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eldest of whom was thirteen years old. change drawn by his brother William
It may !>< that Newton Mather was re- Gray on Jeremiah White, of Plymouth ;
latcd to him. I have not come across and, lastly (p. 176), there is a deed of
the name in reading the Magnalia, nor a house from one Henry Gray of Bus-
indeed any\yhere save here. The onus- ton to Thomas Lechford. \ni\\Qlioston


I Thomas Watson J late of Duxburv in No\v Eughmd planter
purposing God willing to imbsirUe mvsrjfe [or I]nghind very
shortly & considering the i raylty of my life L thought good &
do make my will in this manner I commend inyselfe my soulo
tfe body unto the dispose of Hie Almighty & touching a few
debts & goods that 1 have heere 1 give <fc bequeath ihem unto
my neiee Anna Watson daughter of John Watson Deceased
dwelling w th her mother in law Elizabeth the wile of John
Grey dwelling nearc Quinapeagc; that is to say forty six shil
lings owing to mo by Stephen Tracy, fifty three shillings
owing to me by Thomas Goodman five shillings foure pence
owing to me by John Moore foure shillings owing to me
by John Barker and twenty shillings owing to me by John
Groome, <t one truncke of clothes & other things \v ch 1 have
leaft with John Stevanes of Boston taylcr, And i name my
executor hereof the said John Grey. Witnesse my hand the
28. 7. 1039. [1. 6.]

Knowe all men by these presents that we Josiah Stanboraugh
of Lynne in New England planter <fe Frances his wife Daugh
ter of Henry Gransden late of Tunbridgc in the County of
Kent gent Deceased doe hereby constitute ordeyne cv in our
place put our wellbeloved tfc trusty ffriend Richard Young
Citizen & Cooper of London our true & lawfull Attorney for
us in our names to demand & receive of and from Alice
Gransden of Tunbridgc aforesaid widdowe all such summes

Town Records is mention of Henry ]>. 101 (Tnnnbull s od.). As for George

Gray, a tailor. Besides this, .Savage Spencer, there is mention of one, of his

mentions Henry Gray, Fairfield, 1C 43, name being punished for receiving sto-

with wife Lydia. Otherwise, 1 find no len goods (Jfass. Col. Jlcc., i. 203).

mention of Grays or Greys either. Mr. 1 This is the last mention of Thomas

Trumljull thinks that there was but one "Watson, who probably did sail for Kng-

Ilenry Grey, a tailor of London and land as he purposed; though whether he

afterward of Boston, who had a wile ever reached the country in safety we

Lydia. lie rails ,lohn Grey (<r,if< t can hardly be sure. To the facts stated

j>. 122) and Henry Grey brothers, and about those indebted to him 1 regret

supposes their wives to be Elizabeth that I can add nothing. I have learned

and Lydia, daughters of William Frost, nothing of them, nor of John Stevens,

of Nottingham. See Conn. Col. Jlcc., a name which occurs frequently in

i. 465, and Lechford s Plaine Dealing, Savage.


