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Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 online

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took the baby with them ; because the mother did not like to leave
the darling at home, or perhaps she wished to show how stout and
strong her eleventh child had come into the world.

I must relate one example to show, as well as many more, the nice
and delicate care she took of my moral culture. When a little boy
in petticoats in my fourth year, one fine day in spring my father led
me bv the hand to a distant part of the farm, but soon sent me home
alone. On the way I had to pass a little "pond-hole," then spread-
ing its waters wide : a rhodora in full bloom — a rare flower in my
neighborhood and which grew only in that locality — attracted my
attention and drew me to the spot. I saw a little spotted tortoise
sunning himself in the shallow water at the root of the flaming
shrub. I lifted the stick I had in my hand to strike the harmless
reptile ; for though I had never killed any creature, yet I had seen
other boys out of sport destroy birds, squirrels and the like, and I
felt a disposition to follow their wicked example. ^But all at once
something checked my little arm and a voice within me said, clear
and loud, "It is wrong!" I held my uplifted arm in wonder at the
new emotion — the consciousness of an involuntary but inward check
upon my actions, — till the tortoise and the rhodora both vanished
from my sight. I hastened home and told the tale to my mother and
asked what was it that told me it was wrong. She wiped a tear
from her eye with her apron, and taking me inj her arms, said,
" Some men call it conscience, but I prefer to call it the voice of God
in the soul of man. If you listen and obey it, then it will speak
clearer and clearer and always guide you right. But if you turn a
deaf ear or disobey, then it will fade out little by little and leave you
all in the dark and without a guide. Your life depends on heeding
this little voice." She went her way careful and troubled about many
things, but doubtless pondered them in her motherly heart ; while I


went off to wonder and think it over in my poor childish way. But
I am sure no event in my life has made so deep and lasting an
impression on me.

Thus it closes, but not abruptly, with the incident which
marked the opening of his religious consciousness, for the life
itself flows naturally on, drawing in both experience and educa-
tion to make the whole of his career an amplification of the
story, as he set free and vindicated in himself and others, the
Life of God in the Soul of Man.


"Mrs. Lydia D. Parker, widow of Theodore, the eminent divine,
died at her residence, 143 Chandler Street, Saturday evening. Mrs.
Parker was a daughter of John Cabot and was born in Newton, 1814.
Mrs. Parker was possessed of a tender and confiding nature, which
coupled with her sympathetic and philanthropic spirit caused her to
be dearly beloved by her large circle of friends and acquaintances.
She was a prominent member of the Twenty-Eighth Congregational
Society, which her husband founded and exercised a pastoral care
for during his lifetime. She was very domestic in her habits and
essayed but little in the literary line although she rendered her hus-
band excellent service in the way of copyist and when his biography
was compiled assisted the historian to a great extent in deciphering
the manuscript of her husband, who was an indifferent penman.

"Some 18 months since she met with a severe accident, being
knocked down by a team in the street in which she lived, and since
then was confined to the house nearly all the time. Her remains
were interred at Mt. Auburn."


William D. Bowditch of Brookline and Wendell Phillips were the
executors of the will of the late Lydia D. Parker, widow of Rev.
Theodore Parker. No bonds were required of them. The will is
dated April 25, 1879. The chief public interest is in the first two
sections of the will, which are as follows :

" First. To the city of Boston I give all my books which I do not
otherwise dispose of by memorandum herein disclosed, that they may
be deposited for use in the Public Library of Boston with the other


books which my late husband bequeathed to said library, upon the
conditions affixed to his bequest. The study desk and table is also
to be deposited at my death in the Public Library, also the marble
bust of my late husband by Story ; and I do desire the same to be
placed near the books bequeathed by him to the said library; also
the crayon portrait of my late husband by Cheney ; also the one of

"Second. To Franklin B. Sanborn of Concord, Mass., I give all
the manuscripts, sermons and lectures, bequeathed to me by my late
husband, all copyrights and extensions of copyrights that may be in
my possession at my decease ; all note books, bound and unbound,
all journals, letters and diaries, and the literary property generally,
to do with as he shall see fit ; also the blocks of wood engravings in
Weiss's Biography of Theodore Parker ; also the stereotype plates."

