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and Mary his wife daughter of John Barker late of Stoke
Nayland aforesaid clothier deceased makes a letter of Attor
ney to Thomas Gilson of Sudbury in the said County of
Suffolk baker to receive & recover of & from [bUmk ] Mannings
of Gaynes Colne in the County of Essex yeoman the sumine
of five pounds of lawfull money of England due unto her ly
some bond covenant or agreement made by the said [fc/.-]
Munnings before or upon his marriage w th Margaret Barker
mother of the said Mary.

I Thomas Dudley Esq r Governor of the Jurisdicon of the
Mattachusetts Bay in New England doe hereby Certify all
manner of persons whome it may conccrne that these presents
are the act & deed of the abovesayd Isacke & Mary In testi
mony whereof I have at their request caused the Common
scale of our Colony to be hereunto ailixed the day & yeare
abovesaid. [Is. GcZ.]

The Susann and Ellen of London 240 tunnes ROBERT CLAY
Master 30 mat/e.

1 Omnibus Christ i fidclibus ad quos praesentcs Lcttercs
testimoniales praevenient praccipueque quibuscumquc Guber-
natoribus et magistratibus Authoritatem vcl jurisdicconem
quamcinnquc habcntibus Thomas Dudley Armigcr Gubernator
de Mattachusetts in Nova Anglia infra Jurisdicconem Regis
Anglia salutem etc Scitis quod bona navis vocata Susanna ct
Ellen de London oncris 240 dolior vel circitcr mine in portu
nostro de Boston existcns ct inde solute parata Eius Naucterus

1 "Thomas Dudley, Esquire, Cov- or master, Robert Clay, and the other

ernor of Massachusetts in New England men of the same ship, to the number of

under the jurisdiction of the King of Eng- thirty, and the inhabitants of the said

land, to all the faithful of Christ, and Boston and also of those regions lying

especially to any governors and magis- round about it, are in good health, with

t rates and any pel-sons whatsoever hold- no pest or infection, being free from any

ing any authority to whom these pre- ill, weakness, or disease. In testimony

sents may come, greeting : Know ye that whereof I have fixed to these presents

the good ship called Susan and Ellen* the public seal of this Colony, on the

of Ix>ndon, of 210 tons burden or then;- twenty-sixth day of August in the year

abouts, being now in our port of Boston of our Lord one thousand six hundred

and preparing to sail thence, the sailor and forty."


sivc magistcr Robertas Clay ct alii oiusdem navis Homines ad
numcra trigcnta ct inhabitantes do Boston pracdicta ct cos l
loci circum jaccntcs sunt in [167] boua salubvitate absque ulla
pcstc vcl pcstilentia ct ab omnia alio morbo vcl pestifero vcl
mortali immunes In cuius rci tcstimonium Sigillum publi-
cuni hnius Coloniac pracscntibus apponi feri viccsimo scxt die
Attcnsis Angusti Anno Dili millcsimo scxccntcsimo ct qnad-
ragesimo. [Is. Qd.~\

Daniel Paul 2 of Boston in N E late of Ipswich in the
County of Snff marrincr makes a letter of Attorney to John
Cole of Ipswich Shippwright to sell all his Lands tenements
goods & chattells & the money to deliver to Elizabeth his
wife. [2s. 6(7.]

John Bent 3 of Sudbury in New England late of Waybill
in the County of Southampton husbandman makes a letter
of Attorney unto his brother in law Will" 1 Baker of New
Sarum in the County of Willes Plummcr to receive <v recover
of and from Will Cole of Waybill aforesaid husbandman
the summc of twenty pounds of lawfull money of England A\ rCh
he owes him by bond now in the hands of my sayd Attorney.
[Is. 6rf.]

Nos Ric um Parker in ct Nic um Parker g de B in N. ten <fec
IIcn r Symonds 4 morcli* in 1601 dat 27 Aug: 1640. Con-
diconed to pay 87.10 & after 10 in C at 6 moncths & 3 daycs
9H 17 s 6 d at [Is. r in corn:]

1 This word I take to be cos, or <?/.<?, age), but returned to England to bring
intended by Lcchford to agree with loci. more.

