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spiruous some three years later as the appcai-anee in the colony. [T.] (See

solicitor of Mrs. Sherman, in the suit pp. 84,181,234, post.)


soapc boylcr of the other partc Witnesscth that the sayd
William Hutchinson and Edward llutcliinson for and in Con
sideration of the summc of f Tower score pounds of lawfull
money of England to them hy the sayd David Sellecke his
heires or asss to be payd in manner <fc forme following that
is to say twenty pounds thereof in hand at the scaling & de
livery hereof and the other sixty pounds thereof w th in the
space of live yearcs next [67] ensuing the Date hereof have
granted bargained and sold and by these presents Doe grant
bargaine <fc sell unto the said David Sellecke one Dwelling
house situate in Dorchester aforesayd w ch was heretofore
built by M r Rosseter and all outhouses and one garden or
homo iott thereunto belonging and sixtcenc acres of wood
ground be it more or lease thereunto belonging lying & being
on the southwest syde of the said Towne plantation and
bounded w th the lands of M John Warham w ch he hath in
right of his wife or her children on the cast partc w th the
said Towno common on the west parte w th e highway leading
to Neponset River on the north parte and w th e said Towne
Common on the south parte and allso all there right title
interest and demand of in and to three acres and three quar
ters mid three roddes of land be it more or lesse lying in
Dorchester ncckc and all Commons profits commodities hered
itaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the sayd premises
belonging To have & to hold the said Dwelling house and
Lands w th all and singularc the premises w th the appurte
nances whatsoever unto the said David Sellecke his hcircs
and assignes in i fec farme untill the sayd sixty pounds shall
be by him or them payd unto the said William Hutchinson
and Kdward llutcliinson their execufs administrators or as
signes And afterwards To have and to hold the sayd Dwelling
house and lands & all and singularc the p r miscs w th the
appurtenances whatsoever unto the said David Sellecke his
heires and assignes absolutely for ever Yielding and paying
therefore ycarely unto the said William Hutchinson and Ed
ward Hutchinson their executors administrators or assignes
or some or one of them the summe of six pounds by the ycarc
at two sevcrall Daves of payment viz 1 the 25 11 ? Day of Deccm-


her and the 24 l . h day of the fourth moneth every yearc untill
the sayd prineipall sixty pounds shall be payd as aforesayd
Provided alhvaycs that if the sayd yearely suinme of six
pounds shall be behind or unpayd in parte or in all by the
space of tonne Dayes after cither of the said Duycs of pay
ment thereof wherein the same ought to be payd as aforesaid
being lawfully demanded or if the said prineipall sixty pounds
or any parte thereof shall be behind or unpayd at the end of
the said fyvc yeares next ensuing the Date hereof that then
& from thenceforth it shall and may be lawfull to anil for
the said William Ilutehinson & Edward Hutehinson their
heires or assignes into the premises & every parte therof to
reenter and the same to have againe possesse & enjoy as in
their former right and estate for and notw th standing any
thing in these presents conteyned to the contrary thereof in
any wise not w l standing. In wilncsse &c. coram Samuel
Ilutehinson Tlio. Savage & meipo p Ed\v. fiiiu. [0. GJ.]

Me Davide Sellecke De Dorchester in Nova Anglia soapc-
boyler toner &c. Wiiio Ilutehinson gen et Edvo Hutehinson
filio et heredi apparent! eimsdem Wiifi in Centum et viginti
libris Hat. vicesimo quarto. 4. 1G39. Coram. Coram p r e.

[68] The Condition of this obligation is such that if the
said David Sellccke his heires executors administrators or
assignes shall well and truly pay or cause to be payd unto the
said William Ilutehinson and Hdward Ilutehinson or one of
them their or either of their executors administrators or
assignes or any of them the ycarely-rent of six pounds and
the principal summe of sixty pounds reserved and limittcd in
and by one payrc of indentures bearing date w th these pre
sents made betweenc the said William & Edward of the one
parte the said David of the other parte according to the
force forme and effect of the said reservation and limittation
in and by the said indentures then this obligation shall he
voyd <fc of none effect or els shal rcmayne & be in full
power strength & vcrtue.


