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The bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for online

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Online LibraryThomas Lindsley BradfordThe bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for → online text (page 11 of 29)
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quette's discovery of the Mississippi. With biographical
memoir, by M. W. Fuller. Edited by Thos. Hoyne. Chi-
cago: E. B. Myers & Co., 1884. Svo, pp. 438. Portraits
and Maps.

Sold: Slee, 1900, 3.25 ; Bangs, 1902, elf, git, by Pratt, 5.00.

533. BRENDLE, A. S. A Brief History of Schaeffertown, Pa.

York, Pa. : Privately Printed, 1901. Svo. Portraits and


534. BRERETON, JOHN. A Briefe and true Relation of | the

Discouerie of the North | part of Virginia ; being a | most
pleasant, fruitfull | and commodious | soile: Made this
present yeere 1602, by | Captaine Bartholomew Gosnold,
Cap- | taine Bartholomew Gilbert, and diuers | other gen-
tlemen their associates, by the | permission of the honour-
able knight, | Sir Walter Raleigh, &c. | Written by M.
John Brereton one of the voyage. | Whereunto is an-
nexed a Treatise, | conteining important inducements for
| the planting in those parts, and | finding a passage that
way | to the South fea, | and China. | Written by M. Ed-
ward Hayes, | gentleman | long since imploied in the like
action. Londoni, Lrpensis Geor. Bishop. | 1602. 4to,
pp. 48.*


"Gosnold first made land at York Harbor, May 14 1602. There
were two impressions of this tract in 1602. Three copies of the first
are believed to exist. One is in the John Carter Brown Library at
Providence. A copy brought 265 in 1886. The second impression
contains twenty-four additional pages of 'Inducements,' and a copy
now in the Lenox Library was sold at the Barlow auction in 1890
for $1,125." Williamson.

"A work of the greatest rarity. Jadis' copy sold for 5, 153. 6d.
Reprint made : Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., 3d Ser. VIII., 83-123." Sabin.

In 1602 Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold and 32 Englishmen sailed
from Falmouth to examine and explore "the North parts of Vir-
ginia," and with him sailed John Brereton. The expedition sailed in
March and returned in July, and between these dates they landed at
Cape Cod and explored the coast and the Elizabeth Islands. Brere-
ton was one of the five Englishmen who first landed on the shores of
New England, and his account is simple and interesting. He also
gives a description of the natural advantages, products, etc., and a
list of the animals, plants and minerals which they saw. The book
includes a brief account of the voyage of Capt. Mace in search of
Raleigh's lost colony in Virginia (Roanoke) and a Treatise by Cap-
tain Edward Hayes on the advantages of a colony in Virginia and
the likelihood of a passage to the South Seas.

Sold: Brinley, 1878, dk green gros gr levt mo, broad inside
borders, tooled and gilt on polished red mo, W. Pratt,
with Rosier's Va., 1600.00; Barlow, 1890, vellum, git,

535. . A Briefe and True Relation of the Discoverie of the

North Part of Virginia. By John Brereton. Reproduced
in facsimile from the first edition of 1602. Introduction
by Luther S. Livingston. New York : Dodd, Mead & Co.,
1903. 8vo, pp. 7, 24.

Facsimile printed as supplement to The Bibliographer, October,
November, 1902. and afterwards issued in book form by Dodd, Mead
& Co., New York.

Facsimile reprints, Historical Series, No. 2.

536. BREVOORT, ELIAS. New Mexico, her Resources and

Attractions; A Collection of Facts on Mines, Public
Lands and Spanish and Mexican Land Grants. Santa
Fe : 1874. 8vo, pp. 176.

537. BREWER, WILLIS. Alabama: her History, Resources,

War Record, and Public Men. From 1540 to 1872. (Quo-
tation, 12 lines.) (Seal of State.) Montgomery, Ala. :
Barrett & Brown, 1872. 8vo, pp. 712.

