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Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 online

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380. Perry Ander Parker ( Enoch, ^ Jabez,^ Isaac, ^
AmoSy> Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Uanamah,^ Thomas^), son of Enoch

A. and Rebecca (Gibbs) Parker, was b. in Roxbury, N. H.,
Nov. 30, 1838 ; m. in St. Charles, 111., March 22, 1861, Mary
Russell, b. in Gilsum, N. H., July 17, 1838, dau. of Joseph

B. and Sidia (Farr) Russell. He is a teamster. They reside
in Aurora, 111.

Their children are :

436. Richard E. Parker, b. in Keene, N. H., Oct. 5, 1861 ; m.
Hattie Grout.

437. Carrie B. Parker, b. in Westminster, Vt., Nov. 8, 1863;
m. Gilbert C. Sibley.

438. Ella M. Parker, b. in Sugar Grove, 111., March 9, 1865 ;
m. Frank McCannon.

LiLLA E. Parker, b. in Sugar Grove, 111., Oct. 22, 1871.
Katie M. Parker, b. in Plainfield, 111., Jan. 24, 1874.

381. Joel Damon Parker r 7^^/,^ Jahez,^ Isaac,^Amos,^
Andrew,'^ John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son of Joel Dodge
Parker, was b. May 7, 1836; m. Dec. 26, 1864, Catharine
M. Whitney, b. in Dorchester, Dec. 26, 1843, dau. of Francis
N. and Catharine (Bird) Whitney. They reside in Phillips-
ton upon the old homestead formerly owned by Major Elisha
Parker. Mr. Parker is a manufacturer of chairs in what was
formerly the cotton factory.

Their children were :

Jason Damon Parker, b. Oct. 2, 1865 ; d. April 13, 1878.
Edward Myron Parker, b. Sept. 23, 1869.


Francis Wood Parker, b. Sept. 12, 1872.
Alice Edna M. Parker, b. July 2, 1885.

382. Amine Cecelia Parker (James M, L.,^ Jahez,^
Isaac,^ Amos,^ Andrew,'* 'John,'^ Hananiah,'^ Thomas^), dau.
of James M. L. and Polly H. (Kidder) Parker, was b. in
Hillsborough, N. H., July 12, 1839; m. George Fowles.
They reside in Forestville, Door Co., Wis.

Their son :
George Ansel Maynard Parker Fowles.

383. Maynard Tillotson Parker (James M. L.,^
Jabez,T Isaac, ^ Amos, ^ Andrew,'^ John,'^Hananiah,^ Thomas^),
was b. in Roxbury, N. H., Oct. 30, 1850; m. July i, 1880,
at Ahnapee, Wis., Mary A. Overbeck, b. in Lake Mills, Wis.,
Nov. 25, 1854, ^^^- of Rev. Henry and Hannah F. (Vollmer)

Maynard T. Parker came with his parents to the West
about the year 1854, ^^^^ settling at Racine, Wis., removing
with his parents from that city to Ahnapee, then called Wolf
River, in 1855, and has ever since been a resident of that
place. He received such common school training as was
obtainable in a Western town in those days, later spending
some time as a student at Ripon College. He was for a time
after leaving school engaged in teaching ; later took up the
study of law and was admitted to practice in October, 1879,
and has since practiced his profession. Mr. Parker was
engaged in newspaper work as one of the editors and proprie-
tors of The Ahnafee Record, from 1881 to 1884. He has
held several offices of honor and trust, among them being that
of city clerk, which office he held for several terms. He was
city attorney two terms, and held the office of district attorney
of Kewaunee County by appointment of Gov. Rusk. He is
now serving his fifth term as mayor of the city of Ahnapee,
having been five times elected to that office without opposition.
Mr. Parker is a senior member of the law firm of Parker &
Decker, solicitors of the Ahnapee & Western Railway Com-
pany. Besides the practice of law he is engaged in several
business enterprises, being a stockholder and the present sec-


retary of the Ahnapee Veneer and Seating Company, and is
also engaged in the insurance and real estate business. Mr.
Parker is a Republican in politics and is secretary of the
Republican Club of his city.

Their children were :

Mabel Cecelia Parker, b. in Ahnapee, Wis., Aug. 20, iSSi.
Edgar James Parker, b. in Ahnapee, April 19, 1886.
Ione Louise Parker, b. in Ahnapee, Nov. 23, 1S88.

