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}>e a blacksmith of Dorchester. Thomas Marshfield is supposed to have come

Marshfield ami Henry Wolcott, of from Dorchester also; hut this cannot

Windsor, are spoken of in the Note-book he made certain without confounding

several times (pp. 174,180). William him with Thomas Marshall.
Oaylord had been of Dorchester, whence


Me Thoma Marshficld DC Windsor sup (lumen DC Kciinect
icot in America ]>lantatorcm toner c. llenrico Wooleott &
Willu daylard in Centum lihris c. Dat 21). f>. 1(>3
corn in.

The Condicon to save harmelessc them of the said bond tc
John lies. [Is. Gtf.]

[91] Me Franciscu. Doughty De Dorccstria in N. A. plan-
tator tenor <tc. llenrico Webb in quingentis lil)ris <tc. Dat
29. 5. 1030. Coram Johc Winthrop gub. ct meipo.

The Condicon to save harmelessc the said Henry of ono
recognizance of 50CU to the King, entrcd into at the request of
the said Fr : by the said 11. condiconed for the personall
appearance of the said Fr : at the next quarter Court hcere
to answer Willm. Cole <fc Elizabeth his wife in such actions &
Demands as they shall bring against him in particularc one
accon upon the case. [I*-]

Me Richardu Parker de Boston in N. A. m[crcatorcm],
tener <tc. Samucli irntchinson, in. ct Tho : Savage in 1800*
Dat 8. 5. 1039. coram.

Condieoned for the payment of 939 1 18s. 4<i., 9. 11. prx at
the late dwelling house of W. 11. in Boston aforesaid. [Is.]

Joseph Hills 1 of Charlcstowne in New England, Woollen-
draper, aged about 30 ycarcs, sworne, saith upon his oath
that he came to New England undertaker in the ship called
the Susan & Ellen of London, whereof was Master M5
Edward Payne, in the ycare of our Lord One thousand six
hundred thirty and eight, the 14th yea re of the raigne of our
Sou aignc Lord the King that now is, and this dcp* knowes
that Divers goods tt chattells victualls & commodities of
Joseph Loomis, late of Brayntree in the County of Essex,

1 Joseph Hills was aftcnvards solcot- of "Windsor, was not first at Dorchester,

man of Cli.irlestcnvn and captain of mi- perhaps, and the family tradition that lie

litia in the town, and also representative came in the Mary and John is wrong."

in the General Court and Speaker of the He thinks that Loomis came in 1G38 ;

House. Joseph Loom is, Savage says, was it does not say hero when he came.


woollendraper, w ch were put up in three butts, two hogslicds,
One halfhogshed, one barrell, one tubb &, three firkins, trans
ported from Maiden in the County of Essex to London in an
Ipsw 1 1 live, were shipped in tin; said ship upon the eleventh
Day oi Aprill in the yearo abovesayd, and this Deponent
cleared the said goods w th Divers other goods of the said
Joseph Looinis and other niens, in the Custoine house at
London, as may appearc by the Customer s bookes, and this
Dep 1 saith that the said goods were transported into New
England in the said ship, where lie arrived on the seaven-
teenth Day of July in the yeare aforesayd. [Is.]

An exemplification and certificate of the same, Dated 30.
5. 1039. [U Gil]

Be it knowne unto all men by these presents that 1 Thomas
Rucke of Charlestowne in New England planter Doe hereby
constitute ordeyne and appoint my welbeloved and trusty
1 treinds Thomas Rucke of London haberdasher and Thomas
Plum of Maiden in the County of Essex gent my true & law-
full Atturneys joyntly or severally for me and in my name to
Demand receive and recover unto my use by suit of law or
equity the severall sunmies of money & Debts or whatsoever
the said Debts be if any of them be misrecited in the
Schedule hereunto annexed meant <fc meneoned of & from the
severall Debtors owing the same unto me whose names are
meant A: mentioned also in the said Schedule and to that end
& purpose for me and in my name to sue arrest <fc impleadc
the said debtors and every or any of them by what name or
names soever they be called upon or for their said severall
Debts and the same to recover by due procisse in any his
Mats Corts of Justice whatsoever and further for me & in my
name to compound & agree w th all or any of the said Debtors
for their severall Debts aforesaid and the same of them
cverv of them to receive to my use and after such payment
and satisfaction in my name to give them or any of them
sufficient acquittance and acquittances release & releases and
to doe or make any other lawi ull reasonable act or thing
whatsoever for <t about the receipt & recovery of the said


