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from thence above thirty-one thousand himself and his family.



toll in 2501 flat 18 Julij, 1639, curam Will Hooke, Samuel
Mavericke ct rncip .

Conditioned for the payment of 200 U upon 3 bills of
exchange by Roger Dellbridge of Barnstablc in Devon,
merchant. [Is.]

Me Osmond u Pouch DC Capaj Anna) in nova Anglia, nauta
tencr ct firmit r obligar Will Hooke mercatori in 40 1, Dat
18. 5. 1639, coram Tho : Milward & meipo.

Condiconcd for the payment of 20 U to Mf Hooke at M!
Maverick s house in Nodill s Island 17 Julij. p r x. [Is. Qd.~\

A Release by Mr Williii Ilooke to Osmond Douch for undu-
tifull Departure from his service, w th a boate, 18. 5. 1639,
coram Tho : Milward & meipo. [vj d.~]

Two letters for M r ! 9 Bittgood. 1 [2s.]

[75] JAMES BnocKE 2 of Ratdiffe in the county of Midd.
mariner, pi , JOSEPH BACHELLER of Salem, Defend*, in an
accon of Account.


The Plaintiffe sheweth that whereas the said Defend 1 here
tofore stood accountable unto Henry Paramor of the Isle of
Thanct in the County of Kent gent., for a certainc stocke of
one hundred and sixty pounds and the profits thereof intrusted
by the said Henry Paramor unto the Defendant in or about
the moneth of Aprill in the ycare of our Lord 1637, to be
imploycd by the defend 1 for the benefitt of the said Henry

1 "Bidgood, or Betgood, Boston tries in the Note-book he seems to have
mevclmnt, from Romsey in Hants, carne been in New England in 1636, when he
in the Confidence from Southampton, was at certain charges for the expedition
1638; was of Ipswich, 1642" (Sav- against Block Island in the Pequot
age). [T. ] war, as appears from pages 99 and 109,

2 James Brockc does not appear in post. For further account of this action
Savage ; as is natural enough, for he against Bachcllcr, see pages 100, 103,
cannot have spent any very consider- and 115, post..

able time in New England. From en-


Paramor and the Defend* to have reasonable allowance for
his labour & paines therein, The said Henry Paramor Did
upon the xxvi th Day of ffcbruary last past assignc the said
stocke <fc pHtts thereof unto the Plaintiffc, whereby the
Defend 1 now standeth accountable unto him the said Plain
tiffc for the same. Now the said Plaintiffc chargeth the
Defendant in manner & forme following, Imprimis, w th the
prolitts of the goods and merchandize bought w th the said
principall money, w ch goods <fc merchandize and profits thereof
the pi* Doth not knowo, therefore he requireth that the
Defend* sett forth upon his oath what the said goods & mer
chandize were and what profitts he made of them.

Itm, with the kine w ch the Defend* brought over into New
England and reserved for a parte of the said stoeke, and
because the Plaintiffc doth not knowe how many or what kine
the said Defend* Did bring over, nor how many calves they
have brought forth since, the PI* requireth that the Defend*
set forth the same upon his oath. Itm, w* h three other kyne
bought the last ycare and three calves w ch they have since
brought forth. I tin, w th the money rayscd upon sale of one
house & lands thereto belonging lying in Dorchester, bought
heretofore for the said Henry Paramor and the profits thereof
since ; and because the Plaintiffe knowcth not how long the
said house & lands were in the said Defend* 9 mannaging for
the said Henry Paramor, nor what profitts have bin by the
Def* made thereof, the Plaintiffe requircth that the Defend*
set the same forth upon his oath. And the Plaintiffe is ready
to allow the Defend* all his reasonable charges and Disburse
ments and for his labour and payncs about the premises as
this Court shall award. And for the said stocke <fc clcare
proflitts thereof as the same shall appeare upon this account
to be made betweene the said partyes, the PI* brings this

It iii, w th the summe of fforty five pounds in money, part
of the said stocke, w ch the Defend* had in his hands or
by his direction in the hands of some others accountable to
himsclfe, about the 8 th Day of October, last past. [Vacat
2*. Grf.]


