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built himself a sufficient house at Connecticott Then by
M* Hookers advise this Accountant returned into England
againe w th letters from Mr Hooker both to my Lord Say & to
M. r Woodcockc of the estate of Mr Woodcockes affairs to the
intent Stiles might be dealt withall in England that this ac
countant as soone as he could get shipping tooke his voyage
backe into England w th MT Bable and landed at Portsmouth
and thence he rode to London and delivered his letters
Whereupon Francis Styles was againe dealt w th to goe on
with M? Woodcockes plantation there and sold him his said
house bearing him in hand that the Towne would accommo
date Mf Woodcocke w th 400 acres of land thereunto The said
Styles w th in a moneth after came away againe for N E and M*
Woodcocke reteyned this accountant still to goe in the next
ship after him to see the said Styles to performe the worke and
this accountant was but to goe from London. to his wife at
Teuxbury and to returne againe to London to take shipping Av ch
this accountant did and came into New England the second
time and landed at Boston in the ycare of the Pequid warres
and w th in ten dayes after went in a pinnace to Connecticott to
follow Mf Woodcockes businesse and delivered my Lord Says
letter and Mf Woodcockes letter to Mr Hooker who was
pleased to goe w th this accountant from Mr Hookers house to
the sayd Styles house being 6 myles about treaty w tb the said
Styles when it was dangerous travelling in regard of the
Pequids that M Warham and divers others w th M! Hooker
treating the cause determined that Styles had dealt ill w th
Ml Woodcocke in not procuring the 400 acres of land to be
layd to the said house & impaling it as he nndertooke where
upon this accountant was by Mf Hookers dircccon to returne
w th his letters thereof into England againe to certify my Lord
Say and M Woodcocke of Styles miscarriage of the businesse
but in the mcanc while before this Accountant could get ship
ping he was taken a Souldier against the Pequids and before
he could thence returne & get shipping in the sea ncare upon
a ycare was spent from his last landing That he returned w th
Mr Cutler at the time M Vane returned landed at Deale and
thence went to London on footc and delivered the letters to


MF Woodcocke a letter to my Lord Say [205] That this
accountant was afterwards rcteyned by the said M Woodcocke
to ride from Teuxbury to London nine or ten limes and from
London into Essex about twelve times and from London to
Dunstablc & from London to Bristoll and after to and fro
upon liis occasions and did reteyne this accountant from his
last landing in his service in England ncare a yearc & three
quarters. That the said accountant purposing at his first
voyage aforesaid to come for New E w th his wife and family
as a planter he brought up his wife <v children & goods to
London to that purpose but M? Woodcocke prevayled- w th his
wife to stay in England to iheend this accountant might servo
him only in this busines aforesaid and that this accountant
should in the meane time leave his goods as bedding brassc &,
pewter to the value of 201 w th J\l! Woodcocke to kccpc till his
busincssc was settled & then this accountant to fetch his wife
& family tv. live upon M r Woodcockes plantation to improve
the same for him. That M r Woodcocke made use of this ac
countants goods and wore out a brasse kettle & pott to holes
so that the said goods were 5 1 the worse. That the said Mr
Woodcocke never yet gave this accountant any recompense
for his sayd travell & paynes but as in the account annexed is
spccifyed and afterwards the said Mr Woodcocke deceased
Whereupon M r John Woodcocke brother of the said deceased
intreated M r Robert Bridges of Anster to send for this ac
countant to Teuxbury to treat w th him about M? Will Wood
cockes estate in N E. & thereupon come to Anster and
informed M* Bridges of the said estate and this accoun ts
cxpenccs & his acts & paincs thereabouts that the said M^
Bridges might thereof certify the said John Woodcocke he
did also reteyne this accountant to come over againo into
New England about the said estate and to recover the same
against the said Stiles for w oh this accountant was to have 201.
That he landed here at Boston in June 1G89 and thereupon
went to Connec* and there did recover of the said Styles a
judgment of 3001 w ch lyes in M r Hopkins hand in Connecticott
and tooke into his custody the cattell and sold them by advise
of M? Hollioke & M! Bridges of Lynne for w ch cattell this



accountant received 1501 and since that time he hath bought
as many cattell as came to 110*. That this accountant is now
reteyned & still intangled w th this imployment & estate & can
not be lawfully discharged thereof whereby he hath lost divers
advantages for himself having yet no land to plant of his owne
for himselfe & his wife & 4 children & family whereby he is
damnifyed at least 501 Therefore he requireth allowance of
his said accounts recompense of his dammages aforesaid & a
sufficient discharge from M r i 3 Washburne Administratrix of
the goods & chattells of the said Will Woodcocke and from
the said -John Woodcocke both for himselfe & M Hopkins who
is interest in this matter only by this accountants meanes &

The account about the cattell.

