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Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 online

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twelve three year old cattle of a middling size. Princeton, May 2,
1 781. Levi Parker, James Thompson, Sam'l Ball, Ephraim Noi"-
cross and Benj. Stearns.

"Joseph Parker, Jr., of Lincoln [see page i6i] enlisted for three
years' service July 4, 1781, aged 16, four feet, 10 inches high, light
complexion, light hair, light eyes, occupation, farmer, and residence

" Isaac Parker of Lexington [see page 154] enlisted for a term of
three years, March 2, 1781, aged i8. He was 5 ft., 7 inches, dark
complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, a farmer by occupation and resi-
dence Lexington." From official list of men from County Middlesex
who enlisted agreeably to a resolve of the Court of Dec. 2, 1780.

Of the names with whom the Parkers of Lexington and their
descendants married we find on the alarm list of soldiers from Water-
town under Col. Thomas Gardner, these and many others : Abraham,
Ephraim and Isaac Pierce, Josiah, James and Jonas Smith, Jr.,
John, Nathan and Jonas Viles, John, Jonas, Phineas and George
Lawrence and Ephraim Hammond.

In Woburn in Capt. Joshua Walker's company under command
of Col. David Greene of 2nd regiment were : Corp. Isaac Burton,
Isaac Pierce, Abel Winship, Timothy Winn, Jr., and Increase
Winn, James Thomson, Jr., and the following who bore the name
of Johnson: Ensign Joseph, 3rd, Abijah, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jr.,
William, William, Jr., Azel and Shuball.

Familiar names other than Parker in Capt. John Bridge's company
of Lexington men on command at Roxbury, March 4, 1776, wei*e
Ebenezer, Samuel, William, Stephen and John Munroe, Joseph


Mason, Simon and Henry Winship, Joel Viles, Lt. Joseph and
Joshua Simonds.

Capt. Timothy Paige of Hardwick commanded the Hardwick
company which marched to Bennington to re-enforce the Continental
Army under Gen. Gates, 1777*

Among those who marched to Roxbury from Holliston on the
alarm, April 19, 1775, were Nathan, Asa, John and Elijah Bullard
and Daniel Leland.

We also find, "Holliston, Jan. 20, 1781."

"In Capt. Ezra Eames' company. Col. Abner Perry's regiment, in
R. I. service " were : Ezra Eames, Aaron Eames, Timothy Leland,
Jesse Forristall, Isaac Bullard, Eli Bullard. Asaph Leland, Joseph
Morse, James Morse, Ephraim Bigelow, Joseph Bigelow, Wm.
Haven, Henry Bullard, Henry Leland, John Leland. From July
28, 1780, to Aug. 7, 1780.

Eleazer Bullard appears under Capt. Daniel Taylor's men, dated
Oct., 1782.

"Framingham. John Parker, Jr., private, enlisted July 28, 1780,
discharged Aug. 4, 1780, in Capt. David Brewer's company in
Col. Abner Perry's regiment, being the tenth company in said regi-
ment, who marched to the State of Rhode Island."

The Eames family were well represented as is attested by the
Framingham alarm roll. There were Capt. Jesse, Sergt. John,
Gershom, Jotham and Nathaniel.

Grant Haven and Jotham Eames of Framingham were in the
service several months.

Nathan Allen of Barre (page 136) was in the service more than
once. On one occasion he was in Capt. Sibley's company in Col.
Drury's regiment, in the year 1781. He marched Aug. 13, and
arrived in camp Aug. 22. With him in this campaign was Elijah
Robinson of Barre and others.

William Dodd of Princeton appears on the rolls of Capt. Manassah
Sawyer's company in Col. Dike's regiment, Sept. i to Dec. i, 1776.

" Waltham, March 4, 1776. Muster roll of Capt. Abraham Pierce's
military company in Waltham, called out by Col. Samuel Thatcher
in his regiment, who marched at the taking possession of Dorchester
Hills : Samuel Stearns, Ezra Pierce, Wm. Bridge, Benjamin Pierce,
Elijah Lawrence, John Lawrence, David Smith."