[76] JOHN BOURNE of Wapping in the county of Midd. mar
iner, pi , and [fc/un] HAWKINS, 1 of Dorchester, and NICHO
LAS HEWETT of the same, shipivriyht, Defend 1 *,


The Plaintiffe by James Brockc liis attorney shewcth that
whereas the Defend* Nicholas Hcwett borrowed of the Plain
tiffe for the use of himselfe and the Defend 4 [6/anfc] Hawkins,
the summc of tenne pounds in or about the fourth moncth in
the yeare of our Lord, 1688, the Defend 19 nor either of them
hath not payd the sayd tenne pounds unto the Pltiffe although
they have been required so to Doe, To the Dammage of the
PI 1 twenty shillings over & above the said Debt, whereupon he
brings his suit.

[From "beginning of page, 76 to the end of this entry seems to
be crossed outJ\

Nos Samuclc Mavericke De Nodill s Insula in N. A. g , et
Thoma Dexter De Lynne in N. A. yeoman, tener &c. Will
Hooke mercator, in 800 H Dat 16. 5. 1639.

Condiconed for payment of 436 1 upon the 16 th Day January
next ensuin c. Is.

To all Christian People &c. Nicholas Parker of Boston in
N. E. and Richard Parker 2 of the same, merchant, for 102H
Doe grant, bargaine and sell unto William Cheney of Roxbury
in New E. [Wafc] all that their Dwelling house and home
lott situate in Roxbury aforesaid, betweene the house of Mr
Welles, 3 Pastor of the Church there, on the north side and

1 - Hawkins I suppose to be Cap- 2 See note on p. 42, ante. [T.]
tain Thomas Hawkins, of Dorchester, a 8 For an account of the Rev. Thomas

shipmaster and .shipbuilder. For some Wcltlo, pastor of the church at Roxbury,

account of him, see note, p. 122. see the Hist, and Genial. fie<j. t xxxvi.

Whether John Bourne, of Wapping, was 36. A catalogue of his library is printed

any relation to Nehemiah Bourne, the in the same volume (p. 371), as are

shipbuilder of Dorchester and Boston, other matters of interest relating to

is a question of some little interest, him.
See p. 127, post.


the house of [&/a&] Webb on the south side, and forty acres
of land and pasture & wooddy ground thereto belonging w th
the appurtences whatsoever, situate and being in Uoxbury
aforesayd, Habenduin to the said Will 111 Cheney, his heires
and assignes for ever. Pat. 18. 5. 1081). [Is. 6d.]

HENRY PARAMOR of the Isle of Thanctt in the County of Kent

gent. Plaintiffe.

JOSEPH BACHELLER of Salem in New England planter, Defend 1 .
In an accon of account.


The plaintiffe requireth that the Defend 1 instly and with
out delay render unto him the said plaintiffe his reasonable
account from the time that he was the bayliffe & receiver of
the money goods and chattells of the Pltiffe both in England
and New England And the plaintiffe saith that in or about the
moneth of Aprill Anno Dili 1637, he Delivered unto the Deft
[77] one stocke of the sunime of one hundred and sixty
pounds in England wherewithall .the Defendt was Directed
by the pit & did undertake to buy divers goods & chattells
and the cause to be transported into New England
and there to imploye the same for the profitt and advantage
of the Plaintiffe and because the pit Doth not knowe what
the said goods and chattells were nor what profitts_ the
Defendt made of them the pit requireth that the Defendt set
forth the same upon his oath. And the Defendt brought over
into New England certaine kyne and reserved them for a
parte of the said stocke and because the plaintiffe Doth not
knowe how many or what kyne the said Defendt Did bring
over nor how many calves they have brought forth since the
pit requireth that the Defendt sett forth the same upon his
oath And also the Defendt bought three other kyne the last
yeare for parte of the said stocke w ch brought forth three
calves since And the Defendt raysed above fifty and nyne
pounds by the occupying and sale of one house and lands
thereto belonging lying in Dorchester in New England bought
heretofore by the deft for the Pit as parte of the said stocke


