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Suffolke or els where due unto him by his said ffathers will
Mf John Davy Clarke of Kenninghall aforcs d Henry Rix of
Pagravc in Suffolke Attorneys to give Livery. [31 G. 1640.]
[5s. Od.]

2 Michael Williamson of Rode Island in New England
locksmith and Anne his wife otherwise called Anne Panckhurst
releases the Elizabeth Geere &c. And Mr Stapley aforesaid
and a letter etc. 1 Sept. 1640. [3s. 6d.]

John Davys 3 joyncr is to build Will Rix one framed house
16 foot long & 14 foote wyde w th a chamber floarc fmisht
summer <fe ioysts a ccllcr floarc w tu ioysts fmisht the roofe
& walles Clapboardcd on the outsyde the Chimney framed with
out dawbing to be done w tb hcwc-n timber. Will Rix is for

1 William filx, of Bo.ston, was a John Davys in my mind (see p. 158,

waver. He was not in any way promi- ante), there being several of that name

nent, however, for I find no mention of who followed the trade of a carpenter,

him in tho Tnicn L ccords nor in the The " plott of ground" I suppose to he

Coliniiil I!,ron!.i. 11 is name is not in somewhere in the neighborhood of the

the nook of Possessions in any con- corner of Washington and Merrimac

neclion. streets, just south of HaymarUct Square,

- This matter is in ivpml to the will which then would have bordered on the

of Dennis (Ver, husband of the here- Mill Cove opposite Charlcstowu. It

mentioned Kli/.abrth, of which more was here that John Davics and James

may be seen (aiilr, p. 129). This men- Johnson had lots, and I suppose that

tion of Williamson adds little to what the lot here mentioned was incorporated

is already known of him. i 1 one f them, and so entered in the

8 There is some confusion about Book f Possessions.


tliis to pay to John Davis 21* vz 41 in hnnd 7* when it is
finisht and the rest first of May 1641. w th one plott of ground
lying betweene John Davis & James Johnson, lilt 0. 1G40.
[Is. StZ.]

A writing for Mr Sanlcy. 1 [>7.]

To the right wor n the Governor and Assistants this present
Court assembled 1 fcept. 1040.

The humble petition 2 oj TIMOTHY HAWKINS Carpenter

Shewcth that he hath built an house for the Country at
Castle Island w ch he thought he had done in all things according
to his Covenant except sonic smalc foult in the postes yet now
the same being viewed by workmen it appearcth that there is
some other default therein on yo r pcticoncr parte for w ch he
much grieved being no ways able now to mend the same yet
as it is now done the charge thereof comes to 130* besides
yo r peticoners owne Labor and his boys w cb comes to 20*
more at the least yo r peticoner hath received but 881 11 s in
parte So that 6G* 9 s more will scarce make yo r pcticoncr a
saver for the worke yet by covenant he confcsscth there is due
but 37* 9 3 toJiim: [172] And wheras yo r pcticoncr standcth
yet indebted to divers for the same workc the summe of 45*
w ch he is no way able to pay except he should sell his house &
planting ground w ch if he should doe he sceth no way for the

1 There is no such name as Siinloy to undertakers, who were aided by sub-
be found in Savage. I fear conjecture sidies from the General Court. It was
as to another spelling would be useless. not kept up to the satisfaction of tho

2 I think that it must be as an answer Court, however, and the island and the
to this petition that the General Court, house thereon were given to Captain Gib-
2 June, 1041, voted that "it is con- bons until such time as the public good
ceived thatTymo: Hawkins hath nothing might need them back again. The pub-
due to him in justice, so nothing is to lie good needed them in 1043, when the
be allowed him ; but if he will put in arrival of La Tour with a large ship
security to pay 451, hee is granted the showed the inhabitants of the town how
house to take away, & dispose of it, much harm might be done by the ar-
provided he give his answer within a rival of an enemy. The island waf then
month." re-fortified, great exertions being made

