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the champion of England and America, but "your obedient servant,
Thomas Rees."

1 88 Leaves from the Note- Book of T. A. Reed.

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It is not enough, however, that words should be sufficiently vocalized :
the consonant forms should be as clear and distinct as the hand can trace
them. I have known many mistakes arise from the want of attention to
the distinction between full and half-sized consonants. The words c/and
any, for instance, are especially liable to be mistaken for each other if not
carefully distinguished, as in the sentence, "not one of these will suit me."
which might be rendered " any one," etc. It must not be forgotten that
almost every abbreviation necessitates additional care in writing. Where
all the letters are of the same length and the same thickness, there
is no necessity for the precision which is requisite where distinctions in all
these respects prevail. A grammalog'ue generally requires more care in
writing than a word in which all the consonants are expressed. It is quite
true that when an abbreviation is employed the writer has more time to
trace the characters, and can therefore be more precise in his delineation.
The misfortune is that the necessity for the precision is not always recog-

It has often been urged as an objection to Phonography that its many
minute distinctions of form are incompatible with great speed in writing, I

Scrau-ling and Scrawlers.


>TJ x

and the singular mistakes sometimes made by young and careless phono-
graphers would seem to give force to the objection. Thesystem, however,
should not be judged by the performances of those who scrawl, but by the
results of careful and expert manipulation ; and, so estimated, it stands
without a rival among stenographic systems.

Circulation, 16,500.

Published every Saturday, 16 pages, Crown ^to., price



Phonetic Journal

The Organ of the Phonetic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.




In the Learner's, Corresponding, and Brief Reporting Styles 1 ,
with, KEY in common print.

Intelligence of the progress of Phonography and the Spelling Reform

in Great Britain, the United States, Australia, etc., and

A list of the names of New Members of the Phonetic Society.

J- The Memben of thii Society correct the Exerciiei of Learnen

through the pott free of charge.

Articles in phonetic and common print on interesting subjects,

Persons who find it inconvenient to get the JOURNAL, by order, through a
bookaeller, may obtain it direct from Bath, on the following terms :
Subscription for one copy per quarter, sent weekly ..
,, fortnightly ..

two copies weekly

one copy per annum

Two copies and upwards sent post free ; per dozen 8d

1. 8d.
1. Id.
2*. 2d.

, post paid lid.

MONTHLT PARTS, each, 6<f. ; post free, 6d.
The Journal is sent in monthly parts to subscribers in Europe, Egypt,
the United States, & Canada, for 6/ a year; to India, 7/6; to S. America
and West Africa, 9'; Australia, 106.

Ml ubcriptioni must be paid in advance, and may commence irith any No.
A number sent as a specimen, for \\d. in stamps to Isaac Pitman, Bath.
** The Phonetic Journal circulates among an intelligent and thoughtful
class of readers. It may therefore bo regarded as one of the best medi-
ums for all kinds of educational advertisements. Prepayment is required
according to the following scale:

The first twelve words and under, front page. Is. 6d. ; other pages, Is.
Additional words, front page, fd. per word ; other pages, $d. per word.
Displayed advertisements, front paee, 8s. per inch ; other pages, 5s. per
inch. Advertisements for 12 or more week" consecutively without alteration,
half-price. Prepayment required in nil cases.




Corrected to March, 1886.]




London: FRED. PITMAM, Phonetic Depot, 20 and 21 Paternoster
row, E.G. Bath : ISAAC PITMAN, Phonetic Institute.

Books of the value of is. and upwards are sent post-paid.

In every cast, inhere possible, Postal Orders should be sent instead
of stamps, and should be made payable to Isaac Pitman, at the Bath
Post Office. Sums under is. can be sent in stamps, \d. ones preferred.

A lib. parcel of Phonetic Tracts, assorted, with a specimen number
aj the Phonetic Journal, will be forwarded for bd., post-paid. Address
Isaac Pitman, Bath.


