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liold or Customary lands tenements & hereditaments whatso
ever in the said Manner or Manners [18] holden of the said
Maimor or Mannors or any of them by Coppy of Court Roll to
the only use & hehoofe of the said Robert Kidd his hcircs and
assignes according to the custome & sevcrall customes of the
said Maimor or Mannors And further for us and every or any
of us and in our names & places and in the name or place of
every or any of us to doc execute and suffer or cause to be done
executed & suffered all and every such further lawfull act and
acts tiling & things whatsoever whereby the said moity and
halfendeale of the said Coppihold or Customary mcsuagcs lands
Tenements & hereditaments late of Robert Mylcs aforesaid
now or late in the tenure or occupacon of the said Robert Kidd
may be lawfully surrendered sctlcd estated assured and con
veyed upon him the said Robert Kidd his heires and asss accor
ding to the custome or severall customes of the said Maimor or
Mannors as to them our said Atturneys or any or either of them
shall secmc nicctc fit or expedient Ratcfying allowing approv
ing and confirming all and every such thing and tilings as our
said Attorney or Attorneys or any or cither of them shall doe
execute or suffer touching and concerning the execution and
performance of this their power and authority to them and
every of them herein and hereby granted. In witnesse where
of we have hereunto set our hands and scales the thirtieth day
of October in the fourteenth ycare of the Raigne of our Sover-
aigne Lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland
France & Ireland Arc. KingAnnocp Dili 1638. In p r ncia nrii.
Johis Wintrop & mci T. L. [M ri . 3 Coytmorc & others and S r
Williii Wiseman & others 3s. 4d. 3*. 4cZ.]

Me Kathcrinam Coytmorc imp de Wapping in Com. Mi etc? et
mine dc Villa Caroli in Nova Anglia viduam tencr &c. Willo
Wiseman De Aula de Canfeild in Com Essex Militi et Baronetto

LECUEomrs MAxuscnirr NOTE-KOOK. "1

in inillo libris <tc. Dat. oO.S. enram nobis .lobe AVinlrnp me
T. L.

Tlic Condicon of this obligation is such that whereas the
said Kathoriuc Coytmorc together w th Increase Nowell Esqr
and Parnell his wife and Thomas Graves Mariner and Kath-
crinc his wife & Mary Eaglcsfcild have by their deed indented
made bctwccnc them of the one partc <fc .Robert Kidd of the
other purte for the snmme of live? hundred and nifty pounds
of lawful I money of England aliened granted tt enfcoffcd
and made their letter of Attorney for the surrendring the one
moity and lialfcndeale of ccrtainc ffrechold and Coppihold
mesuages lands tenements & hereditaments late of Robert
Mylcs deceased, ffather of the said Kathcrine Coytmorc <fc
nov, r or lahi in the occ.upaiion or possession of the said
Robert Kidd lying & being in the sevcrall Mannor or Mau-
nors Towncs villages or hamlets of Sutton, Button Storker-
laml and Campsey Ilouslye Sctleburgh Ufford Blacksell or
[19] any other Maimor or Mannors Towncs villages or Ilam-
blets wtliin the County of Suffolke whatsoever unto tlu^ said
Robert Kidd his heires and assignes and unto his juid their
use for ever as by the said deed indented and Letter of
Attorney both bearing date w th these p r nts more at large it
doth and may appcarc And by the last will and testament
of Thomas Orcy, sometimes husband of the said Katherine
Coytmore it is appointed, willed & devised that when the
said hinds & tenements should be sold by the said Kathcrine
Coytmore, slice should enter into one bond of a thousand
pounds condiconed that she should with the said moneys
raised by sale of the said lands and tenements, buy tt pur
chase lands for the use bchoofe of hcrselfe for her life
and afterwards for the use and bchoofe of the said Parnell
and Katherine Graves and Susanna Eaglcsfcild, and their
hcircs or w oh said Susanna dying left the said Mary her
daughter and heirc, If therefore the said Kathcrine Coytmorc
shall accordingly w th the said five hundred and fifty pounds
purchase ct buy land to and for the use & bchoofe of her-
sclfc for her life and afterwards for the use and behoof c
of the said Parnell <fe Kathcrine Graves Mary and their


heires, Then tins obligation shall be voyd and of none effect,
or els shall rcmaine & be in full power strength and vertuc.
[M r . 3 Coytniore & S r Williii Wiseman 2s. Gd. 2.6. Is. 0.]

