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The parish register of Thirsk in the County of York, North Riding. 1556-1721 (Volume 42) online

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Brigiiam Young University


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■^orfts^iie "^aris^ '^egisfer ^ocxetx?

Wol". 43.

$ssu«& io i^e ^tt6sci;tB«rs fot: t^e ^t<xv J911»

'g^e "^arisi^ 'Register

^ y OF


1556— 1721.

Transcribed and Edited by








This Volume contains the Register of the Parish of Thirsk from its
commencement in 1556 down to the end of the year 1720-21, and
comprises all the entries in the first two Volumes of the Register.

I, — A book of 102 parchment leaves, unnumbered, measuring iif
inches by 6^ inches, re-bound in rough leather ; containing copies, made
in 1600, of the 3 original paper books, continued down to 1653, as follows :

(a) Copy of Book i , being Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, from

20 September 1556 to 27 August 1564 : a Book pronounced
by the copyist to be defective in many places but nowhere
corrupt. There are no entries between 27 August 1564
and 27 January 1565-6.

(b) Copy of Book 2, on whose accuracy aspersions are cast by

the copyist ; as it had long lain in private custody, the
handwriting varied, and the dates were confused. The
entries commence 27 January 1565 and comprise Baptisms,
Marriages and Burials, down to 12 June 1578. From this
date until 31 March 1581 there are no entries.

(c) Copy of Book 3, which is pronounced to be fide bona,

comprising the Register from 31 March 1581 to 31 July
1597. Marriages, Burials and Baptisms, are separately
scheduled, and are continued down to 1653. There are the
following gaps at the end of Book 3 and between the last
entries of this Volume and the commencement of the
second Volume of the existing Register : — Marriages,
3 February 1596-7 to 25 March 1600, and 4 June 1650
to 14 November 1653 ; Burials, 31 July 1597 to 18 March
1599-1600, and 26 October 1651 to 14 November 1653;
Baptisms, 22 June 1597 to 14 March 1599-1600.

II. — A book of 78 parchment leaves^ of which 2 are unnumbered
and 8 have been cut out, with one paper fly-leaf at the end. The leaves
measure 12^ inches by y^ inches, in original parchment binding.
This Volume contains : —

Marriages, 14 November 1653 to 15 November 1719.

Baptisms, 30 September 1653 to 22 March 1720-1.

Burials, 14 November 1653 to 22 March 1720-1.

The thanks of the Society are due to the now Vicar of Thirsk, the
Rev. H. P. H. Austen, M.A., and to his predecessor, the Rev. F. L.
Perkins, M.A., for permission to publish this Register ; and also for
granting facilities for making the transcript and correcting the proofs
with the original Register.



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For Coyt r^o«/ Coytes.

For Andersonne read Audersonne.

For Towler read Tayler.

For Hobon read Hobson.

For Baines read Barnes.

For Hanson read Hanforth.

For Helson read Gelson.

For Metthew read Metthem.

The surname Barnes has been changed to Baines in
the Register. Peter, the father, was baptized
(p. 177) and married (p. 166) as Barnes, and is
so called at the baptism of two elder children
(pp. 225, 226). After 1707 he always appears
as Baines.

For D read S.





Registerium continens nomyna baptizatorum nuptorum et mortuorum

prout in diuersis libris antehac extiterunt Descripta Anno Domini

1600. Et fideliter cum originalibus collata.
Sic incipit primus liber.

1556. Liber factus xx° die Septembris Anno Domini 1556. Annis
regnorum Philippi et Mariae tertio et 4*°
In initio desunt quedam quae obscuratae legi non potcrant.
Scriptoris si crimen tunc non culpa legentis.

John. Clark.
October. 1556.

xx° die — Margarate daughter of John \^'^ardropper buried.
xxj° die — Elsabeth daughter of Thomas Walker buried.
xxvij° die — Allison wife of Edward Hardestye buried.
xxj° die — Leonarde sonne of Willm Peart buried.

n']° die — John Stockdayle buried.
Eodem die — Michaell Wildon maried Margarete Crawe.
iiij° die — Margarete daughter of Thomas Bell baptised.
xxj° die — Roberte sone of Thomas Harryson baptised.
xxiij° die — Thomas Tompson maried Dorithy Tompson.
xxvij die — Issable daughter of Christopher Barton baptised.