And because the Pit knowoth not how long the sayd house &
lands were in the dci endts managing for the pit nor what
other profitts certainly the Deft made thereof the pit requireth
that the Defendt set the same forth upon his oath And also
the Defendt on or about the 8 th Day of October last past had
forty and five pounds more parte of the said stocke in his
ovvne hands or in the hands of some others accountable to
himselfe. And the Pit is ready to allowe the Defendt his reas
onable charges and Disbursements and for his labour and
pay nes about the premises as this Court shall awarde and
therefore the Pit prayeth that he may have restored unto him
his said goods and chattells and moneys remayniug in the
Defendts hands to such value and in kinde as the same shall
appeare upon this account to be made and thereupon he
bringes his suit. [2s. 6c?.]

19 Julii, 1G39. Thomas Rucke of Charlestowne in New
England planter, aged about 48 yeares, maketh oath that
Divers goods and chattels of his viz*, bedds and bedding
and other household implements, meate, butter, cheese, salt,
wheate, malt, and rye ; stuffes, fustians, Canvas, bed tykes,
working tooles, Iron ware, Oatemeale, bootes, shooes, and
leather, linsey woolscy, brassc, pewter and iron potts ; w ch
were put up in foure chests, three butts, one dryfatt, one
powdering tubb, two packes, three kilderkins; one bundle of
spitts, curtaine rodds and gunncs ; six barrells and tcnne
hogsheads ; contcyning in all about Six hundred and halfe,
that were delivered at Maiden, in Essex into an Ipswich
Hye, were all shipt into the good ship the Castle of [78] of
London in the moneth of Aprill, Anno Dmi. 1G38, at London
and were all afterwards safely transported & brought in the
said ship to New England, and there safely Delivered forth
unto the said Deponents hands in the moneth of July in the
yeare aforesaid, according to the cocket made thereof at
Maiden aforesaid. [!]

Thomas Ashley of Charlestowne in New England servant of
Thomas Rucke of the same, aged about 26 yeares, maketh


oath that he hath heard read the affidavit of the said Thomas
Ruckc concerning the shipping and transportation of his
goods into New England, and he this Depon 1 vcrcly bclcivcth
tho same to be true in all points, for that he was the said
Thomas Ruck s servant before he came forth of England, and
is still, and this Depon* knowcth that all the vessclls and
packcs and bundell mentioned in the said aflidav* were safely
Delivered to his said master forth of the good ship the castle
of London, at Charlestownc, aforesaid, about this time twelve-
moncths since.

John Winthrop Esq* Governor of the Jurisdiction of the
Massachusetts Bay in New England to \* Ilonoble the Lord
Clicifc Baron and the rest of the Barons of His Matics Court
of Excheqr and to all his Mats Customers and other officers
whome it may concernc greeting Kno\vc ycc that upon the
nyneteenth Day of July in the fifteenth ycare of the raignc of
our Soveraignc Lord Charles by the grace of God King of
England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the ffaith
&c. Thomas Ruckc of Charlcstowne in New England Planter
came before me and tooke his corporall oath in these words
scilt Thomas Rucke &c.

All w ch at the spcciall instance and request of the said
Thomas Rucke I have thought good to certifye aad in testi
mony thereof have caused the Common Scale of our Colony
to be hereunto affixed the 22. Day of July in the yeare

22. 5. 1G39.