To all Christian people Unto whome these presents shall
come, I John Cotton, 1 Teacher of the Church at Boston in
New England send greeting in our Lord God everlasting :
Whereas Edmund Diggle, laic of Sutterton 2 in the parts of
Holland in the County of Lincolnc, Clerke, deceased, by his
last will & testament made & ordained me, the said John
Cotton, Overseer of his said last will & testament, Now Knowe
yce, that because I rcmaine by the good providence of God in
these parts of New England, & for divers good causes <fc con
siderations me thcrimto moving, 1 have constituted, made &
ordained., & by these presents doe constitute, make & ordaine
<fe in my place put my wclbeloved & respected freind John
Browne late of Boston in the said county of Lineolne and now
of Poynton or Horbling in the same county, gent., my true &
faithfnll deputy, Attorney, and Proctor, for me and in my
name to oversee the said last will & testament & the perform
ance thereof, and all and every lawful! & reasonable thing or
things, motion or motions, suit or suits, for me & in my name
concerning the same, and according to the tenor of the said
last will & testament, to make, doe, promo vc, & follow, or
cause to be made, done, promovcd or followed, for the due
execution of the said trust in me reposed, as effectually to all
intents & purposes as if I myselfe Avcre there present in Eng
land, Ratefying, allowing, & approving whatsoever my said
deputy, Attorney and Proctor shall lawfully or reasonably
doc or cause to be done in the premises. In witnessc whereof,
I have hereunto sett my hand & scale the thirtieth day of
October Anno Dili, 1G38, 14 Car. Coram nobis. [Mr. Cotton
& Mr. Browne 2s. 0.]

1 John Cotton, Lorn at Derby Doc. Boston in New England from 1633 until

4, 15S5; died, Dor. 23, 1652. Ho his (loath.

was entered at Trinity College, Trim- - Sutterton parish is about six miles

bridge, and was afterwards a Fellow of from Boston, where Mr. Cotton

Emmanuel, lie preached at Boston in preached before coming to New Eng-

Lincoliiohire from 1G12 to 1G03, and at land. [T.]


[20] To all to wliome these presents shall como greeting,
Knowc ycc, tliat I Thomas Paynter l of Boston in New Eng
land, joyner, for twenty eight pounds of good & lawfull money
of England to mo in hand satisfyed and ])ayd before the scal
ing & delivery hereof, Doe by this present writing, grant,
bargaine, & sell unto George Barrcll of Boston aforesaid,
Cowper, my dwelling house and garden lying in Boston afore
said w th Ihe appnrtenees thereunto belonging, To have A* to
hold the said dwelling house tv garden and all the premises
w th the appurtenances whatsoever, unto the said George l)ar-
rell his heires and assignes for ever. And 1 grant for me <t
my heires that we will warrant unto the said George <\ his
heires the tenements aforesaid against me the said Thomas
and my heires for ever. Tn witnesse wherof, I have hereunto
set my hand A seale the thirty one day of October, Anno Dili
1038, Annocp Regis Carol i decimo quarto. Oorani nobis.
[Pay ntcr & Barrel!.]

Me Georgium Barrcll de Boston in Nova Anglia Cowp.
tener etc. Thome Pnynter in sexdeeim libris ete. Dat. 81. 8.
Coram nobis.

