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Note-book kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638, to July 29, 1641 (Volume 7) online

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Online LibraryThomas LechfordNote-book kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638, to July 29, 1641 (Volume 7) → online text (page 15 of 47)
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removal, when prevented by death in the widow at Dorchester, or after the

December, 1635, or January, 1636. By removal of the family to Windsor ; but

his will, made Dec. 12, 1635, he gave the former is the more probable.

his wife Jane 200, and constituted her William Gaylord was a deacon of the

his sole executrix ; and the rest of his Dorchester church before and after the

estate was left to his children. His in- removal to Connecticut. [T.]


that he the said Richard Wright his executors administrators
and assignos shall During the said terme carefully and provi
dently looke to and keepe the said cowes both in summering
and wintering of them at his own costs arid charges or theirs
And shall not Ictt nor sett the said ffarme & Cowes or any of
them to any other person or persons whatsoever, except John
Wilson, Pastor of the Church at Boston, during the said
terme and in the end of the said terme shall pcacably and
quietly deliver the said messuage, farme & cowes and every
of them in good plight and condition into the hands & posses
sion of the said John Warhani and Jane his wife their or one
of their executors administrators or assignes. And if the
said Richard his executors admofs or assignes shall [84] wil
fully or carelessly spoyle or misuse the said Cowes or any of
them so as they or any of them Dye or be lame or the like
he or they shall make good the same out of his or their owne

Item. It is agreed that if the said Richard his executors,
administrators or assignes shall be willing to fence w th posts
& raylcs and pales or cause to be so fenced any part of the
said lands for the improvement thereof he or they may so
Doe, and take timber growing on the premises for the same
end and shall or may recoupe & abate so much of the said
rent as the said fcnccing shall be worth reasonably. In
witnessc whereof the partyes abovesaid have hereunto inter
changeably sett their hands & scales the Day & yearc first
within wTittcn. coram. [4s.]

Me Richum Wright De Monte Wollaston in Nova Angli
agricola tener et firmiter obligare Johi Warham Pastor Eccle-
sia3 dc Windsor sup flumcn De Kcnnecticot in America et
Jane uxor eius executrici testamcnti et ultimo voluntatis
Thome Ncwberry gen defunct in trecentis libris <fcc. Dat
primo. tcrrij 1639. coram.

The Condicon to keepe Covenants on his p^ &c. prout supa


Received of M r George Story 4 yards and halfe
a quarter of tuft holland to in
a wastcoate at 2s. Sd. W yarde,

[The next entry in short-hand :]
22. 5. 1G39. Received the same day of M r . John

iceived of M r George Story 4 yards and halfe 1

a quarter of tuft holland to make my wife l r .... 11s.

o wntpnnf.p. n.h 2.s\ 8^7 ^ vnrdfi. J

B[. . .] one ream of paper at 0^. M. wanting Y
one quire,

6s. Gd.

Materialls for hike cost me 17s.

Is. \<l. Received for a quarte of inke.

4d. For halfe a pinte more.

G(/. For about a pinte before to M r Harrison, before he went.

Thomas Purches gent makes a letter of Atturney to Daniel
Adams Citizen and Roper of Bristoll to receive of [&/ifc]
Hayman widdow executrix of the last will & testament or
administratrix of the goods Chattells of .Fames Ilayman
mariner Deceased for Divers goods & merchandizes of the
value of Oifty pounds or thereabouts Delivered to the said
James in or about September Anno 1635 and the prove-
nucs & prolitts thereof.