The fortifications at Castle Island by the towns around the harbor, as may
were at this time in the hands of private be seen in the Boston Town Records.



present for the Comfortable maintainancc of himself & his
family. Yo r peticoncr humbly prayeth the Court in regard
of the premises that the whole matter may be referred to
the Arbitrement of this Court indifferent workmen to sett
downc & determine what moneys more yo r peticoncr ought in
equity to have for his said worke & that it may speedily be
payd in respeet of this peticoners neeessity And he shall as
his duty byndcth him allways pray for you &c. [Is. GJ.]

1. 7. 1G40. Henry Smith 1 pit Timothy Hawkins defend 1
for timber boards & carriage 29t lo 8 G d w ch should have bin
payd all but G 7 G d 1 Martii and the said G 7 G d upon
15 of May he hath received but 50" in cornc so that there
rcmaines 27 5 G d & damm. Edward Oillman by himself for
51 10 s for planke &, carriage to be payd 1 Martii. [Is.]

Thomas Taylor 2 of AVatcrton in New England planter
bound to Will Goose mariner in 4l to be payd within 6
weekes after the arivall of the good ship the Sparrow in the
port of London, bound in G* 1. 7 b . r 1G40.

BOSTON IN NEW ENGLAND the 1st of September 1010.

Sr I pray you upon 20 daycs after sight of this my first
bill of exchange my second & third not being payd to be

1 From the mention here of Henry little is known. He had a child bom a

Smith and Edward Oillman together, I year or two after this, whom he named

should like to believe them to be the Seabred. As for the "Sparrow," the

men bearing those names who came over name, met with once or twice in the in-

together in 1638 and settled at I ling- dorsement of some of Governor "Win-

ham. It is true that the fact that two throp s letters, " Resp.. per the Spar-

men crossed the ocean in the same ship row, J. Bradshaw," is indorsed on a letter

does not necessarily imply that they are dated March 15, 1639; and the same

always to be mentioned together, and occurs on letters dated May 15, 1640,

also that it is a little unlikely that and March 20, 1640. In 1G22 Mr.

Timothy Hawkins should have bought Thomas Wcston sent " 3 small ships

lumber of a couple of Ilingham men for for his perticuler plantation, th<> greatest

Castle Island, which lies much nearer whereof being 100 tune." Of these the

Dorchester Neck than anywhere else. "Sparrow" was one, not the largest. But

If thisj Henry Smith was the Ilingham I cannot say that the ship here men-

man, he was representative in the Gen- tioned was the one which conveyed the

eral Court the next year. unlucky emigrants sent by Thomas

2 Of Thomas Taylor, of Watertown, Weston.


pleased to pay unto M? Thomas Thoroughgood of Grim-
stou in the County of Norfolkc Clerkc or his assignes the
sunnne of 33} 6 s 8 starling w ch is for so much lieero by
me received of Bozoun Allen l of llinghani in New England
mercer I pray make good payment & place to account as
by advise.

Yo r loving Sonnc in Law,


To my loving father-in-Law JKFFRY SALTER of Kings Lynne in the
County of Norfolke Tanner.

A Release by Thomas Grubb 2 & Anne his wife of Boston
in N E planter unto him. [Is. Gd.]

Bozoun Allen of Hingham in N E mercer bound to Tho :
Grubbe in 15* to be payd upon intelligence that the said bills
be satisfyed. [6<i.]

