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The bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for online

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Online LibraryThomas Lindsley BradfordThe bibliographer's manual of American history : containing an account of all state, territory, town and county histories relating to the United States of North America, with verbatim copies of their titles, and useful bibliographical notes, together with the prices at which they have been sold for → online text (page 24 of 29)
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at the bottom of it was uniformly cut off by the binder. The date
was so rare that Gowans, the veteran collector and dealer, had not
seen a copy with it, and omitted it in his reprint of the book." Bray-
ton Ives Catalog.

This volume was written during 1670 by one Daniel Denton, an
officer of the law, in Jamaica, in Queens County, on Long Isalnd,
and is a vivid and clear description of New York city and of the
surrounding country (including the present State of New Jersey)
of that period. The inhabitants, their customs, habits and conditions
are also carefully noted, the Indians are mentioned quite exhaust-
ively, and the whole forms a narrative of great historical interest.

"Aside from its physical peculiarities, the subject-matter is of
much interest to the collector of Americana or the student of the
youth of his country." Reader Magazine. Burrows Brothers Cat.

Sold: Brayton Ives, 1891, vellum, believed to be the only
copy in this country which has the printed date, perfect
copy, unusually clean, 615.00; Menzies, 1876, red levt
mo, git, by Bedford, date restored in facsimile by Mr.


Harris of London, 220.00; Bangs, 1903, levt mo, in case,
by Riviere, imprint' cut from title page, 625.00; Brinley,
1880, levt mo, extra, by Pratt, 385.00 ; Murphy, blue mo,
Bradstreet, 1884, 80.00; Stanley, London, 1813, 1670 ed.,
ii shillings; Barlow, 1890, vellum, 525.00.

1293. . A Description of New York, formerly called New

Netherlands, with the Places Thereunto Adjoining.
Likewise a Brief Relation of the Customs of the Indians
there. By Daniel Denton. A New Edition, with an
Introduction and Copious Historical Notes, by Gabriel
Furman. New York: Wm. Gowans, 1845. 8vo, pp. 17,
52, 16.*

"In large paper, 4to, 100 were printed. Five, in folio, Forms
No. i of Gowans' Bibliotheca. Also reprinted by Historical Society
of Penna. Edited by John Pennington. Philadelphia. 1845. 8vo.
pp. 16." Sabin.

Sold: Bangs, Merwin, 1865, 1.12; Balcom, 1901, Penn. Hist.
Soc. Print, .50; Brevoort, 1890, 1.50; Brinley, 1880, 1.50;
S. L. Boardman, 1883, 20 cts. ; Brinley, 1880, 1.50; Rice,
1870, cl, unct, large pap, 2.75 ; Rogers, 1900, 40 cts. ;
Roche, 1867, unct, 4.50; Cable, 1883, cl, unct, 10 cts.;
Dunbar, 1892, 1.12; Bushnell, 1883, with Miller's N. Y.,
1843, 2 -5; Allan, 1864, 5.00; Barlow, 1890, hlf mo, 2.50;
West, 1889, 55 cts. ; Menzies, 1876, large pap, hlf elf, git,
unct, 6.00; Bourquin, 1894, 30 cts.; Hoffmann, 1877,
large pap, unct, 4.00; Shurtleff, 1875, i.oo; Deane, 1898.
1.50; Field, 1875, cl, 1.63; Holliday, 1870, large pap, cl.
unct, 1.25; Bangs, 1899, shts. folded, 4.25; Murphy, 1884.
1.75; Harold Peirce, 60 cts.; Polock, 1904, cl, unct, i.oo.