Condensed records of service of the non-commissioned Parkers of
Massachusetts in the Revolutionary war, as shown by Vol. 54 of the
Mass. Archives ;



Samuel Parker,
Henrj Parker,
Nathaniel Parker,
Abraham Parker,
Daniel Parker,
Caleb Parker,
Thomas Parker,
John Parker,
Samuel Parker,
Free Parker,
Joseph Parker,
Colton Parker,
Michael Parker,
John Parker,
Sergt. John Parker,
Benjamin Parker,
Enoch Parker,
Phineas Parker,
James H. Parker,
John Parker,
Abraham Parker,
Joseph Parker,
Josiah Parker,
Stephen Parker,
John Parker,
Jacob Parker,
Wm. Parker,
James Parker,
Daniel Parker,
Isaac Parker,
John Parker,
Lemuel Parker,
Eleazer Parker,
Nehemiah Parker,
Lemuel Parker,
Levi Parker,
Abijah Parker,
Abel Parker,
John Pai-ker,
William Parker,
Asa Parker,
Francis Parker,
Oliver Parker,
James Parker,


Phineas Cook,

Isaac Hall,
Barnabus Dodge,
Enoch Chapin,
Abiathar Angel,
John Davis,
Nath'l Gage,
Benjamin Ames,

Benj. Farnum,


Thomas Gardner,



Wm. Campbell,
Thos. Drury,
Joseph Stebbins,
John Black,

Abel Thayer,
John Wright,
Amos Walbridge,
Levi Rounseul,
Isaac Colton,
Peter Ingesol,
Joshua Parker,

Asa Lawrence,

John Nutting,
Robt. Longley,

Edmund Bemis,
Joel Fletcher,
Josiah Stearns,
Sam'l Kilton,
Joseph Morse,

Ichabod Parker, Sam'l Sloan,
Nathaniel Parker, § "

" Stoneham.

Sam'l Gerrish, Wenham.

W. Springfield.
Dav. Brewer, May 15, Gageborough.*
James Frye, May6,'75,Methuen.
" , Bradford.

" Andover.


Eben'r Learned,
John Nixon,
Jona. Brewer,

John Fellows,
David Brewer,

Wm. Prescott,

Asa Whitcomb,

Eph'm Doolittle,
John Patterson,




Sudbury. Corp.



New Provid'ce.t




Sheffield J



" fifer.

" drummer.
Pepperell. Sergt.


" fifer.

" private.
East Hoosack.

*Then in Berkshire.

fThen a town in Berkshire County.

J Deserted June 28.

§ On command to Qiiebec.



Samuel Parker,
Silas Parker,
John Parker,
Benjamin Parker,
William Parker,
Ebenezer Parker,
Jonas Parker,
David Parker,
Corp. Nathan Parker,
Corp. Joseph Parker,


Archaelus Towne, Eben'r Bridge,
John Ford,


Peter Coburn,
John Bacheller,

Simeon Parker,
Daniel Parker,
Phineas Parker,
Abijah Parker,
John Parker,
John Parker,
Josiah Parker,
Jacob Parker,
Noah Parker,

Benj. Walker,
George Gould,
John Wood,
David Bradish,
Hart Williams,
Job Cushing,
Daniel Barnes,
Moses Whiting,
Edw'd P. Williams,

Paul D. Sargent,
Edm'd Phinnej,
Jona. Ward,
Wm. Heath, Apr.




28, '75, Roxbury.

The Archives show these records of service in the volume of non-
commissioned officers and privates of the Continental army.

Gideon Parker,
Abijah Parker,
John Parker,
Daniel Parker,
Joshua Parker,
Joseph Parker,
Jesse Parker,
Jesse Parker,
John Parker,
Joshua Parker,
Samuel Parker, f
Edmond Parker,
Oliver Parker,
Jackson Parker,
Daniel Parker,
Benjamin Parker,
David Parker,
William Parker,
George Parker,
William Parker,
John Parker,
Nathaniel Parker,
Nathaniel Parker,
William Parker,

♦Enlisted during the war. f Invalid.


, M. D.





Stockbridge, D. W. S.

Capt. Stoddard.


48—0 D. W.*

■■ Boston Mills. Reed $

I20 bounty.


43—0 D.W.


4th Co."


36—0 3yrs.





Groton. Reed. 50.