ix^ die — Thomas Todde and Alice Robinson both buried.
xix° die — ^Robert sone of George Tompson baptised.
Eodem die — Jennet Yates buried.
xxvij° die — Robert Thompson buried & John Carlill.
xxix"^ die — Robart sone of John Pearte baptised.
Ultimo die — Leonard sone of Robt Cooke baptised.
1556- Januarye.

vj° die — John sone of Willm Wilson baptised.
viij° die — Robart Handcocke buried.
ix° die — Robart sone of Robart Harryngton baptised,
xv^ die — Dorythe daughter of John hembel buried.
xix° die — Edward Hardestye maried Elsabeth byrswoode.
xxx° die — Elsabeth & Alice daughters of Bryan Stockdell were baptised.
xxxj° die — Robart sone of Persevell Hewbancke baptised.


1556. Februarie.

iiij° die— Margerat daughter of Willm butterworth baptised.

vijo die — Jane daughter of George Carlton baptised.

Eodem die— Elsabeth daughter of George Roger baptised.

ix° die — John Lecke maried Anne bussie.

xiij° die — Alice Abbotte was buried.

xxviij° die — Mathew son of Wm foxe was baptised.

1556. Marche.

v° die — John Warde was buried

Eodem die — Leonarde son of John lounde baptised.

vij° die — Elsabeth daughter of Anthonye Clarke baptised.

viij° die — Bettresse Parkinson was buried.

xj° die — Anne daughter of Roberta Willson baptised.

xiij° die — Rowland son of Thomas Barton buried.

xiiij° die — Jane daughter of Willm Sparlinge baptised.

xvj° die — John son of John Walker was baptised.

xvij° die — Dorythee duaghter of Richard Ragell baptised.

Eodem die — Mary daughter of W"^ Page baptised.

xix° die — Jane daughter of Wm Sparlinge buried.

xxj die — Margaretta Walker was buried

Anno Domini 1557

xxv° die — Isabell Moode was buried.

xxix die — Jenett Raine buried.

Ult. die — Margaret daughter of John Peart buried.

1557. Aprill

Primo die — Richard son of John Rippley was baptised.

ij° die — Isabell Conyers was buried.

Eodem die — Thomas son one Marsiall was baptised.

viij° die — Elsabeth daughter of Richard Thornton baptised.

xij° die — Isabell Grason was buried

xxij° die — Elsabeth daughter of Richard Ragell buried.

xxviij° die — Agnes daughter of Grason's Daughter buried.

1557. Maye

iiij° die — Thomas son of Michaell Cawton was baptised.

vj° die — Brydgett Yeates was buried

x° die — Margarett daughter of George Woodhouse bapt.

xvj° die — George son of Richard Cooke baptised.

xviijo die — Lancelote Whittlocke maried Jenett Jeffreyson,

1557. June.

jo die — Thomas son of John Battresse was baptised.

Eodem die — Marmaduke Trotter was buryed

ix° die — Leonard son of Henry Jackson was baptised.

xiij° die — Elsabeth daughter of John Johnson was baptised.

xviijo die — Steven Guy was buried

xxijo die— Anne daughter of Robt Carter baptised.

1557. Julie.

vj<» die — Leanard Lounde was buried.

X" die — Henry Sadler was buried.

xxix° die— Richard son of John Lecke baptised.

1557- Baptisms, Marriages, Burials.

1557. Auguste.

j° die — Elsabeth sadler was buried.

ix die — A stranger buried called John Halloway.

xv° die — Marry Cawton was buried

xvj° die — Robart son of M'' Pinckney was baptised.

xx° die — Elsabeth butterworth was buried.

xxij° die — Richard Stevenson was buried

xxviij° die — Alice butterworth was buried.

Eodem die — Dorothee daughter of Thomas Richardson was baptised

xxix° die — Xpofer Fyrbanke maried Margaret Jonneson.

xx.x" die — John Casson was buried.

1557- September.

j° die — Jennet Robinson and Issabell Sanderson buried.

viij"^ die — Francis Stockdale was buried.

xiiij° die — Richard Lecke & Katherine wawine were buried.

xxv° die — Frances daughter of Margaret Moyses baptised.

xxviij die — Dorithe daughter of W"^ Pearte was baptised.

