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The bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for online

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Online LibraryThomas Lindsley BradfordThe bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for → online text (page 21 of 30)
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Historic Notes on the Wabash Valley. By H. W. Beck-
with. With Map and-Illustrations. Chicago: 1880. 8vo,
pp. 1293.

25943. History of Vigo County, Indiana, with Biographical Selec-
tions. Illustrated. Chicago: S. B. Nelson & Co., 1891.
4to, pp. xiv, 1080.*

Illustrated with full-page steel plates, folding colored map.
The compiler of the book was H. C. Bradsby. Mr. Bradsby also
prepared histories of Arkansas, Illinois, and various county histories*

2595- History of St. Joseph County. Together with Sketches of
its Cities, Villages and Townships. Portraits of Promi-
nent Persons, and Biographies of Representative Citi-
zens. Also History of Indiana. Embracing Accounts of
Prehistoric Races, Aborigines, French, English and
American Conquests and a General Review of its Civil,
Military and Political History. Chicago: 1880. 4to, pp.
971. Illustrated.

2596. The Advantages and Attractions of Terre Haute, Indiana,
as a Business and Manufacturing Centre and a Review
of its Growth and Progress. Terre Haute : 1872. 8vo,
PP- 52.

234 1NMAN.

2597. History of Valparaiso. From the Earliest Times to the

Present. By a Citizen. Valparaiso: 1876. 8vo, pp. 24.

2598. Counties of Warren, Benton, Jasper and Newton, Indiana.

Historical and Biographical. Chicago: 1883. 8vo, pp.
810. Illustrated.

2599. History of Wayne County, with Sketches of its Cities, &c.,

and Portraits of Eminent Persons. Chicago: 1884. 2
vols. 8vo, pp. 736 ; 822.

3600. INGERSOLL, ERNEST. Gold Fields of the Klondike and
the Wonders of Alaska. A masterly and fascinating de-
scription of the newly discovered Gold Mines. How they
were found. What fortunes have been made. The ex-
tent and richness of the Gold Fields. How to get there.
Outfit required. Climate. The natives. Other vast
riches of Alaska. Other great Gold Mines of the world.
The great Seal Fisheries, &c., &c. Carefully prepa* ^d.
With an Introduction by Hon. Henry W. Elliott. Pro-
fusely Illustrated. Edgewood Publ. Company, n. p. n. d.
(1897.) 8vo, pp. 14, 512. Folding map of Alaska.*

2601. . Golden Alaska : a Complete Account to date of the

Yukon Valley, its History, Geography, Mineral and other
Resources, Opportunities, and Means of Access. New
York and Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co., 1897. I2mo,
pp. 149. Illustrated.

Globe Lib., V. i, No. 268. Paper.

2602. INGHAM, THOMAS J. History of Sullivan County,

Pennsylvania. Chicago: 1899. 8vo, pp. 218.

2603. INGRAHAM, EDWARD D. A. Sketch of the Events

which preceded the Capture of Washington, by the Brit-
ish, on the 24th of August, 1814. Philadelphia : Carey &
Hart, 1849. 8vo, pp. iv, 66.*
Folding map.

2604. INMAN, HENRY (COL.). The Old Santa Fe Trail. The

Story of a Great Highway. New York : The Macmillan
Co., 1899. 8vo, pp. xvi, 493. Frontispiece of Col. Inman.

Sold: Wells, 1901, 2.00.

IOWA. 235


(COL.). The Great Salt Lake Trail. New York: The
Macmillan Co., 1898. 8vo, pp. ix, (i), 529. Frontispiece
of Cols. Inman and Cody. Illustrated.*

Sold: Wells, 1901, 2.00.

2606. INNES, J. H. New Amsterdam and its People: Studies

Social and Topographical of the Town under Dutch and
early English Rule. New York: Chas. Scribner's Sons,
1902. 8vo, pp. 14, 365.

Based upon the original records.