And an other letter of Attorney to Captaine Edward
Giboncs to recover of John Trcworthy 2 iunior of Pascatta-
quay merchant [85] twenty six pounds for a grcate boatc he
bought of M? Purchcs in or about July 1686 and foure
pounds for the hire of another boate to transports him from
Pascattaquay to Pagiscott w ch he was necessitated to hire
whereas bv the oritrinall bar<raine he was to have had the

1 This, with others as cursory on whom is mentioned hy Lech ford later,
pp. 142, 203, 215, are the only allusions This John Treworthy is spoken of later
to a Mrs. Lechford in this volume, (p. 172) as being ngent for Mr. Shnpley,
She married Samuel Wilbore after of Dartmouth, who was, I think, his
Lech ford s death. See Hist, and Gcncnl. brother James s father-in-law (Saragc).
Ecg., xxx. 2U2. All three were inhabitants of the towns

2 The mention here and afterwards along the Maine const, which would
of John Treworthy may do something explain their virtual absence from any
towards allaying the suspicions of those written records. (See, however, Mass.
who have doubted his existence (sec Col. Rec., i. 254, where Mr. Treworthy is
Savage). He had two brothers, as I sup- mentioned, with others, of the Maine
pose, Nicholas and James ; the first of coast).


same boatc for that voyage And for Dammages for deteyning
of the said money being 30 il by the space of three yeares.

Be it knownc unto all men by these presents, that I Thomas
Purches of Pagiscot in America, gent. Doe hereby constitute
ordcyne and appoint my welbclovcd in Christ Daniel Adams
Citizen and Roper of Bristoll my true and lawfull Attorney
for me and in my name to sue, arrest and impleade [blank]
Hay man, widdow, executrix of the last will & testament or
administratrix of the goods and chattells of James Hayman,
mariner, deceased, if she be yet sole or if she be againe mar
ried then her and her husband or by whatsoever name or
names shee or hee are called or any other person or persons
to whose hands & possession the goods and chattells of the
said James Hayman are now come for and upon an account
of and for ccrtaine goods and merchandizes of the value of
fiifty pounds or thereabouts which the said James Hayman
received of me on or about the last day of September, Anno
Dni. 1G35, and the profitts thereof in course of merchan
dize ever since w ch amounteth in all to the summe of nynety
pounds or thereabouts and the same of and from her and them
to receive and recover by Due course of Law or equity in any
his Mats Courts of justice & whatsoever in my name and to
my use and behoofe And further I Doe hereby give power
unto my said Atturney for me and in my name to make any
reasonable composition vv tb her and them for and touching the
premises and to give acquittance and release upon payment
or satisfaccon made and further to Doe any other lawfull and
reasonable act or thing whatsoever for the recovery of the
said money or as much as may be recovered for the said goods
& merchandizes reasonably as powerfully and effectually as if
I myselt e were present Ratefying and allowing all and what
soever my said Atturney shall lawfully Doc in the p r mises.
In witncsse. 25. 5. 1030. Coram me and 2 al. [2s. GJ.]

Be it knownc unto all men by these p r sents that I Thomas
Purches of Pagiscott in America gent Doe hereby constitute
ordeyne and appoint my welbeloved and trusty ffreind Cap-


tainc Edward Gib.oncs of Boston in New England my true &
lawfull Atturnoy for me and in my name to sue arrest and
implcade John Trc worthy of Pascattaquay the younger mer
chant for the summc of twenty six pounds w ch he oweth me
for a greatc boate & Us tackling w ch he had of me on or
about the last Bay of the fifth moneth in the yearc of our
Lord 103(3 and fourc pounds more for the hire of an [86]
other boate w ch (for want of the said grcate boatc w ch
according to the originall bargainc betwcene me and him I
was to have had for to carry me to Pagiscott aforesaid but
through his default 1 had it not) I was forced to hire to carry
me from Pascattaquay to Pagiscott aforcsayd about the same
time And Dammages for Detcyning the said moneys ever since
and the same of him his executors and administrators to
receive and recover by any course of Lawe or equity whatso
ever before any his Matyes Governors or Justices wheresoever
in my name and to my use and behoof e And further I Doe
hereby give unto my said Atturney put Dcvaufc in lauter lettre
an fine. Dat 25. 5. 1G39. Coram me & Duobus a! [2s. 0(7.]