The Oath proposed in England whereon the Lord* S>iy <f Seale
<?- Brooke were imprisoned at Yorke when, the Kui;j went
the Scotts iv" 1 an Arm. Anno 1(>-W.

I Due swcare before the Almighty and cverliviug Clod,
that I will beare all faithtull allegiance to my true and un
doubted Soveraigne Lord Iving Charles, who is lauiidl King
of this Island and all oilier his dominions both by sea and
land by Ihe Law of (lod and mini, and by lawl nil succession,
and that I will most constantly and cheerefully even to the
utmost hazard of my life ami fortune oppose all seditions,
rebellions, Conspiracies, Covenants, and treasons whatsoever
against his ma tlcs Crowne and dignity or person, raysed or
sett up under what pretence of religion or colour soever,
And if it shall come veyled under pretence of religion 1
hould it most abominable before God tt man. And this oath
I take voluntary, under the faith of a good Christian and
loyall subject, w th out any equivocation or men tall reservation
whatsoever, from w ch I hould no power on earth can absolve
me in any parte.

Me Ed nun Ilntchinson de Boston in nova Anglia gen. toner
etc. Davidi Scllcckc in Octaginta libris bone et legnlis monet
Anglic <tc. Dat vicesimo quarto quart! 1G30. Coram. Samuel
Ilutchinson, Tho : Savage & mcipo.

The CondicoTi of this obligation is such that if the above-
bounden Edward Ilutchinson shall procure and prcvayle w th
his { father William Ilutchinson of Aquednccke Island gent
to signc seale and Deliver as his act and Deed unto the above-
named David Scllcckc or to some other to the use of the
said David Sellecke before two or three credible and sufficient
witnesses One Indenture of bargaine and sale of a ccrtaine
Dwelling house and lands in Dorchester allrcady drawne
betweenc the said William and Edward of the one purte and
the said David of the other parte and allrcady [69J sealed
unto by the said Edward Dated w th these p r sents and if the
said Edward shall Deliver or cause the same so sealed by


his said ffathcr and himself c to be Delivered unto the said
David safe undefaccd and uncancclled before the last Day of
October next ensuing the date hereof then this obligation
shallbe voyd and of none effect or els shall remaine and be
in full power strength and vertue [Is.]

Betwccne Richard Bcllinghain of Boston in New England
Esq r of the one pte and George Minot of Dorchester in New
England one of the Elders of the Church there, of the other
partc, Witnesscth that the sayd Richard Bellingham for and
in Consideration of the summe of one hundred pounds of
lawfull money of England to him in hand payd before the
sealing <fe delivery of these presents, by the said George

Minot. One Dwelling House and home lott and barne and

all lands, meadowes, pastures, wood lands, Commons & appur
tenances thereunto belonging, heretofore in the* possession of
one Pomroy or now or late in the possession of the sayd
Richard Bellingham or his assignes. 4. 5. 1639. To the use
of the said Church. Coram Jo : Knowles & meipo. [Is-]

A bill by George Minot to M. r Bellingham for payment of
50H the last parte of the said money 1. 8. 1639. Dat 4. 5.
As pre coram Johe Knowles & meipo. [6c?.]

The good ship called the Beaver of London, M. r George
Mayne, arived here the 22 th Junii, 1639, and the passingers
and goods safely Delivered.

I John Winthrop Esq r Governor of the Jurisdiccon of the
Massachusets bay in New England Doe hereby Certiiio unto
all manner of persons whome it may any wise conccrnc that
M* George Maync, Master of the good ship called the Beaver
of London by the blessing of All mighty God arived heere in
Charles River w th the said ship and passingers therein upon
the twenty second Day of June in the yeare of our Lord one
thousand six hundred thirty and nyne, and hath since landed
and Delivered the passingers and goods w ch he brought in the
same ship. In witnesse whereof 1 have hereto sett my hand
the flifth day of July Anno Dmi. 1639. [Is.]