1557. October

3° die — Thomas Maye & Alice Stockdale were buried.

ij° die — Jane Clarke was buried.

vj° die — Robart Page & Thomas Woode were buried.

vijo die — Thomas Webster was buried.

x° die — George Pearson maried Margarete Walker.

xvij° die — Robert Dobson was buried.

xx° die — Dorithee Sadler was buried.

xxiiijo die — John Richardson maried Margarete Smyth.

xxvj° die — Dorothee Carter was buried.

xxvijo die — Simon son of Henrye Bullice was baptised.

1557. November.

ijo die — Willm son of Jenet Carter was baptised,

viij° die— Margaret Moses & Dorithee Horner were buried.

xj° die — Margaret Yates, xijo Agnes Phillipe was buried.

xiiijo die — Richarde Dobson & James daile were buried.

xijo die — Dorothee daughter of Edward hemslye was baptised.

xviij die — Wilfrede Pallisar & Alice Dent were buried

xix die — Jenet Albott xx^ Agnes Bartman were buried.

xxj° die — Allice Cooker & Leonard Cooke were buried.

Eodem die — Jane Daughter of Edward Hardesty was baptised.

xxiijo die — Stirkeld wife was buried.

Eodem die — W"^ Mosse maried Margaret Watson.

xxv^ die — Richard Marcyall was buried.

xxviij° die — Elsabeth Watson & Margaret Watson buried.

1557. December.

ij° die — W"^ son of Richard Ragell thelder was baptised.

x° die — Alice dent & Dorothee hemsly were buried.

xij° die — Agnes Baytman was buried.

xiiijo die — George Coles & John Tompson buried.

xvj° die — Xpofer son of [blank] wifes sister was baptised.

xxj° die — John Cokes xxiij° Bartlemewe Smyth buried.

xxiiijo die — Francis Jackson was buried.


1557. January.

iiijo die — Elsabeth Wawyne was buried.

vjo die — Barbara daughter of Richard Crawe baptised.

\i\f die — Agnes lightfoote x" Margarett hanforth buried.

xxij° die — Richard Shadloke was buried.

Eodem die — Jane Daughter of Robert Whipp was baptised.

xxiiij° die — Richard Sterkell & Issabell Cussons buried.

xxvjo die — Elisabeth Bell was buried.

xxx° die — John Gamble maried Margaret Bradly.

1557. februarye.

iiij° die — John Preston x° Margaret browne buried.

xjo die — Thomas sone of Xpofer Browne baptised.

xij'* die — Alice Hutton : xv* die — Xpofer Adarson buried.

xxviij° die — Thomas son of Watson's daughter was baptised.

1557. March.

j° die — Philis daughter of Thomas Amplecforth baptd.

v^' die — Alison dowson was buried.

viij° die — Elsabethe Whiteman & Anne Preston buried.

Anno Domini 1558. March.

xxiiijo die — Richard Sober xxviijo — Edward Tompson buried.

xxx° die — John Tompson was buried.

Eodem die — Elsabeth daughter of Thomas Walker bapt.

1558. Aprill.

ij*^ die — Jennet Atkinson was buried.
iij° die — Robart Webster & Issabell Preston buried.
Eodem die — John son of Raphe Botterworth baptd.
vij° die — Thomas Page & John Wilson was buried,
xjo die — Willm dale & Elsabeth Walker Buried.
iijyd. xij<» die — Katherene Burton xiiij° — Elsabeth Ware buried.
xix° die — Issabell Willmson & Jane Whitlock buried.
xxv° die — Issabell Webster was buried.
1558. Maye.

j° die — Mathew Esteby maried Barbara Whippe.
Eodem die — Issabell the child of Thomas Bell buried.
v° die — uxor dale xij° — Margaret Essilby were buried,
viijo die — Anthony Dent m.aried Alice Wilforth.
xiij° — Agnes Robinson was buried.
xv° die — Rowland Cawston maried Jane Birkley
xviij° die — James Wardropper was buried.
xix° die — Kerry son of Robart Rochester baptised,
xxiiijo die — Willm Buttcrworth childe was buried.
xxvij° die — Margaret child of Thomas Bell buried,
xxviijo die — Willm son of Nicholas Peart was baptised.
1558. June.

iij° die — Margery Richardson was buried,
iiijo die — Agnes Tyrcman & Jennet Tompson was buried,
yiij'^ die— Elsabeth daughter of Lancelote Whitelocke baptised,
ix" die— Renkes wife buried, xj" — Agnes yeats was buried,
xxj" die— Elsabeth Whiteloke xxix"— Thomas Foxe buried.