And a letter to Mf Rice of Bristoll.

Be it knownc unto all men by these presents that I Cato
otherwise Goodmanes, for five coates, five wastcoats, five shirts,
five pay re of stockins, five pay re of shoocs, five hatchctts,
five hoiighcs, five knives, five pounds of tobacco and tcnne
fadome of wampum pege, All w ch I have received of George
jMunningo l in the bchalfe of himselfc <fc the rest of the plant
ers of the new plantation lying south of Concord called
Nannitt Doe by this my writing give and grant, bargaine and
sell unto the said George Munningc and the s d planters of the

1 George Munning, as is seen hore, was made on the oast side of the Con-
was one of the original proprietors of cord Kiver. Munning afterwards re-
the town of Siulbury, at that time turned to Boston, where he kept the
bounded on the north and northeast by jail for some years, and died in 1G58.
Concord, and on the east by "Water- Edmund Brown was the first minister
town, while there were no corporate in Sudbury. lie was ordained in 1640,
towns nor land-grants near them on the and died in 1677.
west and south. The first settlement



said new Plantation and their successors for ever, All that
tracte of land conteyning two myles square from the now
Dwelling house of Bryan Pendleton gentleman, on all sydes
but on the north side to Concord lync, be it two mylcs more
or lessc, w th all libertycs Priviledgcs and appurtenances
thereto belonging, together w th the River there running w th in
all the said tracte of land hereby granted. And I Grant unto
them, for me and my heircs and brethren, that I and they
shall and will at any time make any further assurance in
writing for the more perfect assuring of the said lands and
all the premises w th the appurtenances, unto the said George
Munningc and the said Planters, and their successors as they
shall require. In witncsse whereof, I have hereunto put my
hand and scale the Twenty fifth Day of the (fifth moneth in
the yearc that Christians write of Christ the Lord One thou
sand six hundred thirty and nyne. Coram JoHc : Winthrop
Gub <fc mcipf).

Edmund Browne and Anna Browne my wife lately the
widdow relict of John Louerii of Watertowne in N. E. ycom :
let 2 letters of atturncy be made for the sayd Ed : to S r
Thorn. Bowes, Brooly Mag. in Essex : to Mf Anthony Wit
ting, Bcntley in Essex, Clearke, to Jonathan Goffe of East
Berghold, Suff : Clothier, and [w<ifc] Cole of Dcdham, Essex,
Clothier : to demand and sue out a division of dowre of the
lands, whether free or coppy, of the said John deceased living
in Ardly in Essex now in the possession of William Louerum
of Alda in Suff : or George Louerii or in any other mans:
brcthcren of my predecessor : and also to compound for the
same according to Equity. 1

1 This memorandum is not in Lech- Gcn.Rcg.,\xx. 79. He gave all his prop-
ford s handwriting, and may perhaps erty to his wife, with 100 to " his
have been entered liy Mr. Brown him- brother that had children," and 20 to
self. The letter of attorney drawn by the church, after her life. His widow
Lech font in accordance with the memo- married the Ilev. Edmund Browne, of
randum is entered at length on the two Sudlmry, June 19, 1639, as Governor
following pages of the manuscript. Winthrop s attest shows. Mr. Savage,
The nuncupative will of John Love- on the authority of Barry and Bond, lias
ran, or Loverun, is printed from the ^ivcii the date of her second marriage
Suffolk County Ilccords in If is , and as 1C 14.


[87] The Recognition of two (Tines of lands in Suffolkc by
John Newgate and Anne his wife, indorsed it the Captions
tilled by me, before (In* (Governor it Deputy, W 2">. 5. IGo J,
and for my attendance therein. [f>s. given.]