"This book must be regarded as the most valuable general con-
tribution to the history of the State yet made. In the preparation of
it the author has displayed wonderful industry in collecting so much
of interest and importance. His work possesses the greatest merit.


however, in that its accuracy of statements of fact is in the main
without fault." Owen's Bibl. Ala.

Sold: Guild, 1887, 2.10.

538. BREWERTON, G. DOUGLAS. The War in Kansas. A

Rough Trip to the Border, among New Homes and a
Strange People. New York: Derby & Jackson, 1856.
I2mo, pp. 400. Republished as the "Wars of the Western
Border; or New Homes and a Strange People. New
York: Derby & Jackson, 1860." I2mo, pp. 400.*

539. BREWSTER, CHARLES W. Rambles about Portsmouth.

Sketches of Persons, Localities, and Incidents of Two
Centuries. Principally from Tradition and Unpublished
Documents. Portsmouth, N. H. : C. W. Brewster & Son,
1859. 8vo, pp. 376. First Series.

540. . Rambles about Portsmouth. Second Series.

Sketches of Persons, Localities and Incidents of Two Cen-
turies : Principally from Tradition and Unpublished Docu-
ments. With a Biographical Sketch of the Author by
Wm. H. Hackett. Portsmouth, N. H. : Printed and Pub-
lished by Lewis W. Brewster, 1869. 8vo, pp. 375.*

Sold: Woodward, 1869, 2.00; Brinley, 1879, 3.00; J. G.
Smith, 1883, 2.12; Manson, 1899, 2.00; Cable, 1882, 2 v.,
1859-1869, 4.50; M. D. Gilman, 1884, ist & 2d sen, 1869-73,
4.50; Hoffmann, 1877, 2.00; Whitmore, 1902, ist & 2d ser.,
4.50; Manson, 1904, bds, unct, 2 v., 13.00; Massie, 1905,
cl, 7.00.

541. . Rambles about Portsmouth. Sketches of Persons,

Localities and Incidents of Two Centuries. Principally
from Tradition and Unpublished Documents. First and
Second Series. Second Edition, Corrected. Portsmouth :
Printed and Published by Lewis W. Brewster, 1869-73.
2 vols. 8vo.

Sold: Balcom, 1901, 4.50; Olcott, 1901, 4.25; Manson, 1899,
4.75; Shurtleff, 1875, 2.12; Child, 1882, 2 vols., 4.50; S. L.
Boardman, 1883, 2 v., 1869-73, 2.90; S. L. Boardman, 1883,
1859-69, 2 v., 3.00; Guild, 1887, 2 v., 5.00; Harold Peirce,
both ser., 3.80; Libbie, 1901, 4.00.


542. BRICE, WALLACE A. History of Fort Wayne, from the

Earliest Known Accounts of this Point, to the Present
Period. Embracing an extended view of the aboriginal
tribes of the Northwest, including more especially the
Miamies, of the locality their habits, customs, &c.
together with a Comprehensive Summary of the General
Relations of the Northwest, from the latter Part of the
Seventeenth Century, to the Struggles of 1812-14; with a
Sketch of the Life of the Late Hon. Samuel Hanna, to-
gether with short Sketches of several of the Early Pioneer
Settlers of Fort Wayne. Also an Account of the Manu-
facturing, Mercantile, and Railroad Interests of Fort
Wayne and Vicinity. With Illustrations. Fort Wayne,
Ind. : D. W. Jones & Son, 1868. 8vo, pp. xvi, 324, 33.*

Steel plate of Hanna. The last 33 pages are the biographies and
are paged independently of the rest of the book.

Sold: Randall, 1901, 1.50; Cable, 1883, 75 cts. ; Dunbar, 1892,
80 cts.; Bushnell, 1883, extra illus., hlf mo, 3.00; Child,
1882, 1.37; Cable, 1882, hlf mo, unct, git, 1.50; Cable, 1883,
hlf ro, unct, 37 cts.; Libbie, 1901, i.oo; Bourquin, 1894,; Field, 1875, 1.37; Guild, 1887, 1.50.

