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pade of requitall whcrof and for our tender love and good

1 David Ofll.-y. See note, p. 104, Salem lie became converted from whnt-

anfe. ever Morton ism he may have had, and

- I think this is the first mention of hecame freeman early in 1031, his name
Captain Edward CJibbons in Lechford. being in the first list of those admitted.
lie is too well known to make it ne- He shortly afterwards moved to Boston,
cessary to insert in this place any where he became one of the most prom-
description of his life, but a few dates incut citizens. In Colony matters he
may be some help to the reader s mem- was also forward, being almost continn-
ory. lie was with Morton, of Merry- ally deputy from Boston between 1634
mount, before the settlement of the town and 1641. lie was always employed in
of Boston, and lived in Salem 1G29, some any enterprise relating to military mat-
little time before moving to Boston. In ters, both by the town and the Colony.


respect that we doe bcarc to Jotham Giboncs Sonnc and
lleirc Apparent of the said Captaine Giboncs doc hereby of
our o\vne motion & accord give and grant unto the said
Jotham Giboncs the reversion of all that parcel of land w ch
lyes against the ponds at Mistickc aforesaid together \v tb
the said ponds all w ch we reserved from Charlcstownc and
Cambridge late called Ncwtowne And all herrcditamcnts
and appurtenances thereunto belonging after the Death of
the said Sachem To have and to hold the said Reversion
of the said parcel of land and ponds and all <fe singularc the
premises w th the appurtenances unto the said Jotham Gib-
ones his heires & Assigncs for ever In witncsse whereof we
have hereunto set our hands & scales the thirteenth day of
the eleventh moneth in the [Wanjfcl yearc so Declared by
Christians One thousand six hundred thirty and nync and in
the ffiftccnth yeare of the raigne of King Charles of England
tvc Willing that these be recorded before our much hon
oured friends the Governor of Mattachusctts 13 ay in New
England and the rest of the Magistrates there for perpetual
remembrance of this thing. [2 G, r. Is.]

In 1H30 ho was chosen lieutenant for sachems. It wns with tho desire of

Boston, tho rcdoubtablo John ITiitlerhill treating with tho "Sipui Sachem" that

being captain, and Kobert Harding Miles Standish niado his explorations

ensign. He had been ensign to Under- about Boston some nine years before the

hill for two years. In 1637 he was in town was settled. She lived on good

the Artillery Company, and in 1041 was terms with the Colonists, bartering land

its captain, as well as twice in later with them, and receiving a "coate" each

years. In 1G49 he was made, major- winter from the town of Cambridge, as

general of all the Massachusetts forces, well as corn from the same town (which

and in lOTiO was made assistant. He did not supply these small luxuries

died Dec. 0, 1051. He had been pos- regularly without some orders from the

sesscd of considerable! fortune, but had General Court). This deed in Leehford

probably suffered large losses towards may be found (with some small differ-

the end of his life, having been mixed ences in text) in Sufi. Deeds, L, 1, f. 43,

up in the La Tour complications, entered in the year 1040. The "Sijua

and being on the whole rather more Sachem" made her sign (a bow and

adventurous than steady-going as a arrow) first, and Wcbcowitos second.

merchant. Webcowites was her second husband,

As for AVebcowites (or Webba Cowet, and had formerly been only mcdicine-

as it is sometimes written) and the man. Jotham Gibbons was at this time

"Squa Sachem " of Misticlce, they were about six years old.
both well known among the friendly


A petition fur Richard Crichlcy l & his wife 1. 3. 1039.

Kno\vo all men by these presents that whereas 1 David
Ol fley of Boston in New England gentleman did heretofore
receive of Robert Bowen 2 of Boston aforesaid Cutler one case
of Knives of the value of [///</</] shillings upon condition to
pay him ten pounds upon the birth of a child w ch he should
have by his next wife and did promise to scale him a bond
or bill for the same when he should require it and wheras
his former wife is dead as he saith <fc he hath since married
another Now 1 the said David Oi lley in performance of my
said promise doe hereby acknowledge myselfe to be indebted
unto the said Robert Bowcn the summe of ten pounds to be
payd unto the said Robert Bowen his executors administra
tors or assigncs upon the birth of a child w ch lift shall have by
his present wife for the w cb payment well & truly to be made
1 bynd me my heires executors & administrators firmly by
these presents sealed w th my scale Dated the third day of
the first inoneth Anno Dmi 1G39. [9s. Gd.~\

[144] A letter of Attorney for M: Thomas Mayhewe 3 &
Jane his wife for her sonne to 3 Attorneys fcc. [il G.]

