Y.

412. Edward Henry Parker, b. Jan. 4, 1S67 ; m. Lena A. Con-
verse of Oxford, Mass.

Theodore Parker, b. Sept. 8, 1869. He is the compiler of this

275. Abigail Manning Parker (Josiah,^ Josiah,^
yosiah,^ yost'ah,^ yokn,^ Hananiah^^ Thomas^), dau. of
Josiah, Jr., and Abigail (Carter) Parker, was b. in Woburn,
Jan. 6, 1808; m. June, 1832, James Burton, b. in Woburn,
April 18, 1809. They reside in Wilton, N. H.

Their children were :

1. John Burton, b. June 26, 1833 ; d. Nov. 5, 1857.

2. James Burton, b. Jan. 6, and d. April 30, 1835.

3. Martha P. Burton, b. March 7, 1836; m. Nov. 9, 1859,

Charles G. Blanchard of Greenville, N. H. She d. July i,
1882. He resides in Greenville. They had two children,
who reside in Greenville :

I. Ezra L. Blanchard, b. in Wilton, N. H., Dec. 5, 1863 ;
m. in Woonsocket, R. I., Sept. 10, 1890.

* Potter's genealogy of Concord families shows that the ancestral lineage
of Joel Brown® was: Lieut. Samuel' and Elizabeth (Brown) Brown, Dea.
Ephraim'' and Abigail (Wheeler) Brown, Thomas' and Hannah (Potter)
Brown, Thomas' and Ruth (Jones) Brown, Thomas' and Bridget Brown.
This Thomas, the emigrant ancestor, was settled in Concord in 1641. Lieut.
Samuel and Elizabeth (Brown) Brown were third cousins. Joel Brown was
the last of their family of 11. David Brown, late of Worcester, and Alzirus
Brown of Worcester, were sons of Joel.


II. Perley R. Blanch ard, b. in Milford, N. H., April 22,


4. Abbie F. Burton, b. July 29, 1837; "^- J^"- ^' ^8^3' Solon

Tarbell of Hancock, N. H. She d. May 27, 1887. He
resides in Peterborough, N. H. No issue.

5. Emily A. Burton, b. Sept. 21, 1S39; m. June 14, 1864,

William H. Hopkins, b. Aug. 30, 1838, son of Benjamin
Hopkins. They have two children, and reside in Wilton,
N. H.

6. Marietta H. Burton, b. Aug. 28, 1841 ; m. (i) April 24,

1863, George W. Eaton, who d. Aug. 16, 1876; m. (2)
Jonathan P. Snow, who was b. Nov. 9, 1848. They reside
in Somerville.

7. Augusta M. Burton, b. May 26, 1843 ; m. Nov. 2, 1865,

Irving S. Farnsworth, son of Albert Farnsworth. They
reside in Franklin and have one child.

8. James A. Burton, b. Feb. 8, 1846; d. Dec. 23, 1856.

9. Josiah H. Burton, b. April 3, 1S47.

10. Clarissa J. Burton, b. Nov. 14, 1848.

11. Lydia L. Burton, b. April 5, 1850; m. Willis H. Edson,

native of Canada. They reside in Plymouth, and have one

276. Susan Richardson Parker (Josiah,"^ Josiah,^
Josiah y- Jostah,^ yohn,^ Hanamah,^ Thomas^), dau. of
Josiah, Jr., and Abigail (Carter) Parker, was b. in Woburn,
May 26, 1809 ; m. Lyman Stone, b. in Nelson, N. H. He
d. Nov., 1882. She d. Oct., 1883, leaving no issue.

277. Hannah Gardner Parker (Josiah,"^ Josiah,^
'Josiahy' yosiah,^ 'Johny> Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of
Josiah, Jr., and Abigail (Carter) Parker, was b. in Woburn,
Feb. 23, 181 1 ; m. in Worcester, Sept. 24, 1850, Jonathan
Snow, b. in Brewster, April i, 1813, son of David and Mercy
(Clark) Snow. His first wife was Lydia Parker, sister of the
above. He was a blacksmith and master mechanic. They
lived in various places, finally settling in Milford, N. H.,
where he d. March 4, 1889. She survives him and resides in
Milford, N. H.

