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The bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for online

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Online LibraryThomas Lindsley BradfordThe bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for → online text (page 11 of 27)
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3614. Annual Review. History of St. Louis, Commercial Sta-

tistics, Improvements of the Year, and Account of Lead-
ing Manufactories, &c. From the Missouri Republican,
January 10, 1854. St. Louis, Mo. : Chambers & Knapp,
1854. 8vo, pp. 48.*

Has folding colored map of the United States with steamboat
routes and projected railroads connecting with St. Louis outlined
on it.

Sold: Woodward, 1869, 63 cents.

3615. History of St. Louis and its Environs. Vol. I, No. I. St.

Louis: May 15, 1852. 8vo, pp. 8.

Probably all that was published.

3616. Report of the Celebration of the Anniversary of the

Founding of St. Louis, on the Fifteenth Day of Feb-
ruary, A. D. 1847. Prepared for the Missouri Republi-
can. Printed by Chambers & Knapp, 1847. 8vo, pp. 32.


3617. St. Louis and Carondelet. Sonst und jetzt. Herausgege-

ben von Gustav Heinrichs, mit Ansichten und Illustra-
tionem. Zweite und Verbesserte Auflage. St. Louis,
Mo. : Druck von Theo. Schrader & Co., No. 15 Xord
Duth Strasse, 1873. 8vo, pp. 88, xii. 24 plates.*

3618. History of Kansas City, Missouri, with Illustrations

and Biographical Sketches of some of its Prominent Men
and Pioneers. Edited by Theod. S. Case. Syracuse,
N. Y.:D. Mason & Co., 1888. 4 to, pp. (3), 4, (s), , (13),
717, (718), 726. 102 port*

3619. Sedalia, Mo. Feast of Cold Facts. By I. M. Demuth, Se-

dalia, 1895. +

3620. Sedalia Manufactures. Their Present Condition. Sedalia:

1882. By I. M. Demuth.

3621. Handbook of Sedalia. Sedalia, Mo. : 1882. By Isaac Mc-

Donald Demuth.

3622. Past, Present and Future of Higginsville. Lafayette Coun-

ty, Higginsville : 1890.

3623. Historical Sketches of Kansas City. By Wm. F. Dalton.

(Kansas City: 1897.)

3624. Geography of Missouri. With an Historical Sketch of the

State. Philadelphia : 1890. By J. M. Greenwood.

3625. MITCHEL, MARTIN. History of the County of Fond

du Lac, Wisconsin. From its earliest settlement to the
present time. Fond du Lac: J. A. Smith, 1854. 121110,
pp. 96.


graphical and Statistical History of the County of Win-
nebago, . . . with Twelve Illustrations, to which is
prefixed a General View of the State of Wisconsin. Osh-
kosh: Publ. by Martin Mitchell & Joseph H. Osborn,
1856. I2mo, pp. 120.
Sold: Bushnell, 1883, 1.60.

3627. MITCHELL, FRANCES LETCHER. Georgia Land and

People. (Atlanta, Ga. : Miss F. L. Mitchell, 1902.) 121110.
pp. 27, 495.


3628. MITCHELL, NAHUM. History of the Early Settlement
of Bridgwater, in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, in-
cluding an Extensive Family Register. Boston : Printed
for the Author, by Kidder & Wright, 1840. 8vo, pp. 402.*

Sold: Patterson, 1896, bds, 9.00; Libbie, 1885, 9.00; Cable,
1883, bds, 4.50; Murphy, 1884, 5.25; same sale, another
copy, 4.80; Deane, 1898, bds, 10.00; Blanchard, 1898, bds,
8.25; Woodward, 1869, bds, 2.50; Bushnell, 1883, bds,
4.25; Stephens, 1904, bds, unct, foxed, 4.00; Manson,

1899, bds, 6.00; Cable, 1882, bds, i.oo; Libbie, 1901,
bds, 5.50; Hoffmann, 1877, 3.75; Thornton, 1878, bds,
unct, 4.00; J. G. Smith, 1883, bds, 6.75; Shurtleff, 1875,
4-75; Whitmore, 1902, bds, 4.50; Guild, 1887, bds, 5.50;
Libbie, 1899, 8.25; Morris, 1899, bds, unct, 5.00; Hough,

1900, bds, 4.00; Libbie, 1901, bds, 5.50; Libbie, 1902,
bds, S.oo.

