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caution unto the said Governor & Magistrates or some other
sufficient Officer by them authorized, to the summo of one
hundred & fifty pounds at the least for answere of such
Dammages as may accrew unto me by reason of the premises.
In witnesse <fcc

Coppy of the bill of exchange.

And I Thomas Dudley Esqr. Governor of the jurisdiction
of the Mattachusetts bay in New England having seen these
presents sealed & delivered in my presence doe hereby certify
the same to be the act <fc deed of the said John Cogan In tes
timony whereof I have caused the Common seale of our
Colony to be hereunto affixed the day & yeare abovesaid.

And I T D <fcc having scene a writing purporting a bill of
Exchange signed by Nathaniel Eaton Master of Arts whereof
the writing above said is a true coppy doe hereby at the re
quest of John Cogan merchant grant to exemplyfie the same
under the common seale of our Colony the 2Gth day of May
1G40. <tc.

M r John flumfrcy letts one rnesuage and ffarmc called the
plnynes conteyning by estimation ffivc hundred acres of arra-
ble & wooddy ground be it more or Icsse and all the fresh &
salt march thereto belonging lying & being within the liber-
tyes of Salem in New England unto Zachcus Goold 1 of Lynne
yeoman for 10 yeares from the 29 Sept. next. Rent 900 bush
els of corne yearely in this manner 400 rye 800 wheat 200
barley w th 8 oxen 5 Cowcs 2 hcyfers & 4 Calves 2 mares.

[148] M* llumfrey is to make up of broken ground at his
charge 60 acres in time convenient.

The cattle to be invcntoryed <fe the like for number kinde
age & quality to be redelivered M* Willin Hawthorne &
Richard Wright to inventory the same.

1 Zaccheus Gould seems a more com- if he is the one of Brain tree, who had

mon name than might be supposed, for been of Lynn, as Savage seems to think.

I find four examples noted in Savage. Mr. Humphrey, one of the assistants,

Of this particular one little is known, was about to go to England at this time.

William Hawthorne, of Salem, we have He sailed in 1641.
noted before, and also Richard Wright,


Mr Ilinnfrcy to make up all fences needful to defend the
ploughed ground & the rent to repaire & make good the same
<fc so deliver it up well repayred.

Articles <fcc.

Imprimis that the Cattle and utensils demised & lettcn
by the said John Ilumfrey unto the said Zachcus shall
be inventoried & valued by Willin Hawthorne gent and
Richard Wright and the inventory thereof to be hereunto

Item, that the said John Ilumfrey shall & will at his proper
costs & charges cause to be broken up so much ground on the
premises as shall make up the ground already broken up
sixty acres in convenient time.

Item, that the said John Ilumfrey shall & will at his proper
cost & charges from time to time during the termo of the
lease made betweenc the said partyes cause to be made up all
new fences necessary for the ploughed ground on the prem
ises and the same being so made the said Zacheus Goold
shall & will from time to time at his proper costs & charges
well & sufficiently repaire & so repayred shall & will leave &
yield up unto the said John Ilumfrey his heires or assignes
in the end of the said tenne together w th all the premises by
the said lease demised. In witnesse c. [3-4. 1-8]

Richard Wright of Mount Wollaston yeoman bound to
Walter Blackborne in 1201 Condicon to pay 60* by 5 l every
halfe yeare at Mf Blackborncs house in Boston. [Is.]

James Marshall of Exon merchant consigned certaine com
modities of the value of 344* 9s. 3d. unto John Cogan & George
Allcockc 1 to take for factorage betwecne them what the
factorage was worth. Richard Mansfield for Marshall. M?
Cogan tooke 5 p Centum ITl 4s. for halfe the factorage.

1 George. Ak-ocke was of Roxbnry. etc. Ho had come in 1630 with Win-
He is often mentioned in the Colonial thmp, had been admitted freeman the
(and llo.iburif) Records as bcin appoint- next year, and was representative several
ed to run lines, determine boundaries, times. He died towards the end of 1640.


Dcrmondt Matthew 1 servant of George Strange gent com-
plaincs against his master for that whereas the said Matthew
was to serve the said George from the Oth day of May 1GC9
for six vearcs for the wages of i oure pounds by the yeare and
a pigg to be payd at every yeares end and .in the end of the
tonne to have a Convenient lott for his serviee. lie promised
also the said servant three suits of apparel A; six shirts. All
w ch appeares by an Indenture & sufficient witnesse.

