Thomas Lechford.

Note-book kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638, to July 29, 1641 (Volume 7) online

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Online LibraryThomas LechfordNote-book kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638, to July 29, 1641 (Volume 7) → online text (page 45 of 47)
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Richard Gridley, 105; to William
Townshend, 130; turned over to Thomas
Wither! v, 142; notes on, 1(J2, n, 330, n.

Bosworth, Benjamin, deposition, 54; charges
bills on Joseph Boswortli, 172.

Bos worth, Jonathan, deposition, 54.

Bosworth, .Joseph, bills charged on, 172.

Bosworth, Nathaniel (see Benjamin Bos-
worth), 172.

Boswortli, Zacbeus, paid by Lcchford, 142 ;
even with him, 145.

Bourne, John, vs. Hawkins and Nicholas
Hewctt, 70", bound to Nehcniiah Bourne,

Bourne, Nehetniah, 122, 123; letter of attor
ney from Katherinc Earwiug, J23; to
Samuel Slicplierd, 123, 124; John Bourne
bound to, 127; letter to Hannah his wife,
ih. ; letter of attorney to Captain Wil-
ImtKhby, 107.

Bowcn, Gi iHith, bond, 151; indenture, 153.

Bowen, Robert, bond to David Offlcy, 143.

Bowes, Sir Thomas, letter of attorney from
Edmund Browne, 86.

Boycat, Anthony, letter of attorney from
Thomas Foster, 8!).

Brackenbury, William, deed to Edward
Wood, 133.

Brade, Allen, arbitrator, 100.

Bradish, Hannah, 202.

Bradish, Robert, apprentices his daughter
Hannah to Thomas Hawkins, 202.

Bradley, John, 94.

Bradshaw, John, letter of attorney to
Zacheus Gould, 182.

Bradstreet, Simon, perhaps student at law,
xv ; commission to Dover, 139, 228.

Brampton, William, grant from Sir Harry
Vane, 60.

Brathwayte, Miles, letter of attorney to
James Oliver, 149.

Bridge, John, 356, n., 412, n.

Bridges, Edward, letter of attorney to
William Hudson, 177.

Bridges Elisha, released to Mary Fisher,

Bridges, Robert, 205.

Bright, Thomas, mortgage to William
llaynsborough, 164.

Brisco. See Bisco.

Brocke, James, attorney for Henry Paramor
vs. Joseph Bacheller, 75, et seq. ; letter of
attorney from Thomas Foster, 80; con
cerning provisions used in the Pequot
wars, 99; ltter of attorney to Thomas
Lechford, 100, 102; letter to, 103; peti
tion about the Pequot wars, 109; defend
ant at suit of Joseph Bacheller, 115 ;
quoted as precedent, 218.

Brooke, Lord, 08,210.

Brooke, Thomas, dies at sea, 113.

Brooking, Nicholas, bond from John
Downcs, 151, 158.

Brooks, Richard, to pay John Fuller, etc.,

Broomell, John, 107.

Browne, Anna, wife of Edmund, 86.

Browne, Arthur, letter of attorney drawn
on bv Jonathan Weymouth, 137; suit
against for theft, 219. *

Browne, Edmund, fellow-passenger with
Lechford, xiii ; letter from Lechford,
28; letters of attorney to Sir Thomas
Bowes tt n/., 80.

Browne, Jumes, 152.

Browne, John, letter of attorney from John
Cotton, 119.

I Browne, William, bound apprentice to

Thomas Joy, 119; hires a shallop, 221.
Brownell, Thomas, sells land to Deodatus

Hopkins, 149.
Browning, Henry, 189.
Bnckland, William, bond, 172.
Buckley, James, 181.
Bucknam, John, 223.
Bucknam, William, petition. 223.
Bndd, John, servant assigned to, 176.
IJulgar, Richard, sale to Richard Parker,

00, 92 n., 161.
Burchurn, George, bond to Jercinv Black-

well, 213.
Burton, Henry, punishment of, xi; held

ignorant by* Thomas Lechford, appendix.
Burton, Mr., paid for malt, 142; his aflida-

vit, 239.
Bustced, Thomas, bond from John El ford,

Butler, Daniel, bond from John Humfrev,

Butler, Nicholas, conveyance from Thomas

Richards, 144.
Buttle, Buttal, Buttol, Buttolf, Buttels or

Bowtle. See Buttol ph.
Buttolph, Goodman, glover, 174.
Buttolpli, Leonard, Thomas Cooper as

signed apprentice to, 112; defendant at

suit of Israel Stoughton, 133; mortgage

to Atherton Hough, 212.
Buttolpli, Thomas, lands of, 98.
Button, John. vs. William Colbron, 168; at

torney for Anne Floyd, 167; valuer, 236.