Their children were :

1. Amelia Snow, b. in Worcester, June 18, and d. June 21, 1852.

2. Emma Josephine Snow, b. in Worcester, June 30, 1853.


278. Lydia Ann Parker (Josiah,^ Jostah,^ Josiah,^
yostah,'^ yohn,i Hanam'ah,^ Tho?nas^ ), dau. of Josiah, Jr.,
and Abigail (Carter) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Aug. 5,
1813 ; m. Nov. 14, 1844, Jonathan Snow (see No. 277), son
of David and Mercy (Clark) Snow. She d. March 4, 1849,
and left three children. He m. (2) her sister, Hannah Gard-
ner Parker (see No. 277). He d. in Milford, N. H., Feb.
28, 1889.

Their children, all b. in Concord, N. H., were :

1. Anne Louisa Snow, b. Sept. 6, 1845 ; d. July 20, 1864.

2. Adaline Frances Snow. b. May 4, 1847 ; d. July 14, 1864.

3. Jonathan Parker Snow, b. Nov. 19, 1848 ; m. Marietta H.

Burton (his cousin), dau. of James and Abigail (Parker)
Burton (see page 378) • They reside in Somerville. No issue.

279. John Flagg Parker ( Josiah, ^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^
'Josiah,^ John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Josiah, Jr., and
Abigail (Carter) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Dec. 27, 1815 ;
m. March 29, 1845, in Wilton, N. H., Martha Jane Jones, b.
in Wilton, Dec. 27, 1815, dau. of Asa and Lucy Jones.

Their children were :
Ella Evora Parker, b. in Woburn, April 21, 1847 ; m. in Groton,

Nov. 26, 1889, Thomas Gilson Hemenway, son of Phineas and

Ann (McGraw) Hemenvvay of Groton.
Everett Leland Parker, b. in Woburn, Jan. 22, 1849; d. in

Woburn, Jan. 9, 1S54.
Marion Jane Parker, b. in Woburn, Dec. 20, 1856 ; m. in Groton,

Oct. 25, 1888, Maynard Sumner Prescott, b. in Dunbarton, N. H.,

April 20, 1854, son of George Washington and Susan Walker

(Marshall) Prescott of Dunbarton. He is a poultry breeder in


280. J osiah Parker ( yosiak ,7 yosiah ,* yosiahy> yosiah ,1
yo/m,i Hananiak,^ Thomas^), son of Josiah, Jr., and Abigail
(Carter) Parker, was b. in Wilton, N. H., April 10, 1819 ;
m. Jan. 26, 1847, Nancy M. Wyman, b. in Woburn, Jan. 10,
1823, dau. of Abel and Maria Wyman of Woburn. He d.
Jan. 22, 1880, and the family reside in Woburn.

Their children were :


JosiAH Wyman Parker, b. May 28, 1847,
Mary Frances Parker, b. June 39, 1S49.
Austin Wilber Parker, b, April 14, 1863.
Lillian Winthrop Parker, b. April 28, 1866.

281. Andrew Jackson Parker (Josiah,^ Josmh,^

yostah,^ Josiah^^ yokti,^ Hanam'ah,^ Thomas^), son of Josiah,
Jr., and Abigail (Carter) Parker, was b. in Wilton, N. H.,
May 26, 1821 ; m. Nov. 29, 1847, Abbie A. Tapley, b. in
Wilton, March 2, 1823, dau. of Nancy and Gilbert Tapley
of Wilton. They reside in Wilton. To Mr. Parker's interest
and pains is largely due the fulness of the records of the
Wilton Parkers. He is a carriage builder.
Their son was :

Charles Parker, b. in Worcester, Aug. 10, 1853; m. April 15,
1883, Grace M. Wright, b. Sept. 3, 1856, dau. of John and Malissa
Wright of Stoneham. They reside in Cambridge.

282. Albert Parker ( Josiah ,7 Josiah ,6 Josiah ,5 Josiah ,4
John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^)^ son of Josiah and Mrs. Betsey
(Converse) Parker, was b. in Wilton, N. H., April 12, 1839;
m. in Woburn, Nov. 2, 1862, Eliza A. Sawyer, b. in Ames-
bury, July 8, 1839, dau. of John and Nancy Sawyer, then of
Salisbury. He is a carriage blacksmith, residing in Merrimac,

Their children were :

WiLLARD Albert Parker, b. in S. Amesbury (now Merrimac-
port), Dec. 25, 1863. He resides in Nashua, N. H.

Frederic Eames Parker, b. in S. Amesbury (now Merrimacport),
Dec. 8, 1866. He resides in Merrimac.

