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for his sympathy with Mrs. Hutchinson 1631, but removed to Winsor, Conn.,

and Wheelwright, and removed to Rhode and then to Guilford; he died 1672.

Island with the Hutchinsons, but re- John Gore was of Roxbury. William

Wvatt I have been unable to find.


These deeds attested <fc scaled by John Gore to William
Wyatt before the governor & the common scale affixed 12. 6.
1039. Coram Jacobo Brock & meipsc. [3s. Gt/.]

[103] Memorandum that the Agreement bctwccno Eliza
beth Lcger l for her sonne Solomon and John Crabtree is
that the said John Crabtree shall have to his ownc use and
behoof c for receiving the said Solomon to apprentice and with
him the yearely summe of five pounds & tenne shillings from
the executor of the last will & testament of John Greene
within named if the said Elizabeth so long live and the said
John Crabtree in regard thereof shall pay & allowe twenty
pounds unto the said Solomon at the end of the terme of
seaven yearcs within mentioned according to the true meaning
of these present Indentures. Witnesses hereunto William
Hudson & myself and M* Governor knows" the agreement
also. [Is.]

A letter of Attorney made by [wl-] of [Wanfc] in New
England to Robert Harrington of ITatfield Broadokc in the
County of Essex Esqf and Robert Keayne of Boston in New
England merchant to receive of Thomas Coney of Staple Line
London gent the summe of 2001 dat 13. 6. 1639. [Is.]

A letter for M? Cogan & M* Keayne. 13. 6. 1639. [Is. Gil]

A letter of Atiurney by Benjamin Keayne 2 of Boston in
N. E. gent to Toby as Dixon citizen & mercer of London to
receive 5* of John Harrison gent upon bill. 14. 6. 1639.
Coram. [1.]

A letter to James Brock e about M? Peters letter & the
Governors answer thereupon to stay the cause betweene M. r
Bachellcr <t him till James Brocke returne. 14. 6. 1639.

1 Elizabeth Logor may be the maiden 2 Benjamin Keayne was the son of

name of Solomon Greene s mother ; if Robert. He lived in New England for

not, I cannot tell \\lio she is. Leger is some time, but finally returned to Eng-

not a New England name. land (Savage).


Me John Hill do Boston in N. A. carpenter tener 1 etc. Anne
Garrold 1 in viginti libris etc. dat 14. (5. 1039. Coram me et
Willo Han-ell"

To pay her 101 upon the 24 th of August w ch shall be in the
ycarc of our Lord 1656 at or in the now dwelling house of
(icMjrgo Barrell situate in Boston. [Is.]

Timothic Hatherlcy 2 of Scituato in N. E. Planter, pit.
Joseph Young 3 mariner deft, for 80i of beaver worth 151
delivered about y e 29 th 8. 1038 upon 1 Nov. into the Mary &
Anne to his custody to be carryed for England lost by the
way. To procure a warrant against Young and John Pease
of Salem a witncsse to declare for the pit. & write M? Ilath-
crly a letter to send some proof e of the quantity or to make
oath himself thereof. [2s.]

Knowe all men by these presents that wheras Gabriel
Cornish 4 of Wcymouth & Melcomb Regis in the County of
Dorset mariner did by his letter of Attorney under his hand
<fc scale dated the sixth day of May last past authorize and
appoint me Israel Stoughton 6 of Dorchester in New England

1 Anne Garrold may have been the found in Bradford s History. Ilatherly
sister or the wife of Henry Garrold, of and Allerton, the latter principally, con -
Boston, 1C3I\ mentioned by Savage. I ducted the business of the Plymouth
can find the name nowhere else. George Colony with James Shirley, their Lon-
Barrel and William Barrel wen; brothers; don correspondent and his partners,
and the wife of George was named Ann; 3 Joseph Young, I suppose, was of
from which I imagine that he married Salem (Mass. Col. 7i <r., ii. 30). Tease
Anne Garrold. The house spoken of Avas in later years a favorer of the
was on Hanover Street, a little below Gortonist movement (Mass. Col. Jtcc.,
Washington (Book of Possessions, p. ii. f)0).