Debts as powerfully & effectually as if I myselfe were present
Ratcfying &c. Dat 30. 5. 1639. [2s. 6U]

[92] John Grey, 1 <fc Elizabeth his wife, sell to Valentine
Hill, one house <fc homclott cont : an acre, and live acres more
tlicrto belonging, lying in Lynne, heretofore in the possession
of one Edmunds, for 12* in hand and the rest to be payd
when it is sold, 40-s 1 . to Joseph Arniitage, and the rest John

This Indenture Are. Bctwccnc John Orey of Boston in new
England planter and Elizabeth his wife of the one parte And
Valentine Hill of Boston aforesaid merchant of the other
parte Witncsscth that the said John and Elizabeth for twelve
pounds to them in hand payd by the said Valentino have
granted bargained & sold and by these p r nts do grant bargayn
<fc sell unto the said Valentine all that their house & home
lott conteyning one acre and live, acres of land more thereto
belonging in Lynnc heretofore in the possession of one
Edmunds w th the appurtenances To have and to hold the said
house & lands & all & singulare the premises w th the appur
tenances whatsoever unto the said Valentine his heires and
assignes for ever And the said John <fc Elizabeth Doe hereby
Covenant promise <fe grant to & w lh the said Valentine his
heires & assignes that he & they shall or may quietly enjoy
the premises freed of all debts <fe incnmbrances of the said
John & Elizabeth for anything Done or to he Done by them
the said John & Elizabeth or either of them And the said
Valentine Doth hereby Covenant promise & grant to & w th
the said John Elizabeth that lie the said Valentine shall &
will endevour to sell the said premises for as much money as

1 Quo John C-rfiy find his wife Eliza- selectmen of Boston. Later he liecame

beth are noted in Savage, with no date. interested in lands at Dover, and I snp-

Valentinc Hill hen; appears in his pose lived there sonic time. He was at

most familiar vocation, as a dealer in this period often representative for the

real estate. He was one of the most town. There is mention of him sev-

enterprising of the, Boston merchants, eral times in the A olc-bitok.

lie came in 1630, was made freeman Joseph Armitn^e, of Lynn, was an

and also deacon of the church in 1040, innkeeper ( see p. 202).
and was for a long time one of the


reasonably he can and if he shall sell the same for more then
twelve pounds then he shall and will pay out of such moneys
above twelve pounds to be raysed thereof fforty shillings to
Joseph Armitage and shall <fe will pay the rest whatsoever it
shall be to the said John Grey. In witnessc &c. 1. G. 1030.
p Eliz: Corain.

Robert Meriam of Concord in New England planter, aged
about 2G ycarcs, swornc, Deposeth upon his oath that in the
moneth of Aprill in the foureteenth yeare of the Kings
Ma ts raigne that now is he delivered unto William Hatch l
one of the undertakers in the ship called the Castle of
London, for her voyage to New England that yeare, in the
Master s Roundhouse aboard the said ship while she was in
the River of Thames, the summe of thirty & five pounds of
lawfull money of England, in the behalfe of -Joseph Mcriam
brother of this Deponent, and the said William Hatch sayd
to this Deponent at the tyine when he received the said
money, 1 shall not need to give you an acquittance for this
money, I will sett it Downe in writing heere for remem
brance, or wordes to that effect, and this Dcpon 1 then saw
him write upon some paper, but what he writ this De-
pon* knoweth not. Jur 1. (6.) 1039. Coram Johe Winthrop
Gub r [Is.]