Articles of agreement 4 betwecne M* John Wilson Pastor of
the Church of Boston & Richard Wright 1. 3. 1G39. [Gs.]

1 I do not find this petition men- 4 These articles of agreement I sup-

tioned in the Colonial Record. Critch- pose to be on some subject eonneeted

ley was a blacksmith who lived on Court with Mr. Wilson s land at Braintree,

Street (where S. S. Pierce has hud his which was granted to him in 1034 in

store so many years). His wile was exchange for land which he held at

Alice, the widow of William Dinely and Mystic. liicluiril Wright was of Boston

mother of Fathergone Dinely, born after about this time ; but as he is always

the death of her husband. The house mentioned in connection with alfairs at

and land belonged to the heirs, and was Mount Wollaston, I do not think that

held for them by < ritehley. he lived in the city at all, but rather

- Bowen I cannot lind any trace of. , m bi s farm, lie has no land in the

8 Mr. Thomas Mayhew was at this Book of Possessions live or six years later

time living at Watertown. He did than this date, though his land is men-

cot move to Martha s Vineyard until tioned as bounding an estate at Mount

1647. Wollaston.


Borrowed of M* Blackbornc to pay M* Micklcthwayt for
house roome 2 f 10$. 1. 9. 1039 to be repayd in a moneth & I
payd M Micklethwayt the same for w ch I have his receipt.
&c. [payd.]

James Pen 1 conveys an house sometimes a brew house
adjoyning to the ware house ncare to the wharfe in boston
w th the ground to the said first mentioned house belonging
upon parte of w ch grounds towards the waters syde with an
highway leading from the said wharfe to Edward Bendalls
wharfe, to Nicholas Parker his heires & assigncs.

Nicholas Parker conveys the same to Edward Tyng <fc his
heires &c. [2.?. I owe M! Parker all reckoning seven beside
Is. Qd, for wood, pd.j

Articles of agreement bctwecne M! John Cogan & Thomas
Stocker 2 2. 12. 1640. &c. [5s.]

Copy of the frcemens oath to goodman Shrimpton. 3 [fid.]

1 James Penn came in the fleet with on this very street until warned by the
"Winthrop, and held several offices in selectmen), and William Franklin,
Church and State before his death, in blacksmith. Beyond Wilson s lane
1671. The house* "sometimes a brew- (now Devonshire Street) was John Wil-
house" is down in the Book of Possessions son s property, running back from
in the name of Edward Tyng, who sold State Street, and on the corner of Wash-
it in 1651 to James Everill. It was on ington Street was Major Edward Gib-
the north side of State Street. The bons s house with two shops, one occu-
highway mentioned is now Merchants pied by Thomas Savage, and the other
Row, and the south side of Faneuil Hall by John Newgate.
Square. The highway I suppose led 2 Of Stocker I find no mention be-
along the shore end of the wharves. On fore 1651. Savage s remark is " Chelsea
the wav up to what is now Washington nnd Lynn, 1651, 1672," with some de-
Street (through Dock Square) from tails as to his wife and children,
this wharf, comes first a house of Valen- 3 Goodman Shrimpton I suppose is
tine Hill s {whether he had a wharf or " Henry Shrimpton, a Brasyer . . . al-
not, I cannot say), and then, aftiT Isaac lowed to be an Inhabitant." 25. 1. 1639
Gross* 1 , is the stone house and ware- (Boston Toivn Records, i. 40). As one of
house of Edward Bendall, on the cor- the few references to him in the Town
ner of Exchange Row with the wharf Rcc.ords mentions a fine of five pounds
spoken of. On the highway (beyond for refusing to serve as constable when
Exchange Row) came George Foxcroft, elected, I think it by no means un-
Robert Nash, the butcher (who was likely that he never cared to incumber
in the habit apparently of killing beasts himself with civic responsibility so far



M^ Kcaync 4 bills at Qd. 2 agreements at 12c?. one petieon
at Is. 6d. [5 Gdf.]

To the rijht iuor 11 the Governor Councill $ Assistants $ the
rest of the General Cort now Assembled 3. 13. 1640.