2607. The History of Benton County, Iowa. Containing A His-

tory of the County, its Cities, Towns, &c. A Biographi-
cal Directory of its Citizens, War Record of its Volun-
teers in the late Rebellion, General and Local Statistics,
Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History
of the Northwest, History of Iowa, Map of Benton
County, Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous
Matters, &c., &c. Illustrated. Chicago: Western His-
torical Company, 1878. 8vo, pp. 641. Woodcuts and

2608. The History of Marion County, Iowa, Containing a His-

tory of the County, its Cities, Towns, &c., Biographical
Sketches of its Citizens, War Record of its Volunteers
in the Late Rebellion, General and Local Statistics, Por-
traits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History of
the Northwest, History of Iowa, Map of Marion County,
Constitution of Iowa, Miscellaneous Matters, &c., &c.
Des Moines: 1881. 8vo, pp. 807. Illustrated.

Folded colored map, portraits and other illustrations. The
book has become quite scarce.

2609. Black Hawk County. The History of its Cities, Towns, &c.

Biographies of Citizens, War Record, Portraits of Early
Settlers, &c. Illustrated. Chicago: 1878. 8vo, pp. 603.

2610. History of Cedar County, Iowa, Its Cities, Towns, Early

Settlers, &c. With a Sketch of Iowa and the Northwest.
Chicago : Western Historical Co., 1878. Roy. 8vo, pp.
729. Portraits, Maps and Illustrations.

236 IOWA.

2611. A Description of Central Iowa, with especial reference to

Polk County and Des Moines, the State Capital, together
with Eight adjacent Counties. Des Moines: 1858. 8vo,
PP- 32.

26113. Iowa in History. 1838-1895. Des Moines: 1895. i6mo.

Compiled by C. S. Byrkit.

2612. History of Delaware County, its Cities, Towns, &c., War

Record, General and Local Statistics, Portraits of Early
Settlers, Map and Numerous Views. Chicago : Western
Historical Co., 1878. 8vo, pp. 707.

26123. Handbook of Iowa. Discovery, Settlement, Geographical
Location, &c. (Des Moines) 1893. 8vo, pp. 154. Map
and Illustrations.

By Charles Ashton and others.

26i2b. Hand-Book of Iowa; describing its Agricultural, Commer-
cial and Manufacturing Resources, and other Capabili-
ties of Producing Wealth, also, its Physical Geography
and Geology. Chicago: Blanchard & Cram, 1867. i6mo,
pp. 92. Contents 2.*

Compiled by Rufus Blanchard, who for many years was a pub-
lisher of maps of the Northwestern States.

26120. History of Iowa City. Chicago : 1898. 8vo, pp. 66. Illus-

2613. Portrait and Biographical Record of Dubuque, Jones, and

Clayton Counties, Iowa. Containing Biographical
Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens of
the Counties, together with Biographies and Portraits of
all the Presidents of the United States. Chicago : 1895.
Imp. 8vo, pp. 557.

2614. The History of Fayette County, Iowa, Containing A His-

tory of the County, its Cities, Towns, &c., A Biographi-
cal Directory of its Citizens, War Record of its Volun-
teers in the late Rebellion, General and Local Statistics,
Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History
of the Northwest, History of Iowa, Map of Fayette
County, Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous
Matters, &c. Illustrated. Chicago: Western Historical


Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., 1878. Roy.
8vo, pp. vi, 758. Col'd map. Woodcuts and lithographic

2615. The Home for Immigrants. Being a Treatise on the Re-

sources of Iowa, and giving useful Information with re-
gard to the State, for the Benefit of Immigrants and
Others. Des Moines : 1870. 8vo, pp. 96.

2616. De Hollanders in Jowa. Breiven Uit Pella, van een Geld-

erschman. Met Twee Platen, te Arnhem : Bij D. A.
Thieme, 1858. I2mo, pp. 189.

Folding lithographic frontispiece, one full-page plate. Priced
by Torch Press Book Company in 1907 at $12.

2617. Northern Iowa. Containing Hints and Information of

Value to Emigrants. By a Pioneer. Dubuque: 1858.
8vo, pp. 39.

2618. Poweshiek County, Iowa. A Descriptive Account of its

Climate, Soil, Productions, Surface, Water, Prairie, Tim-
ber, Schools, Churches, and Occupations of its People.
Montezuma, la. : 1865. 8vo, pp. 36. Map.