Cade, James, deed to George Strange, 26.

Cade, John, 26.

Callicot(orCollacot), Richard, owes William
Coddington, etc., 41; letter of attorney
to Robert Harding, 58; suit of Philip
Gibb, 182; defendant at suit of Edward
Griffith, 194; bond to Edward Michelson.
195; mortgage to Philip Eliot and
William Parke, 213; trading license, 237,

Calton, Silvester, letter of attorney from
John Cogan, 147.

Campc, Nicholas, letter of attorney to, 23.

Canonicus, 42.

Canying, Richard, letter of attorney from
William Talmage et (?/., 167.

Carre, George, release to Thomas Coccrey,

Carrington, James, 93.

Carter, Richard, cuts wood with Mailing
Knight, 139.

Carter, Thomas, petition of, in favor of the
blacksmiths, 117.



Carwithye, Nicholas, letter of attorney from
John Cogan, 97.

Cato, otherwise Goodmanes, deed to George
Manning et /., 8G.

Chadwell, Kichard, petition of, 200; 1-5. John
Sampson and Samuel IJennet, 220.

Chadwell, Thomas, brother of Kichard
(q. t;.), 200.

Chambers, Mrs., letter of attorney from
Thomas Matson, 158; and a release, ib.

Chandler. John, apprentices his son to
William Webb, 202.

Chapman, Murmaduke, 90, 111.

Chauncy, Charles, 45, n.

Cheney, William, deed from Nicholas anil
Richard Parker, 70; deed from Walter
Blackburne, 127; indenture, 130.

Chesebrongh, William, and John Jolliffe ;
mortgage, 1 ; conveyance, cum aliis, to
Thomas Savage, 130*.

Chibatuwese [Prudence], the island of, 42.

Chickley, John, 175.

Clap, Thomas, defendant at suit of William
Snrague, 51.

Clarke. Daniel, misdemeanor in drinking,

Clarke, John, letter of attorney to Edmund
Sherman, 174.

Clarke, John Daw, attorney for William
Kix, 171.

Clarke, Thomas, conveyance from Thomas
Paynter, 144.

Clarke, William, 155.

Clay, Kobert, ot the " Susan and Ellen,"

Clay, linger, factor, 147, 177.

Clement, Anne, letter from Augustin Cle
ment, 4.

Clement. Augustin, lease to William Sal-
ter, 1 ; grant, etc., to John Tinker, 1,
et sc<j. ; letters to Anne Clement, John
Uutcmati. William Kutkin, and Margaret
Rlathew. 4.

Clement, Eli/abeth, 1, 2.

Clement, Margaret (see Margaret Rla
thew), 4.

Clendan, Mr., letter from Lech ford, 5.

Clifford, George, to learn to drum, 91, n.

Coccrev, Thomas, release by George Carre,

Cockerell, John, 130, 180.

Cockerell, William, w. William Cockerham,

Cockerham, William, defendant at suit of
William Cockerell, 50.

Coddington, William, articles of agreement,
etc., with William Tyng, 30, tt sc</. ; debt
of Sergeant Callicot, 41, 01; the chamber
which he used to " lye " in, 04.

Cogan, Eleanor, mother of John Cogan, 95.

Cogan, Humphrey, 151, n.

Cogan, John, and others, deed, 43, 56, 59;
the rate of lloston written for, 92; letter
of attorney to Isaac Northcot,95; to John
Storing, 90; to Nicholas Carwithye, 97;
letter for, 103; petition of, with other
shopkeepers, 138; conveyance from Robert
Harding, 142; a writing against Timothy

Hawkins, ib. ; articles of agreement with
Thomas Stocker, 144; letter of attorney to
Silvester Calton, 147 ; factorage for James
Marshall, 148; in an affidavit, 150; letter
of attorney to James Love, 159; letter to
William Blackallow, 174; and Nathaniel
Eaton, 177; orders of the last court,
190; and the estate of Nathaniel Eaton,
198 ; answer to complaint of Kichard
Eoxwell, ib.; rs. Thomas Symonds tt a/.,
199; vs. Mathcw Allen, 200; bond to
Philip Gibb, 201; hires a ketch of Joseph
Graf ton.

