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H. 11).

2 The land here spoken of is the
great allotment made in 1637 to Mr.
Henry Vane (Town Records, i. 27),
which by this time had come into the
possession of Nicholas Parker. Here see
p. 141, post, and note thereon. As for
Edward Bendall, it was one of his avo
cations to keep the ferry over to Noddles
Island and to the ships riding before
the town. But it is likely enough that
he had a "great lighter" on purpose to
do such work as the present. There is
much in Lech ford, which the careful
reader will remember, on the subject, of
a great lighter owned by Richard Parker
and Edward Bendall, and managed by
one Thomas Hedger. But I cannot say
that that must be the same lighter as
the one here referred to. The ques
tion of lighters becomes more involved
on the inspection of these extracts
(dates and all) from the Colonial Record
(i. 165, 181), March 3, 1635-1636:
"Ordered, that there shall be xxl
gyven Edward Bnidal out of the trea
sury towards the loss of his lighter;"
and October 25, 1636 : " Whereas Ed
ward Bendall had 20* yielded toward the
loss of the lighter and that the lighter
was recovered the Court allowed him 121
out of the 201 \ v ch he should have had,
if it had been lost towards his charge k



land <fc Judith his wife, and Toby as Feke 1 a^cd 17 sonne &
Daughter of James Fckc, latoof London goldsmith Deceased
makes a le!^ of Attorney to Tobyas IHxon Citizen <fc mercer of
London to sell one tenement or house & shopp in Lombard
street London held of the Company of Goldsmiths in London
whereof he dyed poss cd , late in the occupations of one Bramp-
ton. dat 5. 10* 1030. coram Jo Winthrop Gov r James
Luxford 2 & mcipsc. [3s. J

The Information of Edward Hall of Ipswich servant to
Richard Salstonstall Esqr to the right wor 11 the Governor &
Counsellors <fe Assistants in the Court of assis ts now assembled :
This informant saith that he knowcth Mar mad like Pierce 3 of
Salem tayler knew his late servant a boy of about thirteen
yoares of age Deceased upon whose Death the said Marmaduke
WUH lately arraigned iu tho Court at Boston as for a supposed
Murder of the said boy And this inform 1 saith that he can de
pose upon his oath if this Court please that when he wrought

1 Tobyas Feke is not noted in Savage,
and so I suppose is not heard of again
in New England. William Palmer was
brought to Plymouth by his father, of
the same name, in L621. When married
(in 1(534), he lived at Scituate, and after
ward at Yarmouth. Savage says he
moved to Yarmouth "before 1643,"
which we may amend to "before 1<>39."
lie became a lieutenant later, and died
in Newtown, L. I., before 16 Jl.

2 The appearance of the names of
James Luxford and John Winthrop re
calls the frequent mention of the "un
faithfulness of my servant Luxford" in
the n- inthrop I (4 Muss. Hist.
Coll. vi. k vii. passim). It is curious
that the two should have been together
at this time, for it must have been very
close upon the time of Luxlord s broach
with Winthrop. Hugh Peters says:
"James Luxford was at Saugust when
I came by. I have layd out for him."
This is in a letter evidently written after
Winthrop s misfortunes, dated Salem,

Dec. 26, 1639 (4 Mass. Hist. Coll
vii. 202). James Luxford is also noticed
in the Colonial Record as having two
wives, and being punished for the same
(i. 245, 283, 295).