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall
come, we Edmund I>rown of Watcrtown in New England and
Anne I rown wife of the said Edmund send greeting in our
Lord Cod everlasting Knowe yec that we for diverse good
causes and Considerations us thereunto moving Doe hereby
constitute ordcync and appoint our welbeloved and honoured
ffreind S* Thomas Bowes of Bromley mau;na in llio County
of Essex Knight And our welbeloved ffreinds Anthony
Whiting of Uently in the said County Clcrkc Jonathan Gol i e
of East IJergholt in the County of SulVolke Clothier and \_i,lank~\
Cole of Dedham in the said County of Essex Clothier our true
and lawfull Attnrneys ioyntly or severally for ns and in our
names to clayme Demand and sue for the reasonable Dower
w ch belongcth to the said Anne who was the wife of John
Lovcrun late of Watcrtowne in New England yeoman De
ceased of the ffree hold w :h was the said John Lovernns
sometime her husband in Ardley in the County of Essex
aforesd or elswhere whereof slice hath nothing yet assigned
unto her and w ch is Deteyned from her by William Loverun
of Aldham in the County of Sull olkc aforesaid or Ceorge
Loverun yeomen brethren of the said John Lovernn or by
some other person or persons the present tenant or tenants
of the said {freehold and for that end and purpose* to sue
forth one or more writ or writts of Dower for ns and in our
names against the said William Loverun or Ccorge Loverun
or against any other person or persons who is or are or shall
be tin 4 tenant or tenants of the said { freehold for the time
being and the same writt or writts to prosecute w Ml effect to
judgment and execution before his Maties Justices of the

Thomas Loveran, son of William, of lf>70 purchased the homestead ami

Aldham, Suffolk (named in the letter of other lands there from Mr. Browne

attorney as a brother ot John), settled and \vife (Bond s H atcrtown, p. 3,~>3).

in \Vaterto\vn about 1GG3, and in [T.]


Bench at Westminster And also for us and in our names to
goc unto the Court or Courts Baron of the clieife Lord or
Lords of the said Townc or Manner of Ardlcy or of any
otlier Mannor or mannors whatsoever and there to require
dayme and Demand to be and to be admitted Tenants or
Tenant of all or parte of such Coppihold lands as late were
the said John Loveruns sometimes husband of the said Anne
in such right and estate as bclongcth to the said Anne accord
ing to the eustome or customes of the said Mannor or
Mannors And moreover we Doe hereby give and conferre unto
and upon our said Atturncys full power and lawfull Author
ity ioyntly or severally for us and in our names by advice
of Nathaniel Bacon Esqr Counsellor at Law or some other
learned in the Lawe to article covenant condicon agree and
compound with the said William Loverun and George
Loverun or either of them or w th any other person or
persons for and about the release sale grant surrender or
purchase of the said Dower <t title of Dower and Coppihold
lauds unto them or any of them or their or any of their use
and behoofe for [88] and in such considcracon or Considera
tions or such sunime or summes of money as they our said
Atturneys or any of them shall thinkc to be reasonable and
the same summe and summes of money for us and in our
names & to our use to receive and to returnc unto us
according to other letters of advice by w ch articleing cov
enanting condiconing agreeing and compounding our said
Atturneys or any of them may bynde us to make any further
reasonable assurance by Recovery flinc Deed surrender or
otherwise as Councell learned in the law shall advise so that
we be not compelled for the Doing thereof to travell forth of
the Jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Bay in New England
llatcfying gratefully accepting and confirming all and what
soever our said Atturncys or any of them shall lawfully Doe
in the premises In witnesse whereof we have hereunto sett
our hands & scales the twenty fifth day of July in the
{fifteenth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles
now King of England <frc. Annoq r Dni 1G89. Signed sealed
& delived in the presence of John Winthrop Governor of


tbc Massachusetts in New England & mei. Tlio. Lccliford
scriptoris liujus.

Am? in testimony thereof and that the said Edmund and
Anne are man and wile together and \vere married upon, the
xix th day of June last past at w ch marriage 1 the said John
Winthrop was present 1 have caused the Common scale of
our Colony to be hereunto affixed the day of the date of these
presents. [8s.]