The said George Strange hath not payd him any wages nor
given him any clothes according to his bargaine. Also the
said Dcrmondt Matthew did bind Teg Mathcw his sonne a
child of i) yeares old apprentice to the said George Strange
for ten yeares from the said Otli day of May w th Covenant to
keepe him two yeares at school and the other eight he was to
serve in the same house w th his ffather the said Dcrmondt
Matthew. But the said George Strange hath w th out the
consent of the said Dcrmondt sold the said T egg to one Mf
Browne of Salem to his the said Dermondts great grief of
heart contrary to the said Covenant. And whereas the
said Dermondt being an ignorant illittercd man <fe trusting
upon the fa ire promises of the said George Strange that lie
would ever use him well & shew him his Indentures as often
as he would now the said Dermondt having no chest nor box
to put the said Indentures in they were rotted & spoyled in
his pocket before he was aware. Notwithstanding the said
George Strange refuseth to let the said Dermondt or his
friends see the said Indentures Therefore the said Dermondt
Matthew humbly praycth the Court that the said Indentures
may be shewed to the Court by the [149] said George Strange

1 Permont Matthew and bis son Teg recommence his m r for damage done him,

are not met with in many of the contem- & losse of his time, & his master

porary authorities. The following from was willed for this time not to correct

the Colonial Record (vol. ii. p. 20) is of him." The careful reader must decide

date almost exactly two years after this for himself if there be connection be-

entry : " Dearmont Mathewe was ordered tween these cases. Matthew died before

to go home to his m r . & if he can 1661, for inventory of his estate (112

prove his m r did beat him. wh j n hec l.. 4<L ) is found with date Aug. 2, 1661

came home with order from M r Deputy, (>nJT. Prob. Hcc., 4. 8S).
his mr to bee punished ; if not lieu is to



& that they may be recorded or els that his wages may be ap
pointed by the Court & justiee done him in the premises. [Gs.]

J- to the rest of the Magistrates now assembled.

The humble peticon of THOMAS GREY l of Marble head fisherman

Shcwcth that he was heretofore iustly fined & punished
for a great offence in his passion committed by drawing
his knife in the Court for w ch he hath ben very sorry A: is
much ashamed of it. He humbly prayeth the Court in regard
of his poverty to be pleased to forgive & remit his fline im
posed upon him for the said offence and he shall ever pray for
you & endeavor by the help of God to live more conformably
to good order. [Is. 6d. Cipher. ]

Thomas Bro \vncll of Mount Wollaston als Braintree Planter
sells to Deodatus Curtis 2 of Braintree aforesayd Planter for

1 Thomas Gray was always in trouble
with the Government, both for his own
behavior anil for that of his friends,
who gathered at his house at Marble
Harbor (which seems even at that early
time to have had something of the same
reputation that it enjoys at the present
day). He probably came over in 1626
with Iloger Conant, perhaps before. He
was banished from the jurisdiction of
the Colony very early (1630), his house
was ordered to be pulled down, and
all persons were forbade giving him
.shelter. Nevertheless, lie lived on
at Marble Harbor, the winter being
cold for a man with no house, and
Governor "NVinthrop being indulgent
(Width., i. 85) ; so in 1638 the sen
tence of banishment was ordered to be
carried into ell ivt. lie .still remained,
however, and the occasion of his draw
ing his knife in court seems to have
been the wind-up of some debauch at
his house. " Ralfe Wainner is fined 10
sh for being at excessive drinking at

Thorn : Grayes at Marble Head," and
"Thorn: Gray for being drunke, pro-
pluming of the name of God, keeping a
tipling house & drawing his knife in
Courte was censured to be severely
whiped &, fined 5V are the entries in
the Record. There is one more entry
recording a sentence for drunkenness,
June 2, 1640, which may be before or
after this petition. Otherwise his prom
ise of good behavior seems to have been
sincere, for he appears no more in a
criminal or other capacity. lie was still
at Marblehead in 1648, says Savage.

It was at this court, where Thomas
Gray drew his knife, that "Thomas
Lech ford, forgoing to the Jewry & plead
ing w tb them out of Court," was " de
barred from pleading any mans cause
hereafter, unlessehisowne, & admonished
not to presume to meddle beyond what
he shall be called to by the Courte"
(Mass. Coll. Rcc., i. 270).

2 The names of Deodatus Curtis mid
Thomas Brownell are both noted in


38 1 One house and one garden and six acres of arable land in
Braintree aforesaid parcell of the lands heretofore of Edward
Raynsford of Boston w th the appurtenances to him & his
heires for ever.

Thomas Brownell is to Deliver unto the said Peodatus soe
many foot of planke board as will make up the boards
in the house 1000 foot presently lying fonrc square to
the said house, the land is bounded on the common on the
west part on the lands of goodman Best on the cast on the
lands of goodman I)aw r son on the north and on the lands of
Nathaniel [ft/an] on the south. [2s.]