3629. . History of Bridgewater, Mass. Reprinted in Fac-
simile, with an Introductory Note by Edward C. Mitchell.
Bridgewater: 1897. 8vo, pp. 430.
Contains over 300 pages of genealogy.

3630. MITCHELL, S. A. Illinois in 1837; A Sketch descriptive

of the Situation, Boundaries, Face of the Country.
Prominent Districts, Prairies, Rivers, Minerals, Animals,
Agricultural Productions, Public Lands, Plans of Internal
Improvement, Manufactures, &c., of the State of Illinois ;
also Suggestions to "Emigrants, Sketches of the Counties,
Cities, and Principal Towns in the State ; Together with
A Letter on the Cultivation of the Prairies, by the Hon.
H. L. Ellsworth. To which are annexed The Letters
from a Rambler in the West. Philadelphia : S. Augustus
Mitchell and by Grigg & Elliot, 1837. With a Map.
8vo, pp. 143.*

Reprint as Illinois in 1837 and 1838, &c.. &c. (same
title) ; also the Emigrant's Guide to the West. Phila. :
1838. 8vo, pp. 143.

Sold: Brinley, 1881, ist ed, 1.25.

3631. MITCHELL, SAMUEL L. The Picture of New York;

or, the Traveller's Guide through the Commercial
Metropolis of the United States. By a Gentleman


residing in this City. New York: J. Riley & Co., 1807.
i6mo, pp. viii, 223. Map. -f- 1825. -f 1827. -f- 1828.

With plan of New York engraved by Peter Maverick, dated

The first published Guide Book to New York City. A verita-
ble literary curiosity to all those interested in the rise and progress
of the city. Written by the late Samuel L. Mitchell, M.D., the
year before Fulton sailed his first steamboat on the North River.

Sold: 1807 ed: Brinley, 1880, i.oo; Bangs, 1897, 8.50; Bar-
low, 1890, large plan, 15.00; Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 3.00;
Deane, 1898, slip, 3.10; Montayne, 1898, shp, broken,
10.00; Holbrow, 1892, 5.50; Bangs, 1900, shp, 14.00;
Bangs, 1900, orig shp, 28.00; Daly, 1900, shp, 20.00;
Bangs, 1900, 16.50; Bangs, 1900, 28.50; Bangs, 1902, shp,
3.50; Gilsey, 1903, no map, binding cracked, 5.00; Bangs,
1903, bds, no map, 6.00; Anderson, 1904, levt mo, git,
18.25 J Anderson, 1904, levt mo, extra, git, by Chambolle-
Durn, 16.50; Anderson, 1904, shp, cover loose, name on
title, i p torn, 8.75 ; Anderson, 1905, old elf, 22.50 ; Wood-
ward, 1869, 1825 ed, no title p, 20 cts ; Montayne, 1898,
1828 ed, bds, 21.00; Eames, 1905, bds, unct, 25.00.

3632. MITCHELL, SAMUEL T. A Tour through Part of Vir-

ginia, in the Summer of 1808. In a Series of Letters,
including an Account of Harper's Ferry, The Natural
Bridge, The New Discovery Called Weir's Cave, Monti-
cello, and the Different Medicinal Springs, Hot and Cold
Baths, visited by the Author. New York: Printed for
the Author, 1809. 8vo, pp. 31.*

3633. MITCHELL, W. H. Geographical and Statistical History

of the County of Olmsted. Together with a General
View of the State of Minnesota, from its Earliest Settle-
ment to the Present Time. Rochester, Minn. : Sharer &
Eaton. 1866. I2mo, pp. 121.

3634. - . Geographical and Statistical History of Steele

County from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time.
Embracing Leading Incidents of Pioneer Life, Names
of Early Settlers, Nature of Soil, Advantages to Settlers,
&c., &c. Minneapolis: Tribune Print. Co., 1868. I2mo,
pp. 97. 20 pp. advts. Paper.*

3635- - Geographical and Statistical Sketch of the Past
and Present of Dakota County. Minneapolis, Minn. :
1869. I2tno, pp. 161.