A Bargainc <fc sale by Richard Bulgar to Richard Parker
mcliant, of one bull calfe of 5 moncths old, for 8* 8. 5.
1639. Coram me.

[70] Bctwccne Elizabeth Evans of Bridgcnd in the County
of Glamorgan, and John Whcclewright 1 minister. A Cov
enant for service for three yeares from 25. of June last past.
Wages 3 1 p anna and passage payd for by J. W. Dat 5. 5.
1639. Coram -

Letter of Attorney by Thomas Hctt of Ilingham planter to
Licutcn Richard Morris, against Philip Swadden 2 Dwelling
lie-are the river of Pascattaquay in New England for 56s. Dat
9. 5. 1639. Coram me.

Bctwccnc Robert Scott 3 of Boston in N. E. haberdasher
and Captaine William Jcimisun of Water Townc in N. E.
Whereas Indentures etc.

Now (fifty pounds to be payd to him.

M!" Scot to undertake the Delivery up of the said Indenture
or an affidavit, and to be bounde in a bond of 100* .

1 John Wheelwright took degrees at 2 " Philip Swaddon, "Watertown, ser-

Camliridge, 1014 and 1618, and carne to vant of Robert Sully, 1030, set free

New England 1636. He was banished next year, on condition of paying 10

from the colony, with his religious to his master, was of Kittery, 1640 "

friends and supporters, in 1638, and (Savage).

established the town of Exeter, where 3 Robert Scott (see pp. 158, 161,

he resided till 1643, when he removed post). William Jennison was "captain

to Wells, Me. Four years later, hav- of the military contpany in Watertown,

ing been previously reconciled to the an able man, who had been there from

Massachusetts authorities, he settled at the first settling of that town " (IFinth.,

Hampton. In 1656 he went to Eng- ii. 17(5). He was the elder brother of

land, and remained there till 1662, Robot, who was the ancestor of Rev.

when he returned to New England, and William of Salem, Samuel (II. C. 1774),

settled at Salisbury. Here he died Samuel of Worcester, and Samuel (H. C.

Nov. 15, 1679, aged, it is said, above 1839). See Bond.
eighty years.


Articles of af/reement made the 11 * day of July Anno Dm*
lu 39, Annocp R. R. Caroli Anylice $c. XV, bctwccne
ROIJKRT SCOTT of Boston in New England^ habcr da slier, on
the lehalfe of RICHARD SPITTY of Greys Inne in the County
of Midd., yent., sonne, and he ire $ Executor of (he last will
(f- testament of RICHARD SPITTY of hiah holborne, </ent.,
deceased, of the one parte, and Captaine WILLIAM JENNI-
SON of Watertoicne in Neiv England of the other parte, as
followeth :

Imprimis, iliat tho said Captaine Jonnison shall and will
presently at the sealing and Delivery hereof pay unto the said
Robert Scott, the siunine of flifty pounds of lawfull money of
England, to the use of the said Richard Spitty of Greys Inne,
gent., iu full Discharge of all reckonings, dcbtfe, Dutycs and
Demands whatsoever w ch he hath against the said Captaine
Jennison by vcrtue of one Indenture of Copartnership made
the fifth day of March Anno Dili 1G29, bctwccnc the said Cap
taine Jennison of the one parte and the said Richard Spitty
Deceased of the other partc.

It Hi, that the said Richard Spitty of Greys Inne, gent., as
executor of the said last will <fc Testament of his said il ather,
shall in convenient time, as soone as he may, make, seale and
deliver as his act <t deed one particularc release of all actions
and Demands whatsoever w ch he hath against the said Capt :
Jennison by vertue of the said Indenture, to some person to
the use of tho said Captaine Jennison, and send the same over
unto him into New England.