Cogan, John, Jr., 95, 90, 98, 99.

Cogan, Kobert, 155.

Coggeshall, John, and others, deed, 43,
07, n. ; house bought of, 1U2.

Colbron, William, arbitrator, 04, note on,
99, n.; bond, 151; indenture, 153; letter
of attorney from Anne Floyd, 108.

Colcord, Edward, tt al, bond to Stephen
Greensmith, 137.

Cole, , letter of attorney from Edmund

Urowiic, 80.

Cole, Eli/abeth, wife of William, 88, 89, 90,
91, 110; answer and complaint of, 150.

Cole, .John, letter of attorney from William
Cole, 88; affidavit, 89; letter of attorney
from Daniel Paul, 107.

Cole, Philip, 227, 229.

Cole, Samuel, indenture and articles of agree
ment with Kobert Sedgewick. 31, 33;
places John Cole apprentice to John My-
lam, 1 13 ; lands of, 119, 105 ; bond to John
Jorden, 100.

Cole, William, letter of attorney to John
Cole, 88, 90, 91; petition concerning the
will of Francis Doughty, 110; bond to
Timothy Thornhill, 150.

Coleman, Andrew, and William Swift, 174 ;
suit of, 239.

Coleman, Anne, letter of attorney to Jeffrey
Coleman and James Wade, 99; letter of
attorney for, 107.

Coleman, .Jeffrey, letter of attorney to, 99.

Coleman, William, 99.

Collacot, see Callicot.

Collins, Mr., letter from Lechford, 237.

Coltman, John, letter of attorney to his
father, 100.

Coltman, Thomas, 100.

Conant, Koger, letter of attorney to Thomas
We.ston, 130.

Coney, Thomas, 103.

Conihasset, lands at, 221.

Cooke, John, letterof attorney from Thomas
Mayhew, 117.

Cookc, John, and his grandfather, 182.

Cooke, Joseph, letter of attorney to his
brothers and Kichard Harlackenden, 135;
quitclaim to his brother Thomas, 171.

Cooke, Kichard, articles of agreement with
Arthur Perry, 59; bond to Timothy Thorn-
hill, 157.

Cooke, Kobert, petition, 224.

Cooke, Thomas, letter of attorney from his
brother Joseph, 135; quitclaim", 171.

Cooper, Henry, 112.



Cooper, Thomas, assigned apprentice to
Leonard Buttolph, 1J2.

Corbin, Robert, 271, w.

Cornelius, Daniel, letter of attorney drawn
on, by Richard Morris, 137.

Cornell, Th"inas, petition, 55; articles of
agreement with Edward Tyng, 142.

Cornish, Gabriel, appoints Israel Stoughton
attornev, 103.

Cornish, Thomas, and others, indenture, 49.

Cotton, John, states the errors of Lechford,
xxi; his answer to Ball, 3, .; note on,
32, . ; letter of attornev to John Brown,
19, 30; presses the point of Zachens re
pentance, 235.

Cotton warrants for the various towns, 227.

Courtney, Hugh, and others, bond, 72; in
denture with Thomas Dexter, JG3; rs.
William Elliot, 174.

Coventry, 51 r., 210.

Cox, Moses, and Margaret Stubbin, 177.

Covtmore, Katherine, et nl., indenture, 15;
letter to William Wiseman et al,, 17;
bond, 18: letter of attorney from, 21.

Crabtree, John, receives Solomon Greene
apprentice, 100; agreement with Elizabeth
Leger, 103; his friend, 107; William
Huberts assigned to, 150; bond to George
Luxon, 151, 162: letter of attorney to
Isaac Ilayncs, 212; William Game as
signed servant to, 214.

Crndock, Mathow, his house at Mistie, 114;
mentioned, 130; articles drawn for, 143.

Crane, Jasper, attorney for Mr. Hoe, 104,

Craven, Morgan, sings by the lire, 207,

Crissal, George, 0.

Cripe, George, letter of attorney to his
brother Robert, 208.

Criope, Robert, S 08; bond from John Cut-
ten, father and son, 212.

Critchley, Richard, 11, n.; petition for, 143.

