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The bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for online

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Online LibraryThomas Lindsley BradfordThe bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for → online text (page 1 of 27)
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An Account of all State, Territory, Town and County

Histories Relating to the United States of North

America, with Verbatim Copies of their Titles,

and useful Bibliographical Notes, together

with the Prices at which they have

been Sold for the last forty years


An Exhaustive Index by Titles, and an Index by States ;

the whole forming an Invaluable Reference for

the use of the Librarian, the Historian,

the Collector, and the Bookseller.




Author of The Homoeopathic Bibliography,
Life of Hahnemann, &c., &c.

Edited and Revised


M. to Q. Nos. 3104 to 4527



puts* or

1110-1116 SANSOM STRCE


Bancroft Librae?




3104. MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT. Our New England:

her Nature described by Hamilton Wright Mabie; and
some of her Familiar Scenes Illustrated. Boston: Rob-
erts Bros., 1890. Obi. 4to, pp. 4, 24.

3105. MACAULEY, JAMES. Natural, Statistical and Civil His-

tory of the State of New York. 3 vols. New York:
Gould & Banks, 1829. 8vo, pp. xxiv, 539, (i) ; (2), xi,
459, (i); xvi, 451 (i).

Sold: Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 2.25 ; Bangs, 1895, 5.25 ; Bangs,
1895, 4- 2 ; Knickerbocker, 1905, shp presentation copy
from author, 4.05 ; Brinley, 1880, 8.25 ; Brinley, 1880, elf
extra, by Pratt, 15.00; Waterbury, 1895, 5.25; West,
1889.. 2.10; Bangs, 1895, shp, 4.13; Murphy, 1884, 7.50;
Field, 1875, 9.38.

3106. MACCABE, JULIUS P. BOLIVAR. Directory of the

City of Lexington and of the County of Fayette for 1838
and '39. Containing an epitomized history of the city
and its present condition. Lexington : J. C. Noble, 1838.
i6mo, pp. 136.

This is the first history of Lexington published.

3107. MACK, HORACE. History of Columbiana County, Ohio,

with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of some of
its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Philadelphia : D. W.
Ensign & Co., 1879. 4to, pp. 334.*

3108. MACK, ROBERT C. Celebration Exercises at the One

Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settled Part of
Old Nutfield, comprising the Towns of Londonderry,
Derry, Windham, Manchester, Hudson and Salem, N. H.


Manchester: John B. Clarke, 1870. 8vo, pp. 124. Por-

But 50 copies were printed.

Sold: Balcom, 1901, 60 cts. ; Manson. 1899, J-OO; Cable,
1882,; Cable, 1883, i.oo; Guild, 1887, i.oo.

3109. MACKAY, ALEXANDER. The Western World; or,

Travels in the United States in 1846-47; exhibiting them
in their Latest Development, Social, Political, and Indus-
trial, and including- a Chapter on California. London:
1849. 3 vols. Post 8vo, pp. 340; 321 ; 374. Map.

Second edition. (Ibid.) -j- From the Second Lon-
don edition. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard, 1849. 2
vols. 121110, pp. 312; iv, 14-316. -f- Third edition. Lon-
don : 1850. 3 vols, 8vo. -j- Fourth edition, -f- German
edition. Leipzig: Kollmann, 1861.

3110. MACKAY, CHARLES. The Mormons, or Latter Day

Saints; a Contemporary History. London: (n. d.).
i6mo. Illustrated.

Sold: Dunbar, 1892, 50 cts.

3111. MACLAY, SAMUEL. Journal of, while Surveying the

West Branch of the Susquehanna, the Sinnemahoning
and the Allegheny Rivers in 1790. Williamsport, Pa.:
Published by J. F. Meginness, 1887. 8vo, PP- 63.

Sold: Henkels, 1900, 1.80; Henkels, 1900, 60 cts.

3112. MACLEAN, J. P. The Mound Builders, being an Account

of a Remarkable People that once inhabited the Valleys
of the Ohio and Mississippi, together with an Investiga-
tion into the Archaeology of Butler County, Ohio. Illus-
trated with over 100 Figures. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke
& Co., 1879. 8vo, pp. 233. Folding plan, -f- Reprint.