Myles Brathwayte 1 of the Isle of Providence Planter
makes a letter of Attorney to James Oliver 2 of Boston sur
veyor to receive of John Seavcrne tayler 3 1 14.s\ $<L for
1121 of tobacco at 8d. a t, G 10 1040 and of one that is a
Cooper of Hcituate money for 104* of tobacco or els the to
bacco againc delivered him out of goodman Sweets celler
delivered by Richard Newton And leaves him 5001 waight of
tobacco or thcrabout to dispose for me to my best advantage.

Savage with little addition. I suppose Seavearne, tailor, little is known that

that Brownell was selling his property will be of help here.
preparatory to moving to Portsmouth, 2 Miles Brathwayte may have been a

R. I., where he is mentioned, 1655, as member of the church in the. Isle of

freeman. Edward Raynsford was a well- Providence, of the Bahamas, of which

known man in Boston. He came with the unlucky end may be read in John-

AVinthrop in 1630, and was a deacon son, bk. ii. ch. xx., and 11" inthroj), ii. 33.

and ruling elder in the church. He lUchard Newton, who delivered the

died in 16SO. tobacco out of Goodman Swecte s cel-

1 Thomas Oliver brought with him lar (in the Mill Field, I suppose, near

to this country, in 1632, two sons, John Gallop s Point, Look of Possessions,

and James. I think that the Oliver 123, K, 3), may be one of the two men

here mentioned must be John, for he is of that name who took the freeman s

the one of the two brothers who would oath. Savage calls one of Sndbury,

be more likely to be called surveyor, and mentions his wife and children ;

having been on committees appointed to adding that he took the oath in 1645,

run lines or determine boundaries, while and again, 1647, "for no other Rich-

his brother James (this year made free- ard is heard of." It is barely pos-

man) was a merchant, and would hardly, sible that this may be that "other

I think, be called surveyor. Of John Richard."


George Lnxan l assignes & Mathew Dove places himsclfe
servant to John Blackleath of Salem for 4 yeares from the 1
of June for 4* a yeare. [2s. 6t7.]

Knowc all men by these presents that whereas I John
Throckmorton 2 gent have received 83 1 of Richard Parker
of Boston in New England merchant I doe hereby Covenant
promise & grant to <fc w th the said Richard Parker that I shall
& will pay unto the said Richard Parker his executors admr*
or assignes at or in his dwelling house in Boston aforesaid
the summe of twenty pounds upon the llth day of June w ch
shall be in the yeare of our Lord 1G41 and twenty pounds
upon the llth day of June w ch shall be in the ycarc of our
Lord 1G42. And shall <fc will then deliver <fc pay unto the
said Richard Parker his executors administrators or assignes
forty one goats every one of them under five- yeares of age
and two ram goats each above one yeare old. And whereas the
said Richard Parker hath letten unto me two Cowes vizt one
blacke and the other red to receive & take the increase &
profitts of the said blacke cowe from the first day of May last
past for & during the terme of two yeares and of the said red
cowe from the 10th day of September next ensuing the date
hereof for <fe during the tcrmc of two yeares I doc hereby
Covenant promise <fe grant to and with the said Richard
Parker that I shall & will pay or cause to be payd unto the
said Richard Parker his executors administrators & assignes
at or [150] in his dwelling house aforesaid the summe of five
pounds by the yeare for the increase & profitts of the said
blacke cowe & five pounds a yeare more for the increase &
profitts of the said red cowe And to the true performance

1 George Luxon, who is mentioned time after this, and finally to Hart-
several times in the pages following, ford.

was master of the " Fellowship," and 2 John Throckmorton came over in
was probably never in New England the same ship with Roger Williams,
for any length of time. He appears with whom he warmly sympathized.
in the Note-book generally as factor He was with him banished from the
for some person or other. John Black- church at Salem, where he lived, and
leach was a busy merchant of Salem, moved to Providence. He removed after-
lie moved, however, to Boston some wards to New Jersev, arid died there.


of all the promises I bynd me as aforesaid <fe also my heires
executors ct administrators firmcly by these presents. Scaled
w th my scale etc. June 11 1(>40. [1-G]

John Johnson l of lloxbury in N. E. yeoman in bclialfc of
Willm Perkins gent mortgageth to Walter Black borne of
Boston in N E merchant six ac of planting ground lying in
the Calves pasture in Uoxbnry leading to Dorchester. Also
20 acres lying in the pliiine in Roxbiiry betweene the great
lotls tt Hie fresh meadowes And 25 acres of the last division
lying at the end of Roxbury bounds nearc Pedham.