The (ondicon. of this obligation is such that if the above-
bounden George Barrcll his heires executors administrators or
assignes shall well truly pay or cause to be payd unto the
abovcnamed Thomas Paynter his executors or assignes the
soinme of eight pounds of lawfnll money of England upon
the twenty fourth day of the fourth moncth next ensuing the
date hereof if it be not the Lords Pay, if it be, then the next

1 Thomas Paynter of Boston left town. He had a houso in Boston (down
traces throughout Now England, at in the fio )k of Possessions, O, 20), near
Providence, where he had a lot of land, Dock Square, r.eorge Barrel! in the
at llingham (1G37), then at Charles- 7*Wj of Fowwin-ns is given a lot directly
town, New Haven, Rowley, and Ming- north of Paynter s ; from which I infer
liam again (before ]643, .says Savage ; that Paynter retained some of his prop-
but under this date, 1038, lie calls erty. It was on tin; purchase of this
himself of Boston). In Hingham he property by Barrcll that he was admit-
got into trouble for his religious views, ted a townsman, on condition of "inof-
aml moved thence to Providence, then fen si ve carry age" (Boston Town Records,
to Newport, and lastly, in 1661, to p. 36).
Westerly, with the first settlers of that


day after, at or in the now Dwelling house of the said Thomas
this day by him passed to the said George then this obligation
shall be voyd & of none effect or els shall be & rcmaine in
full force strength <fc vertue. [Barrell & Payntcr.]

Me Thomii Dexter do Sandwich in Nova Anglia, agricola,
tcncr <tc. Thome Dexter patri suo, in quadringent. libris <tc.
dat. 30. 8. coram me T. L.

The Condicon of this obligation is, that whereas the said
Thomas Dexter the ffathcr by his deed poll under his hand
& seale bearing date the Twenty fourth Day of this instant
moneth of October, hath given and granted unto the above
bouudcn Thomas Dexter ccrtaiuc lands tt tenements in the
precincts <fe bounds of Sandwich aforesaid in New England
together w th one plough or teamc wth fourc oxen and an horse
or marc & the appurtenances and if the said -Thomas Dexter
above boundcn shall not accept the said Land & premises then
the said Thomas Dexter the [21] ffathcr granted to pay unto
the said Thomas Dexter above boundcn, the some of live hun
dred pounds upon reasonable demand as more at large by the
said deed poll it doth and may appcarc. And whereas the said
bouuden Thomas Dexter hath agreed to and w th his said t father
Thomas Dexter in Consideration of the said grant & grants, to
pay or cause to be payd unto Mary Dexter & Frances Dexter
his daughters, for and towards their porcons the summe of
one hundred pounds to each of the said daughters at such
time as the said Thomas Dexter abovcbounden shall enter into
& upon the said lands and tenements after his marriage, or
at such time as he or his executors administrators or assignes
shall demand & receive the said five hundred pounds, in case
the said Thomas Dexter above boundcn should marry a wife
and dye at sea before his returne into these parts of New Eng
land, or not be well advanced in marriage according to the good
likeing of the said Thomas Dexter the ffathcr. If therefore
the said Thomas Dexter above bounden, his heirs executors
administrators or assignes shall well & truly perform fulliill <fc
kcepe the said agreement or cause the same to be well and
truly performed fulllilled & kept then this obligation shall


be vovcl and of none effect or els shall rciuainc <fc be in full
power strength & vertue. [Dexter & Dexter 2s. Gd.]

To all to whome these presents shall come greeting Knowe
yee that I Kathcrine Coytmore late of Wapping in the
county of Midd and now of Charles Towne in New England
Widdow, for divers good considerations me thereunto moving
have hereby ordained appointed and in my place put my
wellbelovcd ffrcinds William Bates of Wapping aforesaid
Shipwright George Philips of the same Mariner and Ellen
his wife my attorneys baylics and receivers joyntly or sever
ally to receive my rents out of my lands in Sutton in Suf-
folke for me ct in my name & to make & give acquittances
for the sumo and to bring or cause to be brought any ac<?6ns
thereabout for me & in my name witnessc my hand & scale
the xxxj th day of October Anno Dni 1088. Coram nobis
Johe Wintrop & me T. L. [Is. 4d.] "