Abraham Hawkins of Charlestowne in New England, ser
vant of Thomas Rucke of the same, aged about 28 years
maketh oath p nt supra p Tho. Ashley [6]

[79] Wee whose names are hereunder written Arbitrators
indifferently chosen by & betwcenc James Brockc Mariner
Atturney for Henry Paramor gent and Joseph Bachcllcr of
Salem planter for the ending and awarding of all matters in
Difference betweene the said partyes Doe hereby Declare that
we fynde that the said Joseph Bacheller received of the said


Henry Paramor the summc of One hundred and sixty pounds
to mannage for the said Henry Paramor according to the best
skill and abilities of the said Joseph w ch said summc hath
bin accordingly mannuged by the said Joseph as appeareth by
his account upon oath made before our honoured governo 1 ".
Now the said James Brooke not being able to disprove (nor
we the said Arbitrators neither) anything conteyned in the
said account Therefore we Doe thinke it mecte and Doe
thus order and award betwcene the said partyes viz 1 . That
whereas the account of the principal! together w th the produce
thereof amounteth to the summc of two hundred and scavcn
pounds and fifteene shillings according to the estimation and
account returned by the said Joseph in cattell money and
some iron, the said Joseph shall presently surrender the same
stocke into the hands of the said James Bruckc for the use
of the said Henry Paramor his executors administrators &
assignes. And we Doc allowe unto the said Joseph for his
Sallarie and factoric therein after the rate of five pounds <p
Centri upon the said principal! from the twentieth Day of July
Anno Dni 1G37 uutill this present Day w ch amounteth unto
sixteene pounds And that the said Henry Paramor shall
Discharge all rates imposed or to be imposed upon the said
stocke. Witncssc our hands as well as the hands of the said
partyes hereunto sett the twentith day of July Anno Dni


\\ itnesses hereunto M, T ^


JOHN WiNxnaoi- Coy . JAMBJ



Articles betwcene James Brockc on the behalfe of Henry
Parrain? <fc Js. Bachellcr. 1. Joseph Bach, undertakes & Cov
enants that the stocke & produce thereof mentioned in the
account is such <fc of such value as in the said account is
spccifyed. 2. It is agreed That he shall mannage <t improve
the said stocke [80] one yearc more viz*, from this present
Day 20. Julij 1039 and shall in the end render a just account


thereof it deliver up tlio same to the said Henry Parumor &
his assigncs. 3. Tliat lie the said Joseph Bacheller shall
Deduct o l out of the said money parto of the said stockc for
parte of his salhiry tt factory in it about the said siocke untill
this present Day according to the award. 5. That he shall
have for his sallary and factorage about the said stockc for
ihe yearc ensuing as he shall reasonably deserve. 4. That
whereas also according to the award J. 15. is to have 10 11
more for his sallary & he shall take the same cither out
of the said stockc or of M? Sharpc as M^ Paramor shall

Articles of Covenant & agreement indented made ihc twcntith day
of July Anno Dni 1639 bctwcciic JAMES BROOKE Mariner
on Ihc behalf e of HENRY PAKAMOR gent of the one parte &
JOSEPH BACIIELLER of Sal m Planter of the other parte as

Imprimis the said Joseph Bachcllcr doth hereby Covenant
w th the said Henry Paramor that the stocke w th the produce
thereof mentioned in one account under the hand it upon
oath of the said Joseph made this present Day is such it of
such value as in the said account is specifycd.

Itin It is agreed by it bctwecne the sayd partves that the
sayd Joseph shall inannagc and improve the said stocke it
produce from this present Day for the space of one yea re fully
to be compleatc to and for the benefit of the said Henry
Paramor and his assigncs and in the end of the said terme
shall render a just account thereof and of the meane proiitts
thereof and the same deliver up unto the said Henry Paramor
it his assignes.

Km that the said Joseph Bacheller shall Deduct six pounds
out of the money parte of the said stocke for parte of his
sallary and factory in and about the said stockc allowed
unto him by the award betwecnc the said partves made this
present Day.

It Hi That whereas also according to the said award [81] the
said Joseph Bacheller is to have tcnne pounds more for his
sallary and factory he shall take the same either out of any


moneys partc of the sayd stockc or of M? Sharpe as the said
Henry Param? shall require.