3636. . Geographical and Statistical Sketch of the Past

and Present of Goodhue County, together with a General
View of the State of Minnesota. Minneapolis: 1869..
I2mo, pp. 191.

3637. - MITCHELL, W. H.; CURTIS, U. Historical

Sketches of Dodge County, Minn. Rochester: 1870.

3638. . Geographical and Statistical Sketch of the Past

and Present of Wabasha County, together with a Gen-
eral View of the State of Minnesota. By W. H. Mitch-
ell and U. Curtis. Rochester: 1870. i6mo, pp. 164.

Sold: Bourquin, 1894, 30 cts.

3639. MITCHELL, W. H.; STEVENS, J. H. General and

Statistical History of the County of Hennepin, embracing
leading Incidents in Pioneer Life, the Names of the Early
Settlers, and the Progress in Wealth and Population to
the Present Time. Minneapolis: Russell & Belfoy, 1868.
i6mo, pp. 149. 25 pp. advertmts.*

3640. MITCHENER, C. H. Ohio Annals. Historic Events in

the Tuscarawas and Muskingum Valleys, and in other
portions of the State of Ohio. Adventures of Post,
Heckewelder and Zeisberger. Legends and Traditions
of the Kophs, Mound Builders, Red and White Men,
Adventures of Putnam and Heckewelder, founders of the
State. Local History, Growth of Ohio in Population,
Political Power, Wealth and Intelligence. Edited by
C. H. Mitchener, of the New Philadelphia (Ohio) Bar.
Dayton, Ohio: Thomas W. Odell, 1876. 8vo, pp. viii,

Sold: Bourquin, 1894, 70 cts.

3641. MOFFETTE, JOSEPH F. The Territories of Kansas

and Nebraska, their Geography, Resources and Settle-
ments. New York: 1855. i6mo. Maps.

3642. MOFRAS, DUFLOT DE. Exploration du Territoire de

1'Oregon, des Californies et de la Mer Vermeille, exe-
cutee pendant les annees 1840, 1841, et 1842, ouvrage
public par ordre du Roi. 2 vols. in 4 parts. A Paris :



Chez Arthur Bertrand, 1844. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. xii, (4),
5245514. 4 Plates.

Folio atlas of 14 maps and 3 plates.
Originally published in parts.

3643. MOMBERT, J. I. An Authentic History of Lancaster

County, in Pennsylvania. Lancaster, Pa.: J. E. Barr &
Co., 1869. 8vo, pp. vii, 617; Appendix, 175. 8 Maps.*

The Appendix is Documentary and Financial. The first edi-
tion was issued in 1867 or 1868.

Sold: Randall, 1901, 1.90; Carre, 1897, 3.00; Bourquin,
1894,; Hoffmann, 1877, 2.00; Henkels, 1902, 1867
ed, shp, 50 cts; Cooke, 1883, 1.40; Guild, 1887, shp, 1.75;
Pennypacker, 1906, hlf ro, tmct,

3644. MONAHAN, DEANE. The Arkansas Valley and its

Great Railway, together with Maps, Engravings, Tables,
&c. From the Kansas Magazine. Topeka, Kan. : Kan-
sas Magazine Publ. Co., 1873. 8vo, pp. 22. Illustrated.*

3645. MONELL, J. J. Historical Sketches. Washington's Head-

quarters, Newburgh, N. Y., and Adjacent Localities.
Newburgh : 1872. i2mo, pp. 98.

3646. MONETTE, JOHN W. History of the Discovery and Set-

tlement of the Valley of the Mississippi, by the Three
Great European Powers, Spain, France, and Great
Britain, and the Subsequent Occupation, Settlement, and
Extension of Civil Government by the United States,
until the Year 1846. New York: Harper & Bros., 1846.
2 vols. 8vo, pp. xxiii, 567 ; xv, 595. 3 Maps, 4 Plans and
2 Plates. + (Ibid.) 1848.*