To all Christian people to whome these presents shall come,
I John Wintrop 1 Esq r , Governor of the Massachusetts in New
England send greeting: Knowc yce that Whereas Thomas
Ewer 2 late of Charles Townc in the Massachusetts aforesaid
Deceased, had divers goods & debts due to him in the Realmc
of England, I have hereby given power and Authority soe
farro as in me lycth,unto Anthony Dyaper Citizen and Draper
of London and Andrew Blake of Strowdc in the County of
Kent, gent., ioyntly or severally, to gather up the said goods
& debts and to use all lawfull ineanes for the same and being
soe gathered to pay out of the same unto William Woodcocke 3
of Soapcr lane, London, merchant, the somme of forty pounds

1 John "\Vinthrop, the son of Adam of the years 1634, 1640, 10 \ 5, when

\Vinthrop, Lorn at Edwardstonc, near Thomas Dudley was elected, and the

Croton, in Suffolk, Jan. 12, lf.88, died, years 1035, 10:56, 1641, and 1044, when

March 26, 1649. He was chosen gov- Haynes, Vane, Bellingham, and Kndi-

ernor of the Company of Massachusetts cott respectively licld the office.
Hay, Xov. 20, 1629, and set sail for 2 Thomas Ewer came in the ship

New England, March 29, 1630, arriving ". Tamos" from London in 1635, and

at Salem, June 12 of the same year, died in 1638 (Jf ifman).
He was governor of the colony from his 3 For more concerning Woodcock,

arrival until 1648, with the exception see pp. 204 ct snj., pout.


and to one M? Williams of London, eight pounds, and all
other debts owing by the said deceased party and the rest of
the said goods and debts Due to the deceased to returnc hither
into the Court heere, to be disposed of to the wife and chil
dren [22] of the said Thomas Ewer according to Lawe. In
witnesse whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the pub-
lick scale of o r Colony, Dated at Boston in the Massachu
setts aforesaid, the Thirty one Day of October Anno Dni
1G38, Anncp RR. Caroli Angliue <fcc. decimo quarto. [Mf
Govern? Dyaper & Blake for Ewers goods. 2s. 0.]

Be it knowno unto all men by these presents that we Ralfe
Sprague, 1 sometimes of Fordington in the County of Dorset,
ffuller, and now of Charles Towne in New England, Planter,
and Joane Sprague wife of the said Ralfe, one of the daugh
ters of Richard Warren late of Fordington aforesaid, yeoman,
deceased, Doe by these presents constitute, ordaine & appoint
our welbeloved ffreinds William Derby of Dorchester in the
County of Dorset, gentleman, our true and lawiull Attorney
for us & in our names and to our use to demand & receive all
such porco*ns & porcons, summc & summes of money and
childs parte of the goods & chatties reall or pcrsonall, late of
the snid Richard Warren, that is, are, or may be due or be
longing unto us or either of us, by any right whatsoever, of
and from any person or persons whatsoever that ought to pay
or render the same unto us or either of us : And further, for
us & in our names to commence & followe or cause to be
commenced & followed any suit or suits accon or accons in
any Court or Corts Temporall or Ecclesiasticall w th in the
Realme of England for the same against any person or per
sons that are or shall be lyablc therunto & the same of them
to recover levy and receive by due processc of lawe unto our
use : And also to doe & performe any act or thing requi
site therunto or touching the performance of his power &

1 Ralph Sprague, of Up\vay, in Dor- own request dismissed from the Boston

setshire, came to New England in 1G29, church. Of these Thomas James was the

as is generally agreed. He was one of pastor, and Increase Nowell the most

the thirty-three original members of the prominent man. Sprague became captain

church at Charlestown who were by their shortly, and was often representative.


authority hereby given unto him for us & in our names as
effectually and fully to all intents and purposes as if our
selves were there present & llatcfying, allowing, & conlirm-
inf whatsoever our said Attorney shall lawfully doe in the

O "

premises. In witncsse whereof we have hereunto set our
hands <fc scales, the eighth day of November, Anno Dfii 1G-38,
Anntp RIl. Carol! Anglian, CYC. decimo quarto, eoram nobis,
Johe Wintrop, Governor of the Massachusetts in N. E. & inei
T. L. [Spraguc & ux. & Derby 2* GcZ.]