1294. . A Brief Description of New York, formerly called

New Netherlands, with the Places Thereunto adjoining,
together with the Manner of its Scituation, Fertility of
the Soyl, Healthfulness of the Climate, and the Coir-
modities thence Produced. Also Some Directions and
Advice to such as shall Go Thither : An Account of what
Commodities they Shall Take with Them : The Profit
and Pleasure that may accrue to them Thereby. Like-
wise a Brief Relation of the Customs of the Indians
There. By Daniel Denton. London : 1670. Edited by
John Pennington. Press of Historical Society of Penn-
sylvania. 1845. 8vo, pp. 16.*

1295. . A Brief Description | of New York | Formerly

DE SMET. 275

Called New Netherlands j By Daniel Denton. Re-
printed from the original edition of 1670 | With a Bib-
liographical Introduction by | Felix Neumann | of the
Library of Congress. | Cleveland : | The Burrows Broth-
ers Company. | 1902. 8vo, pp. 63. Introduction, pp. 32;
facsimile title of 1670 edition. Hlf. title: I, Denton's
New York, London, John Hancock and William Brad-
ley 1670. Title page and text reprinted from a copy of
the original edition in the Library of Congress, Wash-
ington, D. C., with kind permission of the librarian, Mr.
Herbert Putnam.*

Forms No. i of the Burrows reprints, of which there were 15
copies on Japan paper, each one signed by the editor, and 250 copies
on handmade paper, uncut, bound in antique boards, each volume
numbered. Deckle edges.

1296. DE PEYSTER, FREDERIC. (The Early Political His-

tory of New York.) An Address delivered before the
New York Historical Society on its 6oth Anniversary,
Tuesday, Nov. 22, 1864. New York: Published for the
Society, 1865. 8vo, pp. 76.*

1297. DE PUY, HENRY W. Ethan Allen and the Green Moun-

tain Heroes of '76. With a Sketch of the Early History
of Vermont. Buffalo: Phinney & Co., 1853. I2mo, pp.
428. -j- New York: J. C. Derby, 1854. I2mo, pp. 428. +
Boston : 1853. I2mo, pp. 428. Portrait, map and illustra-
tions. Buffalo: 1859. -f New York: 1861.*

Sold: Manson, 1899, 1.25; Cable, 1882, 1861 ed., 1.12.

1298. DERBY, JOHN B. A Few Reminiscences of Salem, Mass.,

embracing Notices of its Eminent Men known to the
Author Forty Years ago. Boston : 1847. 8vo, PP- T 5-

Sold: W 7 oodward, 1869, 10 cts.

1299. DERRY, J. T. Georgia, its Cities, Towns, Scenery, and

Resources. Philadelphia : Lippincott, 1878. I2mo. Il-

Sold: Cable, 1882, 1.25.

1300. DE SMET, P. J. Missions de 1'Oregon et Voyages aux

Montagnes Rocheuses aux Sources de la Columbia, de
1'Athabasca et du Sascatshawan, en 1845-46. (Vi-
gnette.) Gand: Impr. & Lith. de Ve Vander Schelden,

2/6 DE SOTO.

editetir. (1848.) I2tno, engraved title, pp. (2), ix, 9-389,
and printed covers. 3 folded maps and 15 plates.

"This edition seems to have been prepared by the author him-
self. It contains more material than the edition in English (Oregon
Missions) the illustrations are different, and the three maps are
entirely new." Sabin.

The Same. Paris : Poussielgue-Rusand. A. Lyon, Chez J. B.
Pelagaud et Cie, 1848. I2mo, hlf title, engraved title, printed title,
pp. ii, 7-408. Printed covers. 13 plates.

"The lithographed plates are identical with those in the New
York edition, Oregon Missions, from which this translation seems
to have first made. In the latter part it follows the other French
edition published at Ghent." Sabin.

Sold: Dunbar, 1892, 1.12.

1301. . Oregon Missions and Travels over the Rocky

Mountains, in 1845-46. By Father P. J. de Smet, Of the
Society of Jesus. New York: Edward Dunigan, 1847.
I2mo, half title, engraved title, printed title, pp. (2), xi,
408, (4). Map and 13 plates.

"The two unpaged leaves at the end contain the Lord's Prayer,
&c., in several Indian languages. Some copies were subsequently
issued without the plates." Sab:n.

Editions were published in Dutch and German.

Sold: Dunbar, 1892, 2.50; Bourquin, 1894, 2.10; Waterbury,
1895, 2.25; Guild, 1887, 1.62.

