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The bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for online

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Online LibraryThomas Lindsley BradfordThe bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for → online text (page 9 of 30)
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pp. x, 568, xi. 2 vols.*

Edition, 350 copies, printed from type.

Sold: Weeks, 1902, imp 8vo, paper, unct, 7.00; Bangs, 1899,
12.50; Bangs, 1900, 7.50; Bangs, 1902, paper, unct, 4.25;
McKee, 1902, paper, unct, 6.00; Bangs, 1903, paper, unct,
6.00; Libbie, 1903, cl, 4.00; Anderson, 1904, 3.10; Bangs,
I92, paper, unct, portr. of author laid in, 7.00.

2016. GUESNIER, ALEXANDRE. Les Beiges en Amerique.

Green Bay et la Colonie Beige ; par J. B. A. Masse et A.
Guesnier. Chicago: 1870. 8vo, pp. 15.


2017. GUILD, EDWARD CHIPMAN. A Sketch of the Town

(Brunswick, Me.). Its Advantages as a Place of Resi-
dence and its Attractions as a Summer Resort. Bruns-
wick, Me. : Press of A. G. Tenney, 1887. i6mo, pp. 59.
Two Maps.

2018. GUILD, E. P. Centennial Anniversary of the Town of

Heath, Mass., August 19, 1885. Addresses, Speeches,
Letters, Statistics, &c. Boston : 1885. 8vo. View.

Sold: Manson, 1899, i.oo; Guild, 1887, 1.50.

2019. GUMAER, PETER E. A History of Deerpark, in Orange

County, N. Y. With Portrait of the Author and Cut of
House in which he lived. Published by Minisink Valley
Historical Society, 1890. Port Jervis : Union Print, 1890.
8vo, pp. 120, 204 (2).*

2020. GUNCKEL, JOHN E. The Early History of the Maumee

Valley. Toledo, O. : J. E. Gunckel, 1902. 4to, pp. 101.
Illustrated. Portraits.

2021. GUNNISON, J. W. The Mormons, or Latter-Day Saints,

in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. A History of their
Rise and Progress, Peculiar Doctrines, Present Condition
and Prospects, derived from Personal Observation, dur-
ing a Residence among them. Philadelphia : Lippincott,
Grambo & Co., 1853. I2mo, pp. 168. Plate.*

A reprint of the first edition was made in 1856.
"Some copies have a London imprint." Sabin.
German edition by Lindau, Dresden, 1857.

An edition was issued New York: J. W. Lovell Co., 1884.
i6mo, pp. 4, 165. No. 440 of Lovell's Library, paper.

Sold: Henkels, 1902, 30 cts. ; Guild, 1887, 1.25.

2022. GURNEY, CALEB STEVENS. Portsmouth, Historic

and Picturesque ; a Volume of Information ; being a very
Complete and Accurate Compendium of over Two Hun-
dred Historic Places and Things, from the Earliest Set-
tlement in 1623. Portsmouth, N. H. : Caleb Stevens Gur-
ney, 1902. I2mo, pp. 234. Illustrations, Maps.

2023. GUTTERSON, HILAND H. Local History of Andover,

Vt., the General History of the Town by Hiland H. Gut-
terson, with the autobiography of Alvin Adams, founder
of the Adams Express and Biographical Sketches by W.


S. Balch, A. S. Barton, Austin Adams and others. Chi-
cago: 1886. 8vo.

2024. GUYER, I. D. History of Chicago; its Commercial and

Manufacturing Interests and Industry; Together with
Sketches of Manufacturers and Men who have most con-
tributed to its Prosperity and Advancement, with
Glances at some of the best Hotels; also the principal
Railroads which centre in Chicago. Chicago: Church,
Goodman & Cushing, 1862. 8vo, pp. 200. Plates.

2025. HAAS, C. De Nordamerika. Wisconsin, Calumet.

Winke fur Auswanderer. Zweite Auflage. Elberfeld:
Baedeker, 1848. 8vo, pp. 96. View and map. -f- Zweite
vermherte Auflage. 8vo, pp. xii, 92. Three views and

Wisconsin. Zwei Abtheilungen. Beschreibung von Wis-
consin. Nebst Reisebildern von Alexander Ziegler, 1849.
8vo, pp. iv, 140.