3 The trial of Marmaduke Pierce for
the murder of his servant is related
shortly by Winthrop (i. 319), from
whom, and also from the Colonial Rec
ord, I take these facts. He was first
accused Sept. 3, 1639; but the mat
ter not seeming quite clear, it was
put off till the next Quarter Court to be
tried. At this trial the jury could not
agree, and the case was continued, Pierce
being let out on bail. This deposition
in Lechford was sworn to on December
3 of that year, and, with this additional
evidence and perhaps more that we
know nothing of, the case was tried
December 3, and the jury rendered a
verdict of " not guilty." Winthrop says
that two of the jury dissented. Pierce
was not finally discharged until March
of the next year.


for the said Harmadukc at his house in Salem in or about the
first moncth last was twelve inoneth the said Marmaduke
having whipped this said boy for mooching the next morning
after the whipping he eame voluntarily & shewed this inform*
his body to see how his said Master had whipped him and this
informant saith that the said boy did put downc his breeches
before this informant and he lifted up the said boys shirt &
viewed his body well both behind & before & his Doublctt
being some thing loose this inform 1 saw also the sd boys
wast & halfe way up his backe & this inform 1 saith he saw the
marks of stripes upon the said boys buttocks on both sides red
<fe wales but no blood neither did this informt see any signe of
stripe upon the said boys belly forepart of his theighes wast
or any parte of his backe but all the said parts of his body
besides his buttockes were white & faire and this inform 1
believeth [140] the said correction was w th a* rod upon w ch
whipping this inform 111 saith that within a day or such a space
after one M? Pcrin of Salem brought home the said boy to the
house of the said Marmaduke & Ml Pcrin then said he had seen
how the said boy was whipped & therefore wished the said
Marmaduke Pierce his wife he being then from home to give
the said boy some victualls & to spare any further correction for
that time for that he thought the boy had sufiicient correction
for that time or spake words to that effect. And this inform 1
saith that he hath heard one good man Walker of Salem did
upon the same whipping meete w th the said boy in the woods &
together w th the said M? Perrin saw the signes of the said stripes.
And further this inf onnt saith that upon the sixt day of tin:
fourth moncth last past he met the said boy at the Townes end
of Salem & this informant seeing him hold his head aside asked
him what ayled him whereto the said boy answered that he had
bin keeping of goats or swine & sitting in the woods under a
tree a limbe of the tree fell downc upon him & struck his head
& said that his head was very sore and this informant told him
that he doubted he had bin a mooching as he was wont to do
& wished him to tell his Master & Dame of his sore head and
this informant hath heard the sayd boy dyed upon or about the
thirteenth day of the same fourth inoneth And also this


infor mt saith tliat whilcst he wrought w th the said Marmaduke
w ch was about the space of fortnight the said boy complaycd
to tliis inform" 1 for want of vietualls as he said and the said
Marmadukc complayned to this infor 1 " 1 agt the said boy for
lyinir mooching & idlenesse the like wherefore this inform 111
gave the said boy as good counsel! as he could but; told not him
or his Master cacli others Com I>lta and did observe that at din
ners constantly during that space the said boy had vietualls
enough k to leave: A: lastly this informant saith that he did
ever it doth still take the said Marmadukc for a moderate <fc
Christianlikc man. And further this informant cannot say or
depose materially. [2. Gc?.j

Willm Wintered 1 mortgagcth ccrtaine lands at Ipswich to
Will m Tynge merchant w th proviso or com! icon to satislic
Mr Tynge all Debts & lawful! demands within twelve moncths.
Dated J. 10. 1G39. Coram Tho : Burton Robto Fekc ct mc-
ipse. [2x.]

An account of the widdowe ha! field at suit of W m Whitcred.

Ingrosment,.of the last will & Testament of Roger Ilarlaken-
den 2 Ksqr & the Inventoric. [Gs.J

Received of Mr Bcllingham 26 No : 1639 upon account to
the Country 5*.

Received of him more 12. 22. - 2s.