384. Charles Duffield Parker (Mollis G.,^ Lewis, i
Isaac,^ Amos,^ AndrezvA John,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son
of Hollis Gardner and Laura A. (Goodrich) Parker, was b.
in Philadelphia, Pa., June 19, 1861 ; m. in Atlanta, Ga., Dec.
22, 1879, Julia ^- Skipper, b. in Charaw, N. C, Sept. 10,
1856, dau. of Edmond and Nancy Skipper. C. D. Parker is
a cabinet workman and joiner.

Their children were :

Grace Parker, b. in Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 15, and d. June, 1881.
HoLLis Edmond Parker, b. in Atlanta, March 28, 1883.
William Alexander Parker, b. in Atlanta, April 3, 1S85.
Blanche Aidele Parker, b. in Chattanooga, Tenn., July 15,
1887 ; d. March 20, 1S88.

385. Charles Fessenden Parker ( Charles R. .^Elijah,''
Elisha,^ Amos^^ Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Haiianiah,^ Thomas^ )^ son
of Charles R. and Portia A. (Harmon) Parker, was b. June
6, 1836; m. (i) in Mt. Carmel, Ct., Jan. i, 1864, Mary E.
Dickerman. She d. at Dansville, N. Y., April 14, 1865.
He m. (2) Dec. 12, 1865, Kate Isadore Shipman, dau. of
Rev. Charles L. Shipman of Girard, Erie Co., Pa. She d.
in Lockport, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1875. He m. (3) in Washing-
ton, D. C, May 29, 1878, Mary F. Ball, eldest child of John
D. Ball of Columbus, O. They reside in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The child of Charles F. and Kate L (Shipman) Parker was :

Luna Adelia Parker, b. in Girard, Pa., Jan. 15, 1870.

386. Daniel Deeth ^2iX\i&c ( George W.,^ Amos A.,"^
JVa/tum,^ Afnos,^ Andrew,^ yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^),
son of George Washington and Julia A. (Deeth) Parker, was


b. in Fitzwilliam, N. H., June 29, 1851 ; m. March 20, 1877,
Abby S. Holmes of Halifax, dau. of Martin and Jane Standish
Holmes. Daniel D. Parker graduated in class of '76 from the
New Hampshire Agricultural College. They reside in Halifax.

Their children were :
Laura Abby Parker, b. in Gardner, Oct. 17, 1878; d. March i,

Daniel Holmes Parker, b. in Gardner, Jan. 5, 1882.
Miriam Holmes Parker, b, in Gardner, Jan. 18, 1885.
A daughter, b. Sept. 8, 1884.
Helen Holmes Parker, b. in Halifax, Sept. 8, 18S7.

387. George Amos PavkeT ( Georg-e W.,^ Amos A.,"^
JVahtim,^ Amos,^ Andrew,"^ 'J'o/in,^ Hanania/i,^ Thomas^)^ son
of George Washington and Julia A. (Deeth) Parker, wash,
in Fitzwilliam, N. H., April 28, 1853 ; graduated in class of
'76 from Massachusetts Agricultural College ; m. Dec. 6, 1876,
Jennie W. Richardson, b. Oct. 12, 1851, dau. of Andrew and
Harriet N. (Waterman) Richardson of Halifax, Mass. They
reside in Halifax.

Their children were :
Arthur Parker, b. in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1877.
Andrew Richmond Parker, b. in Poughkeepsie, June 12, 1881.
Robert Lyman Parker, b. in Halifax, July 16, 1886.

388. Caroline Sanders Parker r<9^cr^^ W.,^ Amos
yl.,7 liahnm,^ Amos, ^ Andrew,'^ yokn,^ Hanamak,^ Thomas^ )^
dau. of George Washington and Julia A. (Deeth) Parker,
was b. in Fitzwilliam, N. H., May 30, 1855; m. Oct. 20,
1880, Benjamin F. Trasher, b. in E. Bridgewater, Oct. 6,
1852, son of Benjamin Burse and Abigail Vaughn (Bryant)
Trasher. They reside in Halifax, Mass.

