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Calendar of the Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson.






No, 10,
j 1 1 x E: , 1 9 o 3 .




Bn.i.ETix No. 1, issued Septeml>er, 1S9,">, contains (Da catalogue
exhibiting tlie existing arrangement of the papers of the Con
tinental Congress; (2) a partial miscellaneous index of manu
scripts of the Continental Congress examined t< the date of
going to press; (.">) the Documentary History of the Constitu
tion for the period preceding the Federal Convention being
the Annapolis Convention and credentials of delegates to the
Federal Convention.

Bn.i.KTiN No. 1 , issued Noveml>er, 1S9.S, is a revised and indexed
edition of the Calendar of the Correspondence of James

Bn.i.KTix No. 3. issued January, 1S!)4, contains ( 1) a list indicating
the arrangement of the Washington papers; (2) the continua
tion of a partial miscellaneous index of the manuscripts of the
Continental Congress; (. {) the Documentary History of the
Constitution proceedings of the Federal Convention.

Bn.i.KTiN No. 4, issued March, 1891, is a Calendar of the Corre
spondence of James Madison.

Bri.i.ETix No. .">, issued May, IS94. contains (1) an arrangement
of the papers of Madison, Jefferson. Hamilton. Monroe, and
Franklin: (L ltlie continuation of the miscellaneous index;
(3) the Documentary History of the Constitution -the Con
stitution as signed in Convention; proceedings in Congress;
ratifications by the several States.

Bn.i.KTix No. <i. issued July, 1S94, is a Calendar of the Corre
spondence of Thomas Jefferson Part I. Letters from Jefferson.

P.ri.i.i-rnx No. 7. issued September, 1894, contain^ ilia list of the
Territorial and State records deposited in the I .iireau of Rolls
and Library and classified as Chapter I of the manuscript
books and papers; ( 2) the continuation of a partial miscella
neous index of the manuscripts of the Continental Congress;
(3) the Documentary History of the Constitution Articles in
addition to and amendment of the Constitution.

Bn.i.KTiN No. S, issued November, 1894, is a -Calendar of the
Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson Part II. Letters to

Bri.i.KTiN No. 9, issued October, 1897, contains (1) the continua
tion of a partial miscellaneous index of the manuscripts of
the Continental Congress; (2) the Documentary History of
the Constitution Madison s Notes of the Proceedings of tin-
Federal Convention, with index,


This Supplementary Calendar of Letters to and from
Jefferson is rendered necessary by the accession of
certain manuscripts from the Library of Congress, in
1S!T, three years after the publication of Bulletin No.
8. containing the second part of the Calendar of the
original Jefferson collection in the custody of the Bureau
of Rollsand Library. In December, 1897, the Librarian
of Congress delivered these additional papers to the
Department of State with the following statement:

These Jefferson papers were .sent to the Joint Committee on
the Library, with others, upon an application of the heirs to have
returned to them the papers of a private nature, which had been
in possession of the Government pending the selection of material
to be published. An examination of all the papers resulted in the
return by the committee of a selection of the papers which were
unquestionably private, to Miss Sarah X. Randolph, representing
the heirs, leaving all which were of a -public nature, or partly
public and partly private, in the hands of the committee.

There are, for official reasons as a matter of admin
istrative convenience separate!} calendared here, also,
many letters (duplicated to a certain extent in the
Department s current tiles) which appeared only in
groups in Bulletin No. <S, being anonymous letters;
letters from C. AY. F. Dumas, and letters from the
heads of the several Executive Departments during
Jefferson s administrations, entered under their proper
names, as well as addresses to the President com
mending his administration and asking him to accept
a third term, which were lately acquired from another
bureau of the Department. Finally, this number of
the Bulletin contains an index of the three parts of
the Jefferson Calendar contained in the Bulletin, Nos.
f>. 8. and 1<>.

Dt jxirtiiieitt of State, June, 1903.

1 (J611.S




[I80>j, April 19, Washington. ] Reply to letter of August 20, 1805.
Congratulates him on his interposition in European affairs.
The United States has no concern in them. The rights of
neutral nations and manner of securing the same. Series 6,
vol. 11, No. 77. [Draft. 4. 2 pages.]