I tin that the said Joseph Bachcller shall have for his sal-
lary & factory about the said stocke for this yeare ensuing as
he shall reasonably deserve. In witnesse. Samuel Hutchinso
& myselfe. [2s.

Me Josephum Baeheller De Salem in N. A. Plantatorem
tencr <fcc. Jaeobo Brocke in trecentis & quinquaginta libris
<fcc. Dat 20. 5. 1G39. Coram Samuel Hutchinson & meipo.

Condiconed for performance of the said articles on his pte.

The account of JOSEPH BAGHELLER of Salem in Neiv England
Planter, made unto JAMES BROOKE, Atturney for HENRY
PARAMOR gent, the x.v th day of July, Anno Dni. 1639.

The said Joseph Bacheller received of M? Paramor in England

about Aprill, 10:57 ............... 1G01

Tliis accountant Delivered to M. Willard in money and com

modities and corne about July, 1G37 ........ 110*

Wherewithall certaine lands at Concord were purchased for Mr
Paramor, u ch were again e sold or lest and the moneys for the
most parte returned to this accountant in July, 1G38,

This accountant also bought an house and land at Dorchester for
M? Paramor, and kept the same one yeare and above and
then sold it for ................ 51 1

The present stocke as it cost. The improvement as it is
ivorth now.

One blacke co\ve ....... 22* ...... 251

One browne cowe ...... 22 ...... 25 1

One blacke cowe ...... 20 ...... 25 1

One blacke hayfer ...... 20 ...... 23 1

One yeareling blacke cowe calfe .13 ...... 141

One December steere calfe ... 04 ...... 051

One red Lull calfe ...... 03 ....... 03 1

Fower ewe goats & one ewe kidd .09 ...... 001 10

In the house at Dorchester ... 18 ...... 20*

In M* Sharpes hands to stay the ) JQ ^ l

sale of his farme, >

The plough irons ...... 31 12 .... 3 12"

MT Willard reteynes for a rate . 21 ...... 2

Payd for keeping the calves ... 0. 15 a .... 0.

[Carried forward 1651 2 8 ]


[Brourjld forward 1G5* 2 9 ]

[82] O ne red co we calfe 10 1

One blacke steere calfe 4 *

One blacke cowe calfe 10 1

One yoares rent for the house at -

Dorchester, 20 s more being pay d L .... 061
out upon the house, J

Remayning in my hands more 12* 13 s <

Sum total 2075 15 j


The said accountant deposeth upon his oath that this is his true account
the Day and yeare abovesayd, before


of the Massachusetts
["2s."] hi New England.

A coppy of the exemplification of M* Ruck s affidavit to
send to Kcnnccticot, 20. 5. 1639. [Is. Gti]

1 This Indenture made the Twenty second Day of the fTifth
moneth Anno Dili 1039. One thousand six hundred thirty
and nync. Bctwcene Thomas Purchase 2 of Pagiscott gent
of the one partc And John Winthrop Esq? Governed of the
Massachusetts on the behalf c of himselfe the Governor and
Companie of the Massachusetts aforcsayd of the other parte
Witnf sseth that the said Thomas for Divers good Causes and
Considerations him thereunto moving hath given and granted
and by these presents Doth give and grant unto the said John
Winthrop and his successors the Governor and Company of
the Massachusetts for ever All that tracte of land at Pagis
cott aforesaid upon both sydcs of the river of Androscoggin
being foure miles square towards the sea with all libcrtyes and
privileges thereunto belonging so as they may plant the same
w th an English Colony when they shall see (itt And shall

1 This conveyance, or release, is re- change of the name from Ameriscoggin
corded in Mass. Col. Kcc., i. 272, 273. to Androscoggin, in honor of Sir Ed
it will be observed that in the draught, mund Andros, who came first to New
as in the record, the name of the river England in 1686. [T.]
is written Androscoggin. This fact 2 Thomas Purchase ; see p. 219,
sufficiently disposes of the story of the note.