Their children were :

1. Mertice Parker Trasher, b. in Gardner, Nov. 29, 1881.

2. Francis Parker Trasher, b. in Gardner, Aug, 10, 1885.

3. Caroline Mildred Trasher, b. in Gardner, April 12, 1888.

389. Dennis Lackland Parker (Edward N.,^
Ephraim,'J Nakum,^ Amos,^ Andrew,'^ 'John,^ Hananiahy^
Thomas^), son of Edward Nelson and Louisa M. (Lackland)


Parker, was b. in St. Louis, Mo., April 28, 185 1 ; m. in St.
Louis, July 8, 1873, Jennie R. Mahoney of Washington, Mo.
He is a passenger conductor on the Missouri Pacific R. R.,
and resides in Washington, Mo.

Their children, all b. in Washington, Mo., were:

Lulu Maud Parker, b. May 19, 1874.
Maggie Mary Parker, b. Oct. 25, 1875.
Edna Nelson Parker, b. May i, 1885.

390. Margaret Ann Parker (Edward N.,^ Efhraim.-i
JVahum,^ Amos,5 Andrew,'^ Jokn^^ Hanamah,^ Thomas^),
dau. of Edward N. and Louisa M. (Lackland) Parker, was
b. in St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 31, 1854; "i- May 2, 1878, James
M. Beecher. He is in the insurance business.

Their children were :

1. Samuel Edward Beecher, b. Feb. 21, 1879.

2. William Lackland Beecher, b. Sept. 22, 1881.

3. Walter Dennis Beecher, b. Sept. 24, 1885.

4. Mai Ledgewood Beecher, b. Jan. 12, 1890.

391. Lulu Louisa Parker (Edward JV.,^ JEpkr aim, ^
' Nahxtm,^ Amosy> Andraw,^ yohn,^ Hanamah,^ Thomas^),

dau. of Edward N. and Louisa M. (Lackland) Parker, was
b. in St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 25, 1856; m. in St. Louis, April
30, 1880, James W. Owens of Washington, Mo. He is an
attorney at law. They reside in Washington, Mo.

Their children are :

1. Emily Elizabeth Owens, b. May 6, 1881.

2. Lulu Louisa Owens, b. Jan. 10, 1SS2.

3. Helen Owens, b. July 20, 1888.

392. Benjamin Thomas Parker (Thomas M.,^
^cincy,^ Ebcnezer,^ Thomas,^ Andrew,'^ John^^ Haiianiak,^
Thomas^), son of Thomas Maxwell and Esther C. (Luther)
Parker, was b. in Providence, R. L, March 22, 1836; m. in
Boston, July 25, 1862, Charlotte Augusta Saunders, b. June
3, 1837, ^au. of Jonas B. and Sarah H. Saunders of Augusta,
Me. They reside in Medford, Mass.

Their children were :


Charles Sumner Parker, b. May 8, 1863 ; d. Jan. 5, 1868.

Benjamin Austen Parker, b. Oct. 24, 1864; m. in Reading, Oct.
30, 1888, Emma Florence Adams, b. Feb. 25, 1861, dau. of Ben-
jamin Franklin and Mehitable (Foster) Adams. They reside in

393. Henrietta Eveline I*2iV^&v (Joseph,^ ^uncy, 'J
Ehenezer,^ Thomas,^ Andrew,"^ John,^ Hananiah,^ Thonias^)^
dau. of Dea. Joseph and Mary Ann (Morgan) Parker, was b.
in Lancaster, July 29, 1847 ; m. in Clinton, by Rev. William
Murdock, May 18, 187 1, Charles C. Murdock, son of David
C. and Adaline (King) Murdock of W. Boylston. He is
book-keeper and treasurer of the J. B. Parker Machine Co.
They reside in Clinton.

Their children were :