3113. MACY, OBED. The History of Nantucket ; being a com-

pendious account of the First Settlement of the Island
by the English, together with the Rise and Progress of
the Whale Fishery; and other Historical Facts relative
to said Island and its Inhabitants. In Two Parts. Bos-
ton : Hilliard, Gray & Co., 1835. 8vo, pp. 300. Map and


Sold: Libbie, 1901, cl, unct, 2.00; S. L. Boardman, 1883,
1.05; Hoffmann, 1877, I -SJ A. G. Greene, 1869, 2.50;
Guild, 1887, 2.75; McKee, 1902, 5.00; Bangs, 1902, 5.25;
Conland, 1904, cl, unct, 4.35; Balcom, 1901, 5.10; Deane,
1898, cl, 3.12; Woodward, 1869, i.oo; Cable, 1883, 2.00;
Livermore, 1894, 1.25; Brinley, 1879, 2 -5; Bushnell, 1883,
extra illus., 1.12; Manson, 1899, 2.00; Child, 1882, 300.

3114. - . History of Nantucket; being a Compendious Ac-

count of the First Settlement of the Island by the Eng-
lish. Together with the Rise and Progress of the Whale
Fishery and other Historical Facts relative to said Island
and its Inhabitants. In two Parts. By Obed Macy.
With Concise Statement of Prominent Events from 1835
to 1880. By William C. Macy. Second Edition. Mans-
field: 1880. i2mo, pp. 213. Map. Plate.

Sold: Holbrow, 1892, i.oo; Guild, 1887, 2.50; Manson, 1899,

3115. McAFFEE, ROBERT M. History of the late War in the

Western Country; Comprising a full Account of all the
Transactions in that Quarter, from the Commencement
of Hostilities at Tippecanoe to the Termination of the
Contest at New Orleans, on the Return of Peace. Lex-
ington : 1816. 8vo.*

Sold: Henkels, 21.50; Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 15.50; Field,
1875, n.oo.

3116. McCABE, JAMES D., Jr. Behind the Scenes in Washing-

ton. Being a Complete and Graphic Account of the Fed-
eral Capital. By Edward Winslow Martin (pseudonym).
New York: Continental Publ. Co., 1873. 8vo, pp. i, I,.


3117. McCABE, LID A ROSE. Don't You Remember? Remi-

niscences of Columbus, Ohio, etc. Columbus: 1884.
i6mo, pp. 294.

3118. McCALL, HUGH (CAPT.). The History of Georgia..

Containing Brief Sketches of the Most Remarkable
Events up to the Present Day. In Two Volumes. Sa-
vannah : Printed and Published by Seymour & Williams,.
1811, 1812. 8vo, pp. viii, 376; vii, 424. Map.*


"One of the scarcest of the State histories. Unfortunately, un-
finished; the history stops at 1785." Sabin.

"Although the title indicates the intention to bring the history
down to the date of publication, the narrative is suspended with
the declaration of peace in 1783. Both volumes are devoted largely
to the history of the border warfare with the Creeks and Chero-
kees. Numerous incidents relating to the savages of these nations
and their sanguinary attacks upon the frontiers, with sketches of
their chiefs and of the loyalist refugees who led them are nar-
rated. These were derived in many instances directly from the
lips of some of the survivors of these bloody scenes, from manu-
scripts or from printed documents, no longer accessible to the
student of history." Field.

Sold: Murphy, 1884, 26.50; Rice, 1870, polished elf, git,
unct, by Bedford, 52.00; Roche, 1867, bds, unct, 35.00;
Rogers, 1900, shp, 25.00; Lockwood, 1902, bds, unct, 2
vols., 54.00; Anderson, 1903, orig shp, 2 vols., 23.00; Bell,
1895, bds, unct, i vol foxed, 22.50; Adee, 1895, levt mo,
extra git, unct, 42.00; Bangs, 1896, hlf elf, 13.50; Bray-
ton Ives, 1891, levt mo, extra git, by Bradstreet, unct,
46.00; Menzies, 1875, blue levt, mo, git, unct, by F. Bed-
ford, 2 portraits inserted, 52.00; Griswold, elf, extra,
unct, 48.00; Field, 1875, levt mo, extra, by Matthews,
31.00; Bangs, 1897, bds, unct, 38.00; Eames, 1905, orig
bds, unct, 32.50; Brinley, 1880, hlf vellum, git, 18.00;
Bourquin, 1894, bds, unct, 54.00; Hoffmann, 1877, hlf mo,
git, unct, by Bradstreet, 32.00; Cooke, 1883, gr mo, extra
git, unct, by Bedford, 72.00.