To ?;/ rrry worthy and good ffrcind M r . William Derby at his
house in Dorchester or at his lodging in Terme tyme at the
Suyerloafe in Sheerelane, London, these d [diver],

Worthy S r , I heare that my wife s i father is Deeeased, and
that he leaft a fairc estate behindc him. I knowc not
whether lice made a will or no: my wife and I hope that
there is a child s par to due unto us, because that she had noo
porcon as yet from her (Tat her in his life tyme. These are
therefore to cntrcate you to bo pleased to dcalc for us as ef
fectually & circumspectly in this businesse as you can and to
take all advantages for us in the thing, and that you would
receive what is, due to us, pay yo r selfe for all charges A; labour
in it out of what you receive, & retunio us the rest, by my
Sister Alice Eamcs at Po ml jerry mills. We thank the Lord
we are heere [23] well & in health, and we hope you arc so
also, and that worthy and godly man M^ White yo r Pastor,
to whome my wife I remember our service and vo r sclfe &
M? Pealc, beseeching the Lord (>od to keepe you & defend
you ct his Churches all in this evill tyme. So 1 rest

Yo r very loving ffreind

BOSTON iii N. E. 8. 9. 1038.

Wee have sent you here-inclosed a letter of Attorney sealed
before our worthy Governo to the purpose in this letter
menconed. The writer hereof wbo hath given bis advise
in this businesse salutes you in the Lord. And 1 leave all
to vo r wiscdomc and discreation.


To my Loving Sister Alice Eames at Pomberry milles neare
Dorchester, these d.

Loving Sister, my love to you & o r frcinds w th you remcm-
bred, whereas I sent you a letter formerly to treate w th my
wife s ffathers executors about our porcon, I doe hereby
rcvoakc those letters & yo r power by them committed to you,
& desire you would goe to Mr Derby whome we have made
our Attorney, & knowe of him what is or can be done in the
matter, & if he shall recover any thing then you are to re
ceive it & send it to me <fc dispose of it according to my for
mer direccons, but howsoever I pray let us heare what is or
shall be done in the businesse. Soe the Lord keepe you &

Yo r loving Brother

BOSTON in N. E. 8. 9. 1638.

Mr. Throgmorton a draught of an Assignment, 23. 9. 1638.

To all to whome these presents shall come greeting, Knowe
yee that I John Graves l of Roxbury in New England, Cow-
leech, gardian of Sarah Graves my Daughter under age, Doe
hereby constitute and make my wellbeloved freinds Robert
Wood of Harlowe in the County of Essex, shoemaker, and
Nicholas Campo of Nasing in the said County, husbandman,
my true and lawfull Attorneys joyntly and severally for me
& in myne name and my said daughters name to demand and
receive and by suit of law if need be to recover of Lydia Ford
late of Nasing aforesaid, widdow, my Sister, the summe of
scaven pounds and tenne shillings, for six yeares rent of a
certainc peicc of meadow in Nasing aforesd, to be ended
the Twenty list day of March next ensuing the date hereof,
being parte of my said daughter s legacy, according to the

1 John (Intvos AV;IS a friend of John from the town of Nosing, in Essex, and
Eliot the Apostli-, coming, as did Eliot, living in Roxbury. IIo died in 1044.