2026. HADDOCK, JOHN A. The Growth of a Century. As

Illustrated in the History of Jefferson County, New
York. From 1793 to 1894. Compiled from State, County
and Town Records, with many Original Articles upon
Interesting Subjects. Philadelphia, Pa. : Printed by
Sherman & Co., 1894. Roy. 8vo, pp. 843. Frontispiece
of author. Portraits, full page, and other illustrations.*
-f Albany, 1895.*

The pages are set in double columns.
Sold: Lockwood, 1902, hlf ro, 3.75.

2027. HAGAR, LUCIE C. Boxborough, a New England Town

and its People. Philadelphia: 1891. I2mo, pp. 218.

2028. HAGEMAN, J. F. History of Princeton, N. J., and its

Institutions. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1879. 2 vols,
8vo. Illustrated.

Sold: Cable, 1883, 75 cts. ; Bangs, 1900, 4.00.
HAGERTY, F. H. See No. 1175.

2029. HAGNER, CHARLES V. Early History of the Falls of

the Schuylkill, Manayunk, Schuylkill and Lehigh Navi-

HAIR. 97

gation Companies, Fairmount Waterworks, &c. Phila-
delphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1869. 8vo,
pp. 102. Two Plates.*

Sold: Balcom, 1901, 25 cts. ; Henkels, 1901, 1.50; Stille,
1901, 90 cts.; Bourquin, 1894, 40 cts.; same sale, 80 cts.;
Pennypacker, 1906,

2030. HAINES, ALANSON A. Hardyston Memorial. A His-

tory of the Township and the North Presbyterian
Church, Hardyston, Sussex County, N. J. Newton, N.
J.: Herald Print, 1888. 8vo, pp. 181. Illustrated.*

2031. HAINES, EDWARD B. History of Towanda, with a

Review of its Business and Progress for the years 1872
and 1873. Williamsport : 1873. 8vo, pp. 71.

Sold: Bourquin, 1894, 40 cts.

2032. . Historical Sketch and Business Review of Sun-
bury in 1872-73, with an Account of the Sunbury Centen-
nial Celebration of July 4, 1872; Historical, Statistical
and General. Williamsport, Pa. : Gazette & Bulletin
Print, 1873. i6mo, pp. 64.*

Contains Historical Oration by Truman H. Purdy.

2033. HAINES, ELIJAH M. Historical and Statistical Sketches

of Lake County, Illinois. Waukegan : E. G. Howe, 1852.
i6mo, pp. 112. Plate.

2034. HAINES, HELEN. History of New Mexico from the

Spanish Conquest to the Present Time, 1530-1890. 8vo,
pp. 631. Portraits and Illustrations.

2035. HAIR, JAMES T. Iowa State Gazetteer, embracing

Descriptive and Historical Sketches of Counties, Cities,
Towns and Villages, which include much information
respecting Agriculture, Manufactories, Commerce, Edu-
cational and Religious Institutions, Population and His-
tory of State ; to which is added Shippers' Guide and
Classified Business Directory of Manufacturers, Mer-
chants, Professional Men and Tradesmen of Iowa, with
their Business Address. Compiled and edited by James
T. Hair. 18 plates. Chicago : Bailey & Hair, 1865. 8vo,
pp. 76, 722. -|- The same, 1866.

First Gazetteer of the State published.


2036. HAKLVYT, RICHARD. Virginia richly valued, By
the description of the maine land of Florida, her next
neighbor : | Out of the foure yeeres continuall trauell and
discouerie, | for aboue one thousand miles East and
West, of | Don Ferdinando de Soto, and sixe hundred |
able men in his companie. Wherein are truly obserued
the riches and fertilitie of those parts, abounding with
things necessarie, pleasant, and profitable for the life
of man : with the .natures and dispo- | sitions of the
Inhabitants. | Written by a Portugal! gentleman of
Eluas, emploied in | all the action, and translated out of
Portugese | by Richard Hakluyt. At London Printed
by Felix Kyngston for Matthew Lownes, | and are to be
sold at the signe of the Bishops | head in Pauls Church-
yard. | 1609. | 4to, pp. (8) 180.*

Four prelim, leaves, viz.: Title, reverse blank; Dedicatory
Epistle, 6 pp. ; text, 180 pp.