25—0 D.W.




36—0 3 yrs.




47—0 D.W.




5—19 3 yrs.

Chelmsford, killed.

Capt. Ballard.



Groton. Reed. $50.


30-16 3 yrs.

Pepperell. Reed. 50.

Capt. Brown.


36—0 3 yrs.

Pepperell. Brown.



12 — 16 3 yrs.




36—0 3 yrs.




31—0 D.W.




6—14 D. W.


Major's Co.


36—0 3 yrs.

Water town.


36—0 3 yrs.


3rd Co.


48—0 D.W.

Boston. Reed. $20.

4th Co.


35—29 3 yrs.




36—0 3 yrs.




4—0 3 yrs.

Gorham. dead.

Lt. Inf Co.


6—0 D.W.


Woodbridge Co.


9— 21 3 yrs.

Falmouth, dead.

6th Co.




, M. D.



David Parker,


35—21 3 yrs.



John Parker,


34—23 3 jrs.

Gorham. Reed. $50.


Eleazer Parker,


36—0 3 yrs.



Charles Parker,


36—0 3 yrs.


Lt. Inf. Co.

Elias Parker,*

4—2 D. W.



Josiah Parker,*

36—0 3 yrs.

Natick. Reed. $50.


Samuel Parker,*

47—0 D. W.

Reed. $200 bounty.


Thomas Parker,*

48—0 D. W.


Buckland Co.

" List of the officers of militia in the State of Massachusetts Bay :
The following is a list of the field officers of the several regiments
of militia in this colony, as chosen bv the House," viz. :

Lt. William Parker, 2nd Regiment of Essex.

Lieutenants John and Jonathan Parker, 4th Regiment of Essex.

Capt. Enos Parker, yth Regiment of Essex.

Lt. Aaron Parker, 6th Middlesex.

Lt. John Parker, ist Company, 4th Regiment of Essex.

Capt. Enos Parker, 8th Company, Col. Simonds' Regiment of

Lt. Nathaniel Parker, 3rd Company, 7th Middlesex, Col. Simeon

Lt. Benjamin Parker, Jr., 9th Company, 2nd Regiment of York.
He received a promotion in 1780.

Lt. Thomas Parker, 3rd Company, ist Regiment of Worcester.

Capt. Jordon Parker of company stationed at Georgetown, of
Lincoln Co. (Me.).

Ebenezer Parker, Jr., was 2nd lieutenant in 2nd Company, 4th
Regiment of Plymouth.

Daniel Parker was ensign in Col. Michael Jackson's regiment in
the expedition to Penobscot, 1780.

Abel Parker was 2nd lieutenant of the Middlesex and Worcester
brigade of the guards raised by the State to do duty in and around
Boston, under Maj.-Gen. Gates and Maj.-Gen. Heath, and detached
from same to re-enforce Continental Army for three months.

Lt. Abijah Parker was likewise detached from Middlesex militia
to re-enforce Continental Army for three months.

Lt. Levi Parker received a promotion^in the 7th Regiment, com-
manded by Lt.-Col. Brooks.

Lt. Elias Parker received a promotion while serving in ist Regi-
ment, commanded by Lt.-Col. J. Vose.

John Parker was 2nd lieutenant in Boston Regiment, 1780.

Under date of June 10, 1789, is recorded the commissioning of
Jonas Parker a captain in the 7th Regiment.

* Crane's regiment.



Feb. 14, 1776, David Parker was 2ncl major in company from
Salem and Lynn, ist Essex.

Capt. Eli Parker was captain of a company in 4th Hampshire,
April I, 1776.

William Parker was 2nd lieutenant in 7th Company, 2nd Essex,
April 29, 1776.

Joseph Parker was captain of 2nd Company, 4th Plymouth, May
9, 1776. He commanded a company of 56 men in the Rhode Island
services, in Col. John Cushing's regiment.

John Parker was 2nd lieutenant of 15th Company, 4th Regiment
of Essex, 1776.

Andrew Parker was ist lieutenant of ist Company, 7th Regiment
Worcester, June 7, 177^-

Freeman Parker was adjutant in ist Barnstable Regiment, as
archives attest bearing date May 8, i77^-

James Parker was ist lieutenant of 7th Company, in 4th Suffolk,
April 24, 1776.