155^-9- Baptisms, Marriages, Burials.

1558. July.

ij° die — Sybell Carlyll was buried.

iiij° die — Thomas Nowell maried Ane Guye.

viij'' die — Marye daughter of John Walker was baptised.

xiiijo die — Cicely daughter of W"^ Bryan was baptised.

xxvjo die — Thomas Atkinson was buried.

Eodem die — Hugh Johnson Maried Alice Cawston.

1558- August.

i° die — Frances Bawdersbey maried Agnes Kinge.

Eodem die — uxor dixan iij" die — Philis Ampleforth buried.

iiij° die — Cicely Johnson. v° — old Gamble were buried.

viij° die — Margaret Yates. 9° die — Jennet Faceby buried.

xj° die — Hellen Pinckney. xif — Jennet Carter buried.

xiij° die — Smyth son buried. xviij° — W"^ Fox buried.

xiijo die — George Tompson maried Katherine Tompson.

xix° die — Thomas Thornton & W™ Rich were buried.

xxx° die — Raph Esselby & Willm Johnson were buried.

1558. September.

ij° die — Drybecke wife & John Gamble were buried.

vj die — Watson's wife. vij° — Thoma Roper were buried.

viij° die — Richard Craw. ix° — Edward Baccome buried.

xij° die — Jennet Wardropper was buried.

xxvij° die — John Butcrworth was buried.

1558. October.

v'f die — Mris Anne Sparlynge buried.
ix° die — George Wooddus was buried.
x° die — Thomas Wattes wife was buried.
xvj° die — Steven Bewly maried Agnes Marciall.
xix° die — Edward Water was buried.
xxvj° die — Dorothee Daughter of Henry Jackson buried,
xxxjo die — John Webster & Issabell Scotson was buried.
Hie folium unum abscissum deest.

Anno Domini 1559. fabruary.

xxviij'^ die — Richard son of Anthony Dent was baptised.

1559. March.

Yiij° die — John Johnson ix" — Robt dent was buried.
xiij° die — Richard sone of Thomas Bell was baptised.
xxij° die — Herey Dribeck xxiij° — Elsabeth Grenwood buried.
xxx° die — Jennet Bell was buried.

1559- Aprill.

j° die — Jennet Water iij° die — Margaret Pybush were buried.

viij° die — Mabel Stevenson ix" — Agnes Smith & herry Yates buried.

xo die — Margaret Dent was buried.

xj° die — Richard Butterwoth & Robt Pottes v/erc buried.

xij° die — Robt Richardson was buried.

xiij° die — W™ Atkinson maried Jennet Woodhous.

xxiiij° die — Jane daughter of Mris Wright was baptised.

Eodem die — Elsabeth Daughter of Wm. Sparling baptised.

xxv° die — Margaret Hobson was buried.


Anno Domini 1559. Maye.

viij° die— Margaret daughter of Henry BuUys was baptised.
ij;o die — John Rauddock xvj° die — Issabell Hewbanke buried.
0. iiij, d. xxy'uf die — Thomas Jobson maried Katherine Belforth.
Eodem die — Xpofer Hallydaye maried Issabell Jackson.
1559. June.

iij (jie — Margaret BuUice v^ — Richard Maye was buried,
vij die— Robart Harentonne x" — John Batty was buried.
xj° die — Xpofer Browne maried Margaret Jeffraye.
xV die — James sonne of Raphe Carter was baptised.
xvj° die — Raph Watson maried Jane [blank]
xxj° die — Symon Bullyce was buried,
xxiij" die — John son of Thomas Ampleforth was baptised.
XXV" die — Robart Ewbanke was buried.
Anno primo Elizabet. July 1559.
vij° die — John Bullyce was buried.

^'iijo die — Richard son of Frances Baudcrsby was baptised.
ix° die — Wm. Smyth maried Agnes Hodshon.
Eodem die — Richarde Thompson maried Elsabeth Swaile.
xiiij° die — Jane Wright buried xx^ — Margaret Richardson,
xxv-o die — Alexander CoUyell was buried.
1559- Augusta.

xij° die — Thomas Lecke was buried.
xix° die — John Sanderson was buried.
1559. September.

viijo die — Clare daughter of Mr. Pinkney was baptised.
xj° die — Richard Wardell was buried.