George Atherton Parker, b. in Merrimacport, July 36, 1878.

283. Oliver Hutchinson Parker ( Henry, 'j Josiah,^
Josiah,^ Josiah,'^ John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas"^), son of Henry
and Abigail (Hutchinson) Parker, was b. in Woburn, June
20, 1808 ; m. in Woburn, March 4, 1834, Patty Parker (his
cousin), b. in Woburn, Oct. 12, 1812, dau. of Joseph and
Betsey (Richardson) Parker. At the age of 20, upon the
event of his grandfather's death, Jan. 20, 1829, he carried the
sad news to his uncle Josiah at Wilton, N. H., where the


latter was then living. He walked the entire distance, about
50 miles, all in one day, and in this unpleasant season of the
year. He d. in Woburn, Nov. i, 1867, aged 59 years, 4

Their children were :

413. Joseph Henry Parker, b. Sept. 16, 1836; m. Henrietta
M. Young.

Oliver Gardner Parker, b. Feb. 33, 1837; ^^- March 21, 1870.

414. Martha Parker, b. Oct. 20, 1841 ; m. Joseph Linnell.
Child, unnamed, b. and d. Nov. 14, 1S45.

2 84. Martha Parker (Henry,'' Josmh,^ Josiak,^ Josiah,^
yokn,i Hananiak,^ Thomas^), dau. of Henry and Abigail
(Hutchinson) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Aug. 17, 181 1 ; m.
Charles Choate.

Their child was :
I. Martha Parker Choate, b. in Woburn, May 12, 1833; m.
Aug. 9, 1855, Osgood Johnson of Worcester. He is deceased.
She resides in Woburn with her dau. :
I. Helen Johnson.

285. Abigail Parker ( Henry, ^ Jostah,^ Josiak,^
yosiah,^ yohn,^ Hananiah,'^ Thomas^), dau. of Henry and
Abigail (Hutchinson) Parker, was b. in Woburn, March 26,
1814; m. William Winn of Burlington, b. April 8, 1809, son
of William and Abigail (Walker) Winn.

Their child was :

I. William H. Winn; m. (i) Nov. 11, 1863, Josephine Harriet
Dow of Woburn, dau. of Stephen and Celinda Dow. She d.
March 24, 1870, and he m. (2) Elizabeth J. Pollock. They
reside in Woburn. Children :
I. Fred Hartwell Winn, b. Nov. 10, 1S73.
II. A dau., b. and d. Sept. 6, 1876.

286. Louisa Parker ( Henry, ^ Josiah,^ Jostah,^ Josiah,^
John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Henry and Abigail
(Hutchinson) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Dec. 14, 1816 ; m.
Jan. 10, 1839, John Weston, b. Sept. 5, 1814, son of Jeremy
and Priscilla (Perkins) Weston. They lived in Woburn,
where he was a milkman and farmer, and where he d. Oct. 3,
1873. She resides in Woburn.


Their children were ;

1. Helen Louisa Weston, b. Aug. 29, 1S40; m. April 26, 1S59,

Phineas G. Hanson of Woburn. They reside in Woburn on
Cambridge Street, near the site of the old Parker homestead.
He is a farmer. Their children were :
I. Flora Louisa Hanson, b. Aug. 22, 1S60.
II. Howard Weston Hanson, b. March 6, 1S65 ; d. Sept.
I, 1868. in Lexington.

III. Helen Maria Hanson, b. Jan. 6, 1870 ; d. July 5, 1872.

IV. Maria Alice Hanson, b. Aug. 24, 1875.
V. John Weston Hanson, b. April 2, 1878.

2. John Henry Weston, b. Jan. 10, 1843 ; m. Jan. 10, 1870,

Ella Rowena Hanchett, b. in Natick, Dec. 25, 1849, ^^^- of
William T. and Ede R. (Childs) Hanchett. He is a milkman
and resides in Somerville. Their children were :
I. Howard Hanchett Weston, b. in Somerville, Oct. 3,

11. John Dana Weston, b. July 30, 1875.

3. Mary Frances Weston, b. May 19, 1846; d. young.

4. Charles Lewis Weston, b. Nov. 24, 1848 ; resides in Natick,


287. Maria Parker (Henry,"' Josiah,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^
yo/in,^ Hananiahr Thomas^), dau. of Henry and Abigail
(Hutchinson) Parker, was b. in Woburn, July 5, 1819; m.
Dec. 10, 1844, George Winn, b. in Burlington, Mass., Nov.
12, 1811, son of Abel and Ruth (Richardson) Winn. He
was a farmer and d. in Woburn, Dec. 25, 1S78. She survived
him nearly ten years. She d. in Woburn, Nov. 23, 1888.