Cross, Anne, she thought, 115.

Crowe, Mr., 224.

Cullimore, Isaac, Christopher Stanley as
signs a boy to, 99.

Curtis, Deodatus, buys land of Thomas
Brownell, 149.

Cuthbert, Mary, 181.

Cuthbert, Nathaniel, 181.

Ctitten, John, father and son, bond to divers
men, 212.

Cutter, Mr., 204.

Cutton, Mr., 221.

DANNKT, Mr., of the "Mary Rose," ]G5,

Dastin, Lydia, deposition of, 114.

Davenport, John, two manuscripts for, 1.

Davenport, Richard, lands of, 120.

Davis, Barnabas, bond to Hugh Courtney,
72; answer, petition and account, 204;
account with the Woodcocks, 206; let
ter to Richard Lygon, 210; to his father,
211; writings for, 212; suit of, 216; Lech-
ford s opinion in the case, 217; decision
of the court thereon, ib. ; petition of, 221 ;
mentioned, 225 ; letter carried for, 239.

Davis, captain of the "Marv Rose," 159.

Davison, Nicholas, arbitrator, 194.

Davys, John, bond to William llerrick, 153;
to build a bouse for William Hix, 171.

Daws, Joseph, letter of attornev for Eliza
beth Glover, 1-2-2} bond, 123.

Davvs, Richard, receipt from Elizabeth
G lover, 121.

Dawson, Henry, deed from Samuel Searle,

Day, Richard, master of the "Desire," 172.

Dearhaugh, Marv, last will and testament

of, 2.;l.

Delano, 1 hilip, deposition, 228.

Dclbridge, Roger, 74; bill of exchange
drawn on, by Thomas Allen, 119.

Denison, George, and Bridget his wife, let
ter of attornev to Thomas Worlidge, 211.

Deordall, Hugh." See Durdall.

Derbv, William, letter of attorney from
Ralph Snrague, 22.

Herri ford, Barnabas, the lot of, 219.

De Sallenoba, Captain, and Mr. Waltham, ].

Dexter, Thomas, deed to his son, 14; bond,
20; bond to William Hooke, 76; indenture
with Humphrey Hooke et rr/., 1G3; ac
count with his son-in-law John Friend.

Higgle. Edmnnd, 19.

Dillingham. Edward, letter of attorney to,

Dinely, Fnthergone. 11, ??., 240, n.

Dinely, William, lease from John Hood, 5-
from William Wilson, 10.

Dixon, Tobias, letter of attorney from Ben
jamin Keayne, 103; from Robert Feke
et al., 139; letter from William Palmer,

Dock, Bendall s, note on, 70, n.

Dontrec. John, 234.

Dorryfnils, Barnabn* (.<re Derriford). 129.

Douch, Grace, 71, 72; letter from her hus
band, 73.

Douch, Osmund, assignment to Thomas
Bishop, 71; lease, 72: letter to his wife,
73; bond, etc., with Humphrey Hooke,

Douch, Robert, 71, 72.

Doughty, Bridget, mentioned, 150.

Doughty, Francis, 88.

Doughty, Francis, the youneer, 90; bond to
llenrv Webb, 91 ; petition concerning,
110: complaint of Elizabeth Cole, 150.

Doughty, Isaac, 1 10.

Doughty, Robert, 88.

Dove, Mathew, assigned as a servant, 149.

Dowlyntr, William, letter of attornev from
William Talmage <*/., 1(57.

Downes, John, bond to George Luxon c t nl.,
151, 158.

Downes, William, bill of sale to Richard
Morris, 101, 177.

Downing, Emanuel, perhaps fellow-passen
ger with Lechford, xiii; student at law,
xv, 28, 45, n.

Draper, Arthur, letter of attorney, cum aliis,
from John Rogers, 119.

Drue!!, George, bond from William Pom-
fret, 181; mortgage from John Page, 182;



bond from Joseph Bemis, ib. ; sells land
to William Phillips, 209.

Dudley, Thomas, student at law, xv; cer
tificates, 147, 154; bond from William
Bevan, 154; certiticates, 154, 156, 166,
179, 185, 196, 198.

Durdall, Hugh, bond to William Knap, 214.

Dyaper, Anthony, 21.

Dyer, George, letter of attorney from Thomas
Purchas, 219.