421). 4 Gabriel Cornish never came to this

2 Timothy Ilatherly, one of the country. There was a Gabriel Cornish
principal first settlers at Scituate, was in Connecticut toward the latter part
before a London merchant. lie came of the century, who might easily be a
to Plymouth in 1623, and was well descendant of this man.

known there for some time, but went G Israel Stoughton, a prominent man
home again. He came back again to in Dorchester, owned the mill alluded
Boston in 1032. He died in 1060. In to a few pages hack in the deed of Ed-
regard to this matter, see infra. Much ward Hutehinson, etc. He came to
in regard to Hatherly, though not per- America, says Savage, in 1032 ; was
tinent to the matter in hand, is to be admitted freeman 1033; was representa-


Esq r to receive of Thomas Richards ] of Dorchester aforesaid
yeoman the suinme of one hundred pounds of lawfull money
of England w ch should be due unto him the said Gabriel from
the said Thomas Richards upon the thirtieth day of July then
next coming & now last past by a bond or obligation made
by him unto the said Gabriel bearing date the foureteenth day
of November last past w ch bond was left heere at Dorchester
aforesaid in the hands of Thomas Millet tayler and upon pay
ment of the said hundred pounds to give any manner of
Release acquittance or other legall discharge for the same as
more at large by the said letter of Attorney it doth and [104]
may appeare. And whereas the said Thomas Richards made
unto the said Gabriel Cornish one other bond or obligation
for the same money w eh bond the said Gabriel carry ed into
England and by his letter to me written did promise to
canccll or deliver up the said last menconed bond upon notice
of the payment of the said one hundred pounds to me by
vertue of the said letter of Atturney according to the appoint
ment or demand of the said Thomas Richards, Now knowc
yee that I have received the said summe of one hundred
pounds of the said Thomas Richards according to the forme
& effect of the said bonds and letter of Attorney, And there
upon doe by these presents for as much as in me lyeth for and
in the name of the said Gabriel remise release and forever
quitt clayme unto the sayd Thomas Richards all and all
manner of actions and demands w ch the said Gabriel his
executors or administrators have or can or may have against
him the said Thomas Richards his heires executors or admin
istrators for and concerning the said debt of one hundred
pounds or upon the sayd bonds or either of them.

And further 1 doe hereby give & grant unto the said Thomas
Richards the said letter of Attorney safe and uncancellcd to
have to him his executors & administrators forever.

live in the General Court for some years, 1 Thomas Eichards s name occurs

and commanded the force against the several times in the early Dorchester

Pequots in 1037. He went bark to Eng- records, but he removed soon after this

land, and commanded a company for the date to Weymouth, where he was living

Parliament in the Civil War ; but died when he is next mentioned in the Rote-

of sickness at Lincoln in 1044. book.


In witnesse etc. Dat 1 3. 7. 1039. [3s. 4d. A coppy of the
letter of Attorney of M? Stoughton under scale of the Company.
Is. &/.]

Oinnia ista prcrccitata acta fuerunt apud Boston in Nova
Anglia coram me Johe Winthrop Ar Gubernator de le Matta-
chusetts Bay in Nova Anglia pro modo et forma prount
supcrius scripta sunt In cuius rei testimon nomcn mcnm sub-
seripsi Sigillumq r hums Colonia commune prcscntibus hisce
apponi causavi die & anno ultima supra scriptis. 1

To the said letter of Attorney a publicke Notary scaled &
subscribed & attested prount 2 sequitur. Omnia ista prcrecitata
acta fuerunt apud Way mouth et Metcomb Regis p rd modo et
forma prount supcrius scripta sunt In cuius rei tcstimonium
nomcn meum subscripsi sigillumq r meum quo in hac parte
utor apponi causavi die et anno supra scriptis.

BOSTOX IN NEW ENGLAND 10 August! Anno Dmi 1039.
At sight of this 3 my first bill of exchange any time after
the twentieth day of December next coming my second and
third not being payd I pray you pay unto M* Robert Ollley
Citizen & mercer of London or his assigns the summe of fifty
six pounds of current money of England for foure heyfers hccre
received by yourself e of me David Oilley of Boston gent. I
pray make good payment. To my very loving friend Thomas
Nicholls at Coggeshall in the County of Essex. [Is. Gti]

1 " All those things set down above according to the form above written. In
were done at Boston in New England in testimony of which I have subscribed
the presence of me, John Winthrop, Es- my name and have caused my scale which
quire, Oovernour of the Massachusetts I here use to be affixed on the day and
Bay in New England after the manner year above written."

and according to the form above written. 3 There is another bill of exchange

In testimony of which I have subscribed later in the Note -bank between these two

my name and have caused the Common men, drawn for the benefit of Stephen

Scale of this Colony to be afiixcd to Offlcy, who, as well as Robert, seems

these presents on the day and year last never to have come to America. Thomas

written above." Nichols and George Nichols, mentioned

2 " As follows: All these things set in the second bill of exchange, were also
down above were done at Weymouth Englishmen, and I believe never came
and Melcomb Regis after the manner and to New England.