xiiij die — Robart & Agnes children of Thomas Fox were baptised.
Eodem die — Willm Harryson was baptised.
xv° die — William Sparlynge and his daughter were buried.
xvij° die — Richard Clerke maried Issabell Whitloke.
xxj'-' die — Richard son of George Gamble was baptised.
Eodem die — Anne daughter of Bryan dails was baptised,
xxv^ die — Richard Scotson & Jennet Wardell were buried.
xxix° die — Elsabeth daughter of Robert Tompson was baptised.
1559. October.

j° die — Richard Yeattes Maried Elsebeth Caie.
iij" die — Nicholas cooke maried Katherine Stockdaile.
Eodem die — Agnes dixan was buried.
v° die — Agnes Fox was buried.

x" die — Anne daughter of William Peartes was baptised.
,xiiij" die — Marye daughter of Thomas Walker was baptised,
xv" die — William Reidman maried Alice Burnett.
xix° die — John Herryson maried Jennett Greyme.
xxvj" die — Robart Richardson was buried.
xxix" die — William son of Richard cooke was baptised.
1559. November.

xij" die — John Smyth maried Cecilye Wardropper.
Eodem die— Xpofer Rowthe & Elsabeth Smyth were buried.
xiiij° die — Thomas Burrell maried Jenett Shortte.

i559"6o. Baptisms^ Marriages, Burials.

xix" die — John Robinson maried Issable fox.
Eodem die — Thomas Yeates maried Margaret Webster.
xxj° die — Francis Hanforth maried Elsabeth Pinkney.
xxAiij° die — John Parkingson maried Agnes Wardell.

1559. December.

v° die — Robart Wilkinson maried Elsabeth Toode.

xvij die — Emmott Daile was buried.

xx° die — Thomas son of William Butterworth baptised.


vj die — William Bell sone of Agnes Rich was baptised.

xxiij° die — William Benne maried Margeret Read.

xxv° die — George Cooke was buried.

xxviij° die — John Grason maried Alice Gamble.

ultimo die — Elsabeth Egylsfeyld was buried.

Anno domini 1560. fabruarij.

iiij° die — William storer maried Elljm Robinson.

xviij° die — Alisone daughter of Anthoney Walker baptised.

1560. March.

vjo die — Thomas Wyghtman was buried.

xvij° die — Cycele fauset buried xviij'' — John Tompson burid.

xvij° die — Agnes daughter of Cuthbert bell baptised.

xxiiij° die — Marmaduke son of John Walker was baptised.

ultimo die — Cicelye daughter of Edward Mage baptised.

1560. Aprill.

vij° die — Margaret daughter of John Trotter baptised.

Eodem die — Issable daughter of Perssyvell Hewbanck bap.

Eodem die — Henry e townende was buried.

xxij die — Robart the towne mylner was buried.

XXV die — Richard son of Francis Bawdersby buried.

1560. Maye.

x° die — Edmunde Hemslye was buried.

xij° die — Alexander Lythe maried Jennet Rutter.

xvj° die — Robart Sharpe maried Margarete dickson.

xix° die — Xpofer son of Xpofer Brawyn was baptisd.

xxo die — Dorothee Richardson was buried.

xxiij° die — Robart son of Thomas Bell was baptised.

1560. Julij.

ij° die — Clare daughter of Robert Cooke was baptised.

V die — John son of Herrye Bullyce was baptised.

Eodem die — Elsabeth daughter of Lanslote Whitlocke baptised.

ix° die — Cuthbert Bell buried xj^ Agnes Bullocke buried.

xij° die — Margeret Wyghtman. xv — John Grason were buried.

xx° die — Willm Lupton was baptised.

xxx° die — Willm son of Thomas Lund was buried.

xxxj° die — Anne daughter of Jennet Hemslye baptised.

1560. Auguste.

vij° die — Willm Johnson & Anthony Butterworth buried.

ix die — Jane daughter of John Lund was baptised.

xj die — George Mallerye maried Johane Harland.

xviij die — Katherine Warner & Francis Bell were buried.


xix" die — Issabell daughter of Willm burswoode baptised.

xxij° die — Jane Lune buried. xxv° — Elsabeth Carlton buried.

xxx° die — John son of George Monkton was baptised.

1560. September.

vj" die — Elsabeth daughter of Edmounde Yle was baptised.

xij° die — Issabell daughter of Thomas Burrell baptised.

xviij die — Edward son of Raph Elwoode was baptised.

xix° die — Harrye son of John Thronton was baptised.

xx° die — John Bullice was buried.

xix'' die — Marye daughter of John Peart was baptised.