I tin, that the said Richard Spilty of Greys Inne gent, shall
also in convenient time, as soone as he may, send the [71]
Counterparte of the said Indenture of Copartnership under
the hand and seale of the said Captaine Jennison, if the said
Richard Spitty can or may (hide or come by the same, over
unto the said Captaine Jennison in New England, to be

It ili, that the said Captaine Jennison shall and will upon
receipt of a release to be made as aforesaid and of the- said


Countorparto or an Affidavit or sufficient certificate that ilic
same Conntcrpartc hath bin sent in case the same shall bo east
away or lost by the way, make, seale and deliver as bis aet
and Deed, one particulare release of all actions and Demands
whatsoever w ch he hath against the said Richard Spitty gent.
as executor as aforesaid, by vertne of the said Indenture, nnto
said Robert Scott, or some other person, to the use of the said
Richard Spitty of Greys June, gent., 1o be sent over nnto him
into England, and also shall and will then deliver unto the
said Robert Scott the Coiintcrpartc of the said Indenture w ch
the said Captaine Jcnnison hath under the hand tt scale of the
said Richard Spitty Deceased, to be, sent over nnto the said
Richard Spitty of Greys Inne, to be cancelled.

It in, that the said partyes to these presents shall presently
enter into bond of 100 li a peece to each other, conditioned for
the performance of the said former mcm-oncd Articles.

In witnesse tvc. Cornm. [>*]

Me Robtnin Scott DC Boston in N. A. haberdasher tcner etc.
Oapitaneo Willo Jennison in Centum libris Dat 11. Julij
1030. coram.

The Condicon Arc. [I-*?.]

Me Capit anen Willielmu Jennison do Watcrtownc in N. A.
tencr etc.

Ilobto Scott in Centum libris Dat 11. 5. 1G39.
Condiconed nt stij)ra. [1 *> ]

One ac(|uittancc for the receipt of the said 50 11 by Robert
Scott. 11.5. 1030. [Or?.]

One Release by the said Richard Spitty of greys June, gent.,

to be sealed in England, to the use of Captaine Jennison.

Osmond Douch l of Bridport in y e County of Dorse L , mariner
assigncs to Thomas Bishop of Bridport aforesaid haberdasher

1 Osmnn, or Osmyn, Dutch, as Mr. ords, liad heon adniittod an inhaLit-
Sava ( jo gives the name, from the roc- ant of Newport iu 1038. From this


One tenement and a garden lying in the East Streete in Brid-
port aforesaid now or late in the occupacon or possession of
the said Osmond or his assigncs w ch he heretofore purchased
of Rohert Ward of Apsham in the County of Devon gent to
him and his assigncs During the life of the said Osmond and
Grace his wife and Rohert 1 his sonne, [and constitutes] [72]
John Bishop feltmaker and Richard Hallet carpenter Attor
neys and all his goods <fe moveahles to send over his wife and
children <tc.

Barnaby Davyes 2 of Charlestowne in N. E. planter and
Thomas Errington 3 of the same planter, bound to Hugh
Courtney merchant in 45 1 12. 5. 1639, for payment of 22*
10s. upon the 12 th of October next. [Is.]

To all Christian people to whome these presents shall come,
I Osmond Douch of Bridport in the county of Dorset, mar
iner, send greeting in our Lord God everlasting, Knowe yce
that whereas Robert Ward of Apsham in the county of
Devon, gent., by his Deed .Indented under his hand and scale
did heretofore Lease, Demise, grant and to farme let unto me
the said Osmond Douch One tenement and garden with the
appurtenances thereunto belonging now in the occupation of

assignment, with the hitter, bond, ami greater confidence than probability is

release which follow, we learn that his said" (Savage). [T.]

wife, Grace, and his children were still l Robert Douch (Dutch) was at

living at Bridport, Dorsetshire, in Gloucester, with wife Alary, in 1646.