A Certificate 3 that Ephraim Wheeler of Concord in the
Mattachusetts Bay in New England being a young man of
twenty one yeares of age or therabout dwclleth at Concord
aforesaid, fls-l

1 Jjozoum Allen was of Ilingliam. His naino occurs frequently enough in
He came over in 1638, in the same the Tmm ]br.or<l as surveying high-
ship, by the way, with Henry Smith and ways, inspecting fences, and levying
Edward Oillman. He was representa- rates. As might have been expected, he
tive from Hingham in 1641 and various was neither high enough in station nor
other years. His name is remembered low enough to make, an appearance in
by the reader of Winthrop as being that the Records of the. Colony, where few
of one of the principals in that very en- besides magistrates and criminals arc to
rious contest in regard to religious, civil, lie found.

and military liberty which was waged in a It is pleasant to find this statement

the General Court in regard to the confirmed in Savage. "Wheeler removed

Hingham train-band in the year 1645. to Fairfield with some other Concord

2 Thomas Grubb, leather-dresser, of men in 1644, and died there in very
Boston, was constable of the town in good circumstances in 1670. Savage,
1646. His house was on the west side following Farmer, says that he had a
of what is now Washington Street, some- son Isaac, born 1638. This may or
what south of the Old South Church, may not be true.


306 LEciiroiiD s M. \\rscmrT NOTE-BOOK.

Benjamin and Nathanicll Bosworth T charge bills upon
Joseph Bosworth of Coventry in the County of Wa rk shoo-
niakcr for tennc pounds to be paycl to Thomas Lund of Lon
don Icatherdrcsscr or his assigncs 14)011 20 dayes sight. [Is.]

A bond to paye it accordingly by Will" 1 Buckland carpenter
& Thomas Turner of Ilingham. [Is.]

A writing for Counter security All dated 1 Sept. 1G40.

Will" 1 Ilollway of Cohannet complaineth against John T re-
worthy 2 gent Agent or factor for his Grandfather Mr Shaplcy
of Dartmouth o \vner and Richard Day master of the ship
called the Desire of Totneys for that whereas Simon Edwards
of Cullampton in the County of Devon shipt in, the said shij)
in good oi der and well conditioned the value of two hoggs-
heads of pease three hoggshcads of malt & one hoggshcad of
girts oatmeale w tb certaine cheeses and ccrtaine other goods
of the value of eight pounds 12 7 d to be landed at Boston in
New England in like good condicon for the use of the said
Will 1 " Ilollway. The said Will" 1 Ilolhvay now complaineth
that the goods were brought to Pascataway & there landed <fe
that one of the said hogsheads of pease was broken up & two
bushclls or thereabout wanting thereof and that one [173]
hoggshcad of girts was broken up and thereto put a baggc of

1 Savage is confused between two married James Treworthy, of Kitten-,

Benjamins and two Nathaniels. I sup- who is thought to have been the brother

pose the two here mentioned to have of John. As has been already said, there

been brothers, and each of them to have are doubts as to the existence of John

had a son named after himself. The Treworthy, but it seems from this us

first generation lived in Ilingham, and though they were ill-founded. Mr.

the second lived in Hull. Shapley was the grandfather of the wife

- John Treworthy will be remcm- of James Treworthy, and the grand-

be re I by the reader as having been uncle-in-law of John, though not here

mentioned before in the Note-look. Mr. so called. As for the ship " Desire " of

Shaplcy, of Dartmouth, was perhaps the Totnes, it can hardly be the shin of that

father of Alexander Shapley, who was name which was built at Marbh-head

in New England at about this time as in 1636 and made several successful

agent for Ferdinando Gorges. Catherine, voyages to England and back again.
the daughter of Alexander Shaplcy,


