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Lord & master to the reverend Mr Hooker in MT Woodcockcs
bchalfo, tli at 1 returned out of New England w th MT Hookers
letter in answerc to my Lord and that againo I was sent by
M? Woodcocke into New England w th another letter from my
Lord to Mr Hooker and did againe returne into England w th
M! Hookers letter in answerc to his Lordship. You knowe
likewise that I complained to yo r selfe often times that 1 had
travailed much in M r Woodcockcs affaires & was at great
expcnees thereabout & that he had not satisfycd me for my
said travaile payncs <fe charges, [once more kind Mr Liggon
let me intreate } ou when you have prepared yo r Letter & have
received all the other letters or writings to procure my Lord
Say to write upon the one parte of each writing if it be but
upon the backc side that such a day of the moneth & yearc
such a writing or letter was shewed to his Lor pp by yo selfc
setting thereto but his Lor pp " name] 1 that once if you remember
you had conference w th Mr Will" 1 Woodcocke hereabout and
that he confessed he was in my debt promised to give me
satisfaction you can I hope remember the effect of his words
to you thereabouts, you knowe I intended to come over as a
planter at my first voyage and to that end did bring up my
goods to London but M? Woodcockc diverted my wife and
sent me over into New England upon his occasions my goods
being left w th Mr Woodcocke till a fitt time I might returne to
fetch my wife And since I returned the second time you
knowe I was imploycd by M^ Willm Woodcocke divers jour
neys tt hindered from comniing over hither by reason he did
not pay me for my former pnines <v charges. And you may
remember I hired Edward Winne and another young man
Carpenters at Broughtou servants for me in New England &
brought them to London w th W T innes family at my owne
charges w ch servants because M* Woodcocke faylcd to pay me

1 The part in brackets written here in the margin, but erased.


my money w ch lie owed me I was forced to put away to one
Roger Hogge afterwards they were againe assigned to me &
W. John Woodcocke by the same Roger Hogge Mr Woodcockc
laying downc one half of the money yet if his business of im
paling did not goc on then I was to have the servants to my-
sclfe & allow him his said money I shall beseech you to talk
w th him about this particularc of the servants & to take notice
of his answere therein whether it were so or no. And then I
shall desire you S r to be pleased to write yo r knowledge in all
those particulares to the Governor for the time being in New
England or his deputy, but let it come to my owne hand to be
delivered, I live at Charlestowne. And if my Lord write a
word in my behalfe touching any of these things I shall be
much beholding to his Lor pp . W th all I beseech you to peruse
this inclosed to M? Coventry servant to my Lord Brooke &
then seale & deliver or send it & request an answere w ch I be
seech you to returne w th yo". Also I shall intreate you to
receive my father James his letter & my brothers w ch will be
brought or sent you & send them w th the first shipping you
can heare of either from London or Bristoll And I shall ever
rest thankful to you. 1. 22. 1640.

M* Coventry I beseech you in a letter to the Governor of
New England or his Deputy declare yo r knowledge concern
ing the iourneys & imployments I underwent in England since
my second returne into England out of New England in Mr
William Woodcockcs affaires from London into Essex to Hodg-
wells <fc another place above 30 miles about 12 times from
London to Bristoll once, from London to Dunstable for the
children once, from Teuxbury to London 9 or 10 times, and
about his service in London at the custome house & elswhere
weighing tobacco arid doing other businesses knowne to yo r
selfe And you knowe of my goods that lay at M Woodcockes
from the time; of my first comming into New England you
knowe my goods were worth about 201 I received them not
till since M! Woodcockes death you knowe they were used in
the house & some of them spoyled and I think you may con
ceive they were 5 1 the worse 1 beseech you declare yo r knowl
edge what you believe herein w th out favor or respect to me


or any living or dead and w th all what satisfaction yon knowc
Mf Woodcocke over gave me And I pray deliver yo r letter to
My Liggon who will convey it to me 1. 22. 1040.
Naynian W. Antony Swimmers brother.

[211] (icorgc Dcnison 1 of Rocksbury in New England gent
and Bridget Denison his wife daughter of John Thompson
late of Preston in the County of North 1011 gent deceased and
of M r ! 9 Alice Thompson now dwelling at Rocksbury aforesaid
make a letter of Attorney to Thomas Worlidgo Citi/en it silk
dyer of London and M? Viner citizen & silk dyer of London
to demand receive & recover of Mr Spencer Clarke parson of
the parish Church of Scaldwell in the County of Northamp
ton or any other lyahle thereunto the portion of the said
Bridget given her by her said fathers last will & testament
1. 22. 1640.

