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assignes free liberty of ingrcsse cgrcsse regresse for him
<fc themselves & his <fe their cattell <fc goods to pass to and
from his <fc their owne yards into & through the aforesaid fore-
yard lie <fc they finding stuff e & wood for the setting up &


upholding of the forodooro of the said foreyard the said doore
to be made fitting i or the occasions of the said Edward Wood
his heires it assigncs who is it arc to set tip & from time to
time amend the said foredoore with the materialls of the said
Wilhu Braekenberry his heires & assigncs And further that
it shall be lawfull to & for the said Willm Brackenbcrry his
heires it assigncs at any time to make a Icanto unto the outside
end of the parlor of the said dwelling house upon his & their
owiio ground not stopping or hindering any light or lights of
the same parlor or other rooms of the said house nor making
or causing any annoyance In* any privyes hogstyc.s or any other
filthy stiucks or otherwise unto the said house or dwellers
therein, And furthermore in Consideration of the said money
& hargaiue it that the said 1 Mward Wood is a Baker by his
trade it the said Willm Braekenborry ct his wife were not
brought up to the said trade but did for a smale time use the
same in case of necessity heretofore Now the said Willm
Brackenberry i or himselfe ct his said wife his executors &
adm rs doth Covenant promise it grant to it w th the said Ed
ward Wood by these presents that he the said Willm Bracken-
berry it his said wife or either of them shall not bake or cause
to be baked any sorts of bread to sell during the time that the
said parties to-these presents and the said [blank] shall live in
the said Townc of Charlcstowne together saving that the said
Willm Brackenbcrry it his said wife may bake bread for the
spending of themselves it their family And except the mag
istrates shall hereafter judge the said William or his wife to
be necessitated thereunto through poverty or that the said
Townc cannot otherwise be supplyed.
In witnesse itc. [5s-]

[135] Joseph Cooke 1 of Cambridge in New England gent
Sonnc of Thomas Cookc of great Yealdham in the County of

1 Joseph Cookc came over in the came to America. He had a grant of

"Defence" (1635) with his younger land at Cambridge, which lie forfeited

brother, George, and with Roger liar- by remaining in England. Joseph Cooke

lackendcn, the younger brother of Rich- and his brother were both prominent

ard here mentioned. Richard never citizens of Cambridge, often deputies to


Essex gent Deceased makes a letter of Attorney to Thomas
Cooke of Wormingford in Essex gent his brother & to Mf Rich
ard Ucrlakenden of Earles Colne in Essex Esqf lawfully to
enter upon the ffrechold lands in Rynkcscy in Suff <fc all Cop-
pihold lands in great Brysctt called Brysctt Kell holden of
the mannor of Bryset aforesaid belonging to Kings College
in Cambridge.

Me Will in Brackenberry de Charlestowne in Nova Anglia
plantator tener c Edw Wood in 391 iQ Sm dat <fcc.
Conditioned to <pforme Covents. [Is.]

Knowe all men by these presents that I Joseph Cooke of
Cambridge in New England gent one of the 2 sonnes of
Thomas Cooke late of Great Yealdham in the County of Es
sex gent Deceased Doe hereby constitute ordeyne and in
my place put my wellbcloved & dearc brother Thomas Cooke
of Wormingfold in the said County of Essex gent and my
wellbcloved ffriend Richard Ilerlakenden of Earles Colne
in the said County Esq!; my true & lawfull Attorneys joyntly
or severally for me &, in my name lawfully to enter on
all those my freehold & coppihold lands & tenements called
Brysctt Kell lying & being in Rynkesey & Great Brysett w ch
were given bequeathed settled to <fc upon me cither by the last
will & testament or any deed <t conveyance or surrender of
my said i father or otherwise in the County of Suffolko or any
other place whatsoever by what name or names soever the said
lands & tenements [be~\ called And also to goe unto the Court
Baron or Courts Baron of the manor of great Brysctt afore
said or manors whereof the said Coppihold lands are held and

the General Court, etc. George went look Joseph Cooke calls himself one of

home to England and served in the Civil the two sons of Thomas Cooke, the

War, and died in Ireland. Joseph, it is other being Thomas Cooke, of Worming-

thought, returned to England after his ford, Essex. If we trust Leehford, and

lirother s death. This information I take the passage to mean only two sons,

have taken from Savage, who says noth- as is most natural, George Cooke cannot

ing about any other Joseph Cooke that be the brother of Thomas Cooke, as

will correspond to what we know. But stated by Savage ; he may bo a cousin,

in the next entry but one in the Xotc- or some more distant relative.