1811, September 19. (See this date under VARXUM.) Series 6, vol.
14, No. 79.


179-1, June 4, Philadelphia. Acknowledging letter of May 26.

Neutrality of the United States. Passports for American ships.

Series 6, vol. 5, No. 49. [Copy. 4. 1 page.]



1804, June 10, Washington. Asking him to buy 400 bottles of
champagne of a lot shipped from Norfolk for not over a dollar
per bottle. Jefferson s name not to be disclosed on account
of the higher price always demanded of him for merchandise.
Series 6, vol. 9, No. 99. " [Draft. 4. 1 page.]

1804, June Jl, Washington. Acknowledging letter of the 17th.
Though the wine is not of the first quality and the price
high, yet on account of the blockade of French ports he con
cludes" to buy at $1, and sends a post note for $400. Wine to
be sent by some vessel bound for Alexandria or Georgetown.
Series 6, vol. 10, No. 5. [Draft. 4. 1 page.]


1801, ft brnar;/ -20, Washington. Thanks for expression of con
fidence of the Senate. Series 6, vol. 6, No. 67.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

KKLI.INI, CHARLES. Williamsburg.
, May , [Paris ]. Introducing one who would settle in Amer
ica. [Very faint and in great part illegible.] Series 6, vol.
1H, No. 75." [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]


, May , [Paris ]. Introducing one who would settle in Amer
ica. [Very faint and in great part illegible.] Series 6, vol.
1C, No. 75. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

BLOUNT (Governor ) .

17!>1, August 12, Philadelphia. His letter of July 17 to General
Knox has been referred to him by the President. Granting
absence and requesting that articles of Indian treaty be pro
mulgated before his departure. Acknowledging letter of July
1 7. Wishing information on the subject of lands of the United
States. Series 6, vol. 4, No. 10. [Copy. 4. 1 page.]

21382 No. 1003 1 l


17te, September 25, Monticcllo. The necessity for the sale of more
slaves to accomplish the debt of Mr. Waylesto Farrell iV.Ioiies.
Series <>, vol. 4, No. 77. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

Bol RNE, SVLVAXTS. Olfn Fruiicoix.

17 . !, Ma;/ 1-1, I lnldiltlfihla. Respecting his correspondence with
the Department of State. Bill for regulating the functions of
consuls not yet passed. Prosperous condition of the nation.
Indian affairs. Recommends him not to intermeddle in the
internal disputes of the colony, or those with the mother
country. Series l>. vol. :>, No. 5*1 . [Copy. 4. 2 pages.]


1811, September 19. (See this date under VARNTM. i Series i>, vol.
14, No. 79.

BKEXT, DAXIKI. ( . \Yaxhinyton.

1807, January 17, [Wafhinytati]. Instructions to obtain opinions
of judges who eat on the trial of Philip Williams, convicted of
forgery, in view of his petition for pardon. Series <>, vol. 12,
No. :{( ). [< <>]>> 4. 1 page.]

BKOOKK, (Governor i. ] ir</in!a.

17! *;, - ", Montict Uo. Relating to a balance. [Parts of let
ter illegible.] Series li, vol. 5, No. 95).

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

BROWN, JAMES. ll!rluiu>inl.

1790, October^, Monlirclln. Acknowledging letters of August .SO,
September 24, October 7and >S. Has reserved the brandy ami
wine, which was tapped by the wagoners. Disposition of
the French National Assembly in regard to tobacco. Series (i,
vol. . !, No. <>2. [Copy. ^- 1 P a r- 1 -]

BHOW\ [Jonx].

1790. , M<ii/ -11, [AYir Yin-k}. Reiiuestin-, Mr. P>rown to call on
Jefferson. [On the back and the two other pa^es are memo
randa by Jefferson on measures, weights, etc., probably made
while Secretary of State.] Series 6, vol. . {, No. : >.">.

ECK, (C olonel) HENRY [from HEXRY DEARBORN].
1807, Juli/ -1, \\ ar Department. Orders to put the fortifications
into the best possible condition for defense. Series 3, vol. 1 1,
Nos. 4S and 45). [4. 2 pages.]