There are many corrections in the Latin 4 Henry Symonds had a house and

of this entry, but in this case the cor- lot just south of Mr. Bellingham s

rection is far more ungramm itical than marsh (wherein were the Rawpits let to

was the first draft. Thomas Joy), lie also was of the Com-

2 Daniel Paul is heard in of 1643 at pany to whom was granted the marsh
New Haven, and later at Kittery. towards Charlestown to improve (Boston

3 John Bent had just come over to Town Records, i. 74). This was in
New England to stay permanently. Ho 1643, however. At the time of the above
had come in 1638 with a wife and five agreement, and later, lie was of Lynn,
children (all under twelve years of (See p. 202, post).


Nos Nic ura Parker & Ric um Parker fcc ten Hen r Symonds
merch* in 230* dat ut supra Condiconed to pay 1151 & after
101 i n C. at 6 moncths. [Is.]

A letter of Attorney for Anne Coleman & Samuel Hosier
for the 51 afore Aug 8. 1639. at 27 Aug 1640. [Is.]

William Talmage of Boston in N E. Carpenter Thomas
Talmagc Robert Talmagc l and Richard Walker husband of
Jane Talmagc deceased sonnes and daughter of Thomas Tal
magc brother of John Talmage of Newton Stacey in the
County of South 10 " husbandman deceased make a Le r of Attor
ney to Richard Canying and William Dowlyng Overseers of
the will of the said John Talmagc deceased to receive of the
Executors & adm rs of the Last will & testament of Symon
Talmage our brother and of John Talmage aforesaid the
summes of money due unto us by the will of the said John
Talmage. & a Certilicat under the pub : scale. [3s.]

A Bill of Lading for Mf John Johnson. [6s. 6cl.~]

Will m Longley 2 of Lynne in New England sonne & heire ot
John Longley late of Frisby in the County of Lincolne Clerk e
deceased makes a letter of Attorney to Tho : Meeke of Wayn-
flete St Mary in the County of Lincolne aforesaid gent to sell
all hinds & tenements descended to him from his said father
in Frisby aforesaid and Steeping or els where in the said
County in the meanc while to receive the rent & to receive all
goods <fc legacys & childs parte due unto him. [3s.]

1 AYilliam, Thomas, and Kobert Tal- one of the three brothers who lived in
mage are all mentioned in Savago, who Boston, had a house onBoylston Street,
does not say that they were brothers, the north side, near Washington Street,
though he suspects the relationship of " William Longley, of Lynn, has been
Thomas and William. William was of a pu/.zUng man to the antiquarians, and
Boston 1030, Thomas of Boston 1<>;54, this entry does not help in clearing mat-
but now of Lynn, and Robert was later tors. He is called son of Kit-hard by
of New Haven. Of their brother-in-law, Savage, who feels rather confused about
Walker, I find nothing very satisfactory, him. It may be that there were two
There is another reference to these four, men of the same name. William Lang-
p. 175, i>ost. William Talmage, the only ley, of Lynn, adds to the confusion.


Edward Bendall of Boston in Nc\v England acred about
[/,//*] yeares swornc saith upon his oath tliat upon the very
day the Ship Mary Rose was hlowne up in Charles river l
this deponent in the behalf e of My John Olliver of Ne wherry
in Ne\v England was going aboard the said shipp in the morn
ing before the same was blowue up [168] to demand A; take
order lo fetch away a certaine paeke of goods sent in the said
ship to the said John Olliver and by the way this deponent
met w th M. r Dannet one of the merchants <>f the said shippe
coming ashore and told him this deponents errand whereupon
Mr Dannet sayd that if he had knownc this deponent was to
have received it- he should have had it before that tymc and
therefore at that time bad this deponent trouble himself c no
further about it the said Mr Dannet promising that he would
at high water or the next tyde send the said paeke ashore to
this deponent in the long boatc of the said ship. [Is.]