for me it in my name to require to be admitted tenant or Ten
ants of all the said Coppihold lands it tenements according to
the Customc of the said mannor or mannors And for me tt in
my name to pcrforme all such suit it service att the said Court
Baron or Courts Baron as to me belongeth to be done in regard
of the said Coppihold lands and to compound it agree for and
pay all such payments duties & respect of homage or fealty as
1 ought to perform to & w th the Kings Ma tic or the Lord and
Lords of the said mannor or mannors or their Stewards or to &
w th any other person or persons to whomc such payments duties
tt respect, are or shall be due it payable for the said freehold <t
coppihold lands tt tenements \v th license of the Kings Mai st or
of the Lord or Lords aforesaid as the case shall require And
afterwards for me it in my name to demise let it sett it to take
the rents issues it proflits of the said freehold it coppihold lands
& tcn . s And further for me it in my name to article covenant
& agree w 11 * any person or persons about the sale surren
der it purchase of the said freehold tt-coppihold lands it tene
ments for such reasonable summcs of money as they are worth
and the said money for me it in my name to receive tt then the
said lands it tenements to such person or persons purchasing
the same it to their use for me it in my name to convey assure
it surrender according to law it the Customo of the said mannor
or mannors whereby they my sayd Attorneys or cither of them
may bynd me to make any further legall assurance conveyance
or surrender as the said purchaser or purchasers or their
Counsell learned in the law shall reasonably advise or require
so that for the doing thereof I bo not compelled to travel forth
of the Jurisdiccon of the Mattachusctts Bay in New England
And further for me it in my name to make doc it execute all
other lawfull acts it deeds requisite for the recovery entering
on it taking possession of the said lands it tenements tt further
touching the letting setting it taking the rents issues it profitts
thereof and touching the selling tt passing away of the same
and all other the premises as fully powerfully it [136] effec
tually as I myselfc in my owne proper person might or eould
doe Hereby ratifying gratefully accepting it confirming all &
whatsoever my said Attorneys or cither of them shall lawfully


doe in the premises In witncsse whereof I have hereunto sett
my hand & scale the {fifth day of November in the ffifteenth
yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles now King
of England &c Annocp Dili. 1G89 Coram Willo Hihbens l &
[Want] <t mcipsc.

And I John Winthrop Esq r Governor of the Jurisdiction of
the Mattachusctts Bay in New England having scene these
presents signed scaled & delivered in my presence have thought
good at the spcciall instance & request of the abovemcntioned
Joseph Cooke to certify the same. In testimony whereof I
have hereunto caused the Common Seale of our Colony to be
affixed the day & yearc abovcsaid. [3s. Gc?.]

This Indenture c Betweene Willm Cheney of Roxbury in
N. E. p. of the one pte & Walter Blackborne late of Roxbury
afor s 1 p of the other ptc Witncsscth that the said Willm
Cheney for divers good causes & considerations him there
unto moving Doth by these presents grant alien <fc enfeoffe
unto the said Walter Blackborne all that his dwelling house
in Roxbury aforesaid w th the lands heretofore purchased w tb
the same that is to say six acres of upland medow more or
lessc six acres of salt mrsh more or lessc sixteone acres in
a great lott w lh a common fence nync acres & an halfe of
woody upland unfenced twelve acres of a rocky woodlott
fenced tonn acres belonging to the said house & two acres
more or less heretofore purchase ! at another time & also the
Cowehoiisc or barnc set up but not quite finished w th all &
singulare the appurtenances To have & to hold the said Dwel
ling house & lands & all & singulare the premises w th the
appurtenances unto the said Walter Blackborne his heircs and
assigncs for ever. Provided always that if the said William
Cheney his executors & administrators shall from time to time
& at all times hereafter well <fc truly observe fullfill & keepe
all such articles Covenants condicons agreements & promises

1 William Hibbins was admitted an but soon returned, and was chosen as-

inhabitant of Boston May 27, 1639; sistant in 164,3, which office he held till

made freeman May 13, 1610; deputy, his death, 1654.
1640 and 1641 ; then went to England,


menconed & contcyncd in ccrtainc Articles of agreement in
dented made the Day before the Day of the date of these
presents between the said Walter Blackborne of the one pane
<fc the said Willm Cheney of the other parlc concerning the
keeping of six Cowes & their living increase & rend ring the
said Cowes [137] tt an equall halfe of the said living increase
unto the said Walter his executors tt adm rs at the end of three
yearcs from thenceforth as on the partc <fc bchalfe of the said
William Cheney his executors or administrators arc to be ob
served fullfilled ct kept then this present grant & fcoffmcnt
shall be voyd & of none effect or els it shall be & remainc in
full power strength & vcrtue The said Win Cheney his heircs
& assignes to continue in possession of the said House <fc pos
sessions before granted unlesse a manifest breach of the said
Articles fall out to be committed by him or them their executors
or administrators. In witncssc <fcc. 1 Oct. 1031). [4.4.]