of money as are due unto us for our parte of the lands &
tenements in Tunbridgo aforesaid whereof the said Henry
dyed seized & w ch together w th other lands & tenements were
charged with a certaine rent charge or annuity to us or one
of us payable by vcrtue of the last will & testament of the
said Henry Gransden whereof the said Alice was made Execu
trix & who proved the same, w ch lands and tenements were also
lawfully descended unto us or one of us together with y e six
other sisters of me the said Frances w ch lands & tenements
the said Alice hath sold & passed away to [&/><&] of [i/ai&] his
heires & assigncs and hath satisfycd & payd the foure elder
sisters of me the said Frances for their parts of the said lands
& tenements but hath not yet payd us or either of us for our
said parte thereof And upon receipt of the said summes of
money for us & in our names to make & give a sufficient & legall
release and discharge for the same & for the said rent charge or
annuity unto the said Alice and further to make & execute any
other reasonable and lawfull act or deed acts or deeds for the
firme conveyance of our interest in the premises unto the said
Alice or [&/ufc] and their or either of their heires or to any other
person or persons whatsoever as the said Alice shall appoint
And in such case we grant that we will make & levy & exe
cute or cause to be made levyed & executed any other reason
able assurance or assurances in the lawe whatsoever for the
settling of the premises accordingly as the Counsel learned in
the Law of the said Alice shall advise or require so that for
the doing levying executing thereof we be not [126] com
pelled to travell forth of the Jurisdiccon of the Mattachusetts
Bay in New England. But in case the said Alice shall refuse
to satisfyc & pay the sayd summes of money to our said At
torney then we doc hereby Authorize & appoint our said Attor
ney by advice of good Counsell learned in the law to sue arrest
<fe implcade the said Alice & her heires executors & admini
strators and the said [Ww&] all or any of them in his Mats
Courts of equity & iustice thereby to compcll her <fc them to
reconvey & settle the said lands & tenements in such estate
& condition as they were in at the time of the death of the
said Henry and also to recover of & from her & them our said



Rent charge or annuity Hereby ratifying all ct whatsoever our
said Attorney shall lawfully cv reasonably doe in the premises
In witnes ifcc 28. 7. 1.G39. (T>- 8. r in pic. r>.v. 1-8- Hi:5!).]

A letter to M? Ilarlow 1 fr Mr Stanborou<rh in this matter.

A letter of Attorney made by John Stedman 2 to M r Tlio :
Hawkins to receive of , the executors of M r (Hover f)()l legaev
dated 28. 7. liUU). cv, a release to the Executors.

And 1 John Winthrop Esrjr. Governor of the Jurisdiction of
the Mattaclmsctts 13ny in New England having seen these
presents signed scaled <$: delivered by the abovcnamcd Josiah
Stanborough k Frances his wife to the use of the abovenamed
Attorney have thought good at the request of the said .losiah
tt Frances to Certifyc the same and the rather that it might
appeare unto all whome it may eoncernc that the said Josiah
& Frances are at this time in full life & health In testimony
whereof I have caused the Common sealc of our Colony to be
hereunto affixed the said last day of September 1G-V.).

Me Johen Elford 3 dc Salem in Nova Angli.i Nauta tener
Jolii White de Dorcesteria in com Dor st (Tico <t Thome
Bustecd de eadem (}en in 24* coram me ct Willo Pierce 4
iund. 81. 7. 1039.

1 Mr. ILirlowe may have boon the;
young man (mentioned by Savage as a
means of introducing his three wives
and thirteen children) who had been
living at Lynn, but was now at Sand
wich or Plymouth. More probably how
ever lie was in England.

2 John Stedman, of Cambridge, namo
from England in the same yenr, and
probably in the same ship, with the Ilev.
Josse (Hover. lie was often selectman
of Cambridge, and in 1045, "on the
town s request, he was established En
sign of the eompanv there," says the
Colonial Record. He died in 1G93,
being ninety-two years old.

3 John Elford, of Salem, was in 1630
in trouble on an accusation of murder
of one Thomas Puekctt ; but I cannot
find out that the case was ever decided
one way or another. He was excom
municated in 1(539, says Savage, who
classes him with " Roger Williams and
other outcasts." lie is called here "tie
Amsterdam," but the phrase was crossed
out and " nuprr d^ Sttjr.m " substituted.
"Crico" perhaps is short for Cli .rico.
This would be naturally enough applied
to the I!ev. John White of Dorchester,
England. [T.]