1. Evelyn Louise Murdock, b. Aug. 14, 1874.

2. Cora Alice Murdock, b. March 28, and d. Aug. 31, 1878.

3. Harrison Parker Murdock, b. Dec. 11, 1880.

4. Anna Morgan Murdock, b, Jan. 25, 1S83.

394. Charles Hannibal Parker (Ira,^ ^imcy,^
Ebenczer,^ Tho7iias,^ Andrew,^ John^^ Hananiah,'^ Tko}nas^),
son of Ira and Maria (Haskell) Parker, was b. in Providence,
R. L, March 22, 1839; ™- Abby J. Rockwood of Ashburn-
ham, b. Dec. 20, 1839, ^^^- ^^ George Rockwood, formerly of
Wilton, N. H., and Anna Baldwin Stickney, native of Town-
send. He enlisted in Co. G of the 21st Mass. Reg. in Aug. of
1861, for three years service. His companions were his Ash-
burnham friends. The sturdy qualities in Mr. Parker were soon
recognized, and upon leaving Worcester was appointed ser-
geant. After eight months of service he received the com-
mission of lieutenant. During this short time he was in seven
important engagements, including the Battle of Antietam,
where, Sept. 17, 1862, he was wounded in both legs by one shot.
He came home, but in two months he was again following his
regiment, in time to take part in the Battle of Fredericksburg.
Finally, his wounds troubling him, he resigned his commis-
sion and returned home. Mr. Parker is a man of powerful
strength and vigorous constitution. It is interesting that not-
withstanding all the engagements, rough marches, exposure


and excitement which his company passed through, and his
own extra duties on account of his commissions, he was, up
to the time of his misfortune at Antietam, improved in health,
and had increased his weight 50 pounds. Mr. Parker is under
six feet in stature, but is very largely and firmly built.

Their children were :
Winona Parker, b. in Ashburnham, June iS, 1S67. | Twins
Winifred Parker, b. in Ashburnham, June iS, 1867. j
Charles Brund Parker, b. in Chelsea, Jan. 4, 1871.

395. Alfred Wright Parker (Ira,^ ^c^ncy,^ Ebene-
zer,^ Thomas^^ Andf'ezu,'^ yohn,^ Hanamah,^ Thomas^), son
of Ira and Maria (Haskell) Parker, was b. in Providence, R.
I., June 5, 1844; m. Aug. 22, 1871, Clara Hallett, b. Oct.

26, 1845, dau. of Benjamin Hallett, 2nd, of Yarmouthport.
He is connected with the Boston Bridge Works. They have
since 1883 resided in Waltham.

Their dau. :
Mary Parker, b, Sept. 14, 1872.

396. Julia Maria Parker (Ira,^ ^uncy,^ Ebcnezer,^
Thomas^^ Andrew,^ 'John.,^ Hananiah.,'^ Thomas^), dau. of
Ira and Maria (Haskell) Parker, was b. in E. Boston, July

27, 1848; m. Edward Safford. They lived at Mt. Auburn,
Mass., and Strafford, N. H. She is deceased.

Their children were :

1. Lois Maria Safford.

2. Edward Safford. He d. young.

3. Clarence vSafford.

397. Frank Herbert Parker (Ira,^ ^lincy,^ Ebene-
zer^ Thomas,^ Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), son
of Ira and Maria (Haskell) Parker, was b. in E. Boston, July
24, 1852 ; m. Jan. 31, 1877, Marietta Story, b. Aug. 2, 1850,
dau. of Elisha Story of Newburyport. He and his brother
Alfred are employed in the Boston Bridge Works. He resides
in Cambridgeport.

Their children were :

Eulalia Parker, b. Aug. 16, 1878.
Clara Parker, b. June 25, 1882.



398. Eugene Costello Parker (^imcy,^ ^iincy,^
Ebenezcr.,^ Thomas^' Andrew^'' yokn,^ Hananiah,'^ Thomas^),
son of Quincy and Almira (Kent) Parker, was b. in Provi-
dence, R. I. ; m. Aug. 29, 187 1, Adelia O. Barker.

Their children were :

William Quincy Parker, b. March 15, 1872.
Charles Eugene Parker, b. Jan. 26, 1873.
Louis Frances Parker, b. June 10. 1S74.
Mabel Travers Parker, b. Aug. 26, 1875.
Frederick Thomas Parker, b. Feb. 17, 1877.

399. Clara Emu Parker ( ^cincy ,^ ^cincy ,t Ebenezer,^
Thomas,^ Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Hananiah,^ Thomas^), dau. of
Quincy and Almira (Kent) Parker, was b. in Providence, R.
I. ; m. Sept., 1876, Lorenzo Dupouy, native of Cuba, and
resides in Providence, R. I.