William Cole 1 of New England gent and Elizabeth his
wife executrix of Francis Doughty the Elder of Bristoll mer
chant Deceased makes a letter of Attorney unto John Cole his
brother to receive of M Fabian Hill of Bristoll lynnendrap
their former Attorney GOli upon a bond made by John Barker
of the City of Bristoll merchant unto the said Francis
Doughty Condiconed to save him harmclcsse of one other
bond wherein at request of the said John Barker the said
Francis became bound to Robert Doughty his brother who
left Margaret his wife his executrix <fc she sued the said
Francis to judgment & the said Elizabeth payd 42 H and 10s.
above 2 yeares since and hath been at other charges of Mary
Barker widdowe executrix of the said John Barker. Dated
18. 8. 2. Cor : 1G26.

Be it knowne unto all men by these presents that we
William Cole late of Sutton in the parish of Chew-magna
in the County of Somerset yeoman & Elizabeth Cole his wife
one of the Daughters & Executrix of the last will & testa
ment of Francis Doughty of the City of Bristoll Merchant
Deceased doe hereby constitute ordeync & appoint our welbc-
loved brother John Cole our true and lawfull Attorney for us
and in our names to sue Arrest and impleadc Alary Barker
widdow Executrix of the last will & testament of John
Barker late of Bristoll aforesaid Merchant Deceased upon one
bond cntred into by the said John Barker for himselfe his
heires executors & administrators unto the said Francis

1 For William Cole ami his wife Elizabeth, a troublesome woman in her ways,
see later in the Note-book, p. 110.


Doughty conditioned to save him & his executors hurmclcssc
of one other bond entred into by the said Francis at the
request and lor the; Debt of the; said John Barker unto. Robert
Doughty brother of the said Francis Conditioned for the pay
ment of i forty pounds unto the said Robert at a Day long
sinee past (\v ch H orly pounds with Divers other moneys *.t
costs and charges the said Elizabeth was [89] above t\vo
yeares sithence forced to pay to the said Robert Doughty and
hath thereby bin put to other costs A: charges in the law and
Damnilyed to the value of the whole penalty of bond aforesaid
conditioned to save harmelesse) and the penalty thereof for us
in our names *k to our use to receive & recover by suit of law
of it from the said Mary her executors & administrators And
Wee give unto our said Attorney full power &, lawiull author
ity for us and in our names to compound & agree \v th the
said Mary Barker her executors or administrators, for and con
cerning the said Debt and the same of her or them to receive
in our names & to our use and upon payment and satisfaction
to make unto her or them sufficient acquittance or release And
further to Doe and make any other lawfull act or thing what
soever for and about the recovery of the said Debt as power
fully and effectually as if we our selves were p r sent And
furthermore whereas we heretofore did make seale & deliver
one olbcr letter of Atturney as our act & Deed unto Fabian
Hill Citizen <fe linnen Draper of Bristoll him authorizing to
sue for fe receive of the said Mary her executors & adminis
trators the said Debt Now in case the said Fabian Hill
hath all ready received or recovered the same then we Doe
hereby authorize the said John Cole our brother & now Attur
ney to receive the said Debt of the said Fabian Hill for us in
our names & to our use But if he hath not received nor recov
ered the same then we authorize him our said brother John
Cole to receive & take the said bon.l and all other writings
concerning the same forth of his hands and then to procecde
as aforesaid against the said Mary Barker her executors and
administrators Ratcfying gratefully accepting fe allowing all
and whatsoever our said brother .John Cole our now Attorney
shall lawfully Doe in the p r mises. In wittnesse whereof we


have hereunto sett our hands <t scales the twenty iiincth day
of July in the flil tcenth yearc of the raigue of our Soveraigne
Lord Charles now King of England etc. Anuoq r Dili 1089.
Conmi Jotie Winthrop Ciub. Hie. Bellingham ct meipo.
[i, (!,.?.]