The humble peticon of EDWARD PALMER l carpenter

Sheweth that he was heretofore fined 5 1 for taking 19*. for the
timber of the stocks in Boston w ch was adiudged an excessive
price yo r petieoner is heartily sorry for his offence w ch though
not great in itselfe yet was of evil example to others and there
fore he is the more sory for it, lie confesseth it was 5s.
too much w ch he is willing to restore Yet forasmuch as this
was his first offence in this kinde & as he is poore <t no
wayes able to pay the said fine having a wife & G children all
or some of w ch he expects to come forth of England to him
shortly he humbly prayes the honourable Court to be pleased
to remit unto him the said fine and he shall dayly as in duty
he is bound pray for yo r \vurpp s A: the wcale Publicke. [1. 1.]

Won 11 S r , When 1 came first into the Country w ch was T
y cares since upon taking an oath of an Inhabitant hcere in
this Jurisdiccon I was promised that I should have all privi
leges of a free inhabitant & particularly in Disposing of towne
lotts w th other men since w ch time I have bin twice sent forth
a souldier from Waterton in the Country s service I never had
yet any thing but bare wages for my reward neither hath the
Towne of Waterton given me any Lott but some of them
say their towne is full & yet I know where ground lyeth un
disposed of wherein they may give me a portion if please
them I have a wife & child & reason to looke for my subsis-

cven as to take the freeman s oath. His about a yt?ar before, and Palmer was
name is not to be found in the list. His punished by a fine of 5, which was
son Samuel, perhaps through filial rev- remitted to 105. With a grim sense
erence, some twenty years later refused of humor not wholly foreign to the Cen
to serve as constable, and paid a fine of eral Court, he was also set for an hour
ten pounds. in these very stoeks. He paid his fine
1 We may find this case in the Mtxs. of IG.s. at the Court assembled on the
Records. The ollVnee was committed date above (Muss. Col. Rcc., i. 260, 2l>l ).


tencc & the maintenance of my famyly <fc Now upon this my
presenting my case unto you I humbly desire yo r worp"
Counsell & best help to be afforded to me resting

Yo r humble servant,


Thomas Richards 2 of Wey mouth conveys to Nicholas
Butler 3 12 acres more or lesse lying in Dorchester necke
being parcell of the lott assigned to the said Thomas. [Is.]

John Hanset sells an house in Boston & a garden plot 4 of
halfe an acre or thereabout lying next to Ralfc Mason on the
south & M* Flints house on the north to Thomas Paynter &
he conveys it to Thomas Clcrkc 25! 41 [2s.]

[145] Inventory of John Johnsons goods. [2. G(Z.]

Releases <fc acquittances by Thomas Barker & Francis
Lambert for themselves & John Johnsons children to M r
Thomas Savage 3. 14. 1640. [Is.]

1 John Stuhbin, of Watcrtown, is by noticing the abuttcrs. It was on the
very vaguely heard from in various ways, west side of Washington Street, north
Savage says he may have moved to of West Street. It is in the Book of
New London, and mentions his wife and Posscssio-iis under the name of Thomas
the time of his death. He never took Clarke. I do not know exactly who this
the freeman s oath, but was probably John Johnson may have been, though I
admitted an inhabitant of Watertown. suppose him to have been one of the

2 Thomas Richards, it will be remcm- " four Yorkshiremen " (ante, p. 1). If
bered, had just moved from Dorchester he were dead at this time, he had left a
to Weymouth (see p. 103, ante). He took son of the same name (noted in Savage
the freeman s oath about this Jime (May as "Rowley, 1050"), who was one of
13, 1640), and it is possible that he may the children mentioned below. Thomas
have taken the opportunity of a journey Barker and Francis Lambert were two
to Boston to make this bargain. of the Yorkshiremen spoken of; and

8 Nicholas Butler was one of the altogether this business, I suppose, may

more prominent inhabitants of Dorches- have had somo connection with the

ter. Ho moved in 1651 to Martha s conveying of the house spoken of

Vineyard. above, though there is no mention

4 This lot of land was not the one of Punderson, who was now settled at

spoken of above (p. 138), as may be seen New Haven.


Fourc writings for foure Children of Mr Will Skipper 3. 14.
1640. [4s.]

Coppy of the freemcns oath to Mr Rucke. 1

To the honor** Governor <f Court assembled.

The pcticon of Abraham Palmer of Charlcstowne Shcwcth
That this Court was pleased about a ycarc since to grant him
200 acres for money put into the common stocke about 12
yearcs past Yo r petitioner humbly dcsireth that the same may
be layd out to him at the end of Charlestowne bounds And
he shall as his duty bynds him pray for this Court &c. 2

I payd Thomas Marshall in full for all wood 3. 15. 1640
7. Qd.

And goodman [Zachie] Bosworth & I are also even for
payd him the same day 1.