Dyer [William], and others, deed, 43.

Eames, Alice, 22; letter from Ralph Sprague,


Eames, Anthony, petition, 221.
Earwing, Anthony, letter of attorney from

Katherine Earwing, 123.
Earwing, Katherine, letter of attorney to
Nehemiah Bourne and Anthony Earwing,

Euton, Nathaniel, has received .100, 123;
to be sued, 124; in debt to John Cogan,
147; letter of attorney from John Hobson,
177; and protest, ib. estate of, 198; letter
of attorney drawn on, 201; his behavior
to his pupil Samuel Hough, 201; work
done for him by William Savill, 223.
Eaton, Mrs. Nathaniel, never heard of again,

248, n.
Eaton, Theophilus, brother of Nathaniel,

Edwards, John, covenant with llarman

Garret, 170; petition, 223, 225.
Edwards, Simon, 172.

Edwards, William, bond to John Stone, 117.
Eells, John, conveyance, etc., from Thomas

Allen, 227, 229.

Elbridge. master of the " Charles," 180.
Elford, John, bond to John White, 126.
Eliot, Jacob, bond, 151 ; indenture, 153.
Eliot, John, friend of, 38, n.
Eliot, Philip, mortgage from Richard Calli

cot, 213.
Eliot, William, bond to Henry Woolcott and

Samuel Wakeman, 174. .
Endicott, John, certificate that, he is alive.
113; the court book for, 150; certificate
^ of, 186.
Enflinij, Nathaniel, servant of John Cogan


England, John, 25.
England, Steven, letter of attorney fron

Robert Gnmlyn, 168.
Errington, Thomas, bond to Hugh Court

nev, 72.

Evans, Agnes, wife of William. 191,
Evans, Elizabeth, and John Wheelwright

covenant for service. 70.
Evans, Richard, arbitrator, 191.
Evans, William, witness, 190, 191.
Eveivd, Richard, and Thomas Nelson, in

denture, 34.

Everet oh. Webb (<j, <.), John, 60, 65; sell

house to Christopher Stanley, 96,98; buv

one of him, 99; conveyance to Joh

Hansett, 138; commissioner for trade, 22J

Ewer, Thomas, decea^x], 21.

AHEU, JOSEPH, pells house to Christopher
Stanley, 96, 98; witness, 99.

arringtdn, Edward, arbitrator, 100.

ayreweather, John, deed from Mary Fayre-
weather, 60, 65.

ayreweather, Mary, 60, 65; wife of John
Everet, 96.

earne, master of the "Hector," 112, n.

eke, Robert, letter of attorney to Robert
Harding, 49, 99; letter of attorney to
Tobias Dixon, 139, 140, 164.

eke, Tobias, letter of attorney to Tobias
Dixon, 139.

elt, George, petition, 203.

inch, Thomas, 23.

irmor, John, 208.

Msh, Gabriel, letter of attorney to Edward
Rishworth, 93.

ishenden, Mr., 107.

isher, John, letter of attorney from Ed
mund Hubbard, 94.

r isher, Marv, release from Elisha Bridges,
115, 180, .

isher, Thomas, legacy from John Black-
stone, 115.

leele, Henry, 49; letter of attorney from
Roger Conant, 130.

leming, William, bor\d, 151, 152.

lint [Thomas], and others; deed, 43.

loyd, Anne, letter of attorney to William
Colbron and John Button, 168.

"lovd, John, and his wife Anne, 168.

< loyd, Thomas, 168.

"ogge, Ralph, deposition in regard to Mrs.
Stratton, 185.

Folsom, John, prosecuted for unrepaired
fences, 113.

oot, Joshua, 100; Lechford engaged to,

h oote, Mr., 123.

b orrett, James, draws a bill of exchange,
56 ; deed to Thomas Robinson and Mathew
Sutherland, 170.

Fortescue, Mr., misinforms Thomas Cornell,

Foster, Abigail, wife of Thomas, 209.

Foster, Richard, letter of attorney from
Thomas Foster, 89.

Foster, Thomas, letter of attorney to Rich
ard Foster et nl., 89; to George Strange,

Foster, "William, and Vincent Potter, 65.

Fowle, Thomas, bond from Richard Parker,
153; from John Scpuire et /., 155; mort
gage from Allen Yewe, 1-08; leiter of
attornev from Elizabeth Blackburne, 284.