A Rate for Boston made 29. 5. 1G39, written for W.
Cogan. [Is. Grf.]

[93] Edmund Hubbard of Ilingham in New England
Planter and Sarah his wife sometime wife of John Lyford
Clerke Deceased Obadiah Lyford Clerke deceased and Mor-
decai Lyford his brother and heirc ffree land in the County
of Tyrone. And the lease of Leballeglishe. [Is. 6d.~\

Joseph Meriam against William Hatch for 5* above the
said thirty pounds on the affidavit & 5* 14s. more under his
hand. .[2s. 0.]

1 There i.s much in the Note-look on this case (see p. 105).


Gabriel Fish ! of Exeter in New England, flishcrman,
makes a letter of Attorney to Edward Rishworth of the
same husbandman, to receive of James Carrington of Thors-
thorp in fhe County of Lincolnc, gent the suinme of tenne
pounds ^v ch he was to receive of John Hutchinson of
Alford in the s d County, woollen draper, the remainder
of 18* Due upon one bond left w th the said Mr Carrington,
Diit 3 Aug. 1039. Coram Sam: Il[utchinson] E. Hutchinson
& meipf). [Is.]

John Winthrop EsqT Governor of the Jurisdiction of the
Massachusetts Bay in New England c. to all or any his
Majesties Judges & Justices and all other officers & others
whomesoever it may concerne, greeting: Known ycc that
upon the first Day of August in the fiiftecnth yeare of the
raigne of our Soveraignc Lord Charles by the grace of God
King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland .Defender of
the ITaith CY.C. Mordecai Lyford, an infant under the age
of twenty and one ycares, that is to say, of the age of
fourcteono yeares or thereabouts as described came before
me and Did elect and choose his ffather-in-law Edmund
Hubbard 2 of Hingham in New England planter, then also

1 Gabriel Fish was an early inhabit- Mordecai, Ilingham, 1642." And under
ant of Boston, and soon moved back from Edmund Hobart he says: " I see reason
Exeter, where be had gone in 1038. Ed- to infer that a widow Lyford, whom ho
ward Rishworth, Exeter, 1(539, married a married later in life, was relict of that
daughter of the Rev. John Wheelwright, Rev. John Lyford who was at Ply-
founder of Exeter. He was a son of the mouth." This, under the light of this
Rev. Thomas Rish worth, and <i nephew entry and those immediately following,
of Samuel Hutchinson, being a son of is seen to be substantially correct. Sarah
his sister. (not Anne, as Savage thinks) had been

2 Of these people Savage has the fol- the wife of Rev. John Lyford, first of
lowing under John Lyford, of Plymouth, Lebeleglish, near Loughgaid (Lough-
who bred disturbance ^here, and was gall ? see page 154), in the County of
compelled to move away. "About 1627 Armagh, Ireland, and subsequently of
he moved with some adherents- to Vir- Plymouth and elsewhere. Mordecai
ginia, and there died soon, it is thought. Lyford was their son, born about 1625.
A reasonable conjecture is that he had For Ruth Lyford, see Stiff. Deeds, i. 27.
wife, Ann, and children, Ruth and Mor- After the death of John, Sarah married,
decai, left at Nantasket, and that his Oct. 10, 1634, in Charlestown, Edmund
widow, Ann, who died 1639, had mar- Hobart, of Hingham. For John Lyford,
ried Edmund Hobart, of Hingham. . . . see Bradford s History of Plymouth.


