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Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 online

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Online LibraryTheodore ParkerGenealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 → online text (page 41 of 47)
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in Presents of us

^crfiQiA J(MJet ^ J^ofm. jOi/yxe/r

Mary Parker


Know all men By these Presents that we John Parker and Andrew
Parker Do fully & fi^eely Consent and agree that Josiah & John
Parker, ju : or their heirs or assigns shall have full Right and Law-
jull authority to take Emproove & Injoy for Ever all y^ Moovable
Estate Belonging to John Parker my Hon*'''^ : father of what kind or
nature soever it may be and we Likewise Promise that we will not
either Directly nor in Directly keep or Conseal any thing or things
that shall or may at any time appear to be y^ s*^ : John Parkers
movable Estate upon Penalty of Paying all Damage' : that may arise
by our withholding any of y* Goods of y^ nature above s*^

Except all such movebles as are needed for house keeping which
at y* Deacese of our Hon^''^ : Parents : John Parker & Sary his wife


are to be Eaqualy Divided Between Andrew : Josiah & John Parker
or their heirs

As Witness our Hands and Seals this fourth Day of January
David Mead JOHN PARKER [seal.]

Jabez Kendall ANDREW PARKER [seal.]

[The following is the copy of a Royal decree issued to Capt.
John Parker of Lexington. It was one of the Stamp Act
documents so unwelcome to the unrepresented colonists. It is
preserved at Lexington.]


Province of

[royal seal.]

The Honorable HARRISON GRAY, Efq;

Treasurer and Receiver-General for His Majeftj faid Province.
To JOHN PARKER, Conf table or Colleaor of Lexington,

Greeting, &c.
D T Virtue of an A61 of the Great and Ge^teral Court or A^embly
of the faid Province, begun and held at Bofton, on Wednefday
the Twenty-feventh Day oflAdiy, 1767, in the Seventh Tear of
His Majefty's Reign, entitled. An A61 for apportioning and
affeffing the Sum of Porty Thoufand Pounds, &c.

^HESE are in His Majeftfs Name to will and require you to
collect all and every the Sums of Money mentioned in the Lift
or Lifts of the Tax or Affefsment of your Town, Biftria,
Parifh or other Place, inade by the Afefors or Seledi?nen of
the faid Town, Biftrid, Parifh or other Place, and comtnitted
to you to collect : Amounting in the whole to the Sum of

Seventy Eight founds nineteen shillgs & 10 ^j ^

In Manner following: That is to fay. To colled the whole of
each refpediive Sum affeffed on each particular Perfon, fet down in


the faid Lift or Lifts, fo that you duly pay in the Sum-Total of the
faid Lift or Lifts unto, and make up and iftue your Accompt of the
Whole thereof with Myfelf, His Majefty's Treafurer and Receiver-
General of His Revenue within this Province, my Deputy or Deputies,
or Succeftbrs in the faid Office, at or before the Thirtieth Day of March
next, which will be in the Year of our Lord One thoufand feven
hundred and fixty-eight. And in Cafe any Perfon or Perfons shall
refufe or neglect to pay the feveral Sum or Sums, whereat he or they
are fet at in the faid Aftefsment, and to pay the fame upon demand
made, it shall and may be lawful for you, and you are hereby author-
ifed and required for Non-payment, to deftrein the Perfon or Perfons
fo refufing or neglecting, by his or their Goods or Chatties ; and the
Diftrefs or Diftreftes fo taken, to keep for the Space of Four Days,
at the Cost and Charges of the Owner thereof; and if the Owner
does not pay the Sum or Sums of Money fo aftefted upon him, within
the faid Four Days, then the faid Diftrefs or Diftreftes to be forth-
with openly fold at an Outcry, by you for the Payment of the faid
Money, Notice of fuch Sale being pofted up in fome public Place in
the fame Town, Diftricl, Parish or other Place, Twenty-four Hours
before-hand ; and the Overplus coming by the faid Sale (if any there
be) over and above the Charges of taking and keeping the Diftrefs
or Diftreftes, to be immediately reftored to the Owner. And if any
Perfon or Perfons aftefted as aforefaid, shall refufe or negleft to pay
the Sum or Sums fo aftefted, by the Space of Twelve Days after
Demand thereof, where no fufficient Diftrefs can or may be found,
whereby the fame may be levied ; in every fuch Cafe, you are to
apply yourfelf unto Two or more of the Afteftbrs within your Town,
Diftri6l, Parish or other Place, for Warrant to commit fuch Perfon
or Pei-fons to the common Goal, as the Law directs. And where
any Perfon or Perfons shall remove from your Town, not having
firft paid the refpeclive Sums or Proportion fet upon him or them in
faid Tax or Aftefsment, you are hereby authorifed and impowered to
demand the Sum or Sums aftefted upon fuch Perfon or Perfons, in
what Town or Place foever he or they may be found within this
Province ; and upon Refufal or Neglect to pay the fame, to deftrein
the faid Perfon or Perfons, by his or their Goods and Chatties, as
aforefaid ; and for want of fuch Diftrefs to commit the Party to the
common Goal, there to remain until Payment be made of the Sum
or Sums fo fet upon him, with all Charges arifing by reafon of fuch