Robert Gamlyn 2 of Roxbury in New England planter and
Elizabeth his wife gardians & tutors of John Mayo an infant
of the age of eleven yea res or thereabout Sonne it heire of
Thomas Mayo late husband of the said Elizabeth and sonnc
of John Mayo late of Towne Marroling in the County of Kent
hosier and Rebecca his wife and Mary Mayo of Dorchester in
New England aforesaid spinster daughter of the said John

1 The following may interest the let fall in tho same into the water "

n-a<l<>r who does not care to consult ( JFinth., ii. 11 ).

"\Viiithrop (vol. ii. pp. 11, 72) amljohn- 2 Robert Gamlyn, of Roxbury, may

son (vol. iii. p. ix, B) : " Within two he found in Savage. There were two of

hours after this (being about dinner- the name, who came with Elder Thomas

time) the powder took fire (no man Weld in 1G32. The elder one lived at

knows how), and blew all up ; viz., Concord the greater part of his life, but

the captain and nine or ten of his the other, called "junior" (by which

men, and some four or five strangers, it may be supposed he was son of the

There was a special providence that former), remained at Roxbury. He had

there were no more ; for many principal brought his wife Mary and her son, here

men were going aboard at that time, mentioned, from England with him.

and some were in a boat near the ship, John Mayo is noted in Savage as having

and others were diverted by a sudden been brought as a young child by his

shower of rain, and others by other stepfather to New England. To Mary

occasions. There was one man saved, Mayo, the aunt of John here mentioned,

being carried up in the scuttle, and so I find no reference.


Mayo & Rebecca make a letter of attorney unto their beloved
friend & Brother in Law Steven England of Sandwich in the
County of Kent tayler <fc Francis his wife our Sister our true
& lawfull Attorneys to receive their parte of the rent of a
certainc mesuage or tenement <fc orchard situate in towne
Marroling aforesaid now or late in the tenure or occupation
of Thomas Martyn. & to sell the same c. [2s.]

The good ship called the Charles 1 of Bristoll burden 300
tuiines master Will Elliott and 44 men. [Is. 6<i]

John Prior 2 of Scituate in New England and Daniell Prior
of the same Sonnes of Thomas Prior late of Watford in the
County of Hertford Malster deceased make a Letter of At
torney unto Ralfc King of AVatford aforesaid wollendrapcr
and Launccllott AVelles of the same wheeler to sell One messu
age or tenement and orchard w th the Appurtenances in AA r at-
ford aforesaid now or late in the occupation of Roger Brewer
& all their interest therein 28. 6. 1640. [2s. 6d.]

Abraham Harding 3 of Boston in New England sonne of
John Harding late of Boram in the County of Essex husband-

1 I cannot say with what purpose 2 Savage says that John and Daniel
Lecht onl inserts this mention of the good Prior came from London in the " Hope-
ship "Charles," of Bristol. There is well" at the respective ages of fifteen
mention of the vessel in Winthrop (vol. and thirteen. This was late in 1635. They
ii. pp. 2ii, 44), who says that although wen; both of Scituate, and later moved
the master was a plain, (piiet man, the to Duxbury.

crew were very wicked. Indeed it is 8 Abraham Harding, Savage calls an

on account of this wicked crew that the early settler at Dedhain, and says "per-

" Charles " finds its way into history, haps lived first at Braintree." Braintree

For these forty-four men were such was at this time part of Boston; but

contemners of the Lord s Day that vari- it is probable that if Harding lived nt

ous judgments befell them, which may Dedhain at all, it was before the date of

be observed by the curious reader in the this entry in the Note-book, for the

Journal as above indicated. Winthrop early settlers of Dcdham had begun

in one place says the ship was of four their town and dug their canal from the

hundred tons burden, and that it came Charles to the Neponset before this

from Dartmouth. I hesitate to assert time. He may have moved to Dedhain

that this vessel was the same \vhieh came afterwards. "Boram in the county of

in the fleet with the" Arbella," and was Essex" may be found by looking for

sc-t on by Dunkirkers on its return. Boreham.