Thomas Foster of Boston in New England, Canonicr,
makes a letter of Attorney to Richard Foster of Ipswich, his
brother, shipmaster, Anthony Boycat of Ipswich, cheese
monger, and James Uroeke of Ratclil i e in the county of
M uTd., mariner, to receive of the Executor of his ffather
Thomas Foster, minister, Deceased, all such legacyes given
him by his will or by Deed.

Be it knownc unto all men by these presents that I Thomas
Foster of the Castle in Castle Island in New England Cano
nicr, soime of etc. Dat 29 Julii, 1039. Coram Petro Olliver
tt meipo. [Is.]

John Cole of Farrington in the County of Somerset, yeo
man, aged about twenty seaven ycarcs, inakeih oath that he
knowctli that his brother William Cole and Elizabeth his wife
did on or about the 20 th day of Aprill Anno 1087, pay unto
Robert Nelson gent, the summe of sixiecno pounds for the
Debt of Francis Doughty, merchant, Deceased, lather of the
said Elizabeth, and this Deponent was present when the said
Robert Nelson sealed [90] and delivered as his act and Deed
one generall release thereupon unto the said William and
Elizabeth to w ch release now shewed to this Deponent he set
his name as a witnesse. And also that this Deponent know-
eth that at the same time the said Will 1 " and Elizabeth payd
for the tythes of the farme called Ilamsteed Farme, unto
Marmadnke Chapman, Clarke, the summe of teuue pounds
for w ch the said Marmadnke gave his generall release now
shewed to this Dept to the said Williii & Elizabeth in this
Deponents presence tt he saw it sealed tt Delivered although
his name be not thereto inscribed as a witnesse. And also
this Dcpont knoweth that Francis Doughty brother of the


said Elizabeth overbold the said William <t Elizabeth out of
possession of the said ffarme called Hamsteed farme ever since
their marriage, how rightfully this Depont knoweth not. "[!.]

Thomas Marslifcild had of .John lies 1 of Dorchester in N.
E. 281 to be payd to Adam Hurden of Barnstaplc in Devon,
in or about the moneth of January last past, w ch was the Debt
of lies. Now the said Thomas M. and Henry Woolcott and
William Gaylard are to be bound to secure John lies of all
Damages thereabout.

Nos Thomii Marshfeild dc Windsor sup flumen DC Kennect-
icot in America, plantatore, Henricum Woolcott De eadem, et
Will m Gaylard De eadem plantatorcs, tener etc. Joh 1 lies in
501 Dat 29. 5. 1G39. Coram -

The Condicon of this obligation is such that whereas the
aboveboundcn Thomas Marshfield heretofore received of the
abovenamed John lies the summe of twenty <fc eight pounds
in New England the which or the like summe the said
Thomas undcrtookc to pay unto one Adam Ilurden of Barn-
staple in the County of Devon unto whome the said John lies
Did owe the same If therefore the said Thomas Henry and
William their heires executors or administrators or any of
them shall from time to time and at all times hereafter upon
reasonable notice save & kccpe harmelesse the said John lies
his heires executors & adiurs of & from all suits troubles
Dammages costs & charges that shall arise and come upon
him or them for or by reason of the said Debt of twenty &
eight pounds heretofore Due unto the said Adam Ilurden Then
this obligation to be voyd & of none effect or els to remaine
& be in full power strength & vertuc. [Is. Gc?.]

1 I- suppose that John lies hen; men- he moved to Windsor in 1G38. Wolcott,

tioned was the man whom tradition pro- also from Dorchester, was one of the

sented to Mr. Savage under the name earliest settlers at Windsor, to which

of John Hills. This latter was said to place he journeyed in 1035. Thomas

Online LibraryThomas LechfordNote-book kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638, to July 29, 1641 (Volume 7) → online text (page 15 of 47)