July, 163 J, and that lie, having been In September, 1656, Robert Doutch

at some time in the employ of Air. probably the same person was

William Hooke (of York, and after- admitted an inhabitant of Boston

wards of Salisbury), was now, "since (Town Record 1 *, i. 131), but did not

he came last" to New England, in long remain there, as he was settled

partnership with Thomas Alilward, of in Ipswich before Alay, 1659 (Savage).

Noddle s Island, engaged in the fishing His son Robert, born 1647, was perhaps

trade. In the bond, executed at nearly the soldier, of Moseley s company, who

the same time with the, assignment of escaped with the loss of his scalp in

lease, he is called of Cape Ann, or King Philip s war. [T.]

Gloucester, where Air. Savage finds 2 For ample mention of Barnabas

him, with wife, Grace, and children, in Davis, see pp. 204 ctscqq.,post.

1646, and where lie died December, 8 Thomas Errington afterwards was

1684, "aged a hundred or more, as with of Lynn.


mo the said Osmond Pouch or my assigncs, To Have and
to hold the said tenement and garden with all and singular
the premises with the appurtenances unto me the said Osmond
Pouch or my assigncs, for and During the lives of me the said
Osmond Pouch and of (5 race my wife and Robert my sonne
and the life of the longest liver of me and them, under the
yearly rent and covenants therein expressed, as by the said
Peed indented the more at large it Poth and may appear.
Now 1 the said Osmond Pouch for good causes and Considera
tions me thereunto moving Poc by these presents grant,
assignc and sett over unto Thomas Bishop of Bridport afore
said, haberdasher, the said Tenement and garden w th the
appurtenances and all my right title interest clayme and
Pcniand of in and to the same and every part thereof
together w th the said Indenture of Lease, To have and to
hold the said Tenement <fe garden and all and singular the
premises with the appurtenances unto him the said Thomas
Bishop and his assignes for and during the lives of me the
said Osmond Pouch and the said Grace my wife and Robert
my sonnc and the life of the longest liver of me and them.
And 1 the said Osmond Pouch hereby constitute ordaine and
appoint my wcllbeloved ffriend John Bishop of Bridport afore
said feltmaker [73] and Richard Hallet of the same carpen
ter, my true and lawful Attorneys jointly or severally for me
and in my name into the premises to enter and thereof full
and peacable possession and seisin to take and after full and
peacable possession thereof so had & taken full and peacable
possession livery and seisin thereof for me and in my name
to Deliver over unto the said Thomas Bishop To have and
to hold the premises <fc every part thereof unto him the said
Thomas Bishop and his assignes according to the purpose
true intent and meaning of these presents Ratefying and
allowing all & whatsoever my said Attorneys or cither of
them shall lawfully Poc in the premises And also I the said
Osmond Pouch ffor and in consideration of six pence to me in
hand payd by the said Thomas Bishop Po hereby grant bar-
gainc and sell unto the said Thomas Bishop all my goods and
chattclls reall and personall movcablc and immoveable what-


soever in Kn gland To have and to hold the same to him the
said Thomas Bishop his executors administrators and assignos
for ever. In wituessc, etc. Coram Guhcrnatorc nro. Tho ;
Mill ward <fc meipo. [3s. Gd.~\

(lond wile, my love remembered to you in the Lord, These
arc to lett you understand that (Jod he prayscd I am well in
health heere in this Country at the time of the writing this
letter, p.nd so I hope are you in health together with our Chil
dren. Scing it hath pleased Cod to hlessc me heere in this
land sinee 1 came last, I thaiikc God, 1 have cleared -40 1 and
shall he able to make good provision for to intertainc you &
my children, as 1 hope in the Lord. Therefore I desire you
would by all meanes come over to me w tu the children by the
f[all] or as soone as you can the next spring: To that cud and
purpose I have hercinclosed sent you an Assiguement of the
house and thcrin a deed of gift also of the goods, sealed
before our honoured Govcrno r , wherewithal! I have intrusted
yo r kinsman Mf Thomas Bishop, the haberdasher, whome 1
Doe intreate to sell the house at as good advantage as he can
and such of the goods as arc not iitt for transportation, and
w th the money to make provision for yo r comining, for clothes
for yo r selfe A; the children, & for some refreshments by the
way, and for yo r passage : Of the goods that you have there-
w th you sell not any brasse, pewter, bedding nor linnen: but
furnish yo r selfe w tb these as well as you can. And if you
want any thing more to come forth, or to make yo r better pro
vision, then I shall take order w th my partner M Millard 1