And hereof you are not to fail, upon the Pains and Penalties as
may in fuch Cafe by Law be infli(5led on you.


GIVEN under my Hand and Seal at Bofton, the Seventh Day
of November, 1767, i7j the Eighth Tear of the Reign of our
Sovereign Lord GEORGE the Thirds of Great Britain, (&c.

^^^AS there -vill be a Neceffity for the above Money to be in
the Treafury, by the Tpth of March, to enable me to dif-
charge the Governments Securities, that zvill about that
Time become due ; 7'ou are therefore ordered ftrictly to
obey this Warrant.



Middlesex ss. To the Honorable John Winthrop Esq"" Judge of
Probate for said County

Sir, in observance of the Commission from your Honor to us
directed, which is herewith exhibited, we have apprized the real
estate whereof John Parker late of Lexington in said County gentle-
man deceased, died seized & possessed, containing about One Hun-
dred & Twenty acres, lying in the towns of Lexington & Waltham
with a dwelling house, barn & work-shop standing thereon, bounded
Southei'ly by lands of Isaac Pierce, Jonas Smith, Jonas Dix, Sam^
Fisk, Isaac & Silas Stearns, & the heirs of Ebenezer White deceased ;
Easterly by lands of Jonas Smith, Jonas Dix Esq"", Isaac Pierce,
Samuel Fisk, the heirs of Ebenezer White, & Thomas Parker ;
Northerly on land of Thomas Parker aforesaid ; & Westerly by lands
of Abijah Child & Isaac Pierce aforesaid ; apprized at One Thousand
& Five Hundred Pounds £1500. .0. .0 Having thus Perfected our In-
ventory we proceeded & set off to Lydia the widow of the deceased as
her right of dower, the westerly end of the dwelling house, the west-
erly end of the barn, as far as the east side of the floor, together with
about forty acres of land lying partly in the town of Lexington &
partly in the town of Waltham, bounded westei-ly by lands of Abijah
Child & Isaac Pierce ; southerly by lands Isaac Pierce, Jonas Smith,
Jonas Dix Esq, Sam^ Fisk, Isaac & Silas Stearns ; Easterly by
lands of Jonas Smith, Jonas Dix Esq, Isaac Pierce, & Samuel
Fisk ; & elsewhere on the two thirds of said Farm, as follows ;
viz. Beginning at the West end of a stone wall in the meadow on
the line between the towns of Waltham & Lexington, thence turning
& running northwesterly to a white oak tree marked near a spring.
Thence to the corner of the stone wall by the spring, thence running
with the wall on the easterly side of the close until it comes to the
northerly corner thereof, thence turning westerly & running to a
stake & heap of stones near the barn on the front thereof, thence