180. }, April ^~>. A mutilated press coi>y which seems to relate to
some affair of his son-in-law, T. M. Randolph, concerning the
rii;ht of deposit, to the inhabitants of New Orleans. Series (>,
vol. !, No. 9. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

(ARMirHAKI,, \VlI.I.IAM. Mmirill.

178 .\ March ^~>, Par!*. Introducing John Rutledtre, jr. Series <5,
vol. 2, No. 5W. [Press copy. 4. I page.]

1789, July /, Pa ri>t. Introducing Benjamin linger. Series (>,
vol. 2, No. 9"). [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

1791, November 29, Philadelphia. Forwards newspapers, a pam
phlet by Mr. Coxe in answer to Lord Sheffield, and copy of
the census. Wishes the two censuses taken in Spain. Insur
rection of negroes in French St. Domingo. Mr. Hammond,
the British minister, has arrived. Political affairs. Condi
tion of manufacturing. Refers to the Dnrer cutter. Series (5,
vol. 4, No. 32. [t- 1 py- 1-

CARR, PETER. Richmond.

1802, July 6, Washington. His personal movements. Carr s horses,
low in flesh and galled, are being taken care of. Bonaparte
Consul for life. Series (>, vol. 8, No. 50.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

1803, January 2.1, Washington. Acknowledging letter of January
17. Concerning Mr. Harvey and the appointment of a secre
tary to the French and Spanish legations. Series (>, vol. 8,
No. 99. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

CARROLL, [DANIEL]. Georgetoim.

1192, 3 f arch J, Philadelphia. Dismissal of Major L Enfant. Re
questing him to call a meeting of the Commissioners. Respect
ing the action commenced against Roberdeau. Series H, vol.
4, No. 4(>. [Copy. 4. ] page.]


, May , [Pa i-ix]. Introducing a person who wants to settle
in America. [Very faint and in great part illegible. At the
bottom are the following names: "A. Cary, E. Pendleton,
J. P>lair, J. Page, Bellini, E. Randolph, Currie, Bev. Ran
dolph, J. Lomax."] Series (i, vol. IB, No. 75.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]
CENTER (Dr. ).

1791, March 2(1, Philadelpltia. Requesting the loan of a pamphlet
and publication by Dr. Lind for his use in connection with
the petition of Jacob Isaacks. Series 6, vol. 8, No. 84.

[Copy. 4. 1 page.]

CLAIBORNE, AVu.i.iAM C. C. (Governor) [from HENRY DEAR-
HORN]. AVw Orleans.
1806, May 6. War Department acknowledges letters and manu
scripts by his (C. s) express, who has been forty-seven days
on the journey. Informs him of the instructions given Gen
eral Wilkinson. The president empowers him (C. ) and
Governor Williams to call out volunteers and militia to repel
invasion of our territory, etc. Series 3, vol. 11, No. 31.

[Folio. 2 pages.]

1792, September 21, Motiti cello. Respecting the sale of some of his
slaves. [Part of this letter is missing.] Series 6, vol. 4,
No. 76. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]


1812, January 26, Montice lo. The character of Captain Colin
Buckner. Series 6, vol. 14, No. 84. [Draft. 4. 1 page.]

1815, September 14, Poplar Forest. Short scientific expedition with
Correa and Thomas Gihner to Natural Bridge and Petits Gap
and the Peaks of Otter. Will visit him. Series 6, vol. 15,
No. 9. [Draft. 4. 1 page.]


1811, September 19. (See this date under VARNUM.) Series*), vol.


1786, July 8, Paris. Acknowledging letter of June 15. Mr.
Banister incloses copy of Robert Morris s agreement with the
farmers-general on tobacco. Series 6, vol. 2, No. 25.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]


1815, April 25, Monticello. Beer better than ardent spirits, from a
moral and economical point of view. Jefferson declines to
engage in the business. Has become a "home brewer" and
has brewed Indian corn successfully. Formerly he also
malted wheat. Series 6, vol. 15, No. 3*.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

CKAMKK, XADOK. I itttbnrg.

1805, March <V, Washington. Subscribing for a copy of Brown s
Dictionary of the Bible. Series t>, vol. 10, No. 72.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

1811, September in. (See this date under VAKNTM. ) Series (3,
vol. 14, No. 79.

