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County of Buckingham yeoman deceased the ffoure and twen
tieth day of May last past And that this present day Jane the
late wife of the said Henry and Elizabeth their Daughter cv
only child living being about the age of ten yeares came before
me it presented the writing hereunto annexed as the last will
and testament of the said Henry Russell w th an addition there
unto and also Edward Batte one of the witnesses named in
the said writing deposed before me upon his oath that the said
Henry Russell did declare publish and signc the same to be
his last, will & testament and the addition also to be parte of
his said will and further then the said Elizabeth did before me
freely choose her said mother to be her tuitorix and guardian
during her minority In testimony whereof 1 have caused the
public!; e scale of our Colony to be hereunto affixed the nyeth
day of October 1G40 &c. [>.]

A letter of Attorney by Mr Howell to Mr German Major to
receive 31 1 annuity out of my late freehold lands in Wotton
Underwood in the County of Buck of Richard Grenville Esq r
or Roger Stevens husbandman and one hundred pounds of
Richard Francis of Marsh Gibbon in the County of Buck
woollmerchant w ch he received for me cv to my use of Thomas
Beckwith of Andbrooko in the parish of Masham in the County
of Yorke gent and Robert Pickersgill of the maizes in the said
parish of Masham husbandman. [5s.]

[180] Thomas Nicholls 2 of Ilingham planter makes John
Cockcrell of Cockshall his attorn to receive his legacy given

1 Henry Russell, of Weymouth, and copied from Savage. George ami Walter
his wife and daughter are all noted in Nichols and John Coekerell (whose
Savage with but little addition. name is spelled Copewell above), being

2 For Thomas Nichols see p. 130, rtnfc, Englishmen, are practically nnfmdablc.
where the very little known of him is


him by Walter Nicholls his ffathcr of George Nicholls 801 9.
(8) 1040. [10.]

Will James of Boston in New England mercer sonnc of
Albon James late Citizen and mercer of London makes a letter
of Attorney unto his uncle George Strange gent to sell all his
Freehold Lands & tenements in reversion after the death of
[ wfc] James given and bequeathed unto him by his uncle
Will James. [20.]

Me Richard Parker <tc tener Samuell Hutchinson & Tho :
Savage in 500* to pay 3901.

MARSIIFIELD $ SAMUELL WAKEMAN joynt undertakers of
the shippes the Charles of Bristoll and the Hopewell of

Imprimis delivered to Thomas Marslifield the 10th of Aprill 1040 . 201

Itm delivered to Thomas Marshfield 14 Apr 1640 30 1

Itm delivered to Henry Wolcott 20 April 1640 12 1

Itm delivered to Samuell Wakeman JO Aprill 1G10 30 1

Itm delivered to Henry Wolcott Maii 10 10 201 for \v ch there is a
note under his hand dated by mistake April 10 10 including
that and the said 301 to Samuel Wakemau for 50 1 \v ch showes

they did things as partners 201

Itm delivered to Thomas Marshfield 30 Maii 1640 12 l

Itm delivered to Thomas Marshfield to pay to Ml; Elbridge owner of

the Charles 13 Junii 1040 801

Itm delivered to Henry Wolcott about that time 01

Itm delivered unto Thomas Marshiield 17 Junii 1040 201

S 2301
Itm for a bag of hoppes spoyled by the raine because some of

the undertakers gave order it should not be received aboard . 6 12 6

1 Although there is a difference in "For M* Patten, I conceive he hath

point of time of about a year between received some wronge ; I did receive

the two, I connect this account with one hundred & fiftye pounds nllmost

almost the only other mention of Tho- of liim not that that is all Due to

mas Marshfield in New England chron- him."

ology, part of a letter written from Marshfield died the next year, or

Tho. Marshfield to Samuel Wakeman, at least disappeared, and his family

which was copied into the first volume moved to Springfield. (See Conn. Rcc.,

of Suffolk Deeds (f. 12) by John Win- Oct. 12, 1642.)
throp(6. 3. 1641):

L E C II FOR D ,S* J7. i.\ I Sf Jil/ T A O 1 !: -UOV K. 3 25

Itni for a nimming sheet and rugg lent unto the Steward Robert

Ring for the undertakers use ........... 280

Itm for a cubbin bought in the sliip because I had not conven
ience in the ship according to agreement for inyselfe &
family ................ ... 1 10

Itm for a womans pillion lost in the ship Ilopewell ..... 10

Itm costs & charges att Bristoll from the 24th of May till the
18th of June for myselfe & family because att the said 24th
day we should have bin gone ........... 500

1 Itm they undcrtooke to victuall the said ship Charles for
1G wcckes <fc to carry but 150 passingers but they carryed in
the sayd ship a great many more passingers to mv remem-
brance and they the passingers Averc debarred of our bccrc
<fc water before landing and if we had bin put to a long voyage
we must needs have suffered much more than we did w ch I
leave to the consideration of the Cort.