Their children were :
I. Alice Maria Winn, b. March 14, 1846; m. in Woburn, Jan.
18, 1 87 1, Frank Murray Pushee, b. in Lyme, N. H., March

12, 1844, son of Sylvester and Sarah (Emerton) Pushee. She
d. in Woburn, June 4, 1883, and he m. (2) Marah B. Winn,
dau. of John and Marah (Baldwin) Winn. The children of
Frank M. and Alice (Winn) Pushee were :

I. Etta Maria Pushee, b. in Nashua, N. H., March 14,



II. George Winn Pushee, b. in Woburn, AjDril 25, 1880;
d. May 12, 1S82.


III. Walter Frank Pushee, b. in Woburn, May 28, and d.

July 28, 18S3.

IV. Harold B. Pushee, b. Jan. 16, 1890.

2. Abbie Louisa Winn, b. Jan. 10, 1856; d. in Wobuin, March
28, 1867.

288. Frederick Chandler Parker ( Frederick, i Josiah,^
yosiah,^ yosia/i,'^ yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Fred-
erick and Nabby (Thompson) Parker, was b. in Woburn,
Jan. 16, 1829; m. June 30, 1857, Martha Abbie Hanson, b.
in Peabody, Jan. 26, 1833, dau. of Isaac (of Wakefield, N.
H.) and Eliza (of Peabody) (Batchelder) Hanson. He was
one year selectman. He built the residence on Canal Street,
where he now resides and where he conducts a business of
leather currying.

Their children were :

415. Lydia Thompson Parker, b. April 4, 1858 ; m. J. Herbert

William Chandler Parker, b. Aug. 11, 1S63 ; m. Aug. 7, 18S6,

Charlotte M. Kelley. He has been captain of Co. G, 5th Reg.

Inf., M. V. M. (Woburn Mechanic Phalanx).
Mary Wellington Parker, b. Jan. 21, 1868.

289. Josiah Parker (Frederick,^ yosiah/' yosi'ah,^
yostak,"^ yohfi,^ Hanantak,^ Thomas^), son of Frederick and
Nabby (Thompson) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Oct. 25, 1832
(twin brother of Hannah Maria Parker) ; m. Nov. 17, 1864,
Sarah B. Hanson, b. in Peabody, Jan. 6, 1840, sister to Martha
Abbie Hanson, and resides in Woburn.

Their son is :
Frank Flanders Parker, b. March 4, 1871.

290. Hannah Maria Parker (Fredcr^ck,^ yosiah,^
yosiah,^ yosiak,^ yo/in,^ Hananiah,^ T/w?7ias^), son of Fred-
erick and Nabby (Thompson) Parker, was b. in Woburn,
Oct. 25, 1832 (twin sister of Josiah Parker) ; m. Jan. 6, 1852,
Walter Wellington, b. in Lexington, Dec. 3, 1824, son of
Marshall and Elizabeth (Kimball) Wellington, and grandson
of William of Waltham, and resides in E. Lexington.

Their children were :


1. Charles Walter Wellington, b. Oct. 13, 1853.

2. Abbie Elizabeth Wellington, b. Feb. i, 1856.

3. Marion Elizabeth Wellington, b, Oct. 17, 1866.

4. Arthur Bryant Wellington, b. Aug. 26, 1870.

291. Betsey Fidelia Parker (Freder^ck,^ Josiak,^
yosiah,^ Josiah,^ yohti,^ Hanantah,^ 77^ow«5'j, dau. of Fred-
erick and Nabby (Thompson) Parker, was b. in Woburn,
June 7, 1836; m. Feb. 26, 1857, in Woburn, George Russell,
b. in Charlestown, now Somerville, June 22, 1836, son of
William Adams and Keziah (Teele) Russell. They reside in
Woburn on Cambridge Street, very near her childhood home,
the old Parker homestead of Woburn.

Their children were :

1. Emma Thompson Russell, b. in Somerville, Dec. 14, 1857 ; m.

in Somerville, Feb. 26, 1879, Charles Henry Hartshorn of
Medford. Child :

I. Edward Russell Hartshorn, b. in Medford, Aug. 5,
1879 ; d. in Woburn, Aug. 5, 1880.

2. Carrie Russell, b. in Woburn, Oct. 19, 1861 ; m. in Woburn,

June I, 1887, Charles Edward Sutherland of Woburn.