CfHKlK, - .

- , Maij [I aris]. Introducing one who would settle in
America. [Very faint and in great part illegible. ] Series <>,
vol. It), No. 7n. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

CI-RKIK, JAMES. Richmond.

1793, June 4, Philadelphia, Concerning Currie s suit against Dr.

Griffin. Series (5, vol. 5, No. f>0. [Copy. 4. 1 page.]


DAMKI., PKTKK V. -Richmond.

1810, January 11, Montici llo. Remembers nothing of the grant of
land to John Stadler. Series*), vol. 14, No. 73.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

DKAKHOKN, HENRY (General). Washington.

1807, January 15 [ Washington }. Inclosing letters of General Wil

kinson. Calling a meeting of the Cabinet. Series (5, vol. 11 ,

No. :?!). [Copy. 4. 1 page.]

DKCOI-KT, M..(M. D.). Ileaul ort, X. C.

1804, September 9, Monticello. Decourt s of August 24 received.
The sufferings of the people of Santo Domingo. It is the
province of the State governments to assist the needy, not
that of the General Government. Knows no one at Beaufort,
but is assured that Decourt will lie kindly received and assisted.
Series*), vol. 10, No. 23. "[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

DICKSON (Dr.). \aaJi I illi .

1807, January 8 [Wahingl<jfri\. On the application for pardon of
one Moore [?]. What Jefferson wishes Dickson to do before
the pardon will be granted. Series (>, vol. 12, No. 21.

[Copy. 4. 1 page.]


1797, March ,, tl. A bond to pay SO 13s. lOAd. Series (i, vol. (>,
No. 11. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

DOKK, JOHN. JioNton.

1807, March 10, Washington. Thanks Dorr for forwarding books,
which have arrived safely. Series (5, vol. 12, No. 50.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

DI-MAS [C. W. F.] The llai/uc.

1791, August 30, Philadelphia. Acknowledging several letters.
Prosperity of the country. Indian affairs. Respecting
Dumas s account. Series 0, vol. 4, No. 14.

[Copy. 4. 1 page.]

Du Mori. IN DE SEII.LE. Ro>jan.

1786, August 8, J aris. Letter of July 24 received. The power of
appointing vice-consuls and agents rests with Consul-General
Barclay. Series G, vol. 2, No. 27.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

DrxnAK, .

1789, Dttcentbir 15, fyt/tiiigton. Jefferson s account against the late
John Bannister, jr. Series 6, vol. 3, No. 11.

[Press copy. 4. 3 pages.]


1804, Xorember 2.1, Washington. Tells him confidentially tliat "it
is concluded to he for the public, interest to apply to" his
establishment for what it can furnish to the naval or military
department. Series 6, vol. 10, No. 47.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]


1808, Mai/ 2, Washington. Intercourse with insane Europe" dis
continued. Measures of defense against attacks. Jefferson s
successor. Series 6, vol. 13, Xo. 59. [Copy. 4. 2 pages.]


EDWARDS (Dr.). I hiladeljihia.

179.}, Mai/ S, Philadelphia. Inclosing him a letter of introduction

to Mr. Morris and another for Mr. Brissat. Series (i, vol. 5,

Xo. 36. [Copy. 4. 1 page. Inclosure.]

Frankford, I a.

1801, March JO, Washington. A partly illegible press copy con
cerning a commission to be executed in Philadelphia. ( Series
6, vol. 6, Xo. 96. [Press copy. 4. 2 pages.]

1801, April 18, Monticel/o. Illegible. Series 6, vol. 7, Xo. 6.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

1801, Mai/ 7, Washington. Acknowledging letter of April 17. His
wishes concerning some private business. Series 6, vol. 7,
Xo. 11. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

1801, Ma;/ 11, Washington. Respecting carriage lights which he
has seen. Series 6, vol. 7, No. 12.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

1X01, June 2, Washington. A partly illegible letter relating to
trimmings for his carriage. Series 6, vol. 7, Xo. 23.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

1801, Jnl i/ !>, Washington. Concerning his carriage. Series 6,
vol. 7, Xo. 36. [Press copy. 4. 1 pageJ

1801, August - .V, Monficello. Acknowledging letter of 20th. Has
committed the delivery of his carriage to Mr. Barnes. The
cost of turnpikes. Series 6, vol. 7, Xo. 51.