26183. Pella. A Bit of Holland in America. By Cyrenus Cole.
Des Moines: 1808. 8vo.

2619. Description of Lawrence, Van Buren County, Iowa. Keo-

kuk: J. B. Howell & Co., Prs., 1856. 8vo, pp. 10.

26193. History of Story County, Iowa. Des Moines : 1887. 8vo,
pp. 485, 8. Portrait and Illustrations. (By W. G. Allen.)

2620. IRISH, JAMES R. Historical Sketch of Richmond, R. I.,

from 1747 to 1876, delivered July 4, 1876. With a Supple-
ment containing genealogical notices. Hope Valley,
R. I.: 1877. I2tno.

Sold: Manson, 1899, 1.25; Cable, 1882, 87 cts. ; Guild, 1887,
37 cts.

2621. IRVING, THEODORE. The Conquest of Florida, under

Hernando de Soto. London : Edward Churton, 1835. 2
vols. Post 8vo, pp. xii, 296; (2), 315. -f- London : Henry
G. Bohn, 1850. Post 8vo, pp. viii, 280.*

Sold: Harold Peirce, 1903, 1.20; Henkels, 1902, i.oo; Cooke,
1883, 3.50.


2622. . The Conquest of Florida, by Hernando de Soto.

By Theodore Irving. * * * Philadelphia : Carey, Lea
& Blanchard, 1835. 2 vols. I2mo, pp. 290; 302.

The Same. New York: G. P. Putnam, 1851. I2mo,
pp. 457. -j- New York: G. P. Putnam & Co., 1857. I2mo.
-f The Same. 1868 -f- 1869. 121110. + Same. 1888.

Compiled from Garcilaso de la Vega, the anonymous Portu-
guese writer, and Herrera.

Sold: 1835 ed. : Brinley, 1881, 2.50; M. D. Gilman, 1884, 30
cts. ; A. G. Greene, 1869, 60 cts. ; Fisher, 1866, 4.00; Bal-
com, 1857 ed., 1901, .70; Brevoort, 1851 ed., 1890, .40;
Guild, 1887, 1869 ed., 87 cts.; Dunbar, 1892, 1851 ed., 75
cts.; Waterbury, 1895, N . Y -> l8 68 ed., 50 cts.; Field,

1875, 1857 ed., i.oo; Polock, 1904, 1851 ed.,

2623. IRVING, WASHINGTON. Astoria; or, Anecdotes of an

Enterprise beyond the Rocky Mountains. Philadelphia :
Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1836. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. 285 ;
279. Map. -f New York: G. P. Putnam, 1849. I2mo,
pp. viii, 519. 2 plates.

There have been many editions of this history of the early fur
enterprises on the Columbia River founded by John Jacob Astor.

Sold: Phila., 1836 ed. : Brinley, 1881, 1.25; H. Peirce, 1903,
unct, 9.00; Polock, 1904, orig. cl, 1.60.

2624. IRWIN, W. H. ; CROTHERS, S. D. Centennial Historical

Sketches of Greenfield (Ohio) and Vicinity. July 4th,

1876. Greenfield : Printed at the Office of the Highland
Chief. (1876.) 8vo, pp. 16.

2625. IVES, JOSEPH C. Report of the Colorado River of the

West. Explored in 1857 and 1858 by Lieut. Joseph C.
Ives Corps and Topographical Engineers under the direc-
tion of the Office of Explorations and Surveys. A. A.
Humphreys, Captain Topographical Engineeers, in
Charge. Washington: Government Print, 1861. 4to, pp.
131, 14, 154, 30, 6, 31, (i). 27 Plates and Map. Ex.

Describes the fortified villages of the Moquis Indians.
Sold: Holliday, 1870, hlf mo, git, 4.00.

2626. JACKMAN, WARREN. History of the Town of Elma,

Erie County, N. Y., 1620 to 1901. Buffalo: Printed by
G. M. Hausauer & Son, 1902. 8vo, pp. 331.