The officers in Col. Dike's regiment who engaged "to tarry on
Dorchester Heights to y^ ist of March, 1777, 2nd Lt. Isaac Parker,
Ensign Aaron Parker."

"Officers of the regiment raised in Bristol and Cumberland:"
Avery Parker, 2nd Lt., March 13, 177^-

March 15, 1776. Officers of armed vessels. Daniel Parker sur-
geon of the sloop "Freedom," Sept. 19, 1776.

In the list of officers commissioned in the two regiments raised for
the defense of the New England States, commanded by Colonels
Jacobs and Wade, are Capt. Joshua Parker, dated March 14, 1778;
Ensign Abel Parker, dated March 14, 1778.

Capt. Gideon Parker, in 1776, commanded a company of 55 men
in Col. Moses Little's regiment. Of these he had eight who deserted
and six who died.

Lt. Levi and Capt. Jonas Parker are recorded on the muster rolls
subsequent to 1780. (File No. i.)

Capt. Joshua Parker's company, in Col. Robinson's regiment, con-
tained John Parker and Isaac Parker.

Capt. Eli Parker was an Amherst man. He encouraged to his
best ability interest in the Continental service, and among the
archives we find

"Amherst, May y^ 15, A. D. 1778.
"A return of the men procured by Capt Eli Parker to Serve in the
Continental Army." They came from six different towns, as the
record proves.


"Amherst, May y^ iS, 1778.
"Then Capt. Eli Parker personally appeared & made oath to the
truth of the above account of the above named Persons inlisting for
the town of Amherst.

" Before Moses Dickinson, Justice of y* Peace."

He marched May 8, 1777, for Ticonderoga commanding a com-
pany of 61 men, and was in the service two months and nine days.

Capt. Joshua Parker of Westford served nine months and ten days
in 1778 in Rhode Island, for which his account for pay is preserved
in the State archives, amounting to £168 — 12 s. — o d.

Capt. Enos Parker commanded a Berkshire County company in
Col. Benj. Symonds' regiment of militia to re-enforce the Conti-
nental Army at Bennington. Their service on that occasion was
short. Among the company was Anerca Parker. It seems that
again he raised a company and it was out 27 days, and among these
names we find Ezra Parker.

Capt. Enos Parker at another time raised a company and marched
to the assistance of the Continental Army at Ticonderoga and served
one month, and his followers included Giles Parker, Natheel Parker,
Phillip Parker, Peter Parker.

Capt. Jordan Parker commanded a company of 55 men in Col.
Samuel M. Cobb's regiment. The roll of men is dated Dec. i, 1781.

Among the archives we find : " Please pay Wm. Clark the Bearer
the contents of the pay rolls due to me from the State.

"East Hoosick, Jan. 20, 1779. Capt. Enos Parker."

Benjamin Parker was a Capt. in Col. Wade's regiment.


Page 72. II. The child of David and Abigail (Smith) Tuttle
was Abigail Tuttle, who m. Jonathan S. Parker, pp. 271 and 272.

Page 75. IV. John Munroe m. Lydia Macy of Nantucket.

Pagers. After "Cambridge and Lexington Streets" add, at
corner of Parker Street where cellar hole remains.

Page 96. Between Susannah Parker and Lucinda Parker insert
Lucy Parker, b. probably 1791 ; m. John Jacobs, and probably re-
moved West.

Under Lucinda Parker substitute Elmer Baker of Princeton for John
Jacobs. On the Princeton records we find the entry of the intention
of marriage of Lucinda Parker of Sterling and Elmer Baker of
Princeton bearing date of Oct. 23, 1813. She d. soon, however,
Feb. 12, 1815, aged 21, and left one child, probably Lucinda, perhaps
Warren, which one, however, is not plain. Warren Baker lived in
Chester, Vt., and while there his half sister Lucinda visited him.

Page loi, 7inder No. 29. Sally Baker, dau. of Esq. Joseph
Baker, was b. Feb. 22, 1762.

Page 123. IV. Substitute Elmira Amelia Smith for Elinor Smith.
She m. Jacob Batchelder.

Sarah Smith m. Daniel French.