[141] To write for Willm Palmer to M? Dixson at the goat
in Lumbard street mercer to excuse a bill of Exr charged upon

1 I > ;xn make nothing of this agree- Thomas Burton of Uingham, whom I

nnMit. AYhitoreil is only mentioned in find in Savage, or not, having nothing

I.ochford (in the next entry), and is not to guide inc. The "widdowe half) old"

found anywhcM-e else that I know of, nor I t;d<e to lx: the relict of Richard IlafFec,

can I find any other connection than or llaflield, of Jpswich, who came in

this paper between either of the parties 1(5, 55 with his wife Martha, and whose.

to the agreement and any of the wit- will has date Feb. 17, 1GI59.
nesses. Indeed, I know not if the 2 Roger llarlarkendeu died Nov. 16,

Thomas Burton here mentioned be 1038.


him to one Edmund Anger 1 of Cambridge for his occasions a
new plant <fc his wife lying in & to advise him of the Lc r of At
torney & further writing, to buy 10* of butter & to spend the
rest in linncn & wollen cloath for a suit & coate & a gowne for
his wife of good broadcloth, viz buckram & a piece of good
stuf fc for pettycoates a Dozen of shoocs halfe a dozen for women
7 n3 & so many for men ( J U3 six paire of russet bootes 9 na 3 for
winter & 3 for summer. & a coppy of the le r of attorney.
[Is. GcZ.]

John Winthrop Esqr Governor of the Jurisdiction of the M :
&c for 801 sells to John Newgate of Boston ifeltmaker One
Lott of upland 2 lying neare llumney marsh conteyning 150
acres abutting upon the highway leading to divers mcns lotts
on the east and upon the lands <pteyning to Charles-Towne to
the west and the lands now of Nicholas Parker sometimes
MF Vanes on the south and partly upon the lands of James Pen
& partly upon the lands of the said John Newgate on the north
pt, in fee : [1-G]

William Grey 3 makes a letter of Attorney by his brother
Henry Grey to Philip White of Pascattaquay mariner against
Jeremiah Willis 4 late of Sagus als Lynne for 31 11s. 16s. G(/.
charge to sue him at Plymouth & 5s. for a short hand booke.

1 Edmund Angier had lived \vitli with one exception, the name of Mr.
John Cotton in Lincolnshire, and had Vane stands in the Town Record, while
intended to embark with him. He did "Nicholas Parker sometimes Mr Vane s"
not, however, come over until 1636, and is in Lechford. The third name is
was not made freeman until 1640. that of James Penn, above mentioned,

2 This land was given to Winthrop who had fifty acres. The fourth name
Jan. 8, 1637-1638 [Boston Record, on the list is that of John Newgate
i. 27], in the portioning of the great aforesaid, who received one hundred and
allotments at Rumney Marsh from the twelve acres.

town of Boston. The lirst name in the 8 Concerning these and other Greys,

allotment is " Mr. Henry Vane, Esq.," there is much confusion. Savage men-

who received two hundred acres, which, tions no William Grey, and this men-

as will be remembered, were now iu the tion of his brother Henry is too vague

possession of Nicholas Parker. The for identification.

next name is that of John Winthrop, the < "Jeremiah Willis, Lynn, 1637,

elder, who received one hundred and found in freeman s list at Newport,

fifty acres, described precisely as above, 1655" (Sdvcigc).


Willm Pester, 1 an affidavit 11. 9. 1G39. [Is.]

Articles of Agreement made the 9 th day of January Anno
Pmi 1(189 betwcene Edward Uralc 2 of Bristoll of the one partc
and William Pester of Salem in New England mercer of the
other parte as folio wet h

Imprimis the said Edward tleale doth hereby for himselfe
his heires executors and administrators Covenant promise and
grant to <t with the said William Pester his executors admin
istrators and assignes by these presents that he the said Ed
ward Ileale his heires executors or administrators shall <fc will
pay or cause to be payd unto the said William Pester his exec
utors administrators or assignes the summe of sixty-five pounds
sixteenc shillings and eight pence together w th all such Dam-
mages as he or they hath bin or shall be iustly put unto for
not-pay mcnt of the said money from the twenty-lift day of
March last past, upon the [Wawfc] day of [blank ] next ensuing
the date hereof at or in the Insurance oilicc in or ncare the
royall exchange London.