Mr Blackborne to convoy the same to John Johnson Josuah
Hughes & Thomas Lambc And they 8 to become bound to
Mr Blackborno in &c. for the pay in t of the annuity. [5s.]

Whereas John Cognn merchant hath told me that William
Pester did inform the Cort that 1 tooke three pounds a tunnc
for the freight of shott brought in a ship wherein I was under
taker and hath desired me to tcstifye whether I did take so
much or no I doc hereby deny that I tookc so much for the
sayd shott but I did pay Mr Hassard for the freight of a tun
of shott for my sclfe 3s. about the same time & so much for a
tun I should have taken & did take & no more 2 Witnesse my
hand (4) 10. 1G40.

Robert Lewes 3 late of Tanton in New England Carpenter
tunics over Willm Roberts to serve John Crabtree or his

1 Of this John Johnson, fortunately a minister in this country. Savage says

more is known than of the Yorkshire- "minister, Imt whero educated is un

man mentioned above. He was ono of heard." I find in the Emmanuel Reg-

the substantial men of Roxbury, having ister at the English Cambridge, " 1G24.

come with "\Yinthrop. He was often Wm. Perkins, Pensioner, A. ]."

representative in the General Con it. 2 I can add nothing further to ex-

Joshua Hughes (the name is generally plain this business. Hassard may be

Howes) was an active merchant of the Thomas Hazard, the ship-carpenter of

same town. Thomas Lamb, also of Rox- P>oston, though he had by this time

buiy, came with his wife and children moved to Rhode Island.

in the fleet with AVinthrop. From the 3 Robert Lewis, of Newbury, who

title of "gent," applied to William camo toSalrm in 1635, may be the mnn.

Perkins, I should infer that though a Inquiry fails to add anything in regard

preacher, he had not yet been ordained to John Crabtree to the note on p. 100.


assignes from this time till the Gth of December come twelve
moncth for 4 1 a ycarc quarterly to be payd

for 5 1 ui)on the 1 of March 1040.

fc for 5 l upon the 1 of August 1641.


BOSTON (4). 25. 1G40.

The Answcrc Complaint of Elizabeth Cole wife of Willm
Cole concerning a deed of trust made by & betweene Francis
Doughty her brother and her sister Bridget Doughty on the
behalf c of the said Elizabeth on the one parte and her said
husband before their marriage on the other parte

The Court booke at IGtZ a sheete 102 shcctcs for M. r Eudc-
cott commcth to G 1 IGs. [G 1 IGs.]
[2*i0o lines in cipher]

Thomas Scudamore 1 late of Westerley in the County of
Glouc r blacksmith makes a letter of Attorney to [/>/<*] Haz-
zard of Bristoll mariner & Willm Prigge of Westerley afore
said yeoman to sell tfc dispose of One mesuage or tenement
w th an orchard A: garden lying in Westerley & to bring over
liis wife & children. The lease is from Thomas Roberts of
Westerley Esqr to T S for 99 yeares if he & Ellen his wife
[151] A Thomas their sonne or any of them so long live. lie
warrants to sell it for 50 l <fc to dispose thereof & to bring over
his wife <fc children <fe such commodities as I shall by my
letter direct.

Know all men by these presents that whereas I Thomas
Scudamore late of Westerley in the County of Glouc r <t now
of Cambridge in New England blacksmith stand possessed to
me <t assignes of in One messuage or tenement w th an or
chard & garden w lh the appurtenances thereunto belonging
lying in Westerley aforesaid for the terme of fouerscore and

1 Thoinns Scudamore may be Thomas vol. i., Appendix, A. p. 59). I can find
Skidmore, who is vaguely heard of in no Scudamore at all, and fear inquiry is
1636 in connection with John Win- useless in regard to Hazzard of Bristol,



nyncteene yeares from the date of a certaine Ion so made
thereof unto me by Thomas Roberts Esqr fully to be com-
plcat <fc ended.

John Pickering 1 of Pascataquay in New England ])lantcr
makes a letter of Attorney to Isacko Allcvton merchant to
attach and bring backe Richard Price his servant who was to
serve him for 4 yeares from the 2oih of Aprill 1(530. lie is
now umlutifully departed his service a tayler by liis trade
borne in Shrewsbury in the County of Salop as he hath sayd
a man of middle stature black long haire black beard thin
faced of a swarthy color in a tawney kersy Doublet <fc hose
w th ash colored points at the knees a russett hat, to bring him
backc or 10 ! for his time. [!]