Lewes Kidby 2 of Boston &c a lett r of Attorney to Will
Hudson. 1. 22. 1040.

Thomas Page 3 of Saco in the Province of Maigne gent
bound to Robert Lucar in 80 l ; Conditioned that if forty
pounds be truly payd according to ccrtaine bills of exchange
drawne by him upon M? Christopher Phcllin of Fanchurch
streete London to My John Huxton of Wapping Shipwright
then etc dat 1. 22. 1640.

Good ffather I shall intreatc you it my brother Reade to be
pleased to call to minde these particulars following w ch 1 am

1 George Dcnison was one of three 2 Lewis Kidby is called by Savage
brothers who at this time lived in 1 ox- a fisherman, lie lived at this time, I
bury. His wife Bridget died in 1643, suppose, on a house-lot which hud been
and he himself went to England, where granted to him in K>3!>, near Mr. Bcl-
he gained some military experience in Hngham s marsh-lots, on the Town Cove.
the civil wars and also married a second ;$ Thomas Page is called in Savage a
wife, with whom he came back to this tailor, but he may have been a "gent"
country. lie turned his military fur all that. The name of Lucar is
knowledge to account in King Philip s among the freemen at Newport, 1650,
war. where he behaved with much bra- but with the Christian name Mark in-
very. He died in 1694. stead of Kobcrt.


to make proofe of in New England. You knowe that about
five ycarcs since M^ Will m Woodcocke did reteyne me by
writing bctwcene us to come over into New England to follow
his businesses heere that I was to have of him after the rate
of 10 1 a yeare Tor my travaile <fc my charges borne that 1 tooke
shipping for New England about the time of Easter 1035
That I returned againe into England the same yearc about the
beginning of March that I went 14)011 the same agreement
the second time for the said M^ Woodcocke into New England
and tooke shipping thither about the time of Easter in the
yeare of our Lord 1G36 that I returned againe into England
about Sept in the yeare 1637. That M r William Woodcocke
used me in divers businesses as his servant and attendant
from that time till the day of his death w ch was about a yeare
& three quarters that in that time 1 rode divers journeys from
Teuxbury to London to attend upon him 9 or 10 times from
London to Ilodgwells in Essex and another place as farre
about 12 times from London to Bristoll once from London to
Dunstable once. That I intended to come into New Engl : as
a planter at the time of my first voyage & to that end brought
my wife & family & goods to London but Mf Woodcocke pre-
vaylcd w th rny wife to stay behind and to send me about his
business bearing me in hand that I should when his planta
tion was prepared come over & fetch my wife & live upon his
lands to improve them for him, and in the mcane while to
leave w th him my goods, as bedding brasse pewter & other
things of the value of 20 1 or more, that these goods remained
from that time till the day of his death he having used them
in his house & spoyled some of them so that they were I con
ceive you or one of you may knowe 5* the worse. That I
often complayned to you that Mr Woodcocke had not satisfyed
me for my service and charges, I thinke you good father once
did ride to London to speake to Mf Woodcocke in my absence
for 5* w ch should have bin by covenant payd to my wife but
was not and that by reason Mr Woodcocke did not pay me for
my travell & charges I was hindered from coming into N. E.
till after his death I intreate you good father to write yo r
lett r to the Governor of the Mattachusetts bay in N E for the

LECHFonn S ^r^^^srK]^T NOTE-HOOK. "S3

time being or his deputy of yo r knowledge in these tilings or
any oilier particulare yon niav remember in ihis businesse.
And for my brother Readc 1 shall pray him to inquire out
Ml; l>abb the ship master who dwelles in Wapping and get a
note under his hand to certify that I payd him live pounds
for my passage from Ne\v E to E in the yeare 1 (>}.">. and that
afterwards another time J sold him a pareell of strong waters
to the value of 20* for tobacco And then because he dwelles
ncare London to goc unto one AH Archbold in the Ship
(Marks ofliec or some other experienced Clarke there A hit mite
him to drawe a breife <fc pnnctuall aflidavit of his knowledge
or what he verily believes in all these partieulares A; then send
or deliver the same to M"[ Liggon my Lord Says gentleman
whome 1 have intreated to convey these things to me and soe
doe 1 desire yo r lett r may be also delivered to M!i Liggon to be
sent to me These things stand me upon both in my good
name <fc estate & I beseech you to doe me this favor as to stirre
in it that I may have a speedy answcre returned w ch shall be
sent me by M r . Liggon or if he should be dead w ch God forbid
by some of my Lords Says family who may shewe the writings
to his Lor pp before they be sent me that there be no doubt
made of them when they come hccrc. [10s. for these letters
& one to Mr. Bridges.]