3. JosiE Russell, b. in Somerville, Sept. 19, 1863.

4. George Parker Russell, b. in Somerville, Aug. 28, 1868.

5. William Adams Russell, b. in Somerville, June 9, 1874.

292. Martha Ann Parker (Frederick,^ Josiah,^
'Josiahy' yosiak,^ yokn,^ Hanantah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Fred-
erick and Nabby (Thompson) Parker, was b. in Woburn,
May 24, 1841 ; m. in Woburn, July 14, 1863, Joseph Belknap
McDonald, b. in Danville, Vt., June 28, 1839, ^on of William
B. and Eunice P. (Wyman) McDonald. They reside in
Woburn. He is a lumber dealer in Boston and the coal
dealer of Woburn.

Their children, both b. in Woburn, were :

1. Fred Wyman McDonald, b. May 25, 1867.

2. Joseph Belknap McDonald, Jr., b. July 7, 1878.

293. Dorothy Flagg Parker (called also Dolly)
(Benjamin,'' Benjamin,^ yosiah,^ yosiah,^ yohn,^ Hanamak,^
Thomas^), dau. of Benjamin, Jr., and Sally (x\llen) Parker,
was b. in Fitchburg, Jan. 2, 1804; m. in Harvard, May 27,


1827, Ephraim Barnard of Harvard, b. March 19, 1805, son
of Phineas and Betsey (Whitney) Barnard. He was a shoe-
maker and farmer in Harvard, where all of the children were
born. She d. July 30, 1854. He d. April 11, 1883.

Their children were :

1. Eliza Ann Willard Barnard, b. March 30, 1828; m. Nov.,

185 1, John Wright of Charlestown. She d. March 7, 1852.

2. Sarah Parker Barnard, b. April 13, 1830; m. in Harvard,

March 29, 1853, George Whitney of Stow, b. Oct. 28, 1823,
son of Asa and Sally (Brooks) Whitney. They reside in
Harvard, where he is a farmer. Children :
I. Frederick A. Whitney, b. in Stow, April 8, 1858.
II. Georgiana Whitney, b. in Harvard, June 21, 1871.

3. Ephraim Augustus Barnard, b. Aug. 28, 1832 ; d. of con-

sumption, June 26, 1853.

4. Emeline Jane Barnard, b. July 28, 1835 ; m. in Harvard,

Feb. 4, 1864, Vandola E. Whitcomb of Littleton, b. in Little-
ton, Jan. II, 1830, son of Emory Vandola and Sophia (Foster)
Whitcomb. They reside in Bolton.

5. Luther Allen Barnard, b. Dec. 24, 1837 ; m. Antoinette L.

Taylor of Boxborough, dau. of Varnum and Mary (Bowers)
Taylor. He d. of consumption, Nov. 17, 1867. They had a
dau. who d. young. His widow married again and resides
in W. Acton.

6. Abigail Maria Barnard, b. May 27, 1840; m. in Hudson,

Charles Frank Stone of Littleton, b. in Groton, Oct. 17, 183 1,
son of Nathaniel (native of Groton) and Lydia (Page) Stone
(native of Shirley). They reside in Littleton, where he is a

7. Henry Albert Barnard, b. Nov. 30, 1842 ; m. Jan. 10, 1866,

Ann Augusta Gates of Leominster, b. in Leominster, Nov.
16, 1848, dau. of Edwin and Ann B. Gates. They reside in
Leominster. Children :

I. Cora Mabel Barnard, b. in Leominster, April 8, 1868.
II. Charles Edwin Barnard, b. March 20, 1873.

8. Waldo Gardner Barnard, b. Dec. 11, 1848; d. of con-

sumption, Oct. 19, 1870.

294. Mehetable Tidd Parker (Benjamin:^ Benja-
min,^ yosiah,^ yosiah,^ yoh)i,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of
Benjamin, Jr., and Sally (Allen) Parker, was b. in Harvard,


March 17, 1806; m. Jan. 19, 1830, Thomas Cummings of
Hollis, N. H., b. Aug. 22, 1805, son of Thomas and Mary
Cummings. They lived in Harvard, where he was a farmer
the greater part of his life. He was also a shoemaker. He d.
March 20, 1885, and she resides with her son in Somerville.