Page 165. Sally Bigelow d. March 27, 1864.

Page 140. Achsah A. Lockwood never married. She d. Aug.
29, 1843. Bathsheba B. Lockwood m. Sylvester Ellison and resides
in North Springfield, Vt. Their daughter, Achsah A. Ellison, m.
Jan. I, 1866, Orville N. Fullam and had Clinton O. Fullam, b. Feb.
22, 1870.

Azro D. Ellison, son of Sylvester and Bathsheba Ellison, m. Jan.
I, 1879, Ida Eaton. Their son, Leon S. Ellison, b. Feb. i, 1881.

Page 147. Ann Isabella Lawrence d. Oct. 26, 1S90.

Leonard Frederick Lawrence, d. Oct. i, 1891. By wife Edith G.
he had son Leonard Lawrence, b. July 12, 1877.

Ellen Sophia Lawrence m. William H. Sherman.

Henderson Greene Lawrence d. Aug. 15, 1881.

Nancy J. Lawrence d. Feb. 9, 1851.

Page 155. The issue of David and Ruth (Parker) Bent:
I. Asaph Bent, b. Aug. 25, 1788.



2. RuFus Bent, b. July 5, 1793 ; m. Dec. 29, 1818, Ann Starratt,
and d. Nov. 19, 1854. His children were :

1. Sarah Ann Bent, b. Jan. i, 1820; m. Jan. 18, 1852, James

More. She d. Aug. 7, 1867.

2. George Starratt Bent, b. Nov. i, 1822; m. Jan. i8, 1855, Mary

Ann Inglis. He d. March 30, 18S4. Their children were :
i. Annie Elizabeth Bent, b. Feb. i, 1856.
ii. Frank Fenwick Bent, b. Sept. 26, 1858; m. Dec. 30,

1891, Amelia Goodwin.

iii. Amanda Starratt Bent, b. Sept. 8, 1861 ; m. Dec. 31,
1S90, Albert Goodwin, and have :
I. Wilder Clifford Goodwin, b. June 19, 1892.

iv. Laura Jean Bent, b. April 20, 1864; m. Dec. 18, 1889,
Lemuel Elliott, and have :

1. Minnie Estella Elliott, b. Feb. 11, 1890.

2. George Anslej Elliott, b. Jan. 26, 1893.

V. Minnie DeWolf Bent, b. April 27, 1867; m. July 12,

1892, Frederick Bent.

vi. Clara Belle Bent, b. Feb. 2, 1S70.
vii. Archie Clifford Bent, b. June 16, 1873.

3. David Parker Bent, b. Sept. 23, 1824; d. May 29, 1879.

4. Zenas Edwin Bent, b. June 28, 1827; d. Dec. 14, 1835.

5. Elizabeth Caroline Bent, b. May 7, 1829; m. Oct. 20, 1858,

Simeon Freeman. She d. Nov. 14, 1878. Their children
were :

i. Bertha Freeman, b. April 12, i860.
ii. George Rufus Freeman, b. Feb. 18, 1862 ; d. July 20,

iii. Mary Arabella Freeman, b. April 28, 1S63.

6. Mary Amelia Bent, b. Oct. 12, 1S33, She resides in Belleisle,

N. S.

7. Edwin Bent. He is deceased.

8. Caroline Bent; m. Eli Boehner. They reside in Somerset,

Kings Co., N. S. Children :
i. Bessie Boehner.
ii. Eugene Boehner.

9. Elizabeth Bent. She resides in Somerset, N. S.

3. Arathusa Bent, b. Oct. 29, 17S9; m. Charles Barteaux. She

d. Aug. 17, 1867.

4. Isaac Bent, b. Oct. 13, 1791.

5. Rufus Bent, b. July, 1793.

6. Abigail Bent, b. May 14, 1795; d. Jan. 19, 1829. She m.

Simon Starratt. She page 156.

7. David Bent, b. May 17, 1798.

8. Rebecca Bent, b. Sept. 29, 1800; d. May 15, 1846. She m.

Joseph Starratt. See page 156.