HENRY LYMON defend* att the suit of HENRY WOLCOT.

Forasmuch as the defendant can prove by Mr A very master
of the Ilopewell and John Gover of Assize Newton in Devon
shire that the plaintiffe promised the defendcnt upon payment
of 20* 5 s in Bristoll he should have his goods delivered in
New England w th out any more to doe And whcras he [181]
alleged before the Jury that he could make such proofe but
did not name the witnesses whereupon the Jury being in hast
hath cast him in 3 1 1G 8 The defendant humbly praycth that
judgment & execution be stayed till he can produce his
witnesses. [I*-]

John Bibble 2 make a letter of Attorney to Sibill Bibble
his wife of Shadwell in Stepney parish & John Waterton of

1 It may have been that it was at 1G37, and subsequently moved to Mal-
the end of this voyage, referred to above, den. He died in 1058 ; and at tin s his
that Samuel Maverick gave bond for wife came to New England, ami desirous
1201 for the Company of the Charles " to perhaps of ridding herself of her sibilant
answer such actions as are or shall be name, married Miles Ntitt, and subse-
brought." (juently John Doolittle.

2 John Bibble was a Boston man in


the same shippwright to sue James Buckley of Shadwell afore
said upon the bond annexed <tc.

John Barnes of Plymouth merchant bound to John Parker
in IGOi for payment of 50* 1 Sept next at his house at
Plymouth. [Is.]

Robert Mantell of Dorchester bynds himself e by a writing
under his hand to Theodore Atkinson to pay unto his use unto
William Baker Citizen & haberdasher of London dwelling in
or neare Creed lane w tb iu three weekes after the arivall of
the ship wherein the said Robert 1 intendes to passe in England.
dated 15 Get 1G40. [6]

Thomas Lund 2 late of Hingham in N E makes a le r of
Attorney to Thomas Grubb of Boston in N E to receive all
moneys due unto him. 24 Oct 1640.

Will Pomfret 3 of Dover upon Pascattaway river Planter
bound to George Druell 4 of London marriner to deliver &
pay unto him or his assignes one thousand of redd oake mer
chantable clapboard for the passage of Hosanna Pomfrett his
wife & Elizabeth their daughter. [Is.]

John Ilolgrave 5 of Salem in N. E. marriner bound to Edward
Paine of Wap: in the County of Midd marriner for payment
of 37 1 nit* Julii px at his house in Salem. [Is.]

1 The said Robert did puss into Eng- This is all Savage says on the matter.

land, I imagine, for he certainly has left Thomas Grubb was a leather-dresser

no trace behind him except this one living on Washington Street, opposite

mention. Theodore Atkinson was a Milk. (See ante, p. 172. )
feltmaker of Boston, lie came to this & William Poinfret was early town

country in 1034 in the employment of clerk of Dover, and lieutenant. He

John Newgate the hatter, who, one may lived until 1680.

imagine, made the tall hats worn by all * George Druell, of London, called at

the Puritan Governors; for he was a one time "marriner," and at another

man of consequence, and 1 doubt not "grocer," was agent for one Edward

was one of the first in his trade. P;vne, mariner, of "\Vapping, as well,

2 Thomas Lund, a merchant, brought doubtless, as for others.
from London, 1C 16, power from certain 6 It is curious that this agreement of

citizens of London to collect debts. John Holgravo should have been made


A charter party betwccnc <\H George Story 1 of Boston in
N E merchant of the one p tc and Marke Beaplc master of the
ship Green Lyon of Barnstahle of burden 240 tunnes or
thereah: part owners of the said ship of the other p to Wheras
the said merchant hath laden the said ship w th Clapboards to
the number of 8000 & 500 or thereabouts to be dd at [Hank] for
w ch f r aight the said merchant or his assigncs is to pay the said
master w th in twelve dayes after arivall 225* and 5* towards a
pylott : the goods to be bound for security of payment. [0]

Samucll Haskill 2 citizen silk throstcr of London bound
to John Hill gent in 14* to pay 71 upon the Arrivall of the
ship the green Lyon in England aboard the said ship Coram
me et Jona Hopkins 2G. Oct. 1640. [Gt?.]