The Books recommended to the Student on commencing the
study of Phonetic Shorthand are the " Phonographic Teacher,"
" Key," " Exercises," and " Progressive Studies." The Art may
be learned from these books without the aid of a personal Teacher.

The Members of the Phonetic Society correct the lessons of
learners gratuitously. See the last page of the " Teacher."

Shorthand, A Guide to a Practical Acquaintance with the
Art of Phonography or Phonetic Shorthand, containing a
Series of Progressive Lessons. One million and thirty thou-
sand. Price 6d.

EXERCISES in PHONOGRAPHY ; a Series of Graduated

Exercises to be written out in Shorthand by the Student.

;i thousand. Price id.

KEY to the '' Phonographic Teacher " and to the " Exercises in
Phonography." Of great value to the Private Student.

Price 6d.


simple and extended exposition of the Art of Phonetic Short-
hand, as set forth in the " Phonographic Teacher," the
" Manual of Phonography," and the " Reporter :" intended
as a supplementary book to these three, and for the use,
principally, of students who are teaching themselves.

Price is. ; cloth, is. 6d.

paper, single lines only. Price 3d., post-free 4d.

Larger size 6d., post-free 8d.
AESOP'S FABLES ; in the Learner's Style of Shorthand.

Price 6d.

A COMPEND of PHONOGRAPHY containing the Al-
phabet, Grammalogues, and principal Rules for Writing.
1 74th thousand. Price id.

The " Compend" and "Exercises" with the assistance of the
Teacher of the school, will bt sufficient for pupils in National and
British Schools.

A MANUAL of PHONOGRAPHY ; containing a complete
exposition of the system, with numerous shorthand examples
interspersed with the text, and Exercises in reading. 47oth
thousand. Price is. 6d. ; cloth, 2s. ; roan, gilt, as. 6d.

"Teacher" and "Manual" in one volume, roan, gilt.

Price 33.

The PHONOGRAPHIC READER ; a course of Reading
Exercises in Phonography, with a Key in ordinary type.

Price 6d.

QUESTIONS on the " Manual of Phonography." A series
of questions on the " Manual " to be answered by the learner.
This work is especially recommended to young persons who
are learning to express their thoughts in writing. Price 3d.

ER'S COMPANION ; an adaptation of Phonography to
Verbatim Reporting. Price 2s. 6d. ; cloth, 35.

REPORTING EXERCISES : intended as a companion to
the " Phonographic Reporter ;" containing exercises
the rules and contracted words in this book. Price 6d.

KEY to the " Reporting Exercises," in which all the Exercises
are presented in Shorthand, in Reporting Style.

Price is. ; cloth, is. 6d.

Pitman's " Phonographic Reporter ;" for use i::

Price 2d.

above two thousand useful phrases in Phonography, with a
Key in the ordinary type. Price is. ; cloth, is. 6d.

"Manual," "Reporter," and "Phrase Book" in one
volume, half-bound. Price 6s.

TIONARY of the English Language ; containing the
Shorthand forms for 50,000 Words, and 5,000 Proper Names.
Fifth edition. Cloth binding. Price 43.

The REPORTER'S ASSISTANT, and Learner's Guide to
a Knowledge of Phonography ; a Key to the Reading of the
Reporting Style of Phonography, and a Course of Lessons
for Learners in Shorthand Outlines. Price is. ; cloth, is. 6d.


an adaptation of Phonography to the Requirements of Rail-
way Business and Correspondence. Price 6d.


an adaptation of Phonography to the Requirements of Legal
Business and Correspondence. Price 6d.

appended the " Legal Phrase Book." Price is. ; cloth, is. 6d.

The REPORTER'S GUIDE, by T. A. Reed.

Price, cloth, is. 6d.

FRENCH PHONOGRAPHY, an adaptation of Phono-
graphy to the French language ; by Thomas Allen Reed.

Price is.

Isaac Pitman ; an adaptation of Phonography to the Welsh
language. By Rev. R. H. Morgan, M.A.

Price is. 6d. ; cloth, 2s.

LIST of the PHONETIC SOCIETY for the,current year.