Sold: Bangs, 1896, elf, git, 12.00; Carre, 1897, 1846 ed,
1 1. oo ; The Same, 1848 ed, Mann, 1897, 10.50; Deane, 1898,
1848 ed, shp, broken, 8.00; Fisher, 1866, 8.00; Dunbar,
1892, 1846 ed, 10.50; Slee, 1900, 1846 ed, hlf mo, git, 7.4;
Cable, 1882, 10.00 ; Bourquin, 1894, 10.00; Bangs, 1902,
cl, 13.00; Libbie, 1902, elf, 18.50; Bangs, 1902, cl, 12.25;
Cooley, 1902, cl, 8.50; Henkels, 1905, cl, 14.40; Henkels,
1905, cl, 15.50; 1848 ed: Woodward, 1869, elf, extra, git,
7.00; West, 1889, elf, git, 12.00: Field, 1875, 9.50; Guild,
1887, elf, git, 10.50.



ton. Its Sights and Insights. New York and London r
Funk & Wagnalls Co., 1903. I2mo, pp. vii, 183. Illus-

3648. MONROE, WILL S. Poets and Poetry of the Wyoming

Valley. Reprinted from The Saturday Argus for the
Benefit of The Lackawanna Institute of History and
Science. Scranton, March, 1887. 8vo, pp. 21.*


3649. MONTAGUE, E. J. A Directory . . . and Sketches

of Randolph County, Illinois, . . . with brief notes
of the pioneer settlers. Alton, 111. : 1859. I2mo, pp. 246.

3650. MONTAGUE, WILLIAM L. Montague's Illinois and

Missouri State Directory for 1854-5. A Register. To
which is Appended a New and Complete Business Direc-
tory of the City of St. Louis. The whole carefully com-
piled from authentic sources. St. Louis : Wm. L. Mon-
tague, 1854. 8vo, pp. xi, (2), 17-504.


3651. History of Montana Territory and Business Directory, de-

scribing Counties, Towns, Mining Camps, Distances,
Fares and Altitudes; Commercial, Mineral and Agricul-
tural Interests. With a Sketch of the Vigilantes. Hel-
ena 11879. 8vo, pp. 218. Map.

3652. The Resources of Montana. Facts on Farming, Stock

Raising, Mining, Lumbering, and other industries,
and Notes on the Climate, Scenery, Game, Fish, and
Mineral Springs ; with full and reliable Data on expenses
of Living, Wages and School Privileges, Means of Ac-
quiring Homes and other valuable and reliable Informa-
tion applicable to the Wants of the Capitalist, Home
Seeker, or Tourist. With the Compliments of the Pas-
senger Department. St. Louis : Woodward & Tiernan.
1893. I2mo, pp. 95.*

Issued by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1893. Fifth edition
also issued in 1893.


3653. MONTANUS, ARNOLDUS. Description of New Neth-

erland, 1671 ; translated from De nieuwe en onbekende
weereld; of, Beschryving van America en't Zuidland.
Amsterdam: 1671.

See Documentary History State of New York.

3654. MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH. Reminiscences of Wil-

mington, in familiar Village Tales, Ancient and New.
Philadelphia: T. K. Collins, Jr., 1851. 8vo, pp. xii, 7-367.
Portrait and 3 Plates.* -{- Wilmington, 1872. 8vo, pp.

Nearly the entire edition was destroyed by fire.

Frontispiece, steel plate of Acrelius.

Sold: Murphy, 1884, 1851 ed, i.oo; Fisher, 1866, 1851 ed,
2.25; Brinley, 1880, 1851 ed, 15.50; Roche, 1867, auto-
graph letters inserted, 6.00; Henkels, 1900, 1851 ed, 1.75;
Manson, 1899, 2.50; Henkels, 1900, 2.60; Cable, 1882,
1851 ed, 1.60; Bourquin, 1894, 2.10; Bourquin, 1894, i.oo;
Henkels, 1902, i.oo; Proud, 1903, 1.25; Field, 1875, 1.50;
Guild, 1887, 3.25; Polock, 1904, 1.60; Pennypacker, 1906,
1.50; Hayden, 1907, 2.25.

3655. MONTGOMERY, MORTON L. History of Berks County,

Pennsylvania, in the Revolution, from 1774 to 1783.
Volume arranged in Two Books. Book I. Revolution.
Book II. Biographical Sketches. Reading, Pa.: Chas.
F. Haage, 1894. 8vo, pp. 295.*

Sold: Henkels, 1904, hlf mo, 4.00; Henkels, 1905, hlf mo,
5.00; Pennypacker, 1906, 3.00; Hayden, 1907, 1.25.

