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reade the same. Now whereas I left my writings concern
ing this land w th my brother John Clement, who is dead, &
they are now in the hands of my sister-in-law, his wife and
executrix, and as I hearc Edward Baker of Reading is over
seer of my brother s will, I shall intrcate you two to use yo r
best cndcvours w th my sister Clement & Mr. Baker to deliver
those deeds and writings to this my ffricnd, that hoc and my
sister Margaret may goe on to finish the sale thereof accord
ing to trust I have put in him, and wherin I pray you to assist
and further him what you can. My wife hath also joyncd w th
me in the sale, as you may perceive by it, and I hope the
conveyance is good ; if it be not I will pcrfit it as the buyer
shall be advised. Herein 1 doubt not but you will bcfreind
mo. Soc w th my owne <fe my wife s due respects rcmembred
unto you both, I recommend you & yours and all the faithfull
w th you to God s tuition and rest.

Yo r loving freind

A. C.


To my loving Sister Margaret Matluw at Wock, these d :

Good Sister, I and my wife both remember our loves to you,
hoping that you arc well & in good health, as praised be our
good God, we arc. Since we understood of yo r willingncsse
to come over to us, whereof we are glad and shall, God
willing, give you the best entertainment we can, we have


entrusted this bearer, our freind John Tinker, to joyne w 01
you in sale of the house and that belongs to it, for w ch pur
pose wee have made him a good conveyance of our right
theriu ; wherefore if you are willing, set forward the sale of
the land <fc house, that it be effected w" 1 convenient speed
[5] and then we have taken order w th him to help you & advise
for yo r passage <fc the bringing over of yo r goods & what you
have, if you are willing to come to us. I pray give & provide
for our ffriend the best entertainment you may. Soe the
Lord God guide you & keepe you & us.

Yo r very loving brother & sister,

A. C. E. C.



A Letter to Mr. Prince & another to Mr. Clendan in my owne
affairs, p John Tinker, 18. 8. in the Mary Anne.

Other letters sent to S r G. G., Mr. D r G, M r B, R. Ellis, &
my M. by Henry Grey s freind in the same ship. 1

To all Christian people to whome these presents shall
come, I John I Food, 2 late of Ilalsted, in the County of Essex,
weaver, and now of Cambridge in New England, planter,
send greeting in our Lord God everlasting &c. Knowe yee,
that I the said John Hood for divers good considerations me

1 Henry Grey, a tailor, was of Bos- idence Island (Bahamas), from which

ton in 1638, but removed to Fairfield, company Lechford elsewhere mentions

Conn., about 1640, with his brother that ho had received the offer of an

John, and their father-in-law, William advantageous position. [T. ]
Frost. Lechford, in his Plaine Deal- 2 John Hood, a weaver, at this time

iny, mentions his "old acquaintance, of Cambridge, is found in Lynn in 1650;

Master Frost, sometime of Nottingham, Kittery, 1652 (tiavar/c). Ilalsted is in

and his sonncs, John Grey and Henry Hinckfonl Hundred, on the Kiver

Grey " (3 Muss. Hist. Coll., iii. 98). Colne, forty-six rniles from London, and

The initial letters, which Lechford six miles from Brain tree, whence a

gives, leave wide scope for conjecture as number of Thomas Hooker s congrega-

to the names of his correspondents. Sir tion or company had come to Cam-

G. G. was, possibly, Sir Gilbert Gerard, bridge (and Mount Wollaston) in 1632.

deputy-governor of the Company of Prov- [T. ]


thereunto moving have demised, granted and to f urine Ictlen,
and by these p r sents doe demise, graunt, and to farme lett,
unto Willm Dinelcy, 1 of Boston in New England, planter, all
those my houses, mesuages, outhouses and gardens and back
sides thereunto belonging, lying in Halstcd aforesaid, now or
late in the tenure or occupation of John Beard 2 my ffather-
in-law and of Anne his wife, my mother, or their assignes, be
the said messuages or houses, backsides, gardens, one or two
or three tenements or more, by what name or names soever
they be called and howsoever bounded or described, To have
and to hold the said houses, messuages, and all and singulare
the premises w th the appurtenances, unto the said William
Dineley his executors administrators and assignes, for and
during the space of six daycs from the day of the date hereof
fully to be compleate and ended. In witnesse

Dat. 20. 8. Witnesses, Gregory Stone, Barnaba Lamson

& T. L. [Is. Hood & (blank). ]