543. BRICKELL, JOHN (M. D.). The Natural History of North

Carolina. With an account of the Trades, Manners, and
Customs of the Christian and Indian Inhabitants. Illus-
trated with Copper-Plates, whereon are curiously En-
graved the Map of the Country, several strange Beasts,
Birds, Fishes, Snakes, Insects, Trees, and Plants, &c.
Dublin : James Carson, 1737. 8vo, Title, i 1., preface,
iii-vi, subscribers, vii-xv, 408. Map and Two Plates.

Reprinted with a new title page, Dublin, 1743.

Sabin gives this book as published by The Author. Weeks, by
Jas. Carson.

"An almost exact verbal transcript of Lawson's History (Caro-
lina), without acknowledgment on the part of the author, or
even a hint that it is not original. Periods and paragraphs are trans-
posed ; parts are occasionally omitted, and words here and there in-
terpolated ; but as a whole a more daring piece of plagiarism was
never executed." fared Sparks in No. Am. Rev., xxiii, 288.

Sold: Dublin edition, 1737: Bangs, 1895, 5.50; Deane, 1898,
title mended, 2 leaves dedication lacking, 7.00; Brinley,
1880, 1737 ed., 5.00; Chittenden, 1894, 3.25; Bangs, 1895,
Bancroft's bookplate and autograph, 5.50; Bourquin,
1894, 3.75; Rich, 1861, 75.; Field, 1875, 6.50; Guild, 1887,
7.00; 1743 ed. : Rice, 1870, elf, 13.00.


544. BRICKENSTEIN, H. A. Sketch of the Early History of

Lititz, Pa., 1742-1775. Nazareth: 1885. 8vo, pp. 34.*

Reprint from Trans. Moravian Historical Society of Pcnna.,
V. 2, 1886.

545. BRIDGMAN, RAYMOND L. Ten Years of Massachu-

setts. Boston : D. C. Heath & Co., 1888. I2tno, pp. 127.

The ten years are from 1878 to 1888. The book is devoted
to Sociology.

546. BRIGGS, ERASMUS. History of the Original Town of

Concord, being the present Towns of Concord, Collins,
N. Collins and Sardinia, Erie County, N. Y. Rochester:
1883. 8vo, pp. 977.

547. BRIGHAM, A. DELANY. Geneva, Seneca Falls and

Waterloo Directory for 1862-63, with Histories of the
Towns. Geneva, N. Y. 8vo.

548. BRIGHAM, WILLIAM. An Address delivered before the

Inhabitants of Grafton (Mass.), on the First Centennial
Anniversary of that Town, April 29, 1835. Boston : Light
& Horton, 1835. 8vo, pp. 40.

549. BRINCKERHOFF, T. V. Historical Sketch of the Town

of Fishkill from its First Settlement. Fishkill Landing:

550. BRINK, BENJAMIN MYER. The Early History of Sau-

gerties; inscribed to the Saugerties Chapter, Daughters
of the American Revolution. Kingston, N. Y. : R. W.
Anderson & Son, 1902. I2mo, pp. 365, 12. Illustrated.

551. BRINTON, DANIEL G. Notes on the Floridian Penin-

sula; its Literary History, Indian Tribes and Antiquities.
Philadelphia : Joseph Sabin, 1859. I2mo, pp. viii, 13-202.*

Sold: Murphy, 1884, 1.25; Dunbar, 1892, 1.12; Bourquin,
1894,; Henkels, 1900, 50 cts. ; Harold Peirce, 1903, 70
cts. ; Bourquin, 1894, 1.30.

552. BROCK, R. A. Richmond as a Manufacturing and Trading

Centre ; including Historical Sketch of the City, with
Illustrations and Map. Richmond, Va. : Jones & Cook,
1879. 8vo.


BROCK, SALLIE A. See No. 5223.