pease to the value of two bushells or therabouts mid round
about the bag Indian huskcs <fc strawc w cb pease being put
into the said hoggshcad of pease made up the same full but
there being only two or three cheeses in the said hoggshead
of girts the girts remayning were but two bushells or ther-
abouts so that there is wanting of the girts about 5 bushells
to the value of 50 s . And the said W m Ilolhvay is charged
w th twenty eight shillings for carryage of the said goods from
Pascattaway to Boston w ch lie ought not to pay And lastly
the said Will " Ilolhvay complaineth that there are lost of the
said goods of the value of 8 1 12. T. divers of them to the value
of six pounds twelve shillings or thcrabouts All the said
wrongs & injuries done by the default of the said John T re-
worthy and his said Grandfather and Richard Pay. To the
Pits damniagc 91 18 s whereupon he brings his suit And
whereas this Comp u letters and bills of lading are kept from
him by the said dcfen dts so that the plaint iffe cannot presently
make such proofc of all the premises as is requisite lie
humbly prayeth that upon consideration of that proofc w ch he
can make the money demanded by the defend 18 for freight and
other charges may be dcteyned in the hands of ]> ltine upon
security till he can make his cause fully appoarc by proofc
from England. And the Pit submitts himselfc to the order
of the Cork [1*. Grf.]

John King 1 and Mary his wife heretofore servants to the
wor 11 John Ilumfrcy Esq r make their account as followeth.

Thev say that being bound to serve i oure yoaros only it
was agreed that they should ho freed when they cnmo to New
England for two daycs worke a weekc by the said John King
only for seven yeares w oh comes to at the rate of twelve pence
a day meat & drinkc 3G-8 3 .

And whereas the said servants did serve one ycare and a
quarter of the said foure yeares the same being valued accord
ing to the said rate of G s a weeke for the said John King and

1 This was a year before IlumtVcy in Savage as having a daughter Mary,
left the country. John King is a difli- born 1039, and one or two other
cult man to identify, being meivly noted children.


three shillings a wecke for his said wife conies to 291 5 s .
And whcras the said John King since his departure hath
served the said John llumfrcy twelve weekes w ch conies at
the said rate of 6 s a wecke to oi 12 s in all 321 17* w ch ] )C j n g
deducted out of the said 3Gl 8 s There remaynes due to the
said John Ilumfrey 31 11 s .


[1*. GJ.]

Thomas Robinson l of Scitnatc complaines against Alice
Tompson widdowe for that whcras she standeth indebted
unto the said pltiffc in the sunnne of one hundred three score
and ten pounds to be payd upon certaine dayes agreed on
and for the payment of parte should have signed certaine bills
of exchange to be payd in England she hath refused to signe
the; said billes it is now going for England therefore the Plain-
tiffe humbly craveth that the said defend* may put in better
security lor the discharge of the said debt according to the
agreement aforesaid.


IMf Tyng for 2 Charter partycs. [5s.]

M!" Robert Saltonstall a declaration and brcviat.

[174] 2 In the matter behveene Andrew Coleman & Wil-
liam Swift it is ordered by the Court that whereas heretofore

1 Thomas llobinson, of Scitnatc, was unimportant differences, may be found
not the mariner of the same name of in the M<(ss. Col. lice., i. 2D3. The
whom mention has l>een made before, last paragraph, in regard to the arrest of
He married the daughter of John Cogan Goodman Swift and the suit about
(Mary) in KM J, and subsequently (at Smithman and Stacey, is not in the
her death), Elizabeth Sherman, both of llccord. Jn its place is this paragraph,
whom were at the time widows. It is immediately following that ending "as
to be hoped that his troubles with the shall be agreeable to equity: "-
widow Thompson were of a purely " If the Court be pleased to record
financial nature. Whether Thompson this order, I consent to it.
was her maiden name, or the name of j o . HAYNES."
her husband, is hardly more than mat
ter for remote conjecture. The paper in the Colonial Record is
a This same document, with certain headed, "A Record of a Former Busi-