Elizabeth Freestone late of Alford in the County of Lin-
colne and now of Boston in New England spinster daughter
of Richard Frceston late of Horncastle in the County of
Lincoluc aforesaid wollcndraper deceased makes a letter of
Attorney to John Hutchinson of Alford aforesaid wollen-
drapcr to receive & recover 40* of Mary Frceston of Thimblcby
in the said County widdow & Executrix of the last will &
testament of Robert Frecston my uncle who was executor of
the last will & testament of Robert Frecston my grandfather

with Edward Payne rather than Druell, factory for the throwsting or twisting

his agent in New England. It may be, of silk after it had been first wound

however, that Druell was only Payne s and before it could be woven. At this

agent for some particular transaction, time London was full of French Hugue-

John Holgrave himself is merely noted nots, busily engaged in introducing the

by Savage as being representative at the silk manufacture there, who all turned

first Assembly. their eyes to the New World as a means

1 Of CJeorge Story, of Boston, mer- of obtaining silk that need not come
chant, little is known beyond what may through France and Italy. The experi-
be derived from the history of Captain mcnts in silk culture were not suc-
Keayne s sow, so frequently alluded to cessful even in the Southern and Middle
by early historians of this country. States, where they were most tried,

2 This entry unfortunately does not and in New England very little was
throw any light on a subject of some ever done at all. See a very interesting
interest which it calls to mind, the article on "Colonial Husbandry" by
culture of silk in New England. The Edward Eggleston in the Century Maga-
silk-throwstcr was a man who ran a zinc for January, 1884.


one of the Executors of the last will & testament of my said
father and G* 18 s 4 (l dividend part belonging* to me by reason
of the Death of my sister Mary and 5* of Nathanicll Cuthbert
of Warniington in the County of Northampton Executor of the
last will ct testament of my grandmother Mary Cuthbert given
me by her will. [8s. Gtf. 2 G]

Md. Wheras the within mentioned one thousand of Clap
boards will be worth II 1 it is agreed between the parties w th in
named that if the passage money w th in mentioned & intended
come not to so much that the said George Drucll shall pay the
said Will Pomfrct in money so much as the said passage
money or other charges for the w th in mentioned Hosanna and
Eliz shall come short of the said II 1 .

[182] Phillip Gibbs & al con Tlioma Allen Ricum
Callicot 1 in recuss. [Is.]

Philip Gibbs & al con Thoma Allen. [Is.]

Will" 1 Vicars of Wcthersfield upon the river of Connecticott
Planter a Certilicat that he is there Inhabitant. 2 [Is.]

Samuell Haskill bound to Will m Vicars for 7 ycares pro
vided that if 81 l)e payd him w th in G dayes after the arrival! of
the green lyon at London at the ship tavcrne near Biilater
lane London then this Indenture to be voyd M? John Cookc
of Fanchurch streat belonging to the Custome House hath 50*
of his given by his grandfather Ml; George Cooke Inkeepcr
at the white horse w lh in Algate deceased 18 yeares since.

1 Riclmrd Callicot \vas of Dorchester, that name. Ho appears only once or

;is \v;is Thomas Allen. (See. p. 195, post.) twice in the Dorchester Ifrconls.

The name of the former occurs fre- 2 This certificate (if it could be

quently in the Ihrchestrr TuU n Records found) ought to convince one of the

(usually spelled Collicot). It is difli- existence of Win. Vicars, Savage not-

cult to identify Thomas Allen in Savage, withstanding.
on account of the lai ire number bearing


Abraham Shawc 1 sometime of Hallifax in the County of
Yorkc Clothier & late of Pedham in N l<] planter made his
last will <fc testament about November !G->8. & therein made
Joseph Shawc his eldest sonne & Nicholas Biram his sonne in
lawe his executors & dyed having 1001 <t divers other dutyes
in the hands of severall persons they give a letter of attorney
to Mr [&/;ifc] Best of Hallifax aforesaid Clothier to receive the
same all profitts of Colemines whatsoever & the same
Colcmincs to sell <fcc. [os.]

Joseph Rcdknaplatc of Hampton in the County of Midd and
Citizen couper of London makes a letter of attorney nnto
Reynold Stevens of London gent and John Stevens of Hamp
ton aforesaid yeoman to surrender a Coppihold in Hampton
called Blackbush eight 2 now or late in the occupation of
Elizabeth Redknap his mother & all his interest therein.