Foxwell, Uichard, 159; answer to his bill of
complaint r. John Cogan, 11)8.

Fozdike, Stephen, appraiser, 223, 225.

Free, Thomas, bill of exchange from Wil
liam Bernard, 175.

Freeman, , 109.

Freeman. Samuel, letter of attorney to An
drew Walker, 155.

Freestone, Elizabeth, letter of attorney to
John Hutchinson, 181.

Freestone, Richard, father, deceased, of
Eli/.abeth, 181.



Freestone, Robert, his will, 181.

Friend, John, 212.

Frost, Nicholas, petition of, 12-3, 124.

Frost, William, letter to, 47; note on, 94, n.

Fuller, Edward, 100.

Fuller. John, house granted by Francis God-

sonu , 100; to receive of Richard Brooks,

etc., 100.

GABILLOK, MICIIA.KL, and Edmund James,
indenture, 48.

Gabor, Bethlen, 30.

Gallop s Point, shipyards at, 151, n.

Gallop, John, letter of attorney from Thomas
Purchas, 219.

Game, William, assigned servant to John
Crnbtree, 214.

Gamlyn, Robert, letter of attorney to Steven
England, 168.

Gammon, James. 195,200, 201; vs. Matthew
Allen, 226.

Gardiner, George, 37, 41.

Gardiner, Lion, Indian deed, 129.

Garford, Gervasio, 48.

Garland, Peter, letter of attorney to Isaac
Allerton, 35; to Thomas Beech, 36.

Garrett, Harman, covenant with John Ed
wards, 176, 2-23, 225.

Garrett, Richard, letter of attorney from
Thomas Pinny, 161.

Garrold, Anne, -oond from John Hill, 103.

Gaylard, William, acts for John Wilson, 83;
and John lies, bond, etc., 90.

Geere, Elizabeth, release from Michael Wil
liamson, 171.

Gerrard, Rev. George, to Earl of Strafford,
quoted, viii.

Gibb, Philip, 28; bond from William With-
ingtou and John Xowe, 176 ; suit vs,
Thomas Allen and Richard Calllcot, 182;
bond from Richard Parker, 201; from
John Cogan, ib. ; factor for Harwood and
Gammon, 226.

Gibbons, Edward, arbitrator with others,
79 ; letter of attorney from Thomas Pur
chas, 84; deed from the Squa Sachem,
143; arbitrator, 157, 170, 201; letter of
attorney from Thomas Owen, 202; pale
of his share of the "Planter," 213, 219;
sale of a pinnace to, 228; letter of at-
torncv from Anne Stratton et n/., 233;
and the fortifications at Castle Island,
303, n.

Gibbons, Jotham, land grant from the Squa
Sachem, 143.

Gill. John, and Morgan Graver, 207; valuer,

Gillam, Benjamin, 160; fined for heating
pitch. 279, n.

Gillman, Edward, 172.

Gilson, Thomas, letter of attorney from
Isaac Sterne, 166.

Gittings, Maurice, 170.

Glover, Anne. 224.

Glover, Elizabeth, 58; sells land to John
Newgate, 119: receipt to John Harris
and Richard Davys, etc., 121, et seq.;
sale of her share of the "Planter, 213;

grants reversion to William Stibbins,

Glover, Josse or Joas, late husband of Eliz
abeth, 119, 121; his executors. 120.

Godfrey, Edward, and Thomas Dexter, in
denture, 163.

Grodsome, Francis, grants house, etc., to
John Fuller, 100.

Goffe, Jonathan, letter of attorney from Ed
mund Browne. 86.

Goffe, Samuel, petition of, 48.

Goffe, Thomas, petition in behalf of, 49.

Golston, Goodman, 125.

Goodman, Thomas, owes Thomas Watson,
122, 125.

Gooclmanes, otherwise Cato, deed to George
Munning et al., 86.

Goodyer, Stephen, 176.

Goose, William, shipping papers granted,
29 ; bond from Thomas Taylor, 172.

Gore, John, 102.

Gorges, Sir Ferdinando, 356, n.

Gorges, Thomas, Commissioner for the
Province of Maine, 199.

Gorton, Samuel, 16, n., 188, n.

(iostlin, Stephen, 125.

Gould, Jeremv, bond to Henry Waltham,

Gould, Zachens, lease from John Humfrey,
147; petition of, 179; letter of attorney
from John Bradshaw, 182; lease from
John Humfrey, 179.