Item the said Willm Pester doth for himselfe his heires
executors & administrators and assignes covenant promise and
grant to and w th the said Edward Healc his executors adminis
trators and assignes by these presents that he the said William
Pester his heires executors administrators or assignes shall &
will accept of so much money as the nync hundred weight
of tobacco w ch the said William Pester heretofore had of the
said Edward Ileale & one Richard Barnhousc 3 are or shall
be sold for by the said William Pester his executors adminis-

1 William Pester, mercer of Salem, Bristol, which gives me the impression
since 1G37. He must l>e the one who that he was not in America for any
owed " the country for wine bought and length of time, particularly as his dwell-
souhl fortie one shillings & eight pence." ing-place is not stated in any of the re-
(M<is,<i. CoU. Rcc. \. 225), though the ferences to him made heretofore.

trade of mercer seems hardly compatible 3 Richard Barnhousc may have been

with that of a wine-seller. Savnge snys: Richard Barnes of Marlborough (see

" Salem 16^7 when with grant of land Savage), but 1 think, rather, that he was

he had the prefix of respect, yet aban- an Englishman, or more likely a Virgin-

doned the country in 1G42, and ten years ian, with whom Ilcale had had dealings

later not being heard of, his wife Dorothy (see ante, p. 132, where is mention of

had leave to marry again." Heale s connection with Viiginia).

2 Edward Ileale is here called of


trators or assigncs according to their best endeavours in parte
of payment of the said summc of sixtie five pounds sixteenc
shillings & eight pence and Pammages if the said Tobacco
shall be as aforesaid sold for lesse than the said suinnie and
Pammngcs but if the said Tobacco is or shall be as aforesaid
sold for more than the said summc and Pammages then the
said William Pester his heires executors adm tb or assg shall &
will pay and allow all the iust overplus of the said money unto
the said Edward lleale his executors adm rs or ass? within one
weekc after lawfull demand thereof by him or them to be made.
Item it is agreed and fully condescended unto by and bc-
twccne the said partyes to these presents that all former bills
bonds writings deeds covenants and promises made to each
other concerning the premises other than these presents & the
writings abovesaid now agreed to be made are & shall be voyd
& of none effect and each to release the other.of them pres
ently And that the said W m P.

In witnesse <tc

Item it is agreed and fully condescended unto by and be-
twcene the partyes to these presents that each of them shall
presently become bounden each to the other in one bond of
[MiMfc] pounds apeece for the effectual performance of these
present articles. [2. Qd. payment taken here about o. 4.]

[142] Mr Micklethwayt agreed w th me for to let me tin;
chamber &c at 5* a ycare from the first of September 1030 to
be payd quarterly or after that rate whensoever I goe away.
His time also began 1. Aug : before w c - h moneth he alloweth
me for the writings w ch I made for M r bemis 8s. and hence
forward to pay the rent to Mr Hill. 23? 11? 1030.


James Pen sells to Nicholas Parker 50 acres of land lying
at llumney Marsh l lying bctweene the Lands of John Newgate
feltmaker for28l to be pd 1. 4.

1 This fifty acres was James Penn s received something less than 11s. an
allotment before spoken of. Winthrop acre for his land. James Penn received



Articles of agreement & other writings made bctwccne Ed
ward Tyng merchant & Thomas Cornell 1 of Boston 30. 11
1G30. [10s.]

Job Judkin tunics over Willm Boreman and he placcth
himselfe apprentice to Thomas Withcrley mariner for six
ycarcs by Indenture dated 30. 11. 1G30. [2s.]

Robert Harding conveys his ground where his house stood
&c. to Robert Keaync Richard Parker & John Cogaii & their
heires. 12. 1. 1031). [Is. IM.]

A writing for Mf Cogan agt Timothy Hawkins. 2 12. 1.
1G39. [Is.]