Articles of agreement made the ffifteenth day of May Anno Dni
1640 betweene RICHARD PARKER of Boston in New England
merchant of the one parte and JOHN PARKER 8 of Dedham
in Neiv England yeoman of the other parte as folloiucth.

Imprimis the said Richard Parker doth hereby demise & to
farme Ictts unto the said John Parker one ffarme and lands
thereto belonging lying in Dedham aforesaid w th the appurte
nances To have & to hold the said farme house <fc premises
w th the appurtenances unto him the said John Parker his

1 If this is the same date as the two the petition. He was a merchant from
entries above, Mr. Thomas Rucke had London, who in 1628 was interested in
already taken the oath the day before. the patent. He came over in 1629,

2 This land was granted him by and was made freeman 1630. He was
tho General Court Sept. 9, 1638. later a representative, and served in the
Whether it was laid out as he wished, I Pequot war. He was an active merchant,
cannot say. I find no record of it in and died in London, 1651. See Savage
Wyman s Chnrlcstown. Palmer was an and Wyman. .

influential man in his town, and had 8 John Parker, of Dedham, I can
much to do with laying out the lands throw no light on, and it is hardly neees-
eti-.,and I suppose that tin-Court granted sary here to say anything of Richard.


executors administrators & assigncs from the twenty nynth
clay of September last past for & during the terme of seven
ycarcs from thenceforth next ensuing fully to be compleat
<fc ended.

Item the said Richard Parker doth hereby let & deliver
unto the said John Parker the stockc hereafter mentioned
that is to say nync cowcs one bull of two ycares old one steere
of foure yearc old one steere of three ycare old and one steere
of two yearc old six ewe goats and one ram one breeding
sowe two turky henncs <fc a cockc one waine w th whecles &
other furniture thereto belonging also one plough & furniture
therto belonging and one boatc w th the appurtenances valued
&c. in a schedule hereto annexed mentioned to be kept used
& improved on the premises & in the managing thereof
according to the true meaning of these presents.

Item that the said Richard Parker shall <fe will finish the
housing on the premises and build a new barne w th necessary
outhouses for the cattle in convenient time.

Item that the said partycs shall each of them have the one
lialfo of the increase of the said live stockc & the profitts of
the said fnrmo during the said terme except of the conic
thereon growing this present yearc w ch the said John Parker
is to reape & have to himselfe <fe afterwards during the said
terme the cornc to be equally divided bctwecne the said
partycs by the bushcll.

Item that the increase of the said live stockc shall be
equally divided bctwecne the said partycs att the end of every
two yeares during the said terme and at the end of the said

Item that the said John Parker shall & will kecpo & im-
ploy on the premises two men servants <fc one mayd servant
together w th his owne labour & industry during the said

Item that the said John Parker shall <fe will broake up &
plough so much of the ground on the promises as shall make
up the ground thereon already broken up twenty acres within
the terme aforesaid and what ground more he [146] shall break
up on the premises that he cannot take two cropps of the said


Richard Parker ahull & will allow him so much for the doing
thereof as it shall be worth.

Item that if any of the said live stocke decay during the
said termc the same shall be made up in kindc from time to
time out of the best of the increase of the said stocke.

Item that the said John Parker shall & will from time to
time rcpaire maintain & uphold the said ffarmc house &
premises w th all needful & necessary reparations & fences as
often as need shall require during the said terme (saving that
if the said house or any of the premises shall be wasted by
lire windes or Enemies without any wilfull default found in
the said John Parker or his servants then such reparations
shall be done at the charges of the said Richard Parker) And
the same so well <fc sufficiently repaired & fenced the said
John Parker shall will in the end of the said terme
together w th a waine Avhccles plough & furniture boate <fc
appurtenances as good as those hereby letten leave & yeild
up unto the said Richard Parker.

Item that if the said John Parker shall receive any other
cattell to summer or winter on the premises the said Richard
Parker shall have halfe the prontts thereof.

Item that if any help shall be att any time during the said
terme hired in planting hay tyme or harvest besides the said
John Parker <fc the said servants for the mannaging the
premises the charges thereof shall be equally borne betweene
the said partyes.

Item that all ordinary towne rates shall be equally borne
betweene the said partyes.

Item that it shall or may be lawfull to & for the said
Richard Parker from time to time to exchange & renew the
said live stocke as good as the old stocke or better at any
time at his owne discreation.

Item that the said John Parker shall & will in the end of
the said terme rcdeliver unto the said Richard Parker the said
live stocke as good for number & kinde as the same that is
now letten together w tu his parte of the increase thereof.