turning & running to & through the barn on the east side of the
floor (reserving a privilege in said floor for the Owners or Occupants
of the two thirds of said farm to use and improve the floorway for
carting in stover, grain, threshing, &c, with convenient room for
passing & repassing with a team for that purpose) thence turning &
running westerly with said barn to the northwest corner thereof,
thence running southwesterly to a stake & heap of stones at the
corner of a wall at the Cowyard, thence turning & running Westerly
with said wall to a stake & heap of stones, thence turning & running
northerly across the center of the well to the center of the front door
of the dwelling house, thence thro' the center of the chimney to a
stake & heap of stones three feet north of said house (both the Pos-
sessors of the thirds & two thirds to have the privilege of using the
entry & front stairs of said house) thence running three feet distant
from said house to the southwest corner thereof, thence turning &
running westerly with the stone wall to the corner thereof, thence
running northerly with the wall to the corner thei^eof, then running
westerly with said wall to the corner, thence running Northerly to
the corner thereof, & thence turning & running southwesterly with
said wall until it connects the land of Abijah Child aforesaid ; valued
at Five Hundred Pounds



Nov. 4^'^ 1778 THADDEUS PARKER 3

We assent to the foregoing Middlesex 10 Nov. 1778, I accept

apprizal & Division of this return & order the same to

Lydia Parker be recorded.

Lydia Parker jun"^ J Winthrop J Prob

Copy examined. Attest

James Winthrop Reg'


jr# «U ^tO\)U to whom thefe Prefents shall come, (^VUUU^,
^ Know Ye, That I ELISHA HEDGE of Malbrough in the
County of middelsex in the province of the Mafachufsetts Bay
For and in Confideration of the Sum of thirteen Hundred and thirty
pounds to me in Hand before the Enfealing hereof, well and truly
paid by THOMAS PARKER of Lexinton in the County of middelsex
gentleman the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, and my-
felf therewith fully fatisfied and contented ; and thereof, and of every
Part and Parcel thereof, do exonerate, acquit and difcharge the faid



Thomas His Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators, forever by thefe
Prefents : HAVE given, granted, bargained, fold, aliened, conveyed
and confirmed ; and by thefe Prefents, Do freely, fully and abfolutely
give, grant, bargain, fell, aliene, convey and confirm, unto him the
faid Thomas His Heirs and Affigns forever, one fertin tract or persal
of Land Sittuate and Being in Prinstown Contaning Fore Hundred
Acres Together with the Road Pafsing Thro the fame and is bounden
as follows Viz : Begening at a mark* tree on the North Sid of the
Road By Mr Oaks his land thence Norly to a mark' Tree on the
North Sid of the Brook thence Bounding on Said Brook Till it
Comes to Shrewfbury old line thence Norweftterly on land of Re"***
Israel Loring Thence Northerly By Said Lorings land tell it Coms
to Land of one Walle Thence round Said Walles land Tell it comes
to land of Nathan Jones Thence Bounded on Said Jones tell it comes
to land of Jofeph Abbot Thence to land of one Goodenough Thence
to land of one Curtice Thence to Rutland Line to land that Dr Hervy
Sold to Nathan Jones Thence Bound by said Okes land tell it coms
to where it first Began, Containing all the Land that the said Mr
Hedge ones in Princtown

W(f hmt ma to UoUX the faid granted and bargained Premifes, with
all the Appurtenances, Privileges and Commodities to the faid belong-
ing, or in any wife appertaining to him the faid thomas his Heirs
and Affigns forever. To his and their only proper Ufe, Benefit and
Behoof forever. And I the faid Elisha for myself my Heirs, Execu-
tors and Adminiftrators, do Covenant, Promife and Grant to and
with the said thomas His Heirs and Aflfigns, that before the Enfeal-
ing hereof, I am the true, fole and lawful Owner of the above-bar-
gained Premifes, and am lawfully feized and poffeffed of the fame in
my own proper Right, as a good, perfe(?t and abfolute Eftate of
Inheritance in Fee Simple : And have in myfelf good Right, full
Power and lawful Authority, to grant, bargain, fell convey and con-
firm faid bargained Premifes in Manner as aforefaid : And that he
the faid thomas His Heirs and Affigns, shall and may from Time to
Time, and at all Times forever hereafter, by Force and Virtue of
thefe Prefents, lawfully, peaceably and quietly Have, Hold, Ufe,
Occupy, Poffefs and Enjoy the faid demifed and bargained Premifes,
with the Appurtenances, free and clear, and freely and clearly
acquitted, exonerated and difcharged of, from all and all Manner of
former or other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leafes, Mortgages,
Wills, Entails, Jointures, Dowries, Judgments, Executions, or Incum-
brances of what Name or Nature foever, that might in any Meafure
or Degree obftrudl or make Void this prefent Deed.