[212] John Palmer 1 of Ilinghain seaman aged about 40.
ycares sworne saith upon his oath that about 4 yeares since
he came to dwell at Ilingham and shortly after one Nicholas
Jacob procured this deponent to goe fetch a load of hay for
the widow Large and this deponent commending the hay when
he saw it said it was prcty good hay yea said Nicholas Jacob

1 This John Palmer of course is not 1648 and in 1640. lie died in 1659.

the man who got into difficulties with The Widow Lnrge I take to be the

his father (mite, p. 194). This one is relict of one "William Large, who came

merely noted by Savage, who says that to Ilingham in 1635. He is said by

he may have moved to Scituate. Savage to have removed to Cape Cod,

Nicholas Jacob came to New Kngland but he may also have made the longer

in 1633, and moved from "Watertown, journey which would havo justified

where he had first lived, to Ilingham his wife in assuming the title in the

in 1635. He was a representative in text.


you might have had as much hay on yor r owne lott as would
have wintered yo r cmv why said this deponent hath the widdow
Large any lott heere ? No said Jacob it is one Mathcw Hcrnes
lott who is gone for England & it is thought he will come no
more or words to this purpose, [nil gains :]

John Cutteii of Newberry in New England marrincr and
John Cutten 1 the younger of the same marriner masters of
the good ship the Desire 2 of Boston in N England doc bynd
themselves to pay Lawrence Hazzard of London shipwright
301 14 s 6 d to Robert Crispe of London marriner 9 l 2 9 for his
7 moncths service in the said ship to Will Wilbert of London
marriner IT 1 1C 3 upon the 10th day of May next or at the
arrival of the said ship in England. [2 6.]

Leonard Buttler 3 of boston bricklayer mortgaged! his house
<fc garden in Boston & 2 acres of land at long island to Ather-
ton llaugh of Boston gent on behalfe of John Whittingham of
Ipswich gent for 25* layd out for him above two yeares since
w th reasonable dammagcs in Worke and other commodities
w th in a twelve moneth dated 25. 1. 1641. [1 6.]

John Crabtrcc of Boston joyncr makes a letter of Attorney
to Isaack Hayncs gent to receive & recover of Mathcw Wood-
rowc 4 of Hartford upon the river of Connecticott carpenter
the summe of xli 8 xi d w ch he owcth me. 1. 29 1641. [6.]

1 The names are read " Cutting" by was at this time the master of the
Savage, who notices them in his Die- ship.

tionary. They are certainly not Cutting 8 Leonard Buttler is of course the

in Lcchford, but more like Cutten. The same nmn alluded to before in the Note-

younger was a shipmaster who made book, with different spelling of his last

many voyages in his time. name. John Whittingham came from

2 The ship "Desire," of Marbh head, Lincolnshire in England, being the
is spoken of several times in Wirithrop. grandson of William Whittingham, Dean
She was built at Marblehead in 1636, of Durham in the time of Elizabeth,
and her captain, for some voyages at * Matthew Woodrow [or Woodruff]
least, was William Pierce, who was was one of the first settlers of Farming-
in 1611 absent in the West Indies on ton. Isaac Haynes would seem as
that cruise whereon he met his death ; though he might be a relative of John
so it is likely enough that John Cutten Haynes.


M! Will 111 Ilutchinson it liis Sonnc Edward Jlutehinson for
1001 sell unto M? Win. Tynge of Boston 100 acres of land
little more or less in the precincts of Drayntrec as it is now
layd out, 1 [1]

A note nf account of the. money due to me from my father
in l<t/! Tnn.MAS Di-iXTKR. 2

First upon the 12th day of July !<>)!). he lion-owed

of me to be payd upon demand SO 1

Also that summer lie had of me two ferkins of

butter \v ch cost me out of my purse .... 3 10

Also lie had of M r King of Lynne by my appoint
ment the same summer 10

Also upon the 17. day of March 103!). he had

of me 15

Also lie had of me or my wife in the summer

following 2

Also lie had of M r Hill upon my account the

same summer 2 12

My wife s portion \vas to be 100. to be payd at the
day of marriage w ch was in October 10. 5().
thereof 50

And more thereof \v th in six moneths after . . 50

Toto 209 12

My ffather-in-law paid me w fl in a moneth after

our marriage 201

And in Februaiy 16-39 he payd me more . . . 191 Q

Memorandum that 17 Martii 1039 we reckoned &
my father upon the whole was behinde to me
(forgetting M! King s bill of 61 10 s ) for w ch he
gave me a bill under his hand 155

After he gave me another bill for 10 13" C (1

Afterwards my ffather sent me 2 goats at ... 5 l

And thereupon 20 June 1010 bound the mill unto

me for 150

So that the bill of 10* 13 s 6 1 was to be disehnrged for a
servant ct other things w ch 1 had of him.