John Bradshaw late of Lynne in New England husbandman
makes a letter of attorney & assignement to Zaclicus Gould
of Lynne aforesaid yeoman to receive & recover 3 1 & all costs
<fc charges 3 w ch hc rccouvered in the last Court at Salem against
M Thomas Willis. [6]

John Page 4 of Waterton in N E pi. for 32* 8 s mortgageth
unto George Druell Citizen & grocer of London Attorney &
assignee of Edward Payne of Wapping in the C of Mid iiiar-
riner six heads of Cattel specified in a schedule hereunto

1 We cnn add nothing to Savage s 3 What those "costs and charges"
note on Abraham Shaw from this letter could have been for, I can hardly iniag-
of attorney. ine. Mr. Thomas Willis at this time was

2 Savage says that this estate, called one of those appointed to " joyne with
by him " Blackbush right," was sold by the, magistrates at Salem to assist them
Kedknap in 1649 to one Edward Tom- in keeping their Courts." Bradshaw has
lyns, which would seem as though it left no trace of himself. This notice seems
were not surrendered at this time. A as though he were going to England,
friend suggests "Blackbush Eyot " as 4 John Page came to New England
the name of the estate. The spelling with Winthrop, and lived in Water-
in the text above, " eight," might easily town fora long time, having a son of
stand for " Eyot." his name who lived there after him.


annexed Provided that if lie pay the said money ult Mail px
at his house in Waterton then <fcc. [ - 8]

Joseph Bcmis l of Waterton j)l : bound to George Druell
agent for Mf Payne in 14 1 to pay 7 1 7 s upon the 10 th of March
in good or merchantable Indian corne at 3 s 4 D the bushcll at
M!^ Edward Tyngs at Boston in New England. [SJ.]

John Sampson of London merchant makes a letter of
attorney to Philip AVhite marriner to receive of Will 01 Quieke
181. [1*.]

[183] Job Judkin 2 & his wife a letter and a Release. [8d.]

M* Christojiher Stanley for a letter coppied & a letter for
his brother. [1-0]

Articles of Agreement made the Seventh day of November
Anno Dlii 1040 Betweene Captaine ROBERT HARDING 3 of
Newporte in the Isle of Ayiiednecke in New England of the
one parte And WILLIAM WITHINGTON of Portsmouth in
Aquednecke aforesaid Carpenter of the other parte as
folio wet h.

Imprimis the said Robert doth hereby grant and to ffarme lett
unto the said Will" 1 all that the ffarme granted unto the said
Robert by the said Towne of Newporte contcyning 300 acres
at the leaste lying ncare unto an Island called Canonieute w th
all the incdow ground thereunto belonging To have & to hold
the said ffarme <fc all & singulare the premises w th the appur
tenances unto the said W m his executors adm : & assignes
from the Date of these presents for the terme of nyne ycares
from thenceforth next ensuing fully to be compleate and ended

1 Joseph Bemi.s was not so old an some manner of trade to "\Villiam Bore-
inhabitant, having been at Watertown man (p. 142, ante).

for only a year or so. He was a promi- 3 Robert Harding went to Newport

ncnt man in town aifairs, often sclt-et- with others of the Hutchinson party

man and so forth. after their defeat in Boston. He was a

2 Job Judkin, it may be remembered, man of consideration in his new home,
was one of those who undertook to teaeh as he had been in his old.


ycalding and allowing therefore for the first seven yeares of
the said termc at the end of the said seven yeares unto the
said Robert his hcires and assignes the worth of two hundred
and ten pounds in buildings fencings draynings of medow or
other labour bestowed in improving the premises to be made
& done on the same in the meane time the said buildings
fencings draynings and labour thereabout or other labour as
afors d: to be valued by indifferent men to be chosen by and
betwcenc the said partyes to these presents their heires ex
ecutors administrators and assignes according to every dayes
labour of men thereabout at the rate of 2 3 G d for a mans dayes
workc and for cattells labour at 10 s a Dayes worke for a sufli-
cicnt teame And yeilding and paying therefore ycarely for
the two last yeares of the said terme of nyne yeares unto the
said Robert his heires and assignes the ycarely rent of forty
pounds at two tcrmcs in the yeare that is to say the seventh
day of May and the seventh day of November by cquall por
tions to be payd.

It m that the said Will his executors adm r3 or assignes
shall or may lawfully have & take timber & wood on the
premises if there it may be had for the said buildings fences
draynings and reparations thereof and also firewood for his
& their owne spending from time to time during the said
termc w th out doing any voluntary wast on the premises by
selling or carrying away of timber or otherwise.

It m that the said Will 111 his executors adm" or ass g shall
& will from time to time well & sufliciently rcpairc & amend
the said buildings fences <fe draynings during the said two last
yeares of the said termc of nync yeares and the same so well
& sufficiently repaired & amended w th all the premises in the
end of the said tcrme to leave & ycald up unto the said Robert
his heires or assignes.