"Excessively rare. One of about a dozen of the earliest books
in the English language relating to the present United States. No
copy sold at auction in New York since the Ives sale, twelve years
ago, though Quaritch priced a copy in red morocco in 1895 at 45.
The first edition. When the Hakluyt Society reprinted the work
they were obliged to use the second edition, 1611." Bangs.

"A rare volume, priced in the 'Nuggets' at five guineas. It is
reprinted in Eorce's Tracts, Vol. 4, No. i, in the supplement to
Hakluyt's Voyages, 4to, and omitting Hayluyt's preface, in
French's Hist. "Coll., Vol. 2. The introduction says that Hakluyt's
intention in this translation 'was to encourage the young colony in
Virginia.' " Sabin.

20363. . The | Worthye and Famovs His- | tory of the

Travailes, Discouery, & Conquest, of that Great | Conti-
nent of Terra Florida, being liuely | Paraleld, with that of
our now Inha- | bited Virginia. | As also The Comodi-
ties of the said Country, | with diuers Excellent and rich
Mynes, of Golde, Siluer, and other Mettels, &c. which
cannot but | giue vs a great and exceeding hope of our
Virginia, being so neere | of one Continent. | Accom-
plished and effected, by that worthy | Generall and Cap-
taine Don Ferdinando | de Soto, and six hundreth Span-
iards, his followers. | London | Printed for Matthew
Lownes. | 1611. | 4to.

The title under which the second edition appeared :
"The Portugalle gentleman of Elvas Was De Soto, one of the
most adventurous and intrepid of the Spanish conquerors, or Ban-
ditti, as he may with truth be styled, who discovered and desolated
America. The object of Hakluyt in translating this book was to-

HALE. 99

serve the Virginia C'ampany, to which it is dedicated. Mr. Sabin
of New York, sold a copy a few years since for $250." Murphy.

"Translated from the rare little volume printed at Evora in
1557, apparently with the view of inducing settlers to go out to the-
new colony of Virginia." Rich.

Sold: Murphy, 1884, 155.00; Brinley, 1880, stmpd elf, Ter-
naux' copy, with crest and initials, 31.00; Brinley, 1893,.
red levt mo, git, &c., 57.50; Barlow, 1890, mo, git, by
Riviere, 85.00; Br. Ives, 1891, levt mo, extra, git, by Bed-
ford, 90.00; Miller & Bancker, 1898, levt mo, extra, glt r
blank leaf bef title, top of title page mended, 105.00;
Bangs, 1902, levt mo, by Bedford, top margins of some
leaves extended, some marginal notes clipped, 90.00; Put-
tick & Simpson, 1861, brown elf, 5, 7, 6.

2037. HALE, EDWARD EVERETT. Kansas and Nebraska:

the History, Geographical and Physical Characteristics
and Political Position of those Territories; an Account
of the Emigrant Aid Companies and Directions to Emi-
grants, with an original map from the latest authorities.
Boston : Phillips, Sampson & Co., 1854. 8vo, pp. 256.

Sold: Child, 1882, 17 cts. ; Shurtleff, 1875, 12 cts. ; Donald-
son, 1899, 2 S cts -> A. G. Greene, 1869, 15 cts.; Clogston.
1875, 20 cts.

2038. . Story of Massachusetts. Boston : D. Lothrop Co.,

1891. 8vo, pp. 4-359. Portraits and maps.

A condensed chronology-story in chapters, from the earliest

2039. HALE, JOHN P. Trans-Allegheny Pioneers. Historical

Sketches of the First White Settlements West of the
Alleghenies, 1748 and after. Wonderful Experiences of
Hardships and Heroism of those who first braved the
dangers of the inhospitable wilderness and the Savage
Tribes that then Inhabited it. Cincinnati : Samuel C.
Cox & Co., 1886. I2mo, pp. 3, 330.*

Chronological relation of the trials of the pioneers by a descend-
ent of the Ingles and Draper families.