553. BROCKETT, L. P. Our Western Empire; or, The New

West Beyond the Mississippi. The latest and most com-
prehensive work on the states and territories west of the
Mississippi. Philadelphia: 1881. 8vo. Illustrations,

554. BRODHEAD, JOHN ROMYN. History of the State of

New York. First Period, 1609-1664. New York: Harper
& Bros., 1853. 8vo, pp. xv, 801. Folded Map of New
Netherlands. History of the State of New York. Second
Volume. First Edition. New York: Harper Bros., 1871.
8vo, pp. xv, 680.*

The Same. Second Edition. New York: Harper
Bros., 1859. 8vo, pp. xv, 801. Advertisement, i 1. Map
according to Charters granted by the States General, Oct.
n, 1614, and June 3, 1621.*

At his death Mr. Brodhead left material for a third volume.

Sold: 1853 ed. : Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 1.50; Weeks, 1902,
4.20; Thornton, 1878, 2.50; M. D. Oilman, 1884, 1.12;
ShurtlefF, 1875, 1.12; Bangs, 1902, V. I, 2d ed., V. 2, ist
ed., 5.25; Deane, 1898, 1853-71, 2 vols., clth, 4.75; Bangs,
1895, 6.00; Wood, 1895, 6.20; Murphy, 1884, 1859-71, 2.50;
Barlow, 1890, n.oo; Cooke, 1883, hlf mo, 12.00; Bangs
1901, 6.00; Perry, 1899, 3.60; Anderson, 1903, 1859-71,
4.40; Rice, 1870, cl, unct, 1.50; Roche, 1867, unct, 3.00;
Holbrow, 1892, 4.00; Waterbury, 1895, 1859-71 ed., 2 vols.,
6.00; Bushnell, 1883, 2.25; Hoffmann, 1877, 1859-71,
sheets, 3.25 ; Menzies, 1876, hlf levt mo, git, unct, by
Matthews, 2 portraits inserted, 13.75 ; Woodward, 1904,
cl, 4.20; Merwin-Clayton, 1904, cl, 1859-71, 4.00; Henkels,
1901, 2 vols., 1874, 5.40; Cable, 1882, 5.00.

555. . Oration on the Conquest of New Netherland. De-
livered before the New York Historical Society, Oct. 12,
1864. New York : 1864. 8vo, p. 87. Portrait and Map.

Published by N. Y. Hist. Society, and including its Proceedings
on 20Oth Anniversary of the "Conquest." Barloiv.

Sold: Barlow, 1890, mo, git, unct, 2.25 ; Menzies, 1876, hlf
mo, git, unct, 2.50.


556. . The Government of Sir Edmund Andros over New

England, in 1688 and 1689. Read before the New York
Historical Society, 4th December, 1866. Morrisania, N.
Y. : 1867. 8vo, 2 1., pp. 40.

Only a few printed.
Sold: Barlow, 1890, hlf mo, git, 1.50; Cooke, 1883, 3.00.

557. BRODHEAD, L. W. The Delaware Water-Gap: Its

Scenery, its Legends, and Early History. Philadelphia:
Sherman & Co., 1867. I2mo, pp. 12, 276. + 1870. -(-

Sold: 1867 ed. : Bourquin, 1894, 10 cts. ; 1870 ed. : Dunbar,
1892, 75 cts.; Cable, 1882, 1.25; Bourquin, 1894, 25 cts.;
Cresson, 1902, 60 cts.; Guild, 1887, 25 cts.

558. BROMME, TRAUGOTT. Michigan. Eine Geographisch-

Statisch-Topographische Skizze fur Einwanderer und
Freunde der Landen und Volkerkunde. Baltimore, Md. :
1833. 8vo, pp. 91. Map.

Sketch for Emigrants, Inhabitants and the Public.

5583. . Alabama and Mississippi. Eine Geograph-statisch-

topographische Skizze, &c. Baltimore : Scheld und Co.,
1838. 8vo.

558b. . Illinois and Missouri. Taschenbuch fur Einwan-
derer, &c. Baltimore : Scheld u. Co., 1838. Map.

558c. . Louisiana. Ein Taschenbuch, &c. Leipzig: 1837.


There were other guides and descriptive handbooks issued by
Bromme between 1830 and 1840. See Sabin's Dictionary, Vol. 4.