1302. DE SOTO, HERNANDO. The Discovery and Conquest

of Terra Florida, by Don Fernando de Soto, and Six
Hundred Spaniards, his Followers. Written by a Gen-
tleman of Elvas, employed in all the Action, and trans-
lated out of Portuguese, by Richard Hakluyt. Re-
printed from the Edition of 1611. Edited with Notes and
an Introduction, and a Translation of a Narrative of the
Expedition of Luis Hernandez de Biedma, Factor to the
Same. By William B. Rye. London : Printed for the
Hakluyt Society, 1851. 8vo, 3 1., pp. Ixvii, pp. 200, v.

1303. . Histoire de la Conqueste de la Floride par les

Espagnols sous Ferdinand de Soto. Ecrite en Portu-
gais par un Gentil-homme de la ville d'Elvas. (Traduite)
par M. D. C. (Citri de la Guette.) Paris : Denys
Thierry, 1685. 121110, 13 1., pp. 300. -f~ Paris: Edme
Couterot, 1699. 121110, 13 1., pp. 300.

"The only differerc^ between these editions consists in the
imprint. For the original, see Rclacam (title follows). The follow-

DE SOTO. 2/7

ing is an English translation of this French version. It is erroneous
as to numbers, distances and names of places, and very inferior to
that by Hakluyt, published in 1609 as 'Virginia richly valued,' and
in 1611 as 'Discovery and Conquest of Terra Florida.'" Sabin.

Sold: Hakluyt ed. : Brinley, 1881, 1851 ed., cl, unct, 3.00;
Thornton, 1878, 1851 ed., 87 cts. ; Dunbar, 1892, 3.00.;
Field, 1875, 5.25; Bangs, 1895, Lenox Dupl., 3.50; Men-
zies, 1876, Hakluyt ed., 1851, hlf mo, git, unct, 9.13;
Paris, 1685 ed. : Barlow, 1890, 5.00.

1304. . Relaqam verdadei | ra dos trabalhos que | ho

guernador j do Fernado d' | souto e cer | tos fidal j gos j
Portugueses passarom | no d'scobrimeto da j prouincia
da Fro | licla. Agora | neuamete feita por hu fidalgo
Deluas. | Foy vista por ho senor inquisidor. | (Colophon)
Foy impressa esta relacam do | descoubrimento da Fro-
lida em casa de anfree de Bur gos impressor caullei |
ro da casa do se- | nhor Cardeal | iflante. | acabouse aos
des dias de Febrei- j ro do anno de mil & quinbentos '
& cincoenta & sete annos. na nobre & sempre leal \
cidade de Euora. | (1557.) 8vo, clxxx leaves.

Original edition.

"A volume of the greatest rarity. The only known copy in
America is in Mr. Lenox's library. Rich priced it in 1830 at thirty
guineas, and says 'Frodida,' which is an error, repeated by Ter-
naux and Brunei. It is reprinted in facsimile in Vol. i of 'Collegao
de opuscules reimpressos relitavos a historia das navigac,oes. Lis-
bon, 1844. 4to, pp. 8, xxii, 139." Sabin.

Sold: Murphy, 1884, Relation of Invasion, &c., 1686, Lon-
don, 6.00; Fisher, 1866, Hakluyt- London ed., 1851, 4.25.

1305. . A Relation of the Invasion and Conquest of Flor-
ida by the Spaniards under the command of Fernando
de Soto ; Written in Portuguese by a Gentleman of the
Town of Elvas. Now Englished. To which is sub-
joyned (with separate titles but continuous paging)
Two Journeys of the present Emperour of China into
Tartary in the Years 1682 and 1683. With some Dis-
coveries made by the Spaniards in the Island of Cali-
fornia, in the Year 1683. London : John Lawrence, at
the Angel in the Poultry over against the Comptor. 1686.
i6mo. Imprimatur Title, Preface and Table, 8 1.. pp.

"Rennet's Bibl. Am. Prim, eives this title with some variations
dated 1687. Ste also Purchas, iii. 807. 1532. 1603." Sabin.

"Translated from the edition in French, printed in Paris the


year before. Mr. Rich says the translator seems to be unaware that
Hakluyt printed it in English, nearly 80 years previously, that is, in
1609. It is the second printed account of Florida, the Commentaries
of Cabeca de Vaca having been printed in 1555. It contains the lirst
relation of the settlement of California printed in English." Field.