26263. JACKSON, A. P. ; COLE, E. C. Oklahoma. Politically
and Topographically described. History and Guide to
the Indian Territory. Biographical Sketches of Capt.
David L. Payne, W. L. Couch, Wm. H. Osborn, and
Others. A Complete Guide to the Indian Territory,
Illustrated with Map, Hunting and Fishing Grounds.
Kansas City, Mo. : Publ. House of Ramsey, Millett &
Hudson, n. d. (1885). I2mo, pp. (3), 150. Folding-
colored map.*

2627. JACKSON, FRANCIS. A History of the Early Settle-

ment of Newton, County of Middlesex, Massachusetts,
from 1639 to 1800. With a Genealogical Register of its
Inhabitants, prior to 1800. Boston : Printed by Stacy &
Richardson, 1854. I2mo, pp. 555, (i). Portrait and

Sold: Patterson, 1896, 12.25 '> Murphy, 1884, 4.75 ; Deane,
1898, cl, 15.50; Blanchard, 1898, hlf levt mo, git, unct,
19.00; Woodward, 1869, 5.25; Bangs, 1894, 12.00; Bangs,
1895, 18.00; Livermore, 1894, 12.00; Cable, 1882, 5.00;
Brinley, 1879, 6.00; Manson, 1899, 19.00; Child, 1882,
5.25; J. G. Smith, 1883, 6.00; M. D. Gilman, 1884, 5.25;
Whitmore, 1902, cl, 16.50; Guild, 1887, 12.00; Clogston,
1875, 3-5; Libbie, 1898, 16.00; Libbie, 1900, 13.50; Lib-
bie, 1902, cl, 12.50; Libbie, 1903, hlf mo, 16.00; Hale,
1905, cl, 13.50.

2628. JACKSON, RICHARD P. The Chronicles of Georgetown,

D. C., from 1751-1878. Washington: Polkinhorn, 1878.
I2mo, pp. x, 350.

2629. JACKSON, WILLIAM. A Brief Notice of the Settlement

o * * * Newton, prepared by a Committee who
were charged with the Duty of Erecting a Monument to
the Memory of its First Settlers, September, 1852. Bos-
ton : C. C. P. Moody, 1852. 8vo, pp. 38, (4).

Sold: Whitmore, 1902, 70 cts.

2630. JACOBS, HENRY EYSTER (REV.). The German Emi-

gration to America, 1709-1740. Part III of a Narrative
and Critical History prepared at the Request of the Penn-
sylvania German Society. Lancaster, Pa. : 1898. 8vo,
pp. 120. Index, 3 pp.*

Forms a volume of the Sachse series.

240 JAMES.

2631. JACOBS, M. Notes on the Rebel Invasion of Maryland

and Pennsylvania, and the Battle of Gettysburg, July ist,
2d and 3d, 1863. Accompanied by an Explanatory Map.
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1864. I2mo, pp.

2632. JACOBS, SARAH S. Nonantum and Natick, Mass. Sarah

S. Jacobs. Map and Illustrations. Boston : 1853. I2mo,
PP- 336.

History of the Praying Indians from 1646 to 1687.

Narrative of Elliot's mission among the Indians.
Sold: Woodward, 1869, 88 cts. ; Livermore, 1894, i.oo;
Cable, 1882, i.oo; Manson, 1899, 1.62; Thornton, 1878,
2.50; Deane, 1898, 2.00; Field, 1875, 1.25; Guild, 1887,

2633. JACQUEMIN. Memoire sur la Louisiane, contenant la

description du sol et des productions de sette colonie et
les moyens de la rendre florissante en peu de temps;
avec un vocabulaire et un abrege de la grammaire de la
langue des sauvages, par Jacquemin. Paris: Eberhart,
1803. I2mo, pp. 68.

2634. JAQUES, MARY J. Texan Ranch Life; with Three

Months through Mexico in a "Prairie Schooner." By
Mary J. Jaques. Illustrated. London : 1894. 8vo, pp.

2635. JAMES, BUSHROD WASHINGTON. Alaska: its Neg-

lected Past, Its Brilliant Future. New York, Philadel-
phia : Sunshine Publishing Co., 1897. 8vo. Illustrations
and Maps.