In the remainder of her will a large number of bequests of small
sums of money are made to her relatives and friends. To Juliette
Frances Ridlar, a member of her family, she gave $10,000, her piano,
silverware, including the large silver candlestick given her by her
husband in 1853, and her personal wardrobe. To George C. Cabot,
once her husband's ward, $7,000, to be held in trust for the benefit ot
his children — also silverware and her husband's gold pencil case and
pen. To Mary T. Drew, her esteemed friend, $5,500. To Miss
Hannah E. Stevenson the large inkstand which for many years had
stood on Mr. Parker's desk. To Emeline P. Oilman of Chelsea
the silver cup given to Mr. Parker by his Watertown pupils in
1834. All the residue of her household furniture, plate, engravings
and pictures and all articles in her dwelling house, not specially
bequeathed in her will she left to Sarah W. Jackson and Juliette
Frances Ridlar, in trust, to give and distribute as she requested in a
memorandum which was enclosed in her will. According to this, the
furniture in the house, which came from Mrs. Parker's family, the
Cabots, was all to be returned to her brother, who lived in Lawrence.
The remaining articles, connected with herself and Mr. Parker, are
most of them divided between her nephew, George C. Cabot of South
Boston, and her adopted daughter, Mrs. Wardell of North Andover,
formerly Miss Etta Ridlar. To her housekeeper, Mary Drew, who
had lived with her about 30 years, she left a portion of the rest, and
then distributed the articles which Theodore Parker mostly used and
which were connected most closely with his daily life and studies,
to Mrs. Robert E. Apthrop, Miss Hannah E. Stevenson, Miss Caro-
line C. Thayer and sister. Miss Sarah Jackson and sister, Mrs.
Willey and Miss Carew of Weymouth, Wendell Phillips and Miss


Kate Johnson of Andover, sister of the Rev. Samuel Johnson. To
Mrs. Ralph Waldo Emerson she left the very fine photograph of
Mr. Emerson w^hlch always hung in Mr. Parker's parlor, and to Mr.
John Brooks Parker, formerly treasurer of the Eastern Railroad, and
nephew^ of her husband, she left the Parker family Bible. The
residuary legatees were Juliette Frances Ridlar, who received half
of the property, and the legal heirs of Theodore Parker.


As arranged by Mm at about 1850.

She died Jan.

15, 1G90.


iThomas Parker m. Amy

born 1609 (epilapli
in Reading grave-
yard). Sailed from
London, March 11,
1635, adm. freeman
1637, one of seven
who founded the 1st
Church at Reading
abt. 1645 ; died Aug.
12, 1683.


SHANANiAn Parker m. (1) Elizabeth .

of Reading, born 1638; (2) MaRY (BRIGHT) BURSHAM.
died March 13, 1723H1. i siie was living in 1731.


sCharles Stearns m. (1) Hannah

Adm. freeman May 6,


who d. in Watertown.

(2) Rebecca Gibbon.

June 22, 1654, dau. of John
and Rebecca G. of Cam-


6J0HN Stearns m. (1) Judith Lawrence.


3JOHN Parker ui. Deliverance

She died at Lexington,
March 10, 1717-18.

of Reading, b.
Aug. 3, 1664. He
moved from
Reading to Lex-
ington and died
there Jan. 22,


4Lt. Josiah Parkrr m. Hannah Stone

o£ Lexington, born
April 11,1694; m. Dec.
■2S, 1718; died Oct. 8,

Probablv the Han-
nah S., Wat. Gen.,
p. 585. d. of Nath.
S. and Hinck-
ley, who was dau.
of Gov. Hinckley.


•iJoHN Parker m. Mary Moore.

of Lexington, b.
July 13, 1729; m.
May 22, 1755.