Imprimis I received for the cattell as aforesaid abont

August 1639 1501

Itm I then presently bought ten head of young cattell
of M f Luxford for 1051

Itm I payd to Captaine Sedgwicke in parting the
cattell 0011

Itm for summering the said cattell to James Luxford,

as I verily believe 0051

Itm for wintering them to M r . Winthrop & looking

unto them 151

Itm for blooding & drenching them to James Lux-
ford 068

Itm payd for keeping twenty sheepe of M^ Will m

Woodcockes to James Luxford 10

Itm charges of suits against Lawthrop & his wife for
a debt of Mr Will Woodcockes 070

Itm paul to one M* Gridley for a debt of M* Will
Woodcocke. 1 10

138 04 2


138 04 2

11 15 10


So vesteth in my hand upon this account .... 11 15 10

Itin I exchanged the sayd young cattell in Aprill last
in this manner 8 of them for 4 oxen and a cart val
ued at 100*

Itm the other two beasts I exchanged for two other
valued at 301

[206] Itm earned \v th these oxen by plowing & cart
ing 20 dayes Ill

Itm for carrying wood & timber for myselfe & others

w <h them 27 loads 410

Itm for carrying five loads of hay for 2 neighbors . . 166

Itm for carrying 8 loads of corne 2

145 3 6

To be deducted about the oxen cart.

Imprimis for the Country rates upon the oxen ... 1 10
Itm for summering the said oxen and to the keepers . 2

It m they cost in wintering allready 12

It m two bushells of cornc they have eaten .... 8

It m 32 bushells of corne \v ch they did dammage into

Cambridge mens come 6 8

It " for 2 men and a boy to goo. w th the oxen the said
20 dayes at 2 s a day for the men a peece and 8 a a

day for the boy 4 13 4

It " for a man & a boy to goe w th the oxen at the rate
of 2" a day for the value of 10 dayes about the wood

& timber ". 1 1 12

It for a man & a boy to goe w th the oxen at the rate

of 2* 8 d a day for 4 dayes about the corne ... 10 8

It" 1 for a man & a boy to goe w th the oxen at the rate of
lt m for expences about this account in attendance
heere at this Court and what els it may cost me if
I should be put to prove every particulare w ch I
hope I can doe. As the Court shall assesse.

[3s. 4(7. A bushcll of rye or wheat or malt.]

Richard Chad well l shewcth that he was absent this day
when verdict was given against him not out of any contempt

1 Richard Chndwell and Thomas his when compared with another (posf, p.

brother are both noted by Savage, 220), wherein Richard Chadwell brings

with no hint, however, as to their rela- suit against John Sampson and Harry

tionship. John Sampson is not even no- Bennet, a house carpenter,
ticed. This paragraph will seem clearer


of the Court but by being deteyncd at the other side of the
water at Charlcstowne whether he went to lodge. And where
as there is 20 1 allowed against him in the verdict for not teach
ing John Sampson the trade of a shipwright This peticoner
alleagcth that he hath endeavored both by himselfe and his
brother Thomas Chadwell to instruct the said Sampson in that
trade both at home & abroad w ch the peticoner could have
made proofe of if that point had bin insisted upon to this peti-
coiiers understanding before the Jury went together Touching
the not moving of the barke if this peticoner had knowne that
he should now have bin questioned he could have proved
Sampson faulty therein by 2 witnesses but seeing he was a boy
under age as he saith if he riske that appeare the peticoner
willingly [illegible] to the cancelling of that 5 1 bill This petico
ner willingly alloweth foure pounds for 3 quarters of a yearcs
service w ch this peticoner was mistaken in thraugh Sampsons
ownc misinformation and will provide him tooles & 40 s towards
cloathcs in these things he desireth investigation & if it please
the Curt. [2s.]


Touching the 2 servants they cost betweene us . . . 221 10s
I had for one of them of M r . Long an house valued . 20
The other servant being married having a wife & 3

children hath bin a burden to me and no profit.

So granting that I am to allow M r . Woodcock halfe

the value of the house aforesaid 101

M^ Woodcocke is to allow fifty shillings to me for his

halfe of the five pounds due to M 1 : Hoggs estate. . 2 10
And also M* Woodcocke is to beare halfe charges for

Edward Wynne w ch may come for ought I knowe to 10

And therefore this accountant conceivcth that M* Woodcocke
is rather accountable to me than 1 to him.