the said Andrew Ooleman by his letter of Attorney dated the
[blank] day of [blank] Anno Dili 1636 made unto John Haynes
Esq r gave him power & authority to sue and compound w th
the said Will m Swift for & upon one bond of C 1 bearing date
the [blank] day of [blank] in the ycare 1635 wherein the said
"Will Swift as a suerty was bound w th Roger Spring principal!
debtor and Josiah Smith of Bermondsey streete leather-dresser
another suerty for the payment of fifty two pounds upon a
certainc day past And thereupon the said John Haynes agreed
& compounded w th the said William Swift and the said William
Swift mortgaged his house & lands at Watcrtowne aforesaid
unto the said John Haynes in bchalfe of the said Andrew
Coleman by one deed or writing made in or about the moneth
of [blank] in the yeare 1636 And whereas the said Will
Swift alleadgcth that the said Andrew Coleman hath already
recovered for the said debt the suminc of eighteen pounds &
five shillings from John Smithman & Will m Stacy jun of
Booking Clothiers w ch they owed to the said Will Swift w ch
comes to halfc of the same debt wanting but five shillings
and that halfe thereof is as much in equity as he being a
suerty w th another ought to pay and the other suerty the said
Josiah Smith being a man of sufficient estate ought to pay
the other halfe. And that since the said mortgage the said
Andrew Coleman hath contrary to the said agreement arrested
and troubled the said Will Swift in England for the said
debt and recovered from him seven pounds <fc ten shillings
more w ch in all being twenty five pounds and fiftecnc shillings.
This Court hath ordered that the possession of the said house
& lands shall remaine in the hands of the said John Haynes
till midsommer next to the end the said Will Swift may

ness;" but I Lave been unable to dis- Savage says, came from Docking was the

cover any trace of it before this date, same man as the above-mentioned, for

Haynes was at this time Lieutenant Savage goes on, " Sold his estate 1637,

Governor of Connecticut. Andrew Cole- and removed, probably to Sandwich;

man does not appear in Savage, and of there died January, 1644." It was

Swift Savage seems to have known lit- about midsummer, 1G37, that Swift was

tie that he did not gain from the above arrested and imprisoned in Whitechapel.

paper, except that he was of Watertown Of his son Edward " that was prentice "

and came before 1634. Indeed it is there is no mention in New England

doubtful if the William Swift who, as authorities.


make what proofe he can of the premises in the mcane time
And then this Court will set downe a finall order in the
premises as shall be agreeable to equity.

Goodman Swift was arrested about Midsomer 1637 & im
prisoned in White chapel & at y c pye without Algate payd to
Joshua Smith & Mf Heath the Scrivener 7* 10 s . The suit
ag Smithman & Staccy was in Guildhall 1G3G Edward Swift
his sonnc that was prentice with George Andrewes butcher in
Eastchcape little Eastcheape. [And a letter. 3s. 6d. Is. Qd.
Write to goodman Swift at Sandwich the letters to be left
with goodman Buttolph glover in Boston.]

1 Will Eliott master of the shippe Charles of Bristoll John
Searchfield of Bristoll merchant and Hugh Courtney of the
same merch 1 and Valentine Hill of Boston in New England
merchant bound to Henry Woolcott & Samuell Wakeman in
C 1 . Condiconed to pay <fc satisfie to the Obligees for all such
goods as shall be found wanting by the Boatsons books <t
found by the men assigned by the Court viz* Mr John Cogan
& M? Will 1 " Peircc by the next quarter Court held at Boston
in December next, except those goods already recovered 2
Sept 1640. [Is. GJ.]

M! John Cogan 2 makes a letter of Attorney to Mr Will" 1
Blackallow of Exon mercli 1 to receive <fc recover all Leg-
acys given unto him or his wife or children by Mr Ignatius

1 This entry is interesting as bring- inent merchants of Boston, and Pierce

ing together the names of several promi- was a noted shipmaster. Of the Bristol

nent New England merchants. Samuel merchants I am sorry to say I have

Wakeman was one of the earliest set- no knowledge. The ship "Charles" was

tiers at Hartford, having before lived in owned by Mr. Thomas Elbridge, alder-

lioxbury and Cambridge. About a year man of Bristol, as we may sec in the

after this time he was killed (together accounts which appear later,
with Captain "William Pierce) in the 2 This would seem as though Mrs.

course of a voyage to the West Indies, Ann Cogan had been a Jordan before

having been "sent with goods to buy marriage. The name Dominicus Jordan,

cotton" (JVintltrop, ii. 33). Henry which appears in Scarborough towards

Wolcott was also of Connecticut. He the end of the seventeenth century,

was a prominent man in Windsor, and seems as if it might be in some way con-

a large merchant. Valentine Hill and nected with the late Ignatius Jordan.
John Cogan were t\vo of the most prom-


Jordan of Exon Alderman deceased. 3 Sept 1640. [Is. pd
in corn.]