Price, post-free, 2gd.

The Members of this Society kindly offer to correct the lessons of
phonographic students, through the post, gratuitously. Learners are
cautioned against persons who advertise themselves as Teachers of
Phonography through the post for a fee.


(Printed in Phonography from engraved metal characters).

EXTRACTS, No. I, in the Corresponding Style ; containing
the following tales : " Ten Pounds," " The First Offence,"
and " The Broken Chess Pawn." Price 6d.

EXTRACTS, No. 2, in the Corresponding Style ; containing
" That which Money cannot Buy," " The Deaf Musician,"
" How to Prosper in Business," " Woman : her Position and
Power," and " Kindness." Price 6d.

EXTRACTS, No. 3, in the Corresponding Style ; containing
"Being and Seeming," "My Donkey," and "A Parish
Clerk's Tale." Price 6d.

The BOOK of PSALMS, in the Corresponding Style.

Price is. ; cloth, is. 6d.

The Narrative of THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, in
the Corresponding Style. Price is. 6d. ; cloth, 2S. fid.

SELF-CULTURE, by Prof. Blackie ; in the Corresponding

Style. Price is. ; cloth, is. 6d.

KEY to ditto, in common print. Price, cloth, 2s. fid.

TALES and SKETCHES, by Washington Irving; in the
Corresponding Style, with printed Key at foot of each page ;
containing " The Broken Heart," " The Wife," " The Widow
and her Son," " Rural Life in England," " The Pride of the
Village," and " The Country Church."

Price is. ; cloth, is. fid.

Corresponding Style. Price is. ; cloth, is. fid.

SELECT POETRY, in the Corresponding Style. Price fid.

SELECTIONS, No. I, in the Reporting Style ; containing
" Character of Washington," " Speech of George Canning
at Plymouth," " The Irish Church," " Calvin, Galileo and
Shakspere," etc., with printed Key. Price fid.

SELECTIONS, No. 2, in the Reporting Style ; containing
"Address of the Earl of Derby on being installed Lord
Rector of the University of Edinburgh," "The Civilizing
Influence of Music," etc. Price fid.

.SELECTIONS, No. 3, in the Reporting Style; containing
" Prof. Max Miiller on National Education," " Sermon by
Rev. H. B. Browning, M.A.," " The Eastern Question," etc.

Price fid.

LEAVES from the NOTE-BOOK of Thomas Allen Reed,
in the Reporting Style, with printed Key at the foot of each
page, and portrait of Mr Reed. In two volumes, fcp. 8vo.
Each volume is complete in itself.

Price, each volume, 2s. ; cloth, 2s. fid.

The LEGEND of SLEEPY HOLLOW, by Washington
Irving ; in the Reporting Style, with printed Key at the
foot of each page. Price fid.

(The following Books are Lithographed.)
The NEW TESTAMENT, in the easy Reporting Style.

Price, roan, gilt, 43. 6d. ; morocco, gilt, Ss.
The Book of COMMON PRAYER, in the easy Reporting
Style. Price, roan, gilt, 45. ; morocco, gilt, 8s.

The VICAR of WAKEFIELD, easy Reporting Style.

Price, cloth, 2s.
LITTLE THINGS of NATURE, easy Reporting Style.

Price, cloth, is.

The PICKWICK PAPERS. In the easy Reporting Style

of Phonography. Two vols., cloth. Price 33. 6d. each.

TOM BROWN'S SCHOOL- DAYS. In the easy Reporting

Style. One vol., cloth. Price 33. 6of.


Circulation 20,000, weekly.

Published every Saturday, 16 pages, price id. ; post-paid, l\d.
Monthly, in a wrapper, $d., post-paid, 6d. Each number con-
tains eight columns of shorthand, in the Learner's, Corresponding
and Reporting Styles, with Key ; articles in common spelling
on matters of interest to Shorthand Students and Reporters.
Bound volumes from 1876 to present date, 6s. each, post-free.
Handsome covers for binding the Journal is. each, post-free I s. $d.