Their children were :

1. Benjamin Thomas Cummings, b. in Boston, Nov. 26, 1830; d,

Jan. 30, 1834.

2. Charles Henry Cummings, b. Nov. 7, 1834; '""• ^^^' 2^»

1856, Helen S. Farnsworth of Harvard, dau. of Jerome and
Lydia Farnsworth. They lived first in Harvard, now in
Somerville. He is a clerk in Chandler's dry goods house,
Boston. Children b. in Harvard:
I. Arthur Thomas Cummings, b. April 20, 1859; m.

Sept., 1882, Laura Leavitt of Bangor, Me. They reside

in Somerville.
II. Cecil Henry Cummings, b. March 3, 1865. Resides in

Omaha, Neb., unmarried.

Eliza Richardson Parker (see page 228) (Josefh.t

Benjamin,^ Josiah,^ 'Josiah^'^ yohn,^ Ilananmh,^ Thomas^),
dau. of Dea. Joseph and Betsey (Richardson) Parker, was b.
in Woburn, Aug. 27, 1808; m. May 17, 1827, in Woburn,
Warren Fox, b. in Woburn, Jan. 16, 1804, son of Capt.
William and Arathusa (Munroe) Fox. They lived on the
West Side of the town. The Fox homestead stood on Lex-
ington Street, near the old Parker farm. It is now unoccu-
pied and is a part of the Colburn farm. Warren Fox was a
leather dresser. Shed. Oct. 21, 1886, and he d. Jan. 22, 1887.

Their children were :

I. Warren Parker Fox, b. May 13, 1829; m. June 16, 1853,
Maria N. Newhall, b. in Woburn, March 13, 1833, dau. of
Alfred A. and Margery Fowle (Thompson) Newhall. The
father was b. in Lynn, March 8, 1809, and the mother in

Arathusa Munroe, the wife of Capt. William Fox, was b. in Lexington,
March lo, 1773, dau. of Nathan and Elizabeth (Harrington) Munroe (see page
74). Nathan, the father, was son of Marrett and Deliverance (Parker)
Munroe; she. Deliverance, being dau. of Lieut. Josiah Parker of Lexington
and sister of Capt. John Parker of Lexington and Lieut. Josiah Parker of


Woburn, April 26, 1810. Mr. Fox resides on Kilby Street in
Woburn. Their children were :

I. Clara Maria Fox, b. Sept. 19, 1855 ; resides in Woburn.
IL Everett Parker Fox, b. Sept. 10, 1S60; m. Nov. 29,
1882, Elona S. Dennis of Boston, dan. of Ward and
Caroline (Parker) Dennis of Lewiston, Me. She "d.
Aug. 29, 1892. He resides in Woburn. Child:
I. Elona Sybil Fox, b. in Woburn, Aug. 28, 1884.
in. John William Fox, b. Feb. 14, 1863 ; m. Nov. 18, 1885,
Carrie Belle Cook. They reside in Woburn. Child :
I. Mildred A. Fox, b. Sept. 15, 1887.

2. Mary Eliza Fox, b. Sept. 10, 1832 ; m. in Woburn, March 19,

^^57^ John Samuel Wheeler, b. in Bolton, June 3, 1833.
They lived in Woburn, where he still resides. She d. April
9, 1889, leaving no issue.

3. Sarah Jane Fox, b. June 30, 1835; m. (i) Silas Nowell

Bedelle of Somerville ; m. (2) in Woburn, Jan. 24, 1872,
Mosely N. Brooks. She d. Nov. 24, 1885. Her children were :
I. Joseph Warren Bedelle, b. in Woburn, Jan. 3, 1856;

m. Rebecca Louis Fowle, b. Sept. 20, 1858, dau. of

Josiah L. and Rebecca Fowle of Woburn. He is a

leather dresser in Fitchburg.
II. Mary Brooks, b. in Woburn, Dec. 12, 1872 ; d. July 20,


III. WiNTHROP Brooks, b. Sept. 3, 1874; d. Aug. ^

25> 1875. ' j

IV. Waldo Brooks, b. Sept. 3, 1874. He lives 1- Twins.

with his uncle, Charles Brooks, in Franconia, I
N. H. J

4. Celinda Thompson Fox, b. July 27, 1840; m. in Woburn,

April 24, 1864, Jacob C. Whitcher. He d. She resides in
Woburn. Their children were:
I. Arthur Warren Whitcher, b. Oct. 3, 1865.
II. Jacob Franklin Whitcher, b. March 31, 1S69 ; d. Dec.
7' 1875.