9. Ruth Bent, b. March 5, 1803 ; d. Jan. i, 1884.
10. Miriam Bent, b. May 14, 1804; d. June 21, 1869.

Page 161. Joseph Parker d. in Weston, June 21, 1816, aged 49.
His widow, who survived him many years, spent her last years with
her son, Isaac Parker of Waltham.

Page 162. Elisha Parker and Jerusha Wentworth were m. Aug.
18, 1800.

Jerusha Wentworth was b. Oct. 22, 1782. While in Maine they
lived in the town of Lincolnville. Mrs. Jerusha Parker d. June i,
1834, and Elisha Parker m. (2) Susan Ryder. Elisha Parker d. in
Stoughton, Mass., Oct. 5, 1846.

In the list of children make the following changes :
Chloe Parker, b. in Weston, March 7, 1801.
Isaac Parker, b, in Weston, April 23, 1803.
Samuel Austin Whitney Parker, b. June 25, 1810.
Hannah Parker, b. Jan. 5, 1813.

Jonathan Capin Parker, ") , . ., q

"^ ^ r "• April 23, 1020.

David Manley Parker, )

Page 167. John B. Messenger was b. in Sherborn. He and
family reside in Natick.

Horatio Morse resides in Lafayette, Ind., and has a family.

John Chamberlain Bixby was b. Nov. 10, 1800; d. in Lowell,
Jan. 26, 1883.

Page 168. Mrs. Ruth Eaton Haven Bixby d. in W. Newton,
Nov. 26, 1884. Children:

John Haven Bixby, b. March, 1834; d. Dec. 21, 1892, leaving

six children, who reside in Canton, N. Y.
Henry Lyman Bixby, b. July 26, 1842. He is superintendent
of the Fire Department, West Newton, Mass.

Page 175. No. 177. Sarah S. Parker and Alvin W. Davis were
m. April 5, 1868.

Page 177. Sophia B. and Dorastus Wright had dau. Amanda

Page \^%. Rhuhamah Parker d. June 19, 1885, and was buried
at Stanstead, P. Q.

Dana Robinson Parker d. May 22, 1863. His wife d. May 13,

Page 179. Lucy Robinson Parker m. Asa S. Hodge, May 8,
1845. He was son of Levi and Tappath (Towne) Hodge. She d.
Feb. 4, 1874. All their children d. in infancy.

Amory Parker and Lydia Parker were m. Dec. 8, 1805. Lucy
Robinson Parker, their dau., d. in Lowell, Jan. 10, 1870.


Page 189. Mrs. Lydia B. Paige d. in Milford, Del., 1890.
Page 190. Reed Paige lives in Bakersfield, Vt.
Louisa M. Smart lives in Milford, Del.
Marion Green lives in Middletown Springs, Vt.
Gardner W. Paige lives in Amesbury, Mass.
Harris Lee Paige lives in Milford, Del.
Maria Horigan lives in Bakersfield, Vt.
Page 193. No. 97. III. Substitute lived for resides.
Page 209. Col. Amos Andrev/ Parker died in FitzwilHam, N.
H., May 12, 1S93, aged loi years, 7 months, 4 days. He met with
an accident a few days previous and he gradually lost his strength,
but retained his faculties to the very last, and died peacefully.

Page 211. No. 250. Edward Nelson Parker m. Louisa Moore
Lackland. He d. April 28, 1881.

Page 214. Under 5. iii. Children of George W. and Lizzie
L (Hammond) Gould :

Susie Jennie Gould, b. in Cambridgeport, Jan. 14, 1865 ; m.
Charles W. Hanscom of Portsmouth, N. H., and they have
Carrie Gibson Gould, b. in Fort Warren, B. H., Jan. 9, 1869.
Annie Maria Gould, b. in Charlestown, March 24, 1872.
Lizzie Louise Gould, b. in Mattapan, May 22, 1875.
Sadie Hamblin Gould, b. in Dedham, Oct. 3, 1879.
George Washington Gould, b. in Chelsea, Sept. 7, 1882.
Willie James Gould, b. in Boston, Sept. 11, 1885.
Page 215. Mary Elizabeth Dodd, b. Dec. 18, 1837 ; m. Feb. 28,
1866, Pierre LeB. Coombs. Children :

Theodore Sedgwick Coombs, b. March 13, 1867.
Caroline Elliot Coombs, b. Jan. 24, 1869; m. April 9, 1890,
John Russell of Plymouth, Mass.
Henry Ware Dodd, b. Oct. 18, 1849; m. April 9, 1881, Mary
Dillingham of Bangor, Me. He is a banker in Boston. Children:
Ethel Dodd, b. Feb. 20, 1882.
Mary Dodd, b. March 14, 1884.
Page 228. Nathan Parker d. in Woburn.