Their children were :

1. Raphael Salvador Dupouy, b. March r8, 1S77.

2. Milton Amejio Dupouy, b. Aug. 17, 1880.

400. Lucy Maria Parker (Charles A.,^ Ebenezer,^
Ebenczcr,^ Thomas,^ Aiidreiv,^ yo/in.^ Hananfak,^ Thomas^),
dau. of Charles Augustus and Sylvia A. (Moore) Parker,
was b. in Princeton, Nov. 8, 1835 5 ^'^- J^^^ 8, 1858, Thomas
R. Howe, son of William and Eunice (Robbins) Howe of
Princeton. They reside in Holden, where he is a farmer.

Their children, b. in Holden, were :

1. Waldo Emerson Howe, b. May 13, 1859; ^- ^'^^- "^li 1865.

2. Walter Thomas Howe, b. Oct. 17, 1S66. He is a clerk in

Worcester, Mass.

401. Sarah Ann Parker (Charles A.,^ Ebenezer^i
Ebenezer^^ Thomas,'^ Andrew,^ yohn,^ Ilanantah,^ Thomas^)^
dau. of Charles Augustus and Sylvia A. (Moore) Parker, was
b. in Princeton, March 14, 1839; n^- Nov. 24, 1864, Milton
K. Howe (see page 370). They reside in Worcester.

Their dau. was :

I. Mary Louisa Howe, b. Nov. 6, 1868 ; d. Sept. 16, 1869.


402. George Washington M. Parker (Charles A.,^
Ebenezer^'' Ebcnezer,^ Thomas,^ Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Hananiah^^
Thomas^), son of Charles Augustus and Sylvia A. (Moore)
Parker, was b. in Princeton, Aug. 19, 1841 ; m. Dec. 14,
1866, Laura D. Hamilton, b. in Augusta, Ga., Oct. 24, 1844.
They reside in Champaign, 111.

Their children were :

Annie Eliza Parker, b. in Alexandria, La., Oct. 23, and d. Nov,

15, 1867.
Harvey E. Pakker, b. in Champaign, 111., Feb. i, 1869.
Netty F. Parker, b. in Champaign, May 13, 1871.
Carrie E. Parker, b. in Champaign, Nov. 23, 1873.
George A. Parker, b. in Champaign, Jan. 3, 1876.
Calton W. Parker, b. in Urbana, Aug. 28, 1878.
Walter G. Parker, b. in Champaign, Aug. 25, 18S6.

403. William D wight Parker (^C/z«r/e5^.,8^3e«^^^r,7

Ehenezer^^ Thomas y> Andrew,'^ John^'^ Ilanamah,^ Thomas^ ) ^
son of Charles Augustus and Sylvia A. (Moore) Parker, was
b. in Princeton, Jan. 27, 1844; ™- D^c. 25, 1866, Margaret
Smith, b. in Newport, R. L, July i, 1838, dau. of Morton
and Mary (Knowles) Smith. He is an organ maker.

Their children were :

Louis D. Parker, b. June 12, and d. July 20, 1872.

Herbert Dwight Parker, b. Sept. 26, 1877.

Charles Augustus Parker, b. June 3, and d. Aug. 24, 1884.

404. Emma Frances ^SiV^^r ( Cha7'les A. ,^ Ebenezer,'^
Ebenezer,^ Thomas,^ Andrew,^ "John^^ Hananiah,'^ Thotnas^),
dau. of Charles Augustus and Sylvia A. (Moore) Parker,
was b. in Princeton, Sept. 23, 1853 ; m. Dec. 24, 1888, War-
ren F. Bartlett of Rutland. They reside in Plainfield, N. J.
Mr. Bartlett is a machinist.

Their daughter :

I. Edith Marion Bartlett, b. in Plainfield, N. J., Aug. 23, 1892.

405. Charles William Parker ( Frederick,^ Ebenezer .t
Ebenezer,^ Thomas ^^ Andrew, "^ yohn,^ //anantah,^ Thomas^),
son of Frederick and Eunice (Howe) Parker, was b. in


Princeton, Feb. i, 1837 ; m. Oct. 12, 1859, ^^^^ Bullard, dau.
of Hiram Bullard, then of Littleton, N. H. They lived (i)
in Worcester, where he was for a while one of the common
council of that city. Later they removed to Princeton and
settled upon the homestead, where they still reside.