3119. McCALL, H. G. A Sketch, Historical and Statistical, of the
City of Montgomery. (Cut of Capitol.) Outlining its
History, Location, Climate, Health, etc. Showing its
Advantages as a point for the Manufacture of Iron, and
a Brief Description of Montgomery County. Montgom-
ery, Ala.: W. D. Brown & Co., 1885. 8vo, illustrated
cover, i, 1, pp. 64. Illustrated.*

31193. McCALMONT, J. S. Early History of Franklin. (Chap-
ters I to XXXVII.) In Franklin Spectator. 1889

3120. McCAULEY, I. H. Historical Sketch of Franklin County,
Pennsylvania, prepared for the Centennial Celebration
held at Chambersburg, Pa., July 4, 1876. Chambers-
burg: 1878. 8vo, pp. 322.


31203. . Historical Sketch of Franklin County, Pennsyl-
vania, prepared for the Centennial Celebration held at
Chambersburg, Pa., July 4, 1876. Second Edition. En-
larged. Harrisburg, Pa. : Patriot Publishing Co., 1878.
8vo, pp. 294.*

Appendix by J. L. Suesserott. Illustrated.

3121. McCLELLAN, CHARLES H. Early Settlers of Colrain,

Mass. Some account of ye early Settlement of Boston
Township No. 2, alias Colrain, adjoyning on ye north
side of Deerfield. An address delivered by Charles H.
McClellan at Colrain, May 30, 1885. Greenfield, Mass. :
1885. 8vo, pp. 86.

Sold: Manson, 1899, 2.50; Guild, 1887,

3122. McCLELLAN, HUGH D. History of Gorham, Maine.

Compiled and edited by his daughter, Katherine B.
Lewis. Portland : Smith & Sale, 1903. 8vo, pp. 860. Por-
traits and Illustrations.

Narragansett War The Revolution Indians, French and In-
dian War. War of 1812. Centennial Celebrations.

Sold: Libbie, 1903, 3.75; Hassam, 1903, 3.10; Anderson,
1904, 3.25.

. McCLELLAN, R. GUY. The Golden State. A History
of the Region West of the Rocky Mountains; embrac-
ing California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho,
Washington Territory, British Columbia, and Alaska,
from the earliest Period to the Present Time ; Giving a
full account of the Discovery of the Country ; Early
Voyages of Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Rus-
sian and American Navigators ; Rule of Spain, Mexico
and the United States ; Early Spanish Missions ; Revolu-
tions; Conquest by Mexico and by the United States;
Inauguration of American Civilization, Discovery of
Gold; Mining, Minerals, Commerce, Agriculture and
Manufactures : Also a full Description of the Mountains,
Scenery, Valleys, Forests, Flowers, Rivers, Lakes,
Islands, Deserts, Waterfalls, Bays, Harbors, Springs,
Geysers, Climate, Seasons, Natives, Birds, Fishes,
Beasts, Lands, Navigation, Roads, Ditches, Canals, Pop-
ulation, Customs, Society, Chinese, Courts, Laws, Edu-
cation, Schools, Religion, Churches, Literature, Emi-


grants, Cities, Counties, Towns, Professions, Trades,
Amusements, etc., with a History of Mormonism and
the Mormons. Illustrated with Numerous Maps and
Engravings. San Francisco: Wm. Flint & Co. Phila-
delphia. Cincinnati, O. Springfield, Mass. Southern
Publishing Co. Atlanta, Ga. : A. Roman & Co. San
Francisco: 1872. 8vo, pp. 685.* -)- San Francisco: 1874.
8vo, pp. 711.

Sold: Olcott, 1901, cl, i.oo; Bourquin, 1894, 20 cts. ; 1874
ed. : Bourquin, 1894, 60 cts.