Item that the heires executors administrators <fc assignes
of each party shall enjoy like priveleges & bencfitts & be


equally & reciprocally bound to each other by vcrtue here
of as fully & effectually as if their names were punctually
expressed in & throughout every article in the same.
In witncssc <tc.

Me JolioiTi Griffon dc civitute TJristoll nautor toner tvc.
p nobili War. in 2001 dat 3. 20. 1040.

The Condicon of this Obligation is such that if the abovc-
boundcn John Grifliii shall within 40 dayes next after his
arivall in England personally appcare before the right hon
orable the abovesaid Earlc of Warwickc l to answerc all
such matters as shall be objected against him the said John
(Jriflin in any Course of Lawc or justice as the said Earlc of
War vncke shall advise & direct or otherwise and shall abide
his Lor pps direction & commandment in all things concerning
the same matters and not depart away from his Lor pps presence
or attendance upon his Lor pp without his leave & dismission
then this obligation shall be voyd & of none effect or els it
shall be & remainc in full power strength & vertuc. [2 G]

Me llobtum Luker 2 de [w&] in Nova Anglia tener &c. Gubcr-
nator Assistant & Societat DC Lc Mattachusetts bay in Nova
Anglia in 30* dat nt supra. Condieoned for the said Grillins
apparance ut supra.

[147] To the Honoured Governor Cort Assembled
The humble peti"con of DANIELL IIowE. 3

Shcwcth that heretofore the Towne of Lynne assigned unto
yo r petieoncr 00 acres of land lying in the outmost of the

1 The Karl of Warwick was nftcr- 2 If the Governor of Massachusetts
wards one of the commissioners for was to have, any such hunt for Robert
regulating the affairs of the West Indies Luker as I have had, his " conditioned
and the Colonies in America, and was for the said Griffin s appearance" must
in other ways interested in New Eng- have been worth but little. I can find
land and the other parts of the New the name mentioned nowhere, and sup-
World. (Cf. Winthropin various places.) pose that he, too, was a sailor of Bristol.
Of Griflin I have not found anything. 8 Daniel Howe may or may not have
It is tantalizing to meet everywhere received the ratification he wished. The
abundant mention of the ship "Griffin," Records say nothing of the matter,
but no word of the sailor. though there is much other mention


bounds of that Towne and because there may be doubt
whether it pertcyne to the Towne or no Yo r peticoner humbly
praycth yo r wor pp9 to be pleased to ratify the same lands to
him by the Authority of this Cort and he shall daylie pray e.

M : Coy an a Utter of Attorney to SILVESTER CALTON of Wax-
risquete in Virginia merchant.

Knowc all men by these presents that whereas Nathaniel
Eaton l late of Cambridge in New England Master of Arts did
about the 8 th day of August last past receive of me John Cogan
of Boston in New England merchant the summc of one hundred
pounds of lawfull money of England to be by him the said
Nathaniel returned unto one Roger Clay factor of Blackwcll
hull as by one of the bills of exchange thereof hereunto annexed
appcareth And whereas the Letter of advice sent by the said
Nathaniel unto one John Hobson merchant upon whome the
said bills were charged did purportc that the said John Hob-
son should receive order for discharge of the said bills of
exchange from Thcophilus Eaton merchant brother of the
said Nathaniel W ch since the said Thcophilus hath disavowed
& testifyed to sufiicicnt witnessc that he had not nor would
give order unto the said John Hobson for the payment of the
said summc of money accordingly Whcrby it appcareth that
the said Nathaniel Eaton had not any power to charge the
said John Hobson therewith Now Knowc yee that 1 the said
John Cogan doe hereby authorize & in my place put my lov
ing ffriend Silvester Calton of AVaxrisquete in Virginia mer
chant my true & luwfull Attorney for me & in my name to
sue the said Nathaniel by way of Equity before the honoured
<fe right wor 11 the (Governor <t other Magistrates in Virginia

of Howe, who was a well-known man, * Some time after this, Eaton sent

being often deputy from Lynn. He from Virginia for his wife to join him.

moved to Southampton, L. I., about "Whereon, after speaking of her friends

1641, where lie was one of the earliest who desired that she should remain in

settlers, so that the inference would Boston, Winthrop remarks, with quiet

be that he did not reecive what he joy, that "she went notwithstanding,

wanted. and the vessel was never heard of atruin."


thereby to compcll him the said Nathaniel to put in sufficient

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