T. P.'smemo.of
Lydia Moore.


4JOHN Parker in. Hannah Stearns.

of Lexington, b.
Feb. 7, 1761; m.
In Waltham,
Feb. 17, 1785.

seventh generation.

1. Mary.

2. John.

3. Hannah.

4. Lydia.

5. Lydia.

6. Rebecca.

7. Isaac.

8. Ruth.

9. Hiram S.

10. Emily Ann.

11. Theodore.

(Carpenter), b. in
Cambridge, Jan.
24, 1656; died in
Lex. Feb. 22, 1722.

(2) April 2, 1713,

Mary Norcross.

third generation.
■-Benjamin Stearns m. Hepsibah Shattuck.

bap. June 22, 1690; m.
Sept. 6, 1721.

b. 1687, widow of Nathan-
iel Shattuck and dau. of
John Hastings. She m.
Shattuck April 14, 1714.


''Benjamin Stearns ra. Hannah Segar

Newton, b

b. in Lexington, Dec.
27, 172S; m. in Newton,
Sept. 11, 1754.







of - - -, -

Jan. 25, 1736, the
10th and youngest
child of Ebenezer
and Ruth (Bur-
rage) Segar.







Hannah married John Parker.



[Hepsibah (Hastings) (Shattuck) Stearns,^ John
Hastings,^ Thomas H.i of Ipswich.]

Benjamin Stearns of Lexington. See Genealo-
gies and History of Watertown, p. 137.

Hannah Segar. See Jackson's Hist, of Newton, p.
404. Hannah.s Ebenezer,-* Job^ aud Mary, Henry^
and Mary (Bishop), Thomas Segari of Newbury.

IT. P.'s MSS., p. 125., Gen.,524, note. T. P.'s MSS. 3 Wat. Gen., p. 524, note,
'rims of Boston, p. 136-7. Gen. and History of Watertown, p. 558-9. * Wat. Gen., 524.
i'Wat. Gen., 553. ' Wat. Gen., p. 558.

Bridgeman's Pil-
5Wat. Gen.,552.



November: 6^ 1688: in Redding

The bounds of Deacon Thomas Parkers 2°^ devision loot in the
Comon Land to note the Hundred acres bounded on the sowe east
Corner a white oack by Clarks and Samul Fitches slodg marked
I P and sowtherly on hede of Loots Adam Calson Thomas Burnap
John Eatton to a maple marked H P : I E I F so northerly to a maple
marked H P I F N G and then Eastwarly to a maple In the swamp
H P N G and so Eastwardly to a high black oack on a Rocky hill
with a heap of stones about it marked H P N G ner onkl John Par-
kers loot.



Parker of Redding in y® County of Middlesex within her Maj''*»
Province of the massachusets bay in Newingland Joyner Sendeth
Greeting Know ye y' he y^ said John Parker for and in Consideration
of a Valluabl sum of mony to him in hand paid at or before y" enseal
ing & delivery of these pressents by Nathanil Parker of Redding Ju°
cooper in y* county of middlesex above s*^ y* Resepth wherof y^ s*^
John Parker to his full Content & Satisfaction doth here by Acknol-
edge and their of and of Evry part and parcill their of doth acquit
Exonerate and discharge him y® s^ Nathanil Parker his Heirs Exec-
utors and Administrators for ever by these piesents Hath given
granted bargained sould aliened enfeoffed and confirmed and by these
presents Doth fully frely clearly & absolutely give grant bargain sell
alien Enfeofte and confirm unto him the said Nathanill Parker his
heirs and Asigns for ever Eleven achors of Upland mor or lees Lying
in y* bounds of Redding and is a second devison lot and y^ thirty Second
lot & Lyeth ner Samuel Hitches sledg so caled y^ South East corner
being a whit oack marked TP and HP and so southarly on y^ beds
of y* Lots to a mapl tree marked TP and HP at y^ south west corner
and so to a litle pitch pine on a Rocky knol at y'^ nor west corner and
so norwarly by y® Land of Nathanil goodwin to a hep of stone about
a black oak marked HP and TP on a Rocky knoull at y* nor east cor-


ner which was Laid out to Decon Thomas Parker of Redding and
now in y*^ posesion of John Parker above s^ Together with all y*^
profits privelidges Rights comodities appurtinances what so evr their
unto be Longing or in any kind appertaining