^UXihttmotty I the faid Elisha for myfelf my Heirs, Executors and

Adminiftrators, do Covenant and Engage the above-demifed Premifes
to him the faid thomas his Heirs and Affigns, againft the lawful
Claims or Demands of any Perfon or Perfons whatfoever, forever
hereafter to Warrant, Secure and Defend by thefe Prefents. in wit-
nefl^ hear of I have hereunto fet my hand and feal this Ninth Day of
April Anno Dominio one thoufand feven Hundred and Seventy Seven

Signed Sealed & delivered

in prefuence of Us ELISHA HEDGE [seal]

Ebenezer Parker
Antipas Brigham

Worcefter fs. April 29 1778

Elisha Hedge Subfcriber to this Inftrument
acknowledged the same to be his free act & Deed

Col John Woolson y Pace

Worcester fs Sep'' 8 1779 Rec*^ & Recorded with the
Records of Deeds for s"^ County Libro 83 page 6

Nath. Baldwin Regr


From first to last throughout the long struggle for Independence
the Parker name ranks prominently in patriotism, bravery and ser-
vice. Let the towns of Reading and Lexington testify to this asser-
tion. From Reading there were 15, all bearing the name of Parker,
who responded to the alarm from Lexington upon the opening of
hostilities, April 19, 1775. Fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, nephews
and cousins — all these were represented among them. They all did
good service on that day and many of them for a long period in some
part of the war. On the various stones which mark the resting-
places of these men who served in the wars from King Phillip's to the
last in our history, we read the titles whicli they so gallantly earned,
— colonels, captains, lieutenants, sergeants and ensigns. From
early times the colonists were obliged to be vei*y familiar with their
flintlocks and muskets. They carried their heavy "firelocks" from
house to field, to town or to church and always kept them handy in
the house at night. In many of the early settlements the struggle for
existence from nature on one side and savage foes on the other was
fatal. It is no wonder that this constant schooling made them defen-
sive and quick to respond to duty's call.

From the wars with King Phillip to the Revolution was a period of
100 years of almost successive warfare and untold stories of endur-
ance, hardship and courage. An interesting tale it would make
were we able to relate here the part in this history which the Parker
name has acted.

Capt. James Parker of Groton, Mass., was an Englishman. He
was one of the founders of the town. He was a very active and
brave ofiicer in the earliest wars of the colony with the Indians.
He was also a deacon. His son James was killed by the Indians,
July 27, 1694. John Parker, the first settler of Parker's Island, now
Georgetown, Me., had many dealings with the Indians. But with
his son John he was, however, driven from the island by the Indians
and killed by them at the second destruction of the town of Falmouth,
May, 1690.

We note by the dying words of Jonathan Parker (page 30) that
he had served in a war, probably that of King Phillip.

Hananiah Parker of Reading must have been at some time in
active defence of his colony, as he was lieutenant of the Reading


military company in this period of frequent warfare. His son John
Parker had no military title so far as is known. It has been seen,
however, how John's son, Hananiah, served in Qiieen Anne's war
with the French in 1712 (see page 40). John Parker's son Josiah
was a lieutenant. He was an active and efficient officer and partici-
pated in much service. His sons were Josiah, John, Thaddeus and
Joseph, one of whom, at least, was in the French and Indian war
at the taking of Quebec in 1759. His cousin, Peter Parker of Fram-
ingham, was in this war in the year 1757-

In the French and Indian War of 1757 the following men were
from Reading : Asa Parker, Phineas Parker, Jonah Parker, all in
the troop of horse, Ephraim Parker, Ebenezer Parker, Green Parker,
Benjamin Parker.