3656. . 1748-1898. History of Reading, Pennsylvania.

And the Anniversary Proceedings of the Sesqui-Centen-
nial, June 5-12, 1898. Reading, Pa. : Times Book Print,
1898. 8vo, pp. 298.*

Folding map of Reading and Vicinity. Frontispiece of grouped
pictures of the Committee.

3657. - . School History of Berks County in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia: J. B. Rodgers Printing Co., 1889. I2mo,
pp. 302. Map.*

Sold: Randall, 1901, 35 cts; Pennypacker, 1906, 30 cts.

128 MOORE.

3658. MONTGOMERY, M. W. (REV.). The Mormon Delu-
sion; its History, Doctrine, and the Outlook in Utah.
Boston and Chicago : Congregational S. S. and Pub. So-
ciety, 1890. I2mo, pp. 4, 354.

Beginning with the life of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mor-
monism, this volume carries the reader rapidly through all the
phases of this so-called religion down to its condition at the pres-
ent date. It is a story of most unpleasant facts.

3659. . History of Jay County, Indiana. Chicago: The

Author. (1862.) i2mo, pp. 288. Map.

3660. MOORE, CHARLES. The Northwest under Three Flags.

1635-1796. New York: Harper & Bros., 1900. 8vo,
pp. 22, 402. Illustrated. Portraits.*

History of the French, English and American occupation.

3661. MOORE, CHARLES B. Town of Southold, Long Island.

Personal Index, prior to 1698, and Index of 1698. Com-
piled for the purpose of having corrections. New York :
John Medole, Printer, 1868. Oblong 4to, pp. 165.

Privately printed.
Sold: Hoffmann, 1877, 1.75.

3662. - . Historical Address before a Meeting of the Town

and Church of Southold, R. I., in August, 1890. (n. p.,
n. d.) 1890. Roy 8vo.

Privately printed.
Sold: Bangs, 1902, paper, 3.25.

3663. MOORE, CLEON. Epitome of the Life of "Ossawa-

tomie," John Brown. Including the story of his Attack
on Harpers's Ferry and His Capture, Trial and Execu-
tion, as Related by Cleon Moore, Esq., of CharlesTown,
W. Va. Mrs. Livia-Simpson Poffenbarger, Editor and
Publisher, Point Pleasant, W. Va. 1904. 8vo, pp. 22.*

This is an account by Mr. Moore, a resident of CharlesTown
at the time and who was an eyewitness, of the occurrences at liar-
per's Ferry, and who was one of the body of troops who marched
upon Harper's Ferry against John Brown and who was present at
his execution.

Woodcut frontispiece portrait of Brown and woodcuts in the

MOORE. 129


Sandy Spring; or, Twelve Years' History of a Rural
Community in Maryland. Baltimore: Thomas & Evans,
1902. I2mo, pp. 4, 16, 347.

3665. MOORE, FRANCIS. A ] Voyage | to | Georgia. | Begun

in the Year 1735. | Containing, An Account of the Set-
tling the Town of | Frederica, in the Southern Part of
the | Province ; and a Description of the Soil, | Air, Birds,
Beasts, Trees, Rivers, | Islands, &c. | With | The Rules
and Orders made by the Honour- | able the Trustees for
that Settle- | ment ; including the Allowances of Pro-
visions, | Cloathing, and other Necessaries to the Fam-
ilies and Servants which went thither. | Also | A
Description .of the Town and County of Savannah, | in
the Northern Part of the Province; the manner of |
dividing and granting the Lands, and the Improve- j
ments there : With an Account of the Air, Soil, | Rivers,
and Islands, in that Part. | London : | . . . Jacob
Robinson, 1744. 8vo, pp. (2), 108, (2).

Reprinted in Coll. Ga. Hist. Soc. V. i.

Sold: Henkels, 1896, hlf mo, 8.00; Murphy, 1884, 11.50;
Brinley, 1880, hlf mo,, unct, 21.00; Menzies, 1876; hlf
mo, 19.00; Field, 1875, 14.00.