Itm that the said Robert his heires & assignes shall in the
end of the said terme take off & buy all such cartes waynes
& husbandry instruments w th the appurtenances as the said
Will" 1 his executors adm rs or ass g shall make and use on the
prmises during the said tcrme at the rate they cost according
to 2? 6"? a mans dayes w r orke in the making of them if the


said W m his executors adm or ass* shall be willing to sell
the said cart waynes & instruments.

Itm the said Robert doth hereby let unto the said Will m one
stoeke of eight Cowes all supposed to be w th Calfc one young
bull one young stearc two cow calfcs and one great sowe all w ch
arc esteemed to be worth ten Cowcs To have and to hold the
said stoeke of Cattell unto the said W m his executors admin
istrators and assigncs during the said terme of nyne ycares
yeilding & allowing therefore at the end of the first three
yeares of the said terme unto the said Robert his executors
adm or assignes ten of the best cattell that he or they shall
choose out of the increase of the said stoeke and in lieu of
the said bull stcare calfcs and sowe makcing the said stoeke to
be ten Cowes by adding two Cowes to the said Eight Cowes
And yeilding fe allowing att the end of the sixt yeare of the
said terme ten more of the best new increase cattell that the
said Robert his executors adm r8 or assigncs shall choose out
of- the said new increase of the said stoeke of ten cowes And
at the end of the nyneth & last yeare of the said terme ten
more of the best new increase cattell that he or they shall
choose out of the said new increase of the said stoeke of ten
Cowes together w tb said stoeke of ten Cowcs or as many of
them as shall be then alive and all other Cowes added to
the same stoeke.

Itm that the said Robert his executors adm ra and assignes
shall from time to time stand to the losse of the said stoeke
and make good the same as they shall decrease or decay
during the said terme so it be not through the wilfull default
of the said Will m his executors adm ra or ass g in w ch case he
or they shall make good the said stoeke by the valuation
also of indifferent men as aforesaid.

Itm that at the end of the said third sixt & nyneth yeares
when the said Robert his executors adm re or assigncs have
made choice of their said increase cattell the residue of the
increase Cattell of the said stoeke except the said two cowes
to be added to the said stoeke shall be accounted and be the
proper goods <fe chattells of the said William his executors
adm re or assignes.


Itm the said William his executors administrators or as-
sigucs shall kccpc the ten new increase Cattell to be yeilded
ct allowed as aforesaid out of the said new increase at the
said sixt yea re and during the said last three y cares of the said
termc yeilding and allowing therefore at the end of the said
ternie unto the said Robert his executors administrators and
assignes ten of the best cattell that he or they shall choose out
of the increase of the said ten new increase Cattell together
w lh the said ten new increase Cattell or as many of them as
shall be then alive and all other Cattell added unto the said
new increase Cattell [184] the said Robert his executors ad
ministrators and assignes standing to the hazzard of the said
ten increase cattell and from time to time make good the same
number of them during the said termc if they decrease or
decay so it be not through the wilfull default of the said
Will 1 " his executors admrs or assg in w ch case he or they shall
make good the said number of ten increase cattell and the
said Will 111 his executors administrators and assignes to have
the residue of the increase of the said ten new cattell as his
& their ownc proper goods & chattclls.

Itm the said Robert doth hereby grant unto the said Wil
liam all the hay now upon the premises to be valued for
quantity by indifferent men to be chosen betwccnc the said
Ptys and the said valuation to-be written on the back syde of
these presents To have and to enjoy the said Hay to the said
Will" 1 his executors administrators and assignes Yeilding and
allowing therefore unto the said Robert his executors admini
strators and assignes the kccpcing of one Cowe this winter
and the summering and wintering of one calfe every ycare
following during the said terme of nyne ycares and twice so
much hay or els twice as much hay and once as much straw
in quantity as the said hay now granted shall be valued at. In
witncsse &c. [Gs. or a bushell of wheat or a bs ct halfe of Ind.]

Anne Stratton 1 of Salem in New England widdow aged
about fifty yeares late wife of John Stratton of Shotley in the

1 The Note-book for some pages is and notes in regard to a suit brought
now filled with depositions, petitions, by Mrs. Anne Stratton, of Salem, against


County of Suffolk gent deceased sworne saith that Joseph
Stratton sometime of Harwich in the County of Essex mar-
riner and now of James Citty in Virginia brother of her said
husband did in or about the ycarc of our Lord one thousand
six hundred and twenty eight stand indebted unto Will" 1
Stratton this deponent her sonnc deceased in the summe of

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