Me Ed vum Colcord l & Lieutenant Richard Morice dc Dover
ppc fhimen dc Pascattaqua in Nova Anglia plantator in TO 1
Stephano Orecnsmyth. The Condicon to deliver to S Or 5000
of Clapboard 4 foot <fc halfc long and at the heart from 2 inches
to 5 inches thicke or upward every way merchantable it at any
time after tho last of March next within a Cables length of the
usuall riding place of the shipps just at the waters side at
Pascatt rivers mouth & to fyiul a boat or lighter to help put
them aboard. [Is. Is. GcZ.]

Jonathan Weymouth 2 makes a letter of Attorney to Rich
ard Wayt to receive of Edward Ilele mercli 1 T 1 5*. recovered

1 Edward Colcord was allied with Mr. matters, but seldom in any other

Wheelwright in the purchase of some connection.

lands from Indians whereon to found 2 It will be remembered that Jonathan

the. town of Exeter. He was of Dover Weymoutli and Edward Ilele are not to

in 1G40, and moved thence to I lamp- be easily found. Richard Waite I take

ton, where he died IGS J. Lieutenant to be the Boston tailor who served in

Morris we have met with before in such the Pc<juot war as sergeant. lie was

transactions as the present. Stephen freeman, 1037 ; disarmed, as so many

Greensmith is frequently mentioned, in with whom we have had to do, for sym-

Winthrop and elsewhere, as being prose- pathy with Anne Hutchinson, and died

cuted for too rash speaking on religious 1680, or thereabouts.


ag l him in the Cort at Boston 5 No : 1G39 Dat 12. 9. 1G39.
coram inc. [Gc?.]

The same makes a letter of Attorney to the same agt Arthur
Browne l of Casko merchant for 3* Dat 12. 9. 1G39 coram

John Winthrop Esqr Governor of the Jurisdiccon of the
Mattachusetts hay in New England to all manner of persons
whomc it may concerne greeting These are to certify you that
William Sergeant 2 late of Northampton haberdasher of llatts
and now of Charlestown in New England planter & Sarah his
wife late the wife of William Minshall of Whitchurch in the
County of Salop gent. Deceased are both blessed be God in full
life <fe good health at the time of the making hereof In testi
mony whereof I have caused the publicke scale of our Colony
to be hereto affixed the fourteenth day of November in the fif
teenth yearc of the raigne of our Sovcraigne Lord Charles now
King of England <fcc Annoqp Dili 1G39. [Is.]

Captainc Morris 3 makes a letter of Attorney to Willm Peirce
of Boston mariner agt Daniel Cornelius sawyer & ffisherman
for foure pounds in money & for two hoggshcads of cod fish to
the value of three pounds w ch should have ben payd this time
twelve moneth. 14. 9. 1G39. [Gd.]

This Indenture of a ffrcightmcnt made the twenty fourth day
of October in the fifteenth ycare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne

1 Arthur Brown, of Casco, and later and elsewhere, lie is said to have made
of Winnegansett (]>ost, p. 219), I sup- more voyages to and from Boston than
pose to be Arthur Browne, Saco, 163G, had any other in the same years. He
noted by Savage. was the; compiler of "an almanac made

2 William Sargent and his wife Sarah for New England" (Winth., i. 289),
are both mentioned by Savage, who which was the first thing after the Free-
knows but little else that is now perti- mans Ontli (probably only a broadside),
nent except the fact here certified to by printed at the press at Cambridge by
Winthrop. Stephen Day, the partner of the I\ev.

3 Morris was captain of I know not Josse Glover, as has been already noted
what, but frequently has the title given above. Captain Peirce was killed in
him after this entry. AVilliam Peirce the West Indies by the Spaniards some
was a Boston sea-captain, of whom very two years after this date, as may be read
frequent mention is found in Wiuthrop in "Winthrop (ii. 33).