[Press copy. 4. ] page.]

1801, September 17, Monti-cello. Acknowledging letter of August
hi. His arrangements for having his carriage brought to
Washington. Series 6, vol. 7 , Xo. 61.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

1801, October 11, Washington. Acknowledging the receipt of his
carriage. Says he is much pleased with it and thanks him
for his trouble. Series 6, vol. 7, Xo. 66.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]


1801, Fi lirnari/ 14, Washington. Acknowledging letters of February
5 and 9. Thanks him for a pamphlet. Will forward diplo
mas. Series 6, vol. 6, Xo. 66. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

ELLIOT, SAMTEL. New Ralem, Hampshire County.

1802, December 20, Washington. Thanks Elliot for the "poetical
production " and for the sentiments of respect and confidence
contained in his letter. Series 6, vol. 8, Xo. 90.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]



17fr~>, December 11, J ar!*. Precautions with regard t<> sending
Jefferson s daughter to him. The Algerines. She should be
sent in a French or British vessel. Denying that he is the
author of a certain statement that \ve have nothing to fear from
the Algerines. Series fi, vol. _ , No. 17.

[Press copy. 4. 1 pages.]


1790, July 4, Xeii- York. Removal of Government to Philadelphia
for ten years and then to Georgetown. The question of the
assumption of State debts. Prospect of a general Euro]>ean
war. (Part of the letter only. ) Series ti, vol. .">, No. 40.

[Copy. 4. 1 page.]

Ki i Ks, . l!ichininJ.

17!>..\ March 11, I hiladi lphiu. Acknowledging letter of February
i !t. Respecting his debts. Series ti, vol. 4. No. 50.

[Press copy. 4. 2 pages.]


179^, Ajiril J. f, Philadelphia,. Private business. Marriage of Mr.
Lewis and Miss Norton. Series H, vol. 4. No. 55.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page. ( I nclosure. )]

F.KVIXO, GKORHE \V. Minlri l.

1SO~>, Xori inlier 1, WaxhliHjtnn. Introducing I.oiiis 11. Smith. Se

ries (i, vol. 11. No. 27. [Kraft. 4. 1 page.]


ISOH, December *? , [Washington.] Memorandum that Jefferson
subscribed and paid $.S for Discourses on Chemistry. Series
d, vol. 12, No. lit. [Strip of paper.]


1808, Jnni 1.1, Washington. Friendly letter advising him to at
tend the investigation of charges preferred against him.
SeriesH, vol. 13, No. 70. [Draft. 4. 1 page.]


FKNWICK, JOSEPH. Ilnnleaiur.

1792, December 2, Philadelphia. Requesting him to aid the Agri
cultural Society of Charleston, S. ( ., in shipping the olive
plants and olive berries which they raise at Marseilles.
Series ti, vol. 4, No. S5. [^ 1() l . v - ^- l a ^ e -]


1307, February 7, Washington. Letter of December :}() was received.
Incloses a draft on the I nited States Bank at Norfolk for
S()i.50 in payment for the Lisbon Malmesey forwarded for
him to (iihson <& Jefferson. Series (>, vol. 12, No. . >".

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

FEKKIS, BEX.JA.MIX. riii/<i<!i /]>/i!<t.

IWi, Jintf 8, Washington". Pays him fora clock and gives instruc
tions for its delivery. Series (5, vol. 9, No. 15.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

Frmiroif, RICHARD.

IS09, February 14, Waxhiitytfw. Resjecting an appointment as
cadet for his son. Urging haste. Series (i, vol. 14, No. 4S.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]


11, September 19. (,S/v this date under YAKXTM. ) Series
vol. 14, No. 7.


1807, March 5, [Washington. ] Relative to two statues of Mr.
Fran/oni soon to be sold by the collector of Baltimore. What
steps he must take. Series (i, vol. 12, No. 49.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

FfQr.v, WILLIAM. Crriwille.