Articles of agreement made the 16 A day of the sixth moneth in
the ycare of our Lord 1639 Betweene DAVID OFFLEY of
Boston in New England <jent of the one p te and SAMUEL
HOSIER l of Watertoivne in New England Planter of the
other p te asfolloweth.

Imprimis It is agreed betwecnc the partyes abovesayd that
they shall & will be partners together in procuring sturgian
to be taken & cured and sold at Yarmouth in New England or
elswherc for & during the space of foure ycares from the day
of the date hereof.

[105] Item that the saycl partyes shall beare equall charges

Item that they shall have equall profitts and account
to each other upon reasonable demand from time to tyme
during the said tcrme.

Item that they shall not doc anything contrary to the
mindes of cacli other thcrabouts.

Item that neither of them shall admit of any other partner
or partners without each others consent.

Item that if either of the said parties shall be minded to
imploy a greater stockc this way about sturgian than the other
he may so doe upon his owne account & to his owne advantage
charge & losse.

In witncssc &c Coram mcipc. [26;.]

Robert Meriam of Concord in N. E. pltr. and William
Borcman 2 late of the same his servant put the said Bore-

2 Samuel Hosier, of "\Vatertown, was him than lie turned him over to "\Yil-

choscn constable in 1044, but otherwise Ham Townsheml, thntrher, who, I ima-

is not mentioned by contemporary an- gine, turned him over to Job Jndkin, of

thoiitics. I should imagine that he was what trade 1 kno\v not; and his last ap-

of that well-to-do class who are not of pearnnce in this Note-book is in the not of

a station high enough to get into the being turned over by this last to Thorn-

records as officers, nor low enough to ap- as Withcrly, mariner. Now Witherly

pear therein as criminals, and are there- came from Connecticut, and went back

fore almost unnoticed by history. there at times, and may have brought

2 William Boreman could not have Uoreman with him; for we find against

been a satisfactory apprentice. Richard Boreman a name in Savage, "perhaps

Gridley, the brickmaker, no sooner had of Wethersfield, 1645; was of Guilford,


man apprentice to Richard Gridley of Boston in New England
Brickmakcr, for 6 yeares from 29 Sept. next, meat drinke
lodging & apparell & double apparell at the end of the terme.
in p r ncia mei & T. Savage. Dat 19. G. 1039. [2s. M.]

THOMAS RUCKE of Charlestowne in Neiv England planter Pit.
WILLIAM HATCH of Scituate in Neio England planter Defdt.

To the Governor & assistants of the Jurisdiction of New
Plymouth in New England humbly complayning showeth unto
yo r Worshipps Thomas Ruckc of Charlestowne in New England
planter that whereas this Com plt and one Joseph Moriam of
Concord in New England Planter and William Hatch of Hcituate
in New England Planter Came joynt undertakers in the shipp
Castle of London w ch arrived at the port of Charlestowne in
the moneth of July Anno Dm 1038. And one the said William
Hatch of London was also undertaker with them and under-
tooke by agreement to manage as a steward all their joynt
businesse of undertaking and concerning every mans passage
and all passengers goods that came in the said shipp and to
take notice and keepe account how much every passengers
goods and how much the said severall undertakers ownc goods
were in tunnage and what every one of the said passengers
and undertakers were to pay for their several! passage &
goods and to deliver to every [one] of the said undertakers
& passengers their severall allowance of victualls & to cause
that all the Caske vessells rundletts & provisions layd in for
store and left at the said shipps arrival in New England afore
said should be equally divided to the said undertakers parte
<fe part like, for w ch stewardship the said William Hatch was
allowed by the said ComP 11 <fe Joseph Mcriam the summc of
SOt and other profitts to the value of 20* more in all 50^

1650." He may not be the same man, militia, and was also one of the water-
however. As for Gridley, he was one of bailiffs of the town for somo time. He
the very early settlers, and is frequently is mentioned in the Colonial Records only
mentioned in the early Boston records, in the orders relating to the Hutchinson
sometimes in relation to his trade as disturbance ; from which it may be in-
brickmaker, and sometimes in regard to ferred that he was more popular in the
his public duties. He was captain of town of Boston than in the colony at large.


whereupon this Com plt hoped that the said William Hatch
would have made a just account betweene the master of the
said ship & others & the said undertakers.