This Indenture made the twentie second day of October in
the fourteenth yeare of the raigne of our Softaigne Lord
Charles by the grace of God King of England, Scotland,
France & Ireland &c. Annoque Dmi. 1G38, bctweene John
Hood late of Halsted in the County of Essex weaver and now
of Cambridge in New England Planter of the one partc and
Thomas Parish, 3 of Cambridge aforesaid, planter, of the other
parte, Witnesseth, that the said John Hood for and in con-

1 William Dinely is perhaps remem- Working Providence, Book II. chap, xv.)

bored by most people rather through his to draw a tooth, he went forth with the

son, Fathcrgone Dinely, than in his own maid who had summoned him, and there

personality. He was a barber-surgeon, being a violent snow-storm, they both

and combined with this vocation the lost their way on going over the Neck,

art of drawing teeth, as was then cus- and died in the snow. His son, born

tomary. lie was a favorer of the heret- shortly after this event, was baptized with

ical doctrines advanced by Mrs. Anne the name of Fathergone. His widow

Hutchinson, and on account of his pecu- subsequently married Richard Critch-

liar calling had a very great opportunity ley; for whom see note at p. 143, post.
to instill these doctrines into the minds 2 Thomas, not John. See deed next

of his patients. But being sent for following.

on a winter s night by one of Roxbury 8 Thomas Parish, of Cambridge,

(as may be read in Johnson s Wonder- " came in the Increase, 1635, aged 22 ;


sidcracon of the sumo of five shillings to him in hand payd
hcfore the sealing and delivery of these presents, and for
divers other good causes & considerations him thereunto
moving hath granted, bargained & sold, enfeoffed and con
firmed and by these presents doth grant bargaine & sell
enfeoffc & confirme unto the said Thomas Parish all those
houses, messuages outhouses and gardens and backsides there
unto belonging lying in Ilalsted aforesaid now or late in the
tenure or occupation of Thomas Beard and Anne his wife,
mother of the said John Hood or their assignes be the said
mesuages or houses backsides gardens one or two or three or
more tenement or tenements, by what name or names so ever
they be called and howsoever bounded & described together
with all wayes profits easments lights commodities & emolu
ments thereto belonging or therew th all used & enjoyed or
reputed to belong and all rents revercons services & other
hereditaments therunto belonging whatsoever and all deeds
evidences writings escripts <fc minimcnts whatsoever concern
ing the same [6] in whose custody soever they be And also
all the right title claime interest and demand of the said John
Hood of in and to the premises & every partc therof To have
<fc to hold the said houses mesuages outhouses gardens back
sides & all other the premises w th the appurtenances whatso
ever unto the said Thomas Parish his heires and assignes for
ever to the only use and behoofe of the said Thomas Parish
his heires and assignes for ever. To be holden of the cheife
Lord or Lords of the ffee or ffees of the premises by the
rents & services therefore due & of right accustomed. And
the said John Hood for himselfe his heires executors adminis
trators assignes Doth covenant promise & grant to and with
the said Thomas Parish his heires and assignes by these pres
ents that he the said Thomas his heires & assignes shall or

was a physician, though in the custom- from these papers that he was expecting

house record called, possibly for decep- to sail for England in the autumn of

tion, a clothier. . . . Probably he went 1638. (There is an interval of more than

home, living at Nayland, county of three years between the recorded birth of

Suffolk, as his attorney, Thomas Dan- his children : Mary, born April 3, 1638,

forth, calls him" (Savage). It appears and Thomas, July 21, 1641.) [T.]