Those of the family in Lexington who responded to the roll call of
Capt. Parker on the morning of the alarm which opened the Revo-
lution were Thaddeus Parker (see page SS), Jonas Parker (see page
49), Ebenezer Parker (see page 117) and necessarily Capt. John
Parker. They were all members of the organized and well drilled
company "The Lexington Minute Men." They saw very active
service that day and for several periods thereafter.

The following show extracts of the rolls of the three companies of
militia in the town of Reading, belonging to the regiment commanded
by Col. David Greene of Reading, as they stood April 19, 1775:
First Parish Company — Ebenezer Parker, Thomas Parker, Jr.,
Thomas Parker, Sr. Second Parish Company — David Parker,
Samuel Parker. Third Parish Company — Lt. Jonas Parker, Asa
Parker, Wm. Parker. Daniel Parker, Jr., Benjamin Parker, Caleb
Parker, Edmund Parker, Ephraim Parker, 2nd, Aaron Parker, Isaac
Parker, Daniel Parker, Sr., Ephraim Parker. The Reading men
were in the hottest of the fight and were among the first, if not the
first, to begin the battle on the retreat of the British. It is remarka-
ble that they all escaped uninjured.

In the following records are extracts copied from the official muster-
rolls, archives, etc., of the State of Massachusetts, to be found at the
State House, Boston.

"The muster roll of Capt. John Bridge's company in Col. Eleazer
Brooks' regiment on command at Roxbury, March 4, 1776 : " Thomas
Parker, Jonas Parker, Sergt. Ebenezer Parker and others. This
Thomas Parker was the Lexington Thomas of page 57, and Sergt.
Ebenezer was his son. Jonas Parker was Thomas's nephew, son of
Jonas Parker who was killed by the British at the Lexington fight the
year preceding. (See No. 23, page 51).

We have no records of military service of Amos Parker of Shrews-


bury (page 52). But he had a family of seven sons, all of whom
served more or less in the Revolutionary war, except the youngest,
who was too young for service. The son, Elisha Parker (see page
102), is first found in Capt. Job Cushing's company, in Hon. Artemas
Ward's regiment. With him were Sergt. Jonathan Harrington,
Isaac Harrington, Simon Parker and many other names.

Dea. Andrew Parker of Barre (see page 62) was lieutenant of the
first company of Barre militia at the opening of the Revolution, and
probably marched with it upon the Lexington alarm, 1775.

On "A pay roll of Capt. John Maynard's company in Col. Job
Cushing's regiment of Mass. Bay who marched on Y** Alarm to Still-
water for 30 days under the command of Lieut. -Col. Wheelock,
Sept. 29, 1777 :" is found Nahum Parker. With him were Timothy
Bragg and others. Israel Allen, Jr., of Shrewsbury, enlisted into the
Continental army for a longer service.

Upon the Bennington alarm Asa Parker, Israel Allen, Jr., Israel
Allen, 3rd, Jonathan Harrington and others marched in Capt. John
Maynard's company from Shrewsbury. John Parker of Shrewsbury,
who was like Asa of different family lineage than Nahum Parker,
marched with the Shrewsbury company to Cambridge upon the
Lexington alarm, and then offered his services for the united colonies
for a long period.

We also find "A pay roll of Capt. Asa Rice's company in Col. Job
Cushing's regiment of militia from Shrewsbury, where they were
ordered to march to Manchester upon an alarm and were discharged
at Bennington:" John Parker, Nahum Parker, Caleb Parker, John
Bragg, Jonas and Josiah Stone and others.

The archives show that Nahum Parker (see page 106) also served
in the Rhode Island campaign from May 4 to July 4, 1777, for which
he received a bounty from the State.