A mortgage by Edward Bcndall to Willm Tyng merchant
11. 20. 1G39 for 108 to be paid 20. 6. 1G39. coram Tho :
Burton 3 & mcipse. [2. G.]

something more than 11.9. an acre. The
difference, however, was only about six
pence an aero. Edward, a Boston
merchant, "early wrote! himself brewer,"
says Savage, as we shall see later (see
post, p. 144). He was a man of great
influence in the Colony, as was also his
elder brother William, of whom Lech
ford makes frequent mention. He lived
to an old age and died in 1681. He had
two sons and several daughters. Of
these last, Hannah married Habijah
Savago, son of Thomas Savage, and
at his death, Major-General Qookiii ;
Deliverance married Daniel Searle ; Re
becca, Joseph Dudley, afterwards gover
nor ; and Eunice, Samuel W ilia I d, Vice-
president of Harvard College.

1 Of Thomas Cornell little is known.
He is said to have removed, in 1654, to
Rhode Island, where he was freeman in
1655. Job Judkin must have received
William Boreman from William Towns-
hend of Boston, thatcher, to whom, the
reader may remember, Boreman was
intrusted by Richard Gridley. Either

Boreman was apt at the learning of
trades, or his character may be inferred
from his name. Hi; makes lour changes
in the course of six months, thus experi
encing four trades, each of which re
quires six years completely to master
it. This transfer to Thomas Witlierly
removes him from Lechford. I suspect
that he went to Wetherslield, Connecti
cut (see ante, p. 105, note). Of Job Jud
kin nothing is known except the names
(and dates of the birth und death) of
his wife and live children, for which the
inquiring reader may consult Savage.

2 Timothy Hawkins I suppose to be
the carpenter of that name mentioned
later in Lechford. He was, I believe, of
Watcrtown ; but I can find but little
mention of him, except in the Colonial
Record (i. 112, 244), where he is fined
for selling (and drinking) strong water.
I do not think he was ever freeman of
the Colony.

8 Thomas Burton (perhaps the one
mentioned ante, p. 140) may have been
the man of that name who, Avltfc others,



A grant by James Pen to Nicholas Parker of the 50 acres
aforesaid upon condicon of paym* of 28*. 4. 2. 1G40. [2. 6.]

I payd Nathaniel Ileaton 1 for full of writings <fc cutting
wood. 11. 31. 1039. 5s.

I payd John Ilurd 2 delivered to his wife by Sara our mayd
for making my wi.t^s gowne. 12. 1. 1639. 8s.

I payd Thomas Marshall 3 before hand for Wood delivered
by my wife to his wife in the 10 moncth last past. 1*

became obnoxious to the General Court
on account of his views on government.
There is little for or against this theory,
except that I can find no other of the
name, and think it likely that Lechi ord
would have had some dealings with the
agitator if he were at this time in
Boston (sec Winth., ii. 262, 302).

1 Nathaniel Ileaton was of Boston as
early as 1(534. He died shortly after
this date (about 1644 or 1G45, 1 should
say), and his wife Eliza married succes
sively two husbands, both of whom she

* John Hard, the tailor, had his
house and garden on Washington Street,
iKitwocn Summer and Bedford. His
shop may have been there too ; but I
think from some words in the Town
Record that it was somewhere north of
the Town Dock. [The Town Record says
(vol. i. p. 101): " M r . Glover and Brother
Burden hath set unto them the ground
before their proprietyes, so Fare as from
the Corner of M? Webs house to the
Corner of Goodman Hurds Shop upon a
streiglit line." (Hover and Burden lived
next each other on the north side of
Dock Square, being then directly on the
water, opposite the Town Dock. There
is, however, no mention of either Webb
or Ilurd in the neighborhood, nor of
Glover ami Burden living beside each
other, as this extract would seem to

imply they did, in any other part of the
town. But it seems to me that this was
not an unlikely place for a tailor s shop.
Thomas Savage tiie tailor and John
Newgate the hatter had shops in Ed
ward Gibbons s house; nearly opposite,
and George Burden, just mentioned, was
a shoemaker. These last facts are from
the Book of Possessions, which was com
piled between 1645 and 1C50, while tin-
date of the extract from the Town Record
is March 31, IGJl.]