present before me, to be bis Guardian, for him and in his
name to bring <fc followc or cause to be brought & followed
all it all manner of actions reall & personal!, and all De
mands whatsoever to make, that he the said infant hath or
may have against any person or persons whatsoever for any
Lands <fc tenements, goods <fc chat tells or any other matter or
thing of right belonging to him in any his Ma ties Courts of
Justice in Ireland or elswhere, and there to clayme enter
upon <fc take or cause to be claymcd entered upon or taken
into his hands, to and for the use of the said infant certaine
Lands & tenements lying in the County of Tyrone lawfully
Descended to the said infant. All which at the spcciull
instance & request of the said Edmund Ilubbard and Sarah
his wife, I have thought good to certify and in testimony
thereof have caused the Common Scale of our Colony to
be hereunto affixed the sixth day of August in the fifteenth
year aforcs d

[94] And at the same time Sarah the wife of the said
Edmund Ilubbard was present before me and tooke her cor-
porall oath in these words following ssc. Sarah Ilubbard wife
of Edmund Ilubbard of Ilingham in New England planter,
aged about fifty 3 yeares, sometimes the wife of John Lyford,
Clerkc, Deceased, and mother of Obadiah Lyford, Clerke,
deceased, and of Mordecai Lyford, sworn e, saith upon her
oath that the said Mordecai who hath this Day chosen the
said Edmund Ilubbard to be his guardian, is brother and next
heire of the said Obadiah. And also I have scene a sufficient
Register of the marriage of the said Edmund and Sarah, tes
tifying that they were lawfully married at Charlcstownc in
New England upon the tenth Day of October in the tenth
ycarc of his said Majesties raigne. All w ch &c. [3s.]

Direct yo r letters to Mf John Bradley merchant in Cateaton

st recto in London or to Mf Richard Andrcwes at the signe of
the Mcremayd near the Crossc in Cheapsidc, to be sent to
Mr Bladen.

To all Christian pooplo to whom these presents shall come
wee Edmund Ilubbard of Ilingham in New England planter,


guardian of Mordecai Lyford brother it heir of Obcdiah
Lyford Clcrke, Deceased and Sarah wife of the said Edmund,
send greeting in our Lord Clod everlasting:, Know Yec that
we have constituted, ordeyned .t in our place put. our welbc-
loved it trusty frcinds William Bladen alderman of the city
of Dublin and John Fisher citizen of the same city, our true
ct lawfull Attorneys joyntly and severally for us and in
our names or in the name of either of us as the case shall
require, to Demand it receive all and all manner of Debts
rights & summes of money Due unto us or either of us or
unto the said Mordecai Lyford, of and from any person or
persons whatsoever that ought to render it pay the same and
to that end it purpose in our name or names or the name of
the said Mordecai to sue arrest it implead or cause to be
sued arrested it hnpleaded all and every such person or per
sons in any his Mats Courts of Justice whatsoever for the
said sums of money rights A- Debts it them to recover to our
use or to the use of the s d Mordecai and further reasonably to
compound it agree w th all or any the said persons for (he said
Debts rights it summes of money and upon receipt thereof
to give to all and every the said persons it person sufficient
acquittance or [95] acquittances release or releases for us it
the s d Mordecai it in our names it his. And also to make
it doe all and every other lawfull it reasonable act or acts
thing or things for it touching the recovery of the said Debts
rights & summes of money as effectually it powerfully as if we
ourselves and the said Mordecai were present. And lastly we
Do hereby Authorise it appoint our said Attorneys joyntly it
severally for us it in our names or the names of cither of us
and <>f the said Mordecai, as the ease shall require to sue for,
lett and sett for reasonable rents all the Lands in the County
of Tyrone or elsewhere lawfully Descended unto the said
Mordecai, and to sue for, grant, bargainc <t sell assync and
set over all our right title it interest in the Lease at Leballcg-
lish in the County of Ardmagh, for reasonable considerations
and rents and it shall be lawfull for them our said Atturneys
or cither of them to bind us to make any further assurance
bv Recovery fvnc Deed or otherwise as Counsell learned in


the Law shall advise so as for Doing thereof we shall not be
compelled to travcll forth of the Jurisdccon of the Massa
chusetts bay in New England. Ratefying &c. Coram p ut et
mcipo. Dat 6. G. 1639. [3s.]