To Have and to Hold y*^ Eleven acors mor or less as above s^
with all other y^' a bove barganed premises unto him the s** Nathanill
Parker Jun his heirs Assigns to his and their only proper use benifit
and behoofe forevr &c y*^ s*^ John Parker for himselfe his heirs Exec-
uttors and Adminstrators Doth hearby Covenant promis and grant
to and with y*^ s*^ Nathanill Parker his heirs and asignes in manr
following that is to say that att y'" time of y*^ ensealing and delivering
of thes presents to the s*^ John Parker hath in himselfe full pouer
good Right and Lawfull authority to grant bargain sell and convey
and a dower y*^^ same as a for s*^ and that y*" said Nathanil Parker his
heirs and asignes shall and may from hence forth and for evre her
aftr by force and vertue of thes presents Lawfuly peacably and quieatly
have hold use ocupie poses and injoy y*^ above granted premeses
with their appurtinances and evry part their of with out y*^ lest denial
interuption or Evacuation of him the s'' John Parker : or Deliver-
ance his wife their heirs excutours Adminstratours or asignes or of
any other persons whom so evr claming and having any Lawfull
right their too or Intrest their in In Witness wher of the s"^ John
Parker and Deliverance his wife in Testemony of heir free and vol-
untary consent to this act and deed of her husband her unto set their
hands and seals y*^ twenty sixt day of April Anno Dominie one
thousand sevn hondred and five and in the ftburth year of the Rain
of our souvraign Lady Queen Anne

Sined sealed and Delivered /] O CO

In the presents of us


William Briant ' ^ -R

WiLiAM Sawyer his x mark j io.(\ Cv, /n OJn e^ cl >~J^ P h.

Middlss June 6 1705

then John Parker pei^sonly apered

befor mee the subskriber one of her

majty Justises of the pece for the

County afors*^ and acknoledged this Instrumnt

to be his act and deed

Jn Brewer
Charles Towne July 10* 1708 Reced and accordingly
Entened with the Registry of Deeds &c for midl'^
Lib 140 A=: pag 555 By Sam'''' Phipps Reg

.P^n ^^i^



To ALL People to whom this present Deed of Sale shall Come
Greeting, Now Know yee, that I John Cutler Jun"' : of Cambridge
In the County of middlesex in the Province of the massachusetts
Bay In New England husbandman for & in Consideration of one
hundred and thirty pounds currant mony of New England to me
in hand well & truly paid by John Parker Sen'' : of Redding in
s*^ : County Joiner, the receipt whereof I do by these presents
acknowledge unto my full satisfaction, & of & from every part &
parcel thereof do fully absolutely and for ever acquitt & discharge
him the s^ : John Parker, his heirs, exec'' : & assigns by these presents
Have Given, granted, bargained, sold, aliened, enfeofled, & con-
firmed, & do by these presents Give, grant, bargain, sell, aliene,
enfeoff, Convey and Confirm unto him the s*^ : John Parker one certain
messuage, or tenement lying & being situate In Cambridge aboves*^ : in
the farm, containing one small mansion house, & about Sixty Acres
of Land more or less and is bounded westerly by Lef® : Cutler from
a black oak in the norwest corner to a black oak at a corner in
Watertown Line, Southerly upon s*^ : Watertown Line Partly, & partly
by s*^ : Cutler, southeast, & east upon Dan^ : White, & northerly parti}'
by John Stone, & partly by Thomas Cutler ; to Have, and to Hold
s** : Lands so bounded, or however otherwise bounded, or reputed to
be bounded with all the fences, edifices, wood, water wayes, eas-
ments, & emoluments whatsoever, with all other the Rights, Titles,
priveledges & appurtenances to the same belonging unto him the s*^ :
John Parker his heirs, exec° : & assigns and to his & their sole proper
use benefitt, & behoofl:Tor ever. And I the s*^ : John Cutler do hereby
Covenant promise & engage that before and untill the sealing & de-
livery of these presents I am the sole and proper owner of the above
granted premises with each of their appurtenances, and that I have
in myself good right full power and Lawfull Authority to Convey the
same as afores*^ : and that the same are free & clear acquitted and dis-
charged of & from all other and former Gifts, Grants, bargains, Sales
Leases, Mortgages, Thirds, Intails, & Incumbrances whatsoever, and
that it shall & may be Lawfull for him thes*^ : John Parker his heirs,
exec" : & assigns from time to time & at all times for ever hereafter
to Have, hold, use, Improve, occupy, possess & enjoy the same,
peacably & Quietly without the Lawfull Lett, Suitt, denial, or dis-
turbance, contradiction, or expulsion of me the s** : John Cutler, my
heirs, exec''^ : or assigns, or any other person or persons by from or
under me or my procurement. And the Sale hereof as aboves*^ : I
will for ever warrant save harmless & defend from all manner of