may lawfully from time to time & at all times hereafter have
hold tt enjoy the premises & every parte therof freed & dis
charged of and from all judgments statutes merchant & of
the staple, recognizances bargaincs sales gifts feoffmcnts
Leases joyntures dowers <fc all other titles troubles & charges
incumbrances whatsoever except only such estate as the said
Anne hath therin without the let trouble or eviction of the
said John Hood his heircs or assignes or any other person or
persons whatsoever lawfully clayming from from by or under
him them or any of them. And that he the said John Hood
his heires & assignes shall and will at any tyme within the
space of scaven yearcs next ensuing the date hereof at
the reasonable request & at the cost & charge in the law
of the said Thomas Parish his heires or assignes make doc
& execute or cause to be made done executed all such
further & other assurance & assurances in the law whatsoever
for the better <fe more sure making conveying the premises
unto the said Thomas his heircs & assignes as by the said
Thomas his heires or assignes or his or their Counccll learned
in- the law shalbc reasonably advised or required soe that for
the doing & making therof the said John Hood his heires
and assignes shall not be compelled to travcll out of the juris
diction of the Massachusetts in New England. And the said
John Hood dotli hereby constitute & make my wclbclovcd
George Grissall and Roger Marrct a his lawfull attorneys
ioyntly or severally for him <fe in his name to enter into and
upon the p r miscs & possessions therof to take & afterwards
possession, livery & seizin thereof to deliver over unto the
said Thomas Parish, his heires or assignes according to the
Law & the tenor hereof ratifying and allowing whatsoever
my said Attorneys or either of them shall lawfully doc in the
premises. In witncsse whereof, the parties abovesaid have

1 Roger Marret was perhaps a rela- distant. Marrct, Maryet, Maryot, Mar-

tivc and townsman of Deacon Thomas riot, and perhaps Marryatt, arc different

Marrett, of Cambridge. About 17G5 forms of the same original surname, and

James Harriot, LL.D., owned the man- are all now, or were recently, in use in

or of Twinstead Hall, in the same Hun- England. [T.]
dred with Halstead, and about six miles


hereunto interchangeably set their hands & scales the day &
yeare first abovewritten. In p r ncia: [5s. Hood & Parish.]

Me Johem Hood imp de Halsted in Com Essex, Textorcm,
& nunc de Cantabrigia in Nova Anglia plantatorem tener &c.
Thome Parish in sexaginta libris. Dat. 22 8.

The condicon of this obligation is such that if the said John
Hood his heires, executors, administrators and assignes, shall
from time to time and at all tymes hereafter, observe, kcepe,
fiillfill & performe all and every such covenants, grants, arti
cles & agreements on their parte to be performed, fulfilled,
kept & observed, as they [7] are menconed and conteyned in
one paire of indentures bearing date wth these p r nts, made
betweene the said John Hood of the one parte and the said
Thomas Parish of the other parte, then this obligation shall be
voyd and of none effect, or els shall be and .remaine in full
power, strength <fc vertue. In presencia. [Is. Hood & Parish.]

Articles of agreement indented made the xxij th day of October in
the fourteenth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord
Charles King of Engl. etc. Annoq Dni 1038. L ctwcene John
Hood <t c. of tlie one parte & Thomas Parish &c. of the other

Whereas the said John Hood by his deed indented bearing
date herewith hath granted & conveyed certaine lands & tene
ments in the -County of Essex unto the said Thomas Parish
his heires and assignes as by the said Deed indented more at
large it Doth & may appearc Now it is covenanted concluded
declared & agreed by and betweene the parties aforesaid that
the said grant & conveyance is & shall be upon .this speciall
trust & confidence that the said Thomas Parish shall sell the
said Lands & Tenements for the said John Hood to some
person or persons in England for as much money as hee by
his best skill and endevours can get for the same & rcturne
the said money unto the said John Hood his executors ad
ministrators or asss. Itiii that the said John Hood his heires
executors administrators or assignes shall <fc will from tyme
to tyme and at all tymes hereafter save & keepc harmclcsse


the said Thomas Parish his heires executors and administra
tors of and from all accons suits troubles charges & demands
well shall any waycs arise & come upon or be brought against
the said Thomas Parish his heires executors or administrators
for or by reason of any reasonable coveiits grants articles
agreements bonds conditions assurances & conveyances well
the said Thomas shall enter into or make unto the purchaser
or purchasers of the premises according to the true meaning
of the said Peed indented <fc of these presents. Itiii : that the
said John shall give unto the said Thomas for his labour and
charges in & about the premises, the summc of twenty shil
lings, if he effect the same well and trustily ; but if the said
Thomas after all his best endcvours cannot effect the sale
aforesaid then he shall have only tonne shillings for his
charges thereabout. Itfii : that if the premises shall not be
sold as aforesaid that then the said Tlio : his heires and as-
signes shall rcconvey the premises unto the said John, his
heirs, and assignes or to whomesocver he or they shall ap
point upon reasonable demand. In witnesse whereof the par
ties abovcsaid have hereunto interchangeably set their hands
& sealcs the day & ycarc first above written, hi p r ncia.
[Hood & Parish 3s.]