Lordc Charles now King of England &c Annocp Dili. 10o9
L>ct\vcene Nicholas Trerise : Master of the good ship the
Planter of the hurden of three hundred and fifty tiinnes or
thereabouts of the one parte and Samuel Mavericke gent in bc-
halfe of himselfe <fc his Company of the other parte Witnescth
that the said Master Nicholas Trerise Doth hereby Covenant
tfc promise to and with the said Samuel Mavericke & his Com
pany that he the said Nicholas Trerise shall & will compleatly
furnish the said ship w th men victualls ammunition and other
necessaries and w th what [138] convenient speed he may sayle
directly from New England unto the roade of poynt Comfort in
Virginia and there or in such other place or places in James
river or yorke river as he shall be assigned to goc unto and
there, take aboard his said ship such tobacco as shall be pro
vided for him by the Assignee or Assignes of the said Samuel
Mavericke & his Company unto the full quantity of two hun
dred tunncs. For loading of w ch tobacco It is agreed bctweene
the party es to these presents that the said Master w th his said
ship shall stay from the day of his arivall at Poynt Comfort
aforesaid seventy dayes if need so require : and shall afforde

1 Nicholas TrcrwiG (the name is spelled "Planter" of thirty-five tons, lot to
In many ways) had been captain of La Tour, is called a pinnace by AVin-
the "Planter" five years before, when throp. Those anxious to make out the
that ship came from London, and lived connection, as I am, may please, them-
in Charlestown. Thence he moved to selves by imagining that the smaller
Wobnrn. Of the members of this Com- boat was some sort of tender or long-
pany, beaded by Mr. Samuel Maverick, boat of the larger, of which Maverick
I can hardly form a conjecture. In had become possessed. Another rcfer-
regard to the " Planter," tbe follow- once is in a deposition of Maverick
ing may interest the curious : In 1646 (3 Mass. Hist. Soc., vii. 116), in which
Monsieur de la Tour hired of Samuel the "Barque Planter " is spoken of
Maverick, who acted for Sir David as La Tour s ship. Tn the M nssachu-
Kirke and partners, "a certain vessel setts Colonial Record (iii. 226) there
called the plan Iter], burden thirty fyve is mention of a ship "Planter" in eon-
tunns of there about, for a voyage in nection with Edward Bendall and Wil-
her to hi; made vppon the coast of liam Aspinwall, which may or may not
Lacadie" (,SV// . Di-al*, i. f. 7f>). This have had some connection with the two
is nothing more, however, than a coin- here mentioned. The year is 1651, six
cidcncc in names and numbers. The years after the deed to La Tour. The
" Planter " in which Trerise commanded name " Planter " was probably a corn-
could hardly be of less than three bun- mon one, however, and nothing can be
dred and fifty tons burden ; and the really inferred from it.


what help & assistance ho can w" 1 boats <fc men for the speedier
loading of the said tobacco aboard the said ship according to
the Custome of the Countrcy necessary attendance for safety
of the said ship exccpted. And the said Samuel Maverickc in
behalfe of himselfe & his Company doth hereby Covenant A:
promise to and w th tlic said Nicholas Trerisc that he the said
Samuel & his Company shall A: will provide the said quantity
of two hundred tunnes of tobacco as aforesaid within the
time afore praelixed and shall & will pay or caused to be payd
unto the said Master or his Assignes fower pounds & tenn shil
lings for every tinin of tobacco taken in on his or their account
accounting lower hoggshcads of Virginia casks to a tun one
thousand and three hundred pounds of leafe tobacco and
two thousand pounds of rould tobacco in bulke to a tunne.
This aforcs d money to be payd one halfc at twenty dayes after
the said ships arivall at her porte of Discharge* w ch is London
if no other place be agreed on in the interim by a joynt Con
sent of the said Master & loaders & the other halfe at twenty
dayes after the said twenty dayes. Good security being given
by the loaders for the payment of the aforesaid money viz
the whole quantity of the said Tobacco or so much as the said
Master shall thinke fitttobo Dctcyned in his hands or custody
for payment <fe satisfaccon of the aforesaid summes of money
and if payment be not made at the times afore prefixed then
the said Master may Dispose of as much as will pay the freight
and to lie accountable to the loaders for the remainder of the
said Tobacco. In witncsse whereof the partyes abovesaid have
hereunto interchangeably set their hands & scales the day <t
yeare first above written. [3s. 6?.]

The will of Mr Willm Bernard 1 of Charlcstowne 15. 0.
1G39. [3*.]

A Supplication for the shopkeepers of Boston M^ Cogan 2 <fc
the rest to the ficnall Cort 13. 9. 1039. [2s. Grf.]