[This note seems to be set in the very middle of the letter
of attorney.]

w ch lease is dcterminablc upon the Deaths of me the said
Thomas Scidmorc and of Ellen my wife & Thomas my sonne
as more at large by the said Lease appearcth. Now Knowe
yce that I the said Thomas Scidmorc doc hereby constitute &
ordeync my much respected ffriend Henry Ilazzard of Bristoll
mariner my true & lawfull Attorney for me cv: in my name to
contract to and w th any person or persons for the sale of the
premises <fc all my right title ct interest therein for fifty
pounds & to bynd me my Executors <fc Administrators to
make any further legall <fe reasonable assurance thereof as the
purchasers thereof or their Counscll learned in the law shall
advise or require Or if my sayd Attorney please himself c to
purchase the same when lie shall see the said Lease premi
ses at the price aforesaid I authorize him to take the said
Lease in his hands & possession and 1 hereby promise upon

1 Savage notes John Pickering, of such service as the one hero spoken of.

Portsmouth, 1635, of whom little, is I hope he had better luck in searching

known, who may be the man. lie is for Price than I have had. Thomas

referred to again, p. 158, post. As for Hawkins was of course a very different

Allcrton, he was doubtless well known man from the merchant (p. 122, <nt(e) of

all along the coast up to Machias, and the sanu; name. This man was at the

it would be natural enough for a man time a baker, and later is said to have

at Pascattaquay to call on him for any kept an inn.



account <fc receipt of the said fifty pounds in manner herein
expressed to be imployed & disbursed that I my executors &
administrators shall <fc will make any further Icgall & reason
able assurance thereof unto him as He or his counsel! learned
in the law shall advise or require. And lastly for the said
fifty pounds I appoint the same to be disposed in this manner
vizt for the passage transportation of my said wife & our
Children from England to this Country of New England and
the rest of the money to be disposed of as by my letters of
advice or other direction I shall warrant him In wilnessc
&c. [Is. 6cl]

John Crabtrcc of Boston ioyner & Thomas Hawkins of the
same Baker to be bound to George Luxon in 12 l to be payd
to him or his ass g upon the sixth of January next at the
house of Nicholas Willis 1 in Boston. [GJ.]

Griffith Bowcn 2 Willm Colbron & Jacob Eliott to be
bound unto Francis Kingsmyle Esqr Willm Arundell Willm
Fleming & George Waters merchants in 205 1 to pay 23oi to
them upon the first day of January next ensuing the date
hereof 7. (5) 1G40. [Is. (}<L copayd Is. eopayd Is.]

A bond by John Powncs 3 to George Luxon Nicholas Brook
ing 4 <fc John Morris in 1G0 1 Condiconed for payment of 80i

1 The Nicholas Willis here spoken of merchants mentioned were, I suppose,
was a mercer by trade, and his house Englishmen, though they may have been
(and shop as well, I suppose) was just Virginians (p. 153, jwst).

off Dock Square, on Union Street. He 3 Inquiry as to John Downcs "do

was, by tho way, chairman of the jury Ponte Bondon in Como Cork" (p. 158,

in the trial of Marmaduke Pierce for post), merely results in the following :

murder, mentioned above. "Bandon Bridge, a market town of

2 Griffith Bowcn (also a, juryman in Cork, on the River Bandon, 13 in. from
the same trial) was a Welshman, who Cork, and 136 from Dublin. This town
lived for u time in Roxbury, but finally was erected in 1G10 in the of an
returned to England. William Colbron impassable bog by Richard Boyle, Earl
and Jacob Eliott were both early set- of Cork" (Capper s Dictionciry of (!rct
tiers and well-known men in Boston, Britain). See post, p. 158.

being deacons of the church there. Both * Of Nicholas Brooking I find no

were sympathizers with Mrs. Hutchin- mention, and notice of John Morris is

son, although the former was not dis- so vague as to be useless here,
armed nor disfranchised. The four


within 10 claycs after the arrivall of the Jolin & Francis in
England or Ireland G. (5) 1640. [Is. M.]

A letter of Attorney by one of Plymoth to Mr Isackc
Allerton ! agt a dutchmaii. 4. 5. 1(540. [G</.]

[152] Thomas Moulton 2 <t Jane his wife complainc against
"Willm Stidson <fc his wife in an action of trespasse upon the

The Comp lts say that slice the said Jane being a woman of
good name and conversation was about nvnc yeares since as
saulted by John Treble who feloniously did endeavor to ravish
her when she was alone in an house in the (Fields whereupon
she crycd out & ran away from him to another house a good
way of and afterwards proscecuted against him so that he lied

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