[207] Ji-rcmy Could of .Rode Island yeoman & Will 111
Jeffreys of Weymouth in New England gent to be bound to
Henry Waltham gent in 30 l . The condicon that the said Jer-
emie shall on or before the 24th of August next assure & con
vey a sufficient and lawful estate unto the said Henry Waltham


his heires or assigncs of and in three acres of march inedow
lying in Weymouth aforesaid now [illegible] other things mort
gaged unto Joseph Holloway. [Is.]

Samuell Milles of Weymouth in New England aired about
21 yeares servant of MT Henry Waltham sworne saith upon his
oath tliat about two moneths since Morgan Craver singing in
the mill house by the fire one of Situate came into the said
house What he said to Morgan this deponent did not heare but
he heard Morgan answer that he did not sing so loude but we
may heare the clap of the mill. Whereupon M 1 "! 8 Richards
came forth and said that She heretofore asked money of the
said M r Waltl\am and he bad her hold her peace that he might
heare the clap of the mill and then said to Morgan this them
hast learned of thy master that old Waltham that wicked man
he that never feared God nor never will. And Morgan speaking
something what in particularc this deponent cannot remember
the said M r ! 3 Richards in the hearing of John Gill 1 bid him
hold his peace or els she would make John Gill bast him by
& by and thereupon as the said Morgan talked further to her
the said John Gill w th his left hand strncke the said Morgan
upon his hcael. and said hold yo r tounge. And at another time
upon another occasion what in particulare this deponent can
not remember he saith he heard the said M ri . 8 Richards speakc
in the mill roome he standing by the trough there the like
rcproachfull words against his said MT that is to sav that old
Waltham that wicked man he that never feared God nor never

A peticon for John Morecroft. 2 [1.9.]

1 John Gill i<? somewhat interesting owners of the mill at ^Veymouth were
here, because a man of his name bought not everything that eould be wished,
(in 107 )) the mill of Israel Rtoughton in 2 This petition, I imagine, was toon-
Dorchester (now Milton). I am nnablc, treat the Court to grant some abate-
however, to aflinn confidently that he was ment of the. line of 2(rt which had been
the same, man who struck Morgan C ra- imposed upon John Morecroft by the
ver upon his head and bade him hold Court some, days before this " for his
his tongue. It would seem from this unfit carriage." I cannot find that it
as though tho relations between the was ever granted.


Robert Hcmpenstall of Boston in New England sonne of
Thomas Hempcnstall late of Southold in the County of Suffolk
marriner deceased doth remise & release unto Will m Woolner
of Westell in the said County yeoman one house or tenement
w th the appurtenances in Southold aforesaid w ch Henry liar-
wood my father in law lately purchased for him & myselfc
and my Sister Elizabeth of Robert Anderson and Nicholas
Anderson his sonne w ch promise for further assurance &c dat
11. 1. 1G40.

Robert Thomson of Boston in New England merchant letts
unto Joseph Armitage of Lynne in N England one lighter of
the burden of twenty tunnes or thereabouts for 161 a yeare
from the first of the first moneth 1640 or 1641." and to deliver
the boate in rcpairc as good as now it is in.

To all Christian People unto whome these presents shall
come I Robert Hempenstall l of Boston in New England
Shipwright sonne of Thomas Hempenstall late of Southold in
the County of Suffolke marriner deceased send greeting &c
Knowe yec that I the said Robert II. doe by these presents
remise release & absolutely for me & my heires quittclaime
unto Will 1 " Woolner of Westell in the said County of Suffolke
yeoman all the right title & claime w ch I had have or hereafter
any wayes may have of & in one house or tenement w th the
appurtenances by what name or names soever it be called
lying & being in Southold aforesaid w ch Henry Harwood my
father iu law lately purchased to him self e myselfe and my
Sister Elizabeth Hempenstall of and from Robert Anderson
and Nicholas Anderson. [2s.]