persons makeing any Lawfull claim thereunto, and will make per-
form, and execute all such other & further Act, & Acts, thing &
things, Device & devises as is in Law or Equity can be devised, ad-
vised, or required for the Confirmation hereof according to the Laws
& Customs of this Province. In wittness whereof I the s*^ : John
Cutler with Hannah my now married wife have hereunto putt our
hands & seals this third day of June, Anno Dom' : one thousand
seven hundred & twelve. In the eleventh year of her Maj*' : Reign.

Signed, Sealed, & delivered
In presence of JOHN CUTLER Jun^ [seal.]

John Mason. his -f" mark

Thomas Cutler. HANAH CUTLER [seal.]

her -f- mai^k

Midle''' ss Redding y^ 25 June 171 2 John Cutler jun"" personally,
appeared before me y^ subscriber one of her Majesties Justices of y*
Peace for s*^ County & acknowledged this above written instrument
to be his voluntarie act & deed. Jno. Prescot.

Charlestown : July: 5*: 171 2: Reced and accordingly entered
w^ ye Records of Deeds &c for Middlesex: Lib: 16*^, pag"
104 — 105. By Sam^' Phipps, Reg^.


To ALL People to whom these presents Shall Come Greeting,
Know yee, that I John Parker of Lexington in y^ County of middle-
sex in y* Province of y^ Massachusets bay In New England Joiner,
for & in Consideration of Six hundred pounds In good bills of Credtt :
of y^ Province aforesd : to me in hand well and truly paid by Joseph
Brooks of Weston in y* County aforesd : husbandman, the receipt
whereof I do by these presents Acknowledge unto my full satisfac-
tion, & of & from every part and parcel thereof do fully absolutely
& for ever Acquitt, and discharge y^ s*^ : Joseph Brooks his heirs,
Exec : Adminr : by these presents. Have Given, granted bargained,
sold, aliened, enfeoffed & Confirmed, & do by these presents Give,
grant bargain, sell, aliene, enfeoff'. Convey, & Confirm to him y^ s** :
Joseph Brooks one certain messuage or tenement lying in Lexington
aforesaid Containing one mansion house, one barn, two outhouses, &
one hundred Acres of Land more or Less, bounded Westerly by Ben-
jamin Cutler, from a stake and stones strait to y° corner of y*^ wall
that divides between John & Josiah Parker, that is to say up to y^
westerly end of y^ wall as far as tis now built. Southerly by John
& Josiah Parker by y'^ s*^ : wall & by a maple to y* Ditch in Palfrys
meadow, & so as the ditch runs to Daniel Whites Land. Easterly &