But the said William Hatch taking advantage of this
Comp lta sicknessc & weaknesse at sea did in the p r sence of
the master of the said ship at Boston in New England in
July aforesaid & at Charlestowne aforesaid overreckon mis-
reckon account short & mischarge upon this Com 1 11 divers
particularc things hereinafter expressed w ch this Com plt since
came to the knowledge & remembrance of: And first this
Com plt showcth [106] that the proper goods of this Com plt
brought in the said ship did amount in tunnage but to tenne
tunnes & an halfe the tunnage whereof came to but thirty one
pounds & tenne shillings but the said William Hatch charged
the said Com plt w th fifteen tunns of goods & a barrell & for
the same the Com plt hath payd for the tunnage of so much
forty live pounds whereby the said William Hatch overreck-
oncd this Com plt 141 Item by the said ovcrreckoning of this
Com plt goods the said Wm. Ifatch charged the summe of forty
shillings on the said Com plt for custome of foure tunnes &
hall e of goods more than belonged to the Com plt to allow for:
at 9 s by tlie tuiinc. Item thereby the said William Hatch
overcharged this Com plt eight shillings payd to the said
Master for primage & average and eight shillings more to
lightermen for lighterage of foure tunnes & halfe of goods
more than belonged to this Com plt to allow for. Item the
said William Hatch should have accounted to this Com plt for
three bushells & halfe of meale worth twenty and eight
shillings w ch meale was to have bin delivered to this Com plt
for him *fe his family by sea according to common allow
ance but this Com plt having meale for his owne use agreed
to receive his said allowance in meale altogether at land
ing but the said William Hatch never accounted for nor
satisfyed this Com plt for the same. Item the said William
Hatch hath not accounted for nor satisfyed this Com plfc for his
partc of the bread sacks brought by the said undertakers
joyntly w ch p fc was worth fiifty two shillings & six pence.
Item nor for this Com plta parte of the cookes store by the


said undertakers joyntly provided w ch parte was worth thirty
six shillings and six penee nor for this Com plt8 ]>arte of the
vinegar brought by the said undertakers of the voyage w ch
parte was worth 3 shillings <fc sixpence. Nor for this Com plt8
parte of the empty rundlcts & wine casks provided by the
said undertakers w ch parte Avas worth two shillings <fc six-
])ence, Nor for this Com plts parte of the suger brought by the
said undertakers w ch parte was worth eight shillings &. six
pence, Nor for this Compl ay nants parte of the money for the
victualls w ch the Brother of the said William <fc 8 or 9 oilier
persons the proper passengers of the said William had for
three weeks together after the said ship came to anchor in
the said porte which parte the said William Hatch was to
answer for <fc pay to this Com plt they being his the said Win.
Hatch s proper passengers, & amounted to 80s. at the least.
He prayeth that the said William Hatch be injoyned to sett
downe the same in writing upon his oath. Item the said
William [107] Hatch mischarged or overcharged this Com plt
with sixteene shillings & fourc pence for tunnagc of halfe
a tun of goods of Henry Swan w ch he refuseth ct hath not
right to pay so much because they were victualls & not
broadcloth. Item the said William Hatch mischarged this
Com plt with fiftecne shillings and six pence for the tunnadge
of Ann Baker her goods w ch the said Joseph Mcriam did
receive. Item the said William Hatch accounted short the
bisket of the said undertakers w ch he sould at Boston afore
said wh r of the Com plt parte came to three shillings and three
pence more than the said William Hatch did account for.
Item the said W. II. hath confessed himself to be in ar-
reages to the Com plt the summc of 17* 9* by his letter dated
14 th Sept. 1638 whereof since the said Win. Hatch hath paid
the Com plt 1QH by the hands of Joseph Kitchercll and by UK
Sparhawke 35s. 3<i. and by John Fishenden 17s. in all 121
12s. 0(7. so that there resteth due the residue whereof that is
41 16. 9 to the Com plt So that the said William Hatch is
in arrerages to this Complaynant the summc of 81. 6. 5d.
pounds at the least. All w h premises are well knowne to the
said William Hatch. And because the said Complainant


cannot so exactly prove the said particulare things as law
requires therefore he prayeth that the said William Hatch
may be enjoyned to answer all the premises upon his oath
particularly in writing and further to stand to & abide such
ordei;<fc decree therein as shall scenic to yo r worships to stand
with equity & good conscience. And this Com pi ay nan t shall
as his duty byndcth him pray for yo r worships health & pros
perity and of the publicko. [6s. &/. Sent to M* Nath. Souther
at Plinunoutli 26. 6. 1639 by John Crabtrees friend.]