man deceased makes a letter of Attorney to fJylos Barro
Cittizcn & Wollcndraper of London dwelling at the signc of
the Plough in Watling streetc to receive & recover of & from
Agnes Greene of Tarling in the County of Essex widdow
executrix of the last will & testament of the said .John Hard
ing sometimes her husband the suinmc of 77* of lawfull money
of England the remainder of 801 legacy given him by his said
ffathers will 28. 6. 1040. [2s. Gd. a letter Cr?.]

1 Knowc all men by these presents that I Anne Floyd wife
of John Floyd Citizen and haberdasher of London for and on
the behalfe of my sayd Husband and by his authority doe
hereby make ordaine and in my place and stead and in the
jdace tfc stead of my sayd husband put my wellbclovcd and
Christian ffricnds Will ra Colbron 2 ono of the deacons of the
Church of Boston in N E and John Button of tho same
Church our true and lawful! attorneys and deputyes ioyntly
or severally for us & in. our names or the name of either of us
to take the Care & tuition of Thomas Floyd 3 our Sonnc now

1 This entry may throw light on a as here stated, and, like most of their
very unimportant point which I find brothers in that church, had decided
unsettled in Savage, as to one of the leanings towards the heretical doctrines
name of Floyd who was in 1650 treas- of Mrs. Hutchinson. John Button was
urer of the. Society for Propagating the disarmed; but being hold in some honor
Gospel. Deane says that John Floyd by his townsmen, was in the course of
of Scituate and Boston was the -man, a year or two elected constable. He was
and Hutchinson supposes Richard Floyd a miller by trade, and had been even
to be the treasurer of that corporation, while in Old England, where he was
Savage himself sa3 - s that " on turning born in 159-1. He set up his mill on
to Scobell s Acts of that Parliament, Copps Hill, which, it may be, was called
we find the family name of the member Mill Field after it. lie lived nearby,
of that corporation was Lloyd, and not and was always a member of the coin-
Floyd;" and adds, "we, may be sure mit tecs appointed to oversee the fences
the treasurer must have been a London or highways in the Mill Field. He gave
merchant." It may be that the here- up the mill to John Mylam, as I think,
mentioned John Floyd, citizen and in 1643. (See Boston Town Records,
haberdasher of London was the person p. 76, and Sujf. Deeds, li. f. 307.) He
in question, and that his name was continued to live in the Mill Field,
Floyd, Savage and Scobcll to the con- however, and was at times surveyor
trary notwithstanding. of highways. lie died in 1681.

2 William Colbron and John Button 8 It is hard to think that all this care
were members of the Boston church, and tuition should not have educated


remayning w th Arthur [169] Ilowland of Duxbury in New
England riantcr and to send for and take our said sonne into
their or one of their Custody & twenty foure pounds <fc eight
pence to aske demand recover <fc receive of the said Arthur
Ilowland l \v cU he hath in his hands for the maintenance of
our say d sonne while he remained w th him the said Arthur
Ilowland according to the notes and bills and schedule here
unto annexed And our sayd sonne w th the said moneys to
maintaine educate and bring up according as I or my sayd
husband shall from time to time by our letters direct and in
the mcancwhile according to their ownc discretion And so
to kecpc our sayd sonne and stockc aforesaid till I or my said
husband otherwise dispose I or my sayd husband paying for
our sayd sonnes schooling & cloathing besydes And further
for me and my said husband & in our names or the name of
one of us and to the use of my said husband to aske demand
recover and receive of from the severall persons hereafter
named in the said schedule the severall debts goods & chat-
tells or their value in money thereinafter expressed to witt in
the said schedule (that is to say of and from Samuel Grymes 2
of Boston afores d pewterer six pounds of & from [/,//</>]
Hurst of Cambridge tayler thirty eight shillings & ten pence
of and from Mf [W/<] Freeman of Sandwich seven shillings
of & from [MJJI/,-] Hawkins of Uode Island three pounds of
& from Phillip Tayler of Accamackc in Virginia fourtccne
pounds t t ten shillings And 1 leave in the hands of my said
attorney John Button thirtcene pounds & ten shillings w ch he