Sold: Brinley, 1881, 6.00; Barlow, 1890, hlf mo, git, 10.00;
Field, 1875, 32.00.

1306. . Histoire de la Conquete de la Floride, ou Relation

de ce qui s'est passe dans la Decouverte de ce Pais, par
Ferdinand de Soto * * * traduite en Francois par
Sr. Pierre Richelet. Nouvelle Edition, divisee en deux
tomes. Leide : Chez Pierre Vander. Aa. 1731. 2 vols in
one. Sm. 8vo. Map. Plates.

Sold: Dunbar, 1892, 12.50.

1307. . Letter of Hernando de Soto, and Memoir of Her-

nando de Escalante Fontaneda. Translated from the
Spanish by Buckingham Smith. Washington : 1854.
Folio. Map.

"These translations are made from MSS in the Original Span-
ish belonging to the Historical collection of James Lenox, Esq. One
hundred copies have been printed for G. W. R(igg)." Note by Mr.

"Soto conquered the native tribes of Indians of Florida in 1539.
and this letter, dated July 9th, 1539, addressed to the Justice and
Board of Magistrates of Santiago cle Cuba, is the official account
of the expedition." Barlow.

Sold: Barlow, 1890, hlf mo, git, unct, 13.00.

1308. . Narratives of the Career of Hernando de Soto in

the Conquest of Florida, as told by a Knight of Eh as,
and in a relation by Luys Hernandez de Biedma, Factor
of the Expedition, translated by Buckingham Smith.
New York: Bradford Club, 1866. Roy. 8vo., pp. xxviii,
324. (4)-

Bradford Club Series No. 5. 150 copies.

Sold: Murphy, 1884, 2 vols., 25.00; Woodward, 1869, 4.00;
Brinley, 1881, unct, 4.00; Waterbury, 1895, cover gone,
leaves dusty, 4.75; Wales, 1903, pap, unct, n.oo; Bush-
nell, 1883, Imper. 8vo, pap, unct, subscriber's copy, 7.75 ;
West, 1889, unct, 7.75; Bangs, 1895, unct, 7.25.

1309. DE VEAUX, JAMES. Memoir of Charleston, S. C. By

Robert W. Gibbes, M. D., of Columbia, S. C. Columbia,
S. C. : 1846. 8vo, pp. 258.


1310. DEVENS, SAMUEL A. Sketches of Martha's Vineyard

and other Reminiscences of travel at home, &c. By an
Inexperienced Clergyman. Boston : James Munroe &
Co., 1838. I2mo, pp. viii, 207, (i).

Sold: Woodward, 1869, 6.50; Livermore, 1894, 1.75; Brin-
ley, 1879, 4.25; Manson, 1899, 2 -75> Cable, 1882, 1.12;
Guild, 1887, 5.25.

1311. DEWEES, W. B. Letters from an Early Settler of Texas.

Compiled by Cora Cardelle. Louisville, Ky. : Morton &
Griswold, 1852. I2mo, pp. 312. -|- Louisville: Hall &
Brothers, Printers, 1854. I2tno, pp. 312. Map.

Sold: 1854 ed. : Clogston, 1875, 1.38; Dunbar, 1892, 75 cts.

1312. DEWEY, CHESTER. A History of the County of Berk-

shire, Massachusetts. In Two Parts. The First being a
General View of the Country ; The Second, an Account
of the Several Towns. By Gentlemen in the County,
Clergymen and Laymen. Pittsfield: Printed by Samuel
W. Bush, 1829. i2mo, pp. 468. Woodcuts and 2 Maps.

Sold: Patterson, 1896, 4.25 ; Blanchard, 1898, hlf levt mo,
git, unct, 5.00; Cable, 1883, 2.25; Manson, 1899, 7.50;
Libbie, 1901, bds, unct, 5.00; Child, 1882, 4.12; Bell,
1895, 6.00; Murphy, 1884, 3.75; Bangs, 1894, 5.50; Brin-
ley, 1879, 3.25; Bourquin, 1894, 3.90; Shurtleff, 1875,
2.87; Guild, 1887, shp, 2.12; Anderson, 1904, shp, 4.00;
Manson, 1904, shp, 5.00; J. G. Smith, 1883, 2.50; Deane,
1898, 3.25; Clogston, 1875, 3.25; Morris, 1899, shp, 5.50;
Clogston, 1899, hlf mo, git, unct, 6.00 ; Libbie, 1900, shp,
3.12; Libbie, 1901, bds, unct, 5.00.