Me Rob tum Waggett de Wapping in Com. Midd. nauta
tencr &c. Edv Payne l nauta in 100 Dat 5. 6. 1639. Coram
Sam: H. Ed: II. Nath. Micklethwaite & meipo, Condiconed
to serve five years according to Indentures. [2s. Gd. given.]

Three letters one to Mf Bladcn and Mf Fisher and one
to Mf John Bullingbrooke and the other to Mf William
Peirson. [4s.]

Be it knownc unto all men by these p r sents that I John
Cogan of Boston in New England merchant Doe hereby con
stitute ordcyne & appoint and in my place putt my welbcloued
ffrcind Isaacke Northcot of Hiinniton in the County of Devon
mercer my true & lawfull Attorney and Procurator for me &
in my name to Demand & receive of & from the Executor
Executrix or Executors of the last will & Testament of my
mother Elianor Cogan late of Tiverton in the said County
of Devon 2 widd Deceased who or whomsoev he she or they
are or shall be all & every such legacy or legecyes gift or gifts
or bequest or bequests by her the said Elianor my mother in
and by her said last will & testament given & bequeathed
unto me and to that end & purpose to sue arrest <fc impleade
or cause to be sued arrested & implcadcd the said Executor
Executrix or Executors for the said legacie or legacycs gift or
gifts bequest or bequests and the same of him her or them to
recover in any Court or Courts whatsoever as the case shall
require But if the said Elianor my mother did not give me
any or not any considerable legacy or legacyes gift or gifts
bequest or bequests by her said last will and Testament or
Dyed intestate then to demand receive of her Executors or

1 Ed ward Payne, master of the " Susan England John Cogan emigrated. He
and Ellen, "of London, as above, p. 91. may have come from Tiverton, in the

2 It is not known from what part of County of Devon.


Administrators of her goods rights & credits who or whomso
ever he she or they shall be ail such childs parte & portion of
her personall estate as of right helongeth unto me and to that
end & purpose to sue arrest <t impleade or cause to be sued
arrested <fc implcaded the said Executors or Administrators
for the said Childs parte & portion, and the same [96] of thorn
to recover in any Court or Courts whatsoever And for me &
in my name upon receipt of the said legacy or legacycs gift
or gifts bequest or bequests or childs parte & portion to
make & give sufficient & lawfull acquittance or release ac
quittances or releases unto the said Executors or Adminis
trators And further for me & in my name to Doe <fc make or
cause to be done &, made all every other reasonable act &
acts thing & things whatsoever for & touching the Demand
receipt <fc recovery of the said legacy or legacyes gift or gifts
bequest or bequests or childs parte & portion as powerfully &
effectually as if I my selfo were present llatefying gratefully
accepting & allowing all whatsoever my said Atturney &
Procurator shall lawfully Doe in the premises In witnesse
whereof I have hereunto set my hand <fe scale the seaventh
Day of August In the Hifteenth ycarc of the raigne of our
Soveraigne Lord Charles now King of England etc. Annoq r
Dili 1639. Coram meipo it Jolio Cogan \\m r . [2. 0.]

Be it knowne unto all men by these presents that I John
Cogan of Boston in New England merchant Doe hereby con
stitute ordeyne <fc appoint and in my place put my welbelovcd
ffreind John Stoning Citizen & haberdasher of London my
true lawfull Attorney for me <fc in my name to sue arrest &
impleade or cause to be sued arrested cv; impleadcd John
Harrison 1 late of Boston aforesaid gent for the summe of
twenty six pounds fourc shillings & five pence w ch he owcth