2636. JAMES, C. E. A Short History of Franklin County, Ky.,

prepared in compliance with the suggestion of the Reso-
lution of Congress in regard to the Celebration of the
Centennial Anniversary, and read at a Sunday School
Picnic at Lake Park, near Frankfort, Ky., on the Fourth
of July, 1876. Frankfort, Ky. : Roundabout Office,
George A Lewis, 1881. 8vo, pp. n. Paper.*

2637. JAMES, EDWIN. Account of an Expedition from Pitts-

burgh to the Rocky Mountains, Performed in the Years
1819 and '20, By Order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Sec'y


of War : under the Command of Major Stephen H. Long.
From the Notes of Major Long-, Mr. T. Say, and other
Gentlemen of the Exploring Party. Compiled by Edwin
James, Botanist and Geologist for the Expedition. Phila-
delphia : H. C. Carey and J. Lea, 1823. 2 vols. 8vo, pp.
(4), 5, (2), 503; (6), 442, xcviii, and Atlas' of 10 Maps in;
4to, dated 1822.

Known as Long's First Expedition. 2 vols. and I vol. Atlas,.
3 vols. in all.

"The text of this edition includes the Meteorological Register,.
Indian vocabularies and Index not in the London edition. The
Atlas consists of title, list of plates and explanations ; map in two.
sheets, eight plates (i lines engravings on copper, the historical
Buffalo robe, coloured) table of sections." George.

Sold: Fisher, 1866, hlf mo, git, 7.50; Dunbar, 1892, 11.50;
Polock, 1904, 3 v. and atlas, hlf elf, a. 1. s. of Major Long
inserted, 18.75 > Eames, 1905, bds, unct, 3 v., lacks I
cover, margins of some plates torn, 37.50; Brinley, 1881,.
9-75J Waterbury, 1895, bds, unct, no atlas, 6.50; Lundy,.
1899, bds, unct, 9.75; Libbie, 1900, 5.50; Bangs, 1895,
6.50; Murphy, 1884, 5.50; Polock, 1904, hlf elf, 2v. and 4to>
v. maps and plates, 18.75 > Polock, 1904, orig. bds, unct.
pr. labels, 1824, Phila. ed., 14.50.

2638. . Account of an Expedition from Pittsburg to the
Rocky Mountains, performed in the years 1819-1820.
By order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Secretary of War,,
under the command of Maj. S. H. Long, of the U. S.
Top. Engineers. Compiled from the notes of Major
Long, Mr. T. Say, and other Gentlemen of the party.
By Edwin James, botanist and geologist to the Expedi-
tion. London : Longman, Hurst, Orme & Brown, 1823.
3 vols. 8vo, pp. vii, 344; vii, 356; vii, 347. Folding map
and table of sections, eight plates in aquatint and colors,
by I Clark.*

Printed in a larger type and better style than the American
issue. The plates are not the same, cither in subject or in style of
production, these are all by I. Clark, and executed in aquatint ex-
cepting two which are highly colored, and the Bison robe plate
which is hand colored and without engraver's name.

"The colored plates are, Distant View of the Early Mountains
and Chasm of the Platte. The latter subject is not in the Phila
edition, neither are the following plates which are in the London
edition : Pawnee Council ; Kiawa Encampment ; Shienne, Kaskaia
and Awappaho portraits. The Phila plate of Kaskaia lodge is
reproduced as a woodcut in the London edition." George's Sons


George's Sons advertise a London edition with plates not
colored and add : "The existence of the book in this state may
be taken to prove that Longmans made a remainder of it. The
plates are lumped together and the boards have cloth backs."

Sold: Bangs, 1897, hlf elf, 3.30; Field, 1875, 15.75; Hart,
1890, bds, unct, 16.50; Wilson, 1892, 2.12; Alexander,
1895, hlf elf, unct, 12.00; Henkels, 1901, bds, unct, 21.00;
Henkels, 1895, Pleasanton, 11.25; Barlow, 1890, 15.00;
Field, 1875, 15.75.