1313. DEWEY, FREEMAN DANA. Early History of Wau-

paca, Wisconsin. Waupaca. n. d. I2mo, pp. 95.

1314. DEWEY, SHERMAN. An Account of a Hail Storm

which Fell on Part of the Towns of Lebanon, Bozrah
and Franklin, on the I5th of July, 1799. Perhaps never
Equalled by any other ever Known, not even in Egypt.
Walpole, N. H. : 1799. I2mo, pp. 27.

1315. DEWHURST, WILLIAM W. The History of Saint

Augustine, Florida, with an Introductory Account of the
Early Spanish and French Attempts at Exploration and
Settlement in the Territory of Florida, together with


Sketches of Events and objects of interest connected
with the oldest town in the United States. To which is
added a Short Description of the Climate and advantages
of Saint Augustine as a Health Resort. New York:
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1881. I2mo, pp. 7, 182.*

1316. DEXTER, HENRY MARTYN. Memoranda, Historical,

Chronological, &c. Prepared to aid those whose interest
in Pilgrim Memorials, and History is freshened by this
Jubilee Year. Printed but not published for the use of
Congregational Ministers. 1870. Boston. 8vo, pp. 39.
But 25 copies were issued.

Sold: Manson, 1899, 5.12.

1317. DEXTER, SAMUEL. Our Father's God, the Hope of

Posterity. Some serious Thoughts on the Foundation,
Rise and Growth Of the Settlements in New England,
* * *. A Discourse Delivered at Dedham, on the Day
of Publick Thanksgiving, Nov. 23, 1738, Upon the Con-
clusion of the first Century, since a Church of Christ was
Gathered in that Place. Boston : S. Kneeland and T.
Green, 1738. 8vo, pp. 51. -f- Second Edition. Boston:
Reprinted by Thomas Fleet, Jun., 1796. 8vo, Title, pp.

, 5 1 -
Sold: Brinley, 1879, hlf mo, unct, 9.00.

1318. DICKINSON, GIDEON. Milford's First Centennial.

Milford, Mass. : 1880.

1319. DICKINSON, JOHN. Letters | from a | Farmer in |

Pennsylvania, | to the | Inhabitants | of the | British
Colonies. | Philadelphia : Printed by David Hall, and
William Sellers. 1768. | 8vo, pp. 71. The Second Edi-

"The first edition was published in March, and the second in
June following:. These letters appeared simultaneously in the Penn-
sylvania Chronicle and Gazette, in twelve issues, beginning Dec. 3,
1767; towards the close of the series the Chronicle was a few days
ahead of the Gazette and Journal, which joined the others with
numbers one and two, on the loth of Dec. They were promptly
reprinted in nearly all the twenty-five papers then published on the
continent. Miller and Sower's German papers and the Boston Even-
ing Post being the exceptions. The French edition states that 30
editions were published in America within six months. This state-
ment may have included the newspaper reprints, as only eight in
pamphlet form are now known to have been printed in America.


Two editions were also published in London and one in Dublin."
Hildcburn, 2, 75.

Sold: Harold Peirce, 1903, 9.50; Cooke, 1883, 3.50; Proud,
1903, ist ed., 3.50; Child, 1882, 1769 ed., 1.87; Henkels,

1898, 1768 ed., 2d ed., 2.25; Henkels, 1898, 1774, London
reprint, extra illus. with 18 portraits, &c., 9.00; Henkels,

1899, 1768 ed., 2.20; Menzies, 1876, hlf mo, Edes & Gill,
1768 ed., 2.00; Hoffmann, 1877, 25 cts. ; Cooke, 1883, hlf
mo, London, 1778, 3.25; Bangs, 1902, orig. elf, 5.00; An-
derson, 1903, unbd, 6.00; Menzies, 1876, J. Almon, 1768
ed., hlf mo, unct, 2.00; Hoffmann, 1877, London, 1774
ed., 1.25; Henkels, 1898, Lond., 1774 ed., 18 portr. &
newspaper clippings, 9.00; Bangs, 1899, same as Hen-
kels copy, 14.25; Barlow, London, 1774 ed., 1890, i.oo;
Polock, 1904, 3d ed., 2.25; Puttick & Simpson, 1861, ist
ed., 53. 6d.

