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very lately.

" And some years after, viz. anno 31 Henry
VIII., there passed an Act of Parliament ex-
pressly to annex several manors by name to the
castle and honour of Windsor, not to be alienated
from it; so careful were our ancestors that this
noble and ancient seat of our kings should have
some revenue to keep the house and parks in good

"In the same year of Henry the Fourth, the
Commons rehearsing how King Edward the
Third, in the parliament holden in the 11th of his
reign, created his eldest son Duke of Cornwall, and
the same dukedom annexed to the Crown, with
divers hereditaments, by his letters patents, by au-
thority of the same never to be dismembered, or
sold away. They therefore pray the king to re-


sume and seize, and so to unite again to the said
duchy, such lands as were sold away by Prince
Edward, King Richard, or by the king himself : —
* Non obstants encorporation ou union de qel
duchee per une haute authorite ensi perfaite, puis
encea est demembrez, si bien per diverses aliena-
tions faitz per le avant dit Edward nadgaires prince,
come per le darreine Roy Richard, qe fuist, & per

^' ' Qe pleise a vous de vostre haute discretion,
ove le avis de tons Seignours esprituelx & tem-
porelx, en cest present Parlement assemblez, consi-
derantz la union dudit duchee, en la manere avant-
dite, fait de requiler tout ceo, qe dedit duchee est
demembrez, & per authorite de Parlement de
reseiser & rejoindre a dit duchee, come il fust a
devant non obstant ascune alienation.

*^ ' Qele petition lue & entendue fuist respondus
en les parolles quensuent.

" ' Accordez est per le Roy, & les Seignours en
Parlement, qe le dit Mounseignour le Prince, per
lavys de son Counseil, eit briefs de Scir. fac. Ou
autre recoverer le mieltz qil avoir purra, par les
estatutes k. leys du roialme, solonc ceo qe le cas
requiert,' &c. Wherein shall be allowed no pro-
tection or praying in aid of the king, unless it be
for Sir John Cornwale, and Eliz. his wife, late wife
of John Holland Earl of Huntington, and for such


persons to whom the king is bound by warranty : —
^ Sinon en cas qe le Roy soit expressement tenuz a
la gran tie/ &c." — Discourse upo?i Grants and
Resumptioyis, jmblished in 1700.


London : Printed by Henry Richards, Brydges-street, Covent-garden.









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Online LibraryThomas GaspeyThe life and times of the good Lord Cobham (Volume 2) → online text (page 18 of 18)