559. BRONSON, HENRY (M. D.). The History of Waterbury,

Connecticut; The Original Township embracing Present
Watertown and Plymouth, and Parts of Oxford, Wolcott,
Middlebury, Prospect and Naugatuck. With an Appen-
dix of Biography, Genealogy and Statistics. Waterbury :
Bronson Bros., 1858. 8vo, Title, pp. viii, (2), 582. Errata,
2 1. 2 Plans, 6 Views, 19 Portraits, i Plate of Facsimiles.*
Sold: Libbie, 1895, 3-755 Bangs, 1896, 3.75; Cable, 1882, 5.00;
Bushnell, 1883, 2.37; J. G. Smith, 1883, 4.50; Manson,
1899, 4.87; Guild, 1887, 4.00; Bangs, 1898, 3.12; Perry,
1899, 3.10; Conland, 1904, cl, water-stained, 5.00.


560. BROOKS, CHARLES, REV. History of the Town of Med-

ford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from its First
Settlement in 1630, to the Present Time, 1855. Boston :
James M. Usher, 1855. 8vo, pp. viii, 576. Illustrated. +
Revised, Enlarged and Brought Down to 1885, by J. M.
Usher. Boston : 1886. 8vo. Steel portraits and illustra-

Sold: 1855 ed. : Libbie, 1896, library stamp, 4.50; Libbie,
1896, hlf mo, 4.00; Libbie, 1897, 4.00; Balcom, 1901, 4.50;
Bushnell, 1883, 3.75; Cable, 1882, 6.50; Manson, 1899,
6.62 ; Cable, 1883, hlf mo, 6.25 ; Child, 1882, 6.25 ; Libbie,
1901, 3.25; Shurtleff, 1875, 5.50; J. G. Smith, 1883, 7.50;
Whitmore, 1902, hlf mo, a. 1. s. author inserted, 3.50;
Guild, 1887, 3.00; Libbie, 1901, 4.50; Libbie, 1901, cl, 3.25;
Deane, 1898, cl, 5.25; 1886 ed. : Bangs, 1896, 4.12; Chase
& Dale, 1897, cl, 3.50; Olcott, 1901, 3.75; Manson, 1899,
4.50; Guild, 1887, 4.50; Libbie, 1901, 2.75; Libbie, 1901,
3.00; Conely, 1902, cl, 3.50; Libbie, 1903, 3.25; Anderson,
1903, 4.50.

561. . The Tornado of 1851, in Medford, West Cambridge,

and Waltham, Middlesex County, Mass. Being a Report
by Rev. Chas. Brooks, and Reports by other Committees.
Boston : J. M. Usher, 1852. i8mo, pp. 72.

Sold: Manson, 1899, 20 cts.

562. : . The Controversy touching the Old Stone Mill, in

the town of Newport, Rhode Island, with Remarks Intro-
ductory and Conclusive. With three woodcuts. New-
port: C. E. Hammett, Jim., 1851. I2mo, pp. 91.

563. BROOKS, ERASTUS. Historical Records of Staten

Island; Centennial and Bicentennial for 200 Years and
more delivered at Staten Island, November ist, 1883.
n. p. n. d. 8vo, pp. 39.

Reprint from Proceedings of Bicentennial Celebration of Rich-
mond County, 188,3.

564. BROOKS, ELBRIDGE S. The Story of the States. The

Story of New York. Boston : D. Lathrop Company, 1888.
8vo, pp. 311.*


565. BROOKS, NOAH. First Across the Continent: the Story

of the Exploring Expedition of Lewis and Clarke in 1803-
4-5. New York: Scribner, 1901. I2mo, pp. 10, 365. Illus-
trated. Map.

566. . Washington in Lincoln's Time. New York: Cen-
tury Co., 1895. I2mo, pp. ix, il., 328.