1320. . Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the In-
habitants of the British Colonies. Boston : Printed by
Mein & Fleeming, and to be sold by John Mein, at the
London Book Store, North Side of King Street. 8vo,
Title, pp. 5, 146. To the Ingenious Author, 2 pp.

Third Edition, Phila. : William and Thomas Brad-
ford, 1769. 8vo, Title, pp. 104. -}- Boston : Edes & Gill,
1768. 8vo, pp. 146, (2). -j- London: Reprinted. J. Al-
mon, 1768. 8vo, 2 1., pp. iii, 118. -f- Dublin: 1768. 8vo.
-f- New York: Reprinted by John Holt, 1768. I2mo, pp.
118. -f Williamsburgh (Va.) : 1769. 8vo. Phila.: 1774.
8vo, pp. 136. -f- London : J. Almon, 1774. 8vo, pp. 136.

"My Lord Hillsborough mentioned the Farmer's Letters to me.
said he had read them, that they were well written, and he believed
he could guess who was the author, looking me in the face at the
time, as if he thought it was me. He censured the doctrine as ex-
tremely wild. I have read them as far as No. 8 ; I know not if any
more has been published. I should have thought they had been
writen by Mr. Delancy, not having heard of the others you point out
as joint authors." Franklin's letter to Son.

1321. . Lettres d'un Fermier de Pennsylvanie aux Habi-

tans de I'Amerique Septentionale, Traduites de 1'Anglois.
Amsterdam: Aux Depens de la Compagnie, 1789. i2mo,
pp. xxviii, 258.*

Sold: Barlow, 1890, 2.00.

1322. . Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the In-
habitants of the British Colonies. With an Historical


Introduction by R. T. H. Halsey. New York : The Out-
look Co., 1903. 8vo, pp. 68, 148.

A reprint. Edition of 39 copies on Japan paper and 260 on Van
Gelder hand-made paper. Illustrated by a portrait of John Dick-

"Written in a plain style, didactic yet argumentative, and with
illustrations taken from classical and English constitutional sources,
each point proven with telling accuracy, John Dickinson's clear
exposition of the constitutional relations between Parliament and
the Colonies circulated widely, and did much to mould opinion at
home and abroad.

"Owing to the beauty of its page and typography, and tke
excellence of its binding, one of the Boston editions was selected
for reprinting at The Gilliss Press in a limited edition of two
hundred and sixty copies on Van Gelder hand-made paper.

"The type used is the Caslon Old Style, the nearest approach to
that used in the original edition and the book is set page for page,
and line for line with original.

"The historical introduction is by R. T. H. Halsey, and there
are for illustrations a portrait of John Dickinson (photogravure on
copper by Bilbo, after a contemporary print), and a gelatine print
in colors, of a contemporary Chelsea-Derby porcelain statuette."
Burrows Catalog.

1323. DICKENSON, M. F., Jr. Historical Address delivered at

the Centennial Celebration in Amherst, Mass., July 4,
1876. Amherst : 1878. 8vo, pp. 44.

1324. DICKINSON, RODOLPHUS. A Geographical and Sta-

tistical View of Massachusetts Proper. Greenfield :
Printed by Denis & Phelps, 1813. 8vo, pp. 80.*

1325. . A Description of Deerfield, in Franklin County;

intended as an Exhibition of the Plan of a contemplated
Gazetteer of Massachusetts Proper. Deerfield, Mass. :
John Wilson, 1817. 8vo.