Thomas Floyd to be such a man as spelled. He may have "been the old man

might have claimed a place in Savage s who was dead, according to a pop-

Dictioiiary. I find no such name as ular song, and who was in the habit

Thomas, however, at Floyd, or Loyd while in life of wearing a long gray

either. coat, which he buttoned down before,

1 No other mention of Arthur How- instead of buttoning it up, as is custom-
land is found earlier than 1G43, and scant ary. As for Hurst, I iind a Goodman
notice enough after that date. In 1GG9 Hurst, who, like the man in (picstiou
it is known that he was aged and poor; here, seems, says Savage, not to have
but how aged or how poor I Iind stated enjoyed a Christian name. William
nowhere. Hawkins, of Providence, freeman 1655,

2 Not much can bo said of Samuel may have been the "Rode Island" man
Grymes, or Graemes, as it is sometimes spoken of.

L E CIIF ORD S M. 1 .V 6 S CR 1PT NO r J A -L (. ~) OK.

oweth me One sow & piggs o 1 and one fllocke bedel it ])olstcr
and a paire of Curtaincs it valens of the value of fifty shillings
one wigge of the value of twenty foure shillings and a payrc
of andirons tongues fyre shovel it forko topped w th bi asse of
the value of Iciinc shillings one brasse pott and hookes and
hangers of the value of fifteen shillings and one preserving
pan of brasse tinned of the value of nyne shillings one frix.e
Coate for a woman of the value of thirty shillings unel one
head peeee of the value of two shillings) and for us and in
our names or one of our names to sue arrest attach impleadc
prosceute it recover And upon receipts in that behalfe suf
ficient it legall acquittances it releases to make scale it de
liver And one Attorney or more under them for execution
of the premises to substitute and revoke. And all other
matters it things acts it deeds requisite in and about the
premises to doe execute it performe for me it my sayd hus
band in our or one of our names as fully effectually it power
fully ns I or my said husband might or could doe if we were
present Ratifying allowing it confirming all and whatsoever
our sayd Attorneys or either of them shall lawfully doe in the
premises. In witnesse itc 28. (5. 1G40. [Draught 1.9. Sd.
The two Coppics 3s. Od. The schedule Is. 8(7. The bills of
lading 1*. Oc?. 7*. 4,7.]

In the hands of Arthur Rowland

In goods delivered by him to Christofer Wads-
worth l 7\ 0,5.

In goods that were received of mo ... 10 1

In other goods 10 6d

A paire of shooes 2 8

Received of goodman Wasborne for me . . 11

[he received of John Willis 2 for me 7* 8 s 2G+8. whereof
40 s put to Christofer Wadsworth]

1 Christopher Wadsworth was one of 2 John Willis was at this time of

the earliest settlers at Duxbury, and Duxbury, but afterwards was one of

one of the most respectable and honor- those who settled Bridgewatcr. lie was

able of its inhabitants. He served the often representative from the latter

town as constable, and later as select- town,
man and deputy to the General Court.


[170] Thomas Odingselle l charges a bill of 40* upon John
Odingsellc Esq r of Eppcrston in the County of Nottingham to
he payd to Mr Maurice Gittins Cittizcn & Wollendraper of
London at the signc of the hell in Watling streate. upon 20
dayes sight for so much received of Will m Pester of Salem
in New England mercer. [Is.]

SALEM IN N. E. 28 August 1G40.

So may it please you upon 20 dayes after sight of this my
first bill of exchange my second & third not being payd to
pay unto Mf Maurice Gittins Cittizcn & Wollendraper of Lon
don dwelling at the signc of the Bell in Watling streete or his
assigncs the sumnic of forty pounds starling w ch is for so
much hcere received of Captaine Edward Giboncs of Boston
aforcsayd I beseech you make good payment & place it to
account as by advise.