Me Johciii Mood c. tenor Thome Parish in scxaginta
libris etc. Dat. 22? 8.

The condicon of this obligation is such that if the said John
Hood his heires executors administrators and assignes shall
from time to time and at all tymes hereafter observe kccpe
fulUill & performe all and every such Covenants articles decla
rations and agreements on their parts to be observed kept
fullfilled & performed as are mcnconcd <fc conteyncd in cer-
taine Articles of agreement indented Dated w e . h these presents
made betwcene the said John of the one parte & the said
Thomas Parish of the other parte then this obligation shall
be voyd and of none effect or els shall be & remaine in full
power strength & vcrtue. [Hood & Parish Is.]

Me Thoma Parish do Cantabrigia in N. A. plantatorem,
tcncr. Join Hood in GO 1 Dat. put script . Condiconcd ut
sup a , mutatis mutandis. [1.]


[8] Be it Knowne unto all men by these presents that I
Samson Shotton J of Mount Woollaston in New England,
planter, doe hereby acknowledge that I have received of my
brother Anthony Shotton of Cropston in the county of Lei
cester, yeoman, the summe of fower score and tenne pounds
of lawfull money of England, given and bequeathed unto me
as a legacy by the last will & testament of Thomas Shotton
late of Cropston aforesaid, our father, deceased, and thereof
and of every parte thereof I doe hereby remise, release, and
for ever quitt clayme the sayd Anthony Shotton, his heires,
executors and administrators, And also I doe remise, release
and for ever quitt clayme unto the said Anthony Shotton all
and all manner of accons, suits, debts, iudgments, statutes,
recognizances, trespasses and demands whatsoever, that I
have or may have against him or them for any cause, matter
or thing whatsoever from the beginning of the world to this
present day, In witnesse whereof I have hereunto set my
hand & scale the twentie second day of October, in the foure-
tcenth ycare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles
King of England Scotland France & Ireland <fcc. Annocp.
Dm. 1638.

In p r sencia, Thome Savage, Johis Moore, & mei Tho. L.
[Shotton & Shotton 8d.]

In the Name of the Lord God and of our Lord Jesus Christ,
I John Newgate 2 of Boston in New England, Planter, being
by God s grace and goodnesse in perfect health of body and
soundncsse of judgment in minde and memory cleare and
perfect, doc hereby make and constitute my last will 3 and

1 One of the partners of Gorton, in and order of his children more fully
the purchase of Shaomet from the In- than his last will, made twenty-seven
dians, in January, 1643 ( WintJi., ii. 121, years later, which is printed in the Hist.
note); Newport, 1638; freeman, 1640, and Geneal. Rcg. t xiii. 333-335. His
but disfranchised, 1641. [T.] eldest son, John, and third son, Joseph

2 John Newgate, hatter, of Boston, [Joshua ?], are not named in the last
had been a London merchant but came will, and both died probably before their
to New England in 1632. He was a father. Nathaniel, who was one of
man of influence, once a representative, the principal men of Boston in 1659,
and many times selectman. " went home, probably before marriage,"

8 This will, made in contemplation as Mr. Savage thought. [T.]
of a voyage to England, gives the names


testament in manner and forme following : First, I doe desire
to give up my sonic and body to the Lord Jesus Christ to be
disposed according to his good will and pleasure And 1 desire
in his fearc and name and according to his guidance and
direction to dispose of those outward good tilings that the
Lord hath given and possessed me of, unto the children that
God of liis grace hath given me: ffirst, 1 give unto my eldest
Sonne .John Newgate, all those mv Lands and Tenements lying
in llorningerth in the County of Suffolke in England our
native country, To have and to hold the same to him and his
heires for ever. But my will is that my wife Anne Newgate
shall have the rents, profits and revenues of the said Lands
& Tenements untill my said sonnc shall attainc the age of
Twenty and foure yeares, for and towards the educating and
bringing up of him and the rest of my Children, And also that
my said sonne shall pay out of the said Lands flifty pounds
unto my daughter Sarah and flifty pounds more unto my
daughter Hannah, at her age of twenty one yeares or daye
of marriage, w ch it shall please God to be first, for w ch
payments to be made unto them when my said sonne shall
come to his age of Twenty foure yeares hee shall cither pay
the same or give bond to my said daughters for payment
thereof as soonc as he can make sale of the said Lands and
Tenements or by any meanes raise the moneys out of the
same. But, if he the said John Newgate my sonne [9] shall
refuse to give such bond and to make the said paym tH , then
the said lands shall be sold by my Executors and only one
hundred and flifty pounds shall be payd unto my said Sonne,
and the rest of the money that it shall be sold for shall be
equally divided betwccno my other children and my wife.
And yet if my said sonnc shall be stubborne and rebellious
against God or his Church or his mother and will not be
reclaymed, then he shall have but thirty pounds of the said
money & the rest to be divided as aforesaid. Itm, I give
unto my sonne Nathanael Newgate my house in Boston afore
said wherin 1 now dwell, w th that little ground belonges to it,
to enter upon the same & enjoy it to him and his heires for
ever when he shall accomplish the age of twenty foure yeares.