Sold: Pennypacker, 1906, cl, 2.10.

2040. HALE, JOHN. A Modest Enquiry | into the Nature of [

Witchcraft, And | How Persons Guilty of that Crime |
may be Convicted : And the means used for this Dis-


covery Discussed, both Negatively and Affirmatively, |
according to Scripture and | Experience. | By John Hale,
| Pastor of the Church of Christ in Beverly, | Anno
Domini, 1697. Boston in N. E. | Printed by B. Green
and J. Allen for | Benjamin Eliot under the Town House.
1702. | Sm. 8vo, pp. 176.

"The rarest of books on N. E. Witchcraft. Mr. Brinley was,
perhaps, the only collector in the present century who has had the
good fortune to secure two fine copies of this extraordinarily rare
book." Hunnewell.

Sold: Menzies, 32.00; Brinley, red mo, 105.00; another copy,
1 20.00.

2041. HALE, SALMA. Annals of the Town of Keene, from its

First Settlement in 1734 to the Year 1790. Concord:
; Jacob B. Moore, 1826. 8vo, pp. 69. + The same. With

Corrections, Additions and a Continuation from 1790 to
1815. Keene, N. H. : Printed by J. W. Prentiss & Co.,
1851. 8vo, pp. 120. Map.*

First published in Collections of the N. H. Historical Society.

Sold: Balcom, 1901, with the continuation, 2.00; Olcott,

t 1901, hlf roan, with continuation, 87 cts.; Woodward,

' 1869, 1.50; Bushnell, 1883, hlf elf, 5.25; Manson, 1899, hlf

mo, unct, 2.00; Cable, 1882, orig. cov bd in, cl, unct, 3.12 ;

1851 ed. : Woodward, 1869, i.oo; Brinley, 1879, i.oo;

Brinley, 1893, I -> Manson, 1899, 1.75; Cable, 1882, roan,

2.63; Cable, 1883, 1.20; J. G. Smith, 1883, 2.12; S. L.

Boardman, 1883, 1.12; Field, 1875, i.oo; Cooke, 1883, 80

cts.; Proud, 1903,; Deane, 1898, 2.10; Guild, 1887,

2.00; Clogston, 1875, i.oo.

2042. HALE, THOMAS. Centennial Celebration of the Settle-

ment of Chelsea, Vt., September 4, 1884 (with Hist.
Address by Thomas Hale). Keene: 1884. 8vo, paper.

Sold: Balcom, 1901, 70 cts.

2043. HALES, JOHN G. A Survey of Boston and its Vicinity,

shewing the Distance from the Old State House, at the
Head of State Street, to all the Towns and Villages not
exceeding fifteen Miles therefrom ; also the Intermediate
Distance from one Place to another, together with a
short Topographical Sketch of the Country. The whole
taken from actual Survey and Lineal Measure in the


Years 1818, 1819 and 1820. Boston: Printed by Ezra
Lincoln, 1821. i2mo, pp. 156.*

Frontispiece of Old State House. At p. 24, folding map of the

Sold: Brinley, 1879, i.oo; Manson, 1899, bds, unct, 1.25;
Manson, 1904, hlf mo, git, unct, 56 extra maps and plates
inserted with Hales' map of Boston. 1821, in separate
case, 20.00.

2044. HALEY, WILLIAM D. Philp's Washington Described.

A Complete View of the American Capital and the Dis-
trict of Columbia, with many Notices, Historical, Topo-
graphical and Scientific, of the Seat of Government.
New York: Rudd & Carleton, 1861. I2mo, pp. x (i),
239. Map of Washington. Illustrated.*

2045. HALL, BENJAMIN F. Early History of the North-

western States, embracing New York, Ohio, Indiana,
Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin, with their Land
Laws, &c., and an Appendix Containing the Constitu-
tions of those States. Buffalo : G. H. Derby & Co., 1849.
8vo, pp. 477.

This book was issued as "The Land Owners' Manual," at Au-
burn, N. Y., in 1847. It is the same book with a new title.

Sold: Cable, 1882, 4.50.