4 There wen; two persons of the name
of William Tierce, each sufficiently


Condiconed to pay 121 Gs. CJ. upon the 29. Sept 1G40 at or
in the house called or knowuc by the signc of the King of
England Bristoll & njion the [illegible] in Amsterdam being
the house of Constantino Welles. [Is-]

Knowc all men by these presents that I John Stratton of
Salem in New England gent, for and in parte of payment of
fifty pounds w ch I owe unto Valentine Hill of Boston in New
England mercer doc hereby give & grant unto the said Valen
tine Hill all that my lott or farinc granted and assigned to me
by the Townsmen of Salem aforesaid conteyning one hundred
acres or thereabouts be it more or lesse lying & being in the
village within the precincts of the said towne of Salem neare
the lands of M r Hawthorne 1 & Lieutenant Davenport w tb the
appurtenances To have & to hold the said lott or farme w th
the appurtenances unto the said Valentine Hill his heircs & as
signs for ever 1 say in parte of payment of so much of the said
fifty pounds as the said premises arc well worth but if the
premises arc worth fifty pounds then in full payment of the
said fifty pounds [127] then what in value the same shall come
shortc of the said fifty pounds 1 or my heircs executors or
adm, shall & will pay & satisfy unto the said Valentine Hill
his executor or administrators as soonc as the said Valentine
Hill shall receive newcs from England that the said fifty pounds
are not or cannot be recovered of John Harrison gent by vertue
of one letter of Attorney made by me unto Richard llutchin-
son Citi/en it Ironmonger of London upon a bill or writing

important. I take this one to Le Mr. 1(>;>4. lie was often a representative,

William Pieive, who came, in 1G33, and served as a captain or major in

in the "(irillin" with John Cotton King Philip s War. Lieutenant Duvcn-

and Hooker and others (for whom see port was one of the earliest inhabitants

Jfr inth., i. lo 1 .)). The other man of the of Salem, having come, in ItiiiS, with

name was Captain William Pierce, a Endicott. He was an ensign in 1G34,

prominent merchant, of whom mention and in 1G:>G was a lieutenant in tho

will Le made later. Pe<]uot War. He was subsequently cap-

1 I am sorry not to be able to place tain of the castle in Boston, where he

exactly the lot here referred to. Mr. had moved, and was killed by lightning

Hawthorne was probably William Ha- in 1GG5. (For the letter of attorney,

thorn, who came in the " Arbella" with see ante, p. 121.)
Wiathrop, and moved to Salem about


whercnnto Adam Winthrop was wilncssc according to appoint
ment of the said Valentine Hill & to the said Richard JJutch-
inson his executors administrators or assignes according to the

said letter of Attorney then this present gift it grant shall be
voyd ct of no force. And 1 further Covenant promise tt grant
t j & w tl the said Valentine Hill that I will pay all costs and
charges to be expended in the endeavour to recover the said
fifty pounds of the said John Ilarrisson if the same shall not
be recovered of him. In witnessc <tc. [1. (>.]

John Bourne 1 bound to M r Nchemiah Bourne for yeares
if he will undertake at; his coming from England to instruct
him in the trade of a shipwright if not for 4 yeares dated nit
Sept lO-W. eoram me tt T. Savage. [2x.J

A letter of deputation by Mr Nehcm : Bourne to Hannah his
wife to receive debts etc dated ult 7. 1639 coram Tho : Savage
ct meipe. both these. [Is.]

Knowe all men by these presents that I Walter Blackbourne
late of Roxsbery in New England Planter doe hereby for
21 5 1 to me in hand payd by William Cheney of Roxbery afore
said planter doe hereby grant bargaine ct sell unto the said
William Cheney all that my dwelling house in Roxberry afore
said with the lands & ground heretofore by me bought with
the same that is to say six acres of upland meadowe more or