John Clerke 1 of Xewberry in New England late Citizen
and Chirurgion of London one of the Executors of the last
will and Testament of Anne Ward late of Stratford in the
County of Suff widdow deceased makes a letter of Attorney
to Edmund Sherman of Bcdham in the County of Essex
Clothier to receive <fc recover all rents issues & prontts and.
arreagcs of rents whatsoever issuing out of any Lands & tene
ments whatsoever in the Towncs of East or West Mersey or
clswhere in the County of Essex due <fe belonging to John
Ward Sonne <fc heirc of John Ward of Stratford afores d
Clothier deceased [175] by vertue of the Last will and. testa
ment of the said John Ward and of the said last will and
testament of the said Anne Ward or one of them and by
vertue of the same payable unto me during the nonage of the
John Ward the sonne and the prontts revennues & income of
two shippes <fc other rights belonging to the said John Ward
by vertue of the aforesaid wills & testaments or one of them.

John Pierce of Hartford in Connecticot an Inhabitant
Certifycd. [Is.]

A letter of Attorney by Will Talmage Thomas Talmage
and Robert Talin : aforesaid and Richard Walker to Mr Ralfe
King p e ut devant to receive the money of the said Overseers
dat 3 Sept 1G40. A Ccrtificat under the pub: scale. [2s. Od.]

RIGHT WORTHY SIR. I sent you at my first landing here an
unwise letter of which I [deserved ?] to receive no answer,

1 There were two physicians of the stall, and survived him for sixteen years

name of John Clarke in New England at more or less, during which time it may

this time. The one was John Clarke of be inferred she subsisted on the proceeds

Newport, who had been driven from of certain patent stoves invented by her

Boston with Mrs. Hutchinson. The husband. (See Mass. Col. Rcc. t iv. 104,

other, here mentioned, was of Newbury 260. ) Ths patent was granted to her

at this time, but later moved to Boston, husband only for life, but at his death

where he died in 1664. His wife, Mar- there were many stoves left which came

tlui, was the sister of Sir Richard Salton- to her by his will.


I cannot forget my respect towards you and your worthy and
beloved family, my good lady and all your dear and hopeful
children, as in my [poor ?] supplications I remember dayly.
In a word or two, we heare of great disturbances in our dearc
native countrcy ; lam heartily sorry that I had [ever hand ?]
in some of the [causes ?]. I beseech you take my bricfe
opinion ; we here are quite out of the way of right govern
ment both in Church and Commonwealth, as I verily think,
and as far as I can judge upon better consideration, and
some pains taken in searching after the bottome of some
things. Poure Electoric wayes tried to the overthrow of
Kingdomes :

No such way for government of Englishmen, as a Mon
archic ; of Christians as by Diocesan Bishops or Evangelists
in their line. Better yeeld to many pressures in a Monarchic:
then for subjects to destroy and spoile one another, [as I
fear we must do here-long before we come to any settledness
either in Church or Commonwealth.] If I were worthy to
advise a word, I should desire you to have a care, and so all
your friends, you prejudice not your estate, or posterity, by
too much opposing the Regall power ; For I verily beleeve
the King s Majesty hath in general a good cause touching
Episcopacie [against the Sectaries]. My reasons I could
better deliver in presence, if haply Cod give opportunity to
see you, or if you require it hereafter, I will be ready to

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