3124. . The Golden State. A History of the Region West

of the Rocky Mountains, embracing California, Oregon,
Nevada, Utah, Arizona, etc., from the Earliest Period
to the Present Time. Philadelphia: 1876. 8vo, pp. 820.

Sold: Child, 1882, 62 cts.

3125. McCLELLAND, JOHN. True Sketches of Minnesota.

(n. p.) The Author. 1858. I2mo, pp. 21.

3126. McCLINTOCK, JOHN NORRIS. History of Pembroke,

N. H. (Signatures i to 12, pp. 1-208, all published.)

This history was stopped before completion on account of a
lawsuit and the entire edition was suppressed.

Sold: Manson, 1899, 3.50; Balcom, 1901, 6.00.

3127. . History of New Hampshire, 1623-1888. Boston:

B. B. Russell, 1889. 8vo, pp. 698, xx. Portraits, Illus-
trations and Maps.

Sold: Balcom, 1901, cl, unct, 3.00; Olcott, 1901, cl, 1.62;
Brooks, 1898, hlf mo, git, unct, 3.00.

3128. McCLUNG, JOHN A. Sketches of Western Adventure,
containing an Account of the most Interesting Incidents
connected with the Settlement of the West, from 1755
to 1794. Together with an Appendix. Philadelphia:
Grigg & Elliott, 1832. I2mo, pp. 360.*

31283. . Sketches of Western Adventure; containing an

Account of the most Interesting Incidents connected
with the Settlement of the West, from 1755 to 1794. To-
gether with an Appendix. Maysville, Ky. : L. Collins.
1832. I2mo, pp. 360.*


Sketches of Western Adventure, etc., etc. Cincin-
nati : J. A. James & Co. 1832. I2mo, pp. 321. -f Same,
1836. + 1839. -f- 1851. -f I2mo, pp. 360. + Same, Day-
ton, Ohio. 1844. + 1847. + Dayton, Ohio : F. F. Claflin
& Co. 1852. i2mo, pp. 315. -f- Dayton, Ohio: More,
Clarke & Co. 1854. 121110. -f Same, Covington, Ky.
1872. I2mo.

Really published in Maysville, Ky.

Sold: Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 1.25; Brinley, 1881, 75 cts. ;
Menzies, 1876, hlf mo, git, unct, 4 portraits inserted,
5.00; Field, 1875, 2.25; Anderson, 1904, hlf cl, paper
label, unct, 4.10; Henderson, 1905, old, elf, 6.10; Polock,
1904, shp, broken, 1839 e d, T-&O', l &54 ed. : Proud, 1903,
1.25; Guild, 1887, 1.75; Polock, 1904, cl, 1.40; Hayden,
1907, 1839 ed, .60.

3129. McCLUNG, J. W. Minnesota as it is in 1870. Its Gen-

eral Resources and Attractions for Immigrants, Inva-
lids, Tourists, Capitalists, and Business Men. (Princi-
pally from Official Authorities.) With Special Descrip-
tions of all its Counties and Towns. St. Paul: By the
Author, 1870. I2mo, pp. 299. Map and 4 Plates.

3130. McCOLLUM, WILLIAM. California As I Saw it ...

. Pencillings by the Way of its Gold and Gold Diggers!
And Incidents of Travel by Land and Water. By Wil-
liam McCollum, M.D., a returned adventurer. Buffalo:
George H. Derby & Co., 1850. 8vo, pp. 72.

3131. McCONKEY, HARRIET E. B. Dakota War Whoop; or,

Indian Massacres and War in Minnesota of 1862-3. St.
Paul: D. D. Merrill, 1863. i6mo, pp. vii, 13-304. Six
steel portraits.

Revised edition. St. Paul: The Author, 1864. I2mo,
pp. 429. Portraits.

Sold: Proud, 1903, 1.25; Field, 1875, 1.63.


benville. Past, Present and Future. The City's Early
History Geographical Position, Manufacturing and
Mining Operations, Avith a History and Exhibit of its
Schools, Churches, Institutions, etc. With Business
Directory Compiled for the Publishers by D. T. McCon-


nell and Frederick Garrod. Cleveland : Reifsnider &
Kemp, 1872. 8vo, pp. 93.