26383. . Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the
Rocky Mountains. Performed in the years 1819-1820.
Compiled from the Notes of Major Long, Mr. T. Say,
and other gentlemen of the party by Edwin James, Bot-
anist and Geologist to the Expedition. Edited by Reu-
ben Gold Thwaites, LL.D. Four volumes. 8vo. Cleve-
land : Arthur H. Clark Company.

Of this book it was said : "He leaves out dates. It is no excuse
to say that dates are omitted from the original ; Mr. Thwaites puts
in the page numbers of the original edition, and changes the chapter
numbers about to suit his plan of editing. Why then can he not put
in the year and month dates?"

2639. JAMES, JOHN HENRY. Ohio in 1788: A Description of

the Soil, Productions, &c., of that Portion of the United
States- situated between Pennsylvania, the Rivers Ohio
and Scioto, and Lake Erie. Translated from the French
with Notes and Introduction. Columbus: 1888. i6mo,
pp. 104.

Used to promote French emigration and settlement.

26393. JAMES, K. H. (MRS.). Wayside Glints. A Compilation
of Bystander's Notes. Sioux City, la. : 1900. i6mo, pp.
48. '

2640. JAMESON, E. O. (REV.). The History of Medway,

Mass., 1713 to 1885. Edited by Rev. E. O. Jameson.
Published by the Town. n. p. n. d. (Millis, Mass. : 1886.)
4to, pp. 529. Illustrated.*

Sold: Chase & Dale, 1897, cl, 5.25; Olcott, 1901, cl, 3.50;
Guild, 1887, 6.00; Libbie, 1902, cl, 4.25.

2641. JAMESON, JOHN F. Records of the Town of Amherst,

from 1735 to 1788. Amherst, Mass.: 1884. 8vo, pp. 100.

Reprinted from the Amhfrst Record of 1883-4.


2642. JANES, THOMAS P. Hand-Book of the State of Georgia.

Atlanta: 1876. 8vo. Map.

2643. JANVIER, THOMAS ALLIBONE. The Dutch Found-

ing of New York. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1903.
8vo, pp. 3, 217. Portraits, Maps, Plan.

History of the first Dutch colony of New York.

2644. . In Old New York. New York: Harper & Bros.,

1894. I2mo, pp. x, (i), 285. Illustrated. Maps.*

Articles that originally appeared in Harper's Magazine concern-
ing New York and its evolution.

Sold: Weeks, 1902, 70 cts.

2645. JEFFERSON, THOMAS. Notes on the State of Virginia;

| written in the Year 1781, somewhat cor | rected and
enlarged in the winter of 1782, | for the use of a For-
eigner of distinction, in | answer to certain queries pro-
posed by him | respecting | i. Its Boundaries. | 2. Rivers.

3. Seaports. | 4. Mountains, | 5. Cascades and Caverns ;

6. Productions Mineral, Vegetable and Animal; 7.
Climate, 8. Population, 9. Military Force, | 10. Marine
Force, | n. Aborigines, | 12. Counties and Towns; |i3.
Constitution, | 14. Laws, | 15. Colleges, Buildings and
Roads; | 16. Proceedings as to Tories; 17. Religion, |
18. Manners, | 19. Manufactures; | 20. Subjects of Com-
merce;^!. Weights, Measures and Money ; 22. Public
Revenue and Expences; 23. Histories, Memorials and
State Papers. (Paris.) 1782. 8vo, pp. (2), 391.* The
Same. Paris: 1785.

Two hundred copies were printed, some of which have a
draught of a "Fundamental Constitution of Virginia." This edition
of Mr. Jefferson's celebrated "Notes" was evidently printed in
Paris ; but as Mr. Jefferson did not reach France until the year
1784, the date on the title probably is not that of the year in which
it was printed, but of the year in which the manuscript was com-
pleted. A copy presented to M. Malasherbe had the following note
in Mr. Jefferson's handwriting : "Mr. Jefferson having had a few
copies of these notes printed to present to some of his friends, and
to some estimable characters beyond that line, takes the liberty of
presenting a copy to M. de Malasherbe, as a testimony of his respect
to his character. Unwilling to expose them to the public eye, he
begs the favor of M. de M. to put them into the hands of no person
on whose care and fidelity he cannot rely to guard them against
publication." Rich, i, 301. The proof sheets of this work, with
corrections in the handwriting of the author, are in the New York
State Library at Albany. Sabin.