2046. HALL, BENJAMIN HOMER. History of Eastern Ver-

mont, from its Earliest Settlement to the Close of the
Eighteenth Century, with a Biographical Chapter and
Appendixes. New York : D. Appleton & Co., 1858. 8vo,
pp. xii (2), 799. -(- Albany: J. Munsell, 1865. 2 vols, rl.
8vo, pp. xii (2), 799.*

"The Albany imprint of which 50 copies were printed on large
paper, is the same as Appleton's. See Hist. Mag. 1.64. 11.190.111.
133." Sabin.

Sold: 1858 ed. : Bangs, 1895, 6.00; Balcom, 1901, 3.50;
Coburn, 1895, 4.00; Patterson, 1896, 3.50; Libbie, 1896,
4.25 ; Henkels, 1904, 3.00; Libbie, 1897, 3-; Libbie, 1898,
4.00; Olcott, 1901, cl, 4.50; Waterbury, 1895, 2.62;
McKee, 1902, 4.00; Manson, 1899, 7.50; Cable, 1882, 3.50;
Cable, 1883, 1.12; 1865 ed. : Clogston, 1899, hlf mo, git,
unct, 79 portr., 8 maps and document by Gov. T. Chitten-
den inst'd, 15.00; Bangs, 1901, hlf mo, 7.25; Wales, 1903,
pap, unct, 7.25 ; Bell, 1895, hlf mo, git, unct, large pap,


10.25 ; Coburn, 1895, large pap, 11.50; Blanchard, 1898, hlf
mo, git, unct, 8.00; Waterbury, 1895, large pap, git, unct,
6.00; Rice, 1870, rl. 8vo, hlf red levt mo, unct, by Brad-
street, large pap, 17.00; Fisher, 1866, rl. 8vo, large pap,
16.00; Brinley, 1879, large pap, unct, 7.00; Roche, 1867,
large pap, 6.00; Chittenden, 1894, hlf mo, copy No. 5,
large pap ed, 7.00; Manson, 1899, large pap, 9.50; Hoff-
mann, 1877, hlf mo, git, Bradstreet, 7.75; Cooke, 1883,
hlf mo, git, unct, large pap, 29.00; Holliday, 1870, large
pap, unct, 4.50; Guild, 1887, hlf mo, git, unct, 13.00.

2047. HALL, DAVID. A | Sermon | Preached At Sutton

(County of Worcester) | By David Hall, D. D. | October
24, 1779. | Being Fifty Years after his Ordina | tion there.
| Worcester (Massachusetts) : Printed by Isaiah Thomas
at his Office near the | Court-House, 1781. 8vo, pp. (4)

"One of the earliest and scarcest of American Semi-centen-
nials." Woodzvard.

Sold: Woodward, 1869, 1.75.

2048. HALL, EDWIN. The Ancient Historical Records of

Norwalk, Conn., with a Plan of the Ancient Settlement
and of the Town in 1847. Norwalk: James Mallory &
Co., 1847. I2mo, pp. 320. 3 Maps. 4 Plates. -|- New
York : 1865.

Sold: 1847 ed. : Carre, 1897, 5.25; Brinley, 1879, 1.75; Brin-
ley, 1893, 1.50; Bushnell, 1883, 2.00; M. D. Oilman, 1884,
2.00; Bourquin, 1894, 1.60; Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 87 cts. ;
Bangs, 1895, 5.50; Davenport, 1896, 5.25 ; Patterson, 1896,
with MSS notes, 5.50; Hoffmann, 1877, r -37>' Davenport,
1896, 5.25 ; Guild, 1887, 2.25 ; Clogston, 1875, 1.75 ; Libbie,
1902, 5.00; Cooley, 1902, 4.50; Anderson, 1904, cl, 4.25;
1865 ed. : Manson, 1899, 5.75; Balcom, 1901, 4.25; Cable,
1882, 2.37; Cable, 1883, hlf mo, 2.12; Cooke, 1883, 90 cts. ;
Henkels, 1899, hlf ro, 3.25; Bangs, 1901, 4.25.