I cannot say who John Bourne is, This I infer from the deeds in Lech ford
but think that lie is not mentioned by (post, pp. 215, 216), in which Eli/abeth
Savage. Possibly he never came over Blaukburne transfers this lot to Fran-
from England. Much is found in the cis Lisle, barber (see also Stiff. Deeds, i.
Note-book in regard to transactions be- 20). The lot may be found in the re-
tween Walter Blnckbnrnc and William print of the; Book of Possessions (F, 65,
Cheney, as well as the proceedings of p. 83) with this note : " Walter Black-
Elizabeth Blaekburne after her bus- burne had his lot, which Kli/abeth . . .
band s departure for Europe. I suppose sold in 1G41 to Francis Lyle the bar-
tins bouse and land to be the same that bcr." Blackburne s lot was said to be
he bought of Nicholas Parker (ante, in the "Gentry Field." Perhaps the
p. 35). He moved into Boston after sell- site in the Hook of Possessions could not
ing this house, and lived on Wash- come under this head; in which case I
ington Street, about opposite the spot suppose there were two lots,
where the Old South Church nowstands.


lesse six acres of salt marsh more or lesse sixteene acres in a
grcatc lott with a Common fence nync acres & an halfc of wooddy
upland unfcnccd twelve acres of a rocky woody lott fenced
teim acres belonging to the said house and two acres more or
lessc by me heretofore also purchased at another time and also
the Co\vc house or barnc set up but not quite finished A: all
my hay upon the premises w th the appurtenances and all writ
ings concerning the same that I have in my custody To have
<fe to hold the said house & dwelling & all and singulare
the premises w tb the appurtenances whatsoever unto the said
Willm Cheney his hcires &, assignes for ever In witncsse c.
dat ult 7. 1039. [1. 8.]

Me Willm Cheney de Roxberry in Nova Anglia plantator
tener Walter Blackbournc in 110* dat ult die Sept 1639.

Conditioned for payment of 55* 29. 7. 1640 at the dwelling
house of the said Walter in Boston. [1.]

This Indenture made the last day of September in the 15 th
yearc of the raignc of our Sovcraigne Lordc Charles now King
of England <tc Annocp Dmi 1639, Betweene Walter Black-
bourne late of Roxberry in New England planter of the one
parte And William Cheney of Roxberry aforesaid planter of
the other parte Witnesseth that the said Walter Blackbourne
for divers good considerations him [128] thereunto moving
doth by these presents grant alien A: cnfeoffc unto the said
William Cheney eight acres of salt marsh more or lesse lying
in Roxberry aforesd And five acres of upland whereof three
acres arc ploughed & some broken up <fe fenced And twelve
acres & an halfe of upland wooddy ground unfeneed w tb all
my posts & rayls provided to fence the same w th the appurten
ances. To have and to hold the said lands & premises w th the
appurtenances unto the said W m Cheney his hcires & assignes
for ever Yeilding <k paying unto the said Walter Blackbourne
his hcires <fc assignes for the premises the yearelyfee farinc rents
following that is to say for the said eight acres of salt mrs
three pounds for the said live acres of upland ploughed broken
up & fenced foil re pounds <fc for the said twelve acres and an


halfc of upland wooddy ground unfenccd twenty shillings at
two tonnes in the yeare that is to say the twenty fifth day of
March and the twenty nyncth day of September by equall por-
cons to be payd Provided allwaycs that whensoever the said
William Cheney his heircs or assigns shall pay unto the said
Walter Blackbourne his heircs & assignes the sumine of twenty
foure pounds for the said eight acres of salt marsh then the
said rent thereof shall cease & the said William Cheney his
heircs & assignes shall have the same to him & them his &
their heircs & assignes in absolute ffec simple for ever and
whensoever the said William Cheney his heircs or assigncs
shall pay unto the said Walter Blackborne his hcires or as
signes twenty pounds for the said five acres of upland plowed
<fe broken up & fenced then the said rent thereof shall cease
& the said William Cheney his heircs & assigncs shall have the
same to him & them his & their heircs & assignes in absolute
fee simple for ever and whensoever the said William Cheney
his heircs or assignes shall pay unto the said Walter Black-
borne his heircs or assigncs twelve pounds & ten shillings for
the said twelve acres & halfc of upland wooddy grounds un-
fenced then the said rent thereof shall cease <fc the said William
Cheney his hcires & assigncs Shall have the same to him &
them his ct their hcires <fc assignes in absolute fee simple for
ever. In witnesse &c. ult 7. 1039. [3s. 0.]