Gover, John, 180.

Graf ton, Joseph, his ketch the "Endeav
our," 202, 234.

Gransden, Alice, 124, 125.

Gransden, Henry, father of Joan, Alice,
Anne, Marv. Frances. Sarah, and Mar
tha, 124.

Graves, John, letter of attorney from, 23.

Graves, Mary, 15.

Graves, Thomas, indenture, 15.

Greene, Man , bound to William Hudson,

Greene, Solomon, bound to John Crabtree,
100, 103.

Greenland, John, petitions, 178, 203.

Greensmith, Stephen, 33, 123; bond to Ed
ward Colcord and Richard Morris, 137.

Grenville, Richard, 179.

Grey, Elizabeth, wife of John, 92, 122, 125.

Ore} , Henry, 1.0, n., 47; letter of attorney
to James Young, 125, .141; grant to Lech-
ford, 176.

Grey, John, Rolls to Valentine Hill, etc.,
92, 122, 125.

Grey, 1 bonus, petition of, 149.

Grcv, William, letter of attorney to Philip
White, 141.

Gridley, Richard, receives William Bore-
man apprentice, 105; gets rid of him,
120, 205.

Griffin, John, bond to the Earl of Warwick,

Griffin, Thomas, and others, deed, 43.

Griffith, Edward, w. Richard Callicott, 194.

Groome, John, partner of John Rogers, 109;
owes Thomas Watson, 122, 125.




Grove, Lewis, 227, 229.

Grubb, Thomas, bill of exchange on Jef-
frev Salter, 172; letter of attorney from
Thomas Lund, 181.

Grymes, Samuel, 169.

GuVden, John, letter of attorney from Sam
uel Apple ton, 101.

Guv, John, defendant at suit of John
Moses, 227.

HAGBOKNE, SAMUEL, land of, 35; bond
to Walter Blackburne, 130.

Hales, William, stands security, 156.

Haltin, Henry, 16, 17; letter from Katherine
Coy t more et al., ib.

Hall, "Edward, in good health, 154; letter to
Edward Stokes, ib. ; bond to John Pol
lard, 216.

Hull, Edward, information respecting Mar-
maduke Pierce, 139.

Hall, Francis, 154.

Hallet, Richard, 72, 73.

Hammond, Thomas, vs. Edmund Ilubbard,
113; vs. David Phippen et nl., ib.

Hancock, Martha, letter to William Leigh,

Hansett, John, conveyance from John Ev-
eret, 138; sells a house to Thomas Payn-
ter, 144.

Harding, Abraham, letter of attorney to
Giles Burrow, 108.

Harding, John, 168.

Harding, Robert, letter of attorney from
Robert Feke, 49 ; from Richard Callicott,
58; conveyance to Thomas Savage, 129;
to Robert "Keayne et al., 142; articles of
agreement with William Withington,183.

Hardy, Christopher, 158.

Harlackenden, Richard, letter of attorney
from Joseph Cooke, 135.

Harlackenden, Roger, last will and testa
ment, 140.

Harlowe, Mr, letter from Josiah Stan-
borough, 126.

Harris, John, receipt from Elizabeth
Glover, etc., 121, 122.

Harrison, John, sued for debt, 96; certain
wares delivered to, 99, 103; Richard
Hutchinson to collect from, 121, 122, 127.

Harrison, Mr., 84.

Harvard College, condition of students, 201.

Harvey, Sir John, 79, n.

Harwood, Henry, 207.

Harwood, Thomas, 195, 200, 201; suit rs.
Mathew Allen, 226.

Haskell, Samuel, bond to John Hill, 181 ;
to William Vicars, 182.

Hassard, Mr., 150.

Hatch, William, undertaker in the "Castle
of London." 92; defendant at suit of
Thomas Rucke, 105; reckons with Jo
seph Merriam, 107, 112.

Hatherly, Timothy, vs. Joseph Young, 103,
108; ?*. Isaac Allerton, 114; and the
"White Angel," 120.

Ilaugh. See Hough.

Hawkins, Abraham, affidavit concerning
Thomas Rucke, 78.

Hawkins, Thomas (the shipwright), de

Online LibraryThomas LechfordNote-book kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638, to July 29, 1641 (Volume 7) → online text (page 45 of 47)