1 Thomns Mihvard was probably the ton ml at Newbury, where he was a

"pilot ami mute to Mr. Fearne, in the proprietor (Collin s Ncicburu, pp. J J,

Hector, " whose denuiKjiation of the ol, 310); but in September, 103U, he

people of Massachusetts as "all rebels wa-, granted land in Boston (Town

and traitors," because they had not the J!<-cor<ls t p. 42), and in August of the

King s Hag at the fort, brought upon following year de>cribed himself, in a

him the censure of the Court, in June, deposition taken by Lcehford, as of

1636 (.}f <.^. liccords, i. 170, 178; Cape Ann, aged forty years. He died

IVinth.., i. 187). In \\\c Records the name in Boston in 1653. Neither Pouch nor

is written Miller, Millerd, and Millard ; Mihvard appears to have had any

by Winthrop, Miller. Shortly afterwards place of settled residence in 1631).

"Mr. Thomas Mihvard, mariner," was They carried on the fishery at Cape


[74] of Noddill s Island, who is my partner in the fishing
trade w ch we now are setting upon, that lie sluill deale with
Mr Maurice Tompson, 1 merchant, Dwelling at [/<//.-] in Lon
don, to send yon what money you k M r Bishop shall thinke
will be further ncedfull, besides the money to be made of the
house ct household implements not litt to bring in the ship.
And you are to send Mr Tompson this inclosed letter and
note under Mf Miller s hand, and lie will send you downe the
money by the carrier. You must take care that by the way
you may have some refreshments besides the ships provision
for yo r selfe and my children : that is, some sugcr and fine
ruskc or bisket, and a little barrcll of ale to make warme
mcatc, and oatmcale & currants & a little spice, and some fine
flower eggs, & a few chickens w th a hcnne or two, and a
little butter & honey. If you cannot come by Wcy mouth,
then come by Bristoll w th one M5 TIazzard to whomc I have
allready spoken. [Is. 6f?.]

[From the beginning of page 74 io the end of this entry
seems to have been crossed out, but nothing substituted there-

Nov r int univV <p p r sentes me Matheum Allyn TV, Hertford
sup ihimen DC Kcnnccticot in America gen , ten et firmit 1
obligar 1 Ilumphrie Hooke Civi ct Aldermanno Civitat Bris-

Ann and along tlie coast, probably pounds, for which service they received

in partnership with, or in the employ the thanks of both Houses of Parliament.

of, Mr. Maverick, of Noddle s Island. lie is mentioned in Strypes edition of

[T.] Stowc s Surrey of London, as the person

1 This was probably Maurice Thomp- who, by his own bounty and application

son, a London merchant, who was gov- toothers, principally advanced the build-

ernor of the East India Company in the ing of the Chapel at Poplar in 1653"

time of Charles I. "In or about the (GWh n.s). His son, Sir John Thompson,

year 1047 he Avcnt over to Holland, was created P.aron llaversham May 4,

with two or three other commissioners, 1606. Maurice Thompson was probably

to solicit the States-General for some the person mentioned by Winthrop in

relief for the many distressed Protestant 1639 (Jnir.r iin?, i. 307^ as having begun

families in Ireland that had been plun- a fishing trade at Cape Ann. In the

dered or ruined in the war ; and having Ilisf. and 7.W/. for July, 1884

obtained leave of the States to collect (vol. xxxviii. p. 318), may be found

voluntary contributions, they brought many interesting details in regard to

Online LibraryThomas LechfordNote-book kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638, to July 29, 1641 (Volume 7) → online text (page 13 of 47)