3133. McCORKLE, LUTIE ANDREWS. Old Time Stories of

the Old North State. Boston : Heath, 1903. i6mo, pp.
6, 159. Illustrations. Map.

Stories based on events in the history of North Carolina.

3134. McCORMICK, RICHARD C. Arizona: Its Resources

and Prospects. A Letter to the Editor of the New York
Tribune (Reprinted from that Journal of June 26, 1865),
(Seal of State) By the Hon. Richard C. McCormick,
Secretary of the Territory. New York: D. Van Nos-
trand, 1865. 8vo, pp. 22. Outline Map.*

3135. McCOWAN, GEORGE W. Bridgeton, N. J. Its Loca-

tion, Attractions, etc. Bridgeton : 1881. 8vo.
Sold: Henkels, 1900, 2.10.

3136. McCRACKEN, S. B. Michigan and the Centennial. Be-

ing a Memorial Record appropriate to the Centennial
Year. Edited and published by S. B. McCracken, Under
the Sanction of the State Centennial Board of Managers.
Detroit: Free Press Print, 1876. 4to, pp. 689.*

3*37- ~ The State of Michigan: Embracing Sketches of
its History, Position, Resources and Industries. Com-
piled under authority of the Governor in the Interests
of Emigration. Lansing, Mich. : W. S. George & Co.,
1876. 8vo, pp. 136. Illustrated.*

Folding R. R. map of the State.
Sold: Child, 1882, 25 cts.

3138. McCRADY, EDWARD. History of South Carolina under
the Proprietary Government, 1670-1719. New York:
The Macmillan Co., 1897. 8vo, pp. 6, 762. Map.

3 I 39- The History of South Carolina under the Royal
Government, 1719-1776. New York: The Macmilian
Co., 1899. 8vo, pp. 28, 847.

3140. - . History of South Carolina in the Revolution, 1775-
1780. New York: The Macmillan Co., 1901. 8vo, pp.
33 899.
Sold: Sayre, 1907, 1.30.


3 I 4 I - The History of South Carolina in the Revolution,
1780-1783. New York: Macmillan Co., 1902. 8vo, pp.
37, 787-

3142. McDONALD, R. H. Illustrated History and Map of Chi-

cago ; with a History of the Great Fire, and a Record of
all the great Fires of the World. New York: 1872.
1 2 mo, pp. 24. Folded map, plates and illustrations.

31423. McDOUGAL, H. C. Historical Sketch of Kansas City,
Missouri. Kansas City : 1897.

3143. McDUFFEE, FRANKLIN. History of the Town of

Rochester, New Hampshire, from 1722 to 1890. Edited
and revised by Silvanus Hayward. In Two Volumes.
Manchester: John B. Clarke Co., 1892. 8vo, pp. 378;

Numbering is continuous. Frontispiece of Mr. McDuffee.
Full page portraits on steel, and photogravures of places. 3 fold-
ing plans.

Sold: Balcom, 1901, 4.50; Bell, cl, git, 1895, 4.00.

3144. McEVOY, H. N. The Missouri State Gazetteer and Busi-

ness Directory. St. Louis : 1860. 8vo.

J. Sutherland and H. N. McEvcy, publishers and compilers.

3145. McEWEN, ABEL. Half Century Sermon on some

changes which have occurred in the First Congrega-
tional Society in New London in this City, and in the
County to which it pertains ; delivered January 27, 1857.
New London: Daniels & Bacon, 1857. pp. 29.

3146. McGEE, G. R. History of Tennessee from 1663 to 1900;

for Use in Schools. New York: Am. Book Co., 1900.
121110, pp. 278, 39. Illustrated.