2049. HALL, EDWARD H. The Northern Counties Gazetteer

and Directory for 1855-6; a Guide to Northern Illinois.
Containing a concise description of the Cities, Towns and
Principal Villages, with the Names of the Public Officers,
Professional and Business Men, and a variety of other
useful and interesting information. Chicago : Robert Fer-


gus, Printer, 1855. 8vo, pp. (2) iv, iii-vi, vii (i), 17-208.
Advertisements, 128.

Mr. Hall published a Handbook and Guide, "The Great West,"
in 1865, New York : Appleton.

2050. HALL, EDWARD HAGAMAN. Jamestown (1607-1907),

a Sketch of the History and Present Condition of the Site
of the First permanent English Settlement in America.
New York: American Scenic and Historic Presbyterian
Society, 1902. i6mo, pp. 30. Map. Illustrations.

2051. HALL, FRANK. History of the State of Colorado,

embracing Accounts of the Prehistoric Races and their
Remains; the earliest Spanish, French and American
Explorations; the First American Settlements founded,
&c., &c. 4 vols. Chicago: 1889-1905. 4to.

Nearly 250 portraits, views, &c.
Sold: Thompson, 1898, mor, 10.00; Anderson, 1903, 5.00.

2052. HALL, FREDERICK. Statistical Account of the Town

of Middlebury, in the State of Vermont. Part First.
Boston: Printed by Sewell Phelps, 1821. 8vo, pp. 38.

Also in Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., 1822, Vol. 19, pp. 123.

2053. HALL, FREDERICK. History of San Jose, California,

and its Surroundings, with Biographical Sketches of
Early Settlers. San Francisco: 1871. 8vo, pp. 553. Il-

Sold: M. D. Oilman, 1884, 2.62.

2054. HALL, GRANVILLE DAVISSON. The Rending of Vir-

ginia ; a History. Chicago : Mayer & Miller, 1902. 8vo,
pp. 630. Illustrated. Portraits.

2055. HALL, HENRY. The History of Auburn. Auburn : Den-

nis Bros. & Co., 1869. I2mo, pp. xvi, 580.

Sold: Field, 1875, 2.00.

2056. HALL, HILAND. The History of Vermont, from its Dis-

covery to its Admission into the Union in 1791. Albany :
Joel Munsell, 1868. 8vo, pp. xii, 521 (i). Map.

Concerning the Struggle with the Government of New York for
its Title as a State. See No. 5292(1.

Sold: Olcott, 1901, 4.25; Balcom, 1901, 5.00; Rice, 1870, cl,
unct, 2.75; Bushnell, 1883, cl, unct, portr. laid in, 2.60;


Cable, 1883, 1.50; Manson, 1899, 3.25; Menzies, 1876, hlf
mo, git, unct, one of 50 on fine paper, 7.25 ; Bourquin,
1894, 1.80; Guild, 1887, 5.00; Clogston, 1899, cl, unct,
portr. of author instd, 4.50; Hough, 1900, 6.10; Lincoln,
1901, 3.60; Conland, 1904, 3.40; Eames, 1905, cl, 3.25.

2057. . The Bennington Battle Monument and Centennial

Celebration. A Statement of the Bennington Historical
Society in relation to these and kindred objects. To
which is added an Account of the Battle of Bennington
by Ex-Gov, Hiland Hall, of Bennington, Vt. Milford,
Mass. : Cook & Sons, 1877. 8vo, pp. 20.

2058. . The Local History of Bennington, 1860-1883.

Edited by Abby Maria Hemmenway. Chicago: n. d.
8vo. Paper. Portraits and Illustrations.

Sold: Balcom, 1901, 37 cts.

2059. HALL, JAMES. A Brief History of the Mississippi Ter-

ritory, to which is prefixed a Summary View of the Coun-
try between the Settlements on the Cumberland River
and the Territory. By the Rev. James Hall, of North
Carolina. Salisbury: Francis Coupee, 1801. I2mo, pp.
(2) 70.*

"An extremely rare pamphlet." Sabin.