1 Of William r>amanl there is a note 2 John Cogan was this year one of

in Wyman s Chnrlcstown Estates and the selectmen, and was one, of the town

Genealogies : " Inhabitant 1(542-3 ; constables as well. His house nnd shop

m. Alice, who was adm. church 1. (."), were on the northeast corner made by

1645." Other mention is lacking. State Street and Washington, next to



John Evercd als Webb of Boston Planter conveys to John
Ilansctt ! of Boston husbandman one jrardcn of halfe an acre
or thereabouts lying betwccnc the lands of goodman Reynolds
ou the north <fc the lands of Richard Wayt on the south & the
lands of Nicholas Parker on the east <fc the highway on the
west for 91. In prcscncia mei & Willi Hcrickc. [Is. Gd.~\

[139] For the Country.

The writing of the receipt of the Inhabitants of Dover Kit-
tcry & Oyster river into the Protect-on of this Jurisdiccon.
[Is. Grf.]

The Commission to M? Bradstrcate for those places. [Is.]

The Institution & limitation of the Counccll of this Juris-
diccon. [2.]

Another of the same. [2.]

Chartn libortatis. [2.-0.]

The Act of the publiquc & private tenure of land. [1.]

The division of the Plantation into shires. [1.]

the house of tho Rev. John Wilson and
opposite that of ( nptain Robert Keayne,
who lived on the southeast corner. These
three houses were v pn the open Market
Place, where the Old State House was
afterwards built, while just across Wash
ington Street was built, a year or two
later, the Meeting-House. At this time
the Meet ing- House was on the south side
of State Street, some few steps below
Robert Keayne s (Book of Possessions,
G. 60, 64, 81, 84, 85, pp. 98-103).

1 John Ilansett, called in the church
record " servant of our pastor, John
Wilson," moved after this to Braintroe,
where he may have lived on Wilson s
land there, or acted as overseer, and
again to Roxbury, and died in 1684.
John Evcred, as well as Stephen Evered
(perhaps his brother), always appears as
"alias Webb," and later in the Note
book &* " Webb als [blank]" (p. 224).
He came from Wiltshire, where, accord
ing to Savage, W T ebb is a common name ;

went to Chclmsford, and then to Dra-
cut, and died in 1068. This I get from
Savage. But lie bought in 1658 the
house of Richard Hutchinson, of Lon
don, with the ground whereon the Old
Corner Bookstore now stands. He sold
the property, or a part of it, in 1661
(ShurtlefTs Boston, p. 675). This, I
suppose, was just before his removal to
Chelmsford, where he was representa
tive 1663-1655. The garden, of half
an acre or thereabouts, is easily iden
tified. It was on the east side of Wash
ington Street, south of Milk Street.
[Savage thought it might bo "unavail
ing to ask why this family is described
in all the records by a double surname."
A fact mentioned in Fuller s Church
iristori/ (p. 110) suggests a probable an
swer. In the reign of Edward III. many
Dutch tradesmen emigrated to Eng
land from the Netherlands; and "I am
informed," says Fuller, "that a prime
Dutch clothmaker in Glocestershire had



Richard Carter 1 of Boston & Matling Knight of the same
doe undertake for 51 to fell & cutt out the wood growing in a
swampe of Nicholas Parkers at Rumney marsh 2 within 26
daycs after the date hereof & to place them in hcapcs fit for
carriage & reasonable hurdcns fitt for a man easily to carry.

For every great lighter load of Ed : Bcndalls 23s. 4d. If the
worke come to more they are to have more if lesse to repay
what it comes short. [Gd.~\

Lieuten 1 Robert Fekc of Watcrton in New England gent


Sargeant William

Palmer of Yarmouth in New


the surname of Web [i. e, weaver] given
him by King Edward there, a family
still [1048-1655] famous for their man
ufacture." T.j The lot is in the Book
of Possessions (p. 81, F, 4*J), standing in
the name of Edward Fletcher. It has
the same abutters, except Nathaniel
Bishop, instead of Nicholas Parker.
Bishop s lot (in 1C 15, or thereabouts)
was immediately between Fletcher s and
Parker s, and it is probable that he
purchased it after the date of this

1 Richard Carter, of Boston, is gen
erally called a carpenter. He had a
house, bought just about this time, of
William Hudson, Jr., on the west side
of Washington Street, near Boylston
Street, then well out in the suburbs.
Of Matling Knight, I find mention sev
eral times in the Town Record and else
where. He was admitted townsman
March 31, 1615, and was appointed
fence- viewer at Muddy River in 1653.
There arc other unimportant references
to him and to his house, which, I think,
was somewhere in the region of Seollay
Square, near the corner of Hanover and
Washington streets; though I am not
certain of it, for he has no land in the
Bonk of Possessions (Boston Town Rec
ords, i. 114; Book of Possessions, p. Ill;

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