31463. MCGREGOR, MALCOLM GRAEME. Biographical

Record of Jasper County, Missouri. Illustrated. Chi-
cago: Lewis Publ. Co., 1901. 4to, pp. (v) 8, (2) 526.
41 portraits.*

3147. McILVAINE, WILLIAM, JR. Sketches of Scenery and

Notes of Personal Adventure in California and Mexico.
Containing 16 Lithographic Plates. Philadelphia : 1850.
Sm. 4to.*


3148. McKEEN, SILAS (REV.). A History of Bradford, Ver-

mont. Containing Some Account of the Place, of Its
First Settlement in 1765, and the Principal Improve-
ments made and Events which have occurred Down to
1874. A Period of One Hundred and Nine Years. With
Various Genealogical Records and Biographical
Sketches of Families and Individuals. Some Deceased
and others still Living. Written by Request of said
Town. Montpelier, Vt. : J. D. Clark & Son, 1875. 8vo,
pp. 479. 2 i errata. Frontispiece of McKeen.*

"This book, although bearing the imprint of the Messrs. Clark,
waS printed at the office of the Argus and Patriot." Oilman.

Sold: Olcott, 1901, cl, i.oo; Balcom, 1901, 3.12; Manson,
1899, 2.75; Proud, 1903, 1.50; Child, 1882, 1.62; Cable,
1882, 2.50; M. D. Oilman. 1884, 2.75; Guild, 1887, 2.00;
Hay den, 1907, 25 cts.

3149. McKNIGHT, W. J. (DR.). My First Recollections of

Brookville, Pa. Brookville : 1895. 8vo, pp. 32.

3I5' 1755-1844. A Pioneer History of Jefferson
County, Pa., and My First Recollections of Brookville,
Pennsylvania, 1840-1843. When my Feet were Bare
and my Cheeks were Brown. Philadelphia : Pr. by J. B.
Lippincott Co., 1898. 8vo, pp. 670. Illustrated.*

3 I 5 I - Early History of Ridgway Township, Elk County,
Pa., and the County Seat Fight. Brookville, Pa. : 1898.
8vo, pp. 37. Wrappers. Portrait.

In 1905 Mr. McKnight published "A Pioneer History of North-
western Pennsylvania." Philadelphia.

3152. McKUNE, ROBERT H. Memorial of the Erection of
Lackawanna County, in the State of Pennsylvania.
Comprising an Account of the Progress of the New
County Movement, the Laying of the Corner-Stone of
the Court House, and a Stenographic Report of the
Speeches at the Banquet held at the Wyoming House,
Scranton, May 25, 1882. Scranton : M. R. Walter, Pr.,
1882. 4to, pp. 115. Frontispiece of Court House.*

Sold: Hayden, 1907, 2.00.


3153. McLAURIN, J. J. The Story of Johnstown : its Early

Settlement, Rise and Progress, Industrial Growth, and
Appalling Flood on May 3ist, 1889. Prefatory Note by
Rev. John R. Paxton, D.D., of New York. Illustrated
by Baron De Grimm, George Spiel, Coultaus, A. Heuche,
Victor Perard, G. E. Burr and August Bruno, from orig-
inal Designs, Sketches and Photographs. Harrisburg,
Pa. : James M. Place, 1890. 4to, pp. 380.*

Allegorical frontispiece.
Sold: Hayden, 1907, 2.25.

3154. McCLEAN, ALEXANDER. History of Jersey City.

Record of its Early Settlement and Corporate Progress.
Sketches of Towns and Cities that were absorbed in
growth of the present Municipality. Its Business, Fi-
nance, Manufactures and Form of Government, with
some Notice of the Men who built the City. Jersey
City: 1895. 4to, pp. 462. Portraits and Plates.

Published at $15.00.


WILLIAMS. The Centennial Celebration of the Incor-
poration of Waldoboro, Maine, July 4th, 1873. Bangor:
Geo. Bliss, 1873. 8vo, pp. 52.

''The Centennial Sermon was preached June 29 by Rev. A. J.
McLeod, the oration delivered July 4 by Col. A. W. Bradbury.
Both are in the pamphlet." Williamson.

Sold: Cable, 1882, 37 cts.

3156. McLEOD, DONALD. History of Wiskonsin from its

First Discovery to the Present Period. Including a
Geological and Topographical Description of the Terri-
tory, with a Correct Catalogue of all its Plants. Buf-
falo : Steele's Press, 1846. I2mo, pp. xii, 310. Map.

Sold: Harris, 1896, 3.25; Brinley, 1881, 3.75.