Mr. Hall was sent by the Presbyterian church in 1800 with two
other missionaries to the Mississippi Territory. They reached Nash-
ville in November, 1800, and from thence went on horseback by
way of the Chicasaw nation. They reached the territory in the
first week in December and left the third week in April, 1801. The
author in the preface states : "As I have been solicited by sundry
persons to publish an account of my travels throughout that part of
the Union, and having my own geographical curiosity highly grati-
fied by travelling through such a vast tract of country, the history of
which is little known ; presuming that a brief view of the interjacent
space between the settlements of Cumberland and the territory
together with a sketch of the history of that territory would afford
some gratification to my fellow citizens the following pages are with
deference submitted to the candor of the public by their humble
servant, the author."

This is the first history of this territory.

2060. . Notes on the Western States, containing Descrip-

tional Sketches of their Soil, Climate, Resources and
Scenery. Philadelphia : Harrison Hall, 1838. I2mo, pp.
23, 304.*

Mr. Hall published a number of statistical books regarding the
West, from 1835 to 1840. For titles, see Sabin: Vol. 12, p. 571.


2061. HALL, JAMES A. Centennial Celebration at Damaris-

cotta and Newcastle, July 4, 1876, together with the His-
torical Address delivered by Gen. James A. Hall. Wal-
doboro : Miller & Atwood, 1878. 8vo, pp. 18.

But a few copies printed. Also published in Lincoln County
News, July 6-13, 1876.

Sold: Manson, 1899, 2.75.


Daily Union History of Atlantic City, N. J. Containing
Sketches of the Past and Present of Atlantic City and
County, with Maps and Illustrations specially Prepared.
Special Edition for the American Institute of Homoeopa-
thy. Issued from the Office of the Daily Union Printing
Co., Atlantic City, N. J., 1899. 4to, pp. 118. Illustrated.
Folding map of Atlantic City. Paper covers, -j- 1900.*

2063. HALL, J. K. A Geographical Sketch of that Part of North

America called Oregon. Boston : J. Howe, 1838. 8vo,
pp. 80. Map.

2064. HALL, M. O. Rambles about Greenland, N. H. History

of Greenland, with Genealogical and Historical Sketches.
Boston : 1900. 8vo, Map and Illustrations.

2065. HALL, S. R. The Geography and History of Vermont, by

S. R. Hall, LL.D. Also the Constitution of the United
States, with Notes and Questions. Third Edition;
Revised by Pliny H. White, Late Member of the Ver-
mont Board of Education. Authorized by the Legisla-
ture of Vermont for use in the Schools of the State.
Montpelier: Freeman Print, 1874. I2mo, pp. 280. -|-
1868. i6mo.

First edition was published in 1864, Montpelier: C. W. Willard.
Sold: 1868 ed, Conland, 1904, 3.40.

2066. HALL, WILLIAM M. Reminiscences and Sketches, His-

torical and Biographical, of Bedford County (Pennsyl-
vania). Harrisburg: 1890. I2mo, pp. vi, 269.

2067. HALLOCK, CHARLES. Our New Alaska; or, the Sew-

ard Purchase Vindicated. Illustrated from Sketches by
T. J. Richardson. New York: Forest & Stream Publ.
Co., 1886. I2mo, pp. 3, 209.

This book is the result of personal observation, and very well
shows the wonderful resources and marvels of the new possession
of the United States.


2068. HALLEY, WILLIAM. The Centennial Year Book of

Alameda County, California, with a Summary of the Dis-
covery and Settlement of California, description of the
Contra Costa under Spanish, Mexican and American
Rule, &c. Gazetteer of each Township and Biographical
Sketches of Prominent Pioneers and Public Men. Oak-
land : 1876. 8vo, pp. 595. Portraits and views.


Frontier : its Wars with Indians and Tories, its Mission-
ary Schools, Pioneers and Land Titles. 1614-1800. New
York: Scribner, 1901. 8vo, pp. 10, 431. Illustrated.
Maps. Portraits.

Eight parts : Indians and Fur traders ; Missionaries and the
French War, 1650-1769; Land Titles and Pioneers, 1679-1774; The
Border Wars begun, 1776-1777; Overthrow of the Frontier, 1777-
1778; The Sullivan Expedition, 1779; Last Years of the War, 1780-
1783; The Restoration of the Frontier, 1782-1800. Bibliography, 10

2070. HALSEY, GAINS LEONARD. The Pioneers of Unadilla

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