1 There are also in the Note-book unless lie be the ropemaker of Boston,

(pp. 121, 126) entries relating to a letter which I greatly doubt. I think he must

of attorney from John Stratton of Salem be the gambler who was admonished and

to Richard Hutchinson of London to fined 10*. in a court held in June, 1639.

collect money of John Harrison. This On this matter see pp. 97, 99.
man is not to be found in Savage,




unto me & promised to pay me at Daves & times past and the
same of and from him to recover or receive by any course of
la\ve or equity in any his Mats Corts of Justice whatsoever
or otherwise And upon receipt of the said money w th all
charges costs & Dammages concerning the same for me & in
my name to give & make or cause to be made & given unto
him a sufficient release & Discharge And all & every other
lawfull & reasonable act or acts thing or things touching the
recovery or receipt of the said money for me & in my name
to make & doc or cause to be made & Done as powerfully
& effectually as if 1 my selfe were present. Ratcfying &c.
Coram mcipo & Johe Cogan inn 1 ! [1. 6.]

Joseph Faber of London, Cooper, sells to Christopher
Stanley 1 of Boston in N. E. Tayler, one house and garden

1 Christopher Stanley, of Boston, came
in 1635, and died eleven years after.
Savage thinks lie was called " tayler "
because a member of the Company of
Merchant Taylors of London. The only
argument for this known to me is that he
is often called Mr. Stanley, or Mr. Chris
topher Stanley. Besides the property
here spoken of he purchased of the town,
a few years before his death, several acres
of the marsh in the Mill-Held opposite
Charlestown, where he built a wharf.

Joseph Faber, now called of London,
though he may at the time have been
in Boston, had for some years been of
Boston, where he came in 1637, but
stayed only a year or so. lie is men
tioned in Winthrop, however, as being
in Boston in September, 1610, which
must have been a full year after the
present entry.

John Kveret, alias Webb, of course as
above, ]. 60.

These two houses are not very easy
to identify. Anne Ormsbee was ad
mitted to the church at Boston in 1634,
and recommended to the church at Ded-
ham in 1639. She had a grant of land

at Muddy River in 1637 (Boston Town
Records, p. 24), and in the Book of Pos
sessions there is a note in the " Posses
sions of William Aspinwall at Hogg
Island one Acre of Upland and three
quarters of Marsh bought of Mrs. Orms
bee " (]). 30). No land is found belong
ing to her in Boston. Robert Rice
owned land, and had a house on Fort
Street (now Milk) ; and taking this as a
northern boundary would make the lot
here mentioned part of Robert Keayne s
garden, in regard to the boundaries of
which then; is some doubt. So it seems
as though the question must remain in

The other house is entered in the
name of Christopher Stanley in the notes
on the Book of Possessions, p. 96. The
note reads : "William Balston sold the
lot August, 1638, when it consisted of
house, yard, garden, and," backside
of Mr. Coddington, "to Thomas Cornell,
or Corn well, who sold to Edward Tyng,
1643, and he to Christopher Stanley."
This statement does not agree with the
present entry ; and I must think that
the deed from which it is drawn (Book


lying in Boston aforesaid, bctweene the house of Rob 1 Rice on
the north p fc and the house late M r . ls Ormisbyes on the south
partc, halfe an acre and 3 rodds more or lessc w th the appur
tenances, for 101 10s. A bond to pay the 1G* 10s. at the house
afores d

John Evcrct of Boston in N. E. planter, and Mary, his
wife, sells to the sayd Christoper [Stanley] one house
<fe garden thereto belonging, lying in Boston betweene
the houses of Richard Bellingham Esq 1 : on the east parte
& the house of Thomas Buttolph on the west, for 501 in

And the first house to be made over to the said John

Nathaniel Ending 1 of Boston, in New England, servant of
John Cogan of the same, merchant, aged about 18 yeares,
sworne saith upon his oath, that John Harrison late of
Boston aforesaid, gent, being heretofore indebted unto
this deponent s said master, did upon the eleventh Day of

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