3 "Great indulgence," says Savage,
"in speaking of Thomas Marshall the
ferryman, must be granted to investigat.
a. this name, for nno. Thomas, Boston
1(543." There are, also, two other
Thomas Marshalls of date near enough
to this, one of Reading and one of Dor
chester. Every one of these four had a
wife at this time, so we get small help
from that quarter. Nevertheless, I think
that the one here mentioned is the
Thomas Marshall who kept the ferry to
Charlestown, and it is not unlikely
that he brought the wood from some of
the lots at Rumney Marsh in which we
have interested ourselves just above.
If this be the man, like many more of
Lei.-hford s friends he had been disfran
chised and disarmed in the Wheelwright
times, but afterwards rose to some dis
tinction in the town history.


Since \v cb timc 1 had of Itini six loads of wood at 5s. so I owe
him 1 Os. And I payd Zacheus Bosworth l "2s, for 2 loads
briiiji-ing & owe him for y c rest 4.s\ 12. 3. 1G39.

I writt 5 coppies more of ihc Lawes for the Country by the
direction of our Governor. 11. 8. 1039. [12.s>. GJ.]

Seven of them & the former had 3 lawcs more added.
[3.s. 0.7. ]

A Coppie of the Abstract of the Lawes of New England dd
to the Governor 11. 15. 1G39. [5. G.]

And 12 Coppies of the said Lawcs first delivered vizt in 10
last, [11 10s.]

I wrote M r Keayncs answerc before the Elders to M! Sals-
tonstalls letter the answer dated 11. 3. 1G39. llec Gd. & ISd.
allowed him for an houreglassc. [2.]

Received of Mf Kcayne G* of Spanish tobacco upon account
11. 12. 1G39. And I owe him one load of wood a good load.

I payd M! Burton for malt cheese & irons ll & owe him
8s. \)d. in 10 last.

For writing a Coppy of the breviat of the body of Lawes for
the Country. 12.5.39. [3s.]

[143] The 3 lawes added to the Copie of Lawcs for Dor
chester dd. to the Constable 12. G. 1039. [6<7.]

1 Zacchcus, or Zachariali, Bosworth in 1G37, and also in that of the richer

was early of Boston, and may have come inhabitants wlio contributed the year

with Winthrop. In the Town Ifrc.ordft, before to the support of Daniel Maude

when: he is once or twiee mentioned, as schoolmaster. We have often had

he goes by the name of "Zackie" or occasion to refer to these lists, and shall

"Zaehe," as though nobody \vas very undoubtedly again; for almost every

sure as to which Christian name was Boston man mentioned by Lech ford

in right his. His name, or nickname, figures in one or other of them, as is

is found in the list of those disarmed indeed most natural.


The 3 lawcs added to 4 more of the said Coppics brought
by the marshall 12. 11. 39. [2s.]

Three Copycs of the said brcviat delivered to the Coverno r
besides the first 12. 12. 1039 Coppy dd to M? B for an old
hogshed. [96-.]

One Coppy of the said breviate delivered to Mf Bcllingham
w th one coppy of tlic originall Institution <t limitation of the
Councell at 4s. and 2s. "l2. 17. 1639. [1. 2.]

Three bills of exchange bctwcene Thomas Nicholls and
David Ollley l for 21 l to be payd by George Nichols to
Stephen Offley in 15 daycs after sight any time after 1. July
px!2. 20. 39. [1 G.]

Received of M. Bellingham 12. 22. 1G39. 2s."

For drawing Articles for Ml: Cradocke & Gould & Putnam
&c. 12. 27. [6s.]

Seven coppycs more of the said breviate. [I 1 Is.]

Be it known unto all men by these presents that we Web-
cowitcs and the Squa Sachem of Misticke wife of the said
Webcowitcs calling to mindc and well considering the many
kindnesses & bcncfitts we have received from the hands of
Captaine Edward Giboncs 2 of Boston in New England in

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