567. BROOKS, J. TYRWHITT (M. D.). Four Months among

the Goldfinders in Alta California ; being the Diary of an
Expedition from San Francisco to the Gold Districts.
London : David Bogue, 1849. Post 8vo, pp. xviii, 207.
Map. -f- Second Edition. London : 1849. Post 8vo, pp.
xviii, 207. Map. + New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1849.
8vo, pp. 94. -f- Paris: Galignani, 1849. Rl. 8vo, pp. 136.

Bryant's California was published with this Paris edition.

568. . Vier maanden onder de goudzoekers in Opper-Cali-

fornie, of Dagboek eener expeditie van San Francisco
maar de gouddistricten. Uit het Engelsch door G.
Francken. Amsterdam : 1849. 8vo, pp. 168. Map.

569. . Vier Monate unter Goldfindern in Ober Kalifornien.

Tagebuch einer Reise von San Francesco nach den Gold-
districten. Deutsch von Fr. Gerstacker. 1849. 8vo. Map.

570. . Vier Monate unter den Goldsuchern im Sacra-

mento-Thale in Obercalifornien. Tagebuch von J. T.
Brooks. Zurich: 1849. 8vo, pp. 56.

"A rare and very striking pamphlet published as 'The result of
actual experiencee,' which it doubtless was, being taken from the
letters sent home by the author. It was very widely circulated in
the Atlantic States in 1849, and has been more or less utilized by all
careful students of the period to which it relates." Burroivs Bros.

Sold: Waterbury, 1895, 95 cts.

571. BROOMALL, JOHN M. History of Delaware County for

the Past Century. Read before the Delaware County

Institute of Science and filed with the Congressional

Librarian at Washington. Media, Pa. : Vernon & Cooper,
1876. 8vo, pp. 24.*

Sold: Henkels, 1901, 2.00.

BROWN. 125

572. BROSS, WILLIAM. Historical and Commercial Statistics,

Sketches, Facts and Figures, republished from the "Daily
Democratic Press." What I remember of Early Chicago,
by Wm. Bross. Chicago: Jansen, McClurg & Co., 1876.
8vo, pp. 126.

Sold: Cable, 1882, 25 cts.

573. . Rock Island and its Surroundings, in 1853. Daven-
port, 111. : 1854. 8vo.

574. BROWER, D. H. B. Danville, Montour County, Penna. ;

A Collection of Historical and Biographical Sketches.
Harrisburg: Lane S. Hart, 1881. 8vo, pp. 288.*

Sold: Pennypacker, 1905, cl, i.oo.

575. BROWN, ABRAM ENGLISH. History of Bedford, Mass.,

from its Earliest Settlement to the Year 1891, embracing
an Account of Indian Claims and Troubles, Colonial
Grants, Sketches of its Heroes, its part in the struggle for
Independence and the War of Nationality, its burial
grounds and epitaphs, its industrial success and a record
of its whole Progress, with a genealogical register of old
Families. Bedford : 1891. Roy. 8vo. Steel portraits and

Sold: Olcott, 1901, cl, 6.50; Whitmore, 1902, 8.50; Manson,
1899, 9.50; Stephens, 1904, cl, 4.50.

576. BROWN, ALEXANDER. New Views of Early Virginia

History, 1606-19. Liberty: 1886. I2mo, pp. 18.

577. BROWN, A. J. History of Newton County, Miss., from

1834 to 1894. Jackson : 1894. 8vo, pp. 472. Portraits and

578. BROWN, CHARLES R. The Government of Michigan ; its

History and Jurisprudence. Kalamazoo : Brown, Moore
& Quale, 1874. I2mo, pp. 192.

579. . The Old Northwest Territory; its Missions, Forts

and Trading Posts. Kalamazoo, Mich.: Brown, Moore
& Quale, 1875. 8vo, pp. 32. Map.

126 BROWN.

"This little work is intended as an aid in perpetuating a knowl-
edge of the ninety-four Forts and Mission Stations which it locates
in the Northwest Territory, and admirably does it fulfil its object.

"The figures on the map indicate the localities, while the corre-
sponding figures in the text indicate the paragraphs which embrace
a brief history of the localities." Thomson.