Page 230. Mrs. John Thomas Parker d. Feb. 3, 1892. John
Thomas Parker d. June 12, 1892.

Harriet Emeline Parker m. Lorenzo Dow Miles.
Doratha Caroline Parker m. Henry Wiggers.

Page 234. No. 122. II. Sarah Ellen Wyer m. Orlando Brooks
of Woburn.


Page 237. Marietta Neville d. in Woburn, Jan, 18, 1892.

Josephine Smith Hinckley m. John R. Cartel' of Woburn,

Page 280. Mrs. Isaac Parker of Waltham d. in Waltham, Feb.
20, 1893, aged 85 years, 11 months.

Page 283. No. 317. James Parker to James H. Parker.

Mary B. Parker to Mary Benjamin Parker.

Page 295. Dea. John Parker d. in Maiden, March 27, 1893?
aged 94 years, 9 months, n days.

Page 307. William Parker Thompson m. Mary Ellen Dumphy,
b. in Cavendish, Vt., Aug. 30, 1S5S. Their children are:
George Horace Thompson, b. April 28, 1880.
Maud Leone Thompson, b. Aug. 25, 1882.

Alva T. Pierce was b. in Londonderry, Vt., Feb. 15, 1S59.

Mrs. Sarah S. (Parker) Davis resides in Galva, Ida Co., Iowa,
and has two sons.

Page 308. Grace Olive Smith was b. in Chester, Vt., Oct. 13,
t86o; m. E. D. Hulett. They reside in Keene, N. H,, and have
children : Frank Walter Hulett. Clara Belle Hulett.

Forrest Calvin Bates was b. May 11, 1857 ' '^* Luella Whitcomb,
and reside inLangdon, N. H. Children : Fanny Pearl Bates. Leon
James Bates. Lina Bates.

Cora Fanny Bates, b. Oct. 13, 1859; "^- ^- ^* Perrin. They
reside in Springfield, Vt., and have children: Lewis Leroy Perrin.
Hazel Perrin.

Page 318. Change Josephine Williams to Ellen Josephine
Williams, b. in Boston, Oct. 15, 1856, dau. of James A. and Sarah
M. (Searles) Williams.

Page 319. James Leonard Hunting, b. in Baldwinsville, July 7,

George Milton Hunting, b. in Baldwinsville, April 20, 1887.

Herbert Eugene Hunting, b. in Baldwinsville, Jan. 25, 1891.

V. Eli Adelbert Hunting m. July 9, 1887, Minnie Merritt, b.
in Templeton, Jan. 6, 186S.

Page 320. Mrs. Sarah D. (Parker) Hale d. in Hubbardston,
May 3, 1891.

Page 325. Amos Andrew Parker d. in Reading, Vt., Feb. 6,
1892, aged 77 years, 3 months, 9 days.

Page 337. Henry Clinton Fay m. Dec. 14, 185S, in Richmond,
Me., Caroline Elizabeth Tallman, b. in Woolwich, Me., July 2, 1832,
dau. of Benjamin Franklin Tallman, b. in Bath, Me., April 30, 1800,
and Alice McKown, b. in Woolwich, Me., Sept. 30, iSoo. Mr.


Fay fitted himself for the ministry from 1847 to 1857, at Leicester
x\cademy, Amherst College and Bangor Theological Seminary. He
has preached since 1858, and is now pastor of the North Reading
Presbyterian Church. Children :

Franklin Fay, b, in Northwood, N. H., Jan. 15, i860; d. in

Richmond, Me., Nov. 29, 1873.
Alice Parker Fay, b. in Northwood, Aug. 9, 1861.

Online LibraryTheodore ParkerGenealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants: Showing his earlier ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., from 1635 to 1893 → online text (page 42 of 47)