3157. McMAHON, JOHN V. L. An Historical View of the

Government of Maryland, from its Colonization to the
present day. Vol. i. Baltimore: F. Lucas, Jr., dishing
& Sons, and Win. and Joseph Neal, Lucas & Deaver
Print, 1831. 8vo, pp. xvi, 539.

All that was published.


Sold: Fisher, 1866, elf, i.oo; Barlow, 1890, hlf mo, git, 7.00;
Guild, 1887, 3.75 ; Polock, 1904, shts unct, unopened, 3.25 ;
Hayden, 1907, 2.75.

3158. McMANUS, BLANCHE. How the Dutch Came to Man-

hattan. Penned and Pictured by Blanche McManus.
New York: E. R. Herrick & Co., 1897. Sm. 4to, pp. 82.*

This forms one of the Series of Colonial Monographs. Each
page is profusely illustrated on the margin with pen and ink

Sold: Weeks, 1902, 70 cts.

3159. McMASTERS, GUY HUMPHREY. History of the Set-

tlement of Steuben County, N. Y. Including Notices of
the Old Pioneer Settlers and their Adventures. Bath :
R. L. Underbill & Co., 1853. I2mo, pp. iv, 318.

A facsimile from the scarce original was also made. Rochester :
N. Y., G. P. Humphrey, 1893. I2mo. Edition of 300 copies, sold
by subscription.

Sold: 1853 ed, Harris, 1896, 5.50; Dunbar, 1892, 5.00;
Bangs, Merwin, 1865, i.oo; Bushnell, 1883, hlf elf, 4.75;
Slee, 1900, Bath, 2.25 ; Field, 1875, hlf bnd, 9.25 ; Ander-
son, 1905, presentation copy from publisher, 4.80.

3160. McMILLAN, HAMILTON. Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost

Colony. Wilson, N. C. : Advance, 1888. I2mo, pp. 2, 27.

Historical Sketch of the Attempt of Sir Walter Raleigh to es-
tablish a Colony in Virginia, with the Traditions of an Indian Tribe
in North Carolina indicating the Fate of the Colony of Englishmen
left on Roanoke Island in 1587.

3161. McMURTRIE, H. Sketches of Louisville and its Environs.

Including, among a Great Variety of Miscellaneous Mat-
ter, a Florula Louisvilliensis; or, a Catalogue of nearly
400 Genera and 800 Species of Plants that grow in the
Vicinity of the Town, exhibiting their Generic, Specific
and Vulgar English Names, To which is added an Ap-
pendix Containing an accurate Account of the Earth-
quakes experienced here from the i6th December, 1811,
to the 7th February, 1812, extracted principally from the
Papers of the late J. Brookes, Esq. First Edition.
Louisville: Printed by S. Penn, June, 1819. 8vo, pp.
viii, 255. Frontispiece : Map of Falls of Ohio. Reverse
p. 193 : Plan of Estimate of Ohio Canal, folded plan.*

This estimate is often missing from this rare book. But the
one Edition was issued.

MCRA. 13

Sold: Murphy, 1884, 3.50; Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 62 cts. ;
Brevoort, 1890, 4.00; Randall, 1901, 5.50; Rice, 1870, hlf
mo, git, unct, map, 3.50; Woodward, 1869, 2.00; Brinley,

1881, bds, unct, 5.00; Brinley, 1893, 2 copies, 3.50; Cable,

1882, bds, unct, 3.75; Cable, 1883, bds, unct, 1.62; Bour-
quin, 1894,; A. G. Greene, 1869, bds, 5.00; Guild,
1887, bds, unct, 80 cts. ; Henkels, 1904, bds, unct, 5.75.

3162. MacNAMARA, EMILY STEINESTEL. History of Mis-

souri in Words of One Syllable. With Illustrations.
Chicago, New York and San Francisco : Belford, Clarke
& Co., 1889. 8vo, pp. 186.*

3163. - .A History of Virginia in W^ords of One Syllable.

New York and Chicago: Belford, Clarke & Co., 1888.
Sq. 8vo. Illustrated.

3164. McPHERSON, EDWARD. The Story of the Creation of

Adams County, Penna., and of the Selection of Gettys-
burg as its Seat of Justice. An Address delivered be-
fore the Historical Society of Adams County on its

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