A lib. parcel of assorted Tracts, post-frtt 6d. Address Isaac
Pitman, Bath.

The price of the following is a \d. each, post-free id., or t,d.
per dozen post-paid.

Phonographic Associations : how to Organise and Conduct

them, by Mr E. A. Cope.

Lecture on Phonography, by Mr J. H. Younghusband.
Phonography ; a Paper read at the Association of Protestant

Teachers at Quebec, Canada.

A Persuasive to the Study and Practice of Phonography.
A Recommendation of Phonetic Shorthand.
The Vowel-Scale of Phonography.
Speech of Mr Isaac Pitman at ths Annual Meeting of the

Shorthand Society, 1884.

History of Phonography. How it came about.
Duploye's Shorthand, a Review. Reprinted from Tkt Phonttic

Sloan- Duployan Shorthand. Reprinted from Tht PAonetie

Comparison of Phonography and Everett's Shorthand.


Everett's Shorthand, a Review. Reprinted from The Phonetic
Review of Pocknell's " Legible Shorthand." \_Journal.

A Statistical Review of the Literature of Shorthand, by

Cornelius Walford, Barrister at Law, Past President of the

Shorthand Society. Price \\d. post-free.
Pitman r. Hine, Report of an Action at Law for Infringement

of the Copyright of " Phonography." Price \\d. post-free.

HINTS on Teaching and Lecturing on Phonography,

with Notes on Shorthand Ancient and Modern, Music, the
connection of Phonography with the Penny Post, etc. By
Henry Pitman. Second edition, revised and enlarged.

Price is. 6d., cloth, 2s.

A PRIZE ESSAY on the best method of teaching Pitman's
Phonography. Fifth edition. Price 6d.

The PHONOGRAPHIC STUDENT; a series of Pro-
gressive Lessons, with Corresponding Exercises suitable for
Dictation. This book is intended for use in class teaching.

Price 6d.

CHART of the Phonetic Alphabet, containing the Shorthand
and Printing letters, 20 inches by 30. Price 2d.

SHEET LESSONS (16) for use in classes. Price is.

A CIRCULAR for Phonographic Teachers, for the purpose of
raising classes, with the first page partly blank, for insertion
with the pen of name and address, and a statement of the
advantages of Phonography on the three other pages, is.
per 100, post-free is. ^d.

Ditto, printed with name, address and terms for Private Tuition

and Classes, on first page. 100 for 3^., and ?</. postage ;

250 for 45. 6d. and (>d. postage ; 500 for Js. 6d. and is. postage.

Orders to be sent to Isaac Pitman, Bath, of -whom a specimen

Circular may be obtained for a postage stamp.

BILLS or Posters for similar purpose ; ryin. by 22in., printed
in red, with large specimen of Phonography, and blank
space for terms, etc. These bills can be filled in by a local
printer or can be printed at Bath.

Blank 50 is. 6d., post-free 2s. ; 100 is. 6d., post-free 35. **,d.

Printed 50 3^. 6d., post-free 45. ; 1004^. f>d., post-free 55. $d.

Orders to be sent to Isaac Pitman, Bath, of -whom a specimen Bill

mav be obtained for a postage stamp.

TRACTS (in the common spelling) explanatory and recommen-
datory of the principles and practice of Phonetic Shorthand.
Single leaf, fcp. 8vo., is. per gross ; 4 pages, 2s. per gross.
Address Isaac Pitman, Bath.

PAPERS ON PENMANSHIP. By Frederick C. Cleaver,
C.S.K., English and Shorthand Master at Kidbrooke Grove
School. Price 3d.


Pitman's REPORTING BOOK, 200 pages.

Price 6d., post-free 8d.

Reporter's NOTE BOOK, single or double lines, stiff covers.
Price is. 6d. post-free ; ditto, with elastic back, to open
flat on the desk, post-free IS. 6d. ; double size, 2S., post-
free 25. 6d.