3666. MOORE, FRANCIS, JR. Map and Description of Texas,

containing Sketches of its History, Geology, Geography
and Statistics. . . . And some brief remarks upon
the character and customs of its inhabitants. Phila-
delphia: H. Tanner, Junr., 1840. i8mo, pp. 143, (i). -f-
Second Edition. New York: Tanner & Disturnell, 1844.
i8mo, pp. 143 (i).

3667. MOORE, JACOB BAILEY. A Topographical and His-

torical Sketch of the Town of Andover, in the County
of Hillsborough, N. H. Concord : Hill & Moore, 1822.
8vo, pp. 24.

Also in Farmer & Moore's Collections. V. i.
Sold: Bushnell, 1883, hlf elf, 1.75; Balcom, 1901, 2.50;
Manson, 1899, unct, 2.00; Cable, 1882, stitched, unct, 8.25.

3668. . Annals of the Town of Concord, in the County of

Merrimack, and State of New Hampshire, from its first


Settlement, in the Year 1726, to the Year 1823. With
several Biographical Sketches. To which is Added, a
Memoir of the Penacook Indians. Concord: Jacob B.
Moore, 1824. 8vo, pp, 112.

First published in the Collec. of N. H. Hist. Society. V. I.
Sold: Balcom, 1901, 3.25; Olcott, 1901, hlf mo, unct, orig
cover bd in, 2.75 ; Cable, 1882, cl, unct, original cover
bd in, 8.75; Woodward, 1869, 4.75; Bushnell, 1883, hlf
elf, git, 3.75; Manson, 1899, wrappers, unct, orig cover,
2.75; Child, 1882, 2.12; J. G. Smith, 1883, 4.00; Field,
1875, 62 cts ; Darrah, 1904, pap, unct, 4.25.

3669. . History of the Town of Candia, Rockingham

County, N. H., from its First Settlement to the Present
Time. Manchester: George W. Browne, 1893. 8vo,
pp. 528. Illustrated.*

Sold: Balcom, 1901, 3.00; Manson, 1899, 3.00; Libbie, 1901,

3670. MOORE, JOHN WHEELER. School History of North

Carolina. Raleigh : Alfred Williams & Co., 1879. 121110.
The Same. Ninth edition, revised and enlarged,
1890, by act of assembly, to be used in the public schools
of the State. I3th edition, 7oth thousand, 1893.

"This, is the first of the histories of North Carolina which
touches upon the period of the late Civil War." Weeks.

3671. . History of the State of North Carolina; from the

Earliest Discoveries to the Present Time. Raleigh:
Alfred Williams & Co., 1880. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. xxi, 495 ;


An enlargement of the school history.

Sold: Bangs, 1896, hlf mo, 3.00; Cable, 1882, 5.50.

3672. MOORE, JOSEPH WEST. Picturesque Washington;

Pen and Pencil Sketches of its Scenery, History (&c.),
together with Artistic Views of Mount Vernon, a Map
of the City of Washington, and Diagrams of the Halls
of Congress. Providence : J. A. & R. A. Reid, 1884. 4 to,
pp. 308. Illustrated.



3673. MOORE, MARTIN. A Sermon, ... at Natick,

January v, 1817, containing a History of said Town, from
1651 to the day of delivery. Cambridge: Printed by
Milliard & Metcalf, 1817. 8vo, pp. 27.

"A rare piece of local history. It describes the labors of Eliot
and gives an exceedingly interesting account of the progress of the
Gospel among the Indians there, explaining the 'Natootomutcacke-
suk or day of asking questions." Sabin.

Sold: Woodward, 1869, 25 cts; Brinley, 1879, i-oo; Thorn-
ton, 1878, 1.25; Manson, 1899, 75 cts.

3674. MOORE, WILLIAM ELLERY. Contributions to the

History of Old Derryfield, New Hampshire. Part I.
Topography and Landscape. Part II. Some Special
Local Features. III. Local Flora and Fauna. IV. In-
dians and Early Settlements. V. Occupation and Set-
tlement. Manchester: Printed and Published by the
Author, 1896. Svo, pp. 128. (n. p., n. d.)

Sold: Balcom, 1901, 1.75.

3675. MOOREHEAD, JAMES T. An address in Commemora-

tion of the First Settlement of Kentucky; delivered at
Boonesborough, May 25, 1840. Frankfort: Hodges,.
1840. Svo, pp. 181.