Articles of agreement indented made the last day of
September anno RRS. Carol! mine Anglii <tc. Annocp Dili
1039. Betwccnc Walter Blackborne late of Roxberry in New
England planter of the one partc & Willm Cheney of Rox-
berry aforesaid planter of the other partc as followcth.

1. Imprimist he said Walter Blackbourne agrecth & puttes
six Cowes to keeping unto the said William Cheney from the
day of the date hereof for three ycares fully to he complcat*&

2. Item the said Willm Cheney ngrecth & undertakcth well
<fc carefully to kecpe & looke to the said Cowes & their living
increase and to fynd & provide sufficient hay fodder & all
ncccssarys for them during the said tcrmc.


[129] 3. Item it is agreed bctwccne the said party s that once
a yearc during the said tcrmc the living increase of the said
cowcs shall be equally divided to & bctwecnc the said partycs.

4. Item that if during the said termc any of the said co\ves
dye the said partycs shall equally bcarc the losse thereof &
also equally repaire such lossc by making up the said number
of six cowes forthwith upon such Death.

5. Item the said Walter Blackbornc agrccth & promiseth to
pay halfe the Country rates but not any of the towne rates
wherew th all the said Cowes shall be charged during the said

6. Item the said William Cheney agree! h & promiseth to re-
deliver the said six cowcs or others in their roome from time
to time to he rcpayred <fe made up as aforesd if any of them
dye at the end of the said termc together w th halfe the living
increase of them unto the said Walter Blackbournc his execu
tors administrators or assignes. In witnesse tvc. [2. o .]

Michael Williamson 1 Anne his wife make a letter of
deputation Sc procuratorship to Anthony Stapley of Patcham
in Sussex Es<j r to rec of Elizabeth Gecrc of Lewis in Sussex
widdowc Executrix of the last will & testament of Dennis
Geerc late of Saugost deceased 501 legacy given by him to the
said A line by the name of Anne Panckhurst. Dated 2. 8. 1080

Coram Tho : Savage & mcipr> w th the Certificate of their

marriage by the Go vr under the Common scale. [Is. 8cZ.]

And their release to the said Executrix for the same.

A letter to M r . is Gcere. And a release conditionall to M^
Stapley. [GJ.]

Robert ITardiug 2 of Boston mercer conveys one acre &
lialfe of upland & one acre & halfe of marsh ground lying in
Hogg Island w ch were assigned to him by the Townesinen of

1 " Michael Williamson," snys Sav- three or four yours after he is heard of

a^ e, "Ipswich, cniiic in the Planter in ftliodw Island." See ^>n.<tf, j>. 171
early in 1 ():>.", a^ed thirty, as OIK; of the 2 Robert Harding moved soon after

servants of (Icoip; fliiMin^s ; and I this to Rhode Island (Savuge).
would ghully learn more of him, for in


Boston, and one acre of upland and three quarters of an acre
of mnrsli w ch \vas the lott of Barnabas Derriford 1 and one
aere of upland and three q rtrs of an acre of marsh w ch was tlie
lott of Jolm Pcnibcrton to S r gcant The : Savage & his heires
for 4t 10*. [Is.]

Me Will Cheney de Roxbcrry in Nova Anjrlia plantatorc
tenor cVc WaKero Ulnckhorne in r>(il 10s. daf nit 7. HJ W.
Cora in.

Conditioned io pay the rent according to the aforesaid
Indenture. [Is.]

A mortirn^e of the first lands w th the Dwelling house by Wil
liam Cheney to Walter blackborne w th proviso to redeliver the
(J eowes w (h their living increase at the 3 ycares end according
to the said Articles it to ful. lill the articles <vc.