1805, June 28, Washington. Acknowledging letter of 18th respecting

the lands sold by him to Thomas Warren. Series <>, vol. 10,

No. 101. [Draft. 4. 1 page.]


1808, February 18. Requests opinion on General Dearborn s plan
for raising 6,000 regulars and 24,000 minute-men or volunteers.
[Notes by Gallatin on same.] Series 3, vol. 11, No. 73.

[4. Ipage.]

1808, March 31, Washington. Concerning proposed amendments to
the embargo law. Series (>, vol. 13, No. 48.

[Copy. Piece of paper.]
GAXTT (Judge) .

ISOo, April 20, Washington. Asking him if he can give any infor
mation on the subject of James Oldham s claim. S eries 6,
vol. 10, No. 82. [Draft. 4. 1 page.]


1807, September ft, Montlcello. Incloses the answer of the Secre
tary of the Navy relative to Garbut s invention respecting sea
vessels. Series 6, vol. 12, No. 93. [Draft. 4. Ipage.]


1804, October Id, Washington. His of the 1st September arrived
on the 9th inst. The death of Mr. Trist. William Brown s
desire to succeed to the office. Reasons in his favor. Con
fidential letter. Relies on Gelston s honor not to make it pub
lic even to Brown. Series 6, vol. 10, No. 30.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]


1821, October 21, Monticello. Requests the Governor to forward the
enclosed letter relative to a united effort of the seminaries and
colleges in the United States to have the tariff on imported
books removed to any person he may see fit. Series 6, vol.
15, No. 72. " [Draft. 4. Ipage.]

(ill.ES, -

1811, September 1<>. See this date under VARNTM. Series 6, vol.
14, Xu. 79.


1814, August 3, Monticello. Gillespie s invention of a "log still."
Jefferson can not understand how a patent can have been
refused him. Series 6, vol. 14, No. 99. [Draft. 4. 1 page.]


1816, February 28, Monti cello. The boundary and some interesting
facts about Louisiana. Series 6, vol. 15, No. 13.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

1818, April 10, Montlcello. Advises him to go into the legislature
on behalf of the University. Exhorts him not to go behind
the "door of W and M College." Series 6, vol. 15, No. 37.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]

1820, November 29, Poplar Forest. Correa. The good impression
left in this country. The United States ought to regard the
revolutionary movements of South America favorably. Series
6, vol. 15, No. 70. [Draft. 4. " 1 page.]


[GRANGER, GIDEON.] Washington.

1804, April 23, Monticdlo. Asks the Postmaster-General to retain
sit Washington all mail arriving there for Jefferson after the
26th instant. Series 6, vol. 9, No. 82.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

(Postmaster-General. )

lSOi~>, March 31, Monticello. Instructions for having papers sent
to him at Monticello. Series 6, vol. 10, No. 79.

[8. 1 page.]


1806, September 1, Montiedlo. The qnalitications of four candi
dates for the postmastershipof Lynchhurg, vice Leak, deceased.
The candidates are Christopher Lynch, - - ("ooke, Seth
Ward, and Rev. Wm. Heath. Series 6, vol. 11, No. 99.

[Draft. 4. 1 page.]


1811, September 19. (See this date under YAR.M-.M. ) Scries 6,
vol. 14, No. 79.


1788, May 1, Paris. Introducing Monsieur tie la Valee. Series 6,
vol 2, No. 69. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]


178!t, December 11, Kppington. Acknowledging letter of "to-<lay."
His uncertainty regarding acceptance of Secretaryship of State.
Will do what he cai: for the addressee. Series (i, vol. : ,, No. 8.

[Press copy. 4. 1 page.]


HARVIE, LEWIS. Richmond.

1803, *}farch 17, Monticello. A partly illegible letter in the last part
of which he refers to the business which took him to Monti-
cello, and tells Harvie to be ready to move on short warning.
Series 6, vol. 9, No. 5. [Press copy. 4. 1 page.]

Online LibraryThomas JeffersonCalendar of the correspondence of Thomas Jefferson. Part. I. Letters from Jefferson. [Part. II. Letters to Jefferson. Part III. Supplementary (Volume 10) → online text (page 1 of 40)