And to my sonnc Joseph Newgate, I give and bequeath those
my house & grounds in the country called Rumney Marsh l in
N. E., w ch hee shall likewise enter upon <fe enjoy when he shall
come to the age of twenty fourc yeares. Their mother shall
have the use & profitt of these last mentioned houses in Boston
and ut Rumney Marsh untill their said respective ages, for
and towards their education. But if their mother dye before
either of those times, then the same shall presently be in the
hands of my said sonnes Nathanael & Joseph respectively
according to my true meaning herein expressed. Itm, I give
and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Oliver tennc pounds
w cu m y w jf e s ] ia ii j ja y m monc y or moneys worth wtliin twelve
months after my decease. Item, furthermore my will is that
if any of my children dye before they come to enjoy or have
right to these legacyes aforesd then their & every of their
respective porcons, lands & legacyes to be equally divided to
and among my said other children surviving. Itm, all the rest
of my estate 1 give & bequeath unto my loving wife Anne
Newgate for the payment of my debts and the bringing up
of my children, and I leave it to her discreation to give to
any of my children more then I have given & appointed as
she shall see cause and when she shall please. Provided all-
waycs, and my will is, that if it shall please God that I live
to sell off those lands in Suffolke aforesaid, Then I give it to
my eldest daughter Elizabeth Oliver twenty pounds to be payd
her at the tyme appointed before for payment of the said
tenne pounds, and I give my said eldest sonnc John Newgate
one hundred and 1 iifty pounds, and to my daughter Sara three
score and tenne pounds, and to my daughter Hannah three
score <fc tenne pounds, to be payd unto them when they shall
respectively attainc the age of twenty one yeares or be mar
ried, w ch of them shall be first. And, if any of my said children
become stubborne and rebellious against God, or his Church,
or their mother, then such child or children shall have only
the fourth parte of their respective legacyes afores d , w ch I
have given & bequeathed to them as aforesaid, and the other

1 For tliis land at Rumney Marsh, sec Boston Town llccords, i. 27, and also
the Note-book, \>. 141, post.


three parts the rest thereof to be divided among my other
children. And all the rest of my estate be it more or lessc I
bequeath unto my said loving wife [10] for and towards the
educating and bringing up of my children. Provided also
that if I shall be cast away at sea and all that estate that I
shall bring with me out of England then I intreate the Church
to dispose of that estate I have heere in New England accord
ing to their wisedome & discreation, unto and amongst my
children and my wife, as they shall thinke fitt, anything
hereinbefore conteyned to the contrary thereof in any wise
notwithstanding. Also my will is that if the said estate w ch
1 shall have in England come over into these parts of New
England, then I give & bequeath unto Theodore Athinson l
my servant twenty pounds, but if it shall be lost by the way
by sea or otherwise, then only tcnne pounds, to be payd him
when his tyme of service shall be expired. And I make and
ordaine my said wife Anne Newgate and John Oliver 2 my
executors of this my will. And lastly, I doe hereby revoke
and annull all former Avills & testaments by me heretofore
made whatsoever. In witncsse whereof I have hereunto sett
my hand & scale the xxiij fch day of October Anno Dili 1638.
Signed, scaled,, published <fc declared to be the last will and
testament of the said John Newgate, in the presence of us.
Thomas Savage & mci T. L. [5s. Newgate.]

To all Christian people to whome these presents shall come
I William Wilson 3 of Boston in New England planter send

1 "Theodore Atkinson, Boston, 1634, Thomas Oliver, and son-in-law of New-
felt-maker, came in the employment of gate, having married Elizabeth, his
John Newgate, from Bury, in Co. Lan- daughter. " 1646, April 11, died Mr.

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