Sold: Bourquin, 1894, 1.20.

580. . Primary Government of Ohio. Including the His-
tory, Resources, and Jurisprudence. Kalamazoo, Michi-
gan : Brown, Moore & Quale, 1875. I2mo, pp. 140.

581. BROWN, DAVID ARTHUR. The History of Penacook,

N. H., from its First Settlement in 1734 up to 1900. Con-
cord, N. H. : The Rumford Press, 1902. 8vo, pp. 8, 570.
Illustrations and portraits.

582. BROWN, EDWARD. Wadsworth Memorial: Containing

an Account of the Proceedings of the Celebration of the
Sixtieth Anniversary of the First Settlement of the Town-
ship of Wadsworth, Ohio. With the Addresses, Histori-
cal Papers, and Poems, presented on that Occasion. Also,
a Brief Sketch of the History to the Present Time ; with
Sketches of the Early History of the Adjoining Town-
ships. To which is annexed Biographical Sketches of the
more prominent Pioneer Settlers and their Families.
Wadsworth : Steam Printing House, 1875. I2mo, pp. 232.

"Comprises a general history of Medina County, Ohio." Thom-

Sold: Cable, 1882, 1.12.

583. BROWN, ELTON T. The History of the Great Minnesota

Forest Fires, Sandstone, Hinckley, Mission Creek, Poke-
gama, Skunk Lake. St. Paul, Minn. : Brown Bros. &
Kingsley, 1894. Illustrated. I2mo, pp. 237. Map of the
burnt district.*

There is a list of names of the victims, and the story is largely
told by the survivors.

584. BROWN, F. W. Cincinnati and Vicinity, Map and Numer-

ous half Tones. Gazetteer and Guide to the City. Cin-
cinnati : 1898, pp. 196.

585. BROWN, GEORGE M. Ponce DeLeon Land. Second

Edition. St. Augustine, Florida. Jacksonville, Fla. : Da

BROWN. 127

Costa Printing Co., 1895. 8vo, pp. ix, 159. Paper. Por-

The first edition was issued in 1892. Mr. Brown was an Ord-
nance Sergeant, U. S. A., stationed in Florida.

586. BROWN, GEORGE W. Historical Sketches; Chiefly Re-

lating to the Early Settlement of Friends at Falls, in
Bucks County, Penna. By G. W. B. Philadelphia:
. Printed by John P. Murphy, 1882. I2mo, pp. 152.*

587. . A Concise Account of Pennsbury in Bucks County,

Pennsylvania. By G. W. B., 1881. Philadelphia: J. P.
Murphy, 1881. I2mo, pp. 24. Paper.*

588. . The Origin and Growth of Civil Liberty in Mary-
land. A Discourse delivered before the Maryland Histori-
cal Society, April 12, 1850. Being the Fifth Annual
Address to that Association. Baltimore : Printed by John
D. Toy, 1850. 8vo, pp. 40.

589. . Reminiscences of Gov. R. I. Walker, with the True

Story of the Rescue of Kansas from Slavery. Rockford :
1902. I2mo. Portraits.

590. BROWN, HENRY. The History of Illinois from its First

Discovery and Settlement to the Present Time. New
York: J. Winchester, 1844. 8vo, pp. x, 492. Map.*

"With great pretence in its chapter headings of saying much of
the Aboriginal inhabitants of Illinois in the first 200 pages, the author
gives us absolutely nothing but a melange of trite historical relations
which blend Hannibal and Harrison, Tecumseh and Tonti, LaSalle
and Ponce de Leon, in an astonishing but not an interesting man-
ner." Field.

Sold: Bangs, Merwin, 1865, .75; Bangs, 1895, 4.00; Polock,
l8 95> 3-5; Bell, 1895, 3.50; Bangs, 1896, spotted, 3.10;
Polock, 1904, cl, 4.20; Mann, 1897, 4.00; Fisher, 1866, 1.12;
Stevens, 1886, elf, extra, 3.00; Brinley, 1881, 1.25; M. D.
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