Yo r obedient Sonne


To the \vor" my deare & loving father JOHN ODINGSELLE of Epperston
in the County of Nottingham Esq r or to my loving Brother M r JOHN
ODINGSELLE at Mr Mansfields at the seven starres on Ludgate bill.

Nos Thomam Odingsclle de Salem in Nova Anglia gen et
Will" 1 Pester do eadcm mercer tener &c Capitando Ed~vo
Giboncs bound to him to pay all dammagcs if the bills be
not satisfied.


So may it please yoii upon 20 dayes after sight of this my
first ex to pay unto Mf Maurice <tc forty pounds starling <fec
rec of the same c.

Yo r Dutiful nephew


To the \vor" my deare uncle WILL" PKSTKK Esq r at Barnards Castle my
Lord Chamberlaynes house in Thames streete London. [l- s -]

1 We may hope that John Oding- than his son has been by the present
sclle was to be found more easily by writer. No such name is to bu found in
the bearers of these bills of exchange Savage.


James Forrctt * of Long Island in N(. i w England Esq r
makes a deed of gift unto Thomas Robinson and Matthew
Southcrland of one Boatc or sinalc shallop of bunion fourc
tunnes or thereabouts w th niainc sayle anchor Cable all new
and a Compass w th oares and the appurtenances in payment
of twelve parts of a greater debt owing by him unto them.
29. 0. 1040. [2s.]

Ralfc Sprague 2 of Charlcstowne in New England & Joane
his wife make their letter of attorney unto John Holland of
Tinrkleton in the County of Dorset ITuller to receive of .John
Cox of Bowlington and Elizabeth his wife Executors of
Richard Warren deceased Tl \v ch was given by his will to the
said Joane and her children John Jonathan Richard Samuel
Alary and Phineas or any other summc due unto them <tc.

[171] Know all men by these presents that 1 Joseph Cooke 3
of Cambridge in New England gent Second Sonne of Thomas
Cooke laic of great Ycaldhani in the- County of Essex gent
deceased doe hereby remise release and absolutely for me &
my heires quitt Clayme unto my Brother Thomas Cooke of
AVorminirford in the said County of Essex gent All the right
title and (May me that 1 had have or any waves hereafter may
have of and in One Customary Tenement in Brysctt magna
called Hrysett Kcll in the County of Suffolk w th all the Cus
tomary and Lease Lands thereunto belonging In witncsse
whereof I have hereunto sett my hand a,nd scale the last
day of August in the Sixteenth yeare of the raignc of our

1 James Forrot of Long Island was sons John and Richard. lie was of that
the agent of the Karl of Stirling for his part of the Boston church which were
patent of Long Island. He was in dismissed to form tin; church at Charles-
Boston about this time the next year, town. His children Mary, Phincas, and
but probably only temporarily. (See Jonathan were born in New England.
ante, p. 56V Samuel was married in lGf>">, but I cannot

2 llalfe Spraguc came to Now Kng- say where he was born. Joan Sprague
land in 1G29 (according to Savage, was, it may be remembered, the daughter
whom I see no reason to doubt, though of Richard Warren, here mentioned.
there is in this case some question). 3 Of Joseph Cooke the reader may
He brought with him his wife and his remember something at p. 135, ante.


Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God of England
Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith
&c. Anno4 r Dili. 1G40. [2s. OJ.]

His Letter of Attorney to his said Brother for the ffreehold
lands as afore. Dat ult 6. 1640. [3s. Od.]

Will Rix 1 of Boston in New England Planter one of the
sonnes of Robert Rix of Kenninghall in the County of Nor-
folke grocer deceased gives and grants unto his Sister Eliza
beth Waters of Kenninghall aforesaid widdow All his lands
tenements goods <fe Chattels in Wortham in the County of

Online LibraryThomas LechfordNote-book kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638, to July 29, 1641 (Volume 7) → online text (page 31 of 47)