This Indenture made the first day of the first moneth Anno
Pni 1641 or 1640 Betweene 2 Robert Thomson of Boston in

1 The name is not found in Savage, Edward Bendall to Thomas Hawkins,
at least not in this form. 1650, a lot of land is spoken of as having

2 Robert Thompson is not to be met belonged to Mr. Robert Thompson (Book
with in Savage, and the only mention of of Possessions, G, 124). Its position is
him found by me is in the Book of Posses- not defined, but it was near the lots
siuns, whore in a deed of land from of Nehemiah Bourne, Thomas Hawkins,


N E merchant of the one parte And Joseph Armitage of
Lynnc in N E Inholder of the other parte wittncsseth that the
said Robert Thompson for good Consideration him thereunto
moving doth hereby demise and to farme lett unto the said
Joseph Armitage one Lighter hoate of the burden of twenty
tunnes or thereabouts w th the tackling and appurtenances
[208] thereunto belonging To have and to hold the sayd
lighter boatc and all and singulare the premises w th the ap
purtenances whatsoever unto the said Joseph Armitage his
executors administrators or assignes from the day of the date
of these presents for and during the tcrmc of one whole yeare
thenceforth next ensuing fully to be compleat & ended ycild-
ing & paying therefore at the end of the said tcnne unto the
said Robert Thomson his executors administrators and as-
signcs the full & whole rent & summc of sixteene pounds of
lawfull money of England And the said Joseph Armitage
doth for himsclfe his executors administrators & assignes cov
enant promise & grant to and w th the said Robert Thomson
his executors administrators and assignes by these presents
that he the said Joseph Armitage his executors administra
tors and assignes shall & will well and sufficiently repaire
& keepe the said Lighter boatc aforesaid in good repaire
from time to time as often as need shall require during
the said tonne and the same so well and sufficiently re
paired and kept shall in the end of the said terme deliver
and yeild up together w th such tackling and furniture for
the said lighter hoate -as in a note under these presents are
expressed or others of the same sortc as good in quality
as they are now at this present time and shall also well
and truly pay the said rent unto the said Robert Thomson
his executors administrators & assignes In witncsse <fec.
At the petition of the said R T his exec, ad : & asss.

and Edward Bondall, all men deriving ho was a seaman without nny very fixed

their livelihood more or less from the sea; place of abode, who managed to steer

so that this notice of Robert Thompson clear of the books of record from which

in Leohford, combined with lack of no- we fondly hope to make the acquaint-

tice elsewhere, would seem to show that ancc of our ancestors.


To all Christian people unto \vhome these presents shall
come I George Crispe 1 of Plimouth in New England husband
man send greeting <fcc Knowe yee that I doe hereby consti
tute and ordaine myPearc brother Robert Crispe of South warke
in the County of Surrey inarrincr my true and lawfull Attor
ney for me and in my name lawfully to enter into and upon
all that my parte and portion of foure acres of garden ground
laud medow or pasture or whatsoever it be w th the appurte
nances lying and being in the parishe of Word neare Sand
wich in the County of Kent given and bequeathed and of right
belonging unto me my heires and assignes forever by the last
will and testament of my uncle George Crispe late of Black-
wall in the parish of Stibenhcath in the County of Midct Ship
wright deceased as in and by the said last will and testament
more at large it doth and may appeare w ch said foure acres
now are or lately were in the occupation or possession of John
Firmo r of Sandwich abovesaid Taylor and Fermi n Johnson of
Word aforesaid gardiner their or one of their assignee or as
signes. And furthermore I doc hereby authorize and appoint
my said attorney for me <fe in my name to grant bargaine and
sell all my right title & interest in the premises to any person
or persons whomsoever that will purchase the same for any
reasonable summe or summcs of money so it be not under 4-J*
and the same to receive & recover to my use and returne unto
me as 1 shall by my letters of advise appoint. And to that
end & purpose of & for me & in my name to make scale <fe
deliver any reasonable act or acts deed or deeds bring <fc per-
forrne w th effect any action or suit and to doc every other
lawfull thing requisite in and about the premises as fully
powerfully and effectually as 1 my [209] selfe in proper per
son might or could doe Ratefying confirming & allowing all
and whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfully doc or cause
to be done in the premises In witnessc c. 1. 19. 1G40. 10
Car. [2-6]

George Druell of London grocer for and in the behalf e of
Edward Payne of Wapping in the County of Mid 1 mariner sells

George Crispe is not found in Savage.


to Will Phillips 1 of Gharlcstownc in New England butcher
all those five acres of land lying upon Wormwood Point on
Mistickc sydc in Charlcstowne precincts for 51 for ever. [Is.]