1 Sco p. 177, ante. was in a do. frooinnn of Massachusetts

2 Thomas Dexter, the father-in-law 1G31, but was disfranchised 1633. He
of John Friend, came to Lynn in 1C30, moved to Sandwich about 1640, where


Two writings for Barnabas Davis 2. 12. 1641. [Is.]

[213] Captaine Edward Gibones of Boston & M r ! 3 Elizabeth
Glover of Cambridge widdowe doe grant bargaine sell con-
firme unto Mr Maurice Thomson of London merchant severally
their [Ww&] partcs in the ship planter of London heretofore
by their order sold by M* Thomas Hawkins unto the said
M r . Thomson.

Richard Callacot of Dorchester in N E tayler for 82 4 s the
remainder of 1221 10 a due by bill to George Alcocke dated
19. Julii 1639 payable 15. Aprilis 1640 doth mortgage his
house at Dorchester & his ft arme house & all his other lands
lying in Dorchester to Phillip Eliott & William Parke executors
of the last will & testament of George Alcocke l deceased to
pay the same viz* by giving sufficient bills to pay the same to
M* Nicholas Treworthy of Exeter merchant or in redy money
& discharge the executors of the said money & dammages
from such time as the same was due by the said bill. The
mortgage to be to pay the money & dammages v\ ch Mr Tre
worthy shall recover on the first of August leave a space
proviso if R Callacot can procure bills to the executors satis
faction that then the same shall be accepted in payment if
the bills be accordingly discharged. [1221 10s. 40* 6s. =
82* 4s.]

I should think he was at this time, the Kev. John Eliot, the apostle. He
He was admitted freeman of Plymouth came, it is thought, about 1635 to Ilox-
1658, and died in Boston 1677. Savage bury, where he was a deacon in the
names two sons, and thinks he must church. William Parke came to Bos-
have had other children. One of them ton in 1631 with Roger Williams in
I take to have married John Friend, a the "Lion." He served thirty-three
carpenter, who lived at different times years in the General Court, and died in
in many parts of New England, but was 1687. All that Savage can tell about
probably now living in Boston, where Jeremy Bhu-.kwell is that he came in
he was allowed to be an inhabitant the "Trnelove" in 1635 at the age of
March 30, 1640. eighteen. We do not learn so much
1 George Alcocke died Dee. 30, 1640, even as this from the entries above,
or thereabouts. (See p. 148, ante.) Edward Burcham, of Lynn, clerk of the
Philip Eliot was brother of Jacob Eliot, writs in 1645, went back to England
mentioned above (pp. 151, 153), and of 1656.


George Burchara of London merchant bound to Jeremie
Blackwell in IT 1 Condiconed that if IT 1 be payd by Jolin
Blackwell unto one M r [u.m j Too according to the intent &
true meaning of certaine bills of exchange heretofore for the
same drawne & signed by the said Jeremy then the said George
shall pay unto the said Jeremy his executors &c 8 1 10 s upon
demand & sufficient notice of the same 17* so payd.

\_The above cut) )/ is crossed ont.~\

Whereas Jeremy Blackwell heretofore owed me George
Bui-chum of Lincolnc mercer the summc of 8 1 10 s upon ac
counts of bargaincs bet weene him & me whereupon according
to agreement bet weene us the said Jeremie dre\ve & signed a
letter of Attorney for sevenleeue pounds to be payd by his
brother John Blackwell unto Jonathan Newcomen mercer
dwelling on London bridge And whereas afterwards the said
Jeremie Blackwell gave me a hill or writing for the payment
of the said 8 and 10 9 w th reasonable darnmages for the whole
17 l abovcsaid to me heere in New England Now 1 doc declare
that the said last mentioned bill or writing was given me by
him for security of payment of the said 17 pounds and there
fore if the same be or shall be accordingly payd in England
then the said bill or writing of 8 l 10 s & the penalty thereupon
is to be voyd & of none effect & shall be delivered up & can
celled & also I shall & will satisfie & pay or cause to be pavd
unto him his executors adm or assignes the summc of 8 1 10 s
upon sufficient notice of the said 171 so payd & upon demand
made to me or Edward Burchum of Lynne in New England
witncsse my hand the 23th of the 2. moneth 1641. [Is.]