REPORTING PAPER, with single lines, packet of five
quires, post-free is. and is. 6d. ; ditto, with double lines,
post-free is. 6d.

quires, is. post-free ; extra, cream-laid, with ornamental
border, 2s. post-free.

REPORTING COVERS, to hold reporting paper, cloth, 6d.;
leather, is. ^d. ; ditto, with loop at side for pencil, is. 6d. ;
extra, in morocco, lined with leather, 35. ; ditto with loop at
side for pencil, 35. 3</.

Phonographic PENCILS, per dozen, u. ; ditto, superior lead,
25. post-free. (Six pencils is the lowest number sent by post.)

Reporter's PENCIL CASES, with divisions for 4 or 6 pencils,
flat for the pocket : four divisions, is. ; six dhisions, is. 3</.

SHORTHAND PENS. Cheap Shorthand Pens, box of I
gross if., post-free is. zd. Phonographic Pens, box of two
dozen gd., post-free led. ; fitted with a slide' to regulate the
degree of hardness of the point iod., post-free lid. Re-
porting Pens, box containing eight, price (>d., ^ gross is. 6d.

REPORTER'S REST, or Desk for the Knee. To fold up
for the pocket 2s., post-free :s. 3</.

CARTE DE VISITE of Mr Isaac Pitman, Inventor of Pho-
nography 6d.

Photograph of the PHONETIC INSTITUTE, Bath,6i


Tablets, or the letters of the Phonetic Alphalt, printcJ on
stiff cardboard, to be used in teaching the Alphabet, and ex-
plaining it at Lectures : in two sizes small 3^., large is. 6d.

First Book in Phonetic Reading, with "Directions to Teachers"
how to use it, id. Printed in a very large and beautiful tytoe.

Second Book in Phonetic Reading, 2d. Large type.

Third Book in Phonetic Reading, id.


Fourth Book in Phonetic Reading, ^d.

Fifth or Transition Book, 3^.

The Gospel Epic. A Harmony of the Gospels, Versified. By
Francis Barham and Isaac Pitman. Printed in Semipho-
notypy. In 3 Parts, id. each ; or, the three Parts bound
together in cloth, gd.

Parables, Miracles, and Discourses of our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ. Royal 321110., 32 pages, id. each.

Life and Correspondence of the Rev. John Clowes, M.A. By
Theodore Compton. Printed partly in Reformed Spelling.
Crown 8vo. t 216 pp., 6</. ; cloth, gd. ; gilt edges, I*.

Emanuel Swedenborg, the Spiritual Columbus. Printed in
graduated Phonotypy. Price is. ; handsome cloth binding,
2s. ; gilt edges, 2s. 6J. " A fascinating book."

The Testimony of Jesus : or Plain Proofs from the Old and
New Testaments compared, that the Lord Jesus Christ is
the one only God of Heaven and Earth, in Whom is the
Divine Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By David
Bailey. In the First Stage of Reformed Spelling. Cloth is.

Gladys, or the Story of Penbirth. By Julia M. Bengough.
In the First Stage of the Spelling Reform. Cloth, is. 6d.

The Squire of Ingleburn ; and what he did with the " Lawson
Arms." Cloth, is.

In the Common Spelling.

A Plea for Spelling Reform, by I. Pitman. 328 pp. Cloth, %d.

Max Muller on Spelling, reprinted from the Fortnightly, id.

A Glance at Phonotypy or Phonetic Printing, \d. ; 4</. per doz. ;
35. per gross. In the common spelling, with a specimen of
phonetic printing.

A Defence of Phonetic Spelling ; drawn from a History of the
English Alphabet and Orthography ; with a Remedy for
theirDefects. By R. G. Latham, M.A., M.D., F.R.S. Price
is. ; cloth, is. 6d.

Report of a Phonetic Meeting held at Manchester, 1876, id.

Etymology in Earnest ; or Greek and Latin derived from Eng-
lish, a satire by Dean Swift, %d., $d. per doz., 35. per gross.

Printed by Isaac Pitman, Phonetic Institute, Bath.


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