"An abstract of pay due to Capt. Nathaniel Wright's company in
Col. Luke Drury's regiment of militia from the command of Mass.
for service done at West Point in the year 1781 :" Lt. Hananiah
Parker from Westborough, John Parker of Southborough, Nahum
Parker from Shrewsbury, Lt. Jonathan Harrington of Shrewsbury,
Benj. Harrington of Westborough, Reuben Ross of Sterling, Enoch
Roper of Sterling and others.

Ebenezer Parker, Sergeant (see page 118), appears on "The roll
of a detachment of a company of militia of Lexington, commanded
by Capt, John Parker, on command at Cambridge from May 6, 1775,
to May 10, inclusive, by order of the Committee of Safety." He was
also at the battle of Bunker Hill.

On "A pay roll of Capt. George Minot's company in Col. Samuel


Bullard's regiment of Mass. Ba}' militia in the Northern Army, i777i
Aug. 14 to Nov. 30:" is found Philemon Parker (see page 95).
There were also Isaac Pierce, Solomon Pierce, John Hosmer, Wm.
Bond and others.

In State archives we find : " Sir, It is the Desire of the Committee
of Safety that you march one half of your company to Cambridge
forthwith to parade before the church meeting house and to persue
such orders as you shall receive from the General from time to time.
Thos. Gardner, Col. To Capt. John Parker."

Josiah Parker of Woburn (see page 77) was lieutenant of the
Woburn militia. His brother was Capt. John Parker of Lexington
(see pages 79 to 87), whose praiseworthy defensive action on the
famous 19th of April, 1775, ushered in the war in an honorable
manner, and marked the opening of a new epoch in the world's
history. Thaddeus Parker of Lexington was another brother (see
pages 89 and 90) . He was in the earliest struggles for independence
and later served eight months in the Jerseys under Gen. Washington.
He died of consumption in 1789. The other brother was Joseph
Parker of Lincoln (page 91). His sons, both Levi (No. 53, pages
91 and 158) and Joseph, Jr. (No. 55), were Revolutionary veterans,
as was also Isaac Paiker, son of Capt. John.

Levi Parker served first with Capt. Stearns of Princeton in his
large company three months in 1780.

This note from the undersigned is found in the archives: "Capt.
Stearns. Sir, — Please pay to Sergt. John Brigham the bearer hereof
the wages due to me for service done in your company at North
Castle Last Summer. If any allowance for Gun and blanket please
to pay him that also — And his Receipt shall be your discharge from
your friend & Servant, Levi Parker. Princeton, Mass., Apr. 30,

And again, "The following is a return of the hire and bounty
which has been advanced by the town of Princeton for the purpose
of hiring men for the term of three years, which were required by a
resolve of the General Court of the 2nd of Dec, 1780. To Levi
Parker £30. hard money." Then follows James Thompson, Ephraim
Norcross, Sam'l Ball, Benj. Stearns, Thomas, James and John
Ramar, amounting to £240. "And to each of the above mentioned
soldiers 12 three-year old cattle, estimated at £6. o. o. each, which
amounts to •£'^76. o. o. To Jonas Beaman one hundred hard Dollars
and thirteen three-year old Cattle est. at £6. o. o. each. £78. o




"Also the eight soldiers first mentioned are entitled to one horned
creature three years old each by agreement of the Committee
although it is not mentioned in their receipts which amounts to
£48. o. o. hard money.

"Also the Above s*^ Encouragement was engaged to be sent to
Camp to the Soldier at Two Different times which journeys we esti-
mate at £50.

"The whole acc't amounts to £1022. o. o.

Benj. Holden -\ Selectmen
Sardy Mason > of

BoAz Moore 3 Princeton.' '

An accompanying sheet shows "We the subscribers do hereby
certify that we have each one for himself Re'cd as an encouragement
to enlist into the Continental Army for the term of three years in
hard money and in the towns security one hundred dollars and

Online LibraryTheodore ParkerGenealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 → online text (page 41 of 47)