last will cv Testament of Thomas Finch lute of Hertford
in the county of Hertford, yeoman, deceased. And acquittance
or acquittances therefore in my name and my said Daughters
name to make upon such receipt, and the same money re
ceived to returne unto my wclhelovcd freind Nicholas Parker 2
of Boston in New England, Planter, whome 1 have appointed
to receive the same, llatefying [24] and allowing all and
whatsoever my said Attorneys or either of them shall law
fully Doc in the premises. In witnesse whereof I have here
unto set my hand it scale, the twenty third day of Novemb 1 "
Anno Put 1G-38, Annoup HR. (la roll Anglitc tte. decimo quarto.
Corain nohis, Tho : Savage et mei T. L. scr hujus. [1. 0]

To all to whome these presents shall come, I John Win-
trop Esq r (Governor of the Massachusetts in New England
send greeting in our Lord (Jod everlasting, Knowe yce that
Elizabeth Woolcott and Mary Woolcott, Daughters of John
Woolcott 3 heretofore of Glaston in the County of Somerset,

1 This provision for one of the
daughters of John Graves may ac
count lor the omission of her name in
his will, made. Nov. 1, 1014, by which
his estate was lefb to his wife, mother,
and children, except Sarah. Perhaps
she. was the only surviving child by
a .second wife (daughter of Thomas
Finch), who died shortly after his ar
rival in Xew England in May, 1033,
or of Judith Alward, or Allan), whom
he married in December, 1G35, his
third wife (compare Savage; see Jlox-
b u ry La n d lice >rds, p. 81). [T. ]

2 Nicholas Parker, of whom much
will, be seen from time to time in the
Note-look, had been a merchant of
lloxbury, where he lived at first,
but soon removed to Boston. lie
was probably brother of Richard Park
er, who also appears frequently in the
Note-look ; but I believe there is no
direct evidence to show that this was
the case.

8 "John Wolcott, Cambridge or
Watertown, freeman, 4th March, 1G35 ;
representative, May following ; died in
July, 1033. His inventory, taken 17th
of that month by three of the chinch
members, Ilev. George Philips being
one, and the prefix of respect, show
that lie was a man of esteem" (Suv-
<j< ). His first wife died probably
before his coming to New England.
He left a widow, Winifred, who after
wards married Thomas Allen, of 1 Jam-
stable (Bond s IVatcrtown, p. G(>S.
On p. 97o Bond refers to a notice of
John Wolcott in History of JJronkfidd,
pp. 37, 38). Tho memorandum to
"write to Henry Wolcott, of Wind
sor," to inform him of the choice of
guardians by Hie daughters, indicates
the relationship of John Wolcott to the
Windsor family. The elder daughter
bore the .same name with the wife of
Henry Wolcott, Elizabeth [Saundersl.
May not John have been the eldest


yeoman, and laic; of Watertowne in New England, planter,
deceased, and of Mary sometimes his wife also deceased, are
at the tyme of the making hereof in full life and good health,
and further they have before me chosen and intreated their
Uncles Richard Yaylo of Glaston aforesd, yeoman, and Chris
topher Atkins of the same, mercer, to be their guardians
joyntly and severally for them and in their names to take up,
occupy and enjoy all those their Goppihold Lands and Tene
ments lying in or neare Glaston aforesaid, in whatsoever
maimor or mannors in the said County until they shall re
spectively be of full age or married, and then to render them
an account of the issues and profits of the same Lands A:
Tenements, and also the possession thereof according to their
right. And that in the meancwhile they their said uncles
would for them and in their names do or cause to be done
all such suit & service to the Court or Courts of the Lord
or Lords of the premises, and all other things, as shall be
requisite according to the Law and cnstome or customes of
the Maimor or Mannors where the said lands & tenements
doe lye, for the better obteyning, holding and enjoying the
premises accordingly. In witnesse whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and the publiquc scale of our Colony. Dated
at Boston in the Massachusetts aforesaid, the 2u th Day of
November, Anno Dili, lu oS, Annocp R R Caroli Angliie
etc. 14. [Is. (M. Wooleott.]

[ The folloiviny noted in the mar<jin.~\ Write to Henry Wool-
cott of Windsor in N. E. at M. George Scarle mercer in Tanton

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