Knowe all men by these presents that whereas I Captaine
Edward Gibons of Boston in New England did heretofore give
order and authority unto Thomas Hawkins of Dorchester in
New England Shipwright for me & in my name to grant bar-
gaine & sell unto Maurice Thomson of London merchant or
to any person or persons all that my riirht & interest of and
in the [Wrmjfc] parte of the ship planter of London whereupon
the said Thomas Hawkins hath granted bargained & sold my


said right and interest in the said ship accordingly unto the
said Maurice Thomson Now 1 the said Captaine Giboncs doe
hereby for me my executors & administrators continue unto
the said Maurice Thomson all that my said right and interest
of and in the said [Wn&] parte of the said ship & rights &
appurtenances thereunto belonging To have and to hold the
said [blank] parte of the said ship and all & singulare the prem
ises w th the appurtenances whatsoever unto the said Maurice
Thomson his executors administrators and assignes according
to the purport true intent & meaning of the said grant bar-
gaine & sale made by the said Thomas Hawkins & of these
presents In witnesso &e 2. 22. 1641. [Is.]

The like by M r ! 9 Glover <fcc [Is.]

This Indenture made the 22th day of the 2. moneth 1641. be-
tweene Richard Callacot of Dorchester in N E tayler of the
one parte and Philipp Elliott and William Parke two of the
deacons of the Church of Roxbury in New England executors
of the last will & testament of George Alcocke late of the
same deceased of the other parte Witnesseth that the said
Richard Callacott for and in considcracon of the Summe of
eighty two pounds & foure shillings the remainder of a debt of
one hundred twenty two pounds and ten shillings w ch he owed
unto the said George Alcocke & should have bin payd unto
him upon the fifteenth day of Aprill Anno I)ni 1640 and \v ch
the said R. C now oweth unto the said executors Philipp Elliot
& William Parke as more at large in and by one bill obli
gatory concerning the same debt bearing date the nineteenth
day of July 1639 under the hand & seale of the said Richard
Collacot it doeth and may appeare and for full payment of the
said eighty two pounds & foure shillings and reasonable dam-
mages for detcyning the same doeth hereby grant bargaine &
sell make & confinne unto the said executors Philipp Elliott
& William Parke all that his dwelling house & farme house
and all the lands & tenements woods & underwoods and here
ditaments houses of the said Richard Collacot lying & being
in Dorchester aforesaid or the precincts thereof and all
orchards <fe appurtenances to the said houses or either of them


belonging or reported to belong To have [214] nnd to hould
the said dwelling houses lands <fc tenements and all & singii-
lare the premises w th the appurtenances whatsoever unto the
said executors Philipp Elliot & William Parko their heires and
Assignes for ever Provided all ways that if the said Richard
Collacott his heires executors or administrators shall well &
truly pay or cause to be payd unto the said Executors Philipp
Elliott & Will" 1 Parke their heires or assigncs the full summc
of eighty two pounds & foure shillings w th reasonable damma-
ges for deteyning the same as aforesaid as a Jury shall award
upon or before the [ -/<//] day of the [Mi] moneth next ensu
ing the date hereof at or in the now dwelling house of the
said Philipp Elliott situate in Rocksbury aforesaid Then these
presents shall be voyd <fc of none effect & the said Richard
Collacot his heires & assigncs shall or may lawfully have &
enjoy the premises & every parte thereof as in his or their
former estate anything in these presents to the contrary con-
tcyncd in any wise notwithstanding And the said executors
Philipp Elliott & Will 1 " Parke doe hereby grant unto the said
Richard Collacot that if he shall on or before the said [Mn&]
day of the [Wufc] moneth aforesaid draw good bills of ex
change such as the said executors shall admit cfe allow for the
true payment of the said eighty two pounds <fc foure shillings
unto Nicholas Trcworthy of the City of Exeter merchant <fc
the same shall be accordingly payd unto him or his assignes
that then the said executors will accept of the said bills of
exchange in discharge of the said eighty two pounds <v foure
shillings according to these presents not require the said
dammages unlesse the said Nicholas require or recover dam-
inagcs of the said executors so much money by them & their
testator owing unto him the said Nicholas and that in the
meane time the said Richard Collacot may remaine in posses
sion of the premises as their lessee In witnessc tvc [3-4]

Angell Holland I of Weymouth in N E yeoman and Wil
liam Game his servant put him servant to John Crabtrec for

1 Savage spells the name IIoll:inl, servant I know nothing at nil. I sup-

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