Their only son :
Charles Frederick Parker, b, March 25, and d. Sept. 13, 1863.*

406. Amos Milton Parker (Frederick,^ Ehenezer,^
Ebenezer,^ T/io7nas,^ Andrew,^ 'John^T> Hananiah^^ Thomas^),
son of Frederick and Eunice (Howe) Parker, was b. in
Princeton, Sept. 12, 1839; "^- April 18, 1861, Anna J.
Frizell, b. in Norwich, Ct., Sept. 28, 1837, dau. of Lorenzo
and Priscilla Frizell. His school advantages were those of
his native town and the Millbury Academy. At the age of 16
he became clerk in the store of F. L. Cutting, Oakdale, and
the year following, 1856, entered the employ of A. Y. Thomp-
son, dry goods merchant of Worcester, with whom he remained
until the war of the Rebellion. Believing his duty was at the
front he immediately enlisted, knowing not for how long a
service or whether he was to receive pay for so doing. His
company was the Worcester City Guards, Capt. A. B. R.
Sprague. The day after his enlistment he was married.
Upon the famous April 19 his company proceeded first to
Annapolis and second to Fort McHenry. Here violent sick-
ness of malarial typhoid fever prevented his further service
with his company and confined him to the hospital. His very
vigorous constitution enabled him to reach home alive in
company with his brother Charles. He was confined to his
bed until Christmas time and was unable to work for three
years. But still fired with patriotism he attempted to re-enlist
again in the 53d and 57th Mass. Regiments respectively, in
the former of which he was offered a commission, but was
twice rejected. In 1865, however, he raised a company of

* This son made at that time four generations who were all living upon the
homestead. Hiram Bullard was son of Daniel Bullard of Linesboro, N. H.,
who in 1820 travelled through the wilderness upon ox-sleds hy the aid of
marked trees and settled in Hjde Park, Vt. He d. 1869, aged 79, a respected
and worth_y citizen. Hiram Bullard spent the last portion of his life upon the
Parker homestead in Princeton.



Amos M. Parker.


militia and was its captain, under a commission issued by
Gov. John A. Andrew. He was also a member of the old
"State Guard," of which he was lieutenant in 1870 and '71.
After 1864 he was connected with the clothing and furniture
business until 1868, the latter part of which time the company
was known as Parker, Denny & Co. The ten years following
he was general agent of the Mass. Mut. Life Ins. Co., since
when he was auctioneer and appraiser several years, and later
with the furniture house of Putnam & Sprague. In 1888 he
was elected one of the city assessors for three years and in
1891 was re-elected for a second term.

Mr. Parker was commander of Post 10, G. A. R., in 1869
and in 1889. He is a member of Montacute Lodge of Master
Masons, is also a member of Blake Lodge, Knights of Pythias,
and his Church relations are with the First Universalist Church
of Worcester, of which parish he is one of the trustees.

Mrs. Anna C. Parker, after a sickness of five years, d. July
3, 1888. Mr. Parker m. (2) Sept. 18, 1889, Esta A. Holt,
b. in Denmark, Me., June 27, 1850, dau. of Joseph and
Mehetable (Miller) Holt.

The children of Amos M. and Anna C. (Frizell) Parker
were :

Fredric Melville Parker, b. Dec. 20, 1863 ; m. in Bellefontaine,
O., July 13, 1892, Kittle H. Cranston, b. Feb. 3, 1868, dau. of
George and Mary (Sanderson) Cranston. He is a designer for the
Worcester Carpet Works, in which city he resides.

Henry Walford Parker, b. April 2, and d. Aug. 27, 1868.

Harry Nichols Parker, b. June 3, 1872. He Is a clerk in the
Qiiinsigamond National Bank of Worcester.

407. Mary Adelia Parker (Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer^''
Ebenezet-,^ Thomas,^ Andrew,-^ yo/in,^ Hananiah^^ Thomas^),
dau. of Ebenezer Warren and Chloe (Parmenter) Parker,
was b. in Princeton, Jan. 27, 1842 ; m. June, i860, Pascal P.
Parkman of Northfield. He d. Jan. 13, 1869, and she d.
Aug. 12, 1874.

Their children were :

I. Emma Sarah Parkman; m. Sept. 10, 1S77, Irving A. Baker
of Bellefontaine, O. Children :

Wai.ter E. Parker.