Northerly by Daniel White. Southerly by y' ditch of andrew Par-
kers meadow, & so round as y*^ trees are marked & partly by y^ same,
to a stake & stones, next to Daniel Whites Land, and so directly to
y® mark tree between Daniel White, John Stone and Matthew
Bridge. North East by Matthew Bridge to a walnut marked, so to a
red oak marked : which is Palfrys corner. Northerly by Palfry to a
walnutt mark'. North East by Palfry to a black oak & so to Andrew
Parkers wall ; then tis bounded by Andrew Parker as y*^ fence stands
that divided between him & his father to Joseph Stones Land, then
Northerly by Joseph Stone as y^ fence stands to Benj"^ : Cutlers Cor-
ner, TO Have and to Hold s*^ : messuage with all y^ buildings,
fences, profitts, priveledges, & Conveniences to y® same belonging
unto him y* s*^ : Joseph Brooks his heirs Exec : & Adminrs : and to
his & their sole proper use, benefitt and behoofF for ever. And I the
sd : John Parker do hereby Covenant & engage that at y® executing of
these presents, I am the sole & proper owner of y* above granted
premises, and that y* same are free & clear Acquitted & discharged
of & from all other & former gifts, grants, bargains, sales, Leases
mortgages Thirds Intails, & Incumbrances whatsoever, excepting a
way reserved thro y* premises for Josiah Parker his heirs & assigns
to Lexington meeting house thro Gates or bars, & Liberty for An-
drew Parker to Fetch hay from his meadow thro y^ premises. And
the said John Parker doth grant to y* sd : Joseph Brooks his heirs &
Assigns a bridle way which he hath reserved thro Andrew Parkers
Land to meeting, and a way or passage thro s*^ : John Parkers Land
to Watertown. and the sale hereof as aboves*^ : I will for ever War-
rant and defend from all manner of persons makeing any Lawfull
Claim thereunto, free & clearly to Hold use Improve, occupy, pos-
sess & enjoy y^ same peacably & quietly without the Lawfull Lett,
Suitts, denial or contradiction of me y* s*^ : John Parker my heirs or
assigns, or any other person or persons by from or under me or my
procurement, and will make perform & execute all such other &
further Act, & Acts for y° Confirmation hereof to y® said Joseph
Brooks his heirs or Assigns as by his & their Council learned in y*
Law shall be devised, advised, or required. In Wittness whereof I
the s*^ : John Parker with Sarah my wife have hereunto putt our
hands, & seals this twenty seventh day of March Anno Dom' : one
thousand, seven hundred & twenty five in y'' eleventh year of his
Maj'" : Reign.

Signed sealed, & delivd : JOHN PARKER

In presence of

John Hancock

Ebenezr Hancock



^ttottj an itf « i»a mm gtmnt^ f i john parker of Fram-

ingham in y® County of Midd^ in y*^ Province of y^ Massachu' : Bay
in New England Yeoman am holden & firmly Bound & obliged unto
John Parker of Lexington in y^ County above s*^ turner in y* Penal
sum of thirty Pounds Currunt mony of New England to y* which
Payment well & truly to Be made & Don unto him y" s*^ John Parker
his heirs Execrs : Admrs : asigns or Lawfull Attorny I Binde my-
self my heirs Execrs Admrs : firmly by these Presents Sealed with
my seal this second Day of march anno Dom one thousand Seven
hundred & thirty seven Eight & in y^ Eleventh Year of his majesties

The Condition of this above written Obligation is such that if y®
above Bounden John Parker his heirs Execrs Admrs : or Assigns
Shall well & truly Pay or Cans to be Paid unto him y* s*^ John
Parker his heirs Execrs Admrs : asigns or Lawfull Attorny y^ full &
Just Sum of fifteen Pounds Currnt mony of New England or Good
Bills of Creddet on y* Province above s*^ of y^ old tenour at on or Be-
fore y^ twenty fift Day of Desember next Lisuing y^ Date hereof &
that without fraud or furder Delay then this obligation to Be void and
of none Efect But Else to Remain in full force Power and Vertue.

Signed Sealed & Delivered

Online LibraryTheodore ParkerGenealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 → online text (page 40 of 47)