1326. DIDIMUS, H. New Orleans as I found it. Part i. New

York: 1845. 8vo.


gration into Pennsylvania through the Port of Philadel-
phia, 1700 to 1775. Part 2. The Redemptioners. Pre-
pared at the request of the Pennsylvania German Soci-
ety. By Frank Reid Diffenderffer. Lancaster, Penn. :
Published by the author, 1900. 8vo, pp. ix, 330. Illus-

An edition of 250 copies printed.
Sold: Pennypacker, 1906, cl, git, unct, 1.25.


1328. . The Three Earls. An Historical Sketch, and Pro-
ceedings of the Centennial Jubilee, held at New Holland.
Pa., July 4, 1876. New Holland: Ranck & Sandoe, 1876.
I2mo, pp. 115.*

Sold: Cable, 1882, 1.12.

1329. DILLENBACK, J. D. Grand Rapids in 1874. Sketches

of the Trade, Progress of the City, Local History, &c.
Grand Rapids: 1875. 8vo, pp. 60.

1330. DILLON, JOHN B. The History of Indiana, from its

Earliest Exploration by Europeans, to Close of the Ter-
ritorial Government in 1816. With an Introduction con-
taining Historical Notes of the Discovery and Settlement
of the Territory of the United States, North west of the
River Ohio. Vol. i. Indianapolis, la.: Wm. Sheets &
Co., 1843. 8vo, pp. xii, 456.

"This edition was not completed." Sabin.

Sold: Fisher, 1866, shp, 4.50; Henkels, 1900, 2.00; Field,
1875, 2.75-

1331. . A History of Indiana, from its Earliest Explora-
tion by Europeans to the Close of the Territorial Gov-
ernment, in 1816; Comprehending A History of the Dis-
covery, Settlement and Civil and Military Affairs of the
Territory of the U. S. Northwest of the River Ohio, and
a General View of the Progress of Public Affairs in
Indiana, from 1816 to 1856. Indianapolis : Bingham &
Doughty, 1859. 8vo, pp. xii, 637. Map. Plate of five
portraits, and woodcuts.*

Sold: Dunbar, 1892, 2.12; Randall, 1901, 1.80; Child, 1882.
3.50; Cable, 1882, 2.75; Cable, 1883, 4.00; Randall, 1901,
1.80; Bangs, 1896, 3.25; Br. Ives, 1891, cl, unct 2.50;
Bourquin 1894, shp, 2.20; Hoffmann, 1877, sewed, unct.
2.37; Field, 1875, cl, unct, 4.00; Guild, 1887, shp, 3.25:
Clogston, 1875, hlf turk, unct, 4.12.

1332. . History of the Early Settlement of the North

Western Territory, from its Earliest Explorations by
Europeans, to the Close of the Territorial Government
in 1816: With an Introduction containing Historical
Notes of the Discovery and Settlement of the Territory
of the United States, North West of the River Ohio.


Indianapolis, Ind. : Published by Sheets & Braden, 1854.
8vo, pp. 456. Two portraits.

"This book was first published in 1843, as Dillon's History of
Indiana, Vol. i, which was all that was published of that edition.
The complete work by the same author was not published until

"The above title was printed separately and pasted in the unsold
copies of volume i ; the work contains valuable historical notes
relating to the discovery and settlement of the Northwest Terri-
tory." Thomson.

Sold: Fisher, 1866, 4.50; Field, 1875, 2.75.

1333. DIMITRY, JOHN. Lessons in the History of Louisiana.

from its Earliest Settlement to the Close of the Civil
War. To which are appended Lessons in its Geography
and Products. New York: A. S. Barnes & Co., 1877.
I2mo, pp. 216. Illustrated, -f- 1878. I2mo, pp. 216.*

Sold: Cable, 1882, 75 cts.

1334. DINSDALE, THOMAS J. The Vigilantes of Montana;

or Popular Justice in the Rocky Mountains. Being a
correct and impartial Narrative of the Chase, Trial, Cap-
ture and Execution of Henry Plummer's Road Agent
Band. Virginia City, M. T. : 1866. i6mo.

This title is included because the book gives one a good idea of
the justice of the far territories in the early days.


1335. Historical Sketches of the Capitol City and account of busi-

ness establishments and advertisements, n. p. (1887.)

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