Thomas Rucke of Charlcstowne in New England planter
aged about 48 yeares sworne saith upon his oath that he know-
eth that William Hatch reckoned with Joseph Meriam in the
moneth of July Anno Dni 1638 being the 14 th yeare of the
raigne of our Sov : Lord Ch now king of England &c that he
the said Wm. Hatch had received to the use of the said Joseph
from Robert Meriam his brother but thirty pounds & no more.
And this deponent saith that he hath seen a note of remem
brance of the said William llatchs owne handwriting in a
little paper bookc of the said Joseph Meriams w ch note con-
teyneth these words <fc figures following that is to say " July
13 th 1638. One after pt of the profitts of the freight of the
Castle and of provisions left in my hands comes unto w ch I
doe owe unto Joseph Meriam lo l 14s. William Hatch " : w ch this
deponent doth very well know to be the hand writing of the
said William Hatch because this deponent hath often seen
him the said Hatch write, and hath many other writings of
the said Hatch at this time in his hands. [Is.]

Thomas Watson l late of Duxbury pltr against John
Rogers 2 of Duxbury planter: for Henry Blage brickmaker
turned over to him for about 3 yeares about No : last 40s. to be
pd at 12 Fcl) : for certaine brick tools 30s. for a fouling peice

1 Thomas Watson was at this time Watson is hardly an uncommon one in

winding up his affairs preparatory to Duxbury.

returning to England, as will be seen 2 John Rogers may have been the son
by the later references to him in the of Thomas Rogers, who came over in the
Xot e-book. Exactly who this man " Mayflower." " Henry Blagge, Brain-
was is uncertain, although the name tree briekburner," 1643 (Savage).


30s. in January last, and for 5 daycs workc about brickc &
planting in June last to hhnsclfe & John Broomeli but
Rogers undertooke to pay it. [I*-]



JOSEPH MERIAM of Concord in New ^j

England Pit I in an action of trespass

WILLIAM HATCH of Scituate in New f upon the case.

England Deft

The Pit complayneth against the defendt that whereas
the defendt heretofore that is to say in the moneth of
April! in the fourteenth yeare of the raigno of our soveraigne
Lord [108] Charles now King of England the defnt was
indebted unto the pit the suminc of thirty & five pounds w ch
lie received of Robert Mcrium for tlie pits use and on his
behalf which the dcfcndt promised to pay when he should be
required the same and the Defendt did afterwards indeed pay
unto the Pit the surnmc of thirty pounds thereof. And
whereas the Pltiff & Defendt upon the thirteenth day of July
in the fourcteenth yeare aforesaid did account together for
divers moneys due from the one to the other & the Defendt
was then found in arrcarges to the pit the sunime of fiftccne
pounds & fourteene shillings w ch then also he promised to pay
unto the pit when he should be required the same and the
defendt did afterwards indeed pay unto the pit the sunime of
tonne pounds thereof Notwithstanding the aforesaid defendt
intending to deceive the pit of the sunime of five pounds the
residue of the said thirty & five pounds <fe of five pounds &
fourteene shillings the residue of the said summe of fiftecne
pounds & fourteene shillings amounting in the whole unto
tennc pounds & fourteene shillings hath not yet payd the
same to the said pit although he hath bin required the same
upon the 14th day of July aforesaid but refused and still
doth refuse to pay the said tenno pounds <fe fourctcene shil
lings to the pit. whereby the pit hath lost divers moneys &
profitts & commodities w cb by trading with the said money he


might have gotten to his dammage eleven pounds & tene
shillings thereupon he brings this suit. [Sent to Plym : to
M r . Nath. Souther p r t devant.]

IN THE CORT AT BOSTON 3. (7.) 1639.

TIMOTHY HATHERLEY pit ) . 7 ., ^

x , . _ . \ in a plea of trespass upon the case.

JOSEPH YOUNG mariner deft J

The plaintiffc complayncth that whereas the Dcfendt. upon
the last day of October last past was master of the ship
called the Mary & Anne & undertooke therein to transporte
passengers & goods from Nc\v England to the porte of
London and by the law the Dcfendt was to take care that all
goods delivered into the said ship should be safely delivered
forth of the same to all such persons as the same goods
should apperteyne or to whome the said goods should be con
signed & appointed to be delivered by the owners thereof.
And the Pit indeed saith that he being possessed of one par-
cell of beaver skins of the value of 15* of lawftill money of
England at Boston aforesaid upon the first day of November
last past he caused the said beaver skins to be then & there
delivered aboard the said ship into the Charge & custody of
the said deft the said ship then riding at anchor in the porte

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