have as full power for ever to exercise Jurisdiction there as they
have in the Massachusetts Provided that the interest and pos
session of such lands as the said Thomas now uscth or shall
make use of for his owne stocke and improvement w tb in
scavcu ycares next ensuing the Date hereof shall be and
remayne to the sayd Thomas and his heires and assigncs for
ever under the Jurisdiction aforesaid And as well the said
Thomas himseli c and his family and his heires and assignes
as all other the Inhabitants upon the said lands are for ever
to be under the due protection of the said Governo* and
Company by order of the gcnerall Co^ as other Inhabitants
of the same Jurisdiction are. This grant by approbation of
the said Gcnerall Co? to be recorded & exemplified under
the Comon seal otherwise to be voyd In witnesse whereof the
partycs abovcsaid have hereunto interchangeably sett their
hands scales the Day and yeare first above written. Coram
Stepho Winthrop meipo Amos Richardson. [3s*. 0]

Exemplification or Certificate of the three affidavits for M
Rucke under the common scale, 22. 5. 1G39. [3s.]

Received a dish of 4 perches from Mr Rucke, 20. 5. 1G39.

[83] Articles of Agreement indented made, covenanted and
agreed on the first Day of the third moneth in the yeare
of our Lord one thousand six hundred thirty and ni/ne,
Betiveene WILLIAM GAYLARD of Windsore upon the river of
Kennecticot in America, planter, on the lehalfe of JOHN
WAKHAM Pastor of the Church there, and JANE his wife,
e.recutrir of the last w ill and testament of THOMAS NEWBKKY
gent. Deceased, 1 of the one parte, And RICHARD WRIGHT,
of Mount Wollaston, husbandman, of the other parte, as
folloiveth :

Imprimis, It is covenanted, condescended and agreed that
the said Will Gaylard for the said John and Jane Doth

1 Tliis instrument discloses a fact ham, and the mother of his children,
not previously ascertained, that Jane, was the widow of Thomas Ne\vl>ery, of
the second wife of Rev. John "War- Dorchester. Mr. Warham s first wife


grant and to farmc let and set unto the said Richard Wright,
his executors adm r3 and assiirnes all that messuage and
farmc or parccll of ground thereto belonging lying on the
southerly sydo of the River called Aponsctt, w ch the said
Thomas Newbery purchased of William IVnehcon, together
w th nync cowcs in and upon the same, To have and to possesse
the said farmc and Cowcs w th the profitt, increase and
])rovenue thereof unto the said Richard his executors, admin
istrators and assigncs from the Date of these presents for the
termc of foure ycarcs from thence next ensuing fully to be
complcatc and ended. And if it so fall out that one or more
of the said Cowcs dye or decay w th iu the said tcrmc then the
said .John ct Jane or their assigncs arc to putt another in the
room thereof to make up the number of nyne for the residue
of the said tcrme unexpircd And if any the said Cowcs shall
calve w th in four Days after the end of the said tcrmc, then
the said Richard his executors administrators, or assignes
shall have such calfe or calves and shall wcanc or take it or
them from such said co\vcs within foure days after the

Itiii, the said Richard Wright doth covenant, promise and
agree that he the said Richard his executors administrators
and assigncs shall upon the first Day of the third moncth
every yea re During the said tcrme pay or cause to be payd
unto the said John and Jane their executors administrators
or assigncs the yearly rent and summc of sixty pounds
of lawfull money of England for and in lieu of the said
provcnues and increase of the said ffarmc and cowes. And

died in the autumn, or early in Decem- ventory included "land in England,"

bor, 1634 ( Winth., i. app. A, 55). Mr. valued at 300. Mr. AVarham and Mr.

Newbery was early engaged in the "William Gaylord were named overseers

movement for emigration to Connecti- of the will (Gcncal. Jtcy., vii. 20 ; Jfis-

cut, and had sold a portion of his tory of Dorchester, p. 60). It is not

Dorchester property with a view to certain -whether Mr. "\Varham married

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