Contains an eye draught of Madison's cave and folded table of
Indian tribes.


Sold: Bell, mo, extra, portrait of Jefferson and autograph
letter inserted, 45.00; Ives, 1891, mottled calf, with auto-
graph note cautioning against letting the book become
public, 70.00; Brinley, 1880, Ives' copy, 38.00; Murphy,
1884, elf, with presentation inscription, 30.00; Men-
zies, levt mo, git, by Matthews, 47.00; Bourquin, 1894,
hlf elf, autograph copy, title page repaired, 32.00;
Bangs, 1900, orig. elf, with Lord Cornwallis' book-
plate, Jefferson's draught of the Fundamental Consti-
tution of Virginia, pp. 14, and an Act to Establish
Religious Freedom in Virginia, pp. 4, map of London
edition, 86.00; Bangs, 1897, with Draught of Constitu-
tion and An Act for Religious Liberty, with substituted
pages, 50.00; Bangs, 1897, orig. elf, 49.00; Deane, 1898,
shp, title p. in facsimile, 5.50; Brinley, 1880, old elf,
31.00; Bangs, 1903, old elf, revisions of pp. 51-54, 167-
168, 315-318, map from ist London ed., 32.00; Barlow,
1890, hlf elf, MSS. note on guard leaf in handwriting of
author, with the note to Mr. Dalrymple, contains
draught to Constitution, 55.00; Proud, 1903, old elf, re-
visions, 51-54, 167-168, 315-318, act for establishing re-
ligious freedom, 100.00.

2646. . Observations sur la Virginie. Par M. J. Traduites

de 1'Anglais. A Paris: Chez Barrois, 1786. 8vo, pp. (4),
viii, 290 (should read 390), (i). Map and Table.

"This French translation was made by the Abbe Morellet. Ac-
cording to Tucker's 'Life of Jefferson,' V. i, pp. 155-175. it was a
bookseller's translation, and is a tissue of blunders, although in
part revised by the author. The fine map engraved by Neele first
appeared in this edition." Sabin.

Sold: Bangs, 1897, 6.00; Deane, 1898, hlf shp, 5.50; Rice,
1870, hlf elf, map, 2.75; Miller & Bancker, 1898, 7.50;
Pratt, 1899, elf, 5.25 ; Libbie, 1901, shp, 7.50.

. Notes on the State of Virginia. Written by
Thomas Jefferson. Illustrated with A Map, including
the States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Penn-
sylvania. London: John Stockdale, 1787. 8vo, pp. (4),
382. Map.

"Rich, Vol. I., p. 340, speaks of this edition as a reprint from
an American edition printed in the same year, which is an error.
It is a reproduction of the Paris edition of 1782, put forth with
Mr. Jefferson's approval, and contains the map which first appeared
in the French translation. (By J. M.) See Sparks' 'Franklin,' 10,
315, and M. Rev., V. 88, pp. 377, 450." Sabin.


Sold: Carruth, 1898, elf, 3.00; Rice, 1870, blue mo, git, unct,
by Bradstreet, large map, 3.00; Brinley, 1880, 5.00; Bour-
quin, 1894, i.oo; Roche, 1867, bds, unct, 7.00; Barlow,
1890, hlf elf, 7.00; Cable, 1882, shp, 1.25; Menzies, 1876,
hlf elf, git, unct, portr. of Jefferson inserted, 5.25 ; Bour-
quin, 1894, map Va. inserted, 1794, wants orig. map,
i. 20; Hoffmann, 1877, 1.12; Deane, 1898, hlf mo, unct,
2.00; Donnelly, 1894, bds, unct, auto. sign. & 3 plates
inserted, 3.86; Bangs, 1900, shp, 4.50; Betts, 1901, 4.10.

2648. . Notes on the State of Virginia. Written by

Thomas Jefferson. Philadelphia: Printed by Prichard

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