Sold: Bell, 1895, hlf mo, 4.50; Brinley, 1881, i.oo; Deane r
1898, 1.50.

3676. MOOREHEAD, WARREN K. Fort Ancient, the great
prehistoric Earthwork of Warren County, Ohio ; com-
piled from a careful Survey, with an Account of its-
Mounds and Graves ; with surveying Notes. Cincinnati :
Rob. Clarke & Co., 1890. Svo, pp. 10, 129. Illustrations
and map.

Mr. Moorehead (of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington)
and a competent staff of assistants spent the entire summer in
making an accurate survey and exploration of this ancient ^work.
Remarkable discoveries were made at the enclosure, two distinct
races of aborigines having been found; a large village site has
also been discovered in the Miami River bottoms five feet below
the present surface. The illustrations are_ made from photographs
taken in the field by A. J. Strong, and exhibit interesting sections of
the embankment, gateway, mounds and their contents, graves, relics,,
skeletons, etc.


3677. - . Primitive Man in Ohio. New York: G. P. Put-

nam's Sons, 1892. 8vo, pp. 15, 246. Illustrated.

A careful account of the opening of 107 mounds, graves, and
cemeteries, with diagrams.

3678. MORDECAI, SAMUEL. Richmond, Virginia, in Bygone

Days, being Reminiscences by an Old Citizen. Rich-
mond: Geo. M. West, 1856. I2mo, pp. 321.*

Sold: Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 37 cts; Child, 1882, i.oo; Hen-
kels, 1900, 75 cts; Woodward, 1869, 75 cts; Field, 1875,

1. 12.

3679. . Virginia, especially Richmond, in By-Gone Days;

with a Glance at the Present; being Reminiscences and
Last Words of an Old Citizen. Second Edition, with
many Corrections and Additions. Richmond: West &
Johnston, 1860. I2mo, pp. 359.*

Sold: Bangs, 1896, 3.25; Cable, 1883, 1.25; Bushnell, 1883,

3680. MORE, CALEB. The War in New England visibly ended.

King Philip, that barbarous Indian, now Beheaded, and
most of his Bloudy Adherents submitted to Mercy; the
rest fled far up the Countrey, which has given the In-
habitants Encouragement to prepare for their settlement.
Being a True and Perfect Account brought in by Caleb
More, Master of a Vessel newly arrived from Rhode
Island, and published for general satisfaction. London :
Printed by J. B., for Francis Smith, 1677. Folio, pp. 4.

3681. MORE, DOCTOR. A Letter | from Doctor More, |

with j Passages out of several Letters | from Persons
of good credit, j Relating to the State and Improvement
of j The Province of j Pennsilvania. Published to
Prevent false Reports Printed in the Year 1687.

3682. MOREAU, J. B. Events in History of New York City,

with Illustrations from Shakspeare, by a New Yorker.
New York: Privately Printed, 1881. Sq I2mo.

Only a small number of copies were printed.

M OK LEY. 133

3683. MORGAN, B. F. Directory of Preble County, O. For

1875. Historical Sketches and Biographies of Eminent
Pioneers, Advertisements Home and Foreign. Eaton,
Ohio : B. F. Morgan. Publisher and Compiler. Eaton
Weekly Register, Pr., 1875. I2mo, pp. 192. Illustrated.*

Contains historical sketches of the counties.

3684. MORGAN, GEORGE H. Annals: Comprising Memoirs,

Incidents, and Statistics of Harrisburg, from the Period
of its First Settlement. For the Past, the Present and
the Future. Harrisburg: Geo. A. Brooks, 1858. I2mo,
pp. 400.*

Sold: Murphy, 1884, 6.00; Henkels, 1899, 1.30; Bourquin,
1894, 25 cts ; Henkels, 1900, 70 cts ; Pennypacker, 1906,
80 cts; Hayden, 1907, i.oo.

3685. - . Centennial. The Settlement, Formation and

Progress of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, from 1785
to 1876. Harrisburg: 1877. 8vo, pp. 239.*

Sold: Henkels, 1900, 1.60; Hayden, 1907, 50 cts.

3686. MORISON, JOHN HOPKINS. An Address delivered at

the Centennial Celebration in Peterborough, N. H., Oct.

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