1560. October.

iij° die — Edward son of Thomas Yeates was baptised.

vij° die — John son of Henrye Jacksone was baptised.

viij° die — Willm Bend was buried.

xv° die — Francis son of Willm talbot was baptised.

xix° die — -Jayne daughter of Francis Hanforoth baptised.

xx° die — Elsabeth Whitloke was buried.

xxiij° die — Xpofer Drotone buried.

xxiiij° die — John Kiplynge alias Lund was buried.

xxvij° die — Symon Pallecer maried Jennet Raynton.

xxviij° die — Francis son of Xpofer Barton was baptised.

xxix° die — Gabryell Mage was buried.

xxx° die — Jane Hanforth was buried.

1560. November.

j° die — Leonard son of Richard Ragell thelder was baptised.-

v° die — Xpofer Peele was buried vij° — -Francis talbot buried.

viij^ die — Robart sone of Robert Cartor was baptised.

xvijo die — James Stevnson maried Jennet Jackson.

xxiiijo die — Elsabeth daughter of Willm Richardson baptised.

1560. December.

j° die — Dorothee daughter of George Sanderson was baptised.

iiij° die — Jane daughter of Raph Butterworth bntised.

xiijo die — Mary daughter of Willm sparlinge baptised.

xxiiij" die — John sonnc of Marciall baptised.

1560. January. Anno 1561.

xvijo die — Margrret daughter of John Robinson was batised.
xxj° die — Thomas Tholthroppe maried Margaret Smyth.

1 56 1, fabruary.

j'' die — Jane daughter of Willm Smyth buried.

vij° die — Willm son of Thomas Whypp was baptised.

xvj° die — Micheall son of John Walker was baptised.

xxiiij° die — Alyce the wife of John Walker was buried.

1 561. March.

ij" die — dorothee daughter of James daile v/as baptised.

ix'^ die — Thomas Greene was buried.

xij'-' die — Jennet daughter of Gaberell Ruddock baptised.

xiii° die — Anthonyc son of John Smyth was baptised.

xxj° die — Clare daughter of Robart Whypp baptised.

1 56 1. Aprill.

vj" die — Issabell daughter of Micheall Cawton baptised.

1 56 1. Baptisms, Marriages, Burials.

x° die — Richard son of VVillm May was baptised.

xj° die — Margere daughter of Xpofer Robinson baptised.

xvj° die — Elenor daughter of Edward Hardestye baptised.

xxijo die — Issable Cawton & John Taylor were buried.

xxiiij die — Thomas son of Richard thorn ton batised.

xxviij'^ day — Agnes Mage was buried.

1561. May.

X" die — Elsabeth daughter of Richard Ragels baptised.

xj° die — Elsabeth daughter of George Carlton baptised.

Eodem die — Henrye Metclafe maried Elsabeth Welfoyt.

Eodem die — Richard Cawston maried Elsabeth Walker.

xviijo die — John Smyth maried Jennet dent.

xxix° die — Margaret daughter of Richard Yeates baptised.

1561. June.

iij° die — Uxor Lecke buried. v° — Anthonye Smyth was buried.

viij° die — Richard Smyth maried Alice Tholthrope.

x° die — Thomas Wilsone maried Margerye Crawe.

Eodem die — Francis the childe of M"" Norton baptised.

Eodem die — Ane daughter of James Stevnson was baptised.

xix° die — Willyam Stockdaile was buried.

xxij° die — John Walker maried Agnes Wood.

xxiiijo die — Agnes daughter of John Atkinson baptised.

xxv° die — Robart son of Henry Cawton was baptised.

1561- July.

iiij° die — Nicolas Pearte was buried.

xijo die — Thomas Frost maried Dorethee Ward.

xxijo die — Robart Wyghtman maried Jennet Buttree.

xxviij° die — Issable daughter of Myhell Cawton buried.

xxiiijo die — Thomas son of Robart bowser baptised.

xxix° die — Margeret daughter of Elsabeth Peele [baptised]

xxx° die — Robart son of Willyam Peart was baptised.

1561. Auguste.

vj*' die — Edward son of Robart May was baptised.

xvij° die — Jane daughter of Bryan Stockdail baptised.

xx° die — Jane daughter of Edward Hardesty buried.

xxxo die — Leonard son of Henry Bullyce baptised.

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