A letter for M! John Jolmson 2 to M? Willm Pincheon of
Aggawam upon the river of Ivonnccticot.

Knowe all men by these presents that we Yovawan Sachem
of Pommanocc and Aswaw Sachem his wife ffor ten Coates
of trading (Heath to ns before the making hereof payd and
delivered [130] by Lion (Jardiner 1 ( 1 onimander of the forte

1 The spelling of tins name seems oarlymemberof the Company; and being
clearly Dcrriford. I think however tluvt already nn assistant, came over in the
the man must be F>arnaby Dorryfalls, or ileet with Winthmp lf>:>(). He settled in
Derrifall, who had a lot in Boston which Foxbury, but in 1 (>:.>(> removed to tli j
is several times alluded to in tin; records. Connecticut IJiver, where he. founded
He was a servant of Coddington, came the town of Springfield. He got into re-
over in 1033, and lived at Braintree. ligious controversy with the authorities,
His name is l. jjth on the list of mem- however, in the yar ICfil, ;ui l returned
hereof the First Church. to Kn-land, where he died HJiJ-J. His

2 Which John Johnson of the seven- fnmilv remained in New England.

teen mentioned in Savage this may be, 3 Lion (Jardiner was commander of

I cannot tell, but suppose him to be the fort at Saybrook from the year lf>35

Mr. John Jolmson of Roxbuiy, from the till he moved to Long Island, where lie

title of respect applied to him. Mr. lived until his death in K>r>3. The

William Pincheon (or Pvnchon, as the island here spoken of \vas called bvhim

name is more commonly spelled), how- the Isle of Wight, but has since been

ever, was widely known. lie was an called by his name. For his views on


called Saybrook ffort als Pashpeshauks at the mouth of the
river of Kennecticot doe hereby for us and our heires & Suc
cessors grant bargaine & sell unto the said Lion Gardiner all
that our Island called Manchonat w th the appurtenances, and
all our right title <fc demand of in & to the same To have and
to hold the said Island w th the appurtenances unto the said
Lion Gardiner his heires & assigncs for ever. In witncsse
whereof we have hereto sett our hands & scales the third
day of the moneth called by the English May in the yearc by
them of their Lord written One thousand six hundred thirty
and nync 1G39. [2. 6.]

Thomas Barker John Johnson Francis Lambert and John
Punderson J & William Chcsebrough sell the house dwelling
house and lott conteyning neare an acre lying in Boston next
adjoyning to M. r Cotton s lotfc to S r geant Thomas Savage of
Boston & his heires dat 7. 8. 1G39. [Is.]

Me Samuel Hagborne 2 tener Walter Blackborne in 601
condiconed for payment of 30 1 3 1 15s. half yearly. [Is.]

Comfort Starre 3 of Duxbury in New England Chirurgian
makes a letter of Attorney to Edward Michelson of Cambridge

the Pequot war, throughout which he Mason had destroyed the Pequot fort,

held Saybrook Fort, see his llelation, Starr removed from Duxbury to Boston

3 Mass. Hist. Coll., iii. 131. some years after this (1643), and died

1 Tlie first four men may be supposed Jan. 2, 1GGO. Edward Miehelson is
to have been the four Yorkshire men three times mentioned in Leehford ; but
spoken of in the first entry of the Note- otherwise I find little of him. Ho was
book. Mr. Cotton s lot was on Tremont marshal of the colony ; and there is
Street, near Scollay Square, running notice, of his having been appointed
back into what is now Pemberton Square marshal of the court, together with a
(Book of Possession*, 111, II, 13). statement of his fees (Mass. Col. Eec.,

2 Samuel Hagborne of lloxbury may i. 217), as well as mention of him as
be found in Savage. marshal two or three times, in the first

8 Comfort Starr, of Duxbury, came book of Suff. Deeds. He was not a

to New England in 1635. He was freeman. John Jones, of Concord, can

chosen surgeon, in 1G37, to go with hardly be the minister of that name,

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