III. Jennie Eliza Whitcher, b. Dec. 13, 1870; d. May 2^


IV. Mary Celenda Whitcher, b. Oct. 29, 1874.
V. Carrie Louise Whitcher, b. Jan. 28, 1877.

295. Joseph Addison Parker (Joscfh,^ Benjamin,^
Josiah, 'i Josiah,^ John,^ Hananiah^ Thomas'), son of Dea.
Joseph and Betsey (Richardson) Parker, was b. in Woburn,
July 7, 1815 ; m. Dec. 31, 1839, Rebecca Jane Cutler, dau.


of Amos and Rachel (Flagg) Cutler of Lexington, later of
Mason, N. H. She was b. in Lexington ; d. in Woburn,
April 14, 1849. H^ "^- (2) ^" Woburn, June 11, 1854, Emily
Hewes, native of Fairlee, Vt. They reside in Woburn, where
Mr. Parker has always lived. He is a leather dresser.

Their children were :
Joseph Addison Parker, Jr., b. Oct. 16, 1840. He entered the

service of the Union army, and d. in Woburn, Oct. 19, 1S61, from

the effects of the battle of Bull Run.
Maria Jane Parker, b. Aug. 8, 1845 ; d. April 8, 1881.

296. Ann Parker ( Joseph ,7 Benjamin ,6 Josiah ,s Josiah ,4
John,T> Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of Dea. Joseph and Betsey
(Richardson) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Oct. 23, 1816 ; m.
in Woburn, June 4, 1840, Elijah Marion of Burlington, b.
Dec. 28, 1812, son of John C. and Martha (Carter) Marion.
He was highway surveyor, overseer of the town farm of Burl-
ington and a representative to the General Court in 1872.
They lived in Burlington, where he was a farmer. She d.
March 20, 1879. He d. June 19, 1884.

Their children were :

1. Elijah Parker Marion, b. in Burlington, Dec. 28, 1841 ; m.

in Woburn, June 24, 1878, Evelyn E. Manning, b. in Burling-
ton, July 3, 1845, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Shedd)
Manning. They reside in Woburn, where he is a garden
farmer. Children :

I. Edith Evelyn Marion, b. in Woburn, June 22, 1879.

II. Guy Elwood Marion, b. in Woburn, March 25, 1882. •

2. Ann Elizabeth Marion, b. in Woburn, May 14, 1843 ; m.

Oct. 5, 1865, John Pollock of Woburn. She resides in Burl-
ington with her daughters :
I. Ida Pollock. ii. Harriet Pollock.

3. Charles Edward Marion, b. in Woburn, Aug. 16, 1846 ; m.

in Chelsea, Oct. 12, 1870, Kate Downs, b. in Westbiook, Me.,
May 10, 1845, dau. of Samuel W. and Irene Downs. He is a
farmer in Burlington. Their children were :
I. Henry Elmer Marion, b. in Woburn, Sept. 15, 1871.

II. Francis Herbert Marion, b. in Woburn, Sept. 29, 1876.

III. Everett Hancock Marion, b. in Burlington, Jan. 6,

and d. April 8, 1882.


IV. Emily Elva Marion, b. inJBurlington, April 11, 1883.

4. William Chester Marion, b. in Burlington, May 33, 1852.

He resides in St. Paul, Minn.

5. Ella Chestina Marion, b. in Burlington, Dec. 7, 1854.

She resides in Burlington.

297. Benj amin Parker ( Josef h ;> Benjamin ,^ Josiah,^
yosiah,^ yohn.i Hana7iiah^^ Thomas^), son of Dea. Joseph
and Betsey (Richardson) Parker, was b. in Woburn, Jan. 25,
1820; m. in Woburn, Nov. 19, 1846, Mary Elizabeth Waitt,
b. in Maiden, Sept. 10, 1828, dau. of James and Deborah
Waitt. They lived on Bedford Street in Woburn. He was a

Their children were :

Elizabeth Frances Parker, b. Sept. 11, 1847; "''• in Woburn,
Nov. 24, 1886, Capt. John William Ellard of Woburn, b. Dec. 9,
1854, son of William and Elizabeth A. Ellard. He is a leather
splitter and stock raiser. They reside in Woburn. He was for

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