1. Franklin Arthur Baker.
II. Roy Parchal Baker.
III. Harry Archibald Baker.

2. Charles Elvester Parkman.

3. William Warren Parkman.

Abby Dane Parker (see page 373) (Amos,^ Ebenezer,^
JSbenezer,^ Thomas y> Andrew,"^ yohn,^ Hanamah,^ Thomas^),
dau. of Amos and Sarah (Merrill) Parker, was b. in Prince-
ton, Sept. II, 185 1 ; m. in Sterling, Nov. 29, 187 1, Eben D.
Blood, b. in Deering, N. H., April 20, 1850, son of Eben
Preston and Eliza Jane (Dix) Blood. They reside in Sterling
Junction. He is engineer for the Old Colony R. R.

Their children were :

Frank Henry Blood, b. Aug. 15, 1872.
Alice Eliza Blood, b. Oct. 28, 1873.
Harry Earnest Blood, b. March 29, 1876.
Arthur Prescott Blood, b. Jan. 30, 1878.
Sadie Bernice Blood, b. June 24, 1883.
Florence Bertha Blood, b. Oct. 22, 1885.
Percy Eben Francis Blood, b. Oct. 20, 1887.

408. Walter Edward Parker (George,^ Ebenezer,'^
Ebenezer,^ Thomas,^ Andrew,'^ yohn,^ Haiiatnah,^ Thomas^),
son of George and Emily R. (Collar) Parker, was b. in
Princeton, Sept. 29, 1847; m. (i) Oct. 12, 1870, Anna
Augusta Elliott of Woonsocket, R. I., dau. of Nathaniel and
Olive A. (Jenks) Elliott. She d. Feb. 24, 1875. He m. (2)
May 2, 1877, Alida Charlotte Willis, b. in N. Dana, Mass.,
Jan. 26, 1849, dau. of Rev. John H. and Charlotte (Gleason)
Willis of College Hill. He m. (3 ) Jan. i , 1888, Mary Bradley
Beetle of Lawrence, dau. of John and Harriet (Brown) Beetle
of Nantucket. Mr. Parker resides in Lawrence. With his
parents he passed the four years from 1857 to 1861 in Illinois,
from whence the family returned to New England and settled in
Woonsocket, R. L Early in 1863 he entered the employment
of the Social Mill, Woonsocket, as office clerk, while he con-
tinued his studies and attended school. This lasted two years,
after which he devoted his whole time to the mill duties, save
a few months which he spent at a drawing school in Boston at


about this time. Starting with the Social Mill when but a
mere boy he worked his way steadily and with persistent
energy to responsible positions. On Oct. 27, 1876, he became
superintendent of the Globe Mill of Woonsocket, which con-
tinued until April i, 1881, when he left the Globe Mill to
take charge of the cotton department of the Pacific Mills* in
Lawrence, and later, Jan. i, 1887, was made agent of all the
mills of the Pacific Corporation, in which capacity he still
serves. While in Woonsocket he was elected member of the
town council and president of the council for one year. He
was a director in the Producer's National Bank for 14 years.
In Lawrence, upon the organization of the Merchants' National
Bank, he was made the Vice-President and a member of its
board of directors. He has for several years been a member
of the board of trustees of Essex Co. Savings Bank and is
now Vice-President of that institution. He was President of
the New England Cotton Manufacturers' Association in 1889,
'90 and '91, and is a member of the American Society of
Mechanical Engineers. He was made a Mason in 1869, and
was master of Morning Star Lodge of Woonsocket in 1877,
and commander of the Woonsocket Commandery of Knights
Templar for two years.

Child of Walter E. and Anna A. (Elliott) Parker :
Herbert S. Parker, b. Oct. iS, 1874.

Child of Walter E. and AHda C. (Willis) Parker:
Helen Parker, b. June 37, 1878.

410. Arthur Augustus Parker (Edward H.,^ Ebene-
zer^^ Ebcnezer,^ Thomas,^ Andrew,'^ Jokn,^ JJanamah,^
Thomas^), son of Edward H. and Mary C. (Brown) Parker,
was b. in Worcester, April 5, 1855 ; m. Sept. 16, 1882, Lida
Eliza Denton, b. May 13, 1858, dau. of James W. and Sarah

*The Pacific Mills rank among America's greatest factories. Thej are
devoted to the making and printing of cotton and worsted into calicoes and
delaines. They were incorporated in 1853 with a capital of $1,000,000; in-

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