Robert Shutc 2 of Wiunegansett in New England planter
Walter Merchant late of Bristoll haberdasher <t Mathew
Norman of Peinmaquid als AUUvorth towne in New England
planter to be bound to the said Robert Shutc in 501 conditioned
to save him harmlessc for the payment of a debt of about -5*
due to the said Walter Merchant for commodities heretofore
bought of him in Bristoll And a Release. [1 0]

Thomas Foster of Boston in New England gunner of the
Castle in Castle Island and Abigail his wife daughter of
Mathew Wimes late of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk
[illegible ] deceased makes a Le r of Attorney unto George
Strange gent lawfully to enter into upon all lands tene
ments and hereditaments belonging to them or either of them
in Ipswich aforesaid by vcrtue of tbe last will & testament of
the said Mathew Wimcs or otherwise & to .recover the same
<fe make sale of it and to deliver all save 50* nnto Robert
Wimes of Ipswich aforesaid Glacier, w ch 50* is to be imployed
as I shall direct M Stranges reasonable charges & recompence
being deducted, [vacat]

Thomas Wallis 3 of Plimouth in N E merchant assigncs to
Henry Watts of blacke Poynt in N E in the Province of

1 "William Phillips is noted in Wy- a transaction far less creditable to him
man as an innholder of Charlcstown who than the present (post, \>. 219). Mat-
moved away to the Eastward. Reference thew Norman does not appear in
is also there made to this purchase of Savngft.

land, though what was purchased is not 8 Mr. Thomas Wallis is among the
stated, nor what was paid lor it. Phil- list of those taking the freeman s oath,
lips lived afterwards in Saco, where he May 10, 1643 ; but there is no
behaved with much courage in the In- mention of him. Henry Watts is noted
dian wars, as may be read in Savage ; in Savage at different points in the
he came back, however, to Boston, and Province of Maine. He became free-
there died. man of Massachusetts in 1059, and was

2 Itobert Shnte lived at Pemaqnid then chosen constable. He was repre-
later, with his brother Kichard. He sentative in 1660 and 1661, after which
is next mentioned in the Note-look in little is known of him.


Maine {fishmonger in debts 60* and is to pay him in money or
commodities such as he shall appoint 201 & in consideration
II W is to deliver or cause to be d. unto the said T W <fcc 100
firkins of good and merchantable Sturgion at M? Richard
Russells house in Charlestownc in N E at or before the 10 th
day of Sept next ensuing. Bond to performe in 160*.
And a lett r of Attorney, [nil.]

I John Winthrop Esq* one of the Council and Assistants
for the Jurisdiccon of the Mattachusetts Bay in New England
doe hereby certify unto all manner of persons whoinc it may
Concerne that Thomas Allyn of New Barnstable in New
England yeoman did before the twentieth day of July Anno
Dili one thousand six hundred thirty and nine procure from
myselfe at that time being Governor of this Jurisdiceon a war
rant at the suit of John Tooker of Barnstablc "hi the County
of Devon merchant against Isaack Allerton merchant for a
debt due to the said John Tooker from the said Isaack Aller
ton w ch warrant as appeareth to me by sufficient testimony
upon oath was served according to the custome of this Country
And further I doc hereby certifie that it did then appeare to
me that the said Isaackc Allerton had no visible estate rcall
or personal in this Country In testimony whereof I have at
the request of the said Thomas Allyn hereunto sett my hand
and seale the 22th day of March Anno Dm 1640. 2 of them
were made. [1 6]

[210] ] WORTHY S B My service & hearty love remem
bered unto you <fcc. I am necessitated at this time to trouble

1 This letter is written l>y Barnabas (Anne) was born after 1662.] Perry s

Davis on his affairs in regard to the Hcrfs GcneL, p. 6."

Woodcock c suit to one Mr. Lygon, of The introduction at the end of the

whom I find note in Mr. Trumbull s letter of Nayman, Mr. Antony Swim-

MS. index as follows: "Richard Lygon, nier s brother, is puzzling. I have not

Esq., of Madresfield, co. Worcester, ok found either name. This letter I sup-

3 p. lf>, and buried 18 April 1687, at pose to have been carried by Lech ford

Madresfii, -was 1st husband of Anne, himself, who went, home in the August

eldest daughter of Sir Francis Hussel, of this year, though it may be another

of Strensham, co. Worcester, bait., and one which is referred to in tho Note-

niece of Sir Win. Sytton. [His wife book, p. 239.


you w th a few lines about my Occasions wherein I earnestly
pray yo r loving ami Christian helpe; It is not unknownc unto
you that I was imployd by Ml Will Woodcockc in his af
faires hither to New England about five